The Race War Is A Distraction

The real enemy is Visa/Mastercard. They control all winners and losers in this economy. The only reason big tech has no competition is because Visa and Mastercard don't allow it. That's the only reason. They shut down your fundraisers. They force Patreon to ban you. They tell Amazon not to sell your book. They force Facebook to ban your links.The enemy is Visa/Mastercard.

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The race war isn't happening on the computer, nerd

>The enemy is Visa/Mastercard.OK kiddo, build a competitor.

>>276253349PayPal, Discover, and Western Union as well.

>>276253349So... Visa stock?

>>276253349And who controls visa/MasterCard you naive faggot

>>276253607you have no idea what you're talking about since paypal uses visa/mastercard services.

>>276253511>he isn't aware that visa/mastercard like every other financial organization is just a front and umbrella for (((them)))are you fucking dense or what

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>>276253489>>276253511retard shills that want you to keep fighting your fellow Americans instead of the real enemy. pay attention.

>>276254096Niggers aren't Americans. Mexicans aren't Americans. Chinks aren't Americans. Poos aren't Americans. Jews aren't Americans. Arabs aren't Americans. Nerds aren't Americans.

>>276254096>Fellow AmericansNo such thing exists.

>>276253349rich wasps and jews are sitting quiet rich areas while poor whites and blacks fight each other.

>>276254228You might be replying to me but your post is meaningless except as an example of the choice americans face: fight each other and remain slaves or fight the real enemy and free us all from this cycle of violence and class warfare.

>>276254258the real enemy is visa / mastercard

>>276254435>>276254558>classniggersGo back

>>276254704Thanks for the bump faggot

So you’re saying that banks and their payment services are the problem?Who owns the banks?

>>276253349Bump. This, op isn't wrong. You literal snow niggers talk too much about coal niggers and not enough about issues hurting us just as much if not more.Tech censorship, which visa/mastercard do alot of censoring and removing of fundraisers. Women's rights. One of the biggest if not most damaging issues for us, is white women are not having children. Let alone white children. Not even nearly enough we would need to consider any victory. Stop tunnel visioning on just coal niggers and goldbergs who quite frankly, have likely slipped and lost the leash they once had on this clown world.

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>>276254751The real enemy is visa / mastercard


>>276253349Gross oversimplification. Start with Tragedy and Hope, but remember that it's a more accurate history than most, but still very biased toward the Allied powers. The whole world has been under the thumb of international finance and its various appendages since before the United States of America even existed. The only way to stop it is a worldwide calamity on the scale of an extinction event, or a worldwide enlightenment toward asceticism and the rejection of modernity that approaches 80% of the global population; the latter of which is much less likely than the former.

Imagine basing your political ideology around you and your parents being too dumb or lazy to stop being poor

>>276254817Would visa/MasterCard exist without banks?

>>276253349Another civnat cuckhold.

>>276255130take note: some shills propose alternative points of view that are inactionable on purpose to demotivate you from making real change in your country as it currently exists. The real enemy is visa / mastercard.

>>276255162yes, that question just shows how little you know about the global financial system dude

>>276254558You're also not an American. You are something the founding fathers would toss in a pit and light on fire.

>>276255382you will not divide us. the real enemy is visa / mastercard.

The amount of shills in this thread desperately trying to convince people to fight their countrymen instead of their captors (visa / mastercard) is proof to any curious onlooker that what I'm saying is true.

>>276255449No, it's obviously POC. You can recover from being robbed but you can't un-nigger your country as easily.

You're right OP. Bump. Who is on the board of visa, MasterCard, discover?

>>276253349Based Discover poster.


>>276255623>confirmation bias the post

>>276255693fewer people than you might think>>276255690you are bumping my thread thank you. I'll see you tomorrow when I make it again, shill. and the day after that. until everyone has woken up to this astroturfed civil war and we can correct the course of this country.the real enemy is visa / mastercard

I never bothered to get a credit card.

>>276255929There's actually this thing called sage

>>276255857>he thinks visa/mastercard is only credit because they license credit cardsbrainlet, but i expect that from a foreigner that only wants to see the US fail. You will not demoralize me because I know the truth.

