Trump’s going to win’m telling you, this troll has psychic powers. The first time I watched this video I thought it had to have been made after the election. If Micheal Moore says so, it’s going to happen.

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>>276246577Of course Trump is going to win. He's running unopposed. Biden's brain is scrambled mush. Biden couldn't handle a bingo game at a retirement home.

>>276246577Lucky numbers op

>>276246577>complacent progressivesIt’s not the progressives, it’s the neoliberal wing still trying to cling to power. Progressives don’t want Colin Powell and John Kasich speaking at their convention. Complacent neoliberals are going to lose the election to Trump, people are sick of that bullshit.

>>276247402Basically, Biden runs a campaign of embracing BLM and dissing the economic left. With this, he is pissing off both conservatives as well as leftists. Great job.

>>276248312>Basically, Biden runs a campaign of embracing BLM and dissing the economic left.Yup. Bernie Bros aren't going to vote for Biden.

Same shit every time. Some lefty comes out to say the obvious so his other lefty cohorts are now allowed to comprehend the notion of another Trump victory.

Mail in ballots already secured a Biden win. Get real

>>276246577>Michael Moore's fans are Trump supportersJust tells you how bad Trump is

>>276247402Good take

>>276248928You have shit reading comprehension.

>>276246577so after being attacked for his last documentaries he came crawling back to the right?

>>276246848trump will be literally running unopposed.

No way Trump wins after all of these riots, calling dead soldiers losers and hundreds of thousands of dead covid patients. There will be war if he wins. Biden will never concede the election.

>>276248312because the correct answer is to alienate both the social and economic left, and if they did any amount of that theyd have to agree with trump on something.They're contorting into the shape of trump's negative space, and it's as ugly and stupid as it sounds at face value.

biden has no presence. on stage rambling to dozens. even ironic biden memes can't stick

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>>276248618oooh thats a good point. They're militantly closed minded until a knowledge authority gives them permission to consider something.

Reverse Psychology is their tactic this time. They know they got too cocky last time with their "Trump can't win" and "Blue Wave" BS. So now they are trying to scare people into voting by saying Trump will win.

>>276249396Lol still voting for Trump

>>276246577explain yourself Trump bots>>276248519>>276248519>>276248519

>>276246577>"muh complacent progressive"Oh shut the fuck up, why are these people so obsessed with appearing smarter than their allies?

>>276249396Lmao can’t tell if you’re serious or not

>>276248618literally the same guy as last time too

>>276250296Anon is serious, far-leftists actually believe that if they destroy their own cities people will blame trump

>>276250122>complacentthat's a word everybody knows though, it's not exactly the most advanced word, complacent is floccinaucinihilipilification in that context

>>276246577Still voting Biden

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>>276252884>the left cant memethanks for the prime example

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>>276246577michael moore said trump would win in 2016 when everybody else said he would lose so he is probably correct now as well. he should run for president himself because the establishment democratic party candidates suck and michael knows this which is why he is saying now that trump will win again. his first movie i think was roger and me which predicted the future of what would happen to american workers. he is not bad at predicting the future. he is probably right about trump winning.

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>>276248928Kys illiterate bastard

>>276253251Has to make 20 threads trying to force failed Biden pedobear memes

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>>276252884do you have your won catch phrases? You just copy thing from the right... Maybe say something different like " still sucking my wifes boyfriends black cock " then we will know your a biden supporter and you dont have to leach off of right wing memes

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>>276254839>leftist poking fun at the fact he supports a pedophile but doesn't careIt really is true leftists don't have self reflection

>>276248928nice flag Shlomo

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>>276252884Good Lord, the left really can’t meme. They are now trying to turn this one around? Hah.Still Voting Trump. Twice.

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>>276246577come the fuck on of course he is

>>276246577Michael Moore is an Alt-Right Yahtzee.

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>>276247402Really, you think you are keeping the hispanic vote after encouraging rich white kids and blacks to burn down their neighborhoods? Are you an imbecile?You only got this far because neoliberals got the hedge fund managers they were in bed with to cause a nonstop wave of homoglobo propaganda.

>>276246577This rich, bloated, hypocritical sack of corruption looks like an old fat woman.No guns for you, but Moore's bodyguard, busted for carrying an unlicensed firearm.See this movie if you want a red pill on lefty hypocrisy.

