Antifa shining lasers in ppl eyes - appropriate response

When Antifa (or anyone else) tries to shine a powerful laser in people's eyes, what is the approprite response? What are police rules of engagement in such a case?

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>>276251646Lethal force. Simple as that.

>> +Antifa + us cops = shalom Israel people swindled in groups by agents provocateurs We all do everything for money, right? A Judas goat is a trained goat used in general animal herding. The Judas goat is trained to associate with sheep or cattle, leading them to a specific destination. In stockyards, a Judas goat will lead sheep to slaughter, while its own life is spared. Jew rats

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>>276251810certainly as we saw last night if Molotovs are in the mix lethal force should be on the tableIf I were a cop and told to restrain the use of force if they're using molotovs I'd walk out

Fucking use a handheld mirror and shine it back.

>>276252235Fuck that, put your superiors to sleep and then issue lethal force afterward. Captains and above are Soros puppets and do not represent the people.

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>>276251646>what is the approprite response?Just close your eyes

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>>276252517Worth pointing out in case people here don't know: closing your eyelids won't protect your retinas from high intensity lasers.

>>276251646Shoot to kill

>>276251810Fpbp. If it was temporary blindness that would be one thing, but when it's permanent I would be ok with live ammo being used on those shining the lasers.

>>276251646The only time they'll see my laser is a fraction of a second before the headshot.

>>276251646Indiscriminately open fire on the mob. It's on the whole group to regulate each other and if they won't they are all accomplices

Bring a small mirror with you (like those small things women use to check their hair) and bring paint/some dirty liquid in a bucket. You shine it on me? I'll cover you in liquid shit/paint/sauce

>>276251646kill communists.

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>>276252517>not knowing the difference between a class 2 and 3 laser american education everyone

>>276251810It's obvious. Lasers cause grievous bodily harm (permanent blindness) and so lethal force is proportional and appropriate. You'd see a lot less lasers if police were shooting back.

>>276252688>closing your eyelids won't protect your retinas from high intensity lasers.I actually didn’t know this. How does that even work? How does the laser go through your eyelids?

I'm really surprised no one has employed a microwave emitter. You could literally cook your enemy's parts and they wouldn't even know it was happening. Fools who show up to protests and don't even understand the basics of the energy spectrum are beyond hope.


>>276253135It's like staring at 10 suns.

I actually kind of doubt that they will both be using powerful enough lasers and be accurate enough to do any serious damage with a laser like that. That being said the fact that they are attempting it at all demonstrates their willingness to maim their foes. Extreme prejudice should be used, if only to send a message.

>>276251646>in people's eyesPeople? I thought is was only feds and cops?less than lethalrubber bullets blind tooeye for an eyeas god intended

>>276253135Place a flashlight on your palm and look at the opposite side of your hand

>>276253135Close your eyes and shove a flashlight into socket

>>276251646Shine a powerful bullet into their eyes back.

>>276253135Your eyelid cannot close faster than light can travel from a laser aperture, through the air, and into your eyeball.By the time your autonomic nervous system realizes that damage is being done to your retina and reflexively closes your eyelid, you have already lost your retina.

>>276253135Just take even a table lamp and shine it in your eyes. Close your eyes. Do you see black?

>>276251646Hot lead.

>>276253382Paging /k/

>>276253382three federal officers were already blinded

Shoot them if you have a gun. It does help if you talk to your local police department first. I live in an area where the police would look the other way as you kill these commies.

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>>276251646Lethal force is probably legal in this situation. #1 - fear of severe injury is a valid reason for self-defense#2 - if you are armed the assailant could blind you, take your weapon and then kill you with it.

It should obviously be considered lethal force and is blatantly one of the most evil things you could do to someone. Id rather have my head blown off than be perma blinded

>>276253429.t a milf boomer

>>276251646a laser is a less than lethal weapon with the possibility of long term side effectspolice should respond with arms of the same descriptionI'm sure they can find something lying aroundon a side note if you want one of these lasers for any reason this may be the time to buy before governments make them harder to obtainit's not a gun with protected rights

It's against the Geneva conventions to use lasers to blind people. Therefore swift and lethal force is an acceptable response.

>>276253382you can buy class 3b hand held lasersthese will cause permanent damage to anyone stupid enough to look into them


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>>276251646Kill them all. Even the ones standing beside them. That's the appropriate response.

