What should happen to this roastie?

rich white kids are getting radicalized in college. should this bitch be thrown in jail and her life ruined because some commie brainwashing and why is the answer YES

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send her to the bbc tank

>>276256227Do you really think her life should be ruined over a small mistake?

>>27625622710 years motherfuckers enjoy prison

>>276256227> Kraebber> 2nd home in Connecticutoh vey


>>276256400Being a coalburner is not a small mistake. She is tainted. Throw her to the dogs.

>>276256314>when reached at her family's second home in connecticutlmao


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>>276256227>rich white kids are getting radicalized in college.been saying this for years if you want to win this war you need to take control of the msm social networks and universities otherwise you have zero chance of wining

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>>276256400>small mistake?$100k in damagesyeah


>>276256314I had that same belt back in 2005

>>276256314I'm almost inclined to go full gommunist just take away all that shit from these spoiled kids. I'd love to watch that bitch labor in poverty

>>276256227Just charge her 100k in student loans

Some hard time with niggers will redpill them and probably their whole family once they have to deal with those savages every day

>>276256400>wasted digits>shitty larp

>>276256400Yes. Most women hit adult maturity at 14, not increasing until aware menopause. She was fully aware of what she was doing.

>>276256442>>276256523Jew in Brooklyn here. This is my dating pool. They’re all annoying as shit even the orthodox ones like Ben’s little sister.I don’t believe in intermarriage but I swear one of these days I’m gonna say fuck it and run off with some pretty blonde

rape her 100k times by pajeets

>>276256806her daddy will pay it just like he's paying off her student loan debts now and everything else in her life.

>>276256977Theres a reason they put a hole in the middle of the bagel..

>>276256400Yes faggot

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>>276256977Oy vey grab ya self a cute shiksa will ya, wat wood ya mudda say?

>>276256400Unironically yes. People like her need to have a long hard think about believing everything they hear. Even if it was wrongly told to them by people of authority. People have agency and we can't keep treating people with kid gloves.

>>276256400Accidentally driving through a store window is a mistake. Intentionally causing massive damage and terror is not. Fuck that whore bitch should be hanged.

>>276256227>whiteYou need to lurk 2 years before posting here, newfag.

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>>276256227>second home in ConnecticutI hope this bitch gets doxxed

>>276256400>Do I think someone who's trying to advocate for poor communities by destroying them should be punishedYes? She could have done anything with her time and money. She chose destruction.

>>276256227>(((Clara Kraebber)))every time>her father is a child psychiatrist who teaches at Columbia University.Perfect

These are the rich people conservative capitalists on here cuck for. These are the people that deserve their wealth. Marx wanted people like this to not exist, you conservative capitalists literally cuck for people that hate you and want you dead, lmao!

>>276256977stick with your own you fucking tay Sachs blood sucker

>>276256977You think you deserve a blond blue eyed aryan,Ezra? With all your tricks, will ya?

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Drop her off in a male maximum security prison for a week. Let her brothers thank her.

>>276257772>promoting marx on Holla ForumsNat soc did I much better job of handling the elite than that faggot kike Marx did

>>276256977>run off with some pretty blondeWhy would you genocide your own people? Don't you realize how special your blood is to God?

>>276257772capitalist cuck for rich college professors?????

>>276256400>Do you really think her life should be ruined over a small mistake?Do you really think her life shouldn't be ruined over a fucking absolutely huge mistake?

>>276256227The bitch is a jew cunt. Father is a (((psychiatrist))) She is not white. Every single time

>>276256977Based jewאח שלוםאני אפילו לא יהודי אבל זה מצחיק כי אנשים מקבלים מלוח

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>>276258222digits don't lie

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>>276256400I thought you fuckers believed in "white privilege".

>>276257798I’m a green eyed redhead. So most people assume I’m Irish or something>>276258221Yes we are the chosen people and that is a very special thing. But even Ivanka was able to convert to being an Orthodox Jew right?

>>276259511Its interesting how Jews have a high percentage of red heads

>>276256400Show your real meme flag, cancuck

>>276256400Shes white so yes, why the fuck are you commies defending white people from going to prison?

>>276256400not if she pays it all back.

>>276258338Who is that dude? He's cute

Who would have thought ...

>>27625640020 yo wealthy white female.>>276256227Nothing is going to happen to her, ever.

>>276256400>destroyed small businessed closed or just opening due to coof>retardedly rich>just turned 20>"family's second home"Yes and it's not even close.

