Why are polish called the mexicans of Europe?

Everyone knows polish are untermenschen white niggers but why are slavs in general so poor and disgusting they get murdered by britts in Britain since they are like cockroaches. Fuck slavic sub humans.

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>>276243597fuck poles, absolutely based.

Cry more

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>>276243597Because they behave as such and will hopefully be treated as second class citizens once we finally leave the EU. They're niggers but with a better work ethic.

>>276243597They're stinky illegal foreigners who commit crime. Remind you of someone Paco?

>>276243597Based poles are niggers.

Every Pole is my brother

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Cheap labor jews had their cheap labor from Poland. Nowadays it's Ukraine. I hear that Portugal is Luxembourg's Poland.

>>276243597The UK went to war to protect these people? No i have met them, why?

>>276243992Goes to show your knowledge of history and especially ww2 is very poor polish pilots were the most successful and had the most confirmed kills in the battle of Britain look up squadron 303 poles helped crack the enigma code poles had chopin and Copernicus and while your shitty Britain is rotting with scum and sand niggers Poland is thriving jan sobiewski 3 defeated Muslims at Vienna stopping the Muslim invasion of Europe I would personally consider Poland as central too not eastern European and lastly if you maybe read some books you will find that hitler respected the poles just as he did the British he was good freinds with general piusudski watch the documentary europa the last battle no European man is the enemy we are all brothers in this time of crisis so stop spewing your Jewish bullshit

>>276246487This thread smells of jew also BASED.

>>276243597they are white negros

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>>276246946What has that photo got to do with anything i can get a picture of an ugly Spaniard with Niger features and say the same thing most people in Poland look nothing like this

poles are the most disgusting kind of whites i have ever seen. they are stupid, ugly and just plain retarded. wish poland would just go away to be honest. hate those faggots. fuck polish niggers.

>>276243597Every pole I've ever met here has been drunk, with the exception of one drug dealer who tried to sell me weed.

>>276247467we both irish and iberians are racially subhuman brothers :DDD hug me brother

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>>276246946What are Spanish then? Just straight up negros?

>>276246946>>276247467This isn't a Pole, it's a Haitan with white ancestry.Now let's post "Med" masterrace.

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>>276243597Slavs aten’t people they’re a sub genus like Neanderthal To call Polish people human is a indult to all of humanity.

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>>276243597Lies, we like Poles and i never heard about calling Poles the mexicans of Europe.

>>276243597>mexicans of Europe? That is an insult to mexicans, bro. Try white niggers of Europe.

>>276249325>Just straight up negros?Nope! You forgot about Arabic and Moorish genes :D A lot of them do indeed look like negros, though.They also like to larp as "Romans".

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>>276249568where did you find this picture of me?

>>276249449The MED BVLL is the epitome of male superiority and masculinity.Let's start by looking at his body. The body of the MED BVLL is shaped in perfection, and the adjective used for the body of a male that is so perfectly put is "Greek God" - even in language, we are reminded of the superiority of the BMC against the Nerdic, whose only accomplishment is to be calling a "Viking" - i.e. - a bunch of savages, unlike the civilized & superior warfare tactics of the Roman Empire, lead by the various glorious MED BVLLS who served as excellent and professional generals (Like Caesar).His skin is olive, reminding us of the beautiful coast of the Mediterranean sea, and the history that has come to shape the entire world.Unlike the Nerdic, Muslims don't scare the MED BVLL, for his ancestors have successfully driven out the Islamic filth from their homelands, and have fought against the Muslims for over a millennia. His arms have developed to suffocate every Muslim filth in 300 metres of his radius with his bare hands.His eyes are sharp, and black, reminding us of the savagery that exists within the MED BVLL. He might act civilized with those who respect him, but he will not hesitate to slaughter the plebians and neutralise every threat to the EVROPE.All this is the reason why the Nerdic is scared of the MED BVLL. (Like Chad Salvini)

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>>276249568Oke jood, post neus.


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>>276243597because we enslaved them for 400 years and had millions of them for slave laborif there was cotton in germany, the poles would pick it by now

>>276249647>Try white niggers of Europe.That one never was a insult, it was a title granted to us for supporting black people in their fight against colonizers.

>>276249869>supporting black people in their fight against colonizers.The Jews of Europe it is then.

