Why do we let women vote?We don't let children vote, and women are mentally like children

Why do we let women vote?We don't let children vote, and women are mentally like children

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>>276247007>bitter fued between hostsWhy can't women get along?

>>276247229The concept of friendship & loyalty is foreign to womenWomen never have real friends

implying voting isn't rigged

>>276247007Joe Rogan is a gay midget

>>276247007yes, women are children. otherwise you couldnt control them, and why the fuck would we want that

>>276247007Growing up I always thought that girls liked romance stories and the like because our tastes were different and maybe I just "didn't get it" the same way they wouldn't get LoTR.Then when I was visiting my mom about a year back, I decided to watch one of the british romdrams series she was always into with her. I can't remember the name of it, since they practically all blend together, but holy shit the plot and premise made me physically ill. It was basically about some woman that was heir to the throne that abdicated from her royal duties to fuck an ambassador or something like that, while simultaneously cheating on her husband. I realized in that moment that it wasn't simply a difference it tastes, but that women were in fact completely shallow and childish.

>>276247007it won't be long until children can vote...

>>276247007women never mature after their late teens, while men go though many obstacles before feeling mentally grown-up by their early to mid 30s.

>>276247376>girls never have real friendsThis is scary accurate. Every ex of mine has lost their "best friend" to retarded fights.Hell, one was even "bi" and "loved" their best friend- only to hate eachothers guts after the one stole a guy from the other, even though she didn't even know the guy AND knew her friend was into him. All the guys I know are still cool with their childhood best friends, and would never do something like that.


>>276247007>Ect.kys nigger

>>276247007The true redpill is that Joe Rogan's podcast is just as braindead as the one on the right

>>276247007OP is a bitter incel.

>>276247007lol is that real? What fucking podcast in on the right?

Because women's votes cancel out men's votes.Classic divide and rule strategy.

>>276247007Same with niggers. We don't let retards vote. Why niggers? Same with mexicans who can't speak English.

Women shouldn’t vote. We think with emotion, not logic. Too easily persuaded by stupid illogical arguments. 19th amendment was a mistake. That is why we are in the predicament we currently are. Men should be choosing the leaders And all our leaders should be men. Plain and simple.

>>276252565>men are all the same>women are all the sameThis kind of generalizing is just dumb.

>>276247229The store chain I work for opened a new store recently with like four or five employees, all women. After a week there was already a feud going on as one of the women is apparently a cunt, and after two weeks I've heard that management is already considering firing her ass, as she's unfixable. The store I work at has four women who have been working together for years now without issue, but I've heard in the first year they were also feuding because there was a fifth woman employee doing typical women psyop bullshit pitting two other women against each other.

>>276252565send bob and vagene

>>276251939This btw. Joe is a moron pseud inviting one charlatan after another to peddle their tinfoil crap.

>>276248795No, only conservatives have kids, we'd win in a landslide.

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We should not let them vote. Its been disastrous. They simply as a whole lack the logic to or desire to look at things free of emotion. Women often have the stupidest fucking ideas. This shit has crept its way in how society works. If we had warring countries and a real fucking struggle for survival this shit would destroy us. It already is, weakening the West every day. They are inviting invaders into the West almost guaranteeing conflict and struggle. The West became too dominant and started entertaining the fancies of women. Its now leading to destruction and conflict.

>>276248437why does every woman in shitty romdrams portray this cheating fantasy? AND WHAT THE FUCK IS SO INTERESTING ABOUT VICTORIAN ENGLAND I WILL NEVER UNDERSTAND


>>276247007hello incel. I see you're back to hating women again. would you like some nice, lukewarm milk to feed your incoherent rants? It's expired as well.

>>276252565Thank you

>>276256211Sure, I'll take some.

>>276247007WESTERN women are like this, not all. Dumb plastic whores the lot of them. Maybe Jews are right actually.

>>276256592I'm sorry but self-fulfilling prophesies do not count as prophesies.

