Landlord thread

Renters are parasitic scum

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>>276246260Wow look at all these people in here. You did great OP. All these replies. Woooow

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fuck renters

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>>276246260why rent out property then? without renters I would have to get a nigger job so fuck that

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>>276246260Have an updoot OP

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>>276246565i dont get it

>>276246260>still says "loss" in the corner>should say "late"

>>276246565is this loss?

Refund Property Taxes!

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>>276246260Just give the trannies the same treatment. Break contracts with leftists and call them parasites while you do it.

>>276247451>i dont get itwhy?

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>>276246565Explain it, rareflaggot

>>276247829property tax is bullshit.

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>>276246949fiat money came into town, and you choose the side of the bankers, just saying

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>>276246565Why would someone edit out the joke, what's the point?

>>276246565You said that 2 minutes after the thread was made lmao

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>>276249364Oh my god I totally missed that lmao.

When the 2008 recession hit, after a bunch of scumbags crash the economy, all these people lost their homes and guess who bought them up? You got it fucking billionaires.

>>276246565hahahahaha stonetoss is so funny!rare flag, my slanty-eyed friend

>>276246565What’s funny about burgers?t. Burger

Guess What's worse? 3rd world migrants shit up the prices all across the board because there's not enough room. The state subsidises them sure, but not you with your lavish spending.


>>276246565you saved this nonsense? fag

Landlords whom raise rent or buy up xheap housing to turn it into rental properties are anti American, usury, and jewish. Nothing inheritely wrong with renting, the issue is that yankees and jews buy up entire towns and triple housing prices.

>>276246565He found out it was s0I infused fake meat

>>276249004Now extend that thought to the ((Real Estate)) ((middlemen)).>6% + fees/taxes/etc>Increases property costs>Usury on loans for housingReal Estate Agencies are the Real Enemy.

>>276246260Just limit leasing to one property to prevent real estate speculation blowing the prices out of control.Oh and also forbid non citizens from owning real estate and nationalize all judeochink rent conglomerates.


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>>276247829Property tax should not even exist, we have property taxes in certain parts of the US and this should not be. But we won’t do shit will we?

>>276249303>"oh btw I found a stain on the carpet and a tiny scratch on the wall. I'm taking $1000 from your security deposit to pay for it and if you want to argue it I'll see you in court lol"I'm all about letting the market decide but there are some shady ass and shitty landlords out there. Usually jews.

>>276250209easy solution, let's call it - the final solution

>>276249928i MADE that nonsenseandyou see how useful it is

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Imagine being a landlord and calling someone else a parasite

>>276250209>he doesn't utterly demolish his apartment when moving out in a manner that the security deposit isn't sufficient to cover the damageslaughing_whores.gif

>>276246260Fuck renters man. Landlordfag here. I own two properties, a three-plex and a duplex. They are a bunch of fucking commies who vote to raise my property taxes then are surprised and outraged that I raise the fucking rent a commensurate percentage. They already have more rights than I fucking do, and now that they are free from getting evicted, one of them has entirely stopped paying rent. Doesn't stop my fucking property taxes from coming due though, that's for fucking sure. Dude thinks that there's going to be a civil war come November that the liberals are going to win and make everything free, as in, he said that stupid shit to me when I went and asked his ass for the rent that he is a month overdue on. Dude still has a decent job too. Kind of looking forward to that civil war...

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>>276250684This is why living out in the woods in a sustainable way is the way to go, no more landlords or being a renter.

>>276250684Parasite, like a leeching tenant that won't pay for the privilege of living indoors?Parasite, like a renter who destroys the floors, walls & roof they do not own?Parasite, like a person who agrees to pay for a service, then does not pay. But still receives the service?

>>276250737This is why i keep a couple of roided up friends on call incase of troublesome renters.Pic related me on rent day.

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>>276249631Bullshit leaf. Don't take out loans that you can't fucking afford to pay for and you don't have that problem. The people who bought them up after that were ordinary average people.

>>276251260Until alphabet agencies find you.


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>>276249271this chart will always look roughly like this, regardless of the century. time in the market is better than timing the market, and, taxes notwithstanding, all that wealth is going to rotate as boomers die and leave their estate behind. the names will rotate on those lines, but the curves will not ever be very different. it's vertically scaled with the percentage -- so generation x is about to start inheriting 50% of the nation's wealth. maybe ask why wapo is trying so hard to convince you that its a zero-sum game that boomers are winning and you're losing.


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>>276246260I see landleaches are still reeeeeeing and perfecting all of the expected mental gymnastics to justify their worthless parasitic existence by resorting to projection.

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>>276250623Based cum and cock eater.

>>276246565I don't get it

>>276246260Sooo I got a noise complaint from the nice old man who I pay to manage my building. I went into the rentoid's unit to check it out and this is what I saw

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>>276246260Meh, once some overseas investors buy up all the properties in your area you faggot landlords will be singing a different tune. You are the true parasites.

>>276246260jews love being landlords for a reason

>>276246260Do really it is a problem to buy house in usa ? Here I got huge discount from service. Around 200000$ for 250m2 and 6000m2 of land

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>>276250171Ah shit this is me in a nutshell except with Holla Forums stuff

>>276252182Lol you are stuck paying for that for the rest of your life. You are poor and in debt.