>>276249749Why would be anyone attracted to a manlet, kek?I could just kick you like a little chihuahua.Also nice "Spanish" guy with a nigger in your pic. I'm sure their children will fit RIGHT into your nation LEL

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The cope in this thread. Poland is still 97 percent polish compared to your country. I respect poland, economics can be fixed, but once your people are gone they're gone permanently

>>276249991>says the one that got expelled from all eastern european countries Germans are more like jews then they like to admit.

>>276249869>That one never was a insult, it was a title granted to us for supporting black people in their fight against colonizers.STFU, Civic Nat. You will get the rope! Negroes should be oppressed or else they run their country into dirt and start killing white people like in South Africa.



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>>276249762NOOOOOyou can’t be mean to Poles or demand that they get the fuck out of the country so that Dutch people can have jobs.Who will pick my fruit thingies for slave labour prices. NOOOOO

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>>276249663On the harddrive of Mark Zuckenberg.

>>276243597It could just save your life, pendejo

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>>276250277> Hates EU> gets the most gibs from EUEven regular niggers aren’t this stupid.

>>276250330>demand that they get the fuck out of the country so that Dutch people can have jobs.you loose with Poles on the free market, deal with it >youtube.com/watch?v=i-amqnkQalEPolish guy literally solo'd whole Dutch police.

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>>276250218What niggers you schizo? How does a opinion of a Haitian on the other side of the world threaten your country. Seek help.

>>276249749Imagine being so insecure you prepare an image and copy paste, guess meds really are subhuman

>>276250330Its not the Poles fault that your own people are jews.Its the same everywhere.Its capitalism fault.


>>276250088>it was night and the beautiful Anna stood alone in her room inside the cramped commie style apartment>outside her door she could hear the angry thunderous noise her boyfriend Wojciech made>he was already half way through is vodka bottle and getting very angry>she was used to hiding by now, every time her boyfriend drank he found any excuse to get mad and beat her up>this Sunday he was absolutely livid as he watched his beloved Polish team get absolutely smashed by the Spanish, 5-0 by half-time>as lovely Anna shivered in the cold Polish night, she let out some tears>was this to be her future? to be used and abused by a drunken Slavic brute?>all of a sudden she could her a faint Flamenco guitar playing in distance>her room started to heat up with the warmth of the Mediterranean as a dark handsome man mysteriously appeared in her room>"no llores querida Anna " the Southern God of Lust said "hoy te voy a mostrar verdadero amor y pasión, para que nunca te olvides">she couldn't resist her lust anymore and threw herself at the Conquistador that stood before her, swiftly pulling off his red football jersey and revealing his hairy chest>after that there was no going back, our beautiful flower of the Polish forest was possessed by an immense lust>she achieved multiple orgasms and achieved such pleasures she never even believed were possible>she passed out from the sheer intensity of this encounter with the Angel of Aphrodite and only woke up the next morning>as the sun rose over the commie blocks she saw that her boyfriend Wojciech was passed out in the floor in a pool of his own vomit, no doubt still angry over his team's humiliating defeat against their Latin European opponents>but next to her bed she also found a mysterious note>in it was written a single foreign name>and that name was>...>Fernando Martinez

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>>276250693If a title bestowed by some low iq haitan niggers who commited mass genocide of fellow Europeans is considered "an honor" to you then you should kys

>>276250330Of course I want them to go back to Poland, but what makes you think that they are not white?Their country is whiter than ours, but you probably prefer another Ahmed over a Pole because you are a cucked low iq nigger.>>276250597>Hates EU>gets the most gibs from EUThat sounds based.

>>276250915>fellow EuropeansWestern Europeans never were your friends.

>>276250652Wow you have a video of a degenerate drunk to prove that Poles aren’t niggers.

>>276250597Cry more.

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>>276250808Keep crying commie. Blame capitalism and jews for your genetic deficiencies

>>276250897>tl;drYour royal family looks beautiful, though. Unlike average "Med BVLL".

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>>276250888Imagine being such a nigger that you burn down the welfare office.

>>276243597Polish people are white. Atleast whiter than any med/baltic nigger.

>>276245760This desu. No more brother wars. Only struggle against the Jew


>>276251217Literally niggers in every sense of the word.

