Why is there such a stark difference between 80's and 90's kids?

Any other anons notice this? Even between 1989-1990 kids they just seem totally different. I think this is because the majority of 32+ year old's graduated High School without social media, it came out in 2005 but nobody really used it until 2008. Also 90's women are much more shameless with their whoreing with randoms, where as 80's women at least just fuck a lot of different boyfriends

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>>276253539Tell me more...*sip*

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>>276252898man, I used to fapp to this pics countless time. Literally litters of semem.

>>276252898steve jobs created the iphone and everything went to shit after that

Gen X oldfag here. Born 1966. My father was Silent Gen born 1942. He and his brother both were elementary school teachers 1970's through 2003. The two began whispering 1992 or so the following and I overheard:>Something's different about these latest kids>Empty behind the eyes>Obsessed with sex>Had to pull two of them off each other, they were fucking in the back of the field day school bus>Innocent children. literally. fucking.>And knowing how to be fucked>All of them drawing on their books and desks rabbits with fangs >Specifically rabbits>With specifically fangs>Where report this what doI also noticed with my sister. I used to have to change her diaper. She was born 1977. When you opened the kid's diaper she'd start hunching her little pelvis up and down as though fucking an invisible person on top of her. Repeatedly. Enthusiastically. Grinning while doing so. I noped out of there>Nah mom how bout you handle thisSister fucked mentally ever since: liberal, pro gay, pro pedo, glued to phone, empty eyes, treachery, backstab, evil. Whole Millennial gen is like this.Gen X saw this coming a mile away but there was no one we could tell. Female and trad. AMA.

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Bunny with fangs phenomenon is real. All Millennial kids were into this. Was quite the thing on Tumblr awhile. Here's proof.>>google.com/search?q=bunny with fangs&source=lnms&tbm=isch&sa=X&ved=2ahUKEwi_gqGGlNXrAhXmFTQIHQptAAYQ_AUoAXoECAoQAw&biw=1280&bih=832MK Ultra? I don't know. But it's significant. This is not random nor is it innocent.

>>276254092>Screams internally in 2020

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They talk a lot about He-Man but this is the one thing all Millennials are bound together by. You'll all lie about it now that I've said it in the open though.Prove me wrong.

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>>276254224So glad that nerd died of AID's

>>276255594Still . . . still would, but goddamn is it a close call.

>>276254224They were shit before that. See below what I said about the bunnies with fangs. Millennials were MK ultraed into what you've all become. It was easier and faster on you than on any other gen. They primed you then handed the phones to you in order to spread the program.

>>276254092>I push my fingers into my eyyyyyyyeeeeessss>It's the only thing, that slowly stops the acheeeee

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And now all of you and the AI are going to talk about the thot you fapped to instead of what the thread was orig about. Pottery.

This is how they kill dangerous threads.Gen X out.

>>276255556Wtf. i never heard of this shit.Were there cartoons or something? Where did they got that shit from? Radio wave experiments like in outlast?

>>276255743as a millennial I never drew this and knew no one who did

>>276255931>>276255321...please get the fuck out of the thread...

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>>276252898>people with a 10-15 year age gap are differentColor me shocked. Quit being bitter about what teens and 20-somethings are doing, comb some Rogaine over your hairline and go make some money.t. 1996er

>>276255743There was a series of books written for kids about a vampire rabbit, "Bunnicula," it was super popular when I was in elementary school. It could be from that.What I remember most is that when I was a kid, cartoons were all about action and fighting bad guys and secret conspiracies.Then when Cartoon network came out with their original cartoons, they were all just boring garbage but all the kids younger than me ATE IT UP. Johnny Bravo, Courage the Cowardly Dog, Angry Beavers, all that crap. It was ridiculous what a huge step down it all was from the action/adventure cartoons of my day. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Ghostbusters, Transformers, He-Man, etc. Look at the cartoons now, they make 90's shit look wholesome and good.


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>>276255321notice how at no point did you or your family discuss helping your sister. you just nitpicked and judged her behavior from birth instead of guiding her on the right path. fuck you boomer cunt

>>276255931I think millennials have had it pretty bad. Jobs have been outsourced or corporations have brought in pajeets or chang to lower wages at the higher end. At the lower end, Paco took all the jobs “Americans didn’t want”, which is bullshit, they just wanted to be paid and not treated like slave labor. On top of that, a lot of them were meme’d into college, meme’d into staying a kid forever, meme’d into hook-ups and raised by boomers. The entitlement doesn’t help either, they were raised to be narcissist.

>>276256282I'm talking about how there is literally a difference between millennials born 1989-1990 you zoomer faggot. also>1996 Good year

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>>276256597Spoonfeeding morality is no one's job, Millennial. How about not be a whore straight from the womb. OUR gen of girls never did that.Be better. That attitude right there is what has destroyed our nation and arguably our world.

>>276256488Swat Cats was the like the last cartoon done in the 80's style, and it got canceled despite the fact that it was insanely popular because it was fucking COOL as FUCK. Thundercats also. What were the cartoons in the 90's about? Like nothing. They didn't have a story. They didn't have a plot. It was just random characters that didn't even do anything bouncing off each other.

>>276255990Still would

>>276257074>TLDR my boomer parents were lazy and my childhood consisted of being raised by the TVAtypical late Gen X'er/ early millenial

People born after 1980 have a non-white identity. Due to Rap being the pop music of their youth. They are literally black inside and white outside.Imagine being a nigger in a white body, this America now. They're everywhere.

>>276256264Truth burn? Not my problem, fucktard. It was asked why things changed by Year X. I was an adult at Year X and answered with a direct observation. Sorry you were born after the problem and thus are part of it. How about you gtfoott.

>>276252898mobiles and internet

>>276257269Would what? I would call her a cab

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>>276256980Lmfao this bitch is making the "pull yourself up by your bootstraps argument in regards to mental health. This is your brain on redneck kool-aid

>>276257074Swat Kats probably made a lot of kids into furries.

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>>276257547Have sexual intercourse faggot

>>276257269>>276257547>Alison Hannigan at 46>Halle Berry at 54

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>>276256488Johnny Bravo was based and actually funny

>>276257982loser... get a woman.

>>276257982unironically the hottest woman of all time


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>>276256543I can't look at 2 of 2.

>>276252898Built for BBC.

