>But I'm on your side. I marched with blm. I've been a liberal all my life. I'm just trying to eat...

>But I'm on your side. I marched with blm. I've been a liberal all my life. I'm just trying to eat. What do you mean "My white privilege" Brian? We live in the same neighborhood. I coached your little league team why are you doing this to me. Does your mom know you're out here brian? I've been to multiple blm protests I don't understand why you're harassing me. Why are you all white? Where are the black people? At least 6 of you live in the same gated community as me. Please stop.......Fuck it. I'm voting Trump now.Many such cases

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>>276249831The left is eating itself.

>>276249831social media and left wing cults are ruining the world.

>>276249831>blackshirts attempt to force woman to give the hail victory salute (colorized 2020)

>>276249831Pretty much the best take on the last 3 months.

>>276250591Funny how history repeats itself, this is a struggle session.

Blm is just simply "black lives matter" why is it so hard to agree black lives matter? why are folks so racist?


>>276250788>why aren't people responding positively to me yelling in their face and threatening them? They must all be secretly racist, perhaps more yelling and threatening will work :^)

>>276250788because they don't. What would you rather have a nigger or a pizza? I'd take the pizza.

why did politics devolve into voting for someone because you hate/are afraid of the other side instead of supporting who you are voting for?i dont know anyone who genuinely likes trump, they are just scared of biden being presidenteveryone that is riding with biden i know all agree he is senile, they just hate trump

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>>276251165You must live in a place full of weakling demofaggots. The donkey fears the bull

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>>276251104>>276251137>responding to such low quality bait

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>>276249831This looks an awful lot like harassment and trying to peer pressure someone into something. I'm guessing they no longer teach in school that those things are bad.

>>276251456Bumping the thread while having a laugh.>be super depressed and serious like me all the time or else you're not a real personNo.

>>276249831Are americans even aware that they their own red guard and cultural revolution happening right now?

I'm voting for the next Hitler.

>>276251165This is what happens when you strip the masses of culture and religion. They flock to totalitarian cults disguised as civil rights movements.

>>276251548Schools are leftist indoctrination centers now. The smartest people are dropouts purely because they removed themselves from the propaganda mill.


>>276251788>The smartest people are dropoutsthe absolute state of america right now

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>>276250788Oh? By their actions I thought it meant burn loot and murder.

>>276252089I know it's amazing, the schools are so bad you're better off not participating.

>>276250788nice bait

>>276249831>the left is tolerant and anti-authoritaria-

>>276251456Being retarded isnt baiting, its just being retarded

>>276249831link to full vid plz, google n youtube be burrying this

>>276251165>i dont know anyone who genuinely likes trumpI do and always have.

>>276252291He lives alone and hasn't conversed with another person in 8 months.

>>276250788stop saying folks

>>276250561based, kill all jews

>>276251165Meh, I like Trump. Fuck your career politicians.>inb4 migatard migakike drumpf etc

> Brian? We live in the same neighborhood. I coached your little league team why are you doing this to me.Kek. Quality memologue.

>>276250788Because the prerequisite belief to that statement is that Black people currently don't matter, which is a lie.

>>276251707Remember the Red Guards Before You Cheer the Woke MobsToday statues, tomorrow mass firings—or even worse. There's a history here.theamericanconservative.com/articles/remember-the-red-guards-before-you-cheer-the-woke-mobs/

>>276249831sauce? preferably with audio?

>>276250788Why are 98% of protesters literally rich white liberal kids tho lol? Keep turning people into Republicans tho. We appear it

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>>276249831The best part is when the civil war starts the lines will be mostly cut based on race so all the retarded pro-BLM white libs will be the first to be attacked by feral niggers.

>>276249831BLM is a bully that needs a hard punch in the nose. I have seen enough streams to know these people try and gather around those they think are weak, but move on when there is resistance, just like a bully. It's time we punch this bully in the nose, it's time for a resistance.

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>>276252838Here is that angle I found>youtube.com/watch?v=fA-mbSkQM6MThen from an alternate angle>twitter.com/KunkleFredrick/status/1298344285079838720

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>>276250788because the number one cause of violent deaths for black men isn't cops, it's black men. stop the violence in your own community and maybe you'll interact with police less

>>276251678Post big white cock

>>276250788I don't care what you're trying to make me say, the fact that you're attempting to force me to do anything is reason enough to tell you to fuck off.

>>276253447Why is it all white women and onions tho? Where are all the niggers?

>>276253447Also from here the black woman leading it made the white people move in front of the white woman for the video to attack hertwitter.com/KunkleFredrick/status/1298373894529847302

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>>276253364>I have seen enough streams to know these people try and gather around those they think are weak, but move on when there is resistance, just like a bully. It's time we punch this bully in the nose, it's time for a resistance.Exactly, these demonic fucks must be stopped. The sheer arrogance of them though, holy shit, how do people get that bad? Is it diet? Being so zealous and wrong at the same time.

