Every single time thread? Every single time thread

Pic related. Post em.>nypost.com/2020/09/06/ny-principal-yells-f-k-the-police-at-rochester-protests/>The assistant principal of an upstate high school has sparked outrage with a Facebook Live video he recorded during the Rochester protests — in which he screamed, “Fuck the police!”>Steven Lysenko, a ninth-grade AP teacher at Spencerport High School>Lysenko, the president of the local chapter of the National Association for Multicultural Education, has previously used his social media to stand with the Black Lives Matter movement.>“To any students-past or present-who follow me here: know that when you post “#WhiteLivesMatter, you are condoning White Supremacy. In that I will not abide!” he wrote in a post in June.Took me 90 seconds to find (((the truth))). Post your best discoveries.

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Too long didnt readsorry chudsage /thread

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>>276252914Tl;dr >jews


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>>276252803No surprise there, they did the same thing before ww2


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>>276252914There's gotta be a better meme you could use, Rabbi. This is very low energy.


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>>276252803This kike collected $97,000 of working class taxpayer money last year.


>>276252914>chud>reddit spacing>flagkill yourself landwhale. You aren't welcome here.

>>276253253>>276253170>>276253335Every single timetwitter.com/OakenPeen/status/1300084977850228736Thread themeyoutube.com/watch?v=sVXnoanopzA

>>276252914bumping this thread now :)

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>>276253253The face of the woman on the left looks familiar. Pretty sure she made headlines before.

Everything you need is here:mega.nz/#F!aLoTXKZb!qcbXCCVzHRX6ifbTWUCujA


Bumping till he's removed


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>>276252914TLDR? Yeah, it’s da juice.

>>276252803It always comes down to Kikes using other minorities as their smokescreen. They just want to continue to destroy things from the shadows, while they reap all the benefits. This idea that they like diversity because they understand how it is to be a persecuted minority is total bullshit. It only applies to functioning societies that they can bleed dry. They truly are the enemy of all humanity.

will it ever not be the jews? just once?

>>276252914A fucking leaf

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>>276252803Remember, to teach ninth-graders you only have to be as intelligent as a ninth-grader.

>>276257242This. elitist kikes just want to destroy the middle working class and create a permanent low IQ wage slave class.

>“To any students-past or present-who follow me here: know that when you post “#WhiteLivesMatter, you are condoning White Supremacy. In that I will not abide!” he wrote in a post in June.sounds like his students are pretty red pilled. i hope his students start noticing he is a jew.

>>276252803>Every single timeremove "supremacist"

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EFT, Kill your MSMfeed

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>>276252803How could anyone have imigrated from belarus in 1898r, when the country didn't exist back then, and the people, at least according to Russian bros, are not a real nationality either.

Dump for bump:

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>>276252914I mean it literally is but ok (((redditor)))

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>>276252914Goldberg, just come home.

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*note:It's more now.

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The playbook:

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>>276264382Virtually the same meme

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>>276252914Based and illiterate pilled.

>>276252914>sorry chudFuck off nigger

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>>276265492I think that it's the INFO that's important, user. Your pic is a good primer for mine though.

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>>276252914Cucked leaf, now there's a surprise...

>>276252914not an argument.sorry terrorist


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>>276252914sup (((leaf)))bump

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Falling for jew bait...Yes goyims support the police, let's give the jewdicial system more shekkels and erode your rights even more.So the same people, system, and agendas can gain more power and further the destruction of the nation.Promise we will not continue doing the same things, just give us more power and money.


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...And then, for NO reason whatsoever...

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>Lysenko>BelarusDaily reminder, that most ashkenazi come from Poland, Ukraine, Belarus and Lithuania. Former PLC, also known as Paradisus Judaeorum, with 3/4 of world jewry living there. Fuck poleshits for inviting and harboring them from all over the Europe. For letting them settle and runining West/South Rus', and eventually fucking up the Russian Empire.Russian Emperors should've just deported them all to Poland and not annex it after Napoleonic Wars.

The ChinaTown connection:

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>>276252914>t. khokhol kike leaf