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>>276252898you nailed it. 80's kids remember pre-internet life. 90's kids don't. 80's kids remember life without smartphones or social media. Completely different upbringing and world. 80's kids grew up with a booming middle class in a majority white country that was in the middle of major economic and technological expansion. Full of optimism.I grew up in the 80's, let me tell you living in 2020 as someone who was a kid in the 80's is fucking PAINFUL because you remember how good things were.

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>>276252898Electronics man. Computers and the internet changed a lot.

>>276255321There's a chemical element to it along with the social/technological element. Kids born after 90 grew up in an environment completely saturated with xenoestrogens thanks to the excess use of plastics in literally everything.

>>27625289880s kids and 90s kids are cancer. I hate millennials t. zoomer

>>276255931I've never owned a smartphone and neither do my 13 year old daughters. The way we see the world and interact with people is completely different than how other people around us see things and interact. The smart phone destroyed the collective psyche.

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>>276258947>you remember how good things were.

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>>276258947>you remember how good things wereyep. I feel the same way.

>>276255321kids are naturally sensual. not necessarily sexual but all those places with nerves that are sensitive still cause arousal. sex is hardwired into our dna. you don't need to be taught anything

>>276256488yup this was a noticable shift. Growing up it was GI Joe, Transformers, Ninja Turtles, etc. and there was always a battle of Good Vs. Evil. Then that shit went away and was replaced by empty meaningless "children's sitcoms" like sponge bob.

>>276256543>>276256543>>276256543And how is this not an improvement for the guys who are in middle school? Besides the middle and highschoolers can get the girls warmed up for us in college and beyond when we get our hands on em once they are legal

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>>276258947Would mail you a white monster, anonyoutube.com/watch?v=wP_rkV7BtQ8

>>276256488courage the cowardly dog was 100x better than any of that other shit you mentioned

>>276259270Fuck you.

>>276259438It's amazing, my 10 year old is the only one of his peers that doesn't have a phone. He gets an hour on friday night to play xbox live with his buddies, but otherwise that's it.

>>276255321wtf...so what are you saying was up with your sister when she was an infant?


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- Donnie Darko- David Lynch Inland Empiredefinitely something with rabbits

>>276259438Pic actually has nothing to do with the 80sif you grew up in the 80s, you may have owned one consumer product, but the majority of your lifestyle didn't revolve around brands and franchises. It was riding your shitty bike with your friends to throw a ball around or raeping underage girls

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Cocaine babies vs crack babies

>>276259438How do you survive? I had a cheap $5 flip phone but my carrier stopped supporting service for it a couple years ago and I had to get a smartphone.

>>276259603it's also reflected in video gaming, too. No specific task, but an endless exploration of some nearly infinite world.....

>>276259967>riding your shitty bike with your friends

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>>276255321>>276255556Uhh clearly you've never heard of Bunnicula. It was kind of a right of passage I think for late 80's early 90's kids

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>>276259860The architect

>>276259841>my 10 year oldyour boy is going to end up resenting you

>>276259806Based>>276259860>Pierce postingDangerously based

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>>276259484>>276259535>Dad went to work 9-5 at GM>made enough that mom could stay home and keep the house running smooth>happy parents>went to school during the day>rode my bike didnt worry about nigs or pedos>sat in a class full of white middle class kids like me>went home>hot pockets>rode bike to mall>check out kb toys>hit up the arcade for a few hours>rode bikes to bowling alley>bowl a few games, more arcade, pizza>home at 8>watch urkle or some shit with my family on a comfy sleeping bag in the living room>talk about our day>dad got holiday bonus for loyalty >trip to disney or a new car every few years>comfy suburban home>all white working class families as neighborsrinse and repeat. Other than the 1950's no other decade captured American working class optimism like the 1980's.

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>>276258505Am I supposed to find relevance in a slice of Beef Wellington on a plate with peas? Please explain. Or just be a typical symptom of the ongoing problem I've described.

>>276260189based huffy


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>>276259841Yep. Our daughters act so much different than their peers. It's hard to explain. They have a completely different sense of situational awareness and awareness of their reality in general. We're part of homeschool group, there's a few other kids in the co-op that are also phoneless and it's noticeable with them also.

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>>276259842No, I wasn't a person like you would be. Babies shit, and in normal families, a thing you probably never experienced, the mothers force the older daughters to change their shitty diapers in order to train us for future childcare of our own. I know. Sounds arcane to a generation raised to chop your own genitals off, switch over and "transform" like Optimus Prime and pretend in public you're a race car now instead of a bicycle. It's sad. You guys (and I read you sometimes here) claim you all want a traditional girl, but when one comes along and proves she is, you blink, cock your head and stare like a dumb dog then insult her and make child molestation and incest comments. Why not make some pro tranny comments and go for the win? Then everyone here born before 1980 can be completely smugly convinced you've been destroyed.You won't reproduce.You realize that, don't you

>>276260452Can I see your trad bobs madam?

>>276260017there's still 3g tracphone service where i live (super rural area). The day it goes away, i just go back to not having a cell phone all together. I rarely use it anyways.

>>276260734Whatever. Not even clicking. You're retarded.


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>>276260031Yup, the story based campaign was replaced with the environment which was open ended enough to allow for a constant flow of new monetized content.

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>>276260189fuckin richfag with his HUFFY BMX

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>>276255321>Female and trad.How can I find one of you but younger?

>>276260845No. This too is a symptom of the sickness. "Trad bobs" are the heterosexual male version of "I fucked a straight guy". If he fucked you, he wasn't straight, user. And if I show you my breasts I AM NOT TRADITIONAL.Where is your male logic?Are you all literally enfaggedefied and retarded? Has the system completely GOT YOU ALL? :'( I guess so.Porn. They got you through porn.

>>276252898Cold war is over.

