Wow. Just wow

Wow. Just wow.

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Biden gets "covid-19" and can't debate but recovers before election day for voting

Don't know if he said it or not, but it's 100% true.

>>276249490based if true


>some sock puppet on twitter doesn’t like trump. Wow. Just wow.

>>276249490Based. Fuck Mandela, stupid asshole.

incredibly based and redpilled

>>276249490What’s incorrect about his statement?

>>276249490>Trump said XI don't think he said it but its true either way.

Hail God Emperor Trump

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>>276249490Trump was right again.

>>276249490Quit trying to make me vote for Trump, motherfucker.

>>276249490Jew claims a bunch of silly shit they can’t prove. Color me shocked

>>276249490Trump is Trump. It;s all you fucking morons that vote for him and support him. You are the real assholes. At least he's got a pile of money and a hot wife. All you idiots have are each other and the scorn of 98% of the world.Kill yourselves. Please?

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>>276249490But that's true.

>>276250351Is this a pro-Trump or anti-Trump post?

>>276250414Don't be sad muffin


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>>276250414post nose

>>276249490After shidding in his pants, Pervaiz Shallwani allegedly said of his pants that "I f*cked my whole pants up. Now it's a sh*thole. F*ck my pants. I like shidding in them."

>>276249490Regardless if he said that or not. Its so true.

>>276249490Jesus fucking christ. In the past week we've had a whole bunch of "drumpf said...." shit without any source to back it up. You'd think there'd be one recording or video to back up these claims. Have these literal faggots ever heard of story of the boy that cried wolf?I got one Trump said your mothers a whore and that Baron can beat up your wifes son.

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wtf I love trump now?


>>276249490Where's the lie

Why does /pol hate me so much?

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The truth hurts liberals lol



>>276250546OP is a newfag shill, probably a Jew, and doesn't understand that Holla Forums likes to hear this kind of thing.

>>276249490Nelson Mandela was a commie terrorist.

>>276249490Wtf I love Trump now

>>276249490not wrong

>>276249490Where is the lie?

>>276249490All these articles coming out just make a Trump look more honest.

>>276249490Based if true.But it obviously isn't.

>>276249490Mandela and Trump both work for israel and did the same thing to their respective countries

>>276249490He's not wrong. Problem?

>>276249490Based and nigger pilled

>>276249490Quality of life is objectively worse in South Africa now than it was under apartheid.

>>276249490He's pretty much right on the state of SA tho

Is Trump an Honorable Membah?

>>276249490I really wish this wasn't fake news, but it is. Like all news.

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>>276249490wow, he dared to say the truth for once

>>276249490Based. 4 more years.

this story is very true for a bullshit.

>>276249490based if true


>>276249490He's not wrong though

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Yeah I think Trump is our guy.

>>276250858The ANC was a front set up by Jew Communists. Look up:(((Joe Slovo)))(((Ronnie Kasrils)))(((Nadine Gordimer))).Every. Single. Time.Mandela was their poster boy because he was the only ANC leader that didn't look like an ape. Here he is singing about killing the whites with the Jew Kasrils standing next to

>>276249683This. Fuck niggers.

>>276249490I mean, he is absolutely right


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>>276249490where's the lie

>>276250414>All you idiots have is the scorn of 98% of the world.insert game of thrones reference about lion not concerning itself with the opinions of the sheep quote here.

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>>276249490Beyond based. Almost godlike.

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>>276251919That Trump said it.

>>276249490Oh my fucking God. When is this madness going to stop? How many more years old quotes, brought to us by convicted felons and Jew lawyers and journalists are we going to be subjected to? This is very obviously a coordinated disinformation campaign against the President. I refuse to believe he said all these things years ago and they just happen to be coming out 2 months before the election. Fuck these lying kikes.

>>276251100Israel was pro apartheid. South Africa is huge state supporter of BDS and Palestinian liberation. The last president under apartheid gave Israel its nukes. Fucking dumbass. Mandela was a horrible communist nigger of a leader and if Trump said this then power to him. Don’t try to turn this into “Zion Don” garbage.

>>276249683It has been confirmed by several anonymous sources and multiple reputable journalists.

>>276249490Nelson Mandela. The guy who blew up buildings and did all sorts of violence before he was caught and sent to prison. And now S Africa is a dumpster fire. Just like most black run nations.

>>276249490If Trump said that, it's not like he was wrong in that alleged statement

South africa is a shit hole why are whites even debating this.