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>>276253514You can't be this must of an idiot. But since you are, here is a song for you

>>276251810I agree. I wish we had non-biased polling data on what the average white american thinks the appropriate response to this continued niggardry should be.

>>276253934I don't need some shitty piece of paper to know that lethal force is acceptable against someone trying to blind me.

>>276253171The power and gain required to do any damage would necessitate a huge dish and noticeably large power supply and that's something that people would catch on to pretty quickly.

>>276254009up to what distance, and for how long does it have to hit you?

>>276251646Follow them home.Await naptime.Disburse free gasoline.Ignite.Do a 360 and walk away.

you dont even need to get the direct beam to go blind, a bad reflection will get you tooI imagine there will be several blind antifa before this is done

>>276251646eye for eye, aye?

>>276251646Anyone found with a laser pointer will be tortured and executed. Just like the germans did with shotguns and shotgun shells in ww1.

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>>276253135Close your eyes and stick a flashlight up your ass.

>>276253608I am aware of this guys videos actually, but these lefties aren't bringing lasers like these and that's my point

>>276253135They also emit light you cant see but is still intense enough to go through more things and damage your eyes.

>>276251810how about shining lasers back lolwhy don't the cops use any crowd dispersal tech like active denial? even water cannons. they don't have any of that shit, they just stand around and then arrest a handful of people every night - those people are instantly released and back rioting the next night. they could microwave/water blast the rioters and end the riots within 20 minutes every single night.

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>>276251646use a mirror lol

>>276254393A 360 would have you walking into a burning house

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>>276251646The appropriate response to being lased on the street is to reply with 9mm.

>>276253608I love how he tries and fails to add emotion to his speech.

>>276251646I dunno - severe bodily injury (going blind or getting your eyesight damaged) - lethal force in self-defense? Am I wrong, anyone know? Of course, they can do it from far away, so that's a problem.

>>276252476you do know you sound retarded when you post like that, don't you?

This may be a retarded questions but do lasers shine through two way mirrors

>>276252235This.Molotovs are definately lethal force, most state laws consider immolation lethal force and most states also consider arson of a presumed occupied dwelling grounds for lethal force. If i was cop and was told to stand by while i had petrol bombs tossed at me, i'd peace the fuck out. Not my city. Let the democrat mayors clean up their own fucking mess.As for lasers, a solid legal argument could be made that they constitute serious bodily harm and therefore a solid legal case could be made for lethal force.


>>276255036We can put a laser mirror on our Moon, but can't reflect laser light back at hippies' eyes and make them cry.Ringed by footprints, sitting in the moondust, lies a 2-foot wide panel studded with 100 mirrors pointing at Earth: the "lunar laser ranging retroreflector array."

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>>276255681Well think about this, does light shine through a 2 way mirror?

>>276251646Wouldn't polarized eye protection mitigate this entirely?

>>276251646just start bringing mirrors around and reflect the lasers back at the retards.

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>>276251646shoot them in the eyes


>>276255884science is yawnsville

>>276251646Not trying to be a joker but intenzionale blinding is serious bodily harm. Lethal force is legal to prevent serious bodily harm or death. The only caveat is some states require you to try to run away first. Others say you don’t have to move an inch since you have a right to free travel as a lawful citizen.

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Use a mirror, shoot if they don't stop.

>>276251646They need to be shot.Right now they are being trained. The real shooting war is still several years away but you can be certain that the instant the legal infrastructure of our current governments fail that these fags will be massacred in large numbers with brutal efficiency. Their tactics depend entirely on a restrained opponent but the flaw is that if they actually succeed in winning the victory they seek it will at the same time remove those restraints.

>>276251646Lethal force. You can easily articulate they're attempting serious bodily harm. Not sure what the police are instructed to do, but they have snipers in some areas and riflemen on the ground along with everyone having a handgun. Whoever decides to play laser tag is taking some serious risks. Luckily from what I've seen the dumbasses bought Wish lasers that don't even work.

>>276251646>they shine light in their eyes>I hope the police bring out their super lasers and show antifa what it feels like

>>276255987In low visibility situations (after 9pm)?

>>276253934Also this.

>>276254930They've been ordered not to by their leftist mayors and governors. They could quell these riots in 5 minutes with fire hoses if they felt like it.