>>276255321>>276255321>>276255321>wah they all wanna fuck and make it happenEat shit, when your silent gen dad creampied your mom In 1965 to make you exist he had no problem with sex. When he fucked her over and over again when she was already preggo (cause sex is for reproduction) he didnt have a problem with any of it. He loved her tits, ass, mouth, asshole, and pussy. And when he had his sons he taught them all of nothing about how to recreate the same shit (and of course he would never warn them to make the girl be on pills or else condom up because he plans on them being fucking virgins till marriage)Sex is better than anything, life without it is hell and meaningless/pointless. I was a virgin until I was 19, completely missed out on all teenage sex antics other than by just a technicality (I technically fucked a 19 year old as a 19 year old so technically I had teenage sex)I could go on and on. As men we need to learn how women work and how to get laid, not just wing it and hope you find muh soulmate and then sex happens on muh wedding night (which is why I hate weddings, they are just funerals but with sex) Female and trad huh? Im assuming at the age of 53 youve had kids right? What did you think your sons were gonna do to get laid? Did you and your husband make them play sports? Not ask but make. Did you let them get fat? Did you let them be social shut ins instead of go out and talk to people? I despise the silent gen, boomers, and Xers because of how socially incompetent they all were and are, and how they gave a dose of that shit to their kids Wahh the kid was air humping, Did you mind humping when your rode your husbands dick? gtfo And I havent even gotten laid since December cause corona has shut down literally my entire life and I had just broken up with my ex before rona hit, got a few hookups in right before the crash luckily but still

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>>276252898Well I was born in 1989. Most of my friends had a MySpace in high school but not a Facebook. I didn't get a cellphone until I was 18 and bought one for myself, and obviously it was not a smart phone and did not have internet access.

>>276261073You don't qualify to have one, so I would tell you where but won't. If God wants you to marry and reproduce, trust me, He'll lead you to someone special. But right now your entire pack here seem pretty straight up Satanic, so stay there until you repent and clean up. No wholesome youngling I know deserves some creep on top of her who secretly is trans and wants her in a black threesome.And yeah, you know full well that's what you all are.

>>276261075I was shitposting user, calm the fuck down.trad vegana perhaps?

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>>276260542>>276260998That thing was fuckin' sick!

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>>276260433>>hot pocketswhat a spoiled cunt you were.> walk to school every day> play school sports> get in fights, play sports outside of school> go to ARCADE after cutting grass for everyone and making $20> THREE Network channels.> OH SHIT! WE GOT HBO & MTV now!!when I was a kid we played with toys from the 70s (GI Joe & Planet of the Apes dolls)

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>>276261243It's funny how you know just which ones to td/lr without even reading any of it :)Rant. Scroll'd past.

>>276261264Myspace was just getting big when i was in college. It wasn't nearly as bad as facebook because it was 100% focused on enhancing existing friendships rather than bombarding you with advertisements and political news 24/7.Facebook is weaponized myspace.

>>276261307what ever happened to that sweet young man????

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*sips* *pops in AC/DC cd* yup, teenagers ain't what they used to be

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>>276261392Boomer cunt fuck you. I hope you die of corona you piece of shit.

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demoralization and jew media

>>276261356yup, GI joe was dope. and lego.And hot pockets were the shit as a teenager. I cooked so many in our fucking Sears microwave...which my parents still have and still works excellent btw.

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>>276260433>>hot pocketswhat mother BOUGHT "hot pockets" for their kids???When we wanted snacks, we got Generic SaltinesMom makes a treat? its Chipped Beef on Toast

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>>276261531I hope you die unreproduced with your family line destroyed by globohomo because you were too stupid and broken to clean yourselves up. See, user? We all can make wishes.Sadly, mine will come true.

>>276260998huffy was a cheap piece of shit. I remember Hutch, Dyno and Redline being the top 3 most coveted BMX brands

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>>276261426>Myspace was sold to News Corp in 2005 for $580 million>his Twitter blurb as of November 2018 reads, in part: "Enjoying being retired."Fuck Mark, always be a Tom

>>276255321>>276255556>>276255743>>276255931>>276256016>>276256086>>276256980>>276257429>>276260452>>276260840>>276260906>>276261075>>276261271>>276261392Go take your meds, schizo poster. I suspect you're actually female like you claim because men don't fucking yammer this much, jesus christ.

>>2762553211977 is Gen X, you LARPing twat.

>>276252898FYI, I was born in 82 and am a 90s kid. 80s kids are people who came of age in the 80s and are pure gen x cancer

>>276261662>hot pockets>spaghettios>pizza rollsthis was fucking staples for teenagers in the 80's/early 90's for the post-school snack. Dinners and breakfast were always home cooked or a few times a month restaurant meals.

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>it came out in 2005 but nobody really used it until 2008thats not true. im 40 years old and EVERYONE my age got on myspace as soon as it came out. all the kids were on it too. also, your whole theory is wrong. cell phones and internet chats are basically the same as social media on a small scale. the real shift happened with people born later than about 1983 or 84 at the latest. they had cell phones and an internet oriented social life as adolescents. no one even had a cell phone when when i was in high school and no girls ever used the internet for anything ever. my sister was born in 1886 and all her freinds would be in group chats in middle school. girls my age didnt even have email accounts until they got one in college. thats the real generational divide between gen x and mlnls. when i was 10-18 years old, kids would go to the park to hang out and talk to people. almost everything we did was in real life only. we also had a lot more sex and did more drugs and drinking than mlnls did according to the data.

>>276259967Why do people look so healthy before the 1990s?

The 80's were the best time to be a kid. You had the hybridized life of doing outdoor activities in a country people were proud to live in while being at the very beginning of technology to come. Households were intact, people loved God and country, mom stayed home while dad worked, values were pushed and instilled, and obesity, divorce, and degeneracy were absolutely rare and loathed.

>>276260229I forgot all about this one

>>276259680Unrelatable liabilities.


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>>276261531PS, post a gay Jewish cartoon character poorly conceived and not even put any work into because its creators didn't even care enough about your generation to put even minimal work into it, and then poorly Photoshop a random generic "gun" onto it and I'm supposed to feel threatened by it.Millennials are laughable. But why do I instead more feel likely to cry about what you've become? You're much more a cry about than laugh at kind of gen now. And you don't even see it. Posting cartoons.You guys are fags.

>>276261895>people that became adults in the 90's are 90's kids even though they were kids in the 80'sThat makes no sense retard. I was born in 1982 as well. Most of my childhood was in the 80's. I'm thoroughly an 80's kid.

>>276261912I'm a girl. Why would I want a handjob and why can't your generation focus reading long enough to make an insult? Wow, if you aim and fire with this level of attention and focus, the nigs have already won.

>>276260017There are plenty of non-smart phones offered by providers today.verizon.com/basic-phones/

>>276261469Time ruins everything>>276261755Huffy was good enough for what I did, which was ride my dumbass up and down the street

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>>276255321>I used to have to change her diaper.tell us moar. Please, use as much detail as you can

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>>276261933portions were smaller. even at restuarants they were far smaller. Also, less additives in the food. Compare a Big Mac from 1985 to a Big Mac from 2020. Completely different nutritional content.

>>276261829Go clean your room, wash your scrotum and shut up. Then contribute more dotted i's to your useless protoslavic "language".

