>Everyone who refutes my Holla Forums opinion and infographics with evidence is either a jew, paid by the jews...

>Everyone who refutes my Holla Forums opinion and infographics with evidence is either a jew, paid by the jews, or a glow nigger from an alphabet agency, who are also paid and controlled by the jewsThis board, summarised.

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>>276254689this but unironically

>>276254689>I cut off my penis and have to live with the fact that I am a disfigured weirdo that dresses like a woman with a gaping wound that smells like dead animal the rest of my life.

>>276254689I have been called a jew so many times for pointing out bullshit on this board that I have seriously considered converting to judaismwhy would I wanna be on team stupid with retards like this?youtube.com/watch?v=dlN9plBx6Ho

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>>276255147Why is it that chinks, dotheads, and actual African niggers can make it in America, but the descendants of slavery are so perpetually mistreated that they slaughter each other by the thousands each year, have children out of wedlock and abandon them, and poison their communities with rampant drug dealing, prostitution, and other vice markets that cannot possibly promote prosperity?>muh white peopleThere's a white supremacist behind that bush over there! I see now the intellectual prowess of the multiracialist progressive.

>>276254941Why did you do that to yourself?>>276255121Some of them do it to troll, some are delusional paranoid types, and others simply battshit insane. For some it's very logical. If you think your beliefs are being suppressed by a world spanning Jewish conspiracy believing someone critical of your views is a Jewish agent is not illogical.

>>276254689Don't care. Still voting for Trump.

>>276255923>everyone is a conspiracy theorists unless they cut their penis off like me

>>276254689>>276255560you are a discord transvestite, please get off the internet and kill yourself already

>>276256629>>276255923meant for the discord transvestite who started this gay slide thread

>>276256629nigger what the fuckwho said anything about trannies besides you

Why bother, poltards are beyond saving

>>276254689>wojak postingYou have to go back

Yes that sums this place up perfectly, It's just a bunch of basement dwellers larping about being Natsocs when it's clear they don't actually believe it to begin with.

>>276255147Mhhhhh IDK.Ok Alexa,tell me the average IQ of black people in America

>>276256451>>276256629>>276256726Typical Holla Forumsnpc response written by a teenager in his edgy political phase

>>276256863found the jew

>>276257079Black people's problems are all white people's fault. Black people have no agency, except when acknowledging that would dehumanize them; then they do have agency. There are no logical inconsistencies in the anti-racist historical and political narratives.

>>276257576What did I expect?

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>>276254689You got it wrong, you forgot the part where the call you a discord tranny

>>276258816Lmfao. Saved.

>>276259072That too. It's either that you're a jew, tranny, leftist, or glownigger. They will also call you a chink if you say anything positive about China.

>>276257894You're not even trying anymore, JIDF....

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>>276255147Too many words, didn't read

>>276254689Do you have a source to back up your claims?

>>276254689>refutes Sage

>>276259652You can't really post anything about anything without having some retard accuse you of being a glowing d&c kikeshill discord tranny chink coomer roastie from shareblue/redditThis board sucks, no one talks about anything anymore it's just a bunch of shit-flinging

>>276255147America is a white country. Or atleast it was up until 50 years ago. Created for a by white men.

>>276260011jidf doesn't post here you dumb faggotuse your brain

more like>I'm a loser who contributes nothing valuable to the world and rides the coattails of my ancestors and people who happen to be in my genetic cluster

>>276260184>haha me no read too much for my superior white IQ to handle

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>>276260763>if you disagree with progressive multiculti and blaming white people for everything bad it's because you are a loserThey're not sending their best.

>>276260615>memeflag>JIDF doesn't post here you faggot>use your brain goy>DA JOOOOOOOOZJesus.. you guys really aren't even trying anymore to hide it

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>>276261118Lol I don't like far left shit either, but I also don't like smug "we wuz Aryans" fags either.

>>276261118To be fair there are lots of losers here, I don't know why you're trying to pretend otherwiseMost normal people don't even know what 4chan is

>>276261359It is central to the left's narrative that European identity in America either does not exist and was not significant in the nation's founding, or if it was, it is a deeply shameful and regrettable part of it. It's obviously ridiculous framing to deny plain facts.>>276261391True, but arguments aren't defeated by pointing out that some portion of people advancing them are just coping.

>>276261266>memeflagAnd?Blow it out your ass faggot>JIDF doesn't post here you faggotThey don't you massive faggot, they're all over normalfag social media though>use your brain goyHow is that bad?>DA JOOOOOOOOZI never said that, fuck kikes

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>>276254689I don't see much refuting going on. Having a different opinion doesn't refute an argument or counter evidence.

