Hitler wanted to exterminate 90-95% of Eastern Europe after the war, as planned with Generalplan Ost. You can cope...

Hitler wanted to exterminate 90-95% of Eastern Europe after the war, as planned with Generalplan Ost. You can cope, you can seethe, you can blame da joos, but this is a fact supported by German, American, British, Russian, and all other nationality historians specializing in the periodIn the last thread, only two Nazi's had the balls to admit this. The rest of the Nazi's were in denial and full on damage control. Another user in the last thread explained quite well why the Nazi LARPERS are trying to deny the plans of Hitler and the Nazi's to exterminate the majority of Slavs.>It’s pretty simple, there’s several reasons. Firstly they want to eleiminate any guilt from the Nazis and make them seem as the good guys, good guys don’t go around murdering civilians so it’s hard to convince people the Nazis were good. The logical approach for them to pretend that all Nazi war crimes are fake, that Nazis had good intentions of “liberating” people from Jews or what not. Despite all evidence this is the narrative they’re pushing and are going to continue pushing, even though it will never work as the evidence is far too numerous against the Nazis. Secondly, there’s a “in this together”/“no more brotherly” war approach they’re taking because well frankly whites are shrinking in population. They want all whites to work together against Jews and non-Europeans and united under national socialism ideaology. This is kinda hard to do when the ideology is semi-built around hating a group that you’re trying to incorporate under the ideology. Logical approach, say it’s all fake and the ideology is not actually anti-Slavic.>In short they need to make national socialism appealing but it’s hard to do because it naturally isn’t to anyone non-German and with a brain.I hope more Nazi's will be honest ITT.I'll give it 1-5 posts before some Nazi incel comes ITT and calls me a Jew or someone else a Jew.

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>>276249921>implying you're not a jew

>>276249921Good, fuck slavshits.

In the end Ingrians still got annihilated. Why should I care?

>>276249921>there’s a “in this together”/“no more brotherly” war approachAny war that doesn't involve jewry and zion on one side, and everyone else on the other side isn't worth fighting.

>>276250121Thank you for your honesty and admitting that the Nazi's were genocidal maniacs.>>276250023Nope. Not Jewish and have probably met one Jew in my entire life.

>>276249921You mean Hitler would have gotten rid of the group of Albanians that tear ass down the road every night at like 2 in the morning in their shitmobiles? Literally transcendental


>>276251185No, Albanians are not Slavs. Albanians were considered Aryans and even had their own SS division as early as 1939z

>>276249921Okay so

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>>276252136Lots of countries had their own ss divisions, allies are needed in war. The nazi's still planned to kill them after they won. The Baltic states had ss divisions, but 90-95% were going to be exterminated after.

>>276249921You can get any male to agree to anything when you kick and crush his nuts.Moshe, go help your baby sodomizing Mohel Rabbi.

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>>276249921Reliable citation needed, ib4 some jew told me 50 years later.

>>276249921i know millions if greeks died because of famine during Nazi occupation and from him stealling all Greek gold and ruining the economyso yeah fuck Hitler

>>276253247Go drink a mythos and glass Mussolini. Italians invaded, Germans bailed the failures out.

>>276251185>Albanians slavsalbanians were actually considered aryan by nazi wannabe aryans xD Fucking subhumans with inferiority complex they considered many shitskins aryan xD just real aryans slavics werent considered aryan ahaha typical inferiority complex. Hitler knew who are real descendants of aryans he was just sad subhuman who couldnt accept reality. So he larped like scandinavians and germans love to larp about Roman elites being nordics etc. They are lowest beings in europe. Its in their inferior blood to pretend to be something what they never were.

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>>276253244What's a reliable citation in your opinion?This is consensus opinion by historians who have studied the primary sources. Including German historians. But I know that you will now probably say "but they were paid or told by the Jews to say this!!".

>>276249921That doesn't even matter because today's nazis like slavs.

>>276249921>the eternal limey Nice (((Wikipedia))) education

>>276254360They like you now, for political convenience, but they still think you're inferior and would most likely exterminate you if they achieved power and could get away with it.

