Which do you hate: Russia, the Russian state, the USSR, external policy, Putin and our government or average Russian people?

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All except for the people

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>>276257112Russia is just another European country now. I love Russia.

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>>276257112The USSR

>>276257112why do you exist

>>276257112All. You’re a white version of an African country


I love Russia

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>>276257112God bless Slav milkers

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>>276257112The fall of USSR, and the end of political discourse in Russia..

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>>276257112I don’t hate Russia, I just don’t like people who like Russia. It’s a savage land that has always been someone else’s bitch.

>>276257112The non meme answer is the Russian state, the USSR, external policy, Putin and our government.99% of non retards can distinguish the politicians from the citizens.

>>276258156>99% of non retards can distinguish the politicians from the citizens.Americans cant.


>>276257112Both. The problem is not Putin, the problem are Russians.


>>276257112Your government is as bad as the US. There are countless Russian bots that spread disinfo and accelerating our internal conflicts through buzz-word sensationalism. Russian fake news stories, catering to pre-existing narratives, are an attempt to further the left culture right culture dichotomy. Us is probably doing to same shit. We are in a 3rd generation, cultural, world war. China, United States, Europe, and Russia all fighting on a forth dimensional battlefield.

The literal crooks who run your kleptocratic shithole. Imagine supporting kleptocrats, why don't Russians rise up? Is it because anyone with a triple digiti IQ can't wait to leave there?

>>276258299Well I did say non retards. No offense intended of course, but even in a democracy and Russian isn't even a democracy, let's be honest, there is a massive distinction the two. I despise Turkey's policy against us with a passion and would murder most of its politicians with my own hands, but I don''t mind Turks as a whole, hell I even have some Turkish friends I made abroad. I pity them for having to be born and grow up in that shithole.

>>276259441And they enslaved your people for centuries. Is there any group on the planet besides kikes and niggers that can't get over the past? Not to get off topic.

>>276258888kek confirms, that russians are peopleyou forgot the "pick one" so kek punished you memeflagnigger

Would’ve been the best country if the Tsar was still around

>>276260239I don't know man, I'll be honest, I laugh my ass off when your niggers complain about "colonialism". I know actual Africans and they pretty much admit that Africa was a shithole and while the Europeans were pretty cruel, 1) Everyone was conquering everything anyway and 2) Colonialism is the reason they actually have any technology at all. American niggers are just too fucking coddled. Also the racemixiing probably makes them unstable, it's always those mongrels that scream the loudest. Actual Africans might be dumb (they are, mostly) but they are not entitled to the point of comedy.

>>276260888Don't make me tear up, Nicholas was retarded, but I genuinely think a later Tsar would have been the savior of Russia.

Russians good people

>>276257112desu I don't hate Russians at all. Well, maybe if you're being faggots in online multiplayer games.

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>>276257112All including your people. They are very similar to Romanians which I also hate.

I hate Russia's influence on our history, which has always been mostly bad.Other than that, I don't really care, as long as you keep it to yourself, you can do whatever.I don't hate Russian people.

>>276257112How should I treat a country that has taken over a part of my country and started a war? I want to see Russia erased from the earth

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>>276260656big if true

>>276263086>hate Russia's influence on our history, which has always been mostly badRetard we freed you from ottomans rule. Be grateful

>>276263271>Retard we freed you from ottomans rule. Be grateful>So we can oppress you ourselves!Reminder that Russia is still actively invading European nations.

>>276263210I'm from Crimea and I don't want to see you here, Mykola.

>>276263210>that has taken over a part of my countryYou with bolshevics stole from us our lands of novorossia thats why we hate you. Crimea Just went back to rightful owner

>>276257112>RussiaToo soft and kind.> the Russian stateA rump state.> the USSRA larger rump state.> external policyToo soft.> Putin and our government Too soft/traitors.>or average Russian people?Too passive/stupid/brainwashed/lazy to do shit about the softness and traitors.We need a Russian Reich, minus germanophilic LARPing and minus the animal rights/ecofascism bullshit.

