How do we solve the Amerilarp problem?

These Amerimutts are all talk and no action.>lol muh guns>muh freedomI am yet to see anybody utilize those.

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>>276250918>just go shoot up a school broWhy

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>>276250918This is the best you discord trannies can come up with? The left really can't meme.

>>276250918I've killed three niggers.Two with a 9mm.One with a 5.7.

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>>276250918when the civil war happens u can hand ur funko pops to ur relatives and friends, and ill hand my guns to my relatives and friends

>>276250918>Prudence, indeed, will dictate that Governments long established should not be changed for light and transient causes; and accordingly all experience hath shewn, that mankind are more disposed to suffer, while evils are sufferable, than to right themselves by abolishing the forms to which they are accustomed. you should know where this comes from, you fucking anglo

>>276250918still not helping you lefties out

>>276250918>yet again a retarded yurp illustrates his absolute ignorance of what is going on in america

>>276251366dude, your wife sounds like a slut

>>276251366TFW so many guns, but no place to sleep.

>the 25 year old virgin rebel>has a CoD level loadout in real life>dies the instant they get into a real gunfight>niggers now have super cool loot


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>>276250918I feel bad for bingbongs. When you guys come to the states you always go to a gun range and spend stupid amounts of money renting guns and wasting ammo. Then you go home and avoid eye contact with the muslims who rape your kids. Very sad.


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>>276251366Lend me a fucking gun for the imminent civil war bro

>>276250918Better put that wojak in your churchill cuckbox to keep it from getting vandalized

>>276251366I'd say the chances are of this being true are highly probable. I grew up with someone that shot a nigger and got away with it. He cried like a little bitch one night while drunk. It was in a city dubbed the murder capital of that state and i'm sure they never once suspected a white person did the shooting.

>>276251331>This is the TRANNIES you TRANNIES trannies can TRANNIES up TRANNIES? The TRANNIES TRANNIES TRANNIES meme.

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>>276251366All those guns and you only killed three?..

>>276250918The guns are to defend ourselves, we are never going to go on the offensive, no matter how much you glow niggers wished we would. as long as the nigger hoards stay in leftist cities, we have no reason to respond.

>>276251366>tactical dirty laundry placement to hide illegal sbr 10/10

>>276251839>Lend me a fucking gun for the imminent civil war bro>guns were the cheapest they have been in decades from 2016-end of 2019>didn't buy any>probably thought people hoarding guns were dumb>Covid-19 and nigger riots of 2020 happens>WTF where did all the guns go?You probably have a sweet gaming PC though

>>276252052>we are never going to go on the offensiveWell at least the Americattle is being honest here. No wonder you are getting steamrolled.

>>276252001I have more these days

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>>276252205WTF why is one out of the packaging? Don't tell me you actually used one.

Half the point of arming yourself is deterrence. Only someone with the ability of forethought would grasp this concept. Everyone knows niggers and low iq materialists don't.

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>>276250918Nobody huh?

>>276252176>No wonder you are getting steamrolledWhere, name a right wing city that is having a problem with niggers and commies right now? Cops in right wing districts shut down the "protests of peace", so we don't need to respond.

>>276250918>bro you don't commit domestic terrorism whenever something you don't like happens? lol fukin larping mutts. haha. just give up your second amendment goy

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>>276250918Worst glownigger post ever.

>>276252347I used one as a luggage lock, actually. Had to fly into fagville for business.Got to play snooker tho.

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>>276252356They thought CCTV was a deterrent yet it fails to deter much crime.

>>276252356Imagine the grip on that pussy...

>>276251366nice FN SLP comp, thing shoots fast as fuck

>>276252052>as long as the nigger hoards stay in leftist cities, we have no reason to respond.youre instincts are right to assume those 'hordes' are not a threat but the judges, law enforcement leaders and politicians who are using them as a pretext to bring about legal changes are.500 joggers and skinny antifa larpers milling about with cardboard signs is all any of the above need to justify sweeping new surveillance laws, gun control and pretty much any other bullshit they want to impose, their reach goes way beyond the city limits.

>>276252716CCTV can't send hot metal through your body at lethal speeds

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>>276251366Why do you have two SCARS? What the fuck is your problem?

>>276250918Can’t hear you over the sound of Antifa getting shot by mere children.

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>>276250918watch asp on youtubeus and brazil use guns a lot

>>276252763Anon that's in her butt.

