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Sounds more like a Muslim attacking women without proper coverings.


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>>276250095Heard it was a nig from some uncut interview I saw earlier, can't remember where it was tho

>>276250095Early reports of 'racial epithets' being heard, so definitely a muddy


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>>276250384I would oppress the hell out of the purple haired girl on the far right.

>>276250274that would still be classified as an incel attack

>>276250095>Bar owner Savvas Sfrantziz says he saw the man, who he describes as 'black, in his 20s and wearing a hoodie', stab the woman 'several times' in the neck before 'walking away'.Never relax

>>276250095>black, in his 20s and wearing a hoodie', stab the woman 'several times' in the neck before 'walking away'.I told you faggots niggers are incels

>>276250848The daily mail article says it's a nigger

>>276251467Kek. They’ll NEVER find the dude


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>>276251332Nope, they fuck goats so they aren't celibate.

>>276250095Did a Muslim male stab many lesbians? It was a gay area, sounds like.

>>276251467PART AND PARCEL

>>276251726Birmingham is even more ethnically diverse than London, the country's capital city. The 2001 census confirmed that 70.4% of the people of Birmingham were white, 19.5% were Asian, 6.1% were Black, 0.5 were Chinese, 2.5% were mixed race, and 0.6 were of another ethnic group.Birmingham population circa 2011: 1.086 millionI dunno user that's only like 60k people they need to sift through

Gay village? Wtf?

>>276252613y'all don't have gay villages in a place named paragay?

>>276252613huh? first time?>>276252902kek

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>>276250095Are stabby knives legal in Birmingham?

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>>276253779UK knife law allows you to carry non-locking pocket knives with a blade length up to 3 inches (7.62 cm) without any need for a valid reason. You are allowed to carry a knife which exceeds these guidelines in public, but please remember: you then do need a good reason to carry long as its a smol blade that doesnt lock in place you can have one

>>276251049They are saying its not terror related. And suspect is black.So its looking like BLM inspired and stabbing white women


>>276250095I know who the killer was, his name was Achmed Muhammed. So you can't arrest him really.

>>276250095"says he saw the man, who he describes as 'black, in his 20s and wearing a hoodie', stab the woman 'several times' in the neck before 'walking away'." - just nigs being nigs.

>>276254087They should require background checks to buy a knife. That will stop these attacks.

>>276250095crazy how it keeps happening

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>>276250095they voted for thisnow let them drown in their own blood

>>276253779He had a stabbing license

incels will slay, one way or another.

>>276250095White or Moslem?

>>276250095>DOZENS OF WOMEN STABBED"'A man has tragically died. Another man and a woman have suffered serious injuries and five others have also been injured, although their injuries are not thought to be life-threatening."

>>276254480>KEK"Parts and parcels of living in a modern progressive, multicultural/diverse city" he said.

>>276250095>Bar owner Savvas Sfrantziz says he saw the man, who he describes as 'black, in his 20s and wearing a hoodie', stab the woman 'several times' in the neck before 'walking away'. 100% guaranteed that she was paying the toll.

>>276250095all muslims are incelsthis is why they rape and diddle kidstheir whole religion revolves around those two things

>>276254795a real nigger

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good news at last

Who cares....? No action, a bunch of cucked men in the UK let it happen. Birmingham is basically a Muslim shitskin enclave at this point. The Muslims were probably cheering it on. If the attacker was white, I’d be surprised.

>>276250274You are confusing countries, muslim attack was in France



>>276250095Those damn incels (muslims).

>>276250095>IncelFrom the religion of peace?

>>276254497dont even need to check peoples backgrounds just make guns/knives expensive as can be

>>276250384I would oppress them all.

>>276250095This is terrible. The UK should ban knives. Then this wouldn't happen.

>>276250095>INCELthats good wording because the majority thinks white loser when they hear the term. also, when they find out hes black theyll attribute the violence to his lack of sex.

>>276250274Came here to post this.FPBP!!!!!!!!/thread.I cant wait to see what the suspect looks like and what is.

>>276250095>UKpart and parcel

>>276250095>West Midlands Police say there were then a number of other stabbings in the Gay Village and Snow Hill areasheh

>>276250095incel kino inbojnd

>>276250095It was a muslim nigger. Obviously the media will leave out the muslim part

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>>276252995Bob Barker always says, Neuter and spay your pets. Start with these 2.

>>276250095BASED BASED BASEDUse the knaifu to take the biocunt's laifu

>>276257137If anything they will leave out the black part, blacks can do no wrong right now

>>276250095>INCELIs this some new PC word for nigger?

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>>276250095If he only attacked women he is based and a hero.

>>276251956Europe will not survive

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Nigs gonna nog, of course, never relax, but 100% this was a religion of peace job. Cunt's probably named Mohammed and from Somalia.

>>276254531Didnt they vote for a (((conservative))) and he turned out to be a cuck? I think you underestimate how much our politicians want us dead. Any politician who is genuine would never be allowed to gain power.