>>276256812why not?

>>276247007The majority of white women voted Trump though. It's the "others" that voted Hillary.

>>276256211Only if you throw in a blowjob too, you dumb roastie. Gotta put you to work at the only thing you roasties are good for. Seethe and cope at the tradwifes.

>>276252985ayyyy i like-ah de weemen, gotta letta them-ah vote so i canna get-ah samma da poosie!spaghetti mozzarella mortadella al pacino!

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>>276251939This. The man sold out, at the very least he talked about "different" things that was a gateway to more info but that's about it

>>276247229Women can't get along because their entire lives are focused on securing the commitment of the best man possible, they compete with other women for this man, and all of the traits that allow them to compete are inborn and cannot be changed or improved upon.Men can improve their station in life and desirability by cooperating with other men.All that women can do is jockey against each other for social positioning.

>>276247007ok incel

Lol American women are the biggest degenerate in the world.

>>276247578pretty sure he is a closeted gay, but how's it feel knowing that midget could easily kick your ass?

Honestly it was a mistake. Maybe we can let women who served in the military vote or something but most should not have the privilege

>>276252565>Women shouldn’t vote.Correct, everything went downhill in just a century since they got voting rights.>Too easily persuaded by stupid illogical arguments.Correct again. Hitler was elected majorly by female voters. Males voted for CDU. Then the women's choice went on to ruin Europe and nationalism forever.

>>276259250National Socialism is an excellent political philosophy, speg.Hitler just made a shit ton of mistakes.

>>276259026I am pretty sure i can beat that old midget, he is only 91 Kg.

>>276259393>Willingly falling for yet another LEFTIST ideologysad

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Our ancestors made a mistake. Read this excerpt of my great x4 aunt's obituary, who lived from 1809 to 1900, and had 11 children. Here was a woman who never voted and (obviously) lived a happy life anyway:"She was, perhaps, the oldest living member of the local Methodist church and was a conscientious Christian woman, a good mother and kind neighbor. She was one of the pioneers of western civilization and helped make this county what it is to-day. When she came to the county, all that section was a howling wilderness, but she lived to see the desert bloom and blossom as the rose and the old log cabin give way to the onward march of civilization and in its stead see the many beautiful farm residences that now dot the plain. Deceased was remarkable for gentleness and purity of character and the many relatives who mourn their loss can rise up and call her blessed for the good that she did while on earth."Reading old biographies on pioneers, you will also see the women termed with such taglines as a "noble type of a pioneer wife" or "a true type of the Western woman."So once pioneer conditions were gone, perhaps our ancestors lost sight that women were only good because the old order carefully crafted and harnessed the best of female nature. The best of female nature can't come out if they are allowed to participate in something ill suited for them, namely fighting for power (voting, participating in politics). That's a man's job.

Don't know how true any of this is, but I heard that women have a greater portion of their brains devoted to liking social bonding or relationships than men do so they will like discussing the more edgy or 'naughty'' side of those topics more. If true then it is what it is. Women will always be interested in those sorts of things. Normally they could be more interested in forming productive relationships that are good for communities, but when as a society, you discredit family structure and child rearing as good things for women and instead say how they are enslavement for them, you will have women look at singledom and promiscuousness as something to ascend to. Women will always be mainly interested in social bonding and relationships. A society has to help steer them(and men) to a more healthy interest when it comes to those topics.

>>276251939This is true but at least he is somewhat giving people a different view of things.

>>276254032True, no sane man would allow migrants in his country, but for some reason women like the idea of multi-culturalism. We are litterally on a sinkin ship, and they keep letting piraters aboard.


>>276260702>So once pioneer conditions were gone, perhaps our ancestors lost sight that women were only good because the old order carefully crafted and harnessed the best of female natureAlmost ad verbatim what Glubb said. If you degenerates haven't read Fate of Empires its barely a dozen pages and it's fantastic.

