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Do you consider gaming addiction a serious illness?Why do so many young men get ensnared by the pixelated succubus?Why are companies allowed to design openly and admittedly addictive gameplay loops and then charge monthly fees to participate with them?Have any of your friends or family members been "addicted" to MMO's, Vidya or WoW itself?New pay-to-play digital hamsterwheel out for WoWfags soon. Will this expansion finally kill the lumbering Behemoth known as World of Wokecraft?>inb4 not politicalMassive software company influences millions of people across the globe, creates a major icon in the cultural zeitgeist, and goes so far as to influence the APA, DSM 5 and the modern International Classification of Diseases.

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>>276253146There is no video game addiction. Depressed people lose their vital life-force and succumb to mind numbing and easy activities. In more extreme cases they abuse porn and drugs.

>>276253146Because the real world fucking sucks, can you really blame young men getting addicted to gaming? They are looking for an escape, same as drug addicts

>>276253146>playing wow in 2020Nigga you gay

>>276253146>predictable world with fixed rules>unambiguous win conditions >hierarchical progression Autists ... ASSEMBLE!

>>276253146WoW is gay go play something else boomer

>>276253146Of all the games you decide to be addicted to a MMORPG? Shit tastes.

>>276253146Video game addiction is a side effect of coom addiction.People who are "addicted" to video games are just trying to gain dopamine since their levels are so low from frequent cooming.If you quit cooming you naturally spend less time playing vidya because you are able to enjoy more productive tasks like making music, exercising, woodworking, being outdoors.

>>276253974>unambiguous win conditionsthis is absolutely true for most games, but WoW is peculiar in that it doesn't really have a "Loss" condition

>>276253146>Do you consider gaming addiction a serious illness?No addictions are illnesses, and it’s impossible to get addicted to something of it’s not a physical addiction like nicotine. Stop trying to make everything into an illness.>Why do so many young men get ensnared by the pixelated succubus?Because she’s hot.>Why are companies allowed to design openly and admittedly addictive gameplay loops and then charge monthly fees to participate with them?Because it’s free speech, you wignat faggot.>Have any of your friends or family members been "addicted" to MMO's, Vidya or WoW itself?Zero>New pay-to-play digital hamsterwheel out for WoWfags soon. Will this expansion finally kill the lumbering Behemoth known as World of Wokecraft?Nope. Most retail players are woke.>Massive software company influences millions of people across the globe, creates a major icon in the cultural zeitgeist,No it doesn’t.>and goes so far as to influence the APA, DSM 5 and the modern International Classification of Diseases.So meme organizations.

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>>276253146>he thinks WoW made MMOs addictingLMAOing @ your lives kid

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>>276253679>"there is no addiction">lists things he is personally addicted toOof broDenial gotchu phamYoure fooling yourself into misery

>>276253974>there is no structure like this left in the west, just nepotism and race baiting and dysphilia disguised as egalitarian meritocracy

>>276253146back in the day when I played WoW that shit felt like crack, I was also about 12 though. I think I legit spent an entire summer day and night playing that shit. I tried playing it again a couple years ago and it just wasn't the same at all. I might have just changed though I don't play games much anymore

Anyone still play classic? Are the servers still extremely popular like they were on release date?

It's goal-setting and "rewards." In effect you get nothing and you can only play another game or continue to repeat the same challenges, but at the end of the day there are no rewards besides certain skills developed through mentally-challenging gameplay. That well runs dry quickly and you are stuck in a mesmerizing, hypnotic hamster wheel. It gives you all the dopamine you need to subconsciously prioritize it over your real life. As a lifelong addict who is currently playing Modded Skyrim as I post, it has to be removed if you want to truly self-actualize in this world. It's no better than playing with legos once you learn all you can from certain games (like quick thinking in MP FPS). I think video games are a useful tool and should be redeveloped into an interactive learning platform instead of the grindy and subversive structure we have today. You need only look at CoD and the entire FPS genre to see where I'm coming from, other than that MMOs are largely cancerous except for 2007 Runescape which taught kids political realism and trade.Once I finish the story for the game I'm playing, I'm doing a dopamine fast to rip the band-aid before it inevitably gets ripped anyways. It's obvious that video games are destroying my life. Just the opinion of a lost user. Also weed and video games together is part of the problem, can't play sober very easily

>>276253679There is. How vulnerable you are to that addiction depends on the person, sure, but there are entire departments on big companies in charge of making the game addictive.Usually, those depressed people that lost their life-force were normal people BEFORE getting addicted. It's a slow process but take social media as an example: are the same. They use skinner-box methods to put people on a loop which affects their entire lives.

