Big fucking shocker. Turns out the "far-right" booger bois trying to ally with hummus are anti-white kneelers.Why do you lie constantly alphabet agencies?

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>>276251585From this fat faggots account

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FBI if you are reading this, tongue my anus.

>>276251585>Mutts>NiggerloversColour me shocked

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>>276251871Ok gyp


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>>276252081Actually I'm curious actually what the media in your country is like. Do they tell bald faced lies constantly?

>>276251585Gotta admit this is pretty funny shit. Glowniggers, kikes, and the media all BTFO.

>>276251585Of course. They always have been. Makes you wonder why the MSM has painted them as "white supremacists" and "Trumpists" doesn't it

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>>276252888"boog bois" was a glow op concocted by Vice News and leftists at the FBI and the only retards that fell for it were cringe lolberts with a low IQ.

>>276251585Do you think normies will give a fuck? No, they'll continue to blame muh hwite supremacis scapegoat despite crystal clear evidence of the contrary.

>>276252888Leftists have been spamming this one on social media. Ebil yt allies with hamas to take down blax. I knew it was horseshit. Of course no media will correct themselves. Truly the enemy of the people.

>>276252888Those guys are glowing brighter than the sun!

>>276252253Wouldn't know, nobody I know watches news or gives a shit.Every 4 years we could vote for the lying thief or the thieving liar, but turnout is so low the constitution had to be modified to even have a valid result.Economy is getting slowly out of post communism, nature is beautiful, ranch sized ancestral home in the middle of a small villageEveryone kind, white, and I know their families back to the 18th century. Takes 5 minutes of talk with anyone to find a common far away relative by marriage or bloodLife's good, user. I love my homeland

>>276252888Also checked.>>276253224I do believe that shit like this has the potential to sway a small sliver of normies. The conspiracy minded ones are primed to turn against the media.

>>276251649>>276251585is it just me or are American glowies EXTREMELY incompetent these days?they literally defeat themselves by making their "cause" look bad, it's embarrassing I'm sure the intelligence agencies of other nations are laughing at this shit, it's pathetic

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>>276253246That's nice. I hope to visit someday. I hope the best for your people.

>>276253501It is absolutely laughable. It's probably due to them not having the autismo on their side. All they have is globohomo yes men in their ranks. US intelligence is a fucking joke. The FBI is anti-american. But we knew that already. Fucking glowies are trying to color revolution us.

>>276251649Good thing only whites can be citizens, then.

>>276251585>(((Benjamin)))No shit.

>>276253593Hope you do, user, just have your return ticket bought. We're picking on imigrants from the neighboring village already, if it's not by marriage.Pick your destination carefully, experience may vary by a lot based on it. Pic related

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>>276253425I may just be taking a defeatist angle (something that comes all too naturally these days), but I don't see it swaying enough people to make a difference.

>>276253896Trying and failing. They have all the money they would ever need and still fuck everything up. All the resources in the world mean fuck all if you are too stupid to utilize them properly.

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>>276254144Topkek you guys went hard against the Ottomans. Turks need to gtfo of europe. I don't mind a little bully from the natives. Makes the trip more exciting.

>>276251649>Gib me dats

>>276254250Yeah it's hard to not become demoralized at the state of normies. They will believe whatever talmudvision vomits into their living room.>>276254348>the fucking absolute state of the three letter homosBy Jove they've mkultra'd themselves

>According to the complaint, Solomon and Teeter told the source and another individual they believed to be a member of Hamas, but who was really an FBI agent, about their alleged idea of destroying government monuments, raiding the headquarters of a White supremacist organization in North Carolina and targeting politicians and the media."""Far-right"""

>>276254448>Turks need to gtfoSo, genocide anything south of the Carpathians? I don't mind as long as it's settled by boer refugees or similar.>BulliedWe'll disappoint then, we're the nicest people. Hospitality is the middle name. As long as we know you'll be leaving

>>276251585Why shouldn't they lie? The entire existence of the alphabet bois is unconstitutional, yet the brave defenders of the second amendment don't do shit. It's easy to lie, when you know no one will ever dare to stop you.