>>276253349I love that show. Tawny was so sexy

>>276255999shills are so desperate to silence this message but i will be here with just as much regularity as the guy who posted dial soap or apples bear every day. I will wake people up to the SPECIFIC puppetmasters of this civil unrest and that is visa / mastercard.I will name them againvisamastercard

>>276255839Discover also wouldn't process any donations to St. kyle

>>276256048Truth is you're a nigger lover and you will swing with your pets.

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>>276256561you are welcome to try but i doubt it would be as easy as making shill posts on Holla Forums.Focus on the real enemy, which is the duopoly that controls all of our monetary transactions.

>>276256909Exactly what am I shilling for? You first need to douse the flames of your house before you go after the person setting the fires. You first sharpen your sword before you kill your enemy. There is a proper logical order to do things.

The silence here while discord shills create slide threads for you to bicker pointlessly in is a good example at a smaller scale to what is happening in America. that is not an accident. You are being psyopd like the rest.The real enemy isvisaandmastercard

>>276257686>Exactly what am I shilling forA civil war that is of their making. you are either a shill or a useful idiot. either way you will not demotivate me. There is no prerequisite to fighting visa and mastercard. Especially not needless civil unrest. you shill. i see right through you. show your real flag.

>>276257686I'm not sure if you're an actual shill but why do you (an so many ITT) disregard OPs statement so vehemently? Is he wrong?

>>276258125OP how do you propose we fight them? After knowing the enemy, what can we do with this knowledge? Not shilling/demoralizing it's an honest question.

>>276258290it's because all he wants is chaos and he does not care about healing this country.

>>276253349Good point. Unfortunately it seems like the dog on the leash is more interested in barking at the other dog on a leash than freeing himself from his master.

>>276258510that is for the american people to decide. people have to think fot themselves and I can't give the solution for them. but as long as they dont even realize they shouldnt be fighting each other nothing can happen. Personally, I think any solution would be to attack their profitability at the worst attack vectors for small business, which is payment transmission fees. Xfer fees for money should be limited globally to

>>276258989and, obviously, visa / mastercard should be broken up into 50 separate entities, one in each state, and be forbidden from doing business with each other

>>276258989implement these changes and watch the country heal literally almost like magic.When people have to beg for money on patreon for things as simple as vet fees for their cats and they have no opportunity to make capital for themselves of course they will be ready to riot. this entire atmosphere has been cultivated on purpose.

>>276258290OP is a shill that's trying to push people to the side of his civnat cuckery. Telling people on here that megacorps are bad is like telling firemen fire burns, what he is attempting to do is to get whites to relax around niggers by presenting a new enemy. >>276258125No, I want a race war. I want America to return to being a country for whites. There is no use in living in a society that is mixed.

the most intelligent thread today in Holla Forumspeople of different races keep fighting themselves, between the jews get more and more billonariesdivide et impera

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>>276254068>>276253992>>276253511>>276253489>>276253349>>276253607>>276253489The only real alternatives are India's RuPay, China's UnionPay, and Russia's Mir.

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>>276259448>Telling people on here that megacorps are bad is like telling firemen fire burnsYou don't have the capacity to understand what I'm actually saying here. Any one that follows you will see their country ruined. Any rational observer to this thread can see that hopefully.

>>276258989>>276259168I see. Those look like good changes, but I'm worried about the actual strategy to implement those. We are not talking about small and easily manipulated players, right? Those people quite literally run the show, how does one pressure the puppet master into hurting itself? In any case, good luck spreading the info and putting them in the spotlight, this has its own merit regardless.

>>276259534 #thank you friend I'll see you again same time tomorrow until apples bear becomes a meme

>>276259989I think the biggest issue is visa / mastercard acting as gatekeepers for small business. we would have 20 different facebooks if not for them. (not only tech, just an example) all other changes are just to prevent it from happening again, but the priority has to be removing their extra-legal influence from american entrepreneurs

>>276259705You don't have the capacity to think past " enemy", there is literally nothing you could do in the current frame work to attack these people. It's the same with Jews. You're an idiot that's telling people to destroy battleships using their hands.

>>276259991who are the majority owners of visa and mastercard?

>>276260180>You don't have the capacity to think past " enemySays the faggot begging for a race warI'm not gonna get pilpul'd by you lolthe enemy is money transmitters visa and mastercard

>>276259448>what he is attempting to do is to get whites to relax around niggers by presenting a new enemy.So, diversion? This also makes sense (and the timing seems good), but either way I don't see the harm into remembering people of yet another enemy - as long as he isn't implying we should forgive the others, that is.

