let's discuss the implications of women overtaking men in the music industry

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is that Lana or the tranny in this other thread >>276250572

>>276257128>burnt out nepotistic industry favors niggerlover artist once again cool story bro

>>276257128Look at that arm, fucking hell

>>276257128Fuck Lana hit the wall

>>276257128mirin those armscould fist a horse with them

>>276257128built for BDC....

>>276257128Not even that dress can hide those manly thighs and legs. Looks like a 25 year old gym teacher.

>>276257801And now she is training to break through it with her bare fists.

What is this sudden lana hate ? Did she piss off some lefties ?

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>>276257128funny meme american, xaxaxa

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>>276257128Grammy award has been just a meme since 2000 anyway, and So is music industry.

>>276257128that's natalie mars

>>276257128>OP posts Natalie Mars>They fall for the bait

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>>276259044nothign I know of recently but she posted something on instagram a few months back advocating in favor of the female dynamic of "no means yes"Yes, she was in favor of it.

>>276257408>>276257652>>276257729>>276257801>>276258404>>276258652>>276258738>>276258936>>276259164thanks for the laugh OP

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>>276257128More like Man-a Del Rey

>>276257128That's a WOMAN? "she" has the proportions of a man. That's a man.


>>276257128today the grammys tomorrow the UFC

>>276257128Is that really her? I know her music is degenerate, but I still thought it was good. Why does she look like a tranny now?

>>276257128Tremendo trabuco.

Holy shit, you can see just how much manipulation goes into those photos/videos to make them look remotely convincing. They'd be better off just being mega-faggy femboys than these aberrations.t. shemale porn coomer

>>276257128The shoulders are a dead giveaway.

>>276257128That looks like that tranny that's posted on here a lot.

>>276259509Mono el rey

>>276257128She has my body. I mean my exact body type. Even the freckles and slight farmers tan on her arms.Christ I don't know what to think.

>>276259044>What is this sudden lana hate ? dont know>Did she piss off some lefties ?probably


hey wait, that's not a grammy!

What happened to her? I know she was going to hit the wall but this was rather premature, no?

>>276257128>Lana Del Rey>posts Natalie MarsYou got me, OP. Godamnit this isn't even funny why am I laughing.

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>>276257128Look at that shoulder muscle structure. YOU CAN NEVER ERASE BEING A MAN. HEAR THAT, TRANNIES?

>>276259933IT is. Google image search says it's Natalie Mars at the AVN awards.

what do you mean op ''women'' overtaking men ?thats clearly a man in this picture ...same thing with beauty contest winner being trannys . MALES still got it they are at the top of everything.they are even better at being females than females themselves

>>276259855It's a really fascinating problem as we move into 4k. Like, the old Vaseline over the lens is really hard to live up to. Not even to mention that the shelf life of a shemale goes down every year. For example, look at Sarina Valentina or Vaniity. Just terrible aging.Natalie manages to be interesting for the fact she's fucking mid 30's and manages to be decent in the right lighting.

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>>276259044She's a coal burning whore that got fucked by weinstein and made a song about it

>>276259164This. There was that whole scandal a couple years back where they found out music companies basically pay for their artist to win most of the grammys. And when did they start giving grammys to artists whos entire career is covering other peoples songs?

I think she's broke, look what she has to do for money.

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>>276257128Now I'm left wondering what magic they use to make Natalie not look like that normally. She doesn't usually look like this. Wow.

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>>276257128unironically I am confused why people like her. She just moans on a microphone about JFK and being amazing. She is a 9/10 and no one ever has said no to her all her life. Her lyrics reflect that. I mean shit I like Taylor swift and she is sorta the same but at least her music has some energy in it .

>>276260365See she doesn't look so weird in this one, she looks kinda fem. But in OP she looks like a man. Also Natalie doesn't have to do any of this shit she gleefully inflicts it unto herself fucking tranny weirdo.

>>276257128mirin those biceps

>>276260437>she just moans on a microphone about JFK and being amazingGodamn OP I love you and I love the kinda comments I'm seeing in this thread

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>>276257128Natalie! Ahhhhh iimm coooOooOoOOomming

>>276260365He's not broke, at least not yet. >Why does he do stuff like this?He gets off on it. The thing about him is he's actually somewhat smart. If there is anyone that is going to manage his money properly from porn, it's probably him.

Record sales are in the complete shitter, for starters. Completely fragmented industry that hasn’t created a star in a decade (unless you count that green haired cunt)

>>276260288Shelf-life is a good point, they've put themselves in an endless cycle of hormones and plastic surgery and they'll never actually look like they do in some videos/pics. I do genuinely feel quite sorry for them.I've fapped to traps for so long because of Holla Forums I never really thought about it being that weird. But I was out this weekend and met a couple of girls, had good conversations and flirted etc. Went to fap today and was utterly repulsed by the trannys. If you're closed off from real world you stop noticing things that become immediately apparent if you had normal social interactions with women.

>>276257128This thread is fake and gay.The pic is not even her, and Lana hasn’t won a Grammy, let alone 8

>>276258936Ok, I laughed.WTF happened to her?


>>276259164kinda like the nobel award or whatever kinda rimjobs the elite like to give each other.

>>276257128It's a shame her dick is botched. I doesn't look like complications during the jewish ceromony, but actually misshapen. Image how awesome she would be if her dick was perfect.

>>276257128Wew the wall hit hard


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jews and only jews control the mainstream music industry, which you are calling the music industrytake it to /mu/ faggotSnR

>>276257128Whats a grammy? Is that like Youtube rewind?