>>276251585On far outside the left side>hmmm mhyeeeaaah COWADDUDDY CABAN BRICE, hes literally me fuck yeh ima get dat kiw stweakpeople like this exist

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>>276251585>feddies too lazy to do their job and actually arrest hostile domestic terrorists (IE pantyfa)>make up boogeyman to go arrest instead (IE muh y-t suppies boog bois)>country gets burned to the ground and looted into bankruptcy>pigs too lazy to arrest actual criminals>go and stalk the highway to bag speeding tickets instead>city gets overwhelmed with crime and open air drug marketssame shit different badge.

>>276251585I told everyone from the beginning.

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>>276251585In fact you are the real Glowie. Trying to discredit patriots and spread retarded Jew memes no even a child would fall for.

>>276255557>numeralswhat a travesty. fuck glows, fuck pigs, fuck glowpigs, and fuck jannies

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>>276255185I fucking h8 migrants my dude. If I wanted to live in Romania I would do it legitimately. I have to handle my own country though. A man shouldn't flee his clay when times get bad.>>276255494The LARP is pathetic. Imagine spending $3000 dollars on gear to go stand around for social media posts. Then getting entrapped by glows lmao

>>276251585Glowniggers tongue my anus


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>>276254348This. Soviets infiltrated American academia and entertainment industries like holywood right under the CIA's noses, and they did fuck all about it. They should be defunded and scattered to the winds for that alone.


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>>276251585>We are so against the government that we advocate for the wanton murder of the current system's biggest Boogeyman.

>>276255981>legitimatelyIf you ask me, the only legitimate way is genociding the natives and settling it.Nobody should move to another culture. Your genes are incompatible, your culture is incompatible, YOU are incompatible.>Lived all over Europe the last decade, rare aviation expert, NEVER crossed my mind to be anything more than an unwelcome alien, never considered staying or thinking about other countries as home

>>276253231>>276253238>>276253425One of the guys from that march in Virginia turned up in Kenosha on the night of the shooting too. Pic related

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>>276255842Sober up potato nigger

>>276251585"Boogaloo Boys" are the biggest, saddest, most pathetic bunch of fucking LOLBERTARIAN/GLOWNIGGERS that I've ever seen. Fucking die you rat fucks.

>>276251585Do these chuds name the jew?

>>276251585The fbi should bend the knee and not cause a fuss. We already drastically outnumber every fed in the country by millions. You really want a fucking war? Worth your family for your pissant salaries? No? Then step aside and let us fix this mess.


>>276257374>Do these chuds name the jew?Never. And they suck Black cock while denying the JQ even exists.

>>276251585Good thing these fucking retards have absolutely no combat training. At least my fat ass knows how to hide, run, and gun.

>>276252888I remember when the Boogie1488 Boys first started getting talked about in the media nobody on here had any clue who they were because it's a media/leftist creation.

This is a shitstorm that was cooked up by the progressive lefties. Lame

Stay away from any "Libertarian" armed group. They're fucking Feds or Leftist rat fucks trying to infiltrate. Bad news.

does anyone know anyone who is actually into the "boogaloo" shit? it just seems so fake and ridiculous. i thought all mlnl aged libertarians converted to the alt-right?

>>276257628Then they are useful zionist idiots and/or zionist agents. Disavow.

>>276257510We need to protect our sacred way of life, of being a class of serf-like consumers of international capitalist consumer products. There's nothing more American than that. Only domestic terrorists think about European identity or history.

>>276251585>that fed who bleached his hair to blend in with ‘the kids’ but kept his extremely out of place, neat haircutlmao, i’ve never seen a more obvious glownigger in my life

>>276256974Holy shit this is a glotranny for sure>>276257805Yep we had threads on the blatant psyop igloo niggers on day one. Fake peep patches and yang gang gear popped up out of nowhere. I'm glad that this honeypot is sucking up faggot anarchists now.


