The other day, a large group of Antifa rioted through downtown Manhatten, chanting "DEATH TO AMERICA" and caused more than $100k in property damage. 8 were arrested, one of them an extremely rich 20 year old white college student. She's now been charged with felony riot and faces up to 4 years in

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>>276258148Looks jewish


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>>276258148In the end, the greatest ally to the Whites are the based nonwhites and our greatest enemies were ourselves.

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>>276258148Look at her.Gross

>>276258148she will get off like the rest of these rich college rioters

>>276258148nigger lovers imprisoning themselves for dyke black ooosa massas.Her parents will most likely bail her out

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>>276258148she's on sum dat Rocky Dennis tiem

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You get exactly the justice you can afford. She's also clearly a kike. She'll end up with a misdemeanor that will get dropped.


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>>276258148Jews are not white

>>276258148>oh look, another right wing person giving validation to left wing buzzwordsyou faggots are falling right into the jewish trap i fucking swear to god.

>>276258272Deff jooish. Weird nose and the red edomite hair gave her away

>>276258148>Clara Kraebber>Clara GrabblerREALLY MADE ME THINK!

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>>276258148Oh no that sucks

>>276258471Hot footing it out of there

This is her dad, a professor of

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>>276258148rich, pampered, and soon to piss away all their wealthpoor and on government support they're the same

>>276258148its parents must be so proud

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>>276258148oh no no

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>>276258148>rich kid burns down business of people much poorer than herFuck it, get out the Guillotine and start beheading these entitled rich kids. Alternatively, buy them quads, literal rich kid death machines.

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>>276258148Holding the goat is symbolic. Shows who’s pulling her strings.


>>276259903I thought Carrot Top got ripped? What happened?

>>276259337Lol he has a face that says 'i hate my life'

Definitely not Jewish goys

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>>276258375Yeah,do white nationalist even have to do anything? Looks like Latinos are doing all the work.

>>276260331white people continue to fiddle while america burns, so it is up to mestizos to save the day.

>>276260016It is funny how often ATVs wreck folks. Esp 3 wheelers from the 90s.

>>276258727Yeah, the pre-surgery Scarlett Johansson nose. > Johanssonlaying it on a bit thick!

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>>276260331>Looks like Latinos are doing all the every job whites have given up doing these days

>>276260016One of these days I'll have 100k to buy a sherp

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>>276260557>Johansson>Anything but a nordic nameFucking Americans. It means son of Johan, and her father was Danish/Swedish or something. It's her mother that is Jewish.

>>276258148Anybody else notice how “all of the sudden” feds are stepping in to put these cretins away? It’s very interesting. What changed? Is this because of Biden’s miserable polling?

>>276262111We can’t take your nord names seriously since you opted for only masculine forms that became surnames instead of changing with what ever the fathers name was.

>>276260016Germans/Euros hate rich people so much, even the ones who made their money fair. Commie shits

>>276258148she's jewish. she will do one month probation.

>>276262622Partial. Also Trump getting bolder regardless of if he is gonna win or not. Cranking up the arrests as well as defunding university critical race theory shit are both hard moves.

>>276260285U saying wat u son of basterd bich

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>>276258375Hyphenated-surname people are always troublesome.

>>276263141Imagine getting bullied so hard you go full body dysmorphia.

>>276258396Seriously? I think her looks are immaculate: great symmetry. Just a shame that she's FITH.

>>276263480That's a 10/10 in leaf land?

Pic related

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>>276258148No one knows who their talking about because they cannot make a sign saying>Free All TerroristsSince the MSM pissed on Antifa saying they don't exist the average normie will not have a clue.

>>276258148when you have so little real problems of your own, so you just make them up

In NYC the DAs are corrupt, she will spend 10min. in jail and be back to rioting next night

>>276260468>>276260331white spainards raped the aztezs knowing they would save the white race in the new world someday

>>276258148>faces 4 yearslmao, wake me when any of them actually get sentenced

>>276258148Replace "Young Democract activitst" by "pro trump suporter" and plebbit and twitters would be making death threats to her familyYou can't make that shit up

>>276258148> (((Kraebber)))All these " white " fucks running around as Antifa are Jews.

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>>276260016Literally just happened to a friend of mine yesterday, rich kids are reckless on those things

>>276263765Yep - when LARPing as a commie goes wrong.

>>276263621I reserve a full-ten for someone like pic-related. I'd need to see some close-ups in order to properly rank this rich bitch.

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>>276258272>Kraebber>GrabblerChecks out.

>>276258148>extremely wealthy>upper east side>manhattan>antifa/young demonrats>(((white)))kek

>>276258148inb4 she pays the toll plus tip

>>276258272Looks like a Schultz offspring





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>>276264553These are federal charges. Mummy and daddys money isn't going to get her off of this one. The 4 years is the MINIMUM sentence if convicted. They have enough to convict as it stands.

>>276258272My jewdar is off the scale hete

>>276263033I think he's not sure he can be reelected with the very probable chance of an election fraud, and he's going all out while he still can.