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Liveumap:migration.liveuamap.com/enLatest Updates----------------------------------------- 06/09Greek Foreign Minister Nikos Dendias had a telephone conversation with NATO SG on Saturday, Greece seems annoyed at the way Jens tried to force a climate for dialogue and the need for steps on Turkey’s behalf to de-escalate tensions in the region.>archive.is/LDFgdGerman NGO "Mare Liberum" complains about having their boat searched by Greek authorities and having their electronic devices apprehended, saying that they will continue operating and will stay in Greece>archive.is/aBjuXA few days ago, two 16 year old girls from Kavala were according to repports chased by immigrants wandering through their village, some villagers say that the girls only got scared and ran, reports from surrounding villages also indicate increase in robberies and burglaries>archive.is/zVb0qA new provocative post was made by the Turkish Ministry of National Defense, regarding the actions of the Turkish fleet in the Eastern Mediterranean, on Twitter. According to the post, the Turkish navy will continue its duty and will not allow intimidation in the region>archive.is/Mmc08Documentary on Greek genocidevimeo.com/ondemand/lethalnationalism/For this full list check the pastebinpastebin.com/MpfiJwPMFollow me on Twitter for faster updates, I cant always make threadstwitter.com/ANEMOI_1_Poseidon's Wall (Shoutout to CzechBro)streamable.com/auu4xPrevious Thread>>276227717

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▼▼▼▼▼▼▼▼▼▼▼▼▼▼▼▼▼▼▼▼▼▼▼▼▼▼▼▼▼▼▼▼▼▼▼▼▼▼▼▼▼▼▼▼▼▼▼▼▼▼▼▼▼▼▼▼▼▼▼▼▼▼▼▼▼▼▼▼▼▼▼▼▼▼▼▼▼▼▼▼▼▼▼▼▼▼▼▼▼▼▼▼▼▼▼▼▼▼▼▼▼▼▼▼▼>IMPORTANT>documentary on Greek genocide (2020)vimeo.com/ondemand/lethalnationalism/>IMPORTANT>Ottoman/Turkish Genocides, Crimes & Violationspastebin.com/wD5ptCBA>IMPORTANT>!!!!!!!!! Support Greece, Buy Greek Products !!!!!!!!!!!!pastebin.com/iXcYhgqDlist of all previous /GBG/ threadspastebin.com/UviaNwBz>IMPORTANT>For full list of updates check /GBG/ pastebinpastebin.com/MpfiJwPMALL NGO FOUNDERS AND VALUES (Translated)>pastebin.com/cDYz4Te8ALL NGO FOUNDERS AND VALUES (Greek)>archive.is/8eEfCFollow me on Twitter for faster updates, I cant always make threadstwitter.com/ANEMOI_1_wHy Do yOu CaRe? yOu aRe nOt fRoM gReEcEarchive.4plebs.org/pol/thread/255652481#p255655175


UPDATES>UPDATESUPDATES>UPDATESA new provocative post was made by the Turkish Ministry of National Defense, regarding the actions of the Turkish fleet in the Eastern Mediterranean, on Twitter. According to the post, the Turkish navy will continue its duty and will not allow intimidation in the region>archive.is/Mmc08Turkey: Hagia Sophia “Mosque” in Nicaea/Iznik>archive.is/FCYxGRussian Foreign Ministry: Greece is our traditional European partner>archive.is/KxywN

>Russian Foreign Ministry: Greece is our traditional European partnerThen why are they betraying them by helping the roaches?

>>276250256but they did not say that they would not back Turkey, they just said that Greece is their traditional partner, its totally unrelated to the situation kekthey are smart and they are playing you

>>276248678>North eastern greece is hiring random people as border patrol>Mfw they will be the first line of cannon fodder in the upcoming war with turkey forthe promise of 500 euro per month.

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>>276250585or they might be the first ones to start shooting back or shot the fucking "refugees"

>>276251231Dont care either way. If and once war starts Im packing up my backpack and going for a trip the other way.

