There's no counter argument to this. Everything would be okay if you just treat blacks better

There's no counter argument to this. Everything would be okay if you just treat blacks better.

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No I'm against racemixing because it is fucking disgusting

>>276245840Blacks have an average IQ of 67 and "racism" is a judeo-Marxist conspiracy theory.

blacks deserve to be oppressed until they reach a point of self reliance that they've never shown

>Ignores the genetic problems including diseases, impairments, and being harder to find organ donors>Muh rayssism and that's purely the fault of whitey despite nigs loving to shit on mutt>But what about muh based nigsOP is a fag, herb in all fields

>>276245840What the fuck is light racism now? Some new jew shit?

>>276246194Eveything you said was wrong.

>>276245840>calling BIPOCs "blacks"Cool it with the light racism

>mixed children have harder childhoods>racial mixing is goodAll your argument reveals is that you have a fetish that you want others to engage in.

>>276246231Stop generalizing us. Deal with the niggers leave the functioning ones alone.

>>276247284Also BIPOC is more dehumanizing than black is. But because the left are actual racists they are either okay with that or just don't care enough to call it out.

>>276247424>mixed children have harder childhoods due to racism?>racism isn't the problem!Next stupid argument?

>>276246320>diseases>impairmentsName them.>harder to find organ donorIt's almost as if there should be more biracial black-whites.

>>276245840there is its called niggers go back to africathats my counter argumentsaje


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slide threaddo not respondcall this retarded nigger a retarded nigger and move on, his subhuman monkey iq will not engage in constructive argument and he is likely just a midwit doing a le hilarious troll

>>276245840>There's no counter argument to this.There is, its not just int thats important, empathy, a sense of justice develops from it. Hurr durr skeen color

>>276245840>light racismyou mean dark racism

>>276247912WHAT IF ..the were no biracial kids in the first place?

imagine acting like mexican niggers trying to jump ship whenever their females in their country become reliant on the state IE Niggers who won't go back and fix their community and choosing the correct black females instead of jumping ship to whites

>>276247612YOU deal with niggers. They are your people after all. Why must white man fix everything for you? We must even fix you for you

>>276245840>Everything would be okay if you just treat blacks betterIt would be even more ok if there were no black people at all.


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>>276245840Theres no counter argument to this.

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>>2762458401PBTID>1PBTID1PBTID>1PBTIDSage and hide.

>>276245840The right unironically is less racist than the left.Most conservatives treat everyone equally. The left treats black people like they are in wheelchairs and need constant praise and validation.

>>276245840racism doesnt exist. its a lie created by the media to control you.


>>276251519Jews make up 0.0000005 percent of the population, so when one of them becomes anything they are over represented, but whites make up 137% of the population, so even though 99% of them is an under representation, they still make up the largest numbers.

Unironically okay with smart blacks having kids with smart whites.This is 100% not what happens.

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"light racism" is a product of genetics and not a social construct. Rather than trying to fight something hard-ingrained in us wouldn't it be better to just not race mix?And what right does a race mixer have to tell all of society to accept them? All of society shouldn't have to accommodate you. We all look similar, think similar, and have similar capabilities. Suddenly you move an ugly negroid in and pop out some mutt children and sperg out telling us we have to accept your choice? Nah your kicked out of society.

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>>276245840it's impossible to get rid of "light racism," its human to isolate people who are different from you

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>>276252056But if jews arent white, that means theres more non-white billionaires than there are white ones. That's the point. It has nothing to do with the population density of jews. It's an argument about race you fucking smoothbrain.

>>276245840it's black subculture which is rife in the US, stat show that when GI who served in Germany stayed and got married and had families, there children had the same IQ as the whites GI's that stayed and had families. Why? no black subculture. US black subculture is niggish AF and revolves around ignorance and has been widely promoted to do just that. Dem's have got niggers right were they want them.And please don't act like white are that racist, it's BS in the states, blacks are by far the most racist group in the whole country, ask enough and they will admit it, thats why it was easy for whites to gift blacks with hate group like BLM

>>276245840>smart blacks have to fuck whites, not other blacksWhy? Also lack of Identity is caused by anti-white racism. That's why mulatto kids almost always identify as black.

