>Largest wages>Healthiest people>Highest IQ and most educated population>Lowest crime>Lowest unemploymentRemind me why...

>Largest wages>Healthiest people>Highest IQ and most educated population>Lowest crime>Lowest unemploymentRemind me why is Massachusetts so bad?

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Charlie Baker is a faggot

>>276244273Idk, he's the most popular governor in the nation user

>>276244355>Idk, he's the most popular governor in the nation anonnever heard of him

>>276243870>largest wages.that gets offset by the expensive cost of living we have.also Charlie Parker is a faggot.


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>>276244445you only hear of the governors everybody hates. prove me wrong

Masshole women are cold. Like, ice cold.

>>276244355>>276246182I like Rick Scott.

>>276243870What are those divisions in the map called?Those are smaller than Counties!

>>276243870Also>educatedI know MIT is there and but I bet some of those other colleges are filled with commie gay fags.


>>276243870It's based. The southern retards wouldn't understand

everyone is ugly there

>>276244355Fuck that tall Deval.

>>276243870>Remind me why is Massachusetts so bad?Two lane highways, everywhere and anywhere. Have fun taking a left turn at rush hour.

>>276243870I’m really sick of all the laws here. Massachusetts has too many people who think they have the right to tell others how to live, and it’s gotten worse recently. Before the pandemic they outlawed vaping and menthol cigarettes, because apparently it should be illegal for people to harm themselves. Fireworks are illegal, we have the strictest gun laws in the country, and you have to pay a fine if you can’t afford health insurance. They just made a law that school children have to take the flu vaccine. We have beautiful landscapes and traditions but the self righteous Brahmans who want to build their own perfect, non-human utopia make it a very annoying place to live. It’s been this way since the Puritans outlawed Christmas hundreds of years ago for being fun and unchristian. I’d like to go live in the woods or n Vermont and be left alone but there is hardly any work for anyone who isn’t a well off established boomer; so I’m most likely going to have to crowd into the insect hive of Boston to find work and start a real career. Someday I’ll escape up into the hills.

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>>276244273Charlie Baker is a faggot and a RINO then again being a (((republican))) just means being a liberal from 10 years ago Massachusetts is gay as fuck and NH has a higher average IQ

>>276243870mass.gov/service-details/massachusetts-obesity-statisticsYou are all fat.

>>276243870At least they didn't elect another Kennedy for once.

>>276243870>Remind me why is Massachusetts so bad?It’s full of MAssholes.

>>276243870Maybe because it's a "Progressive" shithole?

>>276243870Imagine fucking a w3oman with that accent tho. "OH YEAH GIVE IT TO ME HAHHDAH, RIGHT IN DA POOPAH OH YEAAAAAH"hard pass

>>276243870Reminder that IQ has been proven to be at least 86% genetic by twin studies.

>>276246095How accurate is that map? I want to go live with the witchs.

Ugh, massholes are the worst, and then you added the Jew angle on top. All fields.

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>>276248197Based, stop moving up here Massfags.

>>276243870Mass is an anglo-only ethnostate. No I*rish, It*lian, or Pol*sh mutts allowed.

>>276243870obviously not diverse enough


>>276249237The witches in Salem now are about as real as the people who dress up as cartoon characters at Disneyland.>>276249382120 years ago, maybe.

>mass senate has literally 4 republican senators seated>somehow they get a red governorWhat the fuck?

>>276249237No you don’t. Salem mass is full of literal faggots, trannies, commies, and spics. >>276249358Not a fucking chance. My ancestors settled this region 400 years ago and I’ll go wherever the fuck I damn well please

>>276246301No they're not. They're hos.

>>276244273>>276244355see >>276244445

>>276249684>Salem massHome of Seldom Straight University

Pretty good quality of life and whiteness in general but too many aging boomer academic hippy types causing government to be socialist

>>276243870>laughs in New hampshireFuck all Massholes.

Turtle Boy is probably the most honest news source for Massachusetts.tbdailynews.com/

Ok then, all you faggots stay the fuck out of Maine.

>>276246757>>276246757Thanks. You have some small municipalities in Massachussets.