>>276251225Because that's where they turn your kids into liberals.

>>276250918You make this thread several times a day, every day. You have to come up with more creative bait to try and draw the white people out.

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>>276251996Wow you are really mad about being called out

>>276252852I don't see much hot metal flying around.

>>276251996Tranny detected.

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>>276252589hes a retard yurp, he cant comprehend how things work here

>>276252873Don't assume I only have two.

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>>276251581underrated post

>>276252845There are an estimated minimum 5 million new gun owners, and maybe up to 10 million. It was already difficult to pass gun control as many democrats are actually pro gun. It will only be harder now. California's 10 round magazine limit was struck down as unconstitutional by 2 courts in a row. This is key to Biden passing the assault weapons ban again like he promises. A key part of that was limiting magazines to 10 rounds and it has been found unconstitutional twice.

>>276252832It out speeds my Komrad for the length of the tube, but the lack of a detachable mag means the Komrad wins the race to 20.

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>>276251705Blacks are notoriously bad shots.

>>276252589There are 0 right wing cities in america. They are steam rolling you and your only cope is that they haven't rioted in your trailer park in the middle of no where yet. Niggers fuck you cucks up.

>>276251507this>lefties invite nigger pets>niggers chimp out on white lefties>lefties cry for help>right wing militia come in to help>lefties call the right wing militia fascistsnoone in their right mind is falling for this trap, we don't care what goes on in left wing hell holes. They did it to themselves. and the Proud Cucks, boogaloo bitches and any organisation that goes to those lefty cities as a militia are an obvious glow nigger psy op.

>>276250918>Not having a Funko pop brand handgun

>>276253033Thats because you live in an irrelevant country without basic freedoms.Here in the states, only minorities are firing guns off illegally. Homogeneous white neighborhoods are peaceful in places where guns are illegally and unconstitutionally restricted. Non homogeneous areas that are peaceful are only so because everyone knows everyone else is armed. In Texas, you can live in lower income areas that you'd expect would be crime ridden, but since everyone is armed, everyone follows the NAP.

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>>276252845I live in the woods, don't care what happens in the city.

>>276250918You're not any better.


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>>276253500Is it so hard to believe that people who do psy-ops might actually be spreading propaganda that leads gun owners to sit on their hands and do nothing? It's just as practical that they wait out demographics so all their political enemies are too old to fight.

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>>276253434>There are 0 right wing cities in americaAmerica is still further right than ANY country in Europe.

>>276253088incredibly based. YES chad in its truest form.

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>>276250918> plz accelerate ;_;are you saying we all should be more like the 17yo terrorist-kike killer? ok Abraham, you got it.

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>>276253898Cope. More americans didn't vote trump than did because he said mean things about muslims. You should count your lucky stars for the electoral college. We were told the same thing about brexit but a majority of us voted for it, cos we're not pussies like americans.

>>276252763Found the virgin guys

>>276253826in rural areas we have stronger community bonds, I know at least half the people in my area. 500 men in the woods could hold off a nigger hoard. trying to go after rural america would be like Vietnam, except rural Americans are better armed than the Vietnamese were.

>>276250918>be OP>need loicense to own butter knife>why do americans own so many gunscause we can

>>276253088oops, and >checked

>>276253346As a wise user once stated. "It appears to have a jew grip can you change it?"That thing is sick, nice collection

>>276251366I only own a canik tp9 sf, i want to get a rifle but i'm undecided on what to get atm.

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>>276253898Nice cope 56%

>>276253183them allowing you to own all sorts of weapons hasnt stopped criminals taking control of every courtroom, university and capital building in america, much like it hasnt stopped them taking control of what information is being pumped into childrens heads through the media for generations. they arent serious about taking guns at all.2020 has been a massive shit test of how far can they push the population and so far theyve been unstoppable everywhere (including the UK), the difference between the US and everywhere else in the world is that theyve had to enforce a police state on europe to get the population to comply with whatever bollocks the pump out (kneeling, mask wearing, coming vaccines, complete nwo power grabbing of the economy) and in the Us, the cattle have gone along willingly all while entirely capable of putting an end to it.on the old pedogate threads there were maps posted constantly of all their hideouts, tunnels and dens, the US is covered in them, not one has ever been investigated by freedumb boys.

>>276253088Do you sell drugs is that how you killed niggers and got the money to procure such weapons?

