Mexibros, when we Will finally start replacing (((spanish))) with náhuatl?

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>>276255797Never. You filthy shitskin aztec larper

>>276255797Haha! I had a Spanish exchange engineer come to by group. He wanted to go to East LA to "be with his people". "Those aren't you're people," I explained. "they speak Spanish, they are my people!" Next day, he came back, "I don't know what those people were speaking, but it wasn't Spanish!"Truth is, all your nazgul speaking demons are coming to the US. Illegally.


>>276256274Náhuatl sounds 10000 More beautiful than spanish, which sounds like a diarrea filled toilet constantly failing to go down the drain

>>276256068Another self hating asshole. This Is what (((spanish))) colonialism mindset does yo people

>>276258014i wish you luck brother, start a cult of mass breeding and language earning it might work

>>276259472language learning* and make sure your mostly racially pure, kick the mixed ones down south when you take power and revive the aztec nation. but dude pls no human sacrifize kek

We wuz Injuns

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>>276255797Stop, just stop...

>>276259700your chart is retarded amigo


>>276259999for what? i dont really care about the world except for Europe anyway. also greenland is 5% nordic danish so yes ur chart is retarded


Retard beaner, stop worrying about statues when Mexicans are raping each other and cutting people's heads off on shitty cell phone videos.

>>276256274>spanish (as in european spain) hates mexican spanishyeah, and the water is fucking wet

Everybody wants to preserve their heritage and culture. Yet, somehow, mexicans need to adore an alien foreign language and have self hating mutts governing over us

>>276255797Cortez conquered your “empire” with a few hundred soldiers and horses. And also stole all of your women too. Too bad you shitskins couldn’t become allies with each other because you might have fought him off. But you didn’t. And then you got smallpox and died en masse Faggot larper.

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>>276260131>>276260204Fucking imbecile, dont argue if you are a brainded moron

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>>276260262Shut up burguer, the most violent states are those with the highest % of 'white' blood (Northern states) puré amerindian state are the most safest

>>276260599Kys burguers, we kicked their ass in 1821

>>276259613>no dont sacrifice*grabs obsidian knife*>fuck

we speak a mix of English, Spanish and Nahuatl... it should be called Mexican

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>>276260131>>276260204That's right go silent retard

You do realize theres a 90% chance you're not related to the Aztecs at all, and more likely related to their subjected/enslaved tribes..?

>>276261311Why English?

>>276261365Why are burgers so ignorante? And why do you care about a thread for mexibros?

>>276260868The people leading your independentist armys were spanish origin ones, not aztec alike ones. So technychally spanish in México did it


>>276256274>Those aren't you're people,"those are not you are people.Is the commiefornia education system this degraded?

México es Nueva Españs

>>276261507Wrong faggot. Thats a spaniard cope, because you are butthurt 'inferior' people kicked you out of america. Lots of amerindians died in that war.

>>276261420Becauses it fits:>to park = parkear>truck = trocaSome words make more sense in their original language

>>276256274Castilian Spanish is beautiful lol.

>>276261795Wrong. México Is México. New Spain was abolished in 1821.

>>276255797Beaners aren't going to learn a dead language, and neither are you.

>>276255797Fuck you nigger!!!

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>>276255797Nahuatl= unique, basedSpanish= greasy spic taco diarrhea language.

>>276262190100% Olmec phenotype

>>276260683lol the "inuit danish-mixed are like all 99%danish larping as inuits. just like most samis in norway are 99% nordic with bonde hair and blue eyes you retard

>>276262256Thats right my friend. Spanish Is a language for low lifes. Spanish Is simian and excremental.

>>276260599>Conquered with just 500 menTotally ignoring the +50,000 Tlaxacalan and other native allied they had>Stole your womenNative women married Spaniards legally and under approval by the Catholic Church, "muh rape babies" is just Anglo black legend cope which retarded americunts repeat, nothing more than a meme.Peak amerimutt education, low IQ retarded bitch

>>276262339kek some spic explain how ya'll WASN'T part of a khorne chaos cult?

>>276262734the mayans didn't do that. The Mexicas ( Aztecs ) did.

>>276262408WRONGOut of here brainlet

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Yeah, most of those indigenous languages are pretty based.

>>276261507Totally correct yet they where traitors like Simon Bolivar, in other words they where Freemason and at that time they already had the church infiltrated.

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>>276255797Never lmao. The age of the Castizo is yet to come

>>276261796Look at the mirror and cry lol

>>276262339It's because he's abandoned his ancestral diet.

>>276255797Kek. Reminds me of some dumbshit BR "nationalists" who wanted to replace Portuguese with Tupi in the early 20th century or something. Fuck you indios.

>>276255797there is no such thing anymore, aztec girls gave up their pussies to spanish conquerors

>>276262141I live in south Mexico and I listen to indians speak their toungues, yet they use a lot of spanish words like the days or months because theyre original languages where created by prehistoric primitive apes, you cannot fully have a conversation in those ooga booga languages but Op is to retarded to comprehend it

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>>276264984Shut up dumb polackNahuatls has nothing to do with aztecs, it's spoken all over central mexico

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>>276256068Yup. Fuck indians. The only difference in the americas is that mexicans south speak spanish. If the whites would speak english and control the degenerate indians, things would be a lot better in mexico.Why do you think all of the cartel leaders are not indian?

>>276263076Nobody cares they all look like reheated turds

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The most violent state in Mexico is guerrero, where The (((spaniards))) brought thousands of negroes.

>>276265240Your race was destroyed, you can't revive anything. Mexicans should be warning to Europeans and that's the role you will serve.It's harsh, but someone needs to tell you that.>>276255797Bunch of shitskin larpers hiding in the jungle with probably more than 30% of rape Spanish ancestry.And on the other side they have corrupt Christcuck church with Freemasons and pedophiles.Truly Mexico is an abomination, a cesspit of genetic filth.I hope one day we can relieve you of your pain and just carpet bomb that entire continent.

>>276265500you are way too fucking stupid to think that.You are like the same faggits here who think because they are white they belong together.

>>276265682Ok dumb pole, atleast our country hasn't been partitioned 10000 times

>>276265904you are an abomination, you shouldn't live. you're an affront to mother fucking nature and everything that's holy

Cem Anahuc will rise again, faggots, and all self-hating mutts will get the rope.

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>>276255797I like spanish.With Nahuatl you cant do shit. Also, it sounds terrible.

>>276266079ok dumb pole, but you see, it wasn't me who the aryan man was trying to genocide, but dumb polacks, the lowliest trash in europe

>>276255797Please, do it already, And let's hope every other country colonized by Spaniards follows suit. Stop coming here as well, for the love of God. We can be distant relatives, rather.

>>276266282No mexicans go to Spain, Manolo.It's a poor irrelevant country.They go to USA.