>>276249382There's tons of Irish in mass

>>276243870>Remind me why is Massachusetts so bad?They're commies.

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>>276243870I hate this state so fucking much I can't wait to gtfo. >people are mean and ornery all the time>cuckiest gun laws, you literally do a police booking to get a loicence>authoritarian control freaks up the ass in political power>The roads absolute dogshit with potholes everywhere.>boston is treated as the center of the universe - smaller cities are all drab, jobless, opiod shit holes.>practically everyone is a Democrap.Come here misery loves company.

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>>276250342Keep maine I don't want your cucked forced VACC shit pussy.

>>276250439The 6 New England states really don't use counties. They have contiguous municipalities instead. They have the powers of cities and counties combined. The ones with smaller populations usually are governed by direct democracy through New England Town Meetings. Every citizen is a legislator. Only thing like it in Europe is the Swiss Cantons.

>>276249382The hair colour in Massachussets is closer to Portugal or Southern Italy than Southern France.As in: Southern France is too Nordic for Massachusssets.

>>276250439One more thing, we often call them New England Towns. en.wikipedia.org/wiki/New_England_town

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>>276250689Seems base, really. We have a similar system for small municipalities, but nobody cares much about it.And those are never the centres of power that actually decide stuff.

>>276250736Big Portuguese population by me and my cranberry bogs

>>276248074Vaping is for faggots and only niggers and Cambodians smoke menthols.And all of you dumb Massholes voted to have your guns taken away because they're evil.I don't know a single Masshole who doesn't "Reeeeeeee!!!" and call the cops if they hear as much as a fucking sparkler cracking outside because it scares their precious fucking pugs and chihuahuas.Again, fuck Massachusetts., t. New HampshireAlso, stay the fuck out of my state.

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>>276246182Steve bollock

>>276250799Seems based, thanks for the info. Also, checked.

>>276246095Pretty accurate.

>>276250590And don't forget...Ted Kennedy was from Massachushole, and he was the driving force behind the immigration reform of 1965 that was the start of making Europeans a minority in the U.S.And Massachusfucks LOVED the fucking Kennedy's, including Teddy the Traitor.

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>>276243870you drive like fags

>>276250957Aren't they all Azorean retards?They have the funniest songs:youtube.com/watch?v=VYYDX33r1sw

>>276243870MA is shit.there is no freedom.only freedom to wage.

>>276248074Ditto dude vermont or WV is my plan.

>>276251241>you drive like fagsThis is also true, but I wasn't going to mention it.

>>276246494He's not a governor any longer

>>276250923/pol/ is full of rednecks from the south who hate how blue the region is. But it's also the whitest region of the country, maybe Pacific Northwest excepted, and the combination of cold, windy, snowy winters, and how insular and parochial these little towns are, that keeps riff-raff out. This is original home of the Yankee. Yankees never liked rednecks and cowboys. Sucks that they took over the GOP, because now most right-wingers up here just run as independent since the GOP is so associated with hillbilly culture that it's tarnished up here.

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>>276251340My old boss and his whole family are. Dude looks like he'd be a Portuguese mafia boss or something, super greasy and he's deep in the church.

>>276251377and a population that really wasn't nothing to do with you, you work your 50 hours, watch your sportsball,and talk to everyone with a fake smile.

>>276251501>VermontPerfect! That's the best place for a vaping homosexual anyway.Just be careful. They like fireworks and have guns in the rural areas outside Bernietown. You might want to leave your social anxiety mongrel at home with your wife's boyfriend.

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>>276251340That's sitting around drinking & having a damn good time music.