>>276256003> talk about "Us vs. Europe"Wrong. We don't versus Europe, eventually we are main driving force of Slavs. We are so sick of fact that gyppo shit like your country, which is listed as Slavic only de facto, is de jure Romania 2.0 has a say in this Europe.

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>>276263271If by "freeing" us you mean you sent your army to install their own puppet government, we'd be better off fighting to free ourselves.Not only you were trying to destroy Ottomans anyway. The Brits were working in the same direction. And Ottomans never really conquered us, they were just asking for bribes.

The Jews you let fester in your nation. You're bad Bolshevik lies that have stuck in the cloudy brains of utopic academics and wishful thinking idiots. I get the information war that we have clearly lost with you guys. I have always said to just let you do what you want with that part of the world. You will find a way to fuck it up like everything else.

>>276257765Slav milkers are exclusively for slavs tho. And maybe some scandi whites.

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>>276263448I don't care what the Russian subhuman thinks. When we Ukrainians return the Crimea, we will cut out every Russian man, child and woman in Crimea.

>>276257249Other thread was comfy

>>276263441>So we can oppress you ourselvesThats never happened. Commies werent russian

>>276263532>All those too softIsn't Russia currently occupying part of Ukraine?

>>276263623Now you can see that socially Romania is below Republic of Moldova. Yeah, this may be hard to grasp at first, but they are just much poorer than us because of endemic corruption. Otherwise, better people individually.However, if Russia had taken us under their wing we wouldn't be at over 10% gypsy population, there wouldn't be widespread manele, balkanshit behavior and the such. The Turkish influence is evident throughout the country, especially the MUTTED south, so it's definitely not just ''bribes''.

>>276258888>memeflag>truthful statementPick one

I quite like Russians.

>>276257112I think that Russians are retarded and Russia is a failed nation that shouldn't even exist.

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>>276263473>You with bolshevics stole from us our lands of novorossia thats why we hate you. Crimea Just went back to rightful ownerWhat lands? Donetsk, Crimea have always been Ukraine


>>276263660Not true here, had 2 Russians and now a Ukrainian gf, you faggots are crazy for all the bitching you do, your women are amazing and super nice and accommodating.


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>>276263851>Thats never happened. Commies werent russianTrying to shift blame huh.

>>276263721I like your spirit, Mykola. Ukrainians deciding to invade Crimea would be huge if you wouldn't lose in the first day.

>>276257112I don't. Russia seems pretty fucking based compared to the US atm.

>>276263623>by "freeing" us you mean you sent your army to install their own puppet government, we'd be better off fighting to free ourselves.You can thank russian influence for your rulers became real Romanians instead of greek governors made by turks

The jews pulling the strings, like in our own country.

>>276257112phobia = fear in greekbeing phobic of something is not the same thing as hating somethingbrainlet

>>276264050True.Upside down world when it comes to that. Though the bad ones in russia are truly horrible. Think of the natasha memes but worse, truly worse.Take your car, kids and fuck your boss and father tier worse.

>J*wtin and his clique>Judeo-Bolsheviks>yids in general

>>276264129>Russia seems pretty fucking based compared to the US atm35% of Russia's population are Muslims


>>276263623>Not only you were trying to destroy Ottomans anyway. The Brits were working in the same direction.Learn history. Brits actively fought to keep the ottoman empire. Look at British newspapers in 1876 they literally said that bulgarian rebels hanged themeselves and turks are good guys

>>276263721>returnIt never were yours by right. In fact you stole it from using the commies

>>276264284I'd take my chances with muslims over niggers and spics.