>>276259596Even king David was supposedly a ginger

>>276256400treason is not a small mistake.

>>276261088I'm mostly irish and I like to count my shekels like a leprechaun. We probably have some connectionen.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/ScotaLink related

They're almost all elitist jews. What do you expect? A jew hasn't had any form of repercussion in NY for 6 gorillion years.

>>276256622>you need to take control of the msm social networks and universitiesMany great men have warned us

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>>276256400Maybe not her life, but some thing of hers should be ruined.

>>276256400this isn’t a small mistake user.


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>>276256656>property is replaceable >WTF WHY CAN'T I AFFORD PROPERTY!!!

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>>276256227shoot her in the fucking face in front of all her family.

>>276261677>Property is replaceableSo are human lives, if we get right down to it.

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>>276256227Multi culturalism and hollywood brainwashing is a hell of a drug.Imagine throwing your life away for some drugged up dead beat dad pornstar felon that holds guns to pregnant womans bellies.And being like. Holyshit im so righteous! Its a fucking mind virus.

>>276261669Snibbedi snab.

>>276256227Irony is that college radicalized me to where I am today. The propaganda was so stifling and overwhelming that I could not handle it and started lppking at ways to disprove others out of spite. Then I saw the civil war in Germany, the Jews being behind it, and now I'm here.

>>276262058except for black ones apparently

>>276256314she looks like an annoying bitch. I wouldn't fuck her with OP's dick>what should happen to this roastie?thrown into a tank with 20 nigger and pajeet compulsive rapists

>>276262340Are you me?

>>276256227Her head should be put on a spike outside white house. It's not about dealing with her. It's about sending a message to others.


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>>276258338Damn, that’s a big dude.

>>276256314The faces of liberalism.

>>276256227They should be forced to pay for the repairs and fined up the ass till they're poor and forced to pay for their shit.>Literal Gaveled into nonexistence

>>276256400Yes she needs to be my bang-maid for a year

>>276256400No she should be free to continue her life after paying for her crime by 15 years hard labour.

>>276256400Hang liberals from lamp posts

>>276256227>should this bitch be thrown in jail and her life ruined because some commie brainwashing and why is the answer YESThe answer isn't yes. In an ideal society she would be executed for treason but we know that wont happen.

>>276256400Yes.Men have this happen all the fucking time. This is what equality looks like.

>>276256227rich kids who riot on behalf of the working class are based

>>276256227(((Kraebber)))Every. Fucking. Time.

Free helicopter ride.


>>276263939Do you think they realize that they themselves are the Bourgoise, and if successful Commisar's Cletus and Jamal will summarily line them up and have them shot against a wall?

>>276264052>rich jewesswho'd've guessed kek

>>276256400no, two years of hard labor should be fine

>>276263939they are just guilty for being rich

>>276256400>This nigger just killed another person. You wanna ruin his life over a mistake? He's a minority, he doesn't know any better.

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Someone needs to Jennifer Levine this bitch.

>>276264333The Jewish American Princess or Jap, is previlant on the US East Coast and Southern California. Distinguishing features include Gucci purses, long noses, and liberal fathers that work in finance or law

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>>276256400>Do you really think her life should be ruined over a small mistake?>small mistake>$100k worth of damage to private propertyThat is by no means a small mistake.

>>276257798Except she isn't a true blond

>>276256400YesPlay stupid games win stupid prizes.

>>276256400women are children.laws need to change and men need to have more authority over them.

>>276256227>what should happen to this roastie?Six months hard labor......in the brap barn.

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>>276256749I remember when you had to make them.

>>276256227Treat them like niggers

>>276256400>Do you really think her life should be ruined over a small mistake?You are not a child.

>>276263939You know they actually have disdain for working class, right?

>>276262521Every black life is a precious gift and we should be thankful for the duty to pay their way throughout their lives

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>>276256316no, you're not wrong. make all these apologists live in a black community. lets see how long they keep their idiotic mindset.

>should this bitch be thrown in jail and her life ruined because some commie brainwashing?NOno no noHow can you be so sick and suggest something like this? Have you no morals? No empathy.I think the comprehensive punishment for her would be... TO BE PLACED IN A FUCKING RAPE FARM TO BE USED AND ABUSED LIKE THE LITTLE SLUT SHE IS FOR 10 FUCKING YEARS.Thank you