>>276261307I bet that kid grew up to be a fatass. He already had a Grimace shape to him.

>>276252898the 80s showed us the potential of technology and everyone thought of brighter future.the 90s made clear technology was in control of the goverment big corps and we see a future light blade runner

>>276256488checked for truth.I remember being so uninterested in the same 10 episodes of the new shows they would play over and over on the cartoon network afternoon/night line up.I remember watching for shows like ninja turtles, G.I. Joe, ghostbusters, and all those to come on Saturday mornings because I liked that style so much better. Even the hanna barbara stuff CN played during the day seemed so much more interesting. That 70's godzuki was my shit

>>276262239You guys are beyond salvation. Nature itself has decided against you. That's why all this is happening.So long.

>>276260433Fuck that sounds awesome

>>276261933>Why do people look so healthy before the 1990s?no corn syrup

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>>276258947Don't know about you burgers, but east Germany in the 90s was a fucking depressing place to grow up.Above 20% unemployment rate, low wages, shitty infrastructure, strict former Socialist teachers that sometimes would hit pupils

>>276261918I was born in 1988, went to college the first time at seventeen and returned after four years in the military at 22. 2000's college was like a Van Wilder movie, the height of the molly house music sceene and a fuck of a good time. 20teens was like a return to the political correctness of the 90's with an orwellian twist. I don't blame social media as I blame tinder/ snapchat. Those two apps single handedly ruined the dating sceene for an entire generation and also probably gave rise to the Orwellian #metoo that makes college pointless

>>276259680This shit was a horrifying sight that made me absolutely dislike women by middle school just when all this was starting in 2008. Didn't know what to call them, but now I say they were proto-thots. It was very hard, almost impossible, for me to become emotionally attracted to women in real life after that.If I hadn't had Anime or Pony by high school, I probably would've gone sailor gay, I can see why so many of my generation turned fag, even if they don't realize it.

>>276261726>>276261726You are irrelevant, you are a dumb old middle aged woman whos value to the world ended in her early 30s. You cant make any more kids no matter how hard you try, your cant pull any attractive men even if you wanted, and you have probably 25 years left tops before you die and you can never speak your mind to anyone or anything ever again. I'm 23 and will make it to biological immortality in the late part of this century while you will be dead and gone. And when Im getting deepthroated while orbiting Pluto in 2115, you will just be an irrelevant nothing memory of a relic of the 1900s that I forgot about decades ago And the reason Im so hostile towards you? Cause of the shit I first brought up here >>276261243>>276261243PLUS your whole gen pushing us in the opposite direction of where we should be going (IE where we are going now with full on hypersexualization) Your resistance has been a pain in the ass and still fucks with us to this day. But soon you and the rest of you will never be able to interfere again.

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>>276262301>I bet that kid grew up to be a fatass.I'm getting better now. I'm finally starting to take care of myself.>>276262423>TFW someone posts one of your pictures.

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>>276262163jesus, SHUT. THE. FUCK. UP>pic related

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My dad worked at a bank when my brother and I were little kids in the 80's. I'm not talking an investment bank, I'm talking opening checking and savings accounts, working the teller line, etc. Even doing that shitty job, we had enough for my mom not work, 2 cars, a house, and random nights out to Pizza Hut and McDonald's as a treat. Try that now. My wife and I both have grad degrees and work our asses off to get by in a high cost of living city.

>>276262430Good, that's what you get for trying to stand up to the Jews. Now praise Michael Bay 3 times and drink a Buddweiser

>>276262517>posting pictures of yourself Whew lad

>>276262517>>TFW someone posts one of your pictures.there's only 6 of us that use 4chan, bro> u didnt kno?

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>>276260189My buddies and I used to spend fri/sat nights bmxing in downtown houston from 10pm to 4am. I was so fucking muscular even though I ate junk food, never lifted weights or ran, and smoked weed constantly.

>>276255594Fucking hellI found out recentlytthat the lad who played xander was abused as a kid and has struggled ever since. I shouldn't have been surprised

>>276252898I think you can distinguish the two cohorts of millennials by asking what they think about capitalism. Only the younger cohort believes capitalism is the devil.

>>276262423The whole "strip everything of fat" fad in the 90's was a jewish trick to replace expensive meat product with cheap corn fillers.

>>276262838Looks comfy. People were much more content back then.

>>276257417I was born in ‘81, but mercifully I grew up in the rural south so I have a very white identity. I always detested rap, and grew up listening to boomer rock.

>>276262691Yes!>>276262838We're up to 6 now?>>276262890Florida heat made me say "fuck that" to outdoor activities for a long time

>>276258947>I grew up in the 80's, let me tell you living in 2020 as someone who was a kid in the 80's is fucking PAINFUL because you remember how good things were.Word. I'd trade duck and cover drills for BLM riots any day.

>>276255931Fucking homo lol, get the fuck out

>>276255321>Gen X oldfag>Born 1966>All are obsessed with sex now>Thinks his baby sister is fucking a invisible guyOk


>>276262598Yup, a man could make an honest living in a humble middle class job. Thousands of families were built by Sears washing machine salesmen or assembly line manufacturers, etc.

Attached: kodak_building_205.jpg (800x532, 77.9K)

>>276261307Damn, I had a couple shirts like that.

>>276262485Screams From The Doomed Pit- the post

>>2762562641966 is fucking gay

>>276260433KB toys was fucking mint. I remember saving up the change I used to find around the neighborhood to buy the "joke" products they had. Fake barf, trick gum... that was good shit.

Attached: 1587422029975.gif (640x480, 1.26M)

REMEMBER THE MALL> was their battle cry

Attached: th (2).jpg (474x634, 48.81K)

>>276261755I had a Dyno personally, but there were lots of brands that came into their own during the 90s. GT, Redline, Mongoose, Dyno (which was made by GT) were all big in the 80s. Hell they made a movie called Rad that was nothing but a giant advertisement for Mongoose bikes.My favorite 90s company was S&M bikes followed by Hoffman Bikes.t. old BMXfag

Attached: 11753.jpg (1841x952, 220.82K)

>>276255321>Gen X>1966You're a borderline boomer

>>276255321Gen Xers all think they're the shit but the reality is you're just as gay as millennials but just as retarded as boomers.

>>276263333Nice threes, at least.I think 9/11 is the difference. Zoomers and young millennials have no idea how comfy air travel and life in general was before we got attacked and then let the neocons get us into nation building in shitholes where everybody hates everybody, especially us.