>>276253146WoW died in 2011

>>276254349I was 14 when Vanilla launched in 2004grind was insane and game didn't spoon feed you anything.I could understand getting caught in that kind of effort/reward feedback loop.From what I've seen it's a completely different game now. Everyone gets everything with minimal effort, the key factor is time commitment.staying on top of daily in-game chores

>>276254218>>276254182>>276253146Addictions are maladaptative behaviors.Maladaptative ways of coping with stress or maladaptative adaptations of your reward system.Almost all products of modernity parasitize your reward system.

>>276253146WOW = Blizzard activision = SOROS

WoW was always a shit game, Lineage 2 was superior in every way.

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>Why do so many young men get ensnared by the pixelated succubus?The will to power, and the real world has been sterilized so much there's nothing there anymore.

>>276253679>There is no video game addiction.Yes there is, I'm pretty much addicted to playing games, just this morning my PC broke and I was fucking empty not knowing what was I going to do for the rest of the day, thank god I'm such a fucking lost case I even have spare parts from older PCs

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I play Classic for 8-10 hours a day AMA

>>276253146Wow isn't addictive in ages and wow classic was also stale. The community in classic was even more cancerous than feminist nu wow, so I will never get addicted to it. The social aspect of MMORPGs is addictive, everything else isn't. And the same applies for this board. But instead of leveling up and killing boars in elwynn, you say nigger and kike. Both create the illusion of meaning in a meaningless era.

>>276254806>It's no better than playing with legosin terms of pastimes, Legos are far better for you than vidya, especially if you're a child>tactile/spatial manipulation>finite system with infinite possibilities (i.e, what the best games all have in common)>Low startup cost>choking hazard to cull the weak and stupid

School is shit and games are fun and challenging. You can be working your absolute hardest in a game and it's still fun. You could probably get straight A's if you really tried, but you can't because that activity is ass. Grinding to gladiator rank on the other hand is fun, although it will also take you to your mental limits. Sure if you have real responsibilities other than wagecucking you shouldn't be on WoW, but for a young guy who maybe isn't too good at sports possibly because his mother feeds him nothing but carbs and onions or for whatever reason, WoW may be the best arena for his development available to him.

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>>276254182>No addictions are illnesses, and it’s impossible to get addicted to something of it’s not a physical addiction like nicotine. The fact that you even specify "physical addiction" implies there are other forms of addiction. These companies have entire teams of people dedicated to studying human psychology and designing the most addictive gameplay loops possible. Gamers are like rats who get manipulated by feeding them dopamine at key moments.

Been playing for 15 yearsgirlfriend wants to get married and move in, I need a new computer for shadow lands lmao, those new nvidia look amazing

>>276253146>He thinks wow is just a gameIts crack

>>276254162Competitive gaming says otherwise, with rewards for high PvE and PvP achievement >>276254346When society's high IQ young men were supposed to do STEM things and pay social security taxes, but Azeroth instead

>>276253146>addicted in sex>addicted in sports>addicted in wageslaving>addicted in tv>addicted in parties>addicted in food>NOOOOOOOOOOO NOT THE GAMERINO YOU CANT BE ADDICTED TO DAT

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>>276253146>being addicted to WoW past BC/WotlkGay and niggertier

>>276255891They anounced bc. Classic

Like any other addiction, it's multifaceted. I saw a lot of the autists get drawn into the meticulous progressive nature of the game. People with existing addictive tendencies love the Skinner box mechanics. I was isolated and weird so having a community was something new and exciting. Lost my virginity through WoW and had my first three IRL relationships because of it. Moved in with some weird folks from the guild and had an experience not unlike the FF7 house. Weird times. Every now and again I think back to those days and get a twinge of desire to log in that's similar to wanting a cigarette after sex or a good meal.

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>>276255940hahahahah they're just gonna re-release the games expansions again and ride the nostalgia wave all the way to the shore aren't they?

>>276253146omfg... imagine STILL playing games. ALL GAMERS MUST BURN. you people are worse than niggers, kikes and whores COMBINED. The sheer SIZE of the gaming industry is embarrassing, it dwarfs all other entertainment and THUS, you all power the very people and systems destroying our nations. When someone says "im a gamer"... well, lucky its not in person.

>>276255302>female nightelf rogueGood taste bro

>>276253146I was waiting for an underwater expension not this shit...

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>>276255561kys RIGHT NOW.

Dropped the WoW habit myself in high school, soon after Cataclysm released. Game was such a drag when they introduced daily quests. Anyways, convinced myself I couldn't take the game to college. Jokes now on me, stay at home NEET with lame degree. Maybe get back in next cycle for the release of WoW Classic Classic

>>276256207get a load of this fagtron


>>276253146yeah it's pretty adictivethere are rehab centers that treat gaming adiction like cocain adictionit's a reward system for nothing, fire up your dopamine levels for no real reward (unless you are streamer or something)if you cant get money out of it you shouldnt play them too muchthink of it like sugar, porn, tv, movies, 4chanwatch out for your dopamine levels

>>276256399>t.hordenigger that only attacks people when they're fighting mobs

>>276253146China does, and has had gaming rehabilitation clinics for over a decade.