>>276264284>NOOOO RUSSIA CONQUERED MUZZIES AND MADE THEM SPEAK RUSSIAN AND STOP ISLAMISM>>276263721Good. Keep repeating this to the Russians, so the next time Russia will go to war- the Russians will lynch any politicians who say "enough, stop, don't annex, don't kill". We need a Russian Imperium ASAP.>>276263865>>All those too soft>Isn't Russia currently occupying part of Ukraine?Traitors in Russia gave independence to 5 million of Russian clay, and gave them to artificial/semi-artificial 100% russophobic nations like Ukraine, that forcibly de-russify all native russians, and only exist by getting economic Gibsmedats from USA/EU/Russia.So no, Russia is too soft. If I was Putin- I would wipe the so-called "ukraine" and all other pseudo-statelets from the face of the Earth.

>>276263721You will be sanctioned for crimes against humanity then. And there will be a great war, as a result of which Ukraine will cease to exist.

>>276264284That's every west western european country..We've been spiralling out of control ever since the libya corridor was opened not too long ago user.

>>276264301Ottomans would've been defeated in the Crimean war if it weren't for Anglo-French t b h

>>276263908Then we would have been like other drunkard Slavs who lick the boots of their rich oppressors. We're much less willing to support an authoritarian regime of oligarchs like Russians. We have our own kind of cuckoldry but that level of bootlicking would never fly in Romania. We're much more likely to rebel against oppressors than the Russians are. Their bureaucracy and crypto-Jewish KGB have a much tighter grip over them than our system has over us.So, in this respect, I think we like freedom more than Ruskyi do.

>>276264301Wrong, Brits destroyed it an wanted Ataturk in charge to turn it secular.France and Britain used the Ottoman empire because it had an army of shitskins that were cannon fodder.Money and trade, they had a monopoly on certain trade routes and Britain was all about securing trade routes and using them.Just look at what happened to France when Napoleon fucked with Britains trade routes, he ended up exiled on St Helena.DO NOT FUCK WITH OUR TRADE ROUTES!EVER!

>>276263994Oh shit i forgot about Great Hohol Intergalactic Empire in 10000 BCE

>>276257112None of it. Maybe USSR, but hate is a strong word. Oligarchs are a problem. Putinism should do more for building up a broad middle class, intellectual property rights and give its own engineers and scientists a better chance to utilize their talents, especially in starting smaller businesses. Russia has all the resources and talents in the world, it should be among the wealthiest countries. Something is being mismanaged at the expense of common Russian people. Big propaganda won't cover up this forever.

>>276264277>>276263851>MUH Commies werent russianyeah, is that why everyone at the Council of People's Commissars was Russian, except Stalin and Trotsky?

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>>276257112I respect anyone who loves their country. Russians are a proud people. Love all of you. Now kys.

None of those, Russians are cool

>>276257183Kek. SPBP.

>>276264139Communism in Romania was brought by Kikes trained in Moscow, like Ana Pauker.> In 1928, Ana Pauker moved to Moscow to enter the Comintern's International Lenin School, which trained the top functionaries of the Communist movement. There, she became closely associated with Dmitry Manuilsky, the Kremlin's foremost representative at the Comintern in the 1930s.[1]We're not grateful for what this bitch and her jewish ilk did to this country. We wasted half a century with that shit system.


>>276257962>has always been someone else’s bitch.Hmm that sounds oddly familiar...

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>>276264521>Traitors in Russia gave independence to 5 million of Russian clay,Blame the bolshevic jews Who created this nations first.

>>276257112average Russian people

>>276264677Do you want me to show you my folder of sadistically executed Ukrainians and Russians (White army) by the hands of Cheka? Who was in the cheka?

Honestly I don’t think about Russia at all. I don’t think most Americans think about Russia after the Russian collision hoax.

>>276264592Overexaggeration.Turks btfo'd the british + anzac at gallipoli and napoleon got fucked by russian weather and not brits.Inb4 roach, be realistic is what im saying

>>276264677Non of ussr leaders were russian exept Gorbachev retard

>>276265183One battle they won, they lost the war and got fucking rekt and submitted to Ataturk.Blame America for Erdogan.