>>276263482I remember my high school girlfriend bought me a dancing crocodile from KB that danced/sang along to Crocodile Rock. Great times, fun/sexy/sweet girlfriend. Life was great for us 35+ people. Zoomers got fucked.

>>276252898The 90’s and 2000’s striped fathers of their ability to control various elements of their families lives.Being raised with no order is fun, but it’s not the best for creating strong men and women.

>>276261243>Sex is better than anythingWhy do losers believe this? Is it because they can't get any?

>>27625289880's kids still got beat for acting up desu, no discipline in the youth anymore

>>276263482It's honestly sad, there's no real toystores left anymore. It's pretty much whatever you can find at wal-mart. The quality of toys is absolute shit now. Nothing is mad of wood or metal and even the quality of the plastic has plummeted. everything is made out of the cheapest of the cheap. My kids don't have tons of toys, we mostly do outside stuff. biking, camping, fishing, etc. I make them some toys in my workshop out of scrap wood. THey get a few a year at christmas time.

Attached: G-u6K9rS_nMPp_RkP354NWddYJn4JQGzYszXFWmQ9_8.jpg (592x452, 68.94K)

It was a better time.

Attached: 20181112_145854.jpg (4032x3024, 3.72M)

>>276263988There are still hobby stores. I used to make models quite a lot as a kid.

>>276263754Yup. Late millenials fucked up everything. It's going to fall on what X'ers didn't overdose on heroin and the zoomers that aren't coomers to pick up the pieces.

>>276252898Literal 90 kid here. From What I can tell, a lot of children of the 80s are super fucking nostalgic about the 80s to the point of manbabyism. Think of someone like Doug Walker for example. Children from the 90s (young Millennials) tend to be indifferent or opposed to Capitalism because we aren't a bunch of consoomers. Women-wise though, girls in the 90s were bad because they were brought up on Disney movies and everyone of their fathers referred to them lovingly as "Princess". They truly believe that they deserve the best. 80s girls grew up on shit like Pretty in Pink and Breakfast Club so have this attitude of just wanting to be left alone to consoom an identity and not place herself at the centre of the fucking galaxy. I'm annoyed at late 20s/ early 30s Millennials like myself for plenty of things, but as a generation, most of us are still trying to aspire to our boomer parents levels of wealth but many of us are heavily addicted to escapisms to avoid the depressing reality that is our lives. The older, Xennials seem like they want to travel back in time to the Reagan Era.

Attached: 1584884411087.gif (540x603, 1.66M)

Born in 1982 they were magical years. before everyone had a cellphone. Going camping or playing Doom on my dad's 486 in the basement in the dark. Simpler times

>>276263658>borderline boomerThat's what happens with generations. Example, 1945-55 Boomers are very different from '56-'64 Boomers but they're still Boomers. Being a teenager in the late '70s and early '80s must have been a fucking gas. >t. Core GenXfag

>>276264101yup. i still have model sets in the boxes from when i was teenager i never got around to building. My boy is 5, when he hits 8 or so he's getting a rubbermaid tub full of my old legos and some model kits. Can't wait to see his face.

>>276264010wait.. is that a photo of a photo?

Attached: 1595708356559.png (672x787, 979K)

>>276252898As a human you are valuable. Even without a degree.You can help, heavy labor, learned new things the older generation cannot understand. This is the true identity. This is how you get self worth. Now, children are just supposed to play and enjoy themselves. A semi parental role is seen as parentification, labor as child labor, a myriad of ways to spend time without being of any help, phone etc. The child of today literally does not develop a true comfortable identity, so they try to act like the accepted and the 'cool guys' to fill that void. Every white human, male or female, feels miserable when he cannot contribute.

>>276252898Social media existed long before the 2000's. Telegraph in the 1800's, two way radios in the 1900's, and internet bulletin boards in the 1970's.

>>276263988It's all pads and apps now>>276264010That it was

Attached: 1980's (287).jpg (1733x1183, 342.27K)

The 90s, at least in the US, just seemed kind of aimless. I was in my 20s and kind of aimless myself, so maybe I'm projecting. But the Berlin Wall came down and the Cold War was over, and what replaced it? Consumerism, mostly. We didn't have any real purpose as Americans anymore except to buy stuff and make the stock market go up. There was a lot of focus on the economy because that's what got Clinton elected. And once Clinton was in office, there was a new scandal every month, but no one really cared. Nothing seemed really important.It was just kind of a grubby time, a time when the president would have an affair with a pudgy intern instead of a starlet. Not terrible, no wars or depression to make it a bad time, but nothing particularly good going for it either. Grunge music sums it up pretty well: depressing for the sake of being depressing, with no real reason to be.

>>276264309Yeah. I still have physical photos in the garage. And I'm not sending any of this shit off to be scanned by those archive companies. Fuck that.

>>276264298>he's getting a rubbermaid tub full of my old legosRight on, Dad. I got a big rubbermaid tub of legos when I hit about that age too. It's one of the best gifts you can give your kids imo.

>>276263530Man, the fucking mall. Was like a pickup bar filled with horny 15 year old girls on a Friday night in the 1980s.

>>276264453Buy a scanner and do it yourself, that was the last thing my father and I did before he died.

>>276264487Remained that way through the mid 2000’s

>>276264188Faggot, it's not manbabyism. Unlike millenials kids that grew up in the 80's actually have children and families of their own.>lower divorce rates>lower crime rates>internet was still only for a niche community>demographically better in every regard>booming working class economy>higher homeownership>less debt>more single-income two parent homes>schools weren't kikedtell us again how it's just nostalgia.... The 80's were objectively better by every measure you absolute faggot.

Attached: food court.jpg (640x369, 56.64K)


Attached: P_20200518_172939.jpg (3264x1836, 3.17M)

>>276263988Going to Toys R Us as a kid, and looking at a whole ilse of good ol NES games, was great. Every Christmas I wanted some new RC car from there

>>276257547more like call her a fat cow

>>276264188yeah, shame on me for wanting to travel back in time to an era where communism was still considered a fucking joke, my country was still white, and a man could still make an honest living. Fuck you leaf.

>>276264353As a ham radio user, it's nothing like social media at all. It's really just more like talking on the phone, and often leads to actual in person meet-ups. Many hams send QSL cards when they make contact with each other, too.Telegraph was basically a much faster letter, telegrams were pretty expensive and wouldn't be used for chatting.Social media is evil because it gamifies social interaction, and gives you the dopamine rush of a conversation without actually having to interact.