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>>276251135>Western Europeans never were your friends.Neither were niggers you dumb fuck. I can see you have tons of complexes and you need to seek validation from some random negroes.how much till they start burning our cities? you realize we're already having blm marches and people start talking about "white privilage"?would rather work with euro's here, than jews and their nigger pets if you don't understand this and you're larping as some civic nationalist pole then you're already lost and there's no hope for you

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>>276251264Ehm we Slavs are genetically superior to rest of white people


>>276251393>>276251561Cry more, there is nothing your tears can change. You cucks built this system now you will reap what you sow.

>>276251337our king is typical med BVLL, he fucked tons of nordic pussy before settle

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>>276251560>kekyou know what's even more funny? the fact that his "med" royal family looks all like a white, aryan upperclass while average spaniard/italian is a manlet coomer making up stories while his country is stormed by niggers.Pic related are your masters, Meds. KEK

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>>276251715Thanks for admitting that Hitler was right about the Poles.Btw you people are bigger whiners than the jews.

>>2762517971. Slavs aren’t white2. Slavs have a lower average IQ 3. Slavs have more deformities4. Nobody thinks Slavic men are attractive5. Slavs do slave labour in white countries.

>>276251929That's not true, that's impossible!

>>276251931>>276251561Do you like the EU? Aren't we the cucks for giving money to them?At least be glad that it is going to a white European country instead of shitskin refugees.

>>276251908>our king is typical med BVLLhe doesn't look med. he looks like a less handsome version of pawel malczynski a polish actor his wife is a qt tho

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>>276251876Then stop being a MUH CUMMUNISM bitch.If you got GIBS for 25 + years and your country still looks like a third world shithole just admit that you are niggers and that this is the best you can do.

>>276252069>1. Slavs aren’t whitethis. we're black and we demand reparations for slavery.where da money at white boy?

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>>276252284>If you got GIBS for 25 + years and your country still looks like a third world shithole jit looks better than netherlands aka niggerlandsyou can't even go out at night without getting raped by feral ahmed kek

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>>276252128((((((((we))))))Stop pretending you are Dutch Pollack you are a slav nigger who has internet on the camping.And no I don’t like the EU bit I’m not such a nigger that I’m a massive parasite while pretending to be a victim.

>>276252284Never stop paying for my bus stops western euro-cuck.

>>276252323So you went full nigger. Thanks for admitting.

>>276252634Thanks for all the free money.

>>276252441Photographers can even make a turd look appetising. Don’t fool anybody nigger nytimes.com/2018/04/22/world/europe/poland-pollution.html

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>>276243597every year, twice a year polish faggots drive around my country in fucked up vans checking for unlocked doors and whatever hoping to steal everything that isnt nailed down and our cucked police does NOTHING even if they catch them in the actjust go "dont do it again" and let them leave without even searching the van, off to rob the next housei hate niggers, but god damn i hate polish niggers equally

>>276252533Okay nigger

>>276252210>tanned>dark haired>dark eyedthat guy look med as fuck, lmao, polish are more like pic related

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>>276252699Thanks for being our slaves

>>276252896Imagine that calling me a nigger is going to do anything about you paying for my country's infrastructure.Keep on paying.

>>276252901I was always bothered by that slavic look, why do they look like a cross between a human and a rat?

Can confirm, Poland is absolutely nigger tier country, basically white gypsies. The only thing seperates this shithole from Romania is the whiteness of skin

>>276252901see >>276250494, you assmad mulatto

>>276252901Put this on a zoo and chinks will pay for albino Harambe

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>>276245760Unironically based

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>>276243597>murdered by britts in BritainWe're killing the Polish scum since 1943. British are a bit too late to the party.

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>>276253157based n redpilled dutch>>276253095he's a good kid btw

>>276252988Imagine being proud of your nigger attitude to life.

>>276252825Hey Moroccan, the picture you've linked is one of the biggest coal mines in all of Europe.You expected it too look all nice and shity or something? Are you this retarded?Wait, why did I just ask that, you're from the only country in existance to lose their entire economy to fucking flowers.

>>276252901k tyrese alejandro al-abadi

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>>276252528>And no I don’t like the EU bit I’m not such a nigger that I’m a massive parasite while pretending to be a victim.What do you mean with "pretending to be a victim"?And I agree that Poles should fuck off to their own country, but what makes them not white?

>>276253260Yes im proud that my country can take advantage of such submissive people like you.