>>276254108Considering that you can't even find any official orders to commit the holocaust you should really provide us the paperwork that says:>Hans, delouse the Slavsgood luck.>This is consensus opinion by historians who have studied the primary sources. Including German historians.Considering a German historian can't even so much as use ground penetrating sonar on a supposed mass burial site without getting arrested(and the area being covered by gravel to make such a future occurrence impossible to achieve), the work of your "consensus" historians isn't worth shit, especially since they work by consensus, not indisputable facts.

>>276254700>anything I don't like was made up by da JOOOOS

>>276254848>no more brother wars.must be terrifying to hear something like that to a kike like yourself.

>>276255309>anything I don't like was made up by da JOOOOSthe jew himself, type God for me now and white

>>276255163>Considering that you can't even find any official orders to commit the holocaust you should really provide us the paperwork that says:You can. But you've already outed yourself as a holocaust denialist, so I won't waste anymore time on you as you're impervious to thinking.

>>276249921No one except jews say "da joos", kill yourself Rabbi.

>>276255553>You canthen if not for the sake of me please show the rest of the anons in this thread your "proof", but let's be real- you don't actually have anything that wasn't produced by the soviet army's propaganda outfit.

>>276255753Why would only jews say "daa joooos" to mock you and your jew fetish?

>>276249921got any rebuttals, yid?

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>>276250121>>276249921>>276253247>>276253994Kill yourselves kikes

>>276249921I don’t know what your trying to express hereSlavs are not humans and should be dealt with ether put in the gay baby jail below the Danube or sterilized and forced to pick asparagus

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>>276256632Kill yourself d&c kike

>>276256526>here's my screenshot from a cartoon forum proving why German historians who used primary sources are wrong and controlled by the jews!You are a joke of a human being.

>>276256744All kikes itt should be sterilized

>>276256632Thank you for the honesty, Nazi. But you are retarded, the Nazis would have taken your guns and ripped up the constitution.

>>276249921Germans are the Jews of Eastern Europe.

>>276256744>Kill yourself d&c kikeI’m not a kike I just speak the truth about the Slav they’re dumb poor and can’t do anything right, Sven. Why defend Slavs when your Germanic?

>>276256770>primarybecause you linked to primary sources?

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>>276257028Thank you for your honesty

>>276249921maybe, maybe not, but that plan wasn't enacted while the commie atrocities wereMaybe we'd be saying that the world would've been better off if Stalin won if Hitler had actually won, but that's speculation. The fact is that we fared much, much, much better under German occupation than under Russian occupation.

>>276257028You're a kike d&c shill, kill yourself

>>276256827Based sweed user

>>276255553It's illegal to deny anything that isn't Algo, American and Russian propaganda. German scientists are forced to say whatever the fuck American tells them. You're a fucking idiot.

>>276257714>kike sweed desperately defending the Slav Jew

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>>276255309>>276255553>>276256141>>276256632>>276256770>>276256886>>276256934>>276257028>the kikes are busy derailing their own threadImpressive.

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>>276257548Only because the nazi's lost, but they still did the holocaust and also murdered thousands of Slav civilians during war time. The communists killed most people in the famines, which were the result of sheer incompetence because of communist agricultural policies. The equivalence you're trying to make is shallow and wrong.


eh even if it’s true, it’s not, I see nothing wrong with wanting to clear out space for the ubermensch, seethe more kike

>>276257985>German, Anglo, and Russian historians are all being forced to admit legitimate Nazi documents are real by the Jews!Lmfao. You Nazi's are so pathetic that you even deny your own history and documents and claim the jews invented them. What pathetic cope. Total loser ideology!

>>276258348Thank you for admitting that Hitler and the Nazi's wanted to genocide millions of Europeans because of their pseudoscientific race theories. If only the other Nazis here were brave enough to admit it too. Instead they cope.