>>276258301I give America another 15 years at most, it's going to continue to squirm and cry about "nazis" and white supremacy, and then it's going to implode and its govt is going to collapse. What follows is balkanization, followed by consolidation of power by specific "extremist" factions. We just have to make sure it's us. These plans were laid down in the 60s imo, possibly even before. I applaud those who designed this, and the social engineering aspects which allowed for it to come to place. They are doing precisely what we want them to do, and the funny thing is, they think they're doing this of their own volition.

>>276258740>I'm gonna....>I'm gonna KNEEEEEEEEEEEL

>>276258740that dude is trying his HARDEST to look like he doesn’t know what he’s doing.

>>276258581Yeah he looks weird as fuck and out of place

>>276251585How do they figure this is "far right"?

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>>276253246Would be nice to be so set and comfy that no one sees a need to government to be involved in anything I do.

>>276251585Reported that shithead's tweet. I hope a federal officer takes this guy out.

>>276259098I hope they will end on the electric chair. For us it may seems as a game, but at the end there are real victimes.

>>276257534this is why they show up here shit-talking oathkeepers, three percenters, and other actual right-wing groups with a true defensive posture who do stand for conserving the constitution and maintaining law and order. if the jew can't successfully infiltrate them, then he creates his own astroturf version, and vilifies the others. and what he'll tell you is, of course, that they're "not racist enough." meanwhile their astroturf boogs are literally hanging out with the niggers, supporting them.seems to me then that "boomer" paramilitary groups might actually be worth looking into? maybe they're right about some things. the alternative only seems to be purity spiraling into yet another fed honeypot for irredeemable stormfags.

>>276259098jesus fucking christ, SOLOMON. what more do you want

>>276251649>>276251585fucking redneck revolt renamedenjoy youre 10 to 20 commie faggot

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>>276259358It only means this govt is scared and is bleeding power out the ass quickly. Which makes them an easier and easier mark over time. Neoliberal societies have no real hard power, they can only specialized in soft power. What these pedophiles who we outmaneuvered don't get is that as they attempt to use hard power measures, naturally they create counterreactions which are in our favor. Sort of like how the SA was formed to defend from wiemar feds and police and the commie groups which they controlled. We are manipulating these fed pissants into creating exactly the type of environment we need to grow in.

>>276259098HOW FUCKING RETARDED must they be to think they are meeting with a hamas agent LMAO

>>276259245See >>276259098He's been arrested already.


>>276258581His awkward pose too, as if he never relaxed in life and dont know what to do with his body other than fall in line.

>>276251585Faggot asses, they are just useless idiots being used by both the feds and antifa/nigger lives (don't) matter. Hope more of them get rounded up by the feds and or dies in these riots.

>>276259839True and these morons will make it abundantly clear that marxists are the enemy of the people. The tide has shifted.


>>276251585roll for the average IQ of this group.

>>276256974where's the video for bottom left of kyle being on the anti-police side? I've been trying to find it but all i see are the caps.

>>276260554Kyle is clearly just chillin. Look at how the booger faggots even have turned their back on him. They are not locals. Kyle is there to put out fires, provide medical, and (only if absolutely necessary) slot commies. He was making nice with the police before this.

>>276260169marxists are some of the most useful idiots imaginableThink about how many people these dumb niggers and commies turned from normie cuckservative to far right in just the past few weeks alone? Naming the commies and blm types terrorists is precisely what we were looking for. Legal precedent to then crackdown on universities, judges, feds etc. anyone who is seen as perpetrating this ideology. As society polarizes to accept authoritarianism more and more, we can use these legal precedents within the neolib/neocon structure to our benefit in the interim, effectively labeling everyone we need gone as communist agitators or radical leftists. What they don't understand is their attempts to label us terrorists is precisely the kind of reaction we can not only win through, but thrive under. They don't have the muscle or the power to name half the country as terrorists, which is as things are going what they'd have to do. If they trigger a civil war we would most certainly win, it would also create surveillance precedent to then crackdown hard on the feds and liberals who attempted it.