>>276257128This thread proves definitively how much farther pols average IQ has fallen over the past 5 years


>>276261644You don't know how smart we is

>>276260925>if you had normal social interactions with women.Women are overgrown children and awful to interact with. Anyone actively seeking them out needs their head examined. Buy a dog and jerk off to Holla Forums till your cock is content. Your wallet will thank you later.

>>276260365that's the grammy winner? trannycaust WHEN???

>>276259044>>276259317>fan base abandoned her for dating sticks from live PD>mob went after her a few months ago after she posted on instagram about wanting to be allowed to be a “delicate woman” without the critic kikes attacking her for “glamorizing abuse”>complained about nigger women and how they get rewarded for singing about being cheating stripper whores just because they’re black, meanwhile her “art” gets ignored>gets called racist, white supremacist karen>instead of apologizing, doubles down and says she meant every word and then some, tells leftists and the (((media))) to go fuck themselves>has gone full deep-south, qoomer conspiracy theorist since then>new album is called ‘chemtrails over the country club’ and she’s already recorded a song called ‘tulsa jesus freak’so yeah, kikes don’t like her anymore. she’s never listened to her label anyway, and her contract is expiring soon, so she stopped giving a fuck, returned to her lizzy grant roots, and she’s doing/recording what she wants.

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>>276257128Never heard of her. Looks like a goblin

>>276260365I've always wondered where guys put the shit when they have sex

>>276260365is this video real? thats literally like 3 feet long

>>276257128Is that Natalie mars

damn lana del ray is on steroids or something, fucking jacked

>>276261944>Women are overgrown children and awful to interact with.Spoken like a pretty sad, socially inept individual. Don't let your entire opinion of women be made up from woman hate threads on here and PUA shit. There are a lot of trend following vacuous people out there but there are plenty who will give you the time of day and are more complex than you assume.

>>276261998>chemtrails over the country clubI got to this point and was disappointed because I thought I'd fell for a quality ruse. However, that disappointment quickly turned to glee when I discovered that everything posted here is true. Is Lana, dare I say, our girl?

>>276261998wow, based

>>276262225it squishes up inside then stretches as you pull it out. Probably didn't go more than 10 inches inside his boipussy.

>>276262909yeah and endoscopy is a giant conspiracy right?

>>276257128>women overtaking men in the music industryMore like men overtaking women in the porn-slut industry


>>276257128Looks like that tranny everyone always posts. Chanel Santini i think.

>>276259297I would be more concerned if they didn’t fall for the bait and knew exactly who that was.


>>276263060no but there's a difference between getting a small hard tube up someone's intestine and getting a thick, squishy whatever-this-is into the intestine. I mean, I could be wrong, I just don't think that dildo made it to his small intestine.

>>276261998WTF I love Lana now?

>>276257128she's beautiful

>>276257128>thinking award shows actually matterAnon pls

>>276263172 I'd be willing to bet any amount of money that absolutely everyone on Holla Forums knows exactly who that is. NatSocs are the most closeted and worst offenders.

>>276257128Who cares. The music is long dead. Its all just industry now

>>276260363the company also mass purchases their albums, just like disney buying out tickets to it's own film releases

>>276257128Grammy? What is this the '80s?


>>276263384Probably made it to the transverse colon, if not the descending. It's not hard to reach the sigmoid, why would further be magically unattainable for a literal industry professional degenerate. I don't think you could describe that as a typical large intestine, at the very least.

>>276257128That's not Lana Del Rey. That's Long Johnson

>>276257128Of you’re all still listening to ((modern music)), that’s your fault. Bach awaits.

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>>276257128lol. pol's favorite trap is turning into skeletor.

>>276257128Never even heard any of her songs lmao the "elites" must be fuming LMAO

>>276263990I clearly haven't given as much thought to this man's rectal cavity as you have, so I'll have to take your word for it

>>276257128THAT'S A FUCKING MAN!!!!


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>>276264236>Bach awaits.Plebeian.Get on my Patrician level.

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>>276257128That isn’t Lana -.-

>>276257128The wall does that for us. She used to be so beautiful.

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>>276257128That’s not Lana, her album was good, and she’s actually based. That’s why she’s always getting shit for being anti-feminist.

>>276259044>suddenEveryone who isn't a redditor knows she's an industry plant.

>>276264381>this man's rectal cavityjust rectal cavities in general i guess.t. the sad life of medical student

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>>276260365>he doesn't suck it afterwards

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>>276257128Never heard of this slut cum dumpster.

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>>276257128*also he has more shoulder length than most of pol.Absolute state!

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>>276257128Shes a singer,, not a musician. Like most women with very few exceptions. I dont know for sure but if i had to bet its pretty safe men wrote most of her songs and played all the insruments in her albums. It is simply not in women to be great artists, they dont face the adversity, and lack the necessary vision and focus to be creative at anything.

>(((music industry)))

>>276259548I would never dump a load in that.

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>>276257729> coomer

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>>276261998Nice update

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>>276257128no musician ever worth listening to has ever won a (((grammy))). that's merely the kosher globohomo designation for whoever sucked the most jew cock that fuck off back to wherever the fuck you came from. stop filling your head with jewish poison, retard.

>>276257128Is that the tranny that I sometimes see on porn websites?

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>>276260365they get off on whoring themselves outmoney is just a side benefit

>>276264704Nose job lip job fuct her face up...she looked better natural