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>>276251661oh, so you are just a faggot, aight

>>276251661Varoufanon is that you?

>>276252014>oh noes he called me a faggot>guess ill go get shot in a war thenlmao

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>>276252567I hope you get shot after you come back tho, as deserters should

>>276252641Enas pou ipostirizei Varoufaki edw mesa


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>>276252686They will stop having souvlaki post-war so there is literally no reason for me to stay or go back to greece

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>>276252983Den asxoloume me politiki

>>276251661Don't be such a coward while there are volunteers from all of Europe to help Greece if there's a war.

>>276253355A coward is someone who doesn't have the balls to fight for what he wants.

>>276253355How exactly am I cowardly user? I will have to evade and fight off military police on my trip.

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>>276253355>He unironically thinks that anyone will voluntarily fight for *reeceCringe!

Is the Turk army and air force good? What about the Greeks?

>>276253615I'd fucking pay to help load a scalp missile that will annihilate you.

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>>276253712The Turkish army is vastly superior in every regard. The *reeks trust their "european allies" to have their backs lmaoooooooo

>>276253712Greeks have really well trained staff. Greek army has good air force and navy. Roaches spent more money on equipment but their staff isn't that well trained. How are you gonna win a war when a paki is the one piloting an aircraft.


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>>276251661You better be a good swimmer because that's the only way you'll be able to leave here if war breaks out retarded neckbeard

>>276253989Like that one time you tried ramming us with the ship and we ended up cutting it in half with the oldest ship in our navy? Our soldiers are leagues above yours.

>>276254153Go on then, wreck Oruc reis and start the fire.>inb4 bullshit excuse why they don't do anything

>>276253989sure nigger dream safe

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>>276254125Iam. I participated in swimming competitions as kid.

>>276252983Pige agglia autos o panivlakas kai twra mas krazei pou den psifisame ton hgeth tou. Ektos kai an einai VPN

>>276254389We aren't the ones that are trying to start a war. Your schizophrenic president is the one who is spouting empty threats about 'teaching us a lesson'. Still nothing...

>>276254473what are you saying there? I cant understand.

>>276253989You can't even fly your f-16. You have Pakis flying them for you lol. PAKIS!!! We use Pakis to pick up our olive oils and Turks have them to fly their fighter jets LMAO

>>276254593We do peaceful research in our EEZ. You're the ones going apeshit about it.

UPDATES>UPDATESUPDATES>UPDATESThe Deputy Minister of Immigration and Asylum: "I estimate that Erdogan will threaten immigration in the near future">archive.is/2phwdNew propaganda with video from the Turkish Ministry of Defense showing Oruc Reis and another sign of Turkish provocations>archive.is/cPTC9

>>276254753You decided on your own that our islands don't have EEZ

UPDATES>UPDATESUPDATES>UPDATESBREAKING: French Foreign Minister: We have many options for measures against Turkey and Erdogan knows it>archive.is/lbbIHGreek Coast Guard under alert over reports of a boat full of immigrants near Chania>archive.is/ojaKMPresident of the European Council Charles Michel called Erdogan today and stressed the importance of de-escalation and called on Turkey to refrain from activities that increase tensions.>archive.is/zUVF2The Turkish Ministry of Defense has announced that military drills between Turkey and the illegally occupied part of Cyprus will be conducting joint exercises until September 10>archive.is/HELCS

Why is the roach military so retarded? Their soldiers are literally committing suicide en masse, yet they won’t stop provoking other countries. Is roachland the new North Korea?