>>276264388Nah, the '90s were awesome as a young adult. >raves, clubbing, watching other people do drugs because straightedge>booming tech industry>sudden lack of nuclear threat but no towelhead terror yet>no thots, tattoos were a rare treat >early Internet best Internet

>>276252898I've wondered that. I had the internet in middle school. Was on AOL chat back in the day. I'm 38, graduated 2000. But yeah, no social media.My cousins who were born in the 90's are basically just like the Millenials burning down Portland.The split between 80's millennials and 90's millennials is pretty huge.

>>276252898I came in here for Allison Hanigan pics and am leaving disappointed.

Attached: GillianAnderson.jpg (355x450, 21.65K)

>>276255594hey man, i don't see the issue here. every wrinkle is a new feature of her beauty.when i get old i'm gonna fuck the shit out of my wife one way or another, i'll suck on her saggy tits and like it

>>276261918>the real shift happened with people born later than about 1983 or 84 at the latestBecause that is when Millennial Generation began, when Pluto entered Scorpio.Pluto in Leo: BoomerPluto in Virgo: Early Gen XPluto in Libra: Late Gen XPluto in Scorpio: MillennialPluto in Sagittarius: Zoomer

Kids also appreciated shit back then. You got a new NES game for Christmas, and you kissed your parents ass for months. Now? If little Johnny doesnt get a new Iphone Pro Max because it's a Tuesday, it's child abuse and they hate you.

>>276263988yeah, the only toy stores around me are tiny boutique specialty shops where everything is about 20x the price it should be (like all the Melissa and Doug stuff that's out now). I kept some of my old toys in my parents' attic in a nicely sealed container when I moved out. I've been slowly bringing some of them back out for my son and nephews.They do have some cool stuff that's out there, but it's all branded and typically poorly made. I've got old GI Joe figures with boats and motorcycles and shit. Last weekend I had my nephews over and we made a giant wargame in my sandbox with the desert-themed toys I had. Yardstick and some giant novelty dice to roll combat stuff with special rules we made up on the fly. The 9-year old came up with the idea to build a moat with the hose and thwarted the assault by Cobra with a suicide run from a motorcycle. Anyone who claims you can't raise kids nowadays is fucking doing it wrong

Attached: 1597417852054.gif (400x288, 2.83M)

>>276264388Boggles the mind how a person could have lived through the early internet and be like, “blah, nothing important happening here.”

>>276264453I still have phyiscal photo albums and still regularly take them.When facebook gets shoahed and everyone loses their entire lifes memories, i'll laugh in 4x6's.If you don't have physical photo albums you're failing as a parent.

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>>276255931explain this a bit more, how were we MK ultra'd?

>>276255990you dissing the mom bod? that's how you know she's fucking based. would smash to smithereens.

>>276260433I know this feel. Had a similar upbringingAlso: that pic is hardcore nostalgia fit me as I grew up in Southern California and went to Disneyland yearly. I remember it so well

>>276264621> Faggot> Tell us again faggotDude, calm your shit. You have to realize that nostalgia is false memory of better days and that every generation from you to Boomers to Greatest Gen to Lost Gen and all the way back have nostalgia/nostalgia goggles. You have to accept the present for what it is and learn to improve it not try to go back to a time period where you can sit at home and watch G.I. Joe in your PJs and all was right in the world. We can take inspiration from the past but we shouldn't want to re-live it. A lot of 80s kids seem to want to do what Fry did in Futurama and return back to their childhoods. Not too many 90s kids seem to want to though they have fond memories of the 90s.

Attached: 1587673440616.gif (500x444, 91.53K)

>>276261356I miss it so much

>>276264843>The split between 80's millennials and 90's millennials is pretty huge.This. it's palpable. Those who grew up pre-internet see life differently.

>>276264233>playing Doom on my dad's 486Why not Half-Life?

Attached: pleb.jpg (300x300, 16.25K)

>>276265225>You have to realize that nostalgia is false memory of better days and that every generation from you to Boomers to Greatest Gen to Lost Gen and all the way back have nostalgia/nostalgia gogglesThat's how they sell you that everything is fine when it is objectively worse.

>>276252898This woman, and this goddamn picture, were the best if you were exactly OP's age and had an internet connection at the time. That was my goddamned wallpaper.Motherhood or whatever rrrrreeeally hit her hard though.

>>276264188>aspire to our boomer parents levels of wealthHonestly, I've given up on ever reaching my parents' level. Once it seemed normal to me: having 2 cars, 2 kids, own house and garden. Well... that stuff turned into luxury items somehow :/

Attached: 1599338588985.jpg (720x845, 62.36K)

>>276265031>Anyone who claims you can't raise kids nowadays is fucking doing it wrongall it takes is a little effort and not giving them smartphones.

>>276265368Doom came out first

Attached: Doomguy, thats who.png (414x600, 514.44K)

there IS a bit of nostalgia for the 80s from Xers, but it actually can be quantified that the 80s WERE the last righteous decade for America.If you grew up in the 80s, there was optimism (from the shitty 70s economy) to pursue success and ACHIEVE. EVERYONE wanted to get ahead and believed in team work and raising a family. There weren't any niggers being promoted in Zog Vision all the time. There were RULES and you believed if you followed them and worked, you'd MAKE IT!!That changed at the end of the decade.It became Nigger Vision all the time, feel sorry for nigger, feel sorry for dying niggers in Africa, feel sorry for dying niggers of AIDS. We cried about everything in the 90s. Made niggers "super models" to convince us they werent tar babies. We pretended gutter punks in Seattle made good music. We fed into a lie that you didn't have to try to compete. That if you cried hard enough, you "DESERVED" to have things

Attached: 1581702942922.jpg (960x719, 70.09K)

>>276261933People mostly ate the 4 food groups up through the 80s. The four groups were: meat, dairy, fruits & vegetables, bread and grains. So animal products were 50% of your diet. The USDA started pushing the food pyramid in 1992, and it quickly hit the schools. It has you eat twice as much grain as meat and dairy combined, and cuts healthy fats as much as possible.People still cooked at home with real ingredients a lot more in the 80s, though of course that varied a lot from one family to another. But it got a lot worse when Boomers started sending their kids to school in the 90s.


Attached: sgtwalrus.jpg (300x168, 11.96K)

>>276259842>>276259944Follow the white rabbit. You can make an argument that the adrenochrome molecule looks like a white rabbit.