>>276256486I'm not even ashamed to admit I used to be an Undead Rogue in Vanilla. Good times.

>Be younger me>Get addicted to games>Always get visibly annoyed when I have to go to town and do non video game things>Always feel like im losing progress by wasting time on things such as family and career>Use my PTO at work exclusively to play videos games on day 1 of release.>Come up with excuses not to join co-workers on outings because I need to play games>Everyone but be becomes successful while I work a dead end low pay job because im more concerned with video gamesVideo game addiction is real and its absoutely crippling to young men

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The game was an unbalanced piece of shit pvpwise in vanilla. Prove me wrong. WoW died with teldrassil burning to ash

>>276253146It's a hobby no worse than fishing or virtue signaling on 4chan.

Literally the only bit of lore that wassnt homosex was burned down by a screeching cunt

>>276257005Fishing is hobby, 4channing is a disease.

First nordassil then teldrassil. Faggots

>>276253679>extreme cases>abusing pornalmost every male in the west watches porn. any viewing of jewish porn is abuse. they would be much better off playing some gooky game.

>he never played a nelf hunter called lêgœlãåz

I would say lack of other interests is a serious ilness.It's not that hard to quit after you find something to do with your life.

>>276253146WoW is dead.

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>>276254943>>276255306>Addictions are maladaptative behaviors.Nope. They’re physical dependences that cause withdrawal when you cut cold turkey.>These companies have entire teams of people dedicated to studying human psychology and designing the most addictive gameplay loops possible.They’re dedicated to keeping players playing. Addiction is not a factor.

This was the end of

>>276253146Playing Shadowland and everything after BFA is illness.

Videogames are gay and if you play them you are gay. eu4 one hour a week for geographic edification is based and redpilled, however.

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>>276253146I make 3000 a month on Roblox game that took me under a month to develop. It’s hilarious. All you do is code a box system to give items of different rarities and bam you’re drowning in cash

>>276256038Pretty much. The old school players hate how they changed the game. That's why they caved and released classic. For the longest time, Blizzard staff would always say on their forums: stop asking for vanilla, we aren't releasing vanilla servers. A few expansions later and they lost 40% of their subscribers. Pretty soon they'll end up caving again and release TBC servers.

>>276253146imagine playing shadowlands when WoW Classic exists>AQ opens this week lads

Oh jeez. I just resubbed and bought BFA when it came on sale because I'm at home getting paid with nothing to do. It's a major waste of time but when you hurt your back on workers comp and gotta sit at home on your ass for a few months it's pretty chill. I'm still in a guild with people I've played with since WotLK and although there's a lot of woke faggotry they have a strict no politics rule. It's actually kinda nice playing on an RP server and getting that escape. I'll probably quit playing once I go back to work but it's been an enjoyable way to spend some time.

>>276257981Okay Tyrande, we get it you're mad over your tree being burned down, sucking some pale human dong might help calm you down.

>>276253950Stop talking like a fucking nigger.

>>276257855That's not what "addiction" means. You're like a liberal who comes up with his own definition of words to suit his arguments.

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>>276258456playing while convalescing I actually understandlikely for the same reason they give injured people opiates

>>276258600And also newfags like you

>>276258600You need to be older than 12 to post here

>>276258847>le newfagLearn to have a bit of a laugh and don't get so asshurt over WoW, that shit died after Wotlk and if you still give a shit about the story then you're fucking dumb.Simple as.

>>276259042Dont project bullshit unto me

>>276253146I have a friend who has been playing WoW since launch. He would have a massive void in his life if he stopped playing. His eating and shitting habits revolve around the game. WoW players are experts at holding in their shit for long periods then blasting it all out in about 20 seconds so they can get back to the game as quickly as possible. He exists more in the game world than real life and his poor health and obesity are a direct reflection of his priorities. I feel bad for him because he has a love/hate relationship with the game but he clearly can't stop.

>>276259042anyone who EVER gave a shit about WoW lore is a tasteless smoothbrained faggotit was and is most generic, kitchen-sink fantasy schlock imaginable, even at it's apex

>>276259180He must be in his late 20s or early 30s if he's been playing since launch. Does he have a job or is he a NEET?

>>276254346This is true. Sports and academia have been getting cucked for a long time so video games are one of the only outlets for competition left. And of course the feminists hate it because it's a competitive outlet for men and there are girls with big titties bouncing around.

>>276259180Your friend is sick and his life is in ruins. And he will die alone, without children, a relationship or anyone remembering him. All for pixels.

