Why do nations continue to ignore the attrocities committed by the CCP...

Why do nations continue to ignore the attrocities committed by the CCP? Some first hand accounts of Chinese re-education camps make them seem even worse than the Nazi concentration camps, and yet the world turns a blind eye...why?

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You Jews try so hard, but nobody cares what China does in China


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>>276245268We've got enough problems in the West alrdy and you people told us to stop being the world police.Ask your saudi frens, they've got enough money to help you.


>>276245268China has nukes, Germany didnt have nukes/thread

>>276245268I have lots of problems with China, but this isn't one.

Oh no

Wow, the jews placing something ABOVE the holohoax? This is unheard of. They must be desperate.

>>276245574Fuck you. I care what they do. They also purposely single out the closest thing they can find to white people and put them in the camps by the millions. Of all people’s they choose the whitest ones.. what happens in the Xinjiang concentration camps is just practice for what they wish they could do to all whitish looking peoples in China. It’s time to force the government of China to elevate its level of basic human decency if it wasn’t to be allowed to be part of the world economy.

>>276245268No one actually cares about genocide, it is just an excuse to impose severe punishment if another nation wrongs yours. China provides goods and we buy them, thus they can go and kill 6 million more and we still won't care.

>>276245268>reeducating muslims so they don't suicide bomb their children, giving them job training, and housing is considered human rights abuse>meanwhile america murders one million iraqi civilians and this is okaydumb western zog bot

>>276245634What happened to his eyes?

Doesn't this prove that WWII was indeed about Germany's rejection of the global banking system instead of muh poor kikes getting cooked?

>>276246335>the closest thing they can find to white peopleEat shit, sandnigger.

>>276245268Also: they killed 100 million of their own more than half a century ago.

>>276245268I’m going to be honest, I don’t give a shit about what China does within its own borders, especially if it doesn’t affect me. So China wants to stop its local Muslim infestation from Allah Akbaring? Fine by me, maybe we should do the same.


>>276245998There’s other ways to incentivize them to stop. China depends on food imports, without it then coming in, hundreds of millions would die in a manner of months. If China wants to be allowed a seat in the world economy and then it should have to follow a certain threshold of basic human decency, if it fails and continues to single out Uyghurs and democracy activists in particular then the entire Chinese state overall needs to suffer so that their people feel some margin of justice for what happened in the Xinjiang Concentration Camps.

>>276245268Because rhe CCP is eliminating a common enemy, the Muslims.The majority of Americans support this action.

>>276245268because of money and power. Nazis don't have either anymore.

Chinese are literally the Jews of the East, they only care about money. But they are strong enough to protect their independance.The same with Putin. If you are strong enough "tyrany" in your country is ok.

>>276245634I'm not saying he's wrong but I can't understand half of what he's saying

>>276245268none of it is real.100% of the reports on the CCP """concentration camps""" come from one guy, (((Adrian Zenz))), whose numbers don't make any sense at all.Next time you see one of these articles, ctrl+f "Adrian Zenz" and you'll see. It's the one and only source.The footage is footage of normal prisons. Yeah, people in prisons aren't too happy. That's normal.I hate bugpeople as much as the next man but this whole John Oliver-tear kvetching about muh holocaust is cringey as fuck>then again, this holocaust is as real as the other one

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>>276246799based chang

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>>276246852Starve the beast never works because it is the beast that gets to decide where the food goes. Cutting off food imports to China just means enemies of the CCP would starve to death while the government blames it on the outside world. They get rid of their enemies and consolidate power. The beast isn't starved, it ends up strengthened.

>>276245268>why?because chinks own every single international media, big corporations and United Nations.

>>276245268China produces cheap spatulas .Do you really want to spend an extra dollar for a new spatula?

Didn't US bomb the shit out of Bosnia or Koshovo or Serbia or whatever to save muslims from Christians? lol

>>276245268It's not hard to get a higher number than 0.

>>276247614oy vey!

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>>276245634Based asian stevie wonder.

>>276247428They dont though. The problem is their allies are coalaigned ideologically within the globohomo socialist movement because of the anti white anti american agenda.

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>>276247233Well they we need a different approach, an incited coup.I think we should form an agreement with Russia and India and all neighboring countries of China to station ten thousand high voltage Wi-Fi signal transmitters with directional antennas aimed into China’s territory providing free uncensored fiber internet access to one hundred million Chinese. If suddenly that many people get on the the free internet at once they would quickly organize and form secure rebellion / dissent websites which could overthrow / sabotage the CCP and they would have a hard time stopping it.

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>>276245268Cause cheap production

so there are more than 50 000 muslims in concentration camps in a country of 2 bilion people? that's nothing

>>276246490Yes, but anyone paying attention already understood

>>276247877>They dont thoughThey actually do. Are you Patrick?