>>276260417obviously these rioters should be arrested, but nothing will change unless we dismantle the systems that propagate this unrest. and that is not racially based.what i offer is clarity of vision and pragmatism. i am not telling you how to think, think what you will. I will be here telling the truth if you feel like staying and listening.

The current unrest needs to be co-opted and directed appropriately.

>>276260387Race war is well feasible in the current climate. It's also the only solution and weapon available to us. It's also funny how suddenly you hate Jews. I thought they're your fellow Americans?

>>276260417harm in remembering*

>>276253349Game is rigged, everyone knows it but nothing ever changes.

>>276253349>The Race War Is A DistractionCorrect.>The enemy is Visa/MastercardAre you purposely trying to water down your own thread?

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>>276253349You are right OP. And something no one ever discusses. They are pushing no cash with the WuFlu. You don't get the vaccine they stop your cards. You don't cater to globalhomo, you can't access your own money. It's getting to that eventually.

>>276253349Support crypto now

>>276260971>Are you purposely trying to water down your own thread?Yes. The primary goal is to wake people up to the fact that their infighting is harming them and is planned. What people do with that information is up to them.

>>276255929no its actually niggers/jews

>>276260691>It's also the only solution and weapon available to usYou are a liar and a snake.

>>276260691>>276260645I don't think any of you are actual shills. Can't we agree that, due to the current state in the US, the time is prime for a clash against the ones trying to quite literally exterminate the white race while also acknowledging more profound and last longing changes would only come true by facing the bigger issue of (among other) the international financial institutes that control most of the world? Does anyone have an issue with any of this?

>>276260417It's not his attack on Master card I have an issue with. It's the way he's trying to frame it. As if POC will suddenly be perfect citizens if visa is eliminated and it seems like this is where he wants it to stop and if OP does not see POC as an issue I don't quite trust that he'd offer a strategy that harms the status quo much. There are plenty of people like this in the mainstream right.

>>276261516I'll use my own words to express my opinions and I'll thank you not to do it for me.

shills keep shilling"visa and mastercard are untouchable!!!"imagine the paper money get canceled in some years: visa and mastercard can CANCEL your electronic money because your mean post in the web.destroy visa and mastercard first, then the rest

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>>276261641You are irrelevant to my thread and i wont fall into pilpul by debating you. The race war is an instrument of division by these entities and your avocation of it is clearly meant to enable them.

>>276253349Another week, another retard that thinks he cracked the code and figured his way out of two centuries of political dialogue.

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>>276261516I can agree to this. But, firstly, you need power. I can see that BLM has backfired to a degree and will cause a surge in our ranks, but, we need to be careful of gatekeepers like Milo, Sargon, etc. Those in control have a way of manipulating political power by controlling what counter-politics are advertised.

>>276261723Sorry if I didn't get that right, how would you describe what you're proposing then? Also do you disagree with the fight against things like CRT (and alikes) and the ones pushing it? Is this considered infighting?>>276261641I can see your point. It just feels bad to disregard OPs point because it is true, it just so happens that some implied "side-effects" of it might be like you described (a tactic to make people lose focus). Not sure if OP in particular is doing it, but I can easily see it being done.

>>276262504you don't even live here retard

>>276253349>>276262504implying hes wrong. We were warned

>>276262586You can't understand fully because you are Canadian and people there can still start their own businesses without visa / mastercard stuffing their nose up your asshole.

If these rioting communities were shown a life outside of debt slavery with no hope of escape, for even a fucking SECOND, they would not be willing to burn down their own cities. They are not capitalists because they are denied access to capital, just like every other business that tries to compete against their chosen winners. Debt slavery and the duopoly of money transmission is a tool they use to create unrest. this is all by design.

>>276261931Answer honestly: Do you desire for non-whites to be removed from America? Do you wish for the removal of POC from White countries?

>>276262819OP I understand what you are saying, I'm just trying to understand why. You know what the other user is accusing you of, and I'm trying to prove him wrong (in a way). Would you mind answering the question regarding CRT (in particular) and the ones in favor of it, please?

>>276262652Yes. There is no such thing as the internet in which news discussion can traverse beyond borders. No wonder you think you figured something out.>Visa and Mastercard are the enemiesHow can an abstract entity without life be the enemy? It can't. The enemy are the people running these abstract entities. Those people have a collection of attributes who are common to all of them. The reason you can't just "take them down" is not because the entities themselves are unassailable. You would not just be fighting Visa and Mastercard. The same way you are not just fighting Twitter and Facebook. Its not complicated, figure it out.