>>276259491like everything else, feminists could EASILY create their own games and gaming communities, but they insist on ruining male hobbies instead

>>276259180imagine scheduling your shits around a gamehow long before he just give up completely and goes full Depends extra absorbent

>>276259858Full daiper

>>276253146I live with 2 roommates in university's dormitory and it's a constant cacophony of screaming, non-stop talking, vaping, fierce keyboard and mouse clicking. I fucking hate gamers so fucking much.

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>>276253146The most important trait is self-reflection.It is easy to look down at the plight of others and feel yourself greater than. Re-read this thread and flip the references to WoW for references to 4chan and you will see your own faults.The question is not WoW addiction, the question is why are we addicted to virtual environments altogether at the cost of flesh and blood relationships and community.Call your mother and ask her how her day was, break the chains that bind you.

>>276259335Mid 30s. He has a good job just very little social life outside of the internet and no female prospects because he is a bad coomer. He is the epitome of a person who exists more in the digital world than real life. He can do whatever he wants in his free time but I've been trying to get him to make positive changes in his life like exercising because he is morbidly obese and having health problems an elderly person would have.

>>276260052just go outside and start a national socialist march, bro. it would be popular in lithuania since baltics are trad.

>>276259661There are plenty of games women already like, social shit like the Sims, and I don't know, peggle? Feminists aren't interested in making games for women, they are interested in ruining things that men enjoy. Normal women like those things too.

>>276253146World of warcraft is the reason i havent blown my brains out several times over. Some of the best longest standing and most politically active friends ive ever had in my entire life

>>276260098The next mmo hype is gonna be global across all devices simpler to play but very complex. 100 of Millions will play it.

The next WoW will be an android app game

>>2762600714chan is free and doesn't reward you wasting entire days here in any but the most superfluous of ways

>>276253146I finally did it. I quit my addiction. I quit WoW after 15 years. Now I play GW2...

>>276259539a lot of these men are generally undesirable from a eugenic perspective, so from a natsoc perspective it's a good thing to let them play games. you don't want to harm your volk but at the same time don't want the bad ones to breed either, so you put them aside and let the leadership handle everything.much better than sending them to death in a faraway land as was done before.

>>2762605944chan is free if you do not value your time.

>>276260594Doesnt reward at all. People flame me constantly when i simply post my opinion. Like the newfag in this thread

>>276260675>I quit cocaine now I just smoke meth

>>276253146>Do you consider gaming addiction a serious illness?Addictive personalities in general will fixate on something. I don't think it's fair to blame whatever they fixate on.

>>2762607304chan only really requires passive time investmentyou can leave threads open while you do other shit and return to them at your conveniencetry doing that in WoW

>>276254867>staying on top of daily in-game choresI've had friends pass on social activities because they have to do their "dailies".

Imagine giving this company your money so you can waste your life acquiring pixels

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>>276260843Can you blame a mouse for getting stuck in a trap cause there was "cheese" in it?

>>276260724I'd appreciate it, if you didn't get your ideas about NS from Hollywood.

>>276254623I dont understand how anyone could play this shit I'll try again if they ever release a free speech server otherwise get fucked blizzard you cant even call people nagas anymore

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>>276260941>2120Am I reading that wrong or did they ACTUALLY suspend this faggot for 100 years?

>>276253146>New pay-to-play di never in my life understand the appeal of these games.i played one of these game seriously. and that was the simpsons.the entire game was this:>build x building>collect these x products>wait for building x to be built>said character/building is released>make the new buildingi got fucking do people even manage to pay for this shit? like how you even justify it?

>>276254190Way more addictive than any other game I played. Brad McQuaid, the designer, was a drug addict and I suspect that is no coincidence.(Brell Serilis btw)

>>276261050i know part of NS is eugenics, and from a eugenic perspective low caste men are seen as worthless for future generations. let them have their games while you go out and run things.

>>276253146I found WoW addictive up through WotLK. I don't know, maybe I moved on with my life, my guild dissolved, or something changed fundamentally about the game after the 2nd expac but Wow no longer has that sense of compulsion to me.Part of it is how piss easy it is to get fully geared out as a casual PUG player to nearly the equivalent of a heroic raider. Maybe not mythic level but then again when you flatten the gearing curve that badly I imagine it loses thst sense of prestige. When I got my Lawbringer Pauldrons in vanilla back in the day, I was proud of it, granted kinda stupid thing to be proud of racking up DKP points to buy it when it dropped but it at least felt like something real.

>>276261078Imagine, if you lived in China and had no free speech. :^)

>>276260758You scroll for hours and find that novelty and chuckle at a YLYL, that's your reward. An "item" in a game is not an object.Flame and eliciting a negative response is still a reward if this is what you're aiming to do. Feels good to bait someone and raise your own status for catching someone in it.Instead, find out what your father wanted to be when he was a child. The people around you are worth more than any digital connections.