>>276253273Nigger read the article. I’ve been to Poland shit looks worse than South Africa. You couldn’t even see the sun.

Kurwa kurwa jebac pls exterminate our little pathetic existenceSomeone pls drop white phosphorus bombs with a drone over poland

>>276243597Thanks for proving that niggers hate Poland.

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>>276249568Sminem is Tatar, though.

I've never been to europe but I've spent many moons having came chats with foreigners. The French and the Polish are universally hated by everyone as the worst humans alive.

>>276253254Yeah and now you're the worst shithole in Europe who emigrate here en masse to clean our toilets and fetch our food.>TFW half of Africa has better economy than the ukraine>TFW hohols are proud to call themselves 'borderlanders' because thats exactly what the ukraine is, a borderland between Poland and Russia>TFW hohols can't beat a bunch of chimping out russian peasants for over 5 years now, lost a strategical peninsula and literally nobody gives a shitlmao

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>>276245760seems bNr

>>276252284You've never been here. Communism did fuck us over, but you don't have to invest here, sure. Explain the hostility, though. Is it not simply that you're angry that your country is barreling towards a cliff with regards to nigger demographics? I don't envy you, certainly.

>>276243597Only they ones that emigrate, just like Mexicans

>>276253365Poles are always crying about communism and using that when asked about the fact that Poland is worse off than many African countries. Man just admit you are an inferior people like everybody already knew for centuries. Slavs were second class people in the German and Austrian Hungarian empire because they are inferior.

Another day, another dumbfuck D&C thread.

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>>276253476Yeah you’re proud that you are a shithole despite getting the most gibs.Classic nigger attitude right there.

Every polish flag in this thread pic related

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>>276253911>21 post by this IDsomeone got cuck-ed by a toilet cleaner diaspora, kek

>>27625328110-18 look med, others look slavshit

>>276252901God Poles are such disgusting subhumans, no doubt a real Europeans such as us and Hitler saw that poles are nothing but albino niggers, same as russian mongoloid cacuasian mountain asiatic baboons.

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>>276252284Actually, please post hand + timestamp, you're a bit too hostile to be white.


>>276253777That’s another thing Pollack niggers are do proud that Africans aren’t in Poland.Man your country is do shit that even a fucking deadbeat trashsurfer from Nigeria doesn’t want to go there.Muslims rather dance in a minefield than go to Poland and you’re proud of that? you stink so much even the flies are disgusted by you.

>>276253810>is worse off than many African countries.Not true, why do you have this hatred for Poland for no reason?>Man just admit you are an inferior people like everybody already knew for centuries.I am tall and blond and look stereotypically Dutch, I am definetly not Slavic or Polish. But please explain to me why you think that they are inferior.

>>276253911you're that one dumbfuck that have been shitposting almost every single day.Seek fucking medical help you massive obsessed NIGGER.

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>>276254278Yes, we're a shithole, spread that news around so no nigger ever comes here and instead goes to your paradise where women willingly spread their legs to the BIG BLACK BULL COCK :^)

>>276254181Here take a good look at that nigger

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>>276254427>23 posts by this IDNIGGER

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>>276254278Post hand

>>276254396Lol you’re so jelly that you have to make up stories to cope.Fuck off üntermensch

The reason poland doesnt have as many refugees as other countries in eu is not because we are based but because even sandniggers dont want to come to this shitdumpster of a countrySad but true

>>276254375> biggest Three citiesGet real nigger

>>276243597>>276243992funny that pakie and beaner are calling us niggers

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>>276254514Ah did you take that photo from the internet? Nice cope nigger.

>>276243597Loool are people this jealous of the Slavic race?

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>>276254711Dont have to argue with these subniggers, they are just in denial bro Btw thanks for giving our peasants to work in your farms, at least they can buy used mercedes to swag in their village

>>276254541Call us whatever you want, we'll still be here in 100 years while you'll go 10% dutch, 40% nigger and 40% towelhead within your lifetime :^)Look at this cuck, his country is literally being taken over by shitskins and all he does is rail on poles on a bhutanese glacial fishing anime forum for some reason instead of actually doing anything about the death of his nation

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>>276253620Seethe more, Polish scum while we're taking over your biggest cities. Soon we'll be the majority in Wroclaw and then everywhere else. Your country will be Ukrainized and you can't do anything about it. Your women will be ours. Your politicians are planning to bring more of us very soon. Wait for us, we are coming and we can do Wolyn 2.0. polskatimes.pl/dworczyk-pracujemy-nad-uproszczeniem-procedury-osiedlania-sie-potomkow-mieszkancow-i-i-ii-rp/ar/c1-15162340

>>276254278>Being angry that Poland doesn't have niggers.>Reddit spacing.You are making it too obvious Ahmed, ga terug naar Marokko.