>>276251946The two niggers I killed first were caught trying to rob my neighbor's house. We were drinking out back behind my place. Climbed over the fence and mag dumped a 24 round mag into my neighbor's living room through a window.The cops didn't even ask questions, just gave us their preferred nigger blood cleaning service business card.The other nigger was caught trying to break into my truck outside of a concert.I was drunk as fuck. Cops only asked that I didn't drive home- and I wasn't going to. My girlfriend then didn't drink.

>>276251366I’m guessing not self defense?

>>276254263The propaganda isn't for you if you are so rural as that. But when the fighting is over in the important regions; you will get starved out by cowardly and effective technology. It will be inglorious and history won't even talk about it.

>>276254152Hillary Clinton is further right than right wing europeans. She still believed in American exceptionalism, if she had won we'd be in more wars. Trump is actually more left wing on foreign policy and economics than Clinton was. Bernie Sanders is the reason for the commie hoards, the commies make up at most 8% of our country, but the UK literally has a communist political party "labor party" which is like half of brits.

>>276252589They were all right wing cities a generation ago.

>>276251996Just chop it off and kill yourself already.

>>276254433only ones coping are no gun countries like you.

>>276254550No.Most of these guns were bought with side gig cash.

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>>276252670you're a fucking gook, aren't ya?

>>276251581Underrated and kek

>>276254281Its more about the fact you dont use your guns because you have no balls. You limp wristed faggots have a race war going on in every city and suburb and you havent stopped it. You have the ability to, but you just dont have the balls. You are cucks. The american race must die.

>>276250918>discord trannies want us to shoot them so they can finally dieNo thanks, not providing assisted suicide.

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>>276254680>you will get starved outeveryone I know has a garden, we have chickens and goats. and we get a pig every year.besides that we always go hunting, I can fill my freezer with enough venison to feed my family for the year when it comes down to it.

>>276253660im sure there were villagers saying the same thing in russia back in1917 during their civil war, they still ended up living in the soviet union, their kids were still conscripted to go die in stalingrad.the same thing could be said of rural china, hell even in the rural south of the US there were probably loads of outlier villages of people who were avoiding the party but all of them still ended up having to live with millions of free'd sit things out and somebody else gets to decide for you.should add, im not saying YOU personally or anyone else itt has to go do anything but the mentality of believing the nothing outside your front lawn matters is suicidal.

>>276254329Hahahaha, I threw away that made in Israel shit before I shot it for the first time. Good call.

>>276254433Fuck off Chang you’re not dividing and conquering NA eat shit and kys

>>276254263Not that niggers would want anything in the middle of the woods.

>>276254425You don't have to go Gucci, just buy a decent 5.56 and train.

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>>276254589yee haw am i right, you are lucky they aren't smart enough to shoot you first

>>276254444Post some in Washington. I will check them out. I trained with my uncle from age 7 because i wanted to be force recon, then got fucked out of enlistment due to bad knees. I would be happy to put my life to good use, given all other avenues have become closed to me.

>>276252176>Americattle >says the guy whose government barely lets him have eating utensils

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>>276254779congrats. arm your fucking neighborhood when shtf or just become a loot crate I guess.

>>276254779So you're a e-celeb and that's how you get paid? Did you ever have to testify about the niggers you killed or was it the scenario I spoke about above. Shitty nigger cities where nobody talks to the cops no matter what happens.

>>276255215We have plenty of knives here, what's your point?

>>276250918Some men think having a lot of guns increases masculinity, like having a lot of truck. You'll even hear people say "let them try and come haha i have so many guns" like that adds to their threat level. You cannot use all 100 of your guns at once, so 99 of them mean absolutely nothing if someone comes for you. The person with one gun and 100 hours of training is far more formidable. Invest in training bros, you really only need a handgun and a rifle. Maybe 2 of each but even that makes training more difficult due to different manual of arms.

>> a search for old pedogate threads im sure there will be some maps of DC.

>>276254680>you will get starved outalso, Cities don't grow food, cities rely on rural areas for food. it's cities that would starve.if it comes down to a war between rural America vs urban America. Urban Americans can't win. blockading cities has been a tactic for thousands of years, you can't blockade farm lands. you'd have to hunt down the people living in rural areas, but they know their land better than you and will be prepared. that's what happened in Vietnam.

>>276250918Hey look a British Glownigger....this is seriously weak bait coming from a country where citizens can't have knives but constantly get killed by peaceful Islamatards.