>>276254753You really want to get into this

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UPDATES>UPDATESUPDATES>UPDATESTurkish research-survey vessel Oruc Reis 47 nautical miles south of Kastellorizo Greek island. Analyzing the Turkish vessel track last 7 days it is obvious the last hours there is an interception (sudden turn) probably from Hellenic Navy ship>archive.is/xWjZbImmigration flows have increased 20% in Evros recently according to authorities>archive.is/5CdpJVideo from today's yacht with 65 illegal immigrants that arrived to Crete island.>archive.is/Ech3lIMPORTANT: List of Turkish companies to boycott>archive.is/f2PwFSteve Hanke says "In an attempt to prop up the sick lira, Turkey is burning through its Foreign Exchange reserves. Gross reserves currently stand at USD 41.59 billion, the lowest level since September 2005, and net reserves are actually negative. The lira is toast">archive.is/jKvemArticle with video of how Immigrants are smuggled into Greece every day by traffickers>archive.is/hFbcYImmigrant arrested for smuggling people into Greece "I paid 5,000 euros to go to Greece but I was put in charge of the boat" he said that the smugglers threatened to kill him if he did not pilot the boat>archive.is/ESG3u

>>276254455Well practice it because in case of war there won't be any Ryanair. >>276254644Enas varoufakikos arostaki pou eixame edw mesa, twra teleutaia kryvetai

>no TAI TF-X fighter jet>no Altay tank>no MILGEM frigateTurkish "industry" baka

>>276254947>BREAKING: French Foreign Minister: We have many options for measures against Turkey and Erdogan knows itI'll laugh my ass off if Hungary vetos the sanctions lmao

>>276250585> You can be hired by the Greek state to protect the borders of Greece and shoot trespassers. WTF where do I sign????Even for 800€ I'm doing it lmao

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>>276254753>peacefulYou literally sent the entire roach navy to accompany a single research vessel lol. What are you afraid of?>our EEZThe area in question doesn’t fall under the EEZ of any nation currently. Even if it was yours, why send numerous navy ships along? You wouldn’t have to do so if it was “yours”

>>276255137Yea no shit there will be no ryanair? Why do you think I said I will go backpacking instead of taking a ticket?

>>276255534Greece will still be able to veto de free trade with the EU, dont forget about that

>>276255549Come in greece and ask the cops about it.

Greece hasn't bought major weapons systems since 2005We went through a bankruptcy and lost 30% of our GDPAND.TURKEY.STILL.CAN'T.WIN

>>276255798Pretty much this. Even on with Greece on his knees, Turkey still can't compete.

>>276255798some of their weapons systems are from the 80s, I guess that weapons from 2005 are good enough, and those 100 SCALP missiles can do some damage too

>>276255606>changed flagCringe. Also, good luck evading military police on foot. Do you realise that you will be worse off regardless of the outcome of the conflict?>your country winsYou eventually return, only to be labelled a deserter, lose much of your rights as a citizen, be shunned and humiliated for the rest of your life, and potentially caught by MPs who’s sole job is to beat the fuck of cunts like you>your country losesAll of the above, ten times worse.You should look up what happened to deserters and traitors in Britain during WW2.

>>276256653>You eventually return, only to be labelled a deserter, lose much of your rights as a citizen, be shunned and humiliated for the rest of your life, and potentially caught by MPs who’s sole job is to beat the fuck of cunts like youI really wish it would happen, faggots like him should get shot, just to make sure the number of cowards wont multiply

>>276255606Plus in a hypothetical Greece-Turkey conflict there won’t be wide-scale mobilisation or conscription by either side. Both countries are in NATO, so if it gets to that it means that the western world has already fallen apart and you have bigger problems. The standing forces will fight it out for a few days and then the big boys will step in.You’re extra retarded for thinking about deserting at the first sign of trouble. Either that or you’re a shitty roach VPN

>>276254753>our EEZ

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>>276256653>Also, good luck evading military police on footBest way. I can hide and sleep in a bush 5 meters away from one these faggots and he wont notice. And if he does do you think I wont try to kill him back?>You eventually return>>276253042

>>276256653>>276257250>>276257021He just wants to provoke comments. He knows (I hope) that this is not a good option. As you said, your best bet (even as a coward) is to ride it out.

>>276257250Who will they send? BLM protesters armed with dildos or german military armed with brooms? ill tell you what theyll send. A letter saying they dont approve lmao.