>>276260941>banned for 100 years

Just try to find the next mmo. Which will be on mobile devices and laptops and consoles and phones. Basically a new huge mmo.

>>276261235WoW is just a list of chores you pay to do.

>>276261384New World is looking promising if they continue development and apply the criticism of hard-core players

>>276260977>implying humans have the same willpower as a mice.

>>276253146Idk man blizzard is kind of pozz'd. I changed my name one day to "forced sex" and got permanently banned.

>>276261150I was banned for a couple years on a fucking phone game Raid Shadow Legends

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>>276261312echoing my earlier posts's point about how the cutthroat and codependent grind in Vanilla is part of what made the effort/reward feedback loop so compelling in the game's heydeyBlackCocktivision removed this to bait casuals into joining up, and the playerbase that made the game the cultural phenomenon that it was all gradually moved on

Yes, it’s like jacking off your sink. It’s hard to recognize or admit that too much gaming is bad, or if you play bad types like puzzle cooming fags games

>>276261150Yes it's effectively a permanent ban. Blizzard also permanently banned a Hearthstone player for saying "Liberate Hong Kong" in an interview after he won a tournament.

>>276258210>eu4basedi remember starting as a fucking carib nation with one state in south america and by 1800 i had defeated spain, and all its empire was from florida to brazil and i had trade monopoly in the entire american was fun.or when i played china and my empire borders went to ottoman from west side.

I spent over 9 years of my life in that game. They're going back to WoD-esque class design.The games over. Blizzard's testers are too retarded to learn complex rotations and think that if they can't pick it up immediately they'll never be able to.

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Weed and games were a serious problem for me. Games I've played a million times were infinitely entertaining when I was high, I just got lost in those worlds. Eventually the drug combination devolved into getting high as fuck and masturbating for a solid hour, sometimes more, then combining alcohol, weed and cigarettes for the rest of the night until I passed out. Such a miserable existence that many men lead, it all comes down to escapism. The real world is a nightmare, but in your fantasy video game world you're a badass with a harem of beautiful women. And what do feminists think is going to happen when they take that fantasy world away from men?

Fuck China.

>>276261312You and all the others here talk like the typical try hards. Anyone who says WoW has gotten easier is dead wrong. mythic raids have never been harder, classic was braindead and no movement/mechanics in comparison. MC, bwl and AQ was actually casual. WoW ITSELF was fucking casual at release. That is WHY it became a mass phenomone. Except Naxx 40 which like 0.2% players finished. The only right you have to bitch and moan about made up casualization of WoW content - WHICH WAS CASUAL FROM THE BEGINNING !! - is when you cleared all mythic raids + achievements. Bonus if it's in 1 month post release. Which is never ever, not ever the case with any of these retards who claim "hurr WoW got casual durr". MMOs before wow had:xp loss at death INCLUDING LOSING LVLS - wow got rid of itforced pvp - wow got rid of ityour items could be stolen by other players - wow got rid of it item damage to the point of permanent destruction - wow got rid of itmassive, months long grind - wow got rid of itquests gave you zero hints and you had to look for content yourself - wow got rid of that and gave you a red line>Muh hardcore classic times my ass.

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>>276261566We probably have less than mice now. There's something very wrong with people today, and I'm not singling out a single generation; sure zoomers have been/are growing up with this insane tech sad their brain structure and personalitiew/worldviews are horrendously warped, but all living generations have been tainted. You see boomers of almost all ages acting like mils/zooms in terms of immaturity, selfishness, anger deceit, social media, vileness, how they carry themselves in general. This is permeating throughout every generation and it's scary.

>>276260941Holy shit, that's insane. My friend and I made a guild called "Laci Peterson Swim Team" in 2005 and we only got a 48 hour ban after some faggot reported us.

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>>276254135I work out daily and am in better physical and mental condition than most of my peers but still enjoy gaming, wow included. Only for short timeframes though, can’t even have the patience or desire to raid competitively anymore. Also stopped watching porn and practice semen retention to help increase motivation, strength, insurance and focus. Along with carnivore diet, fasting and giving up smoking the devils lettuce.

>>276260941>blm protest in fucking wowdamn man, pussybois got no balls to go on streetsand who even gonna hear that? i mean you cant break shit, or harass people in wow, can you? lol

>>276262308>xp loss at death INCLUDING LOSING LVLS - wow got rid of it>forced pvp - wow got rid of it>your items could be stolen by other players - wow got rid of it>item damage to the point of permanent destruction - wow got rid of it>massive, months long grind - wow got rid of it>quests gave you zero hints and you had to look for content yourself - wow got rid of that and gave you a red lineI'd unironically pay to play a modern MMO that brought all of these back...but I probably wouldn't schedule my sleeping and shitting around it

>>276261078i mean nagas are fucking retarded.fuck all nagasthis is gonna be my new name for joggers...until they ban it on reddit

>>276253146whats a good free online game to play?