>>276251722>But it's also the whitest region of the countryThe whitest region is New England (for now), followed closely by the Appalachian mountain range.New England is full of cucks, however, while the Appalachians have been called the most racist area of the country.

alright i'l show you the coolest tech in MA right now.. algorand.com/walletyou see this piece of shit?this wallet can send instant money, and mint any crypto, and allow for buying stocks in fractional shares, like gold,silver,apple,tesla,microsoft, etc. 1/10000th of a share. it is easier to use than facebook/twitter/etc.and can send anyone $1.00-$1,000,000,000.00 in 4 seconds anywhere across the globe for the price of of $0.01 and it stakes.. this is the best tool coming out of boston/economy in a long time..test it sometimes.. get $20.00 of algorand, send it to the wallet, it stakes.. can buy stocks,gold, send people cash, etc. instantly.and can make your own shitcoins in crypto.easier to use than ms-paint.other than that, state is shit.has shit 2A laws, 1 county in plymouth banned freedom of speech. they banned vaping for health reasons and made all vapers go back to smoking cigarettes.they legalized heroin as long as the state gives you the heroin... they confiscate guns, if a joe kennedy supporter doesn't like you, you will never own a firearm in that state.also they tax your firearms, and make you pay close to $20,000 a year for a gun safe.

>>276251501>Vermont I hope you're a fan of granola, hippies, and faggots.

>>276251722I don't know much about Massachussets, to be honest.What I associate with it more is that Boston (and Yale? or MIT? which is in Manchester, right?) is very multicultural and that the Portuguese took over the South of the State and are trying to push Northwards and at the same time defend their ground from new arrivals - mostly Brazilians...I don't even know what is true or not about this... They also say that a lot of the Portuguese are cops there.>>276251838Be careful with those guys.en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Joseph_Barboza

>>276251961 >>276251961Yeah it's Vermont because new Hampshire is already pozzed and too expensive. New Hampshire was already mass transplant central but with corona all the fucking jew Yorkers moved up there and will be staying.Enjoy your new normal and neighbors :)

>>276246095>beaches with killer flys...What?

>>276252423>I hope you're a fan of granola, hippies, and faggots.Well, he IS from Mass...

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>>276252482Yale is in CT. Manchester is in NH.Boston is fucking gay and no one who lives there is from there anymore.Portuguese live in the south shore mostly and Brazilians live in the north metro Boston area along with all the other niggers and spics and chinks

>>276252423Nah just prime cheap luscious mountain land

>>276246095leafy liberal and loaded reporting in. the people here are pure NPCs its remarkable

>>276243870>retardedly high tax and cost of living>the cities reek, high opiate addiction rates, high alcoholism rates>[x] doubt>lowest violent crime in the nation is actually Maine>[x] doubt>hurrhurr look we voted for a RINO we're totally a red state>meanwhile state gov is riddled with organized crime>gun laws are unironically worse than californiafuck off masshole

>>276249382That’s funny because Irish and Italians are the most common ancestral countries of Massachusetts residents retard

>>276244273all governors of massachusetts are cunts

>>276252843Most of the Brazilians live around Waltham and Somerville with the Southeast Asian shitskins.

>>276252393>can buy stocks,goldAny metals you "buy" that you don't physically hold, do not exist. This has been shown to be true many, many, times in the past. It's where the term "paper gold" comes from.And even more sinister, it is an attempt to turn the metals markets into banks, and gold, silver, etc., into fiat currency.

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>>276252393What's this with plymouth banning free speech.

>>276252987Massachusetts is unironically a feudal state

>>276243870>largest wagesfuck off esl shitskin

>>276253136>Everett has entered the chat

>>276243870lol..Mass. literally has the highest unemployment rate in the country. bls.gov/web/laus/laumstrk.htm

>>276252958Now it's Puerto Ricans, Central Americans, Colombians, Cambodians, Laotians, Vietnamese, Flips, Brazilians and liberals of every shade.

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>>276245784I can confirm this. Charlie Parker sucked my cock in a KFC bathroom.

>>276253191in some towns in plymouth county if you say anything "offensive" you are fined and can lose 2Afor words like "fuck" etc.if you are working, and you stub your toe.and say "ow! FUCK!" and someone in authority hears you, they can fine you.and if you are in pain/agitated, they can take your firearms on top of it.

The state is full or racial arsonists. This bitch is from chimp congo and never had a real job in her life.They renamed a square in Boston from dudley Square to nubian Square. Dudley was governor, did not own slaves, and slavery was illegal in MA. Nope doesn't mean shit. He EXISTED while slavery was around so he is a symbol of hate.So now we got Nigger square in coon town Roxbury.