>>276254149>said a fucking gypsie, counting stolen money

>>276254918That’s something to be proud of. Being a fucking slave.Picking tomatoes with your Polish university degree.

>>276254925Those things only happen in your mind shizo.Your fragility is showing.

>>276255158Thank you master, can i clean your toilet for 8eur/h which is a whole fortune in poland please sir

>>276252069cope harder, while being raped by sandniggers

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>>276255045Eat some dick Anton


>>276254925you're correct. unfortunately these retards are too busy deciding who's really white and who isn't that they don't realize it doesn't matter because our granchildren will be shitskinned anyway

>>276255158No hand, you're officially a nigger. >>276255027What a pathetic attitude, you sound like a shill sowing discontent.

>>276255367Madam Curie wasn’t a slav nigger.How many nobel prizes did slavs get?

>>276254278Yes, and I hope it will stay that way.

>>276254149they belong to the hooligan race, not very different of niggers, no wonder why they were ruled by other races (nords, steppeshit invaders, meds, etc)

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>>276249749>muh sex>muh dicksound like a nigger to me

>>276255027Half of Poland is actually Ukranian.

>>276253157Keep posting the servile dregs who were not even considered Poles by the ruling class until the modern era.

what did we do now, bros?

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>>276255665Other half is lithuanian, we scammed them like nigger snakes we are Can someone nuke this nigger country already please

For unknown reasons, our beloved northern Polish brothers just don't give a feck about making quality products.Not that my country is that much better but it's mindboggling as Poland is a big country, with a lot of people and with a lot of smart people throughout history.Maybe it's because the smart and creative people were always leaving Poland for better life in western countries so they did not contribute to Poland's economy and heritage.

>>276255564she was. cope harder moronccan nigger

>>276255450Why do you have an obsession with Slavs?>>276255564>Madam Curie wasn’t a slav nigger.Now you have outed yourself as an uneducated nigger.

>>276255465I've realized it years ago, Holla Forums naziboos are literally SJWs who subscribe to a different type of totalitarian leftism. Yes, their beloved ideology literally has SOCIALISM in its name and no matter the mental gymnastics and never ending cope it wont change the fact that it was a leftist thing.

>>276255825pamiętaj że jutro musisz wstać do roboty, saszka. polski pan potrzebuje podnóżka

>>276255665Yes, their south-eastern provinces are actually Ukraine. They occupied them in the Operation Vistula in 1947. These need to be returned.

>>276256107Kurwa kurwa jebac jebac tak psisko jebanie ile ale

>>276256135How could they be "ukraine" when ukraine never existed until 1991.Checkmate Mykola.

>>276243597because polish food is delicious

>>276243597I dont know about the poles but I know the Irish are the niggers of Europe

>>276249575>i never heard about calling Poles the mexicans of Europe.That's because gypsies from Slovakia are even poorer than polackenschwein. Slavniggers in general are the mexicans of Europe. Gayreeks are not far behind.

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>>276256135cope harder. soon you will be our slave class

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>>276256389Polish food is nonexistent, stop larping kebab, poland is useless africa giant hole of nothingness in europeThere is nothing good here

>>276256473also, why are polackenschwein so prone to balding even at young ages? sign of lower IQ?

>>276256473Cool post>howeverThere's literally a page for 'grenade attacks in sweden', lmao

>>276256473you're in no position to call us anything.

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>>276256583and you stop larping as a polish man, ukrainian faggot

>>276245760no, they are our brothers

>>276256769Passing through this shithole, even your 5 star hotels are basically motels, disgusting country

>>276256599>not knowing what a buzzcut is

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>>276256583wrong, you just take for grantedIf I want pretzels I have to go to the polish shop because they are too exotic for the supermarket to carry.