>>276251585>>276259098Here's your

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>>276253501diversity hires take their toll anywhere they go

>>276251585The "conservative'' movement is a fucking joke lol.

>>276260992these guys are such cartoon characters. They arent even close to right wing. They're anarchist BLM supporters. theyre left wing radicals or at least posing as left wing radicals

"advicate"Hahahahaha!Obviously not written by a white man

>>276261149It's actually good cuckservatives are ineffective losers, it allows us highlight this to then push people further to right. We want them to be useless. Then the ziocon right can be purged, and replaced by actual right wingers.

>>276260877I'm pro kyle, I'm only asking where I can find the livestream/video as I'm putting together a compilation.I can't find the video of him walking between cars but I see caps of it. If anyone has these links, it would be much appreciated, youtube and google searches are cucking me harder than the swedish government

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>>276251585What a bunch of clowns lol.

>>276251585wait i thought everyone who carries a LONG GUN is automatically an EBIL TRUMPSTER

>>276253896the quality of the FBI and CIA has obviously gone down the tubes

>>276260929Spot on. Leftists don't understand shit about society. They still don't realize that most people want more cops in their neighborhoods. The majority of the population is "we just want to grill". People are not srupid enough to follow them lockstep towards globohomo nwo communism. When drug addicted degenerates come from out of state and wreck shit, even normies are asking who the fuck is going to pay for it. Kenosha is a great example of this. These regards shitted up millions of dollars worth of property. We did nothing and leftist blew their own foot off.>The only winning move is to not playIt's insane how the memes become reality.

>>276260992>earrings>hairdresser hair>le smug >JUST

>>276256273I wish this anime didn't have a gay ending and shit sequels.

>>276261615Hmm no I haven't seen that vid. Who was the reporter who interviewed him? He was on tucker a while ago, he may have it on his twitter or website.

>>276260992Do we even know what headquaters they were planning to raid? NC is yankee transplant central, most Southern Nationalists are east and south of them.

>>276262023Teeter told CNN back in June he was LGBT supporter. Guy is a total leftist fraud

>>276261819It's not that the winning move is not to play, it's that we want the commies to cause more problems before we make a move. It raises demand for authoritarianism. Jew judges overturning the president's attempts to fix the country even somewhat predictably raise demand for it as well. The crucial thing we have to look out for is the ziocons at this point, as they're vying for their own form of authoritarianism with a kind of ziofascist quasi globo homo society. The ineffectiveness of conservatism however being highlighted will be their downfall. And the perception of being chained to the constitution for any liberal party like the republicans will as well. Things will have to get a little more hairy before we can move society in the right direction. As for civil war destabilizing America, I believe this is kinda inevitable, especially now as the cia and others are vying for it for their deep state masters in their little civil war with the trumpist people. Remember though, we're not the trumpist people. Sure we may have some adjacent interests in common, but they're still run by jews end of the day. We're temporarily allied to take out a greater enemy in the diaspora bankers and rockefeller anglo types.

>>276251585As I age out into my late 20s I can't bear to see these kids get carried away into paramilitary violence. Throwing it all away before they see 25.

>>276251649Sounds like a reddit fag to me

>>276262331the article I read said they wanted to raid a national guard armory. id love to pick the brains of the dimwits who come up with these plans. >raiding national guard armory>becoming mercenaries for HAMASI cant tell whos trying to fool who and for what purpose


>>276262631They're fbi who are trying to divert right wing attention to be pro blm and antifa. It's a really cringe and pisspoor attempt though. It seems there is virtually no talent in modern intelligence agencies. Either that or they're intentionally being cringe to deter right wingers from supporting these commie movements. My guess is the former, they really are just underpaid losers with pretty meh tier IQ's.

>>276262189This is the closest I can find to the cars youtube is fucking deleting vids, I know you're talking about richie mcginniss interviewing kyle.

>>276251871Nothing has changed. Whites adopt blacks to prove they can civilize and make better. Who has a pic of the old paintings with British pet negros for the wealthy?