>>276249490he's right

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>>276252286So it's probably not true then shame

>>276252286>several anonymous sourceswow it's nothing

>>276249490he was campaigning for the Zulu vote i see

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This shit is hilarious. Democrats new strategy is "make trump say things that are socially unacceptable but a ton of people secretly agree with". Blue pilled MAGA will think "its just fake news he didnt say that!" while more red pilled types will think "if he did say that thats based as fuck". Dems are practically campaigning for Trump at this point.

>>276252337Because there are people who still believe Mandela was some saintly kind grandfather figure who wanted nothing but peace when in fact he was a terrorist commie.

Trump said something years ago. Be mad about it right now goyim!

>>276252337Because they watched Shakira twerking to some nigger music at a soccer stadium 10 years ago and assumed SA was heaven on earth and proof that the entire African continent is not a shithole

>>276249490>Trump said X!!>source: trust me bro>t. Rabbi OrangemanbadsteinEvery time.

>>276252260I think this proves Trump has the black vote in the bag

>>276249490was he wrong

>>276252627Most democrats are stuck somewhere between 1968 & 2007 but with regards to demographics they’re already chomping for the future

>>276249490He wasn't wrong

>>276249490>proof: none>(((1 post by this ID)))

>>276249490It's absolutely true though.Mandela was a terrorist, the head of uMkhonto we Sizwe, the armed wing of the ANC. He was formed in explosives by the FLN, later he came back to South Africa to organize countless bombings, over a hundred. His wife Winnie Mandela is still facing justice for all that.He was nothing but a pawn in what followed, he was never truly president of anything.Did you know he invented necklacing?

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Didn't Mandela commit terrorist acts that resulted in many deaths?

Mandela was a communist fool, I’m pretty sure he opened the borders to South Africa and every other African decided to move there. South Africa has been in decline ever since.

>>276249490HE's right you know.

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>>276249490Don't care. Still voting for Trump.

Mandela effect is real.>Known commie imprisoned puppet of white genocideSomewhere around 2008>Hailed as American hero not even one media outlet speaks Ill of him

>>276252286>several anonymous sources>reputable journalists>confirmedlol

>>276252760Oy vey shut it down

>>276249490based orange man?

best african leader wasn't even a niggerpic related

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>>276249683This! I’m so sick of outraged over irrefutable facts. >b-but he still shouldnda said datNow we’re just whining about feelings

>>276249490wtf I love Trump even more now

>>276251899Based Mandella slaughtering kaffirs


>>276254811Dude 98% of murders and 93% of murder victims are black in South Africa. Also 98% chance you’re not black

>>276249490Absolutely based and truthpilled.

>>276249490so what it's true, he's still a Zionist puppet though

The same tactics and same timing as 2016. Boring...

>>276252286I am the anonymous source. Its all true


>>276249490Why do people always just conveniently ignore the parts where Mandela was a terrorist? People don’t like when you try to blow up school kids

>>276255172the last few months of elections, quotes are gonna leak like crazy.

>>276249490>hired a FauxbamaI fucking swear I saw somebody make this shit up here about three years ago or so.

But he is absolutely correct, Mandela should have been hung from a tree.

>>276250414Weak b8

>>276249490Mandela was a terrorist commie lunatic that took over a first world country with high living standards and left a third world shithole, with only few remaining pockets of civilization in white areas of the country. Mandela was basically a negroe Lenin.

South Africa went from a nation to an abject shithole. I hope Trump did say this because he would be even more based. Mandela and his wife were retarded niggers

>>276255563>Mandela was basically a negroe LeninThis is a very apt description, lmao.

>>276249490He is right though

>>276249490Guys... Are we the anonymous source?

>>276249490"waw, joost waw"Mandela is currently being raped by horned goat demons as his soul travels down the depths of sheol and into the lake of fire.


>>276249683This. There's no way he said that as it's too on the nose, but it's literally true.That cuckservatives give Mandela a free pass despite him being a communist will never stop infuriating me. That liberals worship Mandela despite him being a nativist ethno-nationalist will never not infuriate me.

>>276252321>Only the American founding fathers had the right to Boogaloo

>man fired by Trump tells lies


>>276249490Based and true

>>276249490kekvoting Trump, like I'm a democrat -that's 2X muther fucker

>>276252260Now consider what this means about all the other “literally Hitlers” of history, including the big one.

i don't remember the president saying something like that. guess you can call it the mandela effect

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>>276249490wait, Mandela died? what fucking timeline did I wake up in?