Attached: Screenshot_2020-09-06-15-49-34.png (1080x1920, 345.44K)

>>276252898>>276255321I know this is a little woo-woo but my guess is that the cohort in question has to do with the placement of Pluto in Scorpio.>The Pluto in Scorpio Generation have birthdays between November 1983 and November 1995. In astrology, Pluto is the planet of death, sex, transformation, and all that is beneath the surface. Pluto is Scorpio's planetary ruler, and the God of the underworld, which only makes this combination much more lethal.elitedaily.com/p/what-is-the-pluto-in-scorpio-generation-astrology-defines-millennials-in-the-coolest-way-we-knew-it-9387478http://astrologyk.com/zodiac/planets/pluto/scorpio

Attached: fc73eceba5029a28c0e83c3f816f7b0699e0daafc38643c4bc506f6ced29e182.jpg (1200x1200, 211.23K)

>>276261356>When people were having fun and made a pic of it instead of making a pic to show how much 'fun' you have

>>276264971Yeah, and listening to a song meant buying an album. If you liked a celebrity and wanted to see her nude scenes, you had to look her up in the index of one of those movie guide books to get her filmography, then look up all those movies to guess based on the rating and a two-sentence description if she has a nude scene in it, then check Blockbusters and other video stores all over town to try and find a copy, or get the bookstore to order it for you to pick up in a week or so, only to finally get it and have there be no nudity. But then when you finally do get something great, after all that time anticipating, it’s so, so delicious.Young people don’t know what it’s like to wait. Always living where you’re no more than 15 seconds away from listening to any song, watching any movie, seeing any nude scene has to seriously affect a person psychology.

Anyone else here have experiences with forestporn? You definitely won't have that experience if you were born after the 90s.

>>276265225its not nostalgia goggles faggot. There's objective social and economic measurables that show it was a better time period in the United States. >just accept the current subversive judeo-marxist society for what it isNo, kys kike.

>>276258947The internet wasn't what fucked everything up. It was the internet with social media with smartphones that became increasingly more prevalent and then a strong focus on identity politics and everyone just became a zombie in their smartphone echo chambers. Early 90's kids absolutely remember life before the smartphone and internet were big and prevalent, basically their whole teenage years were before that point.

>>276261918>my sister was born in 1886at that age she better watch she don't get the covids

>>276259141they are also on 20 different psych meds by the age of 10. In the 80s only the most fucked up kids were drugged.

>>276265472yeah. old friends I don't hang out with anymore have shitty kids because they refuse to engage with them. it's literally "hand them their tablet and start up YouTube kids" for hours every day. I get not having huge amounts of time to spend with them every day, but you can't substitute engagement with random YouTube poops and Ryan's World bullshit

Attached: 1591570669465.jpg (369x500, 35.36K)

>>276256980>raising your family is spoonfeedinghahahahahahahah

>>276261531Keep up that autistic rage

>>276265664>then check Blockbusters and other video stores

>>276264275Not really. Herpes was rampaging and it was the beginning of AIDS/HIV. Music was disco, spandex metal and Hawaiian guitar country. Punk scene was pretty cool. You could actually mosh without assholes just using it as an excuse to hit people. Punk girls were hot and wild but dripping with disease. Was nice that in my state you could drink and go to bars at 18 since the MADD bitches hadn't ruined every state yet.

>>276257369This is also my life. The Boomer/Gen X absentee parenting technique: Because the ideal parenting style is definitely a form of just raising your kids like itinerant outdoor housecats that you occasionally yell at. What could go wrong?

>>276265433I'm a Euro that lives in the US, and I can't believe how low salaries are in Europe for technical positions. I was offered a job in Hamburg and would have taken an $30,000 pay cut, with a correspondingly huge increase in taxes.

>>276265793fair, early internet was more of a tool for specific tasks than an all encompassing piece of shit like it is now.

>>276260229My favorite books as a kid

>>276265740There was this old cabin in the woods mysteriously filled with all kinds of old 70s porn, bed, bookcases. Shit was legendary. The wood was half rotten, but it almost seemed like somebody was living there, though it was always empty. Spooky, but everybody hiked to it at some point or another.

Being born in the early to mid 90s was a really fucking weird mindfuck experience because things were changing so fast.Everything was normal, maybe you had dial up internet and a SNES but you still mostly played outside and talked to people primarily face to face or by landline phoneThen 9/11 happens, the entire attitude of everyone around you immediately shifts. You now have faster DSL or cable internet and a lot of your communication with others shifts to MySpace and instant messengerThen Facebook comes out, you get a flip phone. You start communicating primarily through SMS with a shitty T9 keyboard and start keeping a permanent record of your entire life on GoybookThen you get highspeed internet and an xbox 360 or PS3. You are spending half your day in fairly realistic simulations of violent combat and your primary form of communication is screaming the Nword at Mexican kids through a shitty headset on xbox live. When not playing vidya you are watching hardcore internet pornography the likes of which previous generations never had access to in their formative yearsThen you get a smartphone and it's game over.Gen X were born early enough that they got to live their entire formative lives in a pre 9/11 utopia, zoomers have lived entirely in social media hell. Millennials were scarred badly by the whiplash from one into the other.

>>276256488Gen X'er who discovered this film in my late teens.dailymotion.com/video/x1jcfr

young guys need to understand that girls in the 80's and 90's were sluttier than now, there was just no social media to brag about it. when i was a teen in the 90's, teens were always fucking in public bathrooms and parks. i know guys who lost their virginity in a movie theatre. 14-15 year old girls were blowing multiple guys one after another all the time. in the 80's, when i was a kid, there were always used condoms all over the ground and bras and panties in the tree branches in my local park. today, that park is locked at night with high fences and has bright ass floodlights so you could see a mouse move from a block away. and police patrolling constantly. in the 80's, no one cared if teens hung out in the park all night and did whatever. i dont want young people on pol to where were small children in the 80's or 90's to think it was that different than now. my parents are peak boomers and things were really out of control in america by the late 60's. they have crazy stories about teens doing drugs and having orgies from that time. you would have to go back to around 1963 to get to point where american teens were significantly less degenerate than now.

>>276265892100%.I'm lucky i get to work from home most days. I feel guilty even putting an hour movie on for my kids and not engaging them. People that just throw their kids in front of the internet blow my mind.