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>>276246565All these retards saying "I don't get it"The burger isn't real. It's probably some onions garbage. The man's reaction says it all. Not getting it says everything about you.

>>276246260Renting isn't the issueRents being higher than mortgage rates is the issueAnd that is the elephant in the room everyone avoids because they know the reason why

>>276252041you dont actually EAT the cock user...

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>>276250869how much is rent in the duplex/three-plex?

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>>276246260Renters are such entitled people they expect landlord's to clean their apartments for them.

>>276249111i've noted your digits>How to evict your deadbeat tenants with this one simple trick!

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>>276252312>2020>Using banksThats why you will never own house.

>>276246260>buying out all the homes>gloating over the people you rent them to>realize there's more of them than there is of you>watch your family get murdered in front of your eyes by an angry mob of renters>die last as a wealthy man with all the property deeds in your hand.

>>276252394Then buy fucking houses

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Muh rent seeking activities are too hard. Neck yourself.

>>276251926does this actually work

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>>276250869oh you poor thing. maybe you'll have to stop taking money from other people for doing nothing at all.

>>276252398Tell me what you do with the cock in your mouth user. I'd like to learn from you

>>276252711The Romans dressed their slaves in similar attire regular citizens wore to prevent them from knowing how many of them there were.

>>276252182that's because nobody wants to live in poland, not even polish people

>>276250209I fucking hate that shit. I always tell people you might as well say goodbye to your deposit when you move in cause those fags always find some excuse to Jew it away from you.

>>276247231haha like and subscrieb

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>>276252903depends if the tenant took detailed video/photo evidence right before moving out

>>276252394>Rents being higher than mortgage rates is the issuerenting is slightly higher because buying a mortgage requires a down payment and then annual property tax payments. when you pay $200k up front and then an additional $5k every tax season, then you'll be entitled to a slightly smaller monthly payment.Doesn't sound so good now, does it?

>>276246565It's probably fake s.o.i meat

>>276253074Im okay with this.

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>>276253013They all got sacked in the end. History will repeat again.

>>276252486look at mark tress20 units; 650 open violations

>>276250737They will charge you more for the damages and if you don’t pay they will bring you to court. Faggots can bring that shit to collections and fuck you even harder.

>>276253201not really. even if they took a video 1 hour before moving out, they are still responsible for the damage until the moment they are permanently off the premises. I can film my unit 30 seconds before leaving but then scratch the floor before leaving - the footage is meaningless

>>276249473$1295 is cheap

>>276246565The original image had the patty full of bugs if I remember right. Someone edited it out apparently to confuse and neuter the joke.

>>276252342what? it harkens back to that other comic "burgers?". none of you fags are allowed higher positions in the reich. you will be footsoldiers.

>>276250869Why not just, I dunno, get a fucking job?

>>276249993all the fees associated with purchasing and owning a home almost makes me want to just say fuck it and rent.>pay 1-2% home value every year for (((property tax)))>pay 6% home value just to sell>(((mortgage interest)))>maintenance fees and time spent on upkeep>if it is a condo or townhouse, HOA fees>opportunity cost of having money tied up in a highly illiquid asset

>>276253453Not for the U.S.

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>>276253154>only jews own property>says so while shitposting from his mom's basement

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Theres nothing wrong with being a renter or a landlord. It's a contract that both willingly sign into.That being said, as a contractor who repairs heating systems, theres no lower lifeform on earth than renters. They get upgrades done to the property and see nothing but something to bitch about for a possibility of rent reduction even though they benefit from the repair/upgrade. Renters are trash people.

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>>276249004Its smoke and mirrors..... you never REALLY own land in USA. You buy land from a real estste jew, which gives you the right to rent it from the Govt. jews (property tax)Miss a few payments, and they will huck you off, and the govt jews will sell those rights back to a real estate jews at a discount rate, who in turn allow the next user to rent the property from the govt jews.

>>276253699>only jews own property>says so while shitposting from his mom's basement

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>>276248420That he’s keeping out of politics and the burger he’s eating is probably one of those plant based ones so it isn’t even real beef, ultimately even boomers who just wanna grill are gonna have their simple pleasures commified

>>276250209It’s baked into the formula faggots. I usually stay about 2-3 years, make the land lord upgrade all the shitty stuff (just made him get a new 5k ac), and modify the place with shelves in the studs etc to make it comfy and aesthetic. I don’t clean up when I move out (I don’t leave piles of trash either). They are gonna fuck me anyway so I get as much value as I can out of my deposit

>>276249271>People acquire more wealth as they get older.You don’t say?

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>>276253863Not exactly true. If you dont pay your property tax, no one is being thrown out on the street. The government simply waits for you to die to sell off the property to make back the lost taxes. As someone with no kids to pass things on to, I plan on exploiting this to the fullest.

>>276246565Stone toss is such a flip flop fence sitting retard. He plays both sides to get attention what a low life.