>>276250918cringeOP must be a lefty with memes like this

>>276254909Freezers need electricity, dumbass. Look into other methods of preservation and hydroponics if you want to survive this shit. Drying the meat out and packing it in salt is always a good option, but you can also store it in brine like salt pork. all this can be done with Mason jars

>>276255240they obviously don't understand that a determined enemy could easily beat them if they wanted toyeah a few niggers are easy even we could beat them without guns, but when you get an enemy who decides to do things tactically you're "lol just mag dump" so-called "tactics" may not be very effectiveby the sounds of it he's never had to deal with a competent opponent

Can a gun hoarder please explain the need for 20 guns?Wouldn't it be wiser to invest in fewer guns (example: 1 handgun/revolver and two semiautomatic) of different types and more in ammo?

>>276255291My point is that you're full of shit

>>276255357I said Washington. Not DC. The state is Washington. DC is DC. Stop being retarded. If you won't post anything i will just continue as planned. Whiny cunt

>>276255092Unfortunately, that nigger still busted the lock on my truck. If I ever see a nigger near it again, I'm shooting and driving away.

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>>276251366The based serial killooooor.

>>276254684After labour let in the migrants they've not won since and wont until we are a minority. We are dumb people i wont lie, the majority of us actually believe the tories are right wing and will stop the non-whites and eastern europeans coming here. They wont. Millions of us voted bnp which main policy was repatriation of non-whites and holocaust denial etc.. But then the media made out ukip was the new bnp so people switched to that. But even so republicans have never been as based as the BNP. Remember where the skinhead fashion started, in the 80s/90s we had neo nazis beating the fuck out of pakis in every town and city. For example our most diverse area is east london, which was where the national front was really popular and even oswald mosley in the 30s. They are making our most nationalist areas mutliculti shit holes and pushing whites into the country side. More americans voted democrats than republican and it wasnt because they are right-wing lol thats a cope its because they literally want to genocide white americans. We've all seen thousands of americans kneeling.

>>276255540>bill of needs

>>276255271Never testified.I pay my mortgage and bills with a real job.

>>276250918OP is right and not necessarily a faggot for once.plenty of 2A fags on social media, posting photos of their guns, updating their facebergs with photos of them shooting guns, showing off their SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED bumper stickers, etc. They love talking about guns, shooting guns, injecting guns into every fucking discussion.But if you ever go up to them and ask them for advice on how to go about purchasing a gun for the first time, where to go if you want to practice shooting, want to learn firearm safety, what classes to take, etc. they will NOT help whatsoever.I live in Oregon and I see fags with OREGUNIAN merch, posting "Oregon push back!" type of shit on social media. When shit began hitting the fan I asked them where to go about taking classes, where a good shooting range is, etc. They told me "uhh... check google, dude"Useless fags just want to have circle jerks over their 2A gun freedumz hurr durr

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>>276254779Sean Havok is that you?

>>276255215>armed to the teeth>legally allowed to remove tyrannical governments>still israels greatest ally>still chopping the end of your sons dicks off>still home to tranny story timewoah rest of the world btfo.every other country has had a police state imposed on them and youre STILL on the same path.if the english, germans or french had american gun laws, self defense laws and culture of ownership, the world would be a far brighter place.

>>276254877Some of us live in white states that are higher than 95 percent white.You're too stupid to realize the problem isn't the niggers and nobody I know cares if all the nigger infested cities get burned to the ground. There will hopefully come a time when the country collapses and war is the norm, and it is a guarantee the niggers will be sent back to africa or slaughtered. There is zero chance of them winning.

>>276254281Theres no knife licence, only checks or amnesties , theres shit loads of eastern Europeans in most towns. If you want guns you can get some here

>>276255366Muslims have killed more americans than brits. And lets remember how many non-whites kill white americans each year. Its no way near close, not even using per capita. 3-5 people dead by non-whites each year in this country vs 10,000s in yours.

>>276255618he's only killed three people and they were dumb incompetent niggers, he wouldn't stand a chance against Ted

>>276250918that meme comes off as the most hilarious cope from someone who isn't allowed to own any guns

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>>276252873One's a 17 in 7.62x51 and the other's a 16 in 5.56x45, judging by the magazines.