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>>276255395Trumph is the actually a pedo

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>>276246577>Michael Moore saysAh ok, then it's settled.


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>>276249893Bro theyre literally still doing the >Trump cant win bullshit

Yeah I'm feeling it. Democrats didn't platform. They didn't build. They didn't campaign. They didn't lift anyone or help solve anything. All they did was burn loot and murder people like spoiled retards.Then they expect to be rewarded with these literal acts of terrorism with... a presidential victory. How about fuck no. Never.

>>276259036Exactly, it's going to be 2016 all over again. Normies and Centrists aren't voting for Trump they're voting AGAINST dems.

This was recorded in 2016. At the time, there was not the huge economic recovery Trump set in motion. So the dynamics are a different now. I believe Trump still needs to appeal to these dispossessed; they have lost their jobs due to COVID and are still in economic pain. It means Trump needs to tweek the message to respond more to those still without work due to COVID lockdown, and those who have lost their businesses. Trump is leaning heavily on his record and on how he will restore the economy, but there is still a lot of anger and loss out there, which he hasn't effectively addressed this election cycle.

>>276246577I think he may be right, but for the wrong reasons.People will vote for their own self interests, and that's democracy by design. Ignoring the extreme loyalists on both sides, people in the center right now are being bombarded with two things: violent leftist protests which everyone can see on youtube and social media no matter how much mainstream media wants to suppress them, and the unreasonable demands to defund police and for reparations from BMI.The left ought to be arguing for UBI, which is both doable and most people can get behind because it isn't framed in terms of race, but still benefits minorities the most mathematically. This should be an easy policy win, but Dems have let the extremists push too far.Those in the center probably don't like Trump, but this vote is about choosing an incompetent person versus destructive policies not in the interests of the majority.

>>276249396Dumbest fucking take I’ve heard.

>>276246577yeach he win but what next? it is not like he will save us

>>276249893Maybe. To give credit to Michael Moore though he said the same shit in 2016 as well.

>>276258969Minnesota and Wisconsin are red dumbfuck are you not paying attention to what’s going on? That’s just a start of how wrong this is. Also, don’t assume Latinos will be voting for Biden. They were enjoying success under Trump too.

>> like this version better

>>276260304Minnesota will never go red.

>>276246577It doesn't matter if he wins unless he drops the hammer

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>>276260304>WisconsinThen why did they elect a lifelong communist teacher for governor?

>>276261361Minnesota was close in 2016

>>276258969Man that's crazy actuallyAll he needs is AZ and Florida AND one of the swing states like Wisconsin. Is this why Biden's team is panicking?


>>276246577Checked god tier

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>>276246848Based. If he was running a campaign called "Biden for Bingo" I'd be like "eh I don't know if he's up to it..."

>>276246577There is literally an army of shy voters out there who can be convinced to grudgingly cast their vote for Trump given the alternative. The key is to let them know:>they are not alone>it's ok to lie in public to hide their power level

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>>276249396>leftists burn down cities for months>this makes Biden and the left look goodlmao I bet you sub to Disney+ you cumguzzling faggot.

>>276262272PA flipping might have had a real psychological affect on the rest of new england and the northeast

>>276262591Memories are short. All that matters is the final run up, and this includes the debates. Trump cemented things in 2016 with when he dismantled Shillary in the debates >Wrong! Wrong!For this reason, I expect the Dems to either cancel or drastically scale back the debates.

>>276262591Ya all the anglicans realize they're in the wrong when Presbyterians make a move without them

>>276249396You sound exactly like my 70 year old bitch neighbor who blares CNN 24/7 and who thinks her boomer views are on the right side of history.

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What was your guys' favorite part about President Romney's administration?

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tldr Michael Moore is a retarded doomer who predicts Republican wins every election

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All politicians are selected for the bringing in of the nwo haha and he has the check and his boys to talk about the deep state every single one of them is part of the dp im just done at this point fuck both sides.

>>276261617didnt Scott Walker run it into the ground prior?

>>276254839Biden for Bingo is next up

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>>276263668What about presbyterians?

>>276246577>biggest fuck you recorded in human history>until 2020 when we do it again

>>276264373No, he cracked down on the communist teacher's unions so they decided to elect a teacher instead. They deserve all the pain they get; hopefully they've learned their lessons (probably not though).

>>276250085>Relentlessly spams every thread about a president of a nation he's not a member of>Calls others botsGo to bed Hans