>>276253961>nooooooo>you can't just make me pay to live in your property>only jews do this

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Tell me about the people you have kicked out this year Holla Forums>crazy lady letting homeless in the building who would shit in the halls. Told her we were taking her to court and tricked her into signing a notice to vacate. Day of move out she wasn't budging until we pulled a loader bucket up to her balcony and told her she had an hour to get her stuff out or we would get it out ourselves>drunken brother of resident harassed other residents, guy literally crying as I told him to get the fuck out. A grown man, crying lmfao>some bitch thought she could get away without paying rent. Didn't realize protections here only lasted like 2 months, in court the first week they were open, defaulted on the payment plan 2 days later and was put on the streetShare landlordanons

>>276246260>that comicFucking loooool

>>276252937>offers to provide housing for a price>renter signs contact agreeing>seeker is a basic necessity for life>doing nothing at allIf you don't want to pay rent then buy a house or don't live in one

>>276254237>nooooooo>you can't just make me pay to live in your property>only jews do this

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>>276254066You illiterate fuck, read the graph and compare a 30 year old from each generation

>>276254191It's an edit smooth brain

>>276249473Fuckin lol

>>276249993not to mention real estate agents.with things like airbnb now, I'm surprised no one has eliminated agents yet.$10,000 payoffs for maybe 5 hours of work. and most people complain their agent didn't even do that much

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>>276254262you are literally crying that being unemployed is too hard. no one cares you fucking baby

>>276254239I'm not a landlord, but I had a crackhead living below me, place was a full blown crack den, gangs of feral nigger children in there selling heroin and crack. Landlord was a turbokike so I had to do all the legal proceedings myself, satisfaction level maximum when the police came on eviction day and he didn't know they were coming. He's yelling YOU CAN'T DO THIS TO ME while I lean out the window and wave him goodbye.

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>>276252971It's crazy simple user, you just do whatever the director says

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>>276250171honesty.....i dont do any of this.i live like a god damn hermit. i save money. i dont have any addictions. i dont get take out (actually worked in food services and fucking RAGED when the workplace would increase the food price, without increasing quality but fucking NPC still buys)i never smoked, i buy the cheapest.all my hobbies invovles free shit. so learning to draw, or program using internet, reading free books.never payed for gamesliterally CRIED when i bought my xbox 360, becasue i thought i dont deserve it.have literally 0 impulse shopping.never go out to shopnever try to get pleasure from shopping.i sometimes go to boards like /toy/ or /jp/ fantasies about buying thing when i am rich....but i never buy...because i think i dont deserve to buy novelty shit and get joy out of objects, when i am still renting..and i say i "buy" collectibles...after i am financially free....which means i read a lot of books about bonds and stocks and real estate..i wish my rent was lower...or non i could save more....invest more...and buy my own place...believe me...not all the renters are like this picture...many are frugal just like me..

>>276254745>Being unemployed is hard

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Reminder that property taxes is (yearly) rent.

>>276252937government should start getting money from him as "tax" for doing nothing at all.

>>276254745I am not. If there is a need in the market for rental housing then it is provided by land lords. If you do not want to rent then there are other options. What does this have to do with unemployment? If you're upset because you perceive landlording as being easy then you might as well take aim at every other bullshit job out there.

>>276251836rent is due, pay up anime poster

One of my favorite tricks to deal with asshole renters when working in their apartments, is to "accidentally" let their cat or dog out. Moamst of the time they aren't allowed to have pets, but even if they are, they're supposed to be locked up when I show up to do repairs. Nothing funnier than seeing some fat housewife chase after her little dog into the street.

>>276254979i unironically do not understand how someone can live in the US on nothing but welfare, even living frugally. You're talking, what, $1,000 MAX across all benefits, including "housing assistance?"

>>276253460>neuter>makes it was better>way more interesting>way more thought provoking yeah okay gtfo stonetoss

>>276250869If the renters are a pain in the ass why don't you just sell the property or not rent them out in the first place?

>>276256217Disability is where it's at. That's one of the backfires of liberal discrimination legislation. It covers all sorts of stupid shit. I have a friend who gets the equivalent of $398 a week for fucking ADHD. Shit's out of control.

I now know why Mao killed the landlords instead of just taking their property.

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>>276256053>Hurting animals Ok, chink.

>>276251416They could afford it until they lost their jobs. Most people live on cash flow and debt, including the millionaires and billionaires

>>276246565No one responding, until this guy bumped the thread. What a loser. He couldn't keep his mouth shut.

The funny part is they dont realize they're just screwing themselves over. They passed all sorts of renters laws here and now you have 50 people applying for the same overpriced apartment because no one wants to deal with renting their stuff out anymore.

>>276256925I didnt hurt them. I simply set them free. Even animals don't like renting.

>>276256710I fucking hate this country sometimes

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>>276257129yeah, but, now its more MY THREAD, than hisWhen was the last time you took threads from someone? Oh thats right never, beta cuck

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this thread is proof Mao was a pretty great guy after all

It'll funny when all the rentoid posters start seething when their property taxes go up sky high.

>>276256244You're a small Asian man with a flat face. Nothing you say matters

>>276250209thats called wear and tear, any small claims court would throw it out

>>276253202Also if it's your house you are responsible for repairs. One of my buddies realized this when his AC unit broke and he couldn't afford a new one. He had fun having no AC for 2 months during summer...

Anyone have pasta of greatest landlord steve?

>>276257391>Go to doctor>I have ADHD and crippling social anxiety>Dr S. Shekelberg happy to give you good goy pills to pad Jew pharma company CEOs pockets>read discrimination law and tell them looking for a job exacerbates your symptoms and social anxiety makes work discrimination>ProfitThis guy really should write a book. Democrats need to be relocated to the Marianas trench.

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>>276257424Holy shit. You are still here bumping this thread? My God. This OP really got under your skin. What a faggot.