>>276255884>can't reflect laser light back at hippies' eyes and make them cry.Sure you can. Anything covered in 3M Scotchlite reflects 98-99% of light directly back to the source. Cops could cover their shields and masks in the stuff but won't because they're pussies. You, in an emergency, could steal pic related and ruin Antifa's day.

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>>276251646>When Antifa (or anyone else) tries to shine a powerful laser in people's eyes, what is the approprite response?I think imminent danger of great bodily harm (blinding) justifies lethal force. Also causing someone to reasonably believe they are being targeted by a laser sighting device on a firearm would also justify lethal force based on fear of imminent death or great bodily injury.>Weapons designed to cause permanent blindness are banned by the 1995 United Nations Protocol on Blinding Laser Weapons. >Example aggravated assault statute: knowingly and without lawful justification shines or flashes a laser gun sight or other laser device attached to a firearm, or used in concert with a firearm, so that the laser beam strikes near or in the immediate vicinity of any person.

>>276255884>laser mirror


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>>276251646Mirror sun glasses.

>>276253171When shtf i intend to tear down some 5g towers to harvest the mm wave emitters for exactly this purpose. They're backpack-size microwave weapons any anyone saying otherwise is an actual fucking retard. They were already tested for data transmission and the military declared that they only have weapon applications

>>276254618How can you tell. Before you've been blinded?

>>276254618Honestly, lasers of this power could be used against the protesters with great effect.

>>276251646Shoot them. End of story. We're far past the point where lethal force needed to be used.

>>276255987NO You need special laser glasses sunglasses will be rekt instantly

>>276256195They'll never engage in a shooting war. They'll resort to Al Qaeda style tactics. Carbombs. IED's. Follow the money and see who is training them.

>>276253171>>276254293They have already been developed and can be mounted on a humvee. You can feel the microwaves hitting you which immediately makes people scatter. So far they haven't deployed such tech for domestic riots though.

>>276256534The color of the laser is a good indication

>>276256267This is a good point.Firehoses put down the riots in the 80's pretty solidly. Shame they aren't using them these days.

>>276252235I want to know where the fucking ATF is in all this. Molotov cocktails are high on the list of ridiculously illegal things to possess let alone use publicly

>>276256521They'll help but unless they're polarized too you're still going to get a burned retina. Might save you from total blindness though

>>276251810this. the end.

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>>276256259>>276256570They make polarized glasses without tint for fishing etc. Only light traveling perpendicular to the lens makes it through, so a laser at that specific angle would be rare


>>276251810Fpbp anyone who tries to inflict physical harm to you in any manner deserves to be shot

>>276256919peace, brother

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>>276256590They won’t engage but it will come to them. They have made both themselves and their supporters a valid target. More “civilians” will die in the coming conflict than any actual combatants. Welcome to real life. For example, the (((media))) is obviously an actor in the insurgency - this makes them a valid target. It’s inevitable that people start killing media people of every stripe without hesitation. The same goes for Mayors and DA’s. Any organizer or SJW of any kind. Any 20 year old rich white girl who stands in solidarity. Anyone who shares insane ramblings online about intersectional critical theory. These people are all actors in the insurgency and all valid targets. The person standing next to them is just collateral damage.That is war.

>>276251646Feign submission and when they come close, strike in Minecraft.

>>276254930Can't shine lasers back thanks to the Geneva convention

>>276251646Reminder that Antifa set up a sting to make it look like the lasers were Holla Forumss idea.The fucker in portland who uses his is the guy who was on here shilling them as "self-defense" and non-regulated BSPic for attention since you fucking "built for bbc" coomer babies can't fucking think for two seconds.Source: I know him. He got fired from his job for being a creepy fuck and not getting off his phone all day.

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>>276257143The 20 year old college girls who want to go to BLM rallies so they can virtue signal on instagram will disappear at the first sign of violence. Rochester riot kind of proved that last night. crowd went from 3,000 to like 150 the minute the first CS grenade was tossed.

>>276257357i remember that thread, almost everyone fucking called it out as glowshit when it was posted.

>>276251646>What are police rules of engagement in such a case?the police are on their side. theyre seriously into being humiliated.

>>276251646laser guided missiles

>>276251646>Antifa shining website is helpful in explaining the real consequences of lasers, I was a tad scared before but now I feel much safer.

>>276251646>trying to blind peopleShooting them would be self defense.