>>276261898Sure, Europeans did found this country. My point is that you're average poster here has no accomplishments or anything about them that even compares to what some of their ancestors/fellow Europeans have done, yet they ride their coattails anyways. They always say "WE have superior intellects" or "WE make the best art" even if they've accomplished nothing of worth in those areas. They have nothing to be proud of so they latch on to what distantly similar people have done and claim it makes them superior.

>>276258816Yo but fr what in the FUCK did the kikes do to our chicken

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>>276262543Achievement is a bit subjective and there are different thresholds for how impressive an achievement may be. Requiring some form of achievement before an opinion can be stated or an argument made is silly. Ideas stand on their own merits. Tribalism is rather normal. Anti-tribalism requires propaganda and censorship to be effective, which is what has happened.

>>276255147leaf-tier post, they wouldn't be worse off if they didn't commit crimes and act like niggers

>>276254689Well first you'd actually have to refute them instead of call the person an "incel chud." But I agree with your greentext point 100%. Anyone who does that certainly is.

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>>276254689I usually ignore memeflag but just in case you mean this in sincerity let me spell it out for you. You refute nothing that anybody posts. All memeflag posts are either inflammatory bait or obvious demoralization attempts, debate is almost guaranteed to be out of the question. Now get off my board, kike.

>>276262933normal =/= good (naturalistic fallacy)I think some achievement should be required for someone to smugly assert themselves as superior because they happen to belong to a certain race. To say that the race is superior in abstract is one thing, to suddenly apply that to yourself and claim to be better than some one because they're not as Nordic or Med or whatever the hell as you are is stupid.

>>276263943When I say "normal," it is not to imply that it is "good" (although I do believe it is generally a good thing for other reasons), but rather that it is a part of human nature that no amount of conceptual framing and propaganda will ever be able to eradicate. Multiracialists seem to be under the delusion that this is possible.>To say that the race is superior in abstract is one thing, to suddenly apply that to yourself and claim to be better than some one because they're not as Nordic or Med or whatever the hell as you are is stupid.Why does the judgement always have to be superior or inferior? This is the way anti-racists frame it, because it is one of the easiest to attack, but it is very easy to hold beliefs that would be characterized as white supremacist by the anti-racists, while also not believing that it makes the individual or racial group superior. In-group preference is human nature. Now please, introduce your concepts to try and explain how it is not human nature, or that there is nothing concrete about it except that is certainly evil and unacceptable because multiracialism is morally superior and correct.

>>276260011>]I don't need to, you idiots are so paranoid that you are unable to form a coherent argument without thinking there are JUUUS under your bed or in your closet. Yes the Jews are watching you! Everytime somebody cuts you off in traffic, It's a JUUUU! Every time someone points out that you are a virgin no life loser, It's clearly a targeted harassment campaign funded by shlomo shekelstein himself

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>>276264759You seem scared. Why is that?

>>276256726>>276256629>>276254941>triple replying>spamming discord tranny memes because you can't accept that your ideology is based on nonfactual informationI've never seen someone have a meltdown of this caliber. Look dude, when your beliefs are threatened you can't take it personally. You have to accept that if your ideas are not based in reality or are based in easily refuted Holla Forumsfographics then you have to change. You can't live a lie.

>>276254689>evidenceShoot away.

>>276256863>>276257894>>276257576>>276260011>>276264759Conversation with a fucking brick wall. I hope you're memeing>present someone with a counterpoint>KIKE SHILL JIDF SHITSKINS AAAA

>>276254689based and realpilled

>>276264618In-group preference probably IS human nature. I never said multiracialism is morally superior or correct. I believe people should be judged by their individual merits and demerits.

>>276264759>JUUUS Hey there, I couldn't help but notice you are sporting that meme flag, champ! Say, can you do me a favor and repeat slowly after me, okay?Say: God. And then: Jews. Finally: Jesus Christ. Yeah, that'd be really great.

>>276265257>not based in realityPseud detected

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>>27626577858th post, best post. Death to all "da Jooz" posters in Minecraft.

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>>276265555Wasted quads It's not even a conversation, niehter of them are presenting arguments and they're both being equally obdurate


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>>276266273Why is the thumbnail wrong

>>276265555The amount of people incapable of having an argument in good faith on this board (and in general) is almost comical.

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>>276265732>I believe people should be judged by their individual merits and demerits.Individuals, sure. But aggregates of individuals are populations, and populations naturally define statistics on those populations. The judgment that blacks are violent, criminal apes that no one with something to lose wants to live around comes from the collective behavior, on average. I know this from many data points collected from years of living around them.

Damn, anyone feel like summer is a little long this year?

>>276265257So typical>muh meltdownThe left gets triggered, the left has meltdowns, it is documented, written, filmed and not an incident. We can say you are triggered, having a meltdown, having a small 2016. Think you saw a noose, THIS IS MAGA COUNTRY.You, you cant. It is pure wishful thinking of a fool that really wishes it was the case, but it isn't.Now stop projecting, faggot.