Heterosis, or hybrid vigor, applies to humans. This is the opposite of inbreeding. The master race is yet to be bred.en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Heterosis

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>>276253912I agreeRace mixing is the only way to preserve white genes. Every time I see a blacked thread, I smile because those feral monkeys are diluting their gene pool with whiteness If there was no race mixing, white genes would be lost to time as we are slowly outbreadThe true challenge in the next century will be to incorporate the jews into the race mixing scheme, lest we all become goyim

Exhibit BChanel Rion, Koean and Anglo

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>>276253912>>276255148can someone tell me what their eye and hair colors are?

Exhibit CLeonard KravitzBahamian and Ashkenazi

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>>276253912No it doesn't. Race mixing isn't a new phenomena. If it produced superior humans we'd notice by now.>Some retards (British papers) have been spinning this as saying that there are big benefits to mixed-race marriage. Untrue: to avoid lots of ROH (runs of homozygosity), just marry someone who isn’t from the same isolated population as you. We’re talking outside the valley or across the river : intercontinental travel is not necessary. Now there might be a degree of hybrid vigor in some distant crosses (currently unclear) – but likely not enough to compensate for someone coming from a group that has low trait values. Marry a Pygmy and your kids are going to be short. Marry someone from a population whose average IQ is below 90 (much of the world) and your kids will on average be less smart.westhunt.wordpress.com/2015/07/03/inbreeding/

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>>276255547Exhibit D: The entirety of Central and South America and Central Asia, which are utter shitholes.

>>276255391Trustworthy colored.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC3541379/

this is a bit misleading. hybrid vigor only works if your population is so inbred the offspring start coming out retarded. So to apply it to humans, iceland could use some outside influence but we don't need anymore here in the us

>>276255612Better to breed with a 90th percentile partner of a distant race than an 90th percentile partner of the same. No one is talking about crossing with pygmoids.

>>276255822>iceland could use some outside influenceNo.

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>>276256018There's no advantage to race mixing. Zero. Like I said if there were any advantages we'd notice by now. You're just repeating what I already debunked.

>>276255682Full of hot women, though.

Exhibit DElizabeth Warren - WASP and Cherokee

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>>276256340What matters are AVERAGES in this context. They're no more attractive on average.

Exhibit EKeanu "Doesn't Crack" Reeves - Anglo and Mutty Hawaiian (Chinese, Portugese, Native, etc)

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>>276256845You can post thousands of individual cases and it would still be utter meaningless. I don't see why you're bothering.

>>276253912>I can't even read my own wikipedia link to see that it says I am retardedSo much for that high jewish IQ, eh Chaim?

>>276256901>Hibernian>Against being diluted out of existenceExhibit FTiger Woods - Black, Native American, White and Thai - legendary golfer and dick slinger

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>>276257687Do you not understand the fallacy of posting individuals rather than looking at populations as a whole? RACE MIXING ISN'T SOMETHING NEW. Your theory has been in practice for hundreds if not thousands of years and it's clear it isn't true. Fucking moron.

>>276257335"The physiological vigor of an organism as manifested in its rapidity of growth, its height and general robustness, is positively correlated with the degree of dissimilarity in the gametes by whose union the organism was formed … The more numerous the differences between the uniting gametes — at least within certain limits — the greater on the whole is the amount of stimulation"Are you mad that you are insufficiently stimulated?

Exhibit GBarry Soetoro - Kenyan and CIA - 44th president of the USA

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Exhibit H Aaron Wolf - Japanese and American - Japanese Olympic Team Judoka

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Let make this easier for Holla ForumscardsMixing with anything other than beaners or niggers? Great! Mixing with niggers or beaners? Bad! There done and done

An offspring is heterotic if its traits are enhanced as a result of mixing the genetic contributions of its parents

>>276253912Fuck off, kike.

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>>276260572>People would hate and envy it, yet also want to live in its homeland(s).Are you saying Jews are the superior race?

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>>276253912Don't care. Still voting for Trump.