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>>276246565>>276247451>>276247617>>276248420>>276249364>>276249711>>276252083The Burgers are either plant based onions shit or made of bugs.The message is that if you stay out of politics, it will come back to bite you.

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>>276253074Visit before speaking, nigger.

landlord here, i had to club two peasants to death today to get the others in line.since two families cant pay because of covid right now, their patriarchs have given their daughters to me for breeding, ill give them 4 months of free rent if the girls are virgins and the sex is good

>>276258147you were the niggers of europe since ancient history, even ukrainians are better than you

>>276246260Landlords are based and neo-feudalism is based. Rentoids need to realize if they want to make it, they need to live with their parents until they do.


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>>276253421nah what'll happen is your land lord ass wont pay to fix the floor. You'll keep doing it, then do other tactics to further indirectly damage your own property. Then you'll bet at a point where it costs 1k or more to fix everything. Then you wont do it because its already expensive and you're greedy and wont fix up finger/fist sized holes in the walls, paint them over, or install a new floor to replace the scratched up shit. Then wealthy people wont move in because the house is a mess. Then you only get niggers. Niggers would wreck your property up even further. They'll end up stealing every bit of furniture you got, rip the carpet/flooring up, put even more holes in the walls just for shits and giggles and then break the windows. Then no body will want to rent there, not even niggers, until you fix everything which will be around 10k+.

>>276254440>30 year old from each generationThe only illiterate is you because the baby boomer age doesn't show what they had at 30.>And I wonder why

>>276250209Don't rent from Jews then idiot.

Anyone else took the officepill?? I pay 165 $ a month for a big office. Wagies on floor above pay 700 for less space, fucking cucks. Just had to install a shower and then good to go.

>>276258310You utter retard, the comment was on the present. But of course you add a stupid, vague statement that you can always back up with a cherry picked fact - a worthless exchange only serving to waste time. You are a sad waste of space.

>>276252554God I would have loved to explore Pruitt Igoe right before they blew it up

>>276252971Take it in the mouth, almost like you gonna deep throat. The tip and glance will be surrounded by your throat, like you would gargle it. Now Bob up and down and press the tip against your pharynx. It will create an extreme sensation to the cock and it will cum like in 7 minute's. Pressing against your pharynx will also make you cum bucket

>>276254895I get you brother.that said, why are you renting to begin with? No shame living with your parents to save up. I have 75k in the bank and I only graduated 3 years.

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>>276258085does he get shit on top of the disability? $1,600 a month won't cut it for me. I'm making $5k net/month and could reasonably cut back to $2-3k without changing my lifestyle, and yes i am willing to commit fraud to become a neo-NEET

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>>276258432haha, you really don't understand, do you? rentoids have no standards. no rentoid is going to turn down an apartment because there are some scratches on the floor. your alternative is being homeless so you will rent. and no, black people don't rent - they get government housing. so you're out of luck bud. by the way, there's only 3 weeks left until rent is due.

>>276249303> triggered muh lols

>>276249993now extend that to house-builders who get paid $65/h for doing "work" some mexicans will do for $10/h.Contractors are satanic viruses on our economy

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>>276246260You trannies are still seething that you can't squat in someone else's property, huh?

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>>276258860>Living in an office while wagies upstairs workThis sounds fucking hilarious. Stroll upstairs at 1pm and ask the wagies to keep the noise down so you can read.

>>276259093>hot girl>pretty face>nice body>turns around - disgusting huge tattoono thanks

>>276246260?pol/ is filled with Jew threads, this one is nothing new.

>just paid $15k student loan debt with money I saved from internship>Got a raise at work>Have been diligently saving, have about 30 grand in investments, saving for a house>Have enough to pay landlord easily>Am making her wait on it anyway just to fuck with herIs this chaotic neutral?

>>276253154smudge tool Picasso

>>276246260>Couldn't afford to buy property in my area>Get a raise>Can now afford to buy property in my area>My area is a huge fucking bubbleWhat do?

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>>276259208They actually live in apartments on floor above office ;) Literally same building, less space, and like 4 times the cost.

>>276259093i am living with parents.i am paying the rent bro

>>276259118Not sure, he must do because hes always got money. I guess you could sell the adderall on the side instead of taking it but that sounds like it could backfire and be hassle. It depends on the disability laws and system in your state I guess. Change your name to Mohammed Mohammed Mohammed and you'll prolly unlock giganeet bucks.

Have you seen the exorbitant house prices?>>276247215It aint gonna kill you. >>276258860Not allowed.

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>>276250171Does buying a bass to do something else other than look at a fucking screen 24/7 when your government has put the entire country on house arrest count as $300 novelty?

>>276258119I am gay and find this webm vaguely disgusting

>>276259171no, they do have standards. They'll put you on the back burner and hunt else where. If they see your property is the cheapest in the area but its shit, they'll stick to you and try to take risks to get a different job to move out quickly. You'll end up burning through renters until you finally reach the negro or a druggie. The druggie will unironically steal all of your wiring which is like 10k or more just right there, not even including the drywall. >niggers dont rentLmao look at this retard right here. This retard right here doesnt understand that niggers wanna get out of the hood from time to time but bring the niggertude along with them. They wanna act like niggers and not be with niggers.

>>276250869Have you tried getting a real job? Owning more property than you need isn't a job lol.

>>276246260Rent-cucks watch out!