>>276255563>Mandela was a terrorist commie lunatic that took over a first world country with high living standards and left a third world shithole, It was as only first world for whites.It was a third world shithole for the majority black and brown citizens.

>>276249490DAMN and YIKES what a horrible thing to say!!!still voting turmp XD

>>276249490Based and absolutely true

>>276249490The news is fake but the reality and sentiment are true

>>276256146Niggers (coloureds as well), had it much better under apartheid.

>>276256146Just about anywhere that's majority black is like a 3rd world country. Isn't it strange what a coincidence that is?

>be human>women are so fucked up you create cyborg sex dollshey couldn't they just do the same thing with niggers?make a robot that looks like a nigger but is programed to act human.then get rid of all the niggers.then get rid of the nigger robots because nobody wants to look at that.

Mandela was a fucking psychotic genocidal maniac.

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>>276249490This never happened because Trump probably doesn't give half a shit about South Africa but this statement about Mandela is demonstrably true.

>>276249490if true, he gets my vote for sure.

>>276255770Difference is we actually fought against a shitty government and the way we were treated. Not only that but we made our country much better than Britain ever could. Also our constitution gave us "freedoms". We didn't go around and blow up and kill innocent civilians. We attacked the British the largest imperialist nation at the time. Once again niggers prove to be uneducated

>>276256584didnt you hear his gentle voice and see his negro grandfatherly look? most white people become hypnotized by that combination.

Nelson Mandela was a crook. I think the only president who didn't think he was a crook was Obama.

>>276249490Well fuck, now I actually have to vote for him.

>>276252286>It has been confirmed by several anonymous sources and multiple reputable journalists.sure thing jake tapper

I would like to know more, why was Mandela such a bad leader? Documentaries and literature if possible would be appreciated.

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>>276252856>Mandela was a terroristInteresting how the anti-American mass media and educational systems FAWNED over this negro terrorist as early as the 1990s. Hrmmm....wonder just who's in control of our media?

It's true though? Who can deny that SA is an overwhelmingly worse off place now?


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>>276249490Objectively true and based.

>>276249490Well big bad cheetoman be right

>>276249490It's unironically 100% true. Anyone who knows anything about modern South African history will tell you that Mandela was a godawful leader and he ruined the country. It's an absolute shithole now outside of the few cities and towns that are still run by whites and kikes. South Africa went from first world nuclear and space power to 3rd world shithole with some of the worst statistics in the world in a single generation. The left went all in on their support for Mandela and anti-apartheid movement in late 80s so they completely closed their eyes and ears to the fallout.

>>276249490So is this how reporting is gonna be for the next 2 months?If so, Trump will end up winning.

>>276249490One time, Trump had a pet snake, it slithered this way and that... It was all fucked up.

>>276249490Ill just leave this here

>>276249490I like how leftish types just drop quotes you're supposed to "be outraged" about yet never give reasons as to why the quote is incorrect.

>>276249683This SF is shit after the white man gave up power.

>>276250414most people secretly like us. you live in a bubble. even niggers and wimminz like us secretly

>>276249490Was he wrong?Nope.


>>276256348>Niggers (coloureds as well), had it much better under apartheid.The was that before or after they had their neighborhoods bulldozed,put onto trucks with what little belongings that could save and thrown into slums?>>276256450>Just about anywhere that's majority black is like a 3rd world country. Isn't it strange what a coincidence that is?Apartheid South Africa was third world for black and brown and first world for whites by designs not accident.

>>276257135Honoraba Magican, retract that stamen!

>>276249490This is bs

>>276249490Are they just trying to redpill people by slipping them into fake Trump quotes? At this point the media knows they have less credibility than Trump and reporting him as saying something they disagree with makes it seem true.For example "you know 6 million, 6 million they say. I just don't believe that I know the SS had some great people fantastic people but 6 million? The numbers just don't add up and if you ask them they say oh lampshades made of skin and masturbation machines. And I say to my to my Jewish friends I love the Jewish people but wooden doors?"

>>276250414All they needed were chin implants.

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>>276257131Poor Nonna.

>>276249490>allegedlyDo they really think smearing Trump without evidence works beyond their own bubble?