>>276257045for reference, rice and pasta are sold in the ethnic food isle in the supermarket here

>>276245781>I hear that Portugal is Luxembourg's Poland.Its true. Even I cant stand immigrants from the Luxembourg. Low bottom feeders self righteous idiots.

>>276257045it's just a faggot that isn't polish. don't listen to him paddy. and don't listen to mutts, you're based

>>276249808>slav>friends>everslav status denied

>>276249808Cringe and cringepilled


>>276256341You're living in historic German, Russian and Ukrainian land, Tomasz. Poland is a fake country created after World War I to weaken Germany and to appease the infantile Soviet Union. You won't live there for long, though. Enjoy while it lasts.

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I dont know about you people. But I saw this Russian woman with 3 kids in the park today and they looked like a completely different race. The Slavs when pure of blood can be extremely pretty.

>>276256514This man has killed lots of Polish trash.

>>276257415and you're decendant of kikes, criminals and degenerates.

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>>276257595and was gay manlet, that could not fight like a man

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>It's a kikes sowing hate among SLAV BVLLS threadNo thanks

Attached: ancient slav prince.jpg (598x834, 148.26K)

>>276248764If I rape you you’ll cry I was deported

>>276258029czy to aśtar?

Well, I'm very happy the British accept all the subhuman trash that leaves this country. That's what they get for selling us to the communists after putting Beck in our government which led to WW2.If living in Mexico is like living here, then Mexico must be fucking amazing. I wouldn't choose to be born anywhere else. And I'm not saying this due to nationalism, it's just that I love the people I meet here, I love how clean streets are in my city, I love knowing people around my district and feeling home even when I'm walking through the streets, I love how safe it is. Also the idea that Poles were considered subhuman is a Jewish lie.>>276246946You again? Aren't you embarrassed after you got absolutely BTFO in the last thread? You claimed we're mixed with kikes, after which I posted a study showing that on average Spaniards have 19,8% Jewish blood, to which you responded BTFOing yourself with a study that not only mentioned that Poland has the most homogenous population in Europe, but also that over 30% of Poles have the same haplogroup as Western Europeans. The study when describing traces of mixing with less common ethnicities mentions traces of Frisian, Vistula German and Armenian blood before mentioning Ashkenazi Jews, and even goes out of the way to say that "most of the time Jews and the Roma married only between themselves". Oh, and lastly, the study disproved the "mongol" myth by pointing out the fact that only 1,3% of Poles has any East Asian genes.Do you want to get BTFO again? The average Spaniard is less than 70% European, and the most pure people (the Basques, according to the study) you have in your country have been oppressed by the mutts

>>276243597idk but polish women are 10/10

>>276246487So what you're saying is if it wasn't for the polish, the nazis would have won and the multiculti genocide of my people wouldnt be occuring? FUCK POLES! STAY THE FUCK AWAY FROM THE UK AND IRELAND.

>>276257595You’re literally rape babies of tatars and criminals. Ukraine is an example that if you leave large enough pile of shit for several hundred years it’ll start calling itself a nation.

>>276258223>polish women are 10/10Slavic girls are such a toss. Some are super tidy and somewhat modest with actual preference for masculine men, unlike western sluts.Others are complete turbo whores who put Scandinavian and British women to shame in cunt mileage.

>>276258215baza w chuj

>>276257346we dont all live in dublin

>>276258223They'll love you if you're black. Polish whores love BBC. They're like crazy when they get out of their shit country. They're happy to fuck every black man in sight.

>>276256949Meanwhile your country is made for Ahmed/Tyrone/Big Chang

Fuck this mexican faggot my country uses rak gun poland , mexico is rightful cuban Clay

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>>276257415Weak bait Aleksiey

>>276258371If the UK had accepted the peace treaty with Germany then it wouldn't have been a multicultural shithole like it is today.You had Oswald Mosley but instead chose low iq shitskins.

>>276258618and your will give you big succ for a pocket change


Can someone explain to me why the fuck the dutch and the svens on Holla Forums are hating the poles so much? I genuinely get the impression that there is much more hate between them and the poles than between the germans and the poles, for some reason...

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>>276257415>Fake country designed to weaken Russia calling other countries fake

>>276254634Hey fray Bentos is near where I live

>>276258914Add the Danish to that. No idea. Maybe because their women prefer our masculine silent type attitude than their homogay manlets.