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>>276259621they'll never find me

>>276259621>Everyone drinking soda and sugar water for lunchMan, I don't understand normies at all.

>>276259861Sorry about your childhood

>>276259505only buy if you know you are going to hold 5 years minimum, otherwise it is not worth it. think before you buy. like i said earlier,>loan origination fees, closing costs>1-2% home value/year in property tax>6% realtor fees when you want to sell>mortgage interest payments>property insurance>maintenance costs and time sinks>opportunity cost of not investing the money elsewhere>money is locked up in a highly illiquid "investment">you take on all the risk of the "investment", the value could go down or low income housing could go up nearby

>>276251500lmao based

>>276260078There's no where to hide >>276260270What? No. You need it for the energy of being tasked with impossible stocking times. On my 3rd monster energy drink already.

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>>276254164The one duty sheriffs cannot refuse is foreclosing on those who don't pay property tax.

What are my politics of I simultaneously hate poor people and billionaires?

>>276260270>taste goodThats it, I'm pretty sure

>>276260270Agreed, took the no food with ingredients list pill and now whenever my friends are scarfing down jewfood I just feel confused. Dude on his lunchbreak sat next to me and ate a bag of marshmallows and a can of coke.

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>>276256217The ones who know how to really game the system get a bunch more than that. I looked into it just to see how it would work out and I qualify for $1200/month in ssdi alone and if I did that id still be allowed to run a side business and make up to 15k per year.You could game it so much.>Get ssdi>Start a corporation>Pay yourself 15k/year>Pay your wife/family members anything over 15k

>>276259919have you ever lived outside of your parents' house? scratches on the floor are not a deal breaker for anyone. there are much more important things - sings of flood damage, sings of mold, signs of roach/bedbug infestation, cigarette odor, trashy rentoid neighbors, high-crime neighborhood, etc. nobody turns down a unit because of floor scratches. nobody will pay an extra $100/mo for scratch-free floors.>wanna get out of the hood from timeyeah so they move into another government housing unit in a suburb somewhere. not an urban, privately owned building. plus I get to deny whoever I want, so there's that.

>>276246260>Renters are parasitic scumok commie.neck yourself. and buy own house if that's so easy, and I guess give it out for free, comrade?

ITT: people who still live with their parents yet claim to have experience with renting

>>276259594Thats shit bro. I live my parents rent free. I offered to pay but they won't allow it. they let me pay the phone bill bu thats about it. Aside from that, my only expense is a 30 day bus ticket for work and m membership.

>>276260644i'm already freelancing, so it'd just be a matter of scaling back my reported business and funnel more through my s-corp


Attached: Niggers might live here.jpg (961x1280, 290.85K)

>>276246260Not that I agree with the capitalist system but Jews are swinging the pendulum back towards marxists socialism as a “fix” to their out of control capitalism. In an attempt to a mass asset grab of all middle class and up whites property using the same proliferate vs bourgeois tactics they’ve used in the past. Everything you own will be repossessed by the (((government))) and the government will become the land lord of everyone and they will have consolidated even more power and wealth into their hands under the humanitarian guise of equality. It’s all so tiresome their tricks are not even that ingenious we are just all fucking retards that are easily divided and manupilated.

>>276246565>claims to grill>grills prefab burgers from boxesdeserved it, desu

>>276249728Oy vey

>>276260629My go-to is Pepsi and a bag of doritos. I dont got all goddamn day to sit around, especially after today's 20 call outs.

Attached: 20200901_073922.jpg (4032x1908, 1.95M)

>>276260672I moved out and rented my first place when I was 17, girls at that age are all over someone who already has their own place. Landlords are faggots generally but I have no problem with someone being a landlord, just when they be Jews about it. Unless you're renting to niggers or sand niggers. They can fuck off back to the mud hut. If you're white and you Jew other whites on rent you should just go get 3 inches put on your nose and worship moloch.

>>276254629It works out to less than that. They don't write up the paperwork, they pay a licensing fee to a lawyer to use their prewritten papers. And then they always make huge errors. Every house I've bought/sold at least one of the agents involved tried overcharging by several percent and did so in a way that youd never be able to calculate during a closing. The title company was always the one that eventually found the error once the cash was disbursed and the numbers didn't line up.

>>276252146Walls and floor look clean. What are you complaining about?

>>276260448>needing 3 sugar and bull piss loaded drinks to function If you ate (and drank) better then a small 6oz cup of black coffee would be more than enough. Those monsters aren't doing you any favors.>>276260629Congrats, user. You are at a heightened level of awareness. For us at this level, we can feel the damage one little can of soda really does to our healthy bodies. It's unbearable. The feeling of my teeth eroding is bad enough not to mention everything else. Stay strong, brother.