>>276262610it is sad but at the end of the day fuck em.

>>276260237Is that you user? >>276257534>>276257805>>276258674You can see the guy with the yellow bandana's instagram here >>276260237The media is so lazy they've convinced people it is some "white supremacist" group >>276260554I haven't been able to find that one either. Only the pic that was posted here on the night. Other anons might have it though. I have the other ones mentioned in my pic if you want them?>>276260877Kyle was already standing around in the area near the car park when those two groups approached. My theory is the ongoing argument between the pro-BLM "boog" group and the "regular BLM riot/loot group" that was taking place that became violent in that car park and Kyle seems to have been caught up in it. That would make the most sense from the timeline I've seen.

Attached: Yellow Guy 14.png (817x599, 110.54K)

>>276259358>that they're "not racist enough."When joining a racist group, make sure they are anti-jewish AND anti-Zionist. This goes the other way as well. When joining an anti-racist group, make sure they are "anti-racist enough"--i.e. that they call out jewish supremacy as well as gentile zionists.

>>276258261>i thought all mlnl aged libertarians converted to the alt-right?the boogs seem to be the ones that didn't

>>276259098Well in fairness, Libertarians can be considered "far-right". However the media has been heavily implying they are white supremacist/Trump supporters

>>276257805I was here for when they first hit the scene. Was probably the glowiest thing that ever glowed.Their rhetoric was "We're gonna put an end to this" and then just never doing it like actual fags. Now this has happened, and it all really just makes sense.I knew something was fucky with them when they first made their actual appearance, but this more or less feels like the last piece of the puzzle, and it annoys me greatly despite that since the bigger picture has already always been there for everyone with half a brain to work out as being a glow op.

Attached: Goddamnit.gif (500x375, 760.61K)

>>276263198I don't need the other ones, but thanks for asking user.I can't make out where kyle is in the gas station video when the tension rises, makes me wonder if he left or is just outside of the frame.>Other anons might have it though. You're right. I'll stop by a kyle thread when I see one to ask.

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>>276262631Holy shit raiding a government facility and collaboration with a foreign terror organization! It's like they want decades in a cell. >>276262499I see what you are saying. And yeah, it seems inevitable that we will face internecine conflict in this country. The left has already abandoned any sentiments that they held towards the constitution. Boomer conservatives might die on that hill. If the US gets nasty enough, the financiers will be forced to just bail out. There is not enough to gain by going down with a sinking ship. The cultural period of America has passed, the teknik of power that emerges will determine the shape of our nation into the future. It is absolutely essential that the waste is ablated from our society in favor of the European values and peoples that these lands are intended for.One of the greatest things trump has done I call the wolf effect. After a decade of tranny screeching about fascists, the American population will just ignore shit like that. We can have a real populist power emerge and the screams of the degenerates will be met with derision and then train rides.

>>276251585>MIGA posters are really just hick socialists who want to tongue palestinian anusWoah, who could have possibly ever seen this coming?

Attached: blue-wave.jpg (750x804, 196.44K)

>>276259358Oathcucks and Threeps will immediately rat you out to the feds or antifa if you're pro-White. They hate "nazis" ruining their image of pure constitutional egalitarianism more than any socialist or communist.

Attached: treason.jpg (872x982, 220.3K)

every single boogie boy that has popped up in the news since june all share the same traits. They all hate police, they all hate trump, , they hate the government. they all act like over the top caricatures, they love sharing the shittiest facebook memes.

>>276264113Anon reread the thread and then shoot yourself


>>276251585Taking the Soros bucks

>>276264379>>276264390Hope you show this post to your brown boyfriend before you drink his cum tonight sweetie.