>>276262358my friends and my guild: Oprah Winfrey Is A Naga got us a weeklong ban in 2005

>>276262551Nagas are northern indians. Use worgens or something

>>276262308Very true. Mythic raiding is very entertaining and challenging. And nothing will ever capture the feel of original Ultima Online back in 98-99. The true Wild West of MMO’s.

>>276261482i mean it was fun before.back in 2004, you had ACTUAL missionslike a shaman HAD to do quest to find really rare totems, or a warlock HAD to do quests to find minionsnow its like this:>pay monthly fee>imidiatly 120 lvl>you lvl up you get all totems and all minions>everyone looks the same, and no one get rewarded for being a bit more daringbefore it had a meaning, an struggle, a delayed gratification for a good reward (rare minion, or totem) now its filled up with people with rotten brain, that cant even wait for rewards.thats why its boring to me

>>276262308also.. it's been like 15 years, but wasn't there an "XP debt" mechanic where you didn't lose any that you'd already accrued, but now had to receive more in order to level up?

>>276262308wow actaully got easier.>120 lvl instant>lvl up in warlcok or shaman would instantly grant you all totems and minions (it used to be only available through hardcore quest, which gave you a sense of accomplishment, delayed gratification)

>>276253146No, but I DO think too many people are addicted to worrying about what other people are doing. If you had anything going on in your life you'd be focused on that instead of posting on some faggy website trying to find validation for your beliefs. Worry about your own life instead of crying yourself to sleep that little timmy playing WoW might be the end of the White Race. its pathetic, stop.

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>>276253146Sorry to say, but if you're addicted to WoW in its current state then you just have shit taste.

>>276260098I've met a handful of guys just like him. Most of them will never get married unless they manage to find a girl who is just as nerdy as them.

>>276263234my brother's addicted to WoW's paypig treadmill.commiserating with others here. never once mentioned anything you're bitching about

>>276262649>indians>niggaskinda right you know...nagas are mutated night elves under waterIndianans are mutated aryans

>>276263234>No, but I DO think too many people are addicted to worrying about what other people are doing.Based. Why can't fags just mind their own business instead of obsessing about what everybody else is doing?

>>276253146My adolescent years were wasted on online gaming. Would have been far more successful in life had I not gotten into gaming. Wasn’t world of Warcraft it was diablo and ultima online, I’m old. Having ADHD makes gaming an attractive option since I was a social outcast and couldn’t relate to others well. But gaming online does nothing but magnify this problem. Kids with ADHD shouldn’t have vidya even though they like them tons, it’s like giving booze to an alcoholic. Your attentiveness is bad enough then you disconnect from reality in a world of gaming and detach from loved ones even more. I broke free from the gaming in my mid 20s. I’m doing better now, but I’m less successful in life than I could be. Didn’t develop a career as well. Didn’t save. Just played vidya. I’m happy to never have gotten out of shape over it, I spent a lot of time working out and eating well never got freshmen 15 or dad bod. So hey at least I’m still /fit

>>276254806>weed and vidyaThey’re extremely connected, as is cooming. Giving up daily smoking after 20 years has been the best thing I’ve ever done. Quitting porn and videogames was very easy after that.

Yup.To this day, my brother is still addicted to WoW. After almost 20 years of playing. Still lives with his mom.Yet still has anger issues towards others. Is still stubborn. It's just very sad..I really wonder what his end game is. If it's not kids, a woman, a career (still has a shit job), then I really have no fucking clue. I really do wonder.

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>>276262441I switched to CBD hemp flower that's 20% cbd and less than 1% THCIt doesn't get you high but it has comfy mood lift and atmospheric effects. It feels like you're high, but no THC fog.also cheap, $40 an ounce

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>>276261078ah, so this is the kind of sperg that tells you to go back to retail

>>276263504Sounds like a complete reflection of my own trajectory. I wonder how many of us there are now... probably far more common than we even realize.

>>276256027But you will never recapture those days, which is what people playing WoW Classic are desperately trying to do. They want WoW to return to the way it was when they were a happy child instead of a miserable millennial staring down middle age.

>>276253146Don't respond to faggot OP. It's a smart viral marketing campaign."S" word in all fields.

>>276262649fuck off were full

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>>276263891retail WoW sucks and if you play it in current year you're a smoothbrained faggot and an honorary niggerhow's that for viral marketing Moorbro?