>>276257821it's just a coincidence

>The stabbings do not appear to be terrorism related >At this stage we believe that the attacks were random and we have no indication of a motive.Uh sure sounds like terrorism to me bud.They're fucking deathly afraid of naming suspects as black or muslim, even when it narrows down the suspect list, since it doesn't suit their narrative.

>>276258007Lol hilarious, it must be.

>>276250095Where is our hero ????

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>>276250095The gentleman in this photo does not appear to be English.Is he a tourist visiting England for the holidays?

>>276250095>blackIt's FACEandLMS 100%

>>276258954In the Globalist jewish media its only Terror Inc. if committed by their hated white gentiles.

>>276259074Busy getting drunk and calling people kurwa

>>276259165He's as British as anyone else m8. British isn't about race

>>276251590BASED nigger if he unironically targeted white whores top kek

>>276250095>can't find a nigger migrant who stabs people for over 2 hours>can track down and charge a man having a piss 10 feet from a war memorial>Shows up within minutes of a stabbing at a Mosque>hundreds of officers available to shut down white people protesting rapists and terrorists flooding into the country>arrest two teenage kids for posting a pic of them parodying the knee on the neck on facebook>stand idly by when a Paki has a knife in his hand after he stabs a womanSeriously stop even talking to them, don't comply with their shit, act like they aren't even there because they never are when needed.FUCKTHEPOLICE!

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>>276252335Old numbers.Wiki says the 2011 numbers are 58% white. By now its guarenteed to be

>>276260012>WAAAAAAHHHH THE POLICE SHOULD ONLY ENFORCE LAWS THAT I WANT THEM TOO WAAAHHHHpathetic incel I bet you never leave your mom's house lmao

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This is all well and good, but when are the mass sleeper cell activations all across Europe happening? I want to see war in the streets of every capital.

>>276260318well the next census isnt until 2021 so 58% is as accurate a dataset as you or i have for now

>>276250095It was blax

>>276250095isn't birmingham full of shitskins?

>>276251467Thoughts and prayers

>>276250095>number of other stabbings in the Gay Village>women deadkekbased attackers

>>276257638>>the youth in question


>>276260764Isn't every English city?

>>276252335did you just specifically pointed out to a burger what the name of UK capital city is?how nobody laughed at this yet?

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>>276256196black hair/ glasses in the back is nasty, the rest can get this oppression

>>276257638some classic british stock right there.

>>276261144Yours will be too when the EU is done with you

>>276261199it was just a copypaste from googling birmingham demographics probably should have stuck it in greentext for clarity

>>276254328TL;DR He was nigger

>>276250095did this incel scream aluhu ackbar while he was doing it?

>>276254531Germany doesn’t take in ‘refugees’? Or do you say “we voted for this” when it happens there?

>>276250384Have sex, you toxic fucking incel loser

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>>276258696Bruh all of this shit started in the 90s with Tony Blair. Since Blair, every politician has been desperate to copy his success so just became an unthinking populist clone of him. Boris Johnson is the logical conclusion of this; a blathering idiot with no plan, no goals, who just likes the idea of being the boss.

>>276250384SSRI, birth control, and wine chemical cocktail lobotomy

>>276257754>Neuter and spay your pets.Faggots don't reproduce that way.

>>276261297I know. Most of them already are.

>>276250095OP figured out that after the article number you can literally write anything in the URL and the link will still work

>>276250095>1 dead 7 stabbed with a serrated kitchen knifeUSA should ban trade with UK until they allow their citizens basic human rights of freedom of speech and carrying guns to defend themselves.

>>276263078The amusing thing is that would actually work. The politicians here bend over backwards to lick America's feet

>>276260567Why not extrapolate the data assuming a constant rate?2001: 70%2011: 58 %2021: 46 % (projected)Might even be more, considering the 2015 rapefugee crisis and subsequent influx.

>>276254087>remember: you then do need a good reason to carry it.I'm assuming that "self defense" is not a valid reason.

>>276250095>dozens of British women stabbed>suspect still at largeBased. As. Fuck. Nothing of value was lost.

>>276254531You voted for this as well. Heck, you didn't even leave the EU, the Brits did. Until you do a referendum and kick the globalists' asses (at least symbolically), you don't have much of a leg to stand on.Better drop this stupid old-fashioned nationalist attitude for a modern nationalist stance that respects and networks with other countries' nationalist forces to support each other, otherwise we WILL all perish. This "haha, let them burn, they deserve it, they are all cucks" can be said about pretty much EVERY western nation nowadays, it's pointless and stupid. Unless you want to sow division, of course, then that's understandable.


>>276250095PART AND PARCEL

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>>276260012Serious question, user, how the fuck do unarmed police enforce the law in your country, and why don't your criminals just kill them when they try to?

imagine being such a butthurt permavirgin you go on a rampage lmfao.git gud and have sex incel

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