>>276245840>blood disease>heart failure>lack of tissue donors>social issuesokay commie

>>276245840>bad health conditions >just racism bro100% fake and gay. Mixed has more diseases and bad health conditions.

>>276245840>treatOP, I...

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Evidence shows the opposite to be true, nigger.

>>276245840>racemixing automatically follows from the simple evidence of IQracemixing is forbidden by god, you drooling retard.

>light racismI prefer my racism double venti extra heavy

>>276252056>whites make up 137% of the population

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>>276246966>It's wrong because I said so!

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>>276246394It's Diet Racism for the obese and diabetic

>>276247834Mixed children have a harder childhood because one of their parents is a nigger you retard

>>276245840I don't care about any of this race baiting political stuff. I just want to dance!

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>>2762526381. There aren't more Jewish billionaires than non Jewish billionaires2. Being a billionaire is not the only way to wield power. White people numerically control most of the power positions even if they are underrepresented. 3. I wasn't talking about population density. I was talking about volume vs per capita and how volume is more important to the argument about racism.

>>276255206*1. There aren't more Jewish billionaires than white billionaires

>>276255439>>276255308>>276255206:) you're both wrong.

>>276255308There are.

>>276245840>lack of self esteem is racismHoly mcFuck that’s retarded


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>>276255575>>, I'm looking. So far I've seen 139 of 400 in 2009 and I see 30 of the top 100 in you easy mode this for me?

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>>276256491You answered your own question. Glad I could help.

>>276246165How are you so dumb? Please explain this to me. It's fascinating.

>>276245840>words words words words words words wordstl;dr

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Someone needs to do things in Minecraft to OP.

>>276256716So white people still out number Jews. That's the point I was making. Do you read?

>>276245840Are all leftists autistic? Their memes are terrible.

>>276256900How? He's not in the country and if he is, he's just some 12yo edgelord trying to trigger stupid people. Did it work?

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>>276247912Nigger cell sickness. No other race gets sickle cell

>>276246966ok average is 59 if you include africans

>>276245840I'm okay with interracial marriage, just not rape :^)

>>276257097I'd rather bang the tomboy desu.

>>276256931>What's per capitaMongoloid. Jews are 35% of billionaires (look it up) but less than 1% of the world's population.Whites are overrepresented but by much less.Post hand goblino, I bet you're a mixed race TMNT

>>276256931Jews make up 2% of the population, but you post an article saying they make up over 1/3rd of the richest people. Gingers are 1% of the population, wouldn't it be weird if we woke up one day and all of our leaders, bankers, ceo's were all ginger? Now replace ginger with jewish people and thats what we are complaining about. If jews weren't over represented, they would he 2% of the population and 2% of the richest people

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>>276257482I already addressed the per capita issue. Even if white people are underrepresented they still have volume. You all are seriously stupid. What does it matter if Jews are overrepresented if they have smaller numbers? The original point was to say that white people can't be racist because they must have power, and if they have greater numbers then they have greater power. God you are all morons.

>>276257530You're missing the point. The point was made here: >>276251519>only people with systemic power can be racistWhite people not only have systemic power, but they have more than the Jews because they make up a higher amount of the power.

If 33% of billionaires are Jewish and 50% are white, then who is more powerful?If I have 33 soldiers and the enemy has 50, I don't win the battle just because a higher percentage of my population per capita make up more of the 100 soldiers in the world.

>>276245840No one cares about your wife's fuck ugly mutt that you pay for, faggot.

>>276245840>all of which are cultural problems and a product of (((light racism)))Oh so when you can't prove any racism actually exists, you just say "light racism" and wash your hands of the whole ordeal? Good to know, fellow retard!

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>>276245840We treated them better for 400 fucking years retard.They still want more.The wants of a nigger are endless.Slide thread.

>>276258453Just like when systematic racism show only examples against Europeans so it becomes systemic.

>>276252056so this is the power of nigger mathematics

OP is a nigger mutt with sickle cell.

>>276245840Most blacks are treated like shit by their own race.

>>276245840>"light racism"What the ever-loving fuck is this new "shades of grey" psychobabble now?Either I'm racist or I'm not.