>>276254806here i always play>get a game(strategy, usually)>put it on maximum hard>liteally grind for 1 or 2 day, and bring empires down.>then at one point i just get tired>its usually when there are still empires around me, but i know, that i can defeat them without struggle.>then i just, get out, and uninstalli actually never finished games like total war, or EU..i only go as far as making sure my empire is secure and then...delete

>>276253679Depression is a first world disease like obesity. Do you have any idea why games like Minecraft, RTS strategy games, sandbox mmos are popular among nerdy manlets? It’s because these games are instantly gratifying. You can build and accomplish things inside the comfort of your own home in a cozy chair. You used to have to go outside and build a log cabin and hunt to get these feelings of accomplishment. You couldn’t do these things even if you wanted to in 2020, not in the concrete jungle. This life of never really having to work, being able to have all your needs met sitting at a cubicle 8 hrs a day with coffee and doughnuts removes all this physical and mental activity and fucks up our dopamine receptors. Men want to build their toy world In Minecraft when they get home from work in their grandmas basement these days

>>276253146I wouldn't call it an illness. I went through a phase where I played Path of Exile for hours a day for I don't even know how long. It was long enough that I leveled a character to 100.

>>276260941That's fucking hilarious. A bunch of white and asian nerds virtually caping for black people. 15 years ago these social justice twats would be ostracized by the gaming community. What happened to all the edgelords? The entire world has gone soft.

Hasn't WoW devolved into feminist shit? All I ever see is that blue horde bitch with the eyebrows being a tryhard stronk wammen while literally everyone hates her.

>>276264075>comparing Minecraft to Wokecraftkys there

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>>276258456You need a constructive hobby. Learn to create or build something.

>>276264227no its getting into the occult kind of with Sylvanas Piercing the Veil and whatnot

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>>276261245My nigga, Tholuxe Paells rep (rip McQuaid)

>>276261078>we are not going to be able to go into detailThis reeks of Pajeet/American customer support>sir we understand that you have this and we are very sorry sir that you have this unfortunately at this time we are not able to fix your

>>276253146I quit Classic this week not coming sure it's fun for the six months but the nostalgia wears off.Blizzard will never be the same hopefully Ashes of Creation or New World might be better

>>276253146As with all addictions, we should blame the junkie for being an idiot. Video game addiction is absolutely a mental illness. You'd have to be mentally ill to play with toys to the point you don't learn social skills and become an incel.

>>276262441Nice. lifting, sobriety and not fapping have immensely improved my life.

>>276253146Im as right as it gets. but wow is a great game. im not as addicted as i used to be when i was a kid due to sensory desensitization but its still one of the best games being released to this day. i pray wow never dies unless and world of warcraft 2 comes out.

>>276261078Honestly I'm ready to quit over the censorship. Someone was spamming their twitch stream in trade chat and I told them no one cares and that streamers and streamer culture is cancer. I got "shadow chat banned" for an hour. Kinda dumb how ridiculous they are getting.

>>276262051>Eventually the drug combination devolved into getting high as fuck and masturbating for a solid hour, sometimes morekek I can relateHave you ever tried stimulating your prostate while high?Feels good man, too good really, to the point where you want to do it everydayAnd then after you finally decide to cum then you eat a ridiculous amount of food and then pass out for the nightHonestly makes me glad I don't have anyone to buy weed from, that's no way to liveSort of makes me cringe when I think back on it

>>276257724Havent played in 2 years and i barely read any of these so why should i fucking care?I might aswell just resub to make polturds seethe after all.

>>276265376Gee you got banned for being an asshole?

>>276259858>>276260002Hahaha funny thing about this is that it sounds a lot like gambling addicts. Fucking slot machine players will put on a diaper even though they aren’t incontinent and will sit at casino on a machine with a progressive jackpot and spend life savings to get jackpot. They suffer from gamblers fallacy hardcore. Casinos are aware of this and have staff to clean up shit and piss out of chairs and carpets because sometimes they over fill diaper. It’s shocking how pathetic people can be.

>>276257724Shit like this and the total lack of support for Hong Kong is why I quit. Im tired of companies sucking Chinas dick. They don't get money from me anyore.

>>276264227Yeah, the main story writer is a cuck for his waifu and leftist bullshit, and they are subtly fucking everything with diversity hires just like Star Wars.It doesn't really matter in WoW's case because the lore was a trainwreck since forever and they casualized all the rpg out of it long ago.If you're still giving Blizzard money in 2020 you're a cuck and deserve to have all your shit burned to the ground by niggers honestly.

id be more addicted if warcraft became rts again

>>276264600I noticed while I was looking at pictures of stuff to build in minecraft that everything is European and traditional architecture with Christian symbolism. Nobody is building modern architecture in moineycrafta. Minecraft is almost like a hidden outlet for the mathematical and symmetrical European mind.

The problem is predatory practices the corporate side put in to keep people playing. Needless collection and chore like activities are like psychological nicotine especially to males. WoW and other games prey on base male urges to keep them in state of craving more, rather than actually making something fun. Pure fun games are easy to walk away from, and that goes against the games as a service model which is growing more common.

