Compliation of clips if the RIOT POLICE last night.

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>>276253998Haha just saw this on YT AWESOME

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We need more riots, more dead Amerimutts. Civil War let's go!

>>276253998This video triggers the jannies on youtube

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>>276254691Trump is the biggest faggot in AmericaGo fucking kill yourself zoomer

Oh please don't stop "protesting"

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>>276253998Nice user

Commies FUCKED

>>276253998This is fucking based

Cops are so fucking brave

>>276253998That was pretty good user

>>276254734balloons are best part

Your all fucking racists ideolozing police.

>>276253998Needs Johnny Cash’s Ring of Fire

>>276253998This channel is so comfy

>>276254734Absolute shit how


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I love how stankifa keep blowing themselves up


>>276253998LOVE IT. thanks user

Anyone know how to change a video from MP4 to Web.m because I can't upload any of the videos I have here and I have hundreds that I've got off of here, twitter, facebook and some I've made. Some have music as well.

>>276253998Antifa get btfo

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>>276256609If you have ffmpeg input ffmpeg -i video.mp4 -c:v libvpx -minrate 1M -maxrate 1M -b:v 1M -c:a libvorbis video.webmthrough a .bat fileOtherwise, use an online converter.

>>276256609Google it you fucking retard


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>>276256821Thanks, appreciate it

This is peeeeeerrrfect

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>>276254961how is that possible when you exist?

>>276253998Working overtime i see user

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>>276253998Now do more faggot

>>276253998Are these commies not sick of getting buttfucked every night yet? Glorious



>>276253998The trump Retweet with the footloose song made my jaw drop kek

Did I hear it right that NY went dark for like 2 hours yesterday? Heard that's when they laid down the real law

>>276254594Yeah this exactly

>>276253998That's was great++++

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>>276253998Fireworks are classified as an explosive, firing explosives at law enforcement is something terrorists do, why are they not mowing them like grass?


>>276253998And of course, now that the riots are seen as negative despite MSM's best efforts to paint them as "peaceful protesters", the narrative shifts to the fabrication about Trump disparaging troops. Amazing that the riots aren't newsworthy anymore...

>>276260415The media is there to control the npcs, sadly it works so well.

>>276261717Yeah true


>immolating people to death>molotoving people>brutalizing people>shooting people dead in the streets and in their businesses >robbing people>extorting people>destroying people's businesses >trying to break into people's homes and apartment buildings>maiming people>blinding people>intimidating and assaulting people>screaming every possible slur, curse, and threat while doing this to people and their property>carrying improvised explosives, flamethrowers, and all manner of weaponry and then gaslighting people when they defend themselvesYou know any society less-civilized than we are would have just wasted these guys months ago.These are the bad guys. Bandits. Criminal mobs. Violent street gangs. Terrorists. Whatever the fuck you call them, these are the fucking villains. I can't believe the media is siding with these assholes.

Terrorists on American fucking streets and it's not legal to just deal with them. TERRORISTS ON AMERICAN FUCKING SOIL and it's illegal to just shoot them. The media and the prosecutors and the leftist politicians will make an example of you if you try to defend yourself or your neighbors. WHAT. THE. FUCK.


I'm not asking for open season on leftists. I'm not asking for targeted killings. I'm not asking for the government to legalize murder or escalation.Literally all you guys have to do is reassure us that self-defense is still legal. It has to be. Stop charging us with felonies for fighting back against terrorists. Make it unequivocally clear that we are allowed to shoot the bad guys if they attack us first.

>>276257018>insert benny hill theme


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