>>276253349You may be on to something. I always wish these protesters would burn and loot cities in the same of capping credit card interested at 5%. Big banks and credit card companies have every reason to keep the national focus on race and not their unfair lending practices.

>>276254228That's true but what if we could convince them that it's the racist jew bank owners who are fucking them over with usury and ridiculous fees and fines. Imagine what these protests could accomplish if they weren't just chasing some imaginary boogey man.

Fucking hell, why don't we just make a giant fucking banking regulation that makes it illegal for payment networks to deny service to those not breaking US law?


>>276263402no u

>>276263327trying to prove him wrong is the point. he does not care to be proven right or wrong. he is here to distract and by trying to debate him you are falling for it.

i live just fine without any credit cards, car loans cash for everything I purchase, I have only borrowed money for one out of the 4 houses I own..its not hard

>>276264065No answer. I'll take it you are just another Charlie Kirk.

>>276264294Why are you dodging my question? You don't really see the ones pushing CRT as enemies, do you?

>>276264490I doubt other people reading this thread will come to that same conclusion so you can do what you will. See you same time tomorrow when i do this thread again, shill?

>>276253511Anyone willingly getting themselves into debt deserve to be slaves.

>>276253349when will BLM and antifa burn them down and hit the CEOs with skate boards?

>>276253489horrendously low iq post.

>>276264596I see it as a symptom of the system working as intended. If we cut the head off the snake the body will go through its throes but will settle eventually and there will be peace. People need to be able to lift themselves up out of poverty, or at least feel like they can, and they have been purposely made to feel like they cannot and then been sold a false solution in CRT. It is a symptom that will resolve when the illness is dealt with.the user that said an ephemeral entity cannot be an enemy is wrong. individual people and groups are programmable based on patterns. even patterns that are perpetrated over time by groups of people unwittingly. disrupt the pattern and a new pattern, hopefully a more just one, will emerge. society has plasticity just as the brain does

>>276264788There is nothing voluntary about debt today. it is how our entire system is designed. Without it, the system as it is collapses entirely

>>276264951I see, it makes sense. So what do you think about fighting the ones currently pushing CRT? They might be puppets and blind victims, but you have to agree they're still an immediate threat that have to be dealt with, no?

>>276264627No, I doubt I'd entertain your pathetic self a second time. You're painfully idiotic and contradict yourself. Besides this all your rebuttals have been name calling. I do hope you get raped by your pet niggers though.

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>>276265457Fighting CRT is a dichotomy of the system they create. CRT itself is an idea that normies try to use to explain why everything around them is so fucked, like a caveman wondering why god is angry when it thunders. Fighting CRT by fighting normies and hr leads pushing it will only cement the fight which should not exist in the first place. The best way to fight CRT is to show people the truth, just as when we explained what thunder actually is. And the truth is that CRT is a thing whispered from the mouths of the snakes of money transmitters and debtors (today known as visa and mastercard) and as soon as their whispering is silenced the truth will be heard instead: that we arent holding each other down, they are holding us down.You used to be able to fucking cut some wood up, build a little cabin, and sell shit out of it and call yourself a businessman. Not anymore. Because even if it's legal, THEY, visa and mastercard, will stop you and make sure you dont compete with their fiefdom.

>>276265761Perhaps you haven't noticed but i have specifically not been giving you rebuttals because i see through you. That's why you're still here. to sow chaos and confuse my clear truth.I see you.

>>276253349No shit retard, what do you think divide and conquer is?

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>>276265959I agree that the best solution would be not fighting the victims and showing them the truth, but unfortunately that will never work. They did a good job brainwashing those people enough to the point they refuse to accept any truth that doesn't fit CRT (or any other Critical Theory). And in the meantime, they attack us. And here is where we disagree: I don't see fighting swords with pens a realistic strategy. They started this fight (granted, they are blind, but still). Asking people to stop defending themselves in order to focus on the real enemy isn't realistic. We might very well die before those useful idiots see the light. It's not like we have a choice, not fighting back is the same as turning your back to the White race in a very optimistic attempt to "fix the issue once and for all". Like I said, this is where we disagree. In any case, good luck.