>>276263714I wanna try this, where do you get it from?

>>276265640Whinning money is a special feeling cause money is energy

>>276265420No I never went that far. The shame of sticking things up my ass would be greater than the pleasure it would give me, though I've heard it feels really good. You literally smoked yourself gay.Also nice post number>420

>>276263683My brother is the same. Anger issues gaming issues pothead. I seriously believe that gaming drains your attentiveness so much that you snap easier at family and loved ones because you have no attentiveness left for them. You spent it on the game.

Spent 400 days playing it. Sometimes regretted, sometimes not. Met one of my best friends ingame and wouldn´t want to miss him now 12 years after all that

>>276266351>winning Jewish debt tokens

>>276253146Gaming addiction isn't considered a real problem at all and most boomer partners think it's absolutely okay to let your kid unlimited access to the short uninteresting life story of a lifelong addiction:>be 10 years old get an own computer fellow Friend discovers runescape>friend and all the other friends soon start to play it too after we hung out outside literally every hour possible before>everyone gets more and more addicted school grades get worse and worse I was under the top 3 in my class most of my time in elementary school but I got addicted hardcore to Runescape.>become a absolute loser and because of that my middle school years is in the school system for dummies in Germany called "Hauptschule">still be addicted as fuck to various games on the xbox360 and game / coom non stop>thanks to the easiness of the system and because of my superior Autism I manage to get very good grades without doing anything so I could change to higher education>stress gets worse and addiction intensifies I already realized in middle school that I got a problem but neither me nor my patterns know what do to>fail higher education and become a NEET and extreme coomer.Thanks gaming.

>>276253146>Be cop London 2013>Woman station " one of my tenants is acting strange">Go to house full of unemployed. House is broken up into bedsits>Short dirty man is standing glaze eyed in doorway> "Are you ok mate"> "Aaargh! I'm on fire" starts patting himself down> "I shoud have chosen the dwarf'>He breaks down crying and curls up in ball>Neighbour says he has been playing for 3 days with no sleep>Send him to psychiatric hospital>His room has shower converted to grow weed>Room piled with lifes belongings og books and computer bits. WOW is still on vomputer>tell his dad, he doesn't care>no other family.>2 days later see all his belongings on streetFeels bad

>>276265580So because im not being nice to you and respecting your pronouns and im engaging in banter like men have been doing for all time i should be put in a reeducation camp?yeah your a fucking faggot and this is coming from a minorty.i wish you pussies would stop being such bitches.

Currently playing classic alliance on netherwind :)

>>276266566Jewish ancient magic

>>276263714Interesting, and thanks for the recommendation. But honestly it took me so many weeks to finally get on a good sleep cycle after quitting, and about the same amount of time to clear the tar and other shit outta my lungs, I don’t even have the slightest desire to inhale combustible particulate ever again. Might try some CBD edibles eventually. Herniated 5 discs in my upper back in a car accident last year which led to the carnivore diet to decrease inflammation, heard CBD can help a lot with that.

>>276262512Ashes of creation looks like it will be capable of ending wow.

Lately I only play a few rounds of Smash or a fighting game when I have some free time but it doesn't take long for me to start feeling anxious like I should be doing something productive. Once that feeling sets in I can't enjoy the game anymore.

>>276266345apicalgreens.comif you buy the smalls ounce, you pay less but only get small nugs. still same quality, just smaller nuggies


>>276266646Life was better when games were hardcore. There should be a global hardcore mmo. Here this is a true entire vid

>>276266390I'm not gay, I've never been attracted to menHonestly I'm still not sure how I made the leap from being normal to putting things in my ass but (lol) here we areNot to say that that's something I do anymore these days but still, I used to

>>276253146>Why are companies allowed toProduce addictive and unhealthy-makes-you fat food? Prescribe Americans opiod painkillers? Claim Holocaust is the centerpiece of history and 100% true?Gee I don't know. BTW, I'd take Netflix over ads-saturated TV any day, but there's no denying contents of Netflix are very dumb.

>>276266408Absolutely, there’s also a strange disassociation effect to separate the mind and body when you submit to the neurotic addictions. Something they know they’re doing but won’t publicize. Causes intense anger problems and DID in many people. And it seems to be getting worse with each passing year. The most recent COD has caused many long time players and streamers to experience much more anger than last releases, some have articulated it very clearly. Shouldn’t come as a surprise that the DOD and CIA have been directly involved with development for years. They’re doing something to people’s psyches, we just don’t know exactly what, yet.

>>276254349When I first started playing it was amazing. First pvp match had my heart 12 years later I only have satisfaction 2 shotting people and being called an ass for calling out baddies.