>>276253921They were told to move forward by the black people to harass her "this is white people's job" >>276253935

>>276253447Should have stood strong and silent like the statues they pull down. Stand defiantly against them, make them throw the first punch, make them show their true side, the violent side. If you encounter a group like this it is beyond pointless to aruge. Stand up, be silent, and look the evil directly in its eyes. They will back down knowing they cant make you wavier, and if they strike your down, oh my god the martyr you will become, you will truly awaken the spirt in everyone to push back. Its time to stand against this evil.

>>276251165It happened at the same time that all politics became stupid bullshit you don't care about besides preference for slightly right of center red guy or leftist blue guy rather than genuine change.

>>276251707They are not.70 years of jews running education insured Americans have no idea of what happened in Russia and the Ukraine.It's gonna be hell.

>>276249831if youre trying to enjoy your meal and they come just just shouting "yo that guy over there is wearing a trump hat!" and point accross the street then walk away

>>276252089Yeah man geniuses get into all that debt before they have a way to pay it off

>>276249831>PROTIPIf approached by angry mob just turn your back to them and berate the person in front of you or an imaginary person if none is present as if you're part of the mob.

wish this would happen to me

>>276254017Honestly its simply them pandering for fake internet points. These people found acceptance in there echo chambers online, they crave and need those likes or updoots or what ever there site of choice provides for postive feed back. These people have become the bullies they run away from. As one they are a weak twing, but together they form a mighty faggot.

>>276249831What they're doing is assault in my state, putting one in reasonable apprehension of attack. They're acting aggressive, fists balled, standing close, yelling and getting in your face. I'd punch one then when they all attack, try to get 21 head shots. 11 and a reload of 10. Then go knife and keep killing if they haven't done the ol' roach scatter by then. I literally do not give a fuck at this point, if I have to go full Kenosha Kyle I will. Someone needs to put these children in their place.

>>27624983115 minute montage of BLM harrassment:bitchute.com/video/OdJwEVG7S15f/The Raw Hatred of Black Lives Matter:bitchute.com/video/byOLQYuGDF2s/BLM' Cultural Revolution:twitter.com/PrisonPlanet/status/1302290474192044033Ritual Public Shaming:bitchute.com/video/olXipfCKUoo/

>>276251165As time goes on, and not that my opinion matters, but I like Trump more and more. The shit he comes up with off the cuff is hilarious, he's like a standup comedian.

>>276254017Its a life that's been filled propaganda and lies since child birth. At any time this people could have a conscious thought of self reflection, it was being filled with propaganda and lies.A breaking point will soon follow.


>>276250788Because only black lives matter to BLM. Thats the problem.

>>276251165No I genuinely like Trump. My vote has an insane ROI especially when he removed critical race theory from the feds. Trump was the best investment ive made.


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>>276254749>The shit he comes up with off the cuff is hilarious, he's like a standup comedian.The president america deserves

>>276249831Could you reasonably say you felt in danger if your life and then shoot one/multiple of them who kept pushing your back up against the wall?

Once upon a time Michael Obama was gettin his nailz did. Sitting next to Michael was Barack who's peepee was being massaged by Joy Behar.

>>276249831thats how nazi germany worked

>>276251788*Since 1986, vigorously washing young minds for the future NOBODY really wanted.>>276250883HUZZAH! ANONYMOUS!! One of the last vestigial remains of a society before mass surveillance. Life truly was more at ease before there were fixed cameras every 20 feet, and everyone carried thier own mini-production studio/tracking device/Propaganda dispenser on their person. Rampant narcissism and Identity politics weren't a thing yet, and Blacks and whites were portrayed in the media,(with only a few (((exceptions))),) as getting along and pretty happily co-existing. That's not to say there weren't niggers, but they were not yet indoctrinated en masse to hate whitey for everything. I think you'll find, looking back, that the places where "Da man be keppin' me down," attitude was being fostered were those self same (((Democratic))) run shitholes, where (((Da MAN))) was feeding a constant trickle of condensed hatepain into every aspect of daily life. Niggers were always niggers, but they've been carefully multiplied for the last 3 generations.>>276251165This definitely started,(again?,) during the Reagan years, people began to identify heavily with political affiliation, and the split between have and have-not began to deeply widen. "DIE Yuppie Scum" began in earnest, along with "Fuck the poor, I got mine!" Previous to that, the country was pretty much united against communism, and people would discuss politics without wanting to scream at each other.

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>>276250788>Blm is just simply "black lives matter"IOTBW is just simply "its ok to be white"

>>276254114Yeah but then you get beaten to death by the mob and don’t get to witness the final victory over them

>>276249831they're just like hitler now.

>>276250771It’s almost like these events are all somehow linked with China to sow discord and revolution in the United States. That’s what’s really funny.

>>276250788i hate every last nigger alive, they don't matter. a roach matters more. the most down trodden roach is superior to the best nigger alive.


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>>276255906>not reddit spacingYou need to post on Reddit for at least 2 years before coming here

>>276256366Im fine with that. I dont wish to die, but Im not going to run away from the darkness as it approaches. We should all have this same mindset.

>>276256582Seems you forgot about black science man

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>>276256582Dont hate your fellow man, their mind has poisoned. Stand strong brother, stand in the face of evil with silence, but if you have hate in your heart you are equal to them. They truky to bleed red like us. I know you maybe some troll poster, but hate won't stop hate.