>>276255798Plus roachland is way worse off economically than Greece ever was. Ironically, the stability of the euro means that you can pay off your debt in the end, no matter what happens.Roachland on the other hand is facing devaluation, which is basically the single worse thing that can happen to you. Even though their debt is smaller, they can’t ever pay it back at the current rate.

>>276255549Try messaging Gaston B., he might be able forward you.

>>276257464too sure of yourself you are

>>276257927Depends, if the debt is denominated in hard currency or not. If it's in their currency, they actually win. "here's the 10000000 Liras I promised you Mr. Investor, only now they are worth 200% less"

>>276258104I literally can beat the shit out of 99% of greece just cause I got some basic grappling training lmao.

>>276258263 i had my suspicions now i am certainyou are a 12 year old at most judging from the bs you sayget off this site user you are too young

>>276258263let me guess still a Uni student probably engineering and lefty. Changed the Greek flag midway convo

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>>276250256>by helping the roaches?they arent helping them turkey is just a trading partnerthe whole navtex situation says a lot about their relationship>>276253615austria was literally the only ones that actually sent forces to help >>276253842a scalp eg is limited if we do not get the new frigates we are toast something tells me that usa doesnt want us with a tactical weapon on our hands but they are alright with turkey having many>>276253989>vastly superiorhe thinks having bigger numbers means victoryoh no wait you are talking about the turkish drones which the only turkish thing on them is the flag right?>>276254753>our eezun.org/Depts/los/LEGISLATIONANDTREATIES/STATEFILES/TUR.htmliterally nobody gave a single fuck about your agreement


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>>276257464>I can hide and sleep in a bushI bet you’re an incel who hasn’t seen the light of day in 25 years, and has difficulty finding his way around his own town without a smartphone.>I will fight backSo you are willing and able to fight an armed soldier while being equipped with only a backpack, but you are not willing or able to fight an armed soldier while being an armed soldier yourself? This is schizoposting supreme.>you eventually returnIf you plan not to, you might as well leave now and spare the rest of your countrymen your sorry existence.Also, good luck trekking across the Balkans. The albos will probably eat you alive, and you will more than likely encounter Based Serbs on their way down to help Greece. They will literally rape you.

>>276258952>I bet you’re an incel who hasn’t seen the light of day in 25 years, and has difficulty finding his way around his own town without a smartphone.>>276258806>So you are willing and able to fight an armed soldier while being equipped with only a backpack, but you are not willing or able to fight an armed soldier while being an armed soldier yourself? This is schizoposting supreme.I got a knoife>Also, good luck trekking across the Balkans. The albos will probably eat you alive, and you will more than likely encounter Based Serbs on their way down to help Greece. They will literally rape you.They can try lmao. Anyone who gets in my way gets their throat slit in their sleep if they miss their shot.

>>276258263Are you also going to teleport behind them and slice them in half with your katana?>nothing personell kid

>>276259424I dont know maybe. Depends on the situation.

>>276259410You’re a fucking retard, thanks for confirming

>>276255137He is not even greek he doesnt understand greek,he is a shill trying to demoralize,or a commie

>>276259694>You’re a fucking retard, thanks for confirming

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>>276259879I thought so

>>276259879κανενα 15χρονο θα ειναι που θα την ειδε κι εγω δε ξερω τι>>276259929τραβα καμια μαλακια να ξεχαρμανιασεις παιδι μου


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>>276260158lmao your pic is pointing at this guy >>276260110

>>276260158and to your ID lmao

>>276260338That is exactly what makes you a Faggot

UPDATE>UPDATEUPDATE>UPDATETurkish FM attacks Austrian Chancellor after his comments yesterday: "The major threat to the EU and its values is the distorted ideology represented by Sebastian Kurz, These ugly politics based on xenophobia, racism, and Islamophobia is the sickly mindset of our age">archive.is/cSJtDAustria vs Turkey: "We will speak quite clearly when Turkey violates international law" as a response after the Turkish FM criticized Austria's statements from yesterday regarding the Turkish conduct>archive.is/xBtTS

>>276260585Sorry not interested lmao >>276260407

>>276260739Stop posting moonrune news you fucking pig. This is an english board.