>>276246194You are trying too hard mongrelEven in African country the mean IQ is around 75 in America is around 85

>>276256841This image is wrong because it was the Jews that perpetuated the slave trade

>>276245840>treat blacks better.this isnt possible. nearly a century has been wasted trying to make them feel welcome and comfortable. they dont even have to work if they dont want to. theyre now unhappier than they were under slavery.

Niggers should worry about cleaning up their own communities before they worry about how we feel about them.

>>276245840its been proven beyond any doubt by multiple countries that have researched this, denmark most recently, that there is such a negative trend in social trust, community, and charity in neighborhoods that become diverse or take immigrants in that government policy cannot reverse it. this trend is so strong that diversity within 80 meters of a persons living space reduces a persons trust in their government. 4 and 6. its not racism, its biology

>>276252056>Jews make up 0.0000005 percent of the populat> but whites make up 137% of the populationion>so even though 99% of them is an under representation, they still make up the largest numbers.

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>>276247912>if its really hard to find an organ donor then instead of making healthy children, we should make all of them fucked up so that they cant get organs or blood donated to them

>>276256491forbes doesn't include the rothchilds and similar ilk becouse they are british nobility

>>276245840The moment the big POC coalition strongly outnumbers whites, they're going to butcher us. Things are not going to be "ok" if we are nice to them. they want revenge, fucktard

>>276257770I hate when Liberals try to reframe things by actually changing the meaning of words when it ceases to conform to what they want.Racism is simply thinking your race is better then another. Period. Full stop. That’s it. It’s not about power. Anyone who says racism has anything to do with power is a person specifically try to cause divisions for political reasons. Generally Democrats, because they can’t win on merit of ideas alone.

>>276257999>White people not only have systemic power, but they have more than the Jews because they make up a higher amount of the power.“To find out who rules above you, merely find out who you are not allowed to criticize”

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>>276260043>they want revengeRevenge for what? Abolishment of slavery? Being handed everything on a silver platter? Being given privilege the likes of which their “oppressors” don’t even have?

>>276257770>The original point was to say that white people can't be racist because they must have powerSo you cant be racist to blacks in Nigeria? You cant be antisemitic in Israel?

>>276260043Lol yeah because that worked so well for the Hutu tribe in Rwanda. We will slaughter them like sheep if they try. States will dissolve long before it gets to that anyway.

>>276260279Blacks dont want revenge, they are simple minded violent animals all they want is random carnage as if these things have the cognition for something as complex as revenge over the centuries pff.

>>276260420>Blacks dont want revengeI know, they just want to loot and steal without consequences

>>276245840So your saying you want to dilute the black race? Make the smart ones eventually whites? Condemning blacks to continual low iq?

>>276260808*Sucks air through teeth*Sheeeeeeeeit man

>>276245840The counter-argument is it's a deflection from a legitimate concern about real health problems in lieu of smugly calling your opponents racist. Again.

>>276245840>Turn everyone into a Low-Iq goblin with no identity so that all the low-IQ Goblins with no identity don't feel out of place

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>>276245840>mistakes negative health conditions with mental health conditions>There's no counter argument to thisReally? Nobody gives a fucking damn, about the self-esteem of these people or how high their IQ is. It's about fucking genetics and the direct medical consequences of that. Why are cucks so obsessed with fucking race mixing? Why do WE have to justify why we don't want to mix with you? Why don't you fucking justify why you see such a need of whites race mixing with non-whites huh? Maybe because there is objectively no reason and only a subjective reason for a means to an end, that is to have more mixed culturally and racially lost people around that are more easily to manipulate, infiltrate and subjugate since they lack and social defence? What kind of (((poeple))) could benefit from that?

>>276260279Do you really think they give a shit about any of that? for them thats a given or they burn down federal buildings and piss in the streets. they hate whites for slavery and for keeping them in fear of white retaliation in spite of their animalistic nature (the only thing that keeps them moderately civil).

>>276245840I am a mixed person. Quit making mixed people. Why would you attack your children in such a way?!

>>276245840We should have just sent them all to Africa.