>>276251137I would rather have a dead Boer with his BLACKED wife. Keep getting cucked, inbred boer trash. You people are rekt. And all you can do is shitpost on the internet knowing full well you're a scared bitch IRL.

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>>276257349Kek!Yeah, you'd think so with the way all these fucking PlebbitFags have been shitting up the catalog lately. Not a pre-cancer OldFag here, but I was mostly on ∞ until the Qtards got that shut down.t. Never been on Plebbit, fuck your normie, bluepilled, brainwashed culture.

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>>276258127lol this nigger is angry


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>>276251165When Society became multiracial.At this point democracy is nothing more than a racial headcount

>>276250788The phrase is distinct from the organization.


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>>276251165stfu I love Trump

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>>276250788It’s the same as saying “save the whales” and people being furious because they’re fans of dolphins. “ALL FISH MATTER”Nigga who saying they ain’t? We’re sayinf save the whales.

>>276252089Anything more than reading, writing, and math is a waste of time. Get a fucking job faggot.

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>>276250788They're hypocrites who expect people to say their crappy motto without wanting to say White Lives Matter when whites are killed by blacks.So fuck those Marxist hypocrites.


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>>276249831Democrats made a bet and sided with Marxists and Antifa to carry out riots to somehow prove that Trump is a bad President. Now that it's eating them at the polls they're trying to disassociate themselves with them but it's too late and the damage has already been done.

>>276254017>how do people get that badZealots have always been this bad and worse. The Spanish inquisition. The crusades. Even more recently you've got Aum Shinrikyo, Jim Jones' peoples Temple, etc.This is just what people who are zealots for an ideology and a cult do.

>>276258655>checkedKinda always WAS, don't you think?

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>>276260844It's always been like that but when there's only one homogeneous racial group the racial headcount part isn't an angle, and only then you can actually begin to think about democracy

>>276251165We dont know each other IRL unless you live in Southern Ohio, but I genuinely like Trump. Have since the primaries circa 2016. Hes got a couple nuiances, but it shows hes human. I thnk a lame duck Trump would be absolutely amazing. The last 4 years hes had to pull punches.2020-24 w/ the gloves off w/ be like a 2nd coming of Chirst under a Trump regime.

>>276260844Peaceful Riot Schuffle

I hate Trump and right wingers but I still have to vote for you low IQ faggots because of the race thing I hate you people so fucking much I seethe every fucking day about right wing retards if you were 20 iq points higher we wouldn't be in this god damn mess I hate this bullshit but I can't vote for nigger lovers it'll ruin my paycheck fucking SHIT FUCK AAAAAAAA

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>>276261836imagine being this stupid

>>276261101I don't disagree entirely, But having been on a few racially homogeneous boards, democracy always boils down to:a) Mob rule or b) a popularity contest. A functioning board always has a singular leader, or a representational council; even then progress ONLY happens when there is a high enough level of informed participants. You can't build a house by committee.

>>276250788They don't.

>>276249831BLM has to be the whitest pro black movement I've ever seen. The average black person could give 2 shits.

>>276262153Look back at what I actually said.>only then you can actually begin to THINK about democracy

>>276251137I would rather have a beautiful white girl than a pizza. But if you asked me if I would prefer a beautiful black girl or a pizza, I would pick the pizza, because it's a trick question: there are no beautiful black girls.

>>276259149Save the Whites

>>276261785kek, that was a fun bread...I'm partial to the simplicity of "The Flaming Faggot," But there were a lot of good ones.>>276262100I think you've missed the point of this post, the Left/Right team affiliation is just another bullshit tactic.>>276262394Fair enough. This is why communist leaning socialism worked fine in the Nordic countries until the mass influx of "immagrants."Well, that and having massive amounts of oil to finance it all.

>>276249831Is that even a white woman? She looks hispanic to me.

>>276252748>BlackDont do this. No need to capitalize a fucking color. Stop taking the programming leaf ffs.


>>276249831>doesn't post linkMany such cases

>>276250788don't spend it all in one place, nigger

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>>276250788go to africa if you care so much about it cuck.

>>276250788>Name your group after something righteous>Attack anyone who disagreesThat's not how it works in a democracy.

it's mostly white people making noise

>>276250788why are the biggest killers of niggers in the US other niggers, even thought they make up only 13% of the population? black lives don't matter, according to niggers themselves

>>276253447>TRUMP LIES>PEOPLE DIEWhy the fuck did they have to shove that S in there? So unaesthetic. Proper grammar is no excuse for ruining a slogan.

>>276250788Imagine if the Nazis called themselves German Lives Matter

>>276264247Yes! When the simple addition of a "D" inste...OHHHHHH!

>>276264566Even better. These people have no taste.


>>276249831>I'm voting for the other kike puppet nowLmao this is why things will never change.

>>276265410>Enlightened leaf makes the laziest, most obvious post and acts like it’s a breakthrough

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>>276265600It was obvious to people on here before the 2016 retards showed up.

>>276250788Probably because nigger lives don't matter.

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