>>276260338>>276260407Does king roach pay you well to shitpost on anonymous imageboards?Also, how does it feel to witness the unanimous determination of Greeks and non-Greeks to collectively bomb you back into the Stone Age?

>>276260921google translate???

>>276260921>complains about Greek Lnaguage>speaks mongolic ripoffI dont even make the archives you fucking nigger, it Brazilbro

>>276260954We all have a village idiot>>276260921Your politics make the most retarded announcements ever they got to be shared

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>>276260954>non-greeksEla ase xeroume poulas souvlakia stin agglia allou afta lol

>>276261255της μοδας ειναι οι κωλοτουμπες και οι παπαριες γενικοτερα

>>276260921>mfw roaches didn’t even have their own alphabet, and used Arabic/Persian until the donmeh cryptojew ataturk adopted the Latin script littered with a bunch of shitty serifs, so it literally looks like moon runesAlso, the Latin alphabet is based on the Greek one.You guys are comedy gold

>>276261463Check this to then

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>>276261642didnt you know user??? turkey was global power n shit

>>276261300Does this translate to “I shove souvlaki up my ass”?

Anybody cares to green text what happened here? I'm guessing the sealets sperging again. What is it this time?

>>276261822Do you?

>>276261642no way he said that, I refuse to believe it>>276261943I'll try, wait a bit

>>276261822ill do the translation for you anonhe roughly says"come one we know you you sell souvlaki in england bullshit someone else lol"and i dont think its just souvlakimore like a whole gyros


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>>276262048Dare you to google it

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>>276262138turkey discovered earth what are you talking about lelnot just earth but the sun and the moon too

>>276261585Even their own flag is based on the flag we used to have in Constantinople during the Byzantine empire. All they did was make the stars lines straight, we had them in a wavy pattern.

>>276262222Quads confirm the roach has dementia. Isn't he aware Columbus diaries are available for anyone to read?

by the way i love souvlaki with tzatzikiif you know you know

>>276261943>From Brazilbro (the guy who used to make these threads)>Greeks held off the horde of muzzies in March>Erdog probably got paid to keep them in Turkey>Erdog wants to drill in Greek waters>Greeks sent their navy and Germoney called Erdogan and told him to back off>erdog backed off and Germoney was trying to make both countries negotiate maritime space>a deal between Egypt and Greece on the demarcation of maritime borders gets approved by both countries>Turkey freaks out>Turkey starts having hissy fits and said that there would be no negotiations>France gets involved>Turkey starts talking shit to everyone>everyone tells them to back off and Germoney tried to calm them down>nothing works>the provocations and threats are increasing>they are shit talking France and Austria a lot>Israel calls them a bigger threat than Iran>UAE sides with Greece along with Egypt, France and Israel>Erdogan makes more threats every day and the sanctions seem to be coming>EU tells them to stand down or they will get sanctioned>today

>>276262516I had both of these when I visited Greece, way better than the solid vomit that is>dorner kebab

>>276261943Erdog refuses to accept that our islands have an Exclusive Economic Zone. He also doesn't want to talk about it, so he has 3-4 survey ships lurking in the East Med, accompanied by his Navy ships. Daily he threatens us with war if we do something about it. Greece went to the EU and the EU promised to deliver sanctions if he doesn't stop. Then Germoney & USA intervened to try and take the issue from the EU and into NATO so that there are no sanctions. You are here.


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>>276262222oh God

>>276262798Sounds like a classic case of a dictator who wants a lot but can’t do shit, I’ll be surprised if he gets away from all of this in one piece


>>276250256They are not

>>276262767theres a place in northern greecebest souvlaki i ever hadits a village called agios prodromosbrazilbro knows


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>>276263256>no uFucking pathetic

>>276262743Thanks bro, that's really interdesting. >trying to make both countries negotiate maritime spaceYeah, good luck convincing Greece to back up an inch.