>>276245268You see, US uses radical Islamic terrorism as a universal regime-changer since the Afghanistan. And China is the first one who found a perfectly working pill against that weapon. US wants to use that ethnic minorities in their fight against CCP, but every fucking body who can be recruited for "freedom fighting" agenda is under 24\7 surveillance or in a camp. it's a profiling in a scale of a region. And it fucking works - no explosions, no car attacks, not even a knife attacks - because all the knifes are tracked with QR-codes. You wanted to use those people as a bullet - Chinese put them in a safe.

>>276245268>1 person died

>>276245268Because nobody cares about a bunch of terrorist sympathizing mudslimes

>>276245268>Why do nations continue to ignore the attrocities committed by the CCP?jews run china and jews run your shitty first world hell hole. Why would the jewish system want anything to stop turning ?

>>276248160I think all of this started because Uygur favorite pastime was stabbing toddlers to death in kindergartens.

>>276245268>Why do nations continue to ignore the attrocities committed by the CCP?Jews control everythingJews hate muslimsHmmmm is it any big surprise that nations ignore it?

I don't care if its on the muslims or Negroes cause islam is basically against humanity and chimps are a species of their own

>>276245268Because censuring a country really does depend on you needing the country less than it needs you.So, you could censure China, but why does China care what you do?

>>276246335>closest thing they can find to white peopleDefinitely kill yourself

>>276246490Can I still say "Fuck the Jewish banksters" and "Fuck President Pooh" at the same time, though?

>>276245268No Jews died in the holocaust.


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>>276248963What holocaust?

>>276245268You would think the Jewish owned media would be all over this, knowing what happened to them. Unless it never really happened to them and as such they don’t give a fuck.

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>>276245268No on cares Pajeet

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When have other nations ever intervened in ongoing genocides? Seems to me like usually everyone quietly ignores it for a decade or two until it's cool to criticise it.You might say ww2, except the holocaust didn't actually start until late in the war when the germans were clearly going to lose (if the war had never happened maybe the holocaust wouldn't have either).I can only think of rwanda but I don't know much about that, did the UN actually stop any slaughter or did they just stand around and watch?

>>276250043>The UN>Doing things in Rwanda

>>276245998why do dumb fuckers /thread themselves?

Acknowledging it for real means you can't buy their stupid shit anymore.

>>276246335go to china and protest

>>276246468racist comment of the day


>>276246852>hundreds of millions would die in a manner of monthsall of the muslims

>>276248033>I think we should form an agreement with Russia and India and all neighboring countriesDo you honestly believe that anyone today is gonna trust US in any form of agreement?


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And they're funding anti-Trump media everywhere.

>>276245268so in total, a couple of muslims died of typhus?

>>276250902Trump said he would build a wall and now one is built. It Russia allowed us to set up thousands of directional WiFi antennas aimed into Chinese territory penetrating 16 miles into their territory, then the Chinese menace government problem would be solved in months, if finally the peoples of China had a uncensored Internet to conspire against the CCP. Your own government is the one that resists a Uncensored-Internet paradigm in Asia that would be the only way to defeat the CCP.

>>276252225>Chinese menace government problem

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>>276253968After they finish rounding up and raping all the Uyghurs in the camps they’re coming for those white Russian ethic groups that historically live within present day Chinese borders and who hold Chinese citizenships.

>>276245268>Why do nations continue to ignore the attrocities committed by the CCP?You know what? Im going to say it.I don't care at all what happens to the wiggers.

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>>276245268So they killed one person?

>>276245268China killed 60 gorillion uyghers?

>>276254568>Russian ethic groups that historically live within present day Chinese bordersNo, because Russia doesn't try to recruit and train terrorists from that minorities for the purpose of regime changing and destabilization of the region.

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lel I knew about china treated the uighurs since about 8 years ago.didn't care then, don't care now.maybe israel can go in and fix it.

>>276245268they should try with a more make-believe gas this time.

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>>276255296No, 60 Zogtrillion, Goyim

>>276255032>>276255296Inside the CCP camps they inject you with drugs that rot your brain and spiritually destroy you, sterilize the men and women so they never have kids, electrocute them like cattle while forcing them to learn thousands of insidious Mandarian language words and phrases praising the CCP and Xi Jinping if they want to leave. No one who leaves the camps is ever the same after their sophisticated brainwashing methods. The CCP doesn’t have any sort of baseline standard level of human of decency like which was present in WW2 Europe. China doesn’t obey by the rules of war and goes straight for the chemical weapons. The CCP is more depraved and disgusting than the Nazis so who knows what kind of horrible shit goes on beyond close doors that we may never hear about.

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You guys realize that news doesn't report this because the Jews who own mainstream media hate muslims.

>>276256370And then they turn them into lampshades and soap?

>>276250902Lmfao, they will more than China. Didnt you hear ruski? China fucked you guys big time on oil. Built a pipe on a predetermined oil price then China didn't pay the full amount. Will they trust US? Maybe. Will they trust China? Fuck no.