>>276257112Id say its pretty reasonable hating putin, if what I hear about him his true, all the corruption and such

>>276263660ya rightt, just tell them "do you want to come to america" boom just for papers

>>276264918>Kikes trained in Moscow, like Ana Pauker.And what? Do you think those Who were training were russians retard? They were jews

Holodomor was genocide against the German diaspora in the Ukraine.The whites lost to the reds because the whites couldn't form a cohesive force. They were fragmented and got fucked.

>>276265090>Do you want me to show you my folder of sadistically executed Ukrainians and Russians (White army) by the hands of Cheka? Ukrainians did not fight in the White Army because it was a disgrace for the Ukrainian The White Army did not even recognize the existence of the Ukrainians, so fuck them


>>276257112Russophobia on Holla Forums comes from the Naziboos and Nordicboos that believe in out dated and false racial theories.

>>276264050How does Greeks feel knowing that Russian women prefer Turkish men over Greek men? Is this perceived as Orthodox betrayal?

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>>276265279>Non of ussr leaders were russian exept Gorbachev retardAll leaders of the USSR were Russians, except Stalin. You're delusional

>>276257112I only hate the early USSR, because it's government was heavily dominated by jews.

Russians of course.

Is there anything negative said about Russia that isn’t smear driven by aristocratic spite for ditching communism?

>>276257112I hate the USSR do to Commie Bolsheviks.I find Ruskies to be drunk, bad with money, and sometimes corrupt, but otherwise good and normal people.Putin and Russian Orthos seem based to me. But all I know of them is from internet propaganda.I wish we were allies with Russia. I hate globohomo and China.

>>276265496Why was your country a breeding ground for commie jews, then? You spread that shit ideology over half of Europe. Your red army occupied Eastern Europe and brough communism by force here, let's not pretend you had no implication in that.

>>276265729True. Stalin tried to purge them but never succeeded.

>>276257112all of the above and your fucking grandmothereI'm coming for your soul faggotsssGet ready

>>276257112none of these desu

>>276265337Well yeah it's the only possible outcome since turks are shit tier at modern combat

>>276257112I probably hate russians nore than niggers

>>276265527There were no hohol identy in 1917. Half of those Who call himself "ukrainian" now have ancestors Who considered themeselves part of russian nation and fought for tsar /White army

>>276257112I don’t hate russia, I only hate russian people

>>276264521>NOOOO RUSSIA CONQUERED MUZZIES AND MADE THEM SPEAK RUSSIAN AND STOP ISLAMISMlmao what? If Muslims had wanted to, they would never have become part of Russia. They are there because Russian slaves from all over Russia sponsor their regions

>>276265527>Ukrainians did not fight in the White ArmyKeep saying this to yourself. Ukraine was center of russian nationalism

>>276265864I watch this Russian trucker on youtube that operates out of Canada. He's nigger rich. Every paycheck he gets he blows on frivolous shit. Cringe.

>>276257112We don't, our (((media))) tries to make us and most posters on here pushing anti-russian narratives are either stupiud fucking yanks, boomers or chink/israeli rats.You are our natural allies against china and degeneracy and have preserved the Roman imperial traditions and church.My hope is that we one day have a grand eurasian alliance, and that we can use what you have preserved to rekindle the loight of the west. Unfortunately, both our governments oppose this - ours more than yours, admittedly. Your nationalism, particularly Dugin, is understandably focused on overcoming western influence but also contains a strain of wishing for the west to be destroyed outright ,which would have to be addressed, but then if we were to free ourselves of degeneracy it wouldn't be an issue.Remember lads, anyone pushing either 'slavs aren't white' or 'omg we have to unite with our based allies israel and turkey against russian aggression' is a fucking shill and likely some form of pic related. Our entire geopolitical focus at the moment MUST be china and nothing but china (well ok, except israel, who will probably be their new ally in 10 years).