>>276249683The ANC fucked South Africa . They made deals with republicans capitalists and lowered the tax for the globalist miners .

>>276252856>Did you know he invented necklacingI thought that was his wife? Or at least she perfected it.

>>276257727Anon I think this is one of the most brilliant things I've ever read on here.Create fake Trump quotes with hidden redpills and spam them on Twitter, the leftist outrage mob will share them 10,000 times with 0 investigation because they hate Trump so much.>tfw you psyop leftists to spread far-right redpills.

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>>276257917They think burning their own far-left cities down is going to hurt trumps chances for reelection, so ask yourself that again

>>276256824>Difference is we actually fought against a shitty government and the way we were treatedAnd black South Africans didn’t have that right?>Also our constitution gave us "freedoms". We didn't go around and blow up and kill innocent civilians.You might want to look up George Washington’s bombardment and siege of Yorktown.>We attacked the British the largest imperialist nation at the timeAnd Mandela attacked the nuclear armed Apartheid regime which had the backing of the West.

>>276257299> they necklaced someone, supposedly they would tell the condemned, "Have a Goodyear!"

With all these false hearsay stories coming out part of me feels like by the time the election happens they'll be telling stories along the lines of "trump called obama a nigger to his face and then spat on his shoes, sources tell"


>>276258188Checked and based.

>>276258463>And Mandela attacked the nuclear armed Apartheid regime which had the backing of the West.Funk no. Once the Soviet Union was gone, the West didn't need South Africa. It was disposable at that point.

>>276249490Please be true

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>>276249490I thought I would be able to even today but now I literally just can’t.

>>276249490Based. Fuck Mandela he was a faggot plus he was black, gross.

>>276249490He's right. Mandela was a (((tool))).

how can one man be so based

>>276249490This story convinced the one black guy who knows who Nelson Mandela is not to vote at all.Based if true though.

>>276249490Nelson Mandela was a terrorist who should have been executed

>>276258463>And Mandela attacked the nuclear armed Apartheid regime which had the backing of the WestNah

>>276252286So you know it didn't happen. Disappointing.

Straight facts


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>>276257059>Hrmmm....wonder just who's in control of our media?Communists?

>>276249490This is really good, I just watched it and it explains

>>276249490Trump would be right


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>>276252282South Africa sold her nukes. 7 to America and one to Israel. We made sure the flops wouldn't get them

>>276250639>>276250643Looks like you replied to a memeflag. Use the delouser and filter them.

>>276249490If God gave out post numbers for speech this would at least have been quints. Probably even sixts

>>276252286This user source says you're a faggot and need to fucking kill yourselfIt's true, so don't make this a lie.Kill yourself

>>276250671This. The turd says "allegedly" and then puts quotation marks on the sentences.

>>276261668TOOOOOOOPS, fren. kek

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>>276249683I hope he actually said that

>>276261500The US and Britain vetoed numerous economic sanctions bills at the United Nations and together with France,Israel and Japan still traded with Apartheid South Africa.


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>>276256146Now its a shithole for everybody bru. Well on the way to achieving equality. Howsit back there by the way? Got plans to fuck off anytime soon?There's opputunity out here my man. Just gotta risk is

>>276249490>the guys twitter handle is literally PervSage

>>276257113Nobody can deny it. Which is why it's just swept under the rug. World's got bigger problems now than worrying if they made the right call in supporting a communist takeover of South Africa


>>276250414We will bury you

>>276262982Life has improved since Apartheid ended.Its still a work in

>>276252286anon, I'm sorry that all these faggots are too autistic to pick up on sarcasm. I thought your joke was funny.

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>>276263813Then stay there boet. Plus the article means fokol to me. Life was shit there. I could barely make R10 000 a month because i was too white to be hired. Here i clear almost a million rand per year. Aparently South Africa doesn't need white engineers

>>276249490well he is right

>>276262136>South Africa sold her nukes. 7 to America and one to Israel. We made sure the flops wouldn't get themThe nukes are still in South Africa along with the enriched uranium.

>>276263813And besides the article should be called "21 ways life is South Africa has improved since 3 decades of communist terrorism and international sanctions in support of overthrowing apartheid regime" but even I can say that that doesn't have a good ring about it

>>276254518I miss him bros.

>>276249490>source: dude trust me

>>276249490No lie detected.

>>276265782Bruh just let it go.Its obvious that life has improved since Apartheid ended.There’s no denying that the country still faces many challenges.