There's a shadow side to systemic racism that they will never acknowledge. It is necessary because they've done everything else possible for the negro populations, yet still they're mired in poverty and crime. The Asians blew past them at lightspeed from a not much better starting position. But at this point hey've tried promoting the blacks preferentially, shotgunning limitless numbers of positive black role models in the media to the extent that negros are something like 5X over-represented versus any other race, provided endless hours of racial sensitivity training, pushed to lower educational standards to get blacks into higher education and even let them graduate with failing GPAs. All of this in hopes that something would stick. That something more than a basal few percent would create better lives for themselves and for their communities. But they haven't. Systemic racism is the last gasp - it has to be SOMETHING that the white people are doing (while ignoring the Asians as usual) because otherwise it might be the blacks themselves. And that's unthinkable. For now.

Attached: 1576957257054.jpg (1024x960, 65.58K)

>>276264269Which is actually helping us. They are getting attacked by the media and antifa and slandered as white supremacists. Republicucks will realize that there is no way to win the optics war while the media is controlled. They will embrace the third position.

>>276251585When did anyone not think that this made up group was part of Pantifa?Pantifa the White Supremacists, go hunt yourselves.

>>276251585Oh noes, a bunch of literal lefties are coming.

>>276251649So basically this is what the boogaloo movement encompasses.

>>276263815For me it look like a desperate attempt on the part of the deep state to start .... something. They failed so hard the first time but they are just double down doing the same thing again.I got it. Theirs boss still think they still manage to be successful. They never reported to theirs boss how they failed in the first place. And they are being yelled at to do anything in there power to fuck shit up.It look to me that Vice news as turn into a CIA farm. All the news from the Latest Antifa activist and those boog boy come from there now.

Attached: Force diversity training at the CIA.png (1076x1188, 678.58K)

>>276263878The Trump administration does have some ties to ourguys. The trumpist faction which has the most leverage over him though are not, they are in fact zionists, albeit perhaps less insane zionists than some of the neocon types. Trump has despite his shortcomings allowed for the destabilization of US media power (nobody trusts them on anything anymore), the exhaustion like you said of the slurs they use against NS, fascism, and most importantly his inherent ineffectiveness because of the constitutional republic meme the plutocracy in America uses then builds massive demand for circumventing it. If the Americans implode then Europe gains, we can remove the cia asset pedophiles from positions in the eu, and start to build racialist policy for the eu. As for America itself, while it still has potential, I believe it's far too degraded now to bounce back to its previous levels. We just have to be incredibly sure that the parasites who live there don't simply move to Europe. The UK being the foremost problem there with their ziocon brexit thing and Boris Johnson's loyalty to the Rothschilds.

>>276251585Yeah they’re total faggots, if ever they come around my way in minecraft I’d have a pop at them.

>>276256974I agree that yellow bandana guy looks the same, but when did he change shirts from big pattern flannel to small pattern flannel?

>>276264772and outside the twitter and MSM mkultra bubble, no one pays attention to this circus show. it really is a larp

>>276251585> advicate

>>276264634Prove he was pro-Trump before you have your gay interracial fantasies you fucking queer. >>276264772That hasn't been working out, they've just cucked harder. The overton window isn't shifting right, it's making it so that every militia needs a tranny Lt.

Attached: militia.jpg (874x186, 58.71K)

>>276251585Look at this virtue signaling

>>276251585>alphabetsdepraved, evil, scum, psychopaths, maybe literally demon possessed in some cases. People with a normal human beings moral compass would not be able to live with themselves.

Attached: aaaDkf6JGMUYAAZHZL.jpg (852x1024, 97.62K)

>>276252888God fucking dammit. I just put a "Boogaloo2020" sticker on my truck a couple months ago (mostly as a joke, before lolberts ruined it) and now I gotta take it off. Fucking gay.

>>276265325Sorry user, looks like you're gay now.

Attached: 1596763867659.jpg (675x658, 279.87K)

>>276265128>Prove he was pro-Trump before you have your gay interracial fantasies you fucking queer.They're not pro trump you fucking retard.The boogaloo term got taken by lefty militia's and used to arm other retarded lefties. That's why they got in contact with Hamas. It's a bunch of Bernie babies LARPing as militant resistance, which is why they want to suckle on palestinian cock.