>>276253020>didnt make the thread>not a leftist>Y-Y-YOU GOT CALLED OUT

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>>276255567>if i dont see it, it isnt happeningmaybe the stoorer meme in op is right

>>276254835Just a fat white guy

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>>276254732No they weren't. Most cities have been run from top to bottom by demokikes for well in excess of 60 years

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>>276255362Open skies and chemical tricks. Finance and money. War supplies. You aren't winning this. Industry > agriculture. Also many urban people will get deliberately sent to you to die.

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>>276254742NO, TO BOTH, my dear sweet user>>276253057stale meme

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>>276255240>arm your fucking neighborhoodThat's the plan. It's just hard to find good white supremacists these days.

>>276255723If you are asking a random person andndisplay that level of ignorance no responsible gun owner is going to want anything to do with you and will tell you to figure it out yourself. You have a right to a firearm but i am not giving advice to an uneducated dumbass

>>276255876Nobody uses those paid for trump memes except faggots.You are the one who reacted to being called a tranny with a huge amount of butthurt.That means it must be true.

>>276255908I was all for changing my plans, but you have given me no genuine reason to. I am not telling you what they are. Post maps or shut up

The gun consoomers are the best. They'll be like mini armories for the neighbors they like

>>276254928very true. in the russian civil war, communists from the cities when out to rural areas and just took the food from the farms. the rural people couldn't stop them.

>>276256236ill just shut up them, after all its white children in your country who are the victims, take as much interest as you feel their suffering deserves.

>>276255785Even your whitest state which is maine is not 95% white. And lets look at regions of england, not even countries of the uk which every single 1 apart from england is over 96% white. The southwest of england has 5 times the population of maine and yet has a higher percentage of whites at over 95%.

>>276256039it won't matter who's a white supremacist or not when we're finally up against the wall. anyone who could potentially operate one of those fancy firearms will have to sink or swim basically. you'll see.

>>276250918>>276250918Why are you useless subhuman niggers so fucking impatient?If you're so fucking suicidal, just do it already.Stop being a coward, poking the Bear just to get mauled because you're too much of a faggot to do it yourself.Welcome to the Long Game, nigger.Your anxiety, and paranoia is a welcomed surprise gift from this phase.Relax. You WILL be eradicated. Try to enjoy yourself until then, jew. You're going to have a heart attack before we get to you.That wouldn't be fair now, would it?Patience, jew.

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>>276255540none of these american gunbug types are serious. they just like to collect this kind of stuff (body armor, guns, night vision goggles, etc.). all that shit may as well be stamps or baseball cars for all intents and purposes.

>>276250918>lefties hate guns and think they should be illegal because they would go on shooting sprees if they had guns>righties own guns for personal protection and sport>lefties riot and burn down their own cities>right wing cities and states don't have any rioting>"What the fuck, why aren't the people with guns stopping the rioters?!!?!"They've made the mess, now they get to live with it.

>>276252205Based and SCARpilled

>>276256230Hey, cool it with the reddit spacing, bro

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>>276256554I will never, ever, under any circumstances, help a nigger in any capacity.

>>276256270That is my plan. Most of my friends and family have their own guns but I can fully arm an additional 4 or 5 people if I need to.

>>276250918Jokes on you faggot I’m 35

>>276256844that's all I ask.

>>276256405The people benefiting don't stay underground and feel quite secure in their big fancy houses with far too many windows to be safe

>>276256041>hurr durr ur an uneducated dumbass for asking questionsstupid fuck; that's how you learn. if you don't have the common decency to answer basic fuckign questions about the hobby you jerk your dick raw over then maybe you're too much of an immature double-digit IQ asswipe to own a gun in the first place.

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>>276255763Not really. I could buy 20 crossbows, post pictures of my collection with tedious details about arrowheads, but the darkies will still keep coming to this country.

>>276257543Actually no, the way you learn is study. THEN you can go ask experienced people more specific questions. This is what is known as "taking responsibility". Grow the fuck up and learn on your own, like a man does

>>276256439It was 94.2 percent. Either way violent revolution should've happened in the nineties or prior. There was a plot unconvered by General Smedley Darlington Butler a long time ago. They should've dug deep to find out of the same families that rule the world were the cause of that and wiped them off the planet back then. They came to him and asked him to lead a coup to take over the country, IIRC he was a battle hardened hero. It blows my mine that you eurocucks have the desire/nerve to even post in such threads. I never not once felt the need to go into a thread about your shitty inbred, crooked toothed people and try and convince people of my beliefs. In the end it may very well be just a war between jews and white men as some theories suggest. I'm starting to seriously consider that they aren't the same species and it would make sense since I firmly believe they are hybrids from the result of satan bearing Cain with Eve. The book titled My Irrelevent defense on Jewish ritual murder by Arnold Leese is more important than any single thing discussed in this thread right now and most people here don't read shit and wont even consider it. The book is available in pdf in this link below. was also another book written by the son of the chief rabbi of Rome about jewish ritual murder and he almost got killed for printing it in Italian and releasing it for sale.