Attached: Family-watching-TV-1960s-840x504.jpg (840x504, 92.87K)

>>276265969Yeah, like five Blockbuster Videos in town and two independent video rental places with big selections, along with a bunch of stores that sold tapes.

>>276252898It's social media and to a lesser extent, the internet/TV. You can tell how deranged someone will be just by knowing how many years they've used those and at what frequency. That's why zoomers are basically all worthless narcissists. Unironically, if someone has more than 3 hours of freeuse screentime per week, they should be culled for the betterment of humanity.

>>27625574334 year old boomer here, never seen this fanged rabbit shit before. The only rabbit thing that comes to mind was the "happy bunny" fad of the early 00's that every little cringe slut had on their locker/notebook

Attached: s-l1000(2).jpg (351x500, 35.11K)

>>276265664The waiting is key. Peoples' memories are fucked now due to not having to wait to have your photos developed, for example. I've been on vacation with people who spend the entire time taking photos on their smartphones instead of enjoying the experience, and worse, they never look at them again. It's mind-boggling.

It's true, noticed it as a kid myself.Every year back then was like 5 years of difference culturally.I was born 1990 and I'm very different from someone who was born in 1988.Someone born 95 has a completely different experience from me.Few years made the difference of in the world and that's because the world moved so fast culturally and kids in that 10-15 age group are in a developmental phase where they move very quickly themselves. For example when I was still watching Pokemon at 12 years old, my three years older brother was already out experimenting with drinking and hanging out with girls and experiencing world in a completely different way.

Attached: locker-room-.jpg (779x1200, 908.45K)

>>276262423Unironically this



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>>276257429You were an adult at the time, saw it, and did nothing about it. Arguable you are the problem.

>>276255321> When you opened the kid's diaper she'd start hunching her little pelvis up and down as though fucking an invisible person on top of her. Repeatedly. Enthusiastically. Grinning while doing so.The shit you guys make me read

Attached: EXE3w5hWsAALqyC.jpg (750x835, 82.89K)

>>276258947If you could remember the 80s, you weren't there.

>>276266186Growing up calling girls’ houses and talking to whichever family member answered the phone, not lots of fun but build character.

>>276266011You're not alone user. I was basically raiswd by my SNES, Gameboy and TV for ~6 years. Somehow I managed to get a job and wife, but damn it was hard work for me. My parents had turned me into a fucking autist even before getting into primary school. I spent absolutely not enough time with other humans as a child

>>276265400Worse is relative. The 80s were worse than the 60s, the 60s were worse than the 40s, the 40s were worse than the 20s, the 20s were worse than the 1890s, etc. You can follow this all the way into the days of the Greeks who would lament that the "Age of Heroes" is gone and that men aren't as manly and women are more uppity than they used to be. Whether you want to believe it or not, sitting at home desiring for a decade that simply can no longer exist is pointless. We can take the best parts of the past (the 80s too!) and include it into a better future. The 80s, and the 60s, and the 40s, and the 20s, etc. gave way to where we are now. To go back would be to delay the shitty world we live in today. Let's take the best and leave the rest in the past. >>276265433I think everyone in the young millennial category looks at owning a house, a car and a family as something only for millionaires. It's weird to think that what every other generation of mankind took as standard is now considered a luxury

>>276257982That's a man baby.

>>276266405> be a teen> LA Gear commercials start airing> COOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOM

Attached: 1556331784125.jpg (700x990, 362.58K)

>>276266620okay dope head. kys.

>>276266301Based. Ted was right.

>>276266240That fundamentally isn't true, though. Women have become far more promiscuous and there are studies to prove it. The stories you are talking about are 99% urban legend.


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>>276266671>80's were worse than the 60'sThis leaf is fucking clueless. Go blow a dog, faggot maple nigger.

>>276265757You're a complete waste of life. You have no value in building a society. You're just a manbaby who wants to relive his childhood. Enjoy being irrelevant.

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>>276257982I still laugh how she got cheated on by her boyfriend and he said it's because she doesn't do anal.

ITT: Ignore the 1966 boomer who said GenXrs are millenials with rabbit fangs in this thread.Ignore the faggot 1982+ Millenials who talk like boomers and say, "kids back then were respectful, two parents homes, more money!" as all Millenials are just boomers 2.0Answer to OP:The GenX can be devided into two groups, a loud abnoxious generation of people raised NOT by boomers, and those raised by boomers who were the first of their children. The children they shit on and abandoned. One former group is like a boomer but with a different art-media scene, the later group is like a lost generation - ie truly Gen X.Millenials changed from the lost GenX because there was a trend with mothers not to use s-o-y in the baby formula in the 1970s when it was first introduced. The younger boomer moms who raised the last GenX kids were less feminist because they were still young and horny party girls. But by 1985 every mother was using s-o-y in the baby milk. This changed the sexual dimorphism of an entire generation. They also added losts of drug prescriptions for children.The 1985+ Millenials are different from the older Millenials of 1981+ because they were more sheltered by a stable environment - Boomers started to get rich by then and were on their second marriage or were getting a divorce but leaving the family wealthy.In the 1990s children's TV was sanctioned by the Clintons because they didn't want CONSOOMER ads given to kids, so they destroyed cartoons and introduced INDOCTRINATOIN PROGRAMMING. That's why Millennials all talk like faggot Commies and think they still live in Capitalism. That's also why they are obsessed with disgustingly homosexual foreign jap cartoons.The modern ANTIFA types didn't exist and it was the Obama/Jon Stewart years that created them. They are trendies who would be the kid in school who thought every trend was gospel. Some of them are old as fuck. They're robots on prescription pills.

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>>276266328>dailymotion.com/video/x1jcfryou are too young have experience early 90's teen degeneracy. raves, xtc, acid, gangs, stolen car joyriding etc. who remembers raver/graffiti/skater brands like G.A.T., tribal, top2bottom etc. ???

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>>276265613Astrology is only “woo-woo” to fucktards who refuse to study it.Note: differences in Pluto generational cohorts can be identified by the placements of Neptune and Uranus.

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Bro everyone used MySpace since like 2005, or at least high school kids. I even remember sites like tagged were a thing. I don’t think they’re much different. Maybe cell phones had an impact?

>>276266096I work foe a Big4 company [audit] and earn 2,400 Euros a month, after taxes and insurance I'm left with 1,700, my wife earns 400 euros less than me as a graphic designer.

>>276255990She got t h i c c

>>276252898pornography and media


>>276266892how many kids do you have, dog blowing faggot?Go jerkoff to anime porn and suck start a 590.