>>276260900ur mom lets me rent out a nice cozy space between her legs if you know what I mean

>>276246260landlords are jews and you're a jew too

>>276250171There's a difference between spending disposable income on leisure and spending yourself into a hole because you have no self responsibility

>>276260646yeah but then you'll go from "scratches on the floor" to doing the shelf strategy which will put holes in the walls. First you'll start with hiding the holes with the shelf itself. Then covering it with a bigger shelf thats on the wall. Putting more and more holes in the wall in an effort to maximize money input. Then you'll end up with holes in the walls that you cant really hide or can be used to support an actual shelf anymore.>Suburbs.I'm referring to the rural areas. you know, the towns of just 7k-15k people with farm land everywhere and drug abuse. Basically what I'm saying is, you wont do maintenance on the things you intentionally fuck up in an effort to keep their deposit. Because of that, the house will end up looking like shit after a while. Go be a smart fag and instead of scratching up the floor or doing some stupid shit with shelves, go buy some stupid ass cheap, flimsy, long ass blinds that break if you turn them too fast. Essentially, vertical blinds for shit like back doors break real fucking easy. Do something smart thats easily replaceable. Dont do stupid shit like scratching the floor, putting holes in the walls, or other dumb shit. You can get in trouble for that if the tenant puts a camera in the residence. But yeah, there's some vertical back door blinds out there that break real fucking easily. Go invest money and try to find that. Or have fun slowly diminishing your property value to the point only niggers and drug users would rent from there.

>>276250209>i know here you live. give me back my security deposit or i will leave your wife face down in a ditch with torn open throat and a mutilated cunt.

>>276261408Doesn't do shit. Do you know a quack doctor who can write a script for some chewable Vyvanse?

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>>276261408I actually used to drink 4 or 5 sodas a day. Never had a cavity or filling. People just don't brush their teeth.

>>276246565To be fair, you have to have a really high IQ to understand this comic.

>>276254440It’s almost as if maybe just maybe the dollar was worth different amounts at different times and when adjusted for inflation it all equalizes. Geez who would of though. Quit having a victim complex and pull yourself up by your bootstraps like us old folk did. I worked a job when I was 10 making $3 an hour and worked every summer and I just would walk into a factory stare the hiring manger intensley in the eyes and with the most determined and confident voice say “hire me” like a true badass that will get shit done and they’d hire me and I would become manager within a week. Life is all about attitude/work ethic, have good attitude and work ethic and nothing is stopping you. Your current lit in life is because of yourself, you only have yourself to blame. The younger generations have gotten soft and weak. At least immigrants work hard and pull themselves up by the boot strap. I am happy they are taking over

>>276246260NoYou need to get profit from asset in capitalism, it is nature of capitalism. if you dont get profit\rent then there is no reason to own or build anythingThen the only way to safe money if you are not millionaire and cant own company immediately is to buy gold lol, then whole world economy will collapse in 2 years lollandlords are middle class, many of them work in addition.I think recent attacks on landlords are sponsoser by top jews which want to take all money from serfs and not to share with midde class

>>276246260>people now pretend to be landlords for easy (You)sI can't decide whether this is more or less pathetic than pretending to be a nigger

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>>276261458As long as there are lazy slobs who refuse to get their shit together enough to buy a house of their own landlords are a necessary evil. But, I got a landlord story for ya. I sold a house and decided to rent for up to a year while scouting out a new part of the country. Found a perfect property early so I bought it long before the lease contract was up. So I bought that property, moved out of the rental and spent 2 months driving back and forth to make the rental spotless and keep up with the lawn. Once it was spotless I told the landlord I would like out of the lease and that I looked at the market for him and saw that his comps went up $250/month since I signed the lease with him. So obviously he jumped at it and within 3 weeks found a new renter to fleece the fuck out of for that shitty house. >And the faggot charged $800 out of my security for putting it back on the market

>>276249932>yankeesIs that the new code for chinks?

>>276250869Just dont pay taxes then give him the house with back taxes due and let the government collect. then buy it back for less then you owed at auction.

>>276261608What doesn't do shit? Being healthy? That's where you're wrong, bucko. Take the God pill and get on His diet. The natural furnace of ambition you acquire may help you rise out of your prison. Or continue to spend your hard earned wages on supplements that have driven you down below baseline and have given you the illusion of "more energy".

>>276261583Spackle costs less than a shelf

LLDF get out.

>>276246260Renters that don't steal from landlords are ok, and there are decent renters.Commies are fucking children. You can read that in two ways and both are valid.

>>276246949the idea that the average landlord looks like that is hilarious, they are almost exclusively hideous old jews

>>276246260A lot more useless people would die if landlords didn't rent to them. Fuck landlords. Just buy your own house and let the useless people die.

>>276262361yeah and now put a shell back in the same spot. Oh wait you cant because spackle is just for looks.Just invest in vertical window blinds. They break if you move them too much. Its easy for them to break and then you get to claim "muh security deposit" without actually performing damage to the property.

>>276246260>Renters are parasitic scumMy friend just spent $18,000 for a new roof. Of course he didn't save up for a repair he knew for decades was coming. Took out a second mortgage at 60 years old to pay for the roof.I'll let my landlord worry about problems like that.

>>276250209Take photos of everything before leaving and locking the unit up, or recording the landlord as he inspects it.One actually tried that stunt where he drags a nail in his shoe across the carpet and tried to keep the entire deposit. I took him to small claims and got $5,000 between the deposit and defamation.

>>276261647 Of course, but brushing is controlling the damage all the sugar has caused. If you have truly healthy teeth, drink a soda and observe how your teeth are feeling. They will not be feeling good, that's all I'm saying.

>>276262473Not everybody has daddy give them the down payment, Moshe. Some people actually work and save.

>>276262841I can't even drink soda anymore. I tried one a few weeks ago and after 2 sips I felt sick and threw it away.