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>>276263467the issue is that Turkey does not recognizes the UNCLOS because it is not convenient for them, it would mean that the Greek islands would have those rights and they dont want Greece to have that

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>>276263640Seethe and screetch bitch boy.All you got are stale meme.Η μάνα σου γαμιέται με αραπάδες

>>276262490I think he's banking on most Turks not actually reading it. If they do they'll just claim it's Western historical islamophic revisionism aimed to hide the truth.

>>276262955>>276262490Columbus diaries and Roach logic

>>276248678My dad is part Greek and he did an ancestry test recently. Thank God not one drop of Turk showed up, I was sweating bullets over that. I don't have rape hair so I had no real reason to suspect it, but it was still a relief.

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>>276263640Fucking memeflaggot retarded enough to change his flag in the middle of the thread just to be able to use insults against normal flags.Really ties in with the cowardly piece of shit that you are.

>>276263930re-post Columbus diaries and Roach logic

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So is this anything else than a distraction so roaches won't think too much about how he has fucked up the country? Or is it something else?

>>276263106you forgot meme flag

>>276263801The utter state of the Middle East sandniggers lol. Sometimes I think that their only hope of ever becoming actual human beings is colonisation all over again.

>>276263051It's Putin's backing that allows him to do this, along with weak/compromised US leadership

>>276263789>Seethe and screetch bitch boy.no u>Η μάνα σου γαμιέται με αραπάδες>tf>tpanyways thanks for all the (you)s ill go and watch some anime. Here have a song to relax youtube.com/watch?v=yC3AKyR1mfk

>>276264421Cope bitch boy, anytime you like

>>276264034thats because there is no Turkish DNA my dear american fren, the Anatolians were conquered by Turkic tribes and forced to Turkify, obviously most Turks might have Anatolian DNA but the original Turkic DNA average in Turkey is probably bellow 5%youtube.com/watch?v=TStTmMCtgBk


>>276264164M akeS laveryG reatA againM ake I mpalingR oachesG reatA gain

>>276264803you were leaving anime faqqot

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>>276264091Literally "a hill has another hill on the top which makes the landscape look like the shape of a mosque".

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>>276265369conclusion Muslim discovered AmericaAll our arguments are invalid

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>>276264107Kinda. I think he wants to sell it as his best attempt at saving the economy actually.Roachland is effectively bankrupt, they just haven’t declared it yet. Look up the roach economist Atilla Yesilada on YouTube. He has an English Channel that openly criticises Erdo. Which is something extremely rare, and reveals things you normally don’t hear about the roach economy (censorship and all that).He talks about how roachland’s number one economic plague is energy. They produce basically zero of their own, and have to import everything. If you substract the cost of energy from roachlands balance sheet, they can actually achieve growth.So I think erdo will try to tell his people “Look, I am doing something to solve the greatest economic problem of our country and make us independent, please keep me forever”.Of course it’s too late now, and he’s too stupid to realise that there are other ways to make ends meet.Like raising interest rates. He built his economy on massive cheap loans which were used to create industry and mega projects, which in turn require huge amounts of energy to run. The roach people have become accustomed to being able to take cheap loans for 20+ years and worship him for it. If he raises interest rates, he will loose much of his charm.Polls already show him losing popularity.


Footage from today's miltary exercises in and around north cyprus: youtube.com/watch?v=ls6AABEHUBM

>>276266032Interesting, so turks are literal mongols who used literal runes. Holy shit

>>276266396I've played this Arma mission before

>>276265797Pretty hard to sell that gas if the EU and US sanction the shit out of Turkey so nobody will want to buy the gas. Not to mention all the other trade deals with Europe that would go straight down the shitter and fuck things up even more if he chooses to go through with this. I'm just worried that he's going to try and go full Ottoman with his delusions, starts a war that drags in all its neighboring countries, causing massive regional instability that will lead to another few million refugees trying to go to Europe. It's all so tiresome!

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you wont win without her bros

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