>>276250918Allow me to introduce you to my king kyle rittenhouse

>>276250918Why did someone make a wojo meme about me? How did they know that I'm 37?

>>276255505You have to go back to lēddit, nigger.

I support the right of these Jew loving simpletons to buy as many guns and opiates as they like.

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>>276255975You obviously think you're going to win, memeflaggot. Why all the fanfare, propaganda, riots, and psy op bullshit then?Why not do it already, nigger?Oh, right. Because you're full of shit, realize you underestimated your enemy, over estimated your own capability, and put your faith in the hordes of broken drug addicts that have since proven how utterly worthless, and impossible to control and manipulate anymore. You dumbed down your own army way too far.It's more fun to watch, than to rush out and get a piece of your chaos right now.That's half the reason no one is taking your bait.You're destroying yourselves, while we get stronger, more organized, and catch the masses that are running away from your commie idiocy.Trying to demoralize this place with just more of the same shit that hasn't work, at all, for the past 5 years says more about your weakness, and desperation, than any degradation in morale we are experiencing.Even your "heroes" and "martyrs" are fucking felons, and degenerate human waste.The Universe has definitely turned against you.No one fears you.This is more than half your game.WE are daring you to keep poking the Bear....and you are hesitating.We see YOU!!!

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>>276250918>buys guns>worships jew god that commands do not kill

>>276256617This guy gets it. So many people don't have a fucking clue about how many child saints there are that were ritually murdered by subhuman jews. Roman catholicism teaches it's followers to basically worship saints, but it's an extremely odd conicidence the most important saints are never spoke of or even known. There is a fucking Bas relief on a church depicting what took place in that painting and people still have no clue. It's amazing the jews haven't ordered it destroyed as they've done many other times to change the true history of their satanic blood rituals.

>>276258073I didn't read your post. You are a dummy.

>>276257543>hobby>poo poo pee pee!!!!!Why are all of you faggots always so unaware of your own blinding glow?Go the fuck away, nigger.

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>>276250918>Bong FlagAh, I see.

>>276250918As a 38 yo gun stoorer, there's some truth to this meme. But also a lot of misunderstanding.As someone from a tiny country like the UK, I don't think you realize how vast the US is. And how distant the riots seem when you live in rural America.If riots came to my town, I'd certainly pop anyone trying to burn down my neighborhood. But that's the catch-22. As Heinlein said, "An armed society is a polite society". Nothing is going to happen near me, because everybody is armed and knows how to use firearms, and would pop looters and arsonists.Its because cities don't have tightly-knit high-trust communities of armed citizens that rioters can riot without consequence.And so that's where the rioters go - the places where they can destroy and get away with it.

absolutely BASTEamerijewmongrelmcmurkyMUTTS irrevocably BLOWN the fuck OUT

>>276254211What's wrong with being a virgin?

>>276250918Were still a 10/10 in bongland

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>>276258800thanks for pointing this out. I almost took this post seriously.

>>276259255Is this real?

>>276251331>This is the best you discord trannies can come up with? The left really can't meme.

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>>276250918Oh and the "only tests them occasionally (probably not)" is a very bongland take. If you weren't ignorant, you'd know that 5.56 is now like $1 /round, if you can find it at-all.Training is getting expensive, and I don't want to deplete ammo that I can't replace.Self-loading is becoming more popular, but then you need a loading bench and you need to learn the best ratios for primer and powder not to fuck up your gun.

>>276255362You do understand cities have ports right? They're the ones that would be able to import all their food. Meanwhile rural areas don't have that. You're the one who will starve without gasoline, fertilizer and pesticides.

>>276251366SCAR in 5.56 and 7.62I approve.

>>276251946This should happen more often.

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Europe when times are peaceful with an occasional incident: Look at all this gun crime. You psychos don't need these guns.Europe when there is a ton of civil unrest that is mostly childish lefties setting off fireworks and shooting each other: WHY AREN'T YOU GUYS GOING OUT IN THE STREET AND DUMPING MAGS REEEEE!!!