>>276251646>what is the approprite response?saturate the area with tear gas, and when they are coughing and can't aim the laser, go up to them, pepper spray them directly in the eyes, and take/break their laser. or just confiscate it.that's about the safest way to do it.

>>276257562He has had three of them since forever, he would have them in his backpack at work.Everyone was creeped out by him and I'm pretty sure HR fired his creepy ass after people complained.He was a self-righteous manbaby then too, probably got a discord for libshit and took to communism like flies to shit.

>>276255750>not my cityyeah thats the thing though, for these cops that IS their city. its their job to protect it. Their families live therei think we are reaching the point that lethal force will be used

>>276253429you are delusional if you think that you can go "eye for an eye" with a nation state.

>>276254065How is he wrong?

>>276257434That’s exactly right. Strategically, this is a major reason you do it. Tactically you are wise to pursue them proactively. In a fight over territory it is to the death and reducing the number of people opposing you is the goal - once your area gets a reputation for enforcing the rules your opponents will mostly flee - see Yugoslavia. In areas where they are majority the same will be done to your people. It cannot be stressed enough - in a 4G war everyone is a combatant and a target. The only way to avoid blood in the streets is to fucking LEAVE. The entire point of the fight is to separate people into different territory. The bloodiest battles will be for disputed territory - stay the fuck out of those places.

Welding helmet, auto dim at the highest and quickest settings


>>276253084b- but they dont have a true understanding of their actions! there is no "serious" criminal intent!!democrats are innocent people!

>>276257976The light from laser can go through eye lid. Read what he wrote once again.

Lasers work two ways :^)

>>276256590>Carbombs. IED's.Just like the Leftists in the '70s. Everyone forgets that Weather Underground, the Baader Meinhoff Brigade and their ilk killed and injured thousands of people in the US and West Germany. This was all supported by the Soviets and their modern descendants are also being supported by globalist communists.

Holy shit all these posts and no one mentions the obvious of just wearing some fucking filtered glasses of you are going to a riot? Not gonna make it.

>>276252951This, unironically, and not just in Minecraft.

>>276251646Bullet to the head.

>>276251646Redirect the beams with a concaved reflector like a solar dish .

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>>276258498Is that defense people give when they shine them at commercial airplanes?


>>276257914>i think we are reaching the point that lethal force will be usedWe're about to reach the point where Stacey makes a bunch of ham and cheese sandwiches every night for Chad's Right Wing Death Squad® and sends him off with extra ammo and a blowjob. That footage from Rochester the other day shows exactly what's up.

>>276256300>what is scatteringWow its almost like the whole world isnt made of perfectly reflective materials and laser optics costs tens of thousands of dollars for a reason

>>276258924It is really absurd that people even ask such questions. It tells you how ill-prepared they are for the coming troubles. There will be excessive violence. People you know will die. Many who live will envy the dead.Starting a war, which the Democrat party and their globohomo overlords are presently doing, is a terrible thing to do. It warrants and deserves the death penalty. That has ever been the case and will be again. Those cops who stand down? They’ll be shot at, too. Any reading of history and warfare makes this all clear. If you are in enemy territory you will be risking your life and likewise. If a territory is not clearly owned by one side or the other then that will be addressed by each side trying to reduce the numbers of the other.

>>276251810This>>276254930>>276254442>>276255036Also this:

>>276251646Despite their reluctance to escalate the situation by utilising greater force, they should be using sound and microwave weaponry directed at specific agitators such as those using lasers or other passive but potentially dangerous items. At the moment they are betting on exhaustion and individual burnout so it has become an intentional stalemate. They will meet the rioters and make no real moves to stop the situation. The plan is to continue this until hopefully less and less people show to the riots.The danger of using more advanced technology is the perception of using “non police” or “military” tech (in the public eye) which the media will jump all over and inflame the situation.

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>>276259334Collimated light is still light. Scotchlite absolutely reflects laser light. Maybe not at lab grade levels and slightly scattered but it's still blinding. If you held a stop sign up facing lasers in a crowd, the entire crowd is getting dazzled.>t. saw spots for a week after accidentally painting myself once

>>276256118Agreed, except: the person shining the laser is usually putting a lot of other people at risk at the same time. So you could be acting in self defense AND the protection of other bystanders, like if a terrorist started shooting randomly at people. Nobody would say you had to run away first in such a case.