>>276260346idk look at the state of whites and tell me their still warriors cuz i dont really think so

>>276245840Racism isn't bad though.

>>276259838That user is a fucking retard and can't into numbers properly. Just let him be an autist by himself, kek. He doesn't understand how fractions work, it's a common thing amongst murrifats.

>>276245840We tried treating them better and thigns got better, then you fucktards decided it wasn't working fast enough and threw them on welfare. Even other groups start falling apart once you introduce The State into the family.If you want to treat EVERY group better, stop treating them like children.

>>276245840>So you're okay with smart blacks fucking whitesWhen it comes to blacks, I'm okay with white men fucking smart black queens, nothing else. Thankfully, all the smart and beautiful black women fight tooth and nail to get bleached because they are also wise.

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>>276259387did you know the US army won't take in people with an IQ below 85 because they deem that to be the threshold at which you stop being able to follow simple orders and instructions?now you tell me half the black population in the US is below that thresholdhuh

Nobody has to say a goddamn word to the biracial bastard for that mixed mongrel to realize that he no longer belongs to a people, and is without identity. DO you really think that they need other people to remind them that they are different, when they can just witness it for themselves? When you see a common people kindred by blood and spirit, enjoying each others company and partaking in cultural activities and holiday's its pretty obvious that you don't belong if you are from. And what if others don't accept you? Why would they? Are they always obligated to accept you as one of their own, despite your ancestry constituting not 1/10th of what they are? That is insulting. If you are not wholly apart of the group and born from it, then don't expect to fit in like you are the same. You wont have the same identity anyway, because you ARE MIXED. If you belong everywhere you belong nowhere. Shaming bastards is a essential tactic to preventing more corruption of the race. If you refuse to continue your own race through a new generation, then you are a traitor and will be treated like one, and your bastard child will be a constant reminder of your transgression and betrayal of your own kind. Fuck you.

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>>276247834Why do you get to attack my for my Race, but you're not the Racist one?We're tired of your shit. We are going to find every last one of you insufferable kikes, and you are going to be eradicate with extreme prejudice, because no one should have to live under this CONSTANT torment, and psychological abuse.You're going to die, jew.I hope you had your fun?

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>>276262894Perfectly reasonable point mate I just hate when ppl exaggerate a fact like the mongrel I replied too did. Besides 85 is near retardation but 67 is another whole world

>>276245840>Everything would be okay if you just treat blacks better.They already get special treatment in hiring and college admissions, but they're still rioting, looting, criminal assholes.Individually, I'll treat blacks the way they act, no better, no worse, just as I treat anyone else.Civilized people deserve civilized responses, assholes deserve fuck around, find out.

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>>276245840>Everything would be okay if you just treat blacks better.Ah so you admit it then, since this is happening in Democrat lead areas - the Democrats are racist especially to people who they see as being black.

>>276245840t. mutt here, being mixed race is worse than aids

>>276264343It really is. I think mixed race people need to rise up and kick these fucking kikes right in the teeth. They are using mixed race people as instruments in further pressuring the world into mixing onto one blend of grey mush. Its the same tactic that they have always used to promote more immigration: "oh, there is too small a community here, they need some others to form their own little community and cultural center to feel really welcome blah blah blah. An overtly homogeneous country is very intimidating for us tender minorities, blah blah blah" In other words, your peaceful existence offends them so they want you removed so they don't feel so isolated anymore

>>276261168I've always felt so bad for her.White or black, don't do this to your kids.

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>>276261855Protip: he's making a joke.

>>276258180We lose when 33 of our own soldiers are subversive, backstabbing vermin.Your kikery has no power here, yid shit smear.

>>276261378Then you will find out the hard way, you naive nigger. You are surrounded by Aryan Warriors who have run out of tolerance, and patience for exactly this shit right here.I don't know how many more ways we can warn you until you take it seriously.What you "think" is irrelevant to the reality that's coming down upon you.This is why we can't be friends, you subhuman brainlet. Too stupid to take the fucking hint.Violence is all you fucking useless mongrels understand.So be it.Mistaking our tolerance and patience for cowardice and fear will be your own fault.We are not responsible for your willful ignorance, and arrogance.

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