>>276249921>>276250649>>276251966>>276253085>>276254108>>276254848>>276255309>>276255553>>276256141>>276256770>>276256886>>276257393>>276258232HAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHA AH HAHAHAHAHHAAHHHAHJAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH LOOK AT HOW MAD THIS WHITE BOI IS HAHAHAHHAHHAHAHAHHA

>>276258320>>276258217>it’s always the memeflags and sweed kikes This is hilarious

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>>276249921Did the NKVD acquired Generalplan Ost after or before uncovering the secret cabal of the Jewish doctors who were trying to kill Stalin?

>>276249921fake news there were Slavs fighting for Hitler Cope discord tranny and kys

Hitler was weak....he should have gassed every single one you rats openly...Anne Frank should not have died of Typhus...she should have been gang raped and then gassed afterwards...no Jews should have survived...there should be a pile of the bones of 12 million gassed Jews for everyone to see...so nobody could ever question the righteousness....

Where can I find this plan in print then?

>>276259221>there were Slavs fighting for HitlerSo? Communists were fighting on the side of the allies, on the side of capitalism. The fact that Nazi's had the political foresight to recruit local soldiers to use is not evidence that they didn't want to genocide most Slavs after the war.

>>276258721Does this mean she's going to rise from the dead tonight?

>>276259369How hard have you tried to look into it?


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>>276258721You Bastid, the Chutzpa! I swear to G-d that you wh*tes will pay for this, my mother is a gentle Jewess, not Gentile.

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>>276260007>How hard have you tried to look into it?Fuck my life, this kike isn't even going to so much as post a jpeg he made from paint. Truly the laziest people alive.

>>276259369You can't, because all copies of it "have been lost" in the war. But dontchu worry, senpai. Stalin and his Jewish propagandist Ilya Ehrenburg know all about it. They know that Hitler wanted to exterminate all his allies: Hungarians, Slovaks, Balts, Ukranians, Cossacks, Polish volunteers. Generalplan Ost is THE dumbest of all dumb atrocity propaganda stories. It is pedal powered brainbashing machine tiere, it is "Nazis used a nuke to kill 10,000 Jews" tier. It is, in fact, SO fucking dumb, SUCH a fucking lie, I am honestly thunderstruck the kikes haven't made it illegal to deny yet.WHICH I DOOOO, MR JOOOO I DOOOOOOO. And you can't do shit about it. But speaking of Cossacks. Do you know what IS actually real? When the Cossacks who fought with the Wehrmacht surrender to the British under the condition of protection, the British officers handed them all over to Stalin. Who executed every single one. Totally exterminated. 100%. THAT one is real. And very much so.

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>>276260335Haha. Penis. Wash your penis! Was your penis in rain water.

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>>276260806They haven't been lost. Generalsiedlungsplan documents exist.

>muh blond hair blue eyes holohoaxinto the gas chamber you go, schlomo

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>>276261412>into the gas chamber you go, schlomoSo you admit the holocaust was real? Thank you for your honesty, Nazi.

>>276249921Im pro NSDAP and I aknowledge what you say but USSR had the same plans, nobody really cares, look at eastern Europe today!!! Is a total shithole, they are poor, USSR fucked them snf nothing of value was ever lost.

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>>276260806lmao slovaks were allied to nazis just because nazis forced them. They would give this land back to hungary if we didnt join. And he disoluted us from czechs to make us even weaker lol. And dont pretend that germans like slavs lmao. Even my austrian oma hated slovaks and considered slovak products like inferior.

>>276261609If the holocaust is real, why did gas chambers have wooden doors?

>>276262115>why did gas chambers have wooden doors?Who said they had wooden doors and who said that wooden doors cannot be sufficiently insulated?

>>276261175>still no linked evidence of said existence

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>>276249921>Imagine not wanting clean eastern europe from this

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>>276262007Jesus Christ, are you fucking dumb. Every sentence you posted is a lie. And any Slovak who reads your shit will know you are a braindead commie shill. Think over your life, or you will get shot like all the degenerates in America right now. You people are indeed not hasbara. Just some REALLY low quality leftytards. Go fap to Vaushs ham beast or something.