>>276256625isnt thats what they did when they got near the white house

>>276253930 bodily harm

The proper response should be a silenced. 22lr through the forehead. Shine laser to blind LEOSuddenly silently dropSociety wins

This guy has a video explaining why it’s bad - gets into the physics

>>276251646Equip cops with cornercubes. They retroreflect light in a focused beam back to its source

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>>276259071No! OMG! I just realised. Cat's eye reflector. It always reflects light back exactly where it came from!YES! YES! YES! Can you feel it? This house is now clean.

>>276257338lmao yes we can, same reason we can use tear gas, the only way we could be prevented is if they were insurrectionists and counted as enemy combatants, but then we could just use the military

>>276251646Mirrored riot shields, armor plates and visors. Unless they get it right at the first shot, they risk blinding their own. Highly unlikely given the average antifa is a limpwristed drugged out faggot.

>>276251646>what is the approprite response?Strap them to a table and drill their eyes out.

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>>276251646You shoot them, seriously.

>>276251810Use of force against the enemy is authorized. Use bolt action single shot with clean getaway to avoid damaging property.

>>276260621Good show old

>>276251646"CONCLUSIONS:Inappropriately used class 3B or 4 lasers should be considered weapons that can cause serious, permanent bodily injury.">Gregory D. Lee, MD, is an ophthalmology resident at the New England Eye Center, Tufts University, Boston, Massachusetts. Next year he will be a first-year surgical vitreoretinal fellow at the Retina Associates of Kentucky. Dr. Lee may be reached at [email protected].>David R. Lally, MD, is a second-year surgical vitreoretinal fellow at the New England Eye Center, Tufts University, Boston, Massachusetts, and Ophthalmic Consultants of Boston. Upon the completion of fellowship, he will be joining New England Retina Consultants in Springfield, Massachusetts. Dr. Lally may be reached at [email protected]'s lethal force. Fuck them.


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>>276257914their families don't live there. most the cops live far outside the cities friend.

>>276258743Most of the BLM/Antifa leadership is rooted in the Weather underground and SDS.

>>276253689FUCK YOU, YOU FBI WHORE.Off yourself, you subhuman scum.

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Just shoot them already.

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>>276257943kek, let me know when the cops have control back or can clear niggers with water bottles off the street and open roads for citizens to commute. Cops should be grateful it hasn't turned into a full scale riot yet

>>276262566Riot police are almost never actual cops. They're usually hired hands - mall "cops", security guards, etc

>>276253135Just open your arse and shove a fleshlight up your eye

>>276252772grievous bodily harm = permanent damage to the eyes. gotta make sure to hit the one pointing the laser and not human retard shields these turds hide behind

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>>276255227So little hope with each passing day

>>276251646If you can find and prove who shined the laser, you can arrest and prosecute them.

>>276251810This. Do not negotiate with terrorists. They already are shooting at people.

>>276251646120mm canister munition and napalm.


>>276251646death, preferably torture

>"NOOOO YOU CAN'T USE TEAR GAS THAT'S A WAR CRIME!">uses blinding lasers, non-uniformed belligerents, and hides amongst civilians and uses them as meat shields

>>276252476>courage wolfBased. Haven't seen that in years

>>276251646hold your fire till you see the green lights

Lasers literally cause permanent damage to the retina, and the ones they use are clearly way too powerful to be safe. It's a very serious offense.

>>276251646microwave radiation

>>276253135take your eyes out and put them in a fleshlight.

>>276252951This. Hold them to the same standards they're trying to hold the cops to. If they don't want to be labeled as violent rioters then they should regulate themselves and discipline their "bad apples".

>>276256625Wasn't there an episode of Future Weapons about that thing?

Can't they make one way mirror protective glasses?

>>276251646Using lasers is actually classified as lethal force, so you know what to do.

>>276265307 Don't forget them impersonating medics and members of the press to try and get immunity from cops.

>>276265862There are protective glasses used for people who work on lasers (im an engineer), but they tend to be very expensive and only work for a specific color of the laser.


>>276265862What you can do is mount a camera on a helmet and look at the screen on the back. You see everything, but the laser can't get you.

>>276251646Return fire as they tried to incapacitate my person.

>>276254930read the fucking picture man, it heats the surface of your skin. Someone is just going to stand there and take it and get burns and then cry about it. They should use the sound deterrence stuff though