>>276250209>>276257897lmao last two houses i rented at i got my security deposit back easily >first home said that i had not kept the lawn up to shape because of leaves in a pile in the yard. >literally had pictures from the first day proving the land lord did that and never asked me to deal with the leaves >contract had a dishwasher in it, but the dishwasher was broken when i moved in and they said they couldnt afford it>got security deposit back because they initially broke the contract>second home was better but had water damage from the upstairs shower and then before leaving the dishwasher leaked into the floor, warping the floor.>texted the land lord about both of these issues when they happened>they never wanted to deal with it>when i left, half the home needed to be renovated because of severe water damage. >land lady threatened to sue me>bitch you were told more than once and didnt come check until months later.>got security back after threatening to sue for itit's ezpz user.

>>276262833Cool story, bro.>Now tell the one where you humped his wife & ate all the Hot Pockets in his freezer.

>>276249993Real estate agency service is completely optional. Most people use them to avoid the hassle of having to show the house to buyers 24/7 and dealing with all the scheduling. Property tax is not. How the fuck is the two in any way comparable.

>>276263039I used some of the money for an IT cert exam and texted him a photo of the certificate with a "thanks".

>>276262294>What doesn't do shit? Being healthy? That's where you're wrong, bucko.Tell that to my ensuing nausea.>Take the God pill and get on His dietToo expensive and time consuming.>The natural furnace of ambition you acquire may help you rise out of your prison.Ambition is fueled by incentive, not thin air.>Or continue to spend your hard earned wages on supplements that have driven you down below baseline and have given you the illusion of "more energy".At least the illusion is there.

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>>276263056RE adds an easy 6% to the price. For 0 return.Taxes can easily increase the cost of rent by 30%. Isn't that the complaint -- my rent is too high? Riot for lower rent - lower taxes. Defunding the police is a valid reason to return taxes collected for police services. Simple.

>>276262175a lot of words to say "i'm a jewish person"

>>276260482Dont know where you're from. I know different states have different rules but I personally have seen the authorities punked down when trying to evict a man for not paying taxes on his house in Massachusetts. They literally just walk away.

>>276261536Yea one rents and the other owns the building

>>276246260Renters are parasitic scum? They pay the owner do they not? How does that make them the parasite?


>>276247231Technically one month, but whatever renters laws.

>>276250171I have none of that stuff, and can still barely afford rent. Fuck you

>>276263017well yeah cavities are a thing that is dictated by genetics. The likelyhood of you getting cavities is dependent on how you drink your soda ( does it hit your teeth?) and your genetic make up.

>>276256053>what are hidden cameras>what is emotional distressEnjoy your lawsuit

>>276262964My dad left when I was 15 and took out all the equity in the house. I studied computer science. The fear of being homeless drove me to be successful. I bought my own house.

>>276253485What the fuck are you talking about? The unedited comic had worms coming out of the burger, as in it's not real meat, but made of processed bugs. It's not referencing a previous stonetoss comic, but some old boomer comic where some fat old guy shows disdain for politics because he just wants to grill. In other words, because the boomer chose to ignore politics over comfort, the left's insanity was able to invade and ruin the one thing he loved

>>276264045It would be funnier if she had no place to live. Why do landlords help the useless exist.

>reeeeee you can't expect me to pay for housing >everything should be free!the older I get the more I hate people under 30. I'm so thankful I wasn't raised on nigger gibs or faggoty utopian pipe dreams. Humanity is inherently selfish (fallen). No one cares. Get a job. Suck a dick or invent something but nothing is free.

Attached: BA73A758-B4AF-4BD2-AD3E-4CA042EDB747.png (1022x800, 52.79K)

>>276254895lol pay rent poor.

>>276261436Did you just call yourself a pussy? Kek

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>>276263431 I won't even counter you, it'd be futile. I have observed your posts for years. I had a small bit of faith in you back then, it wasn't so hopeless. Lately you've gone totally black. Your soul has been tarred. You can still redeem yourself, but it seems you are in so deep that you can't even recognize what is good anymore. Lord help you. You are sick, you see the medicine before you, yet you cling to that which has made you ill in the first place because it offers you lies of goodness and strength. But they are indeed lies.

>>276252554blumpfs CDC gave them until Dec 31

landlord+disabilitybuxxer here.feels good to stay comfy at home while normies have to toil and bleed for their pay

>>276251263>Parasite, like a leeching tenant that won't pay for the privilege of living indoors?>Parasite, like a renter who destroys the floors, walls & roof they do not own?>Parasite, like a person who agrees to pay for a service, then does not pay. But still receives the service?Jesus fuck we get it, you're a landlord who rents to niggers.Shut the fuck up.

>>276253280This is my fave Polish neighborhood

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>>276264368>I have observed your posts for years. I had a small bit of faith in you back then, it wasn't so hopeless. Lately you've gone totally black.Yeah, another "once in a lifetime" economic downturn is something to be positive about.

Attached: 20200830_074505.jpg (4032x1908, 1.89M)

>>276246565posting the real one

Attached: cvg threads.jpg (1000x1000, 249.23K)

>>276250869I cant wait to buy my house.I'm going to turn it into am apartment and charge 4000 bucks a month.