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>>276243870I’m a Texas fag and have been looking into moving to New England at some point. I told this to my dad and he was like “you wanna be around all those liberals” while we live in a city that’s like 50% white lmao.

>>276253552I just looked, Irish are the first, followed by Italians and Portuguese people. But I know what you mean. Massachusetts is a liberal hellhole. Most of the people here who vote democrat are racist anyways and vote blue because “progressivism”. I think in Lawrence, they wanted to have ALL classes be spoken in Spanish because of Puerto Rican immigrants. It’s quite unfortunate really. Cities like Malden are becoming overwhelmingly Chinese, Cambodian and Vietnamese. Barnstable county is probably the only viable place in Mass left to live

>>276252482I dated a girl who lived in Everett, north of Boston, and that place was filled with Brazilians and their businesses. I can't speak for the other towns and cities around there, but I'd imagine it's more of the same.Can confirm the Portuguese in the south, specifically New Bedford, where that Joseph Barboza was born. They're pretty unavoidable and definitely intermingled race-wise. The last 3 girls I dated were half porty, not sure if Azores specifically though

>>276253384here is a real MA work story.i work all over new england.i worked for a business in MAmy employer STOLE my w2, and other coworkers W2's never got them.he filed all our taxes, and put them into his business account. then when trump stimulus came, the employer also got all his employees trump stimulus money deposited into his business account, the irs in MA, and the government in MA did not care. and would not listen. the business owners bank would not show the paper trail that clearly shows his business account recieving his employees tax returns and trump stimulus.. they side with the employerer.his workers leave. because they got fucked.none of his workers got unemployment, etc.on top of "prevailing wage" we would build townhalls, schools, colleges, etc. "prevailing wage/rate" jobs...it is $50+ an hour rate work.we'd get paid flat $20 an hour for 40 hours.and we'd work 50-75+ hours a week.so wage theft, identity theft, tax theft, stimulus theft, etc..the states irs and government is ok with that.and the employees/wagies get fucked.not even larp, shit happened.

>>276253971This. I never understood this. And heard them talking about Nubian Sq on the news during the protests and completely forgot where the hell they were talking about

>>276254214Chinese are better than the Haitian niggers there. That city is now either one of those two or PWT that got left behindMalden has always been trash though t. from there

>>276243870Maine has the lowest crime.Mix breed mutts fuck off.

>>276243870Ay Tone, ain't it suspicious how the most Democrat state in America has a "Republican" Govenor

>>276254338Never date a girl from Everett dude. They are the biggest whores in the state and will fuck you the first night you meet them guaranteed

>>276244355Does he have higher approval ratings than Phil Scott?

>>276246095THERE BE DRAGONS HERE Based moving right away.

>>276254597Oh yeah dude I know I’m in Malden all the time. I hate it, I try and go see a friend of mine and there’s almost no English spoken on his street. The people are nice at least, but they just don’t speak English, if they did it would probably be better. Malden is still a fucking shitshow. So fucking dirty and boring. At least someof the food places are decent

All Mass. attributes dealing with crime, economy, and jobs = no niggers.Boston is a shithole because it's run by democrats, and enforces commie policies on otherwise good people. Mass. is unlivable.

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>>276252482It's multicultural to the extent that there are little regions with people from different parts of Western Europe. But everyone knows where they are. Faial eruption Azorean refugees in New Bedford and Fall River. It's really just one small area. Mostly Irish in Southern NH, Southern VT, and most of Massachusetts. Mostly English in middle NH, middle VT, and most of Maine. French along the Canadian border with Quebec and in the greater Woonsocket area at the border between RI, MA, and CT. Italian where New York leaks in.

>>276243870who said it was badits white

>>276252482This map will help explain what I mean

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>>276246494Because you are a good shabbos goy who is drawn to pro israel niggers.

>>276254622He’s not a Republican. He’s the textbook definition of a RINO.

>>276254951I live near there. There is no better scenery in the state but there are some drug addicts in the south of it. If you want to feel like a pilgrim on the western frontier of the US though the northern part is for you.