>>276262334I'm not going to waste my time linking stuff. I've been on this board long enough to know it's a waste of time. You'll just say it's fake, made by the jews, and then call me a leftist, jew, or some other meme term. If you're genuinely curious and want to stop being a retard, you can go do the research yourself, but the fact you're operating from a premise that anything written by the allies is "fake news by da jooos" it probably won't convince you.

>>276262596Slavs were never classified as Untermenschen. Not in the official race doctrine, not in the policies and not in the propaganda for the SS. Actual original document here archive.org/details/SS-Hauptamt-Der-UntermenschI don't mind shitposting, but if you spread lies, it makes you no better than antifa shills. We got enough lies in the world as it is, no need to add to them.

>>276262869>anything written by the allies is "fake news by da jooos"Pretty much. A lot of it is also made by Eternal Anglos like Seften Delmer or Michael Balfour of course. Reading them *enlightened* me pretty thoroughly about the nature of your "people". You were, are and will be partners in crime of the worst elements within International Jewry. In fact, from my experience, your hatred, jealousy, resentment and pathological sadism towards Germans beats any Israeli, even any diaspora Jew. And THAT says a lot. I've learned to absolutely despise your people and for a thousand reasons.

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>>276262596Thank you for confirming that the Nazi's were genocidal maniacs.>>276262630Announcing sage can lead to a ban.

>>276262869>You'll just say it's fake, made by the jews,Admitting defeat in advance?Then why did you come here?


>>276249921>A*glo posting soviet propagandavery confusingyou must be IWAN 6 from the Belarus breadsnigga you gay

>>276263313Exactly my point, you're effectively religious fanatics. You will dismiss evidence automatically on dubious or non-existant grounds and claim "da joos put it there, da joos made it up, da joos da joos".The same way a young earth creationist or flat earther does. I have spent enough time with you people to know that there is definitely a Venn diagram where Nazis, holocaust deniers, flat earthers, and other nutsos fall into. Generally, you all have limited intelligence (90 - 110 IQ mostly), limited education, and a distrust of authority figures. You spend time reading ideological websites on the internet that have cherrypicked or fake information, and think you've learned the "truth" which the normies do not have because they are brainwashed by the jews, government, media, nasa, or whoever.

>>276263984>>A*glo posting soviet propagandaNope. It's mostly German sources, by German historians, using German documents.

>>276264357hello Iwankiss youbake belarus pls

>>276262900Sry but i was nazi too until i found out that my czech grandpa was in some german camp. Holocaust happened.

If he had won I may have not been born. Too bad. I fucking hate this gay being alive shit

>>276253085Also nazis like to bring up "muh Ukrainian" SS division all the time, they were used as a form of anti polish partisan police force. Since the western Ukrainians lived under POLISH not soviet rule like they erroneously claim, and were treated pretty harshly by the poles. It's a similar story to the croat SS divisions, the Germans liked to use conflicting ethnicities against each other to solidify their rule and pick one ethnicity to keep control over the other in return for good boy points.

>>276256535No actual arguments? Just calling everyone that disagrees with you a jew?


>>276257985>German scientists are forced to say whatever the fuck American tells themmight want to read this one, anonyoutube.com/watch?v=zTDvLmEBESY

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>?you will not get a you until you bake

>>276256093IIRC didn't david irving talk about 2-3 secret camps deep in the woods somewhere that was indeed about extermination? was none of the big boys that always get linked though like treblinka, dachau, auschwitz etc etc.

>>276258232>NKVD-tier "look guys it was just bad luck that millions of Ukrainiens starved to death"lmao and you have the balls to call out holocaust deniers

>>276266735Not bad luck, incompetence. The same thing happened in China and other places were communist agricultural policies were first put in place.

>>276249921What can i say true Germans gambled wanted to enslave europe replace jews and lost and should have be exterminated for this.

>>276249921I don't believe any of this crap anymore.

>>276254108“Consensus opinion” is not a source.You say there are primary sources what are they? Is this just appealing to authority where only certified approved historians can look at primary sources and form opinions while you just agree with them?I don’t even care about this topic I just hate this shit of “consensus opinion. The sources are there, but I won’t look at them or attempt to find them. That’s not my job I just repeat what the authority says”