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>>276265617Kike propaganda for race mixing with an inferior people. No woman on earth prefer Turks, not even Turkish women

>>276265963>There were no hohol identy in 1917. Half of those Who call himself "ukrainian" now have ancestors Who considered themeselves part of russian nation and fought for tsar /White armyStop embarrassing yourself

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>>276265957still mad that ivan drove over your grandma in a T-54 in '68?

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>>276265881>Why was your country a breeding ground for commie jews,Because jewish bankers and germans spent shitton to help commies win a civil war

>>276266070>Ukraine was center of russian nationalismUkrainians have never been and never will be Russians

>>276265941They're useful meatshields. Why should our precious angels of white skin die when we can send them to die for us?When America came to be global Jewnited States, it ruined EVERYTHING. It destroyed everything that France and Britain worked to achieve.Even Arabs say that Britain and France should have been left to finish what was started in the Middle East.Fucking Americans, thicker than the layer of smegma under my foreskin!

>>276257112You have to respect Putin.

>>276257112Russian state, and it's basically USSR now.A lot of corruption, wet jobs on opponents and the need for an external enemy to keep the masses calm.

>>276266235I am not mad because of past. They act like niggers but they are niggers with big army. If they focus on their big country any develop it but they want to expand for nothing.

>>276265617These news articles are funded by NGO's by the way.Barely truthful and you can replace russian with any other country in the world and you will be able to find similar are the grants given for the region of russia and within russia.Subversion training and mental framing for globohomo. Don't take these articles serious as its just paid for propaganda.

>>276263660So you wont give to your Greek Orthodox Brother fren a qt Russian gf with big milkies Russian fren?

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>>276266168That's what I'm taking about. No investment strategy. It's dumb. They need to improve on that. They spend like Mexicans trying impress each other.

>>276266293>>276265881Western Europe had more freedoms at the time, Lenin came to London, Marx came to London and spread their filth ideals everywhere and were allowed to.There was protests against them from the people but they managed to persuade some of the useful idiots in the western european sphere.

>>276263721you are lucky it will never happen so you won't see the entrails of your family decorating the streets of Kiev

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>>276266313Keep seething. If your ancestors lived in cities and werent jews thats pretty high chances they were "Chernaya Sotnya" supporters, russian nationalist organization

>>276263210Serious question - can anyone actually explain the point of Ukraine's existence?My impression of their entire history is that it's just like if Devon suddenly became autistic about itself and separated.

>>276266406Americans ceased being anglo's culturally ever since the jews took over. It could have been more like australia truthfully.

>>276266313it is self-evident that you are not Russians

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>>276266638>If your ancestors lived in cities and werent jews thats pretty high chances they were "Chernaya Sotnya" supporters, russian nationalist organizationMy ancestors lived in the Austro-Hungary Empire and were Ukrainians

>>276266696Ukraine is the white Russia (note: Ethnic Russians are white too but Russia is a melting pot of ethnicities)

>>276266779>>276266627you have to go back, Ivan


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>>276266293This is true and no ones talks about it in the US. The Kaiser literally shipped Lenin to Russia.It was Satanically evil.

I want a russian gf from anywhere but the south (south of Rostov on Don and Volgograd). Ukraine and Belarus are cool too. Bonus points if she has dirty blonde hair and comes from a remote village. Btw you wouldn't mind it,would you? I'm orthodox too and I'm also partially slavic

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>>276264677You misspelled (((((((((((((((Russian)))))))))))))))

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>>276267091Russian women would never touch you, you filthy poor disgusting romanogypsy subhuman animal. You deserve to perish from this planet. KYS you ugly bastard

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>>276266225So whats your point. Hohol nationalists existed and were supported by nobody before bolshevics. You are being brainwashed that muh muh everybody liked petlura and hated russians but thats a lie. Most your people felt themeselves part of russian nation and malorussians (ukrainians) in the same time. Read Hogol for example

>>276266968kys, Russians fought for centuries against the Ottoman Empire.who cares about Putin?