>>276255060i built the malden town hall/police station."prevailing wage" job. supposed to get $50+ an hour there. i got $18.00 per hour on that 1.also on that road to the new police station/town hall. they let 1 of their "USA" flags on the ground on the sidewalk. so i picked it up in front of the arabs/nogs/chinks, and waved it.and said "THIS IS MY FLAG NOW!"and waved it all the way back to the jobsite, and through it in the truck. all the nogs/chinks were dumbfounded.those fucks walk on the flag, and leave it on the ground.

>>276243870Fuck the Patriots Fuck the Red SoxAnd get fucked Bruins

>>276255060Honestly man I’m looking to head up to NH sooner than later can’t fucking deal with this shit out here anymore. Maybe Maine. I’d like to stay in this region but mass can burn to the ground for all I care. It’s a rotting corpse

>>276249674In MA, Obama would qualify as republican in his first term

>>276255674Actually, didn’t realize Fitchburg is for some reason included. Fitchburg is the biggest shithole in the state so stay far away

>>276244273>but he has an (R) next to his name!>he must be on my side!

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>>276254214Even with all the Seabeaners, niggers and parasite brown Asians, the absolute worse Masshole is the Haverhill/Methuen area scumbag whitoid 30-something Masshole. The one with the BLM profile pic on his Facebook/Twitter and 100,000 upvotes on Reddit. This worthless asshole who comes to Ossippee in NH every fucking summer with his shit family and drunk ass friends and needs to be airlifted to a hospital with alcohol poisoning because he's a worthless faggot.Corona didn't hit Mass hard enough.

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>>276255728A lot of those faggots don’t have any respect for the country that let them in. It’s usually the younger ones who hate it, based on the people I’ve talked to. A lot of the younger (grand)children of immigrants despise the US and hate it for being racist or fascist or whatever, but the older immigrants would never step on the flag of the country that saved them. Kind of related, but I have a Vietnamese-American friend who’s grandmother makes them vote Republican unless they want to get thrown out, and burned his sister’s pride flag for it being an abomination against God

>>276248074Mass is the greatest state in the union for beauty and raising a strong white family. However, this user is right about everything plus are fucking taxes are high af so we can support the leaches that live in Boston. t. Hyannis

>>276246621All of the Ivy League schools are using the momentum of better students and leaders from the 1950s. They wouldn't be worth a damn, except that industry leaders send their children there. If you're not someone before you go to Harvard, you won't be someone having gone to Harvard.

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>>276255814I want to move to Manchester NH maybe. I love New England but Massachusetts is, sadly, too far gone

>>276255728The police station is on eastern Ave now.Are you talking about the old across from the T? That’s the one next to city hall unless they moved city hall too?

>>276256031So, there's this one guy you don't like?

>>276248074Funny, this looks like the one fuckable girl that I knew from Mass.

>>276243870It's gun laws absolutely fucking suck. It's filled with liberals that think that some Indian kid that goes to MIT represents all of India. That some black girl that goes to Harvard represents all black people. Then they try and base their policies on these interactions dealing with the best/brightest of each race not realize that so many Indians are just poos and so many blacks are just niggers.

>>276244273Take it from someone who lives here, Baker is blue as they come! Fuck this state

>>276256297Yeah for me it would depend. If I kept my job the furthest I’d go is Salem bc I’m not doing 93.If I left my job I’d just go further up to get away from all the border hoping massholes I just left in the dust. Or maybe go to Hollis or something, I don’t really know

>>276250963Only thing worse is NH still has weed illegal

Is the traditional Boston accent still around or is it as dead as the New York accent?

>>276256676I’m somewhat happy with where I live I guess. If I could give you any advice, I would stay away from Salem, there’s so much filth there

>>276256133i wore a maga hat to that job everyday.no one said shit, 1 black guy said "you need a new hat!" so they're peaceful/tolerant for the most part.but they don't know shit about the city/land theyre on.also the stop n shop, or whatever the grocery store is behind the new police station..in there some old silver haired white guy was giving me the stink eye for having on my work gear and a maga hat.. like he wanted to fight. all tense and grilling me. staring me down, like a fucking nigger.none of the nogs or chinks gave a shit.to be honest, the muslim women, were very nice, and would smile/wave and come up to talk to me, cause of my maga hat. they were very sweet.

