Not even Hitler proposed the 'one drop rule' for Germans with some Jewish/minority ancestry...

Not even Hitler proposed the 'one drop rule' for Germans with some Jewish/minority ancestry.Why does Holla Forums stick this litmus test with everyone else?

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>>276255900They refuse to admit that mutts are better than pure whites

>>276255900hitler was a cuck who allowed jews in the partywhat a retard

>>276256122>hitler was a cuck/pol/ has finally come full circle kek

>>276256718he was way too soft on the jews

>>276255900Fucking ugly nigger whore, kys already.

>>276255900Because Holla Forums likes to circlejerk about a perfect white ethnostate that will never happen instead of taking meaningful action and compromise in the real world.

>>276256718Full circle jerk in fact.

ITT: *eddit pretends to fit in

>>276257566Kek check

Does she have any lewds?

>>276256891>hitler was a cuck who allowed jews in the partywhat a retard. he was way too soft on the jews

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>>276255900I don't give a shit about how mutted up people are. They're just not a part of my people, and can go form their own mutt-people. One drop is all it takes due to recessive genetics. I wish you a long, happy and prosperous life away from my tribe.

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>>276257566That just means they’re either trying to D/C or they’re 15 and just larping. People who are serious aren’t as retarded

>>276258561He should have exterminated them instead of giving them a homeland.

>>276257566There already exists a perfect white ethnostate. It's called the white race, and regardless of any artificial constructs like nations and ideologies, we still exist, completely independent from everyone else. In fact, we're more people at this point in time than at any other time in history. So think of the ethnostate as something that transcends borders and ideas. A white man in Finland feels a kinship with a white man in the US that no other people can be a part of.

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>>276258970>whitoid cope

>>276258561>captures a Rothschild>lets him walk free after "imprisoning" him in a 5 star Hotel>not torturing the jew faggot with pliers and a blowtorch for the entire duration of the warhe was a soft faggot. deal with it.

Because most of the Hitler fanboys are jews hoping to do anything they can to scare IDF and your jewish grandmother into doing more for Zion

>>276258970>Finland >whiteSure thing buddy

>>276258842What the fuck do you think he tried to do?>>276259114>Guys I'm smarter than Hitler!

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>>276255900What the fuck is all over her face?

>>276258842That was Britain last time i checked, he just got rid of them.

>>276256718You will never pass

>>276255900Don't know anyone who thinks like this who isn't just LARPing and / or retarded.

>>276259192How dare you?

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I want to fuck her banana hangers.

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>>276255900Hitler was a jew who wrote jew laws

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>>276255900There needs to be a one drop rule for west african ancestry. I think we can be more flexible with other colored groups though.

>>276259403Who is this woman i want to breed with

>>276259813Brittany Venti, living proof of mutt supremacy.

>>276259813Lurk for two years before posting here.

>>276259813Welcome to Holla Forums, now get out.

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>>276259955Lol ive been here longer than 2 years and ive posted plenty

>one drop rule is bs! half white and only quarter nigger is the real cut-off point! who is white anyway?similar to manlets and their height, I'm seeing a lot of coping mutts itt

>>276256718the final red pill>Hitler worked for Zionit all makes sence think about it

>>276259813get out

>>276259813Brittany Dier (Venti) A strange but hot girl i've watched since she was 17.

>>276259514Hitler wasn't a Jew and neither was any of his family. Shut the hell up. I've looked at his family tree you dick head kike.


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>>276260190Hitler didn't work for Jews you lying kike.

>>276255900Without make up she looks like an old methhead hag


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>>276260508Nope, I've seen her without makeup. She's hot either way.

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>>276259277he didnt do shit and he was a cuck. fuck him.lets make a new NSDAP that is against ALL jews.

>>276259277>What the fuck do you think he tried to do?To keep them in concentration camps until the war was over so he could deport them.

>tfw you have been to pol for so long that you have seen the qt3.14s of questionable age hit the wallfeelsbananaman.jpeg


>>276258970I don't buy this at all, "white people" never shared a bond, it was based on your tribe and nation. If we all loved each other why is Western history filled with so many wars? Even other races fought against each other all the time.

>>276255900MUTT gtfo

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>>276255900One drop only applies to nigger DNA a little Jew Arab Asian or native never hurt anyone

>>276260631kys you desperate incel

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>>276256113Mutts who are a mixture of whites I agree.

>>276261922This. Having sub-saharan nigger dna is the worst thing ever.They literally didn't evolve.

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wait wtf Brittany is 21 years old? I assumed she was at least late 20s...


>>276255900if Jews are German than they are responsible for the Holocaust

>>276260631>YWN feel her tits under the texture of that ribbed fabric

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>>276255900Lando Norris in drag


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>>276262674She’s pretty with straight hair. Now she looks like a mulatta and that is gross

>>27625590010/10 in muttland

>>276260507>deniallmaodid Israel exists before or after hitlalook inside your fat heartyou know its true

>>276262935You just have shit taste

>>276262674>ywn drink from her lactating breasts

>>276262935Truly a polymorphic creature.

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>>276255900Anybody got the sauce on this one?I need the fucking sauce

>>276255900I don't, but then again, I'm a mutt by Holla Forums standards.

If she ever wants to date me she better be wearing a bra. Yes I'm a male, yes I'm picky

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>>276255900Because Hitler was wrong not to.

>>276263282Sorry to hear brown nips.Don't beat yourself up too bad about it tho.

>>276259813She is 30% nigger. Do you want kids that are a minimum 15% nigger, probably more in your case?

>>276255900being an ugly girl with awesome tits is hell luckythat would put them above some girls with perfect faces and no titsas well as give them a free pass at life

>>276256122>>276256891basiert und gecheckt.

>>276263127A genetic anomaly.

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>>276263303dude i had a chick that was wearin the same thing and asked me if i was fine with it and i said yes unless we go to any family functions and she lost it


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>>276265227She's the ideal American woman

>>276265293A true mut.

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>>276255900We have 80 years of more science. Hitler and consortes underestimated the impact of race (genetics) on society.

>>276256113she can get this big mulatto cock, i wanna breed with that bitch.

>>276255900Does Venti have some spots of vitiligo? Is the curse being lifted?

>>276258970>A white man in Finland feels a kinship with a white man in the US that no other people can be a part of.I don't have kinship with some distant amerimutt or even a pretty close hohol.Fuck off, globohomo.

>>276255900She's whiter than me; she has blue-gray eyes.

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>>276260289>>276260438>>276260507What kind of faggot triple posts in a slide thread?


>>276265511That's contact lenses, though.

>>276255900 The Nuernberggesetz was accompanied by basic phenotypical/physiognomic requirements. You had to be minimum 7/8 white AND look white to be white. This is more than fair.

>>276255900Hitler didn't even gas jews baka

There's a pale, mutt-looking Venezuelan porn star named Dayana Teen who reminds me of her.

>>276266526Cassidy Banks is better.

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>>276265716She is fun to look at.

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>>276256113Why is a German Shepard priced higher than a mutt? hmmmmm

>>276255900What's up with all those tictoc spams?

>>276266844Every non-black woman in America should look like her

>>276265398They did not know that miscegenation is irreversible and cannot be undone. Before the discovery of DNA one could legitimately think that foreign genes just disappeared after a few generations of bleaching.They stay there forever unfortunately.