Wayne is streaming again and doing live call insmobile.twitter.com/POTUSWayne/status/1302678349689487360

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>>276257646I thought this dude was fake

updated link he ended the stream by accidentmobile.twitter.com/POTUSWayne/status/1302680168092200960

Somebody call in he's just rambling..

>>276257890he lost a lot of weight and is 'lmao do u even lift' mode currently; which has only made his retarded ego even worse. no matter how much he lifts he cant make his face attractive; he still looks like stinky old boomer with a small saggy / wrinkly dick.hes the worst tbqh

>>276258670Fuck off shill

>>276258796he sounds gay desu; he has a gay lisp

>>276258895 t. Memeflaggot

>>276258979im not wrong tho :^)saggy old and ugly with a gay lisp; too retarded to not put himself out there. oh and a mama's boy. a 50 year old mama's boy. jesus

>>276259086The kike fears Lambright 2020, fuck off loser

>>276259195i see you arent refuting any of my points / comments; so you agree then? he is a stinky saggy old and ugly gay lispy retard mama's boy

>>276259257FUCK OFF SHILL

>>276258670Why are you obsessed with his dick?

>>276259392its a part of him that is ugly; just like the rest of him; why would i not call it out user?

>>276259360Cant escape the truth wayne :^)

>>276259451You can call out low intelligence which would make more sense to your argument. You just revealed an insecurity of your own.

>>276259574you havent been reading past dick have you user? i have called him out as a retard multiple times too. perhaps it is you that is obsessed with dick :^)


>>276259257you aren't wrong

>>276258142Same here, user. Color me flabbergasted.

>>276259805yes :^)

>>276259817>>276259876Rabbis out in full force

>>276259975>anyone that thinks wayne is a stinky old wrinkly retard with an ugly face and still needs his mother's support at age 50 is a jewish shill!!!!!wow the truth is that triggering?? :^)

>>276260102Rabbi schizo

>>276260222>i did it mom i called out da jooz for making fun of me againoh sweatie :^)

>>276260336The rabbi is having a breakdown

>>276260513Im enjoying this far more than you could imagine. :^D

>>276260571Yikes you're losing it. Cringe

>>276260706Wayne why are you so stinky and ugly? Does your mom think you're a success? :^)

>>276261094Hun... You're losing it

>>276257646Didn't he betray his own family for a quick buck?

>>276259975Wayne is literally Jewish you dumb dumb.

>>276261252wayne wayne wayne; why oh why do you have a gay lisp? Is it from all the dick you have to suck to make rent?

>>276257646Someone ask him if he ever fixed his rotting deck.

>>276261442t. shill

hope he dies

>>276261517Ok brainlet.

>>276261634Fuck off, slack jawed yokel

>>276261477Needs to fix his rotting teeth first.

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>>276261477he was evicted so probably not; but someone else has probably fixed it by now

>>276261753You're a fag and nobody likes you.

>>276261753this tbqh: >>276261849


just got off the phone, what a wonderful guy. he knows something about chemistry fors ure

>>276262143Seriously though..

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>>276261849Okay, HICK

>>276262328>c'mere honey, give ol' wayne a kissif he goes down on a woman does she get sepsis?


>>276262323Well done, John.

Very unprofessional, Wayne.

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Why do the tranny jannies in this dump tolerate this fat faggot using this board as his blog? He's the worst piece of shit ever. Everything he posts should be deep sixed especially his repulsive photos.

>>276263905A leaf to admire? I can hardly believe it desu

>>276264208But you’re a meme flag fagAnd leafs are also shit brcause wayne despite being a master con artist bottom feederHas brilliant and sound ideasJust listen to him and extract the good shit and laugh at his life in the process

>>276264427They aren't his ideas. None of them are.

>>276257646Im back in a 2 minutes

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>>276264427he has ideas like reddit has ideas

>>276262884>Very unprofessional, Wayne.I have not spilled the Juice.

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>>276264585>>276264750Doesn’t matter if they’re his or not fucking niggersThey’re important to know

>>276264773The future is dark.

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