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>>276248437All women have betrayal fantasies. After their looks start to fade, their end game is sinking their claws into a man with money so she can live out her days at his expense, while cheating when ever the opportunity presents itself.All women and devious liars, the older they get the worse it is.>Have you ever seen a family dispute where a a family member died and there wasn't a woman doing everything she could to get all the benefits she could off their death?

>>276261303Yes sir I have read that work and also recommend it, and know of Unwin's Sex and Culture as well.

>>276261672Most women are psychopaths by definitionThey are unable to genuinely care about anyone unless it benefits themselves or their childrenNotice how women always pick the most basic causes to fight for, "end racism", "freedom for everyone", they are just doing it to cheat their way up the social ladderNo woman would ever take a moral stand if it actually hurt their social position

>>276261982I've noticed that too. I've tried having real conversations with some women and it essentially comes down to them getting mad because you're threatening the validation they get from collecting likes on social media. That's all it is. They're not even half as political as they think they are.

>>276262498Yes, they often take the consensus as the bludgeon for their arguments, not truth. The other day I triggered a "conservative" Christian woman I matched with on Bumble. She was 20 and her first sentence in her bio was how she was an aspiring corporate lawyer. I said to begin:"Hello, why do you want to be a corporate lawyer? I think young women should focus on having children, not cooped up in school and often getting debt. Let the men do the work. What do you think?"She replied:"Hi. Listen here. First off, this isn’t the 1950s and women are just as if not more capable of getting a job and raising a family then a man. I’ll be making more in a year then most men ever will. Secondly, if you think that women are just meant for having children, then I think you need to re-evaluate yourself and ask yourself why you think like that. Women aren’t just some objects, and if they don’t wish to have kids, then that is their call. You can’t tell me what a women is or isn’t supposed to do. And it’s not my problem if it fractures your ego or whatever if I make more then you (which I probably would for the record). You need to get with the times because it’s a huge turn off for close to 100% of women when you tell them they shouldn’t be focused on school and instead should be focused on childbearing."My reply:"Well friend I have heard your argument before and could refute it, but I'll content myself to say that I don't need 100% of women on my side, just one! Take care."

nevermind that women also lack the capacity to love, as in care about another person's wellbeing. They only love when they benefit from the relationship, they don't sacrifice for others or want others to do well, they only want others to do well when it makes them feel good about themselves. even their own children. they wont try to teach children things or mold them into respectable people like a father, the only thing they can do is coddle and provide physical things usually for babies and small kids because they enjoy being mommies. they naturally are meant to serve because it's all that they enjoy, it's not that they are serving even when they don't enjoy it like a soldier or a father working 50 hours a week to keep the house and everything.

>>276251993Shut the fuck up pizzanigger. "Incel" is (((their))) term and is used to silence men who know the truth about women.

> Assemblywomen (Greek: Ἐκκλησιάζουσαι Ekklesiazousai; also translated as, Congresswomen, Women in Parliament, Women in Power, and A Parliament of Women) is a comedy written by the Greek playwright Aristophanes in 391 BC.[3] The play invents a scenario where the women of Athens assume control of the government and instate reforms that ban private wealth and enforce sexual equality for the old and unattractive.Fucking 391 BC and they knew women would turn civilization into a roastie commie shithole if they had power.

>>276248437Guess I got lucky with my girl. She loves LoTR far more than I do (I'm not that into it.) She fucking hates romcoms, and we just generally agree on what media is good (books, tv/movies, video games) and what isn't. She is into anime though while I'm not, but she generally just watches shows she liked as a teen while I'm gone, I think to give her some comfort.


>>276259214Why? Most white women voted Trump in 2016. It's the immigration and racial demographic change that's going to fuck you, not the fact that you have a crippling porn addiction and can no longer humanise the opposite sex.

>>276259400Doubtful, and if a midget beets you in fair combat, you become a midget. As is the midget way.

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