>>276252807Green heads guy they bite a chunk outa yah

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>>276243870It's really not. It's colder MD with significantly less noggery.

>>276256766Yeah but the only people who have it are boomers and degenerate townies like me. Mine fades in and out. No one thar lives in Boston is from Boston bd they all got pushed out bc rent is fucking $4,000 for a 1br and now all the hood niggers are getting pushed up into the area and increasing the crime exponentially

>>276256706I am really surprised "Live Free or Die" didn't jump on the marijuana bandwagon just to take the business from Mass, like they do with cigarettes and booze (obviously, both are legal, but NH taxes on them are much lower, to the point where they can cost half as much.)

>>276250590I'm from RI. This sums up the area rather well. I think everyone's combative because the place is so fucking grey and overcast most of the time. Must be a lot of undiagnosed depression or seasonal depression.

>>276256860The Boston-area Muslim women are very nice to me as well. I always used to strike up conversations with them before this mask shit. They are very happy to live here. Every time I talk about any non-left idea, the Chinese and black Americans always seem to get upset, give or take a handful of them

>>276243870The Irish

>>276256287This is true. But also they have giant endowments that make tuition free for poor fags who test in and allow for perks you don't get other places, like free travel money and specialized librarians with PhDs in your field to help you do research.

>>276257361Heres the flag i was talking about.I watched them all leave it on the ground and walk on it.I got so pissed i picked it up and waved it high.

Attached: 20200906_144257.jpg (4128x3096, 2.9M)

>>276256766Dead. No one born after around 1985 has one.


>>276252482The Portuguese are in Fall River, New Bedford and the immediate surround areas. If you yell out your car window, "Hey Manny!" everyone will look because they're all named Manny.

I live in MA.. it’s a shitholeHigh as hell taxes..Limitations on firearms can’t have anything over 10 rounds...Fireworks illegal.. even though it’s called the patriot state...MA fuck heads are mostly druggies..

>>276250590this too

>>276257611Waive that flag high, my man. Keep it safe from those ungrateful bastards

>>276257318It's blue skies, perfect weather right now. Spent the morning swimming off East Beach. The area's combative because retards like you never moved to upstate New York or Ohio or Florida and have no clue know how good you have it. I did 6 months in Texas for work last year. You wanna talk about shitty roads, endless traffic, unreasonable police, shitty baron landscapes, awful weather, and still high prices? That's Texas. Oh, sure, the strangers will be bubblier and nicer, but they'll talk shit behind your back every time. Southern duplicity is as old as bourbon and plantations.

>>276256297It's a fine place if you're young and not looking to settle down immediately. Otherwise, I'd just move to a better SAU nearby like Bedford. Just avoid the Seacoast region like the plague.

>>276254487All of that in addition to being one of the most expensive states to live in.

Attached: https___blogs-images.forbes.com_chuckdevore_files_2019_08_COL2019_Qtr1-e1565123178152.jpg (960x742, 91.29K)

>>276243870As a MA resident you should be shot and killed for even entertaining the fact that this state is decent. Its an overtaxed shithole, filled with pockets of quaint new England towns inhabited by delusional cat ladies, jews, and faggots hipsters. All the while the state is rapidly becoming an unliveable third world shithole, and the boomers around here are in la la land. I cannot fucking wait to move to New Hampshire.

>>276256297Manchester is a shithole filled with drugs and Bosnians. Get out toward Peterborough if you want peace and quiet.

>>276258100Bless their hearts.

>>276246095>white FloridaYou're fucking kidding yourself if you think any beach or water in Massachusetts compares to Florida. But it does have a ton of seasonal homes and white trash so I guess it's similar enough.

>>276253155Always take delivery if you actually want to own it.

>>276257361yeah, those muslim women out there are nice.can tell they appreciate living in boston.