>>276251523Bullshit. Why do you think we are having so much political turmoil right now? Because this decade marks the average age of death for Boomers. The whole point is to stop generational wealth transfer. The war on the family, socialized healthcare, estate taxes, etc. The boomers are planning on spending every last penny they have on the way out artificially extending their lives through every medical procedure they can pay someone to do. Last generation already had people hitting 120. Boomers will see the fist living to 130+ and they will spend every penny of generational wealth they found in their grubby little hands. Boomers believe that they have the right to blow generations of wealth on themselves. What you are talking about was the normal flow of things, until the boomers cam along and teamed up with the jews to fuck every subsequent generations. Boomers sold out their children into debt slavery in exchange for jews letting them live a fantasy lifestyle until they die. As long as the collapse happens after the boomers are gone, they don't give a fuck.

>>276252600This, based investor bro.In this economy the best savings accounts don’t rival inflation, so savers are losers. You literally lose 3% of your cash every single year even if you have a good online bank. Banks are for immediate emergency money like 3 months of costs if you lose a job, then a launchcpad for sending to other accounts. Nothing else. If you have more than 3 months in any bank you’re a faggot hat deserves being as poor as you are.A fidelity index fund at 100% equity will average 12.7% after more than 5 years.

>>276246260This made me lol.

>>276260900>llow it. they let me pay the phone bill bu thats about it. Aside from that, my only expense is a 30 day bus ticket for work anwell its my life bro. it kinda sucks, but hey, who least i know how to invest money..when i am secure be an straight line toward financial freedom

>>276264810Is your house in a desirable spot with a lot of other wealthy people in the neighborhood? Because 4,000 a month is not unheard of in the boston/newton area.

>>276249303>I'll just find a cheaper place to live>ok lol rent everywhere is now 1.2k+The trouble is that landlords have become far too greedy. Why the fuck are they all charging the same rate, regardless of how shit the location is?

>>276246260>enters are parasitic scumpeople who pay you money to live in your house are parasites?

>>276251656This is tip 6, do you have the others?

>>276253830Americans are trash people you mean.

>>276252182Only if you’r a city fag. Where I live you can build a literal mansion on 10 acres of land near a lake for $500k

>>276259093>>276259093I am kinda like him. Problem is, I graduated one and a half years ago from university (A system in germany which is called dual study, where you work full time and study at the same time, but you dont have to pay for university and get a few euros per month), but supported my parents with paying off their debt on their house, since I respect my parents. Talked with them about their bad planning tho. Sadly they bought it pretty late in life.I am 24 now, have around 25k euros in different options which are considered kinda safe. The problem is, I still live in Hannover, while working full time + studying in a masters degree. I have 60 hours week. Houses are 300-400k plus and most banks won't give a decent credit + i dont want to fucking pay this ridiculous amount of money because some lib shits decided that living in the city is best. I am looking in homes in Mecklenburg Vorpommern atm, where houses are 100k-200k. I could stay with me employer, but I have to wait for an open position. Getting 60k atm with guaranteed increase to 90k in 3 years. Fucking shit is I have to pay around 40 percent tax and social security. So jea, thats why I am renting the cheapest shit i could find.

>>276265216They charge the market rate. If people are willing to pay the rent then it's not too expensive. If it's too expensive then they won't rent out the unit and lose money.


Attached: coomer.png (1545x869, 193.01K)

>>276264251I take it you bought a house the minute you moved out of your parents' house at 18? How did you get the money for the down payment?

>>276265461The issue is that people are able to pay, but they are saving less and less and less, with many people left with double digits at the end of each month. They aren't happy paying this amount, but this landlord collusion has forced people to accept it or die.

>>276254262>If you don't want to pay rent then buy a houseYeah everyone has 100k plus laying around.

>>276254006Damn you made the landlord upgrade his property that he owns? You sure showed him.

>>276254702Netflix and drugs I get but a child? Really?

>>276265217They parasite on our houses and exploit economic situation. Landlords of the world, unite!

>>276260319you are gay and i find your post vaguely disgusting

Attached: 1573316769718.jpg (750x747, 66.83K)

>>276265837I cant believe you took that sarcastic image seriously

>>276264045Peak American.

>>276265996Poes law, monkey.

>>276252486Ervin Johnsonprobably the 1 johnson

>>276266097i DANCE of joy

>>276264259>le grizzled 22 year-old boomer

>>276266028Only if it's unclear if the brownish person suing is a man or a woman

>>276265710I went to college first.

>>276266492Ah, so graduating college, you had enough saved for a downpayment? How did you pay for college?

>>276251836Yes! How dare they expect a return on their investments, fucking parasites. They should let us commies live there for free

>>276250869trim your toenails you freak

>>276251523>>276254066The chart shows that boomers had more than twice as much wealth as gen Xers at the same age. It has nothing to do with time in the market.>>276261846Learn to read. It says share of the national wealth. Inflation has nothing to do with it.

>>276246260(You) made a contract to rent from me. It's that simple. Now. Pay up.

>>276252083>>276258119Also, oestrogen burgers.

>>276252342retard spotted. it's a fucking edit.

>>276266613My mom paid for my tuition. I also worked throughout college, but she let me keep that money. I could have taken out a loan if she couldn't help me.

Landlords wouldn't be such a problem if jews didn't buy up and/or steal so much of the land (2008 foreclosure crisis?) But Holla Forums is full of social media addicted zoomers that can't imagine a reality without such and are incapable of considering the concept of owning the land they live on, and thus will always suck that jewish landlord cock

>>276264709 Your posts went blackpill tier before the virus.