>>276263198Funny thing, at the start of all this shitshow, boogaloo was exclusively "owned" by anti-ATF/pro-2A crowd. Leftist retards caught a whiff of a movement that is anti-government and started to identify with it. All of the original shitposters abandoned ship after an embarrassing string of events caused by larpers, which left "boog" full of BBC loving "anarchists" who basically highjacked the whole thing. If you see a "boog-boi", shoot on sight, he is not your friend.

Attached: 1569355606004.jpg (952x960, 144.89K)

>>276257805No, you just live under a rock. The "boogaloo" meme has been around for a few years now, just not as prevalent on Holla Forums as it was on /k/ or even Instagram. First time I heard "boogaloo" in reference to revolution was in late 2016.

>>276265128Fuck the overton window. Nigger fatigue is reaching new heights.>>276264927Wish I had friends like you irl. Normies can't think past next week. As soon as I mention blood and soil they lose their shit.

>>276252888>>276265481These fuckers are like the marxist kids who pose as "Anonymous", just take some concept and claim you're in it, what could go wrong. They could just as well call themselves "Antifa" or whatever. It doesn't make any difference.

>>276265531Then your original posts makes no sense faggot. You were calling out ziondon and now you're saying you didn't. I'm surprised schizo trash like you can solve the captcha without having a fit.

>>276263198>The media is so lazy they've convinced people it is some "white supremacist" groupIt seems anyone that shows up with kit and a rifle and isnt dark skinned gets labeled as suchYou should follow S2 underground

>>276265725Correct. That is the ultimate problem with tepid, inclusive political movements. There is literally no barrier for entry. Buy a Hawaiian shirt and a psa ar and you can be a boog fag. Without a command structure these regards are just asking to get entrapped. Can't say it's not glorious to see though.

>>276253152The night they suddenly spawned into existence was gold here. Nobody knew who the fuck they were and someone posted a wiki page, there was a thousand threads calling Holla Forums pussies and violent riots from black people and it was antifa who were inciting the violence, get the media was saying it was some Boogaloo Boys and they had zero footage of them and only black people looting in Minnesota was being shown, but it was all white supremacists, while a thousand slide threads made by Antifa came up to tell Holla Forums to go out and incite violence.

>>276251649>politicians aren't citizenswe should require military service for citizenship.

>>276265863Hey retard *knocks on your head like a coconut* the ZionDon posters are these same people that want to suck brown cock and larp as militants and march with BLM while stealing the boog meme.


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>>276263198That's not me, I don't have an IG account, I just remember this yellow mask glow nigger's IG account since it was posted in the early days of the riots in Kenosha.

>>276265662Silly fbi agent, we outmaneuvered you back in the 50s. Enjoy the show.

>>276265540>All of the original shitposters abandoned ship after an embarrassing string of events caused by larpersSome dipshit kid opened his mouth talking about burning down a police station trying to appeal to some niggers who do not give a fuck about why you're there...all while fox news was recording...> which left "boog" full of BBC loving "anarchists" who basically highjacked the whole thingThey were there from the start and once they had their pawns in admin or mod positions they pretty much tookover we even had some antifucks in the groups too apparently infiltrators or some shit.>If you see a "boog-boi", shoot on sight, he is not your friend.I wouldnt say that so bluntly but yeah the boog has been taken over by degenerates. Why do you think I jumped ship on the fucking movement?

>>276251585I see no hawaiian shirts but yeah they're all ancaps larping with Communists. So much if the libertarians.

>>276266309God I wish I was a cia nigger

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>>276266214Fucking hell I thought this board had reached the bottom of the barrel and then you made this post. There is willful ignorance and then there is this post. Somehow you think socialist-libertarians are the exact same people as ziondon posters. Fuck knows how you came to that conclusion but I don't know how you room temperature IQ people work. Yes they both love the BASED niggers and spics, but no boogers and trumpers were never the same people and aren't today. Fuck you are stupid.

>>276251649>left >boog boylol