>>276253136don't forget the cape...its a zoo down here

>>276250590>formerly Chuck's

>>276256356I wish,When I was a kid, we'd go to Ossippee every year and it was comfy as fuck. Swimming at the lake, eating marshmallows, chilling with the parents and grandparents every summer and shit was good. Almost no Massholes.Then the shitter Massholes started showing up. Nearly every one from the Lawrence/Lowell areas. Naturally they had money, so the parks started jacking up registration and camp fees until only Massholes could afford it. Not Martha's Vineyard Massholes, but the poor for Mass Massholes who couldn't afford the cape.They flooded into the NH recreational areas like a plague of drunken assholes. Leaving shit everywhere, being loud and obnoxious and otherwise shitting up the camps.

Attached: 1559109304729.png (1125x696, 446.36K)

>>276258767Every Whiteoid Bostonian couple has a fucking Brazilian nanny who watches the kids and takes care of the husband's sexual needs becuase the white businesswoman cunt is too busy selling her holes at work for promotions.

>>276256313idk, whatever the new "townhall" is with the walking bridge running across connecting the 2 buildings.i was on that site last year. there's a grocery store about 1 block away.i got fucked on that job. not by the project leaders, but by my own employer.should have stopped working for them back then. i got a new job this summer but missed 4 weeks of work.luckily the whole time, i was stacking chainlink.. so it helped make up for so much loss in wages/etc.

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>>276243870I love my state, but I also hate it because of the amount of liberals we have here. Going to downtown boston during a protest is a pain in the ass. Thank God are riots only last like a few hours unlike Chicago and New York

>>276258439Private beach in Duxbury is the nicest beach ive been on outside of Puerto Rico

If you ever think of living in Boston, your better off living in places like Hyde Park or West Roxbury. Places like Mattapan or Dorchester have too many murders mostly done by niggers

>>276258100>Hurrr durrrr Massachusetts isn't as bad as Texas.So don't move to Texas then you gaping faggot.

>>276246095>west portugalwtf?

>>276260935Lots of Portuguese ancestry there. It was an immigration spot for Portuguese people.

>>276243870Intolerant liberals, cold, insane taxes, and high cost of living. Charlie Baker is a democrat in any other state. The only ways to enjoy or benefit from New England are as follows:You are from here and have a good friend and family network.You want to wage-slave for $150k/year+ and save money while living like a poor person.You have $10,000,000+

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>>276243870NH and Maine are better

>>276259714>Thank God are riots only last like a few hours unlike Chicago and New YorkSounds like you’ve accepted the dystopia

>>276261526Hey, I hate riots as much as the next guy. I'm just pointing out the facts.

>>276251154JFK's executive order recognizing public employee unionizing ruined schools, gov. etcHead shot?LMFAO

>>276246182Arnold Schwarzenegger

>>276258279nice fren. i feel the same way. everytime i cross into NH i feel alleviated like stress release. and then crossing into nh to maine, i feel even more relief and usually say something like "finally, freedom."it's pretty crazy, how can cross the state lines and actually "feel" the difference.

Cape Codder here....This place is fucked up stay away! Its absolutely awful! Cancer, don't come here!!!

>>276243870Boston fag hereMass has too easy which leads to leftist politics, though at least it has a history of racism which keeps the blacks in their own neighborhood.it will eventually break though.

>>276243870Its like new jersey. When the Republicans on your ticket have the exact same pro illegal anti 2a agenda the democrats do, it doesn't count as a republican win.

>>276256444Trips of truth

>>276243870>massholes>assachusts>U_assI dont know...you tell me


>>276243870Wrong on every point.As of July 2020:>Largest Wages.Alaska>Healthiest People.Vermont>Highest IQ and Most Educated.New Hampshire / Maryland>Lowest Crime Rates.Maine>Lowest unemploymentUtah

>>276243870Gun laws suck, niggers everywhere.

Found the nogunz.

>>276252907which town?

>>276243870visited boston once for work, complete fucking shithole. the thought of people paying almost NYC tier prices to live in that shithole is hilarious.

>>276266726I used to live in mattapan. Place is a nigger den. Just over the bridge was Milton, a nice white town.