>>276250918You're allowed to have shotguns, yet you aren't stopping rapists from destroying your children's vaginas before they reach 13.I can't hear you.

>>276251366That's awesome. Also checked. I wish I could have a setup like you (meaning my own place and everything).

>>276257571would you be allowed to legally carry your crossbow anywhere you want explicitly for self defense? would you be allowed to carry it around with you in your car? would you be allowed to use it?does your country have a constitution that says>A well regulated Militia being necessary to the security of a free State the right of the people to keep and bear Arms shall not be infringed.because the americans do, yet here they are, not living in a free state.


>>276254001This is a nice set up, user. Please be wooman.


>>276260287We're all going to make it, bro.I had lows. I like my life these days.Find your hobbies. Spend more time outside.

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>>2762550295.56 ammo is rare.I've been using my .308 more because I can't be sure I can replace 5.56 that I expend. And .308 is expensiveT.T

>>276256844Fucking BASED and CHECKED

>>276259447How is this wholesome pic a rebuttal of "the Left can't Meme"?sage

>>276260658Thanks user. I live in Southern Commiefornia (California) and it's rough out here. And that's just the weather. In my city in Socal the high today is 114. ONE HUNDRED AND FUCKING FOURTEEN DEGREES. I haven't had the need to go out and stuff lately anyways and I don't work right now so I just stay home and chill (not literally unfortunately). Even if there was no covid19 and antifa commies fucking shit up, I would still not go out on a day like today. Once everything calms down I'll try and take up photography again and go hiking in the mountains here in SoCal.

>>276260973an overweight zionist with an eating disorder is not wholesome

>>276250918>angloI would put the Americans to shame if we had a 2A, i always wanted to collect guns

>>276251366>scar16>scar17>Gucci ar>mcx>5-7>fnx45 tactical>one chinesium scope between all of themBruh

>>276256035Tranny getting toasty. Do the needful.

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>>276252873Have a buddy with same setup. SCAR-17 is probably the best 7.62x51 semi currently on the market in terms of reliability and weight. Not easy to support logistically due to expense and proprietary nature, but solid choice of battle rifle if you have unlimited funds.SCAR-16 makes less sense. It's heavier, less flexible, and much pricier than an equivalent AR platform, but probably marginally more reliable. In his case, it has the advantage of identical muscle memory to the SCAR-17.Personally I am an AR guy because it's the standard in the US and I can get parts from everywhere (and can make most of them in a pinch). Logistics. The SCAR bolt design is unquestionably an improvement though, the ability to adopt folding stocks is cool, and the operating system has its pros if you don't mind a fuck ton of reciprocating mass.

>>276262811I have plenty of ARs.

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>>276255910clean yuor fingernails u slob.

>>276261835It's not an mcx. It's FN's AR pistol.I bought guns before optics, but I have optics now.

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>Basedjak Thread #35346342352Move along, citizen.

>>276250918>I am yet to see anybody utilize those.So you admit you have not been paying any attention.

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>>276251366>One with a 5.7.Uh, storytime?

>>276255913>tell me, do you think I'm to blame?

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>>276250918Meme is cringe af bong

>>276250918You glownigger. Who’d you piss off at RC HQ to get stuck on Sunday Echo?Hi Andrew!

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>>276255540Different calibers, different action types, different build quality, etc. A lot of it is testing/buying what you want to see how you like it. After that a lot of people are just like "Meh why sell it in case shit gets banned." An example would be buying Russian produced AK's and the sanctions the US put on Russian imports. Certain AK variants went to double and even triple the price of what they were 10 years ago.

>>276264608I got drunk at a concert in Austin, came back to a nigger breaking into my truck, killed him dead. Shot him like 15 times out of my 21 round mag dump.

>>276265070out fucking standing.any comments on 5.7 efficacy? what kinda rounds were you using

>>276265247I like it because it has virtually zero recoil and a deep mag. I was using the FN red box was dead before he hit the ground.He was wearing normal nigger clothes, not anything ballistic rated- so I don't think the five seven offered any real improvement over a normal, common round like 9mm, other than reduced recoil. Which, admittedly, is nice when you're drunk.

>>276251705r8 my loadout

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>>276254589Wtf I really don’t buy this, but whatever

>>276263551Should I guy the FNx 45 or 9?

I goofed and waited a little too long. Still have a gun now, but only have 4 full 17+1 mags and 100 rounds extra.