>>276245268Because our masters are pushing us toward a global techno-communist state. China is essentially their prototype.

>>276259048They take the hair that got shaved off the Muslim heads and sell it to western women as hair extensions youtu.be/S7Qc44V-Kks

>>276259799The horror!

>>276245268hi kikethe correct naming is CPC (Chinese People's Party)

>>276259911Yeah, It is pretty horrible. They also brainwash them, match their DNA with chinks who need a transplant, then steal their organs.

>>276256370this is how you look

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>>276260298Stop being terrorists and you won't get gulaged?

>>276260449Women and children = terroristsYour not very smart if you relegate an entire population to be defined as simply "terrorist"

>>276260339Lmfao. EU. This is how you look.

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>>276245268Because there's 0 proof that anyone is dying in there. Y'all cried about the mistreatment of children in the American "child concentration camps" but nothing bad was happening in there. Same with the ugululihar (idk wtf they're called) in china


>>276246335Did you just say sandniggers are white? You think people would only care if they're white victims? Clearly not the case for the rest of the world

>>276260449Lmao how do you feel about Zion Don dragging your president to the White House to sign some commitment about some Jewish shit?>>276260854Shut the fuck up Kike. Europe is much Whiter than your shit hole of a country.

>>276246468Glownigger is glowing. Need shades


1 dead muslim rip

>>276261100>Lmao how do you feel about Zion Don dragging your president to the White House to sign some commitment about some Jewish shit?I feel great.He got humiliated beyond belief and at the same angered the entire planet, torpedoing his relationships with the entire muslim world, UN, EU, Russia and China.He and his party will get MAYDANED soon because of it and we will have a chance at normal life and democracy.Sometimes things have to get bad before they get good.

>>276245268>Why do nations continue to ignore the attrocities committed by the CCP?They're not kikes so the (((media))) doesn't give a fuck.

>>276245574Jews are trying to suppress this. They need the holocaust to remain the single most evil crime in human history or else they lose some of their power. My iphone even tries to autocapitalise the word holocaust

>>276261100>Europe is much Whiter than your shit hole of a country.Literally boatloads of sandniggers from every corner of Africa get picked up by your governments every day. In British schools its commonplace to have 0 white kids enrolled. Swedes are so infested that the sandnigs have their own political party there. Your wrong. Europe has fallen. Dont drag us down with you.

>>276261808>My iphone even tries to autocapitalise the word holocaustAsk your voice command what it thinks of blm

>>276259048Possibly. Or turned into poorly cooked soup.

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>>276245268Muslims aren't humanChinks aren't humanI don't care that monkeys ravage other tribes. They both deserve it and will each get the suffering they deserve

>>276262923"Ching ching CHONG ching chong zig zag""Ching ching ching">translation "Mommy why is there a ring in my soup?""Eat up baby chink, that's the good meat for my growing boy"

>>276256370In islamic societies they beat islamic doctrine into you to spiritually destroy you, turn women into breeding slaves to create more mindless allah worshippers, whip them like cattle while forcing them to learn and repeat religious scripture and mantras praising mohammed and allah. No one who leaves the religion is ever the same after the sophisticated social ostracization methods and possible death penalty or prison sentence. The islamic cult doesn't have any sort of baseline standard level of human decency like which was present in ww2 europe. islam doesn't obey the rules of war and goes straight for the suicide explosion vests and trucks of peace. The islamic religion is more depraved and disgusting than the nazis who who knows what kind of horrible shit goes on behind closed doors that we may neve hear about.


>>276263399What about when monkeys release new diseases and take over your allies?

Why am I supposed to care about muslims?

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>>276245268>>276246335>mixing the six gorillion with CHINESE PLAN WHITE GENOCIDEDiversity hire glownigger.


>>276245268muh chinese market

>>276248987Looks Anglo to me.

>>276263704Because the Jews dont want you to.

>>276263922Sorry2 decades of propoganda say China is based

>>276248987They were something like 6000 years ago. Not today

>>276246222Served and observed.

>>276263907Well they certainly aren't brown or chinkHow far did that user go into Google images for that one? This is like the second pic.

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>>276255672>No, because Russia doesn't try to recruit and train terrorists from that minorities for the purpose of regime changing and destabilization of the regionSince when?

>>276264205Of jew propaganda. You fucking sheep.

>>276245268I saw a video claiming this on tiktok yesterday. These antichina people have zero shame making up the most ridiculous shit

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At the very least, why not use this against the Jews and blm? Your stupid if you don't think its the perfect weapon.

>>276246852>>276246852>>276246852"Democracy activists"Lmfso. Ok glowie

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Can you imagine?Media-dear white people, you are evil for slavry and the hooloocust. Based individuals- stfu bitch if that shit matters then why do you ignore it from chinks?


>>276246335>Closest thing they can find to white people

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>>276246098this one