>>276253912>Heterosis, or hybrid vigor, applies to humansHybrid vigor applies to humans they same way it applies to dogs where two horribly inbred specimens off different *breeds*can have healthy offspring. There are no benefits for healthy specimen to engage in it.

>>276253912its true, not all dna samples are created equal though but the more fit traits will usually rise to the top.

Exhibit I - Gabbard - First female president of the USA - White/Samoan/Indian

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>>276253912en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Outbreeding_depressionBetter luck next time, kid.

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>Every time I see a blacked thread, I smile

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>>276253912then look to south and central america

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>>276253912this is why there were rabbit breeding programs in the concentration camps. you should try rabbit breeding to prove your point.

>>276261071israel is a shitty place to live, nobody is trying to subvert kikes, and their iq is sub-100.

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>>276253912Heterosis only works for the first generation and only in some combinations. This is why seed producers grow the two parent crops and collect the seeds, rather than just growing the hybrid.


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>>276253912Fuck off mutt.

>>276261839the hybrids are sterile

>>276261839Yes, agreed, Heterotic offspring should backcross with one of their ancestral races.

>>276253912Deformed mongrel abomination cope.

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>>276253912Hybrid vigor is a myth. When you mix races it causes outbreeding depression. That’s why Hispanics are the uglier and most dumb race.

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>>276256018>Better to breed with a 90th percentile partner of a distant race than an 90th percentile partner of the same. No one is talking about crossing with pygmoids.

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>>276256845Ugly as fuck shitskin paki crosseyed mongoloid. This is who yo iz.

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Exhibit J - Lurcher - sighthound X terrier - a jacked, fast, genius dog

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>>276258474>>276259429Once again, totally ugly as fuck.

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>>276255822>one of the least inbred population on the planet could use some outside influence LOL take a look at >>276256089 and learn some genealogy.

>>276261071Don't be silly. We all know that Jews don't have a homeland.

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>>276262747Ugly, deformed and retarded as fuck. Just get a husky, you cooing dysgenic muttoid cunt.

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>>276263037Genesis 1:28"God blessed them and said to them, “Be fruitful and increase in number; fill the earth and subdue it. Rule over the fish in the sea and the birds in the sky and over every living creature that moves on the ground"Want to try again?

>>276263513No. The Old Testament is kike garbage. If you're going to come, come correct.

>>276263131 Rich coming from you, Bong

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>>276255391This girl has like 90 IQ

Exhibit K - Goldendoodle - Shaggy, genius, friendly non-neurotic dog

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>>276264186Purebred dogs are inbred, the races of mankind are not. Nice try.

>>276264799It's not just about not being inbred, it's about being outbred.

Heterosis solely explains the Flynn effect en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Flynn_effect

>>276264897Heterosis only occurs in inbred populations you fucking retard. If hybrid vigor was a thing in humans shouldn't the populations of Central and South America and Central Asia be superior to non racially mixed populations? You completely ignored this point when I first brought it up.>>276255612>>276255682>>276265211There are a number of explanations for the Flynn Effect that have nothing to do with Heterosis.

>>276256089Oh so the us keeps invading Islamic countries to provide outbreeding services. No wonder so many people still volunteer for the military.

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Lionel Penrose, father of Sir Roger Penrose and several other genius children, was a renowned eugenicist and advocate of miscegeny en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lionel_Penrose

>>276265935Are the people of Central and South America or Central Asia superior to Europeans or East Asians? This is a simple question. Answer it.

>>276265526Have you not noticed the overwhelming dominance of Brazilian UFC fighters? The reason they don't excel in other areas is because the starting stock that they were bred from, but the result is still better than any of the contributing gene pools.Also, they would do better if they didn't all have toxoplasmosis

>>276266654>>276266654>Have you not noticed the overwhelming dominance of Brazilian UFC fighters? I don't see how this supports your argument. You're attributing this to an innate quality rather than culture. If race mixing produced superior humans than racially mixed populations would be clearly superior to non racially mixed populations. Brazil is an utter shithole, full of crime and poverty.