>>276258914We stole their jerbs or something.

>>276258914they're just seething, because they're overrun by niggers and sandniggers

>>276258914>dutch and the svenspic related

Attached: he didnt realise they were polish.webm (636x360, 830.65K)

>>276258914>dutch and the svens on Holla Forums are hating the poles so muchThe poles are one of the biggest immigrant groups both in Scandia and Holland. No wonder you get their flags complaining so much Herr Doktor.

>>276255027>Your women will be oursYou do realize that banging Ukrainian chicks is like a sport in Kraków, right? You know all the Ukrainians who move here learn Polish, and are absolutely terrified and embarassed when anyone mentions Wołyń/Bandera? Do you know that majority of Ukrainian women who move here work as strippers and prostitutes? How do you think their ancestors feel looking at them twerk on top of some British tourist, being treated like trash? Those strippers' great-grandfathers were banderites, they fought against "Polish oppression", for "free and independent Ukraine", so that their descendants could move to Poland and do the shittiest work again.>>276257415>Ukraine >calling a 1000+ year old country fakeIt's like a kike calling someone a subhuman.

>>276258914>the dutch and the svensMost of them are just retards that fell for D&C on Holla Forums. Or Ahmeds.

>>276259251>It's like a kike calling someone a subhuman.fucking lost it

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Only americucks, gay bitches and other slavs will defend poland. The gay westerners dream of them heroically fighting their demographic war for them, not realising the poles will do exactly what they did in haiti, that's if they havent already fucked off home when shit hits the fan. They are not your saviors cuckolded western men, they are your enemy along with the others invading your ancient nations. I desire britain to be slavic as much as i desire it to be paki/black. Britain is for north western euros ONLY. Stay away untermensch

>>276258896You would be terrified to know how many Polish girls are fucked right now, at this moment by Big Ukrainian Dick. But then you should be happy that your weak genes would not pass to the next generation.

>>276251561It's only because we are by far the largest population among those added last.You on the other hard are being fucked the most, and Belgium, which was in the EU is amongst those who are fucking.Honestly I can not understand this, no-one pays attention to Belgium, and they have been sucking on that tit from the begining. I do not believe its just for those buildings the EUSSR is using

Attached: 4979b6c5-a04a-4806-a0f5-2f691ccdfbc0[1].png (1632x2206, 237.66K)

>>276259132Look at his facial expressions throughout this clip.>Hehe another stupid whitey, I'll stand in their way and they'll pay me to go away or something>Wait, why did they just charge at me with their car, this isn't normal>Wait, why is one of them getting out of the car>Wait, they aren't west european aren't they? >Oh fuck, oh Godfunny

>>276258512i was talking about looks only, sucks that they behave like western whores though>>276258618really? that's very disappointing to hear

>>276255465Holy shit man did a Pole fuck your wife?

>>276259412True. All British women will be SLAV’ED after we liberate British emirates

>>276249808This needs a de-wholesome edit.

>>276259412>not realising the poles will do exactly what they did in haitiWeren't the British one of the first to make slavery illegal? And weren't you paying the debt to free all those niggers for more than 200 years?

>>276259412You're making a great job taking the Polish subhumans to the UK and freeing Poland for us. Thank you, Ahmed, we appreciate your help.

>>276258618My cousin is a Mexican and married one of yours they have a child now.

>>276258914If they are actually white and not roleplaying shitskins then I assume it's pent-up anger from not being allowed to criticize brown people so they lash out on the white-skinned foreigners. Happens here at least. Asians also get more shit than they deserve, but niggers and sandniggers? Nono that's rayciz.Slavs are also sending too much of their trash so they are not exactly angels themselves.

>>276259990Checked. Kek is with us, helping to make Poland Polish-free.

>>276259412Worry bout your own cuntry, bongoloid.

>>276258914To be fair their diaspora is not really behaving that great either. Any groups that is a major factor in another countries crime statistics will gather animosity

>>276259990When my dad visited poland he said it was nice, but dodgy because on he motor ways there was 1,000s of ukranian 10/10 women prostituting themselves lol. Said they were stunners though. I think your only job in poland is to suck polish cock. Not defending the poles of course i hate them as much as i hate ukraine.

>>276259884We did end slavery, we didnt kill a bunch of whites and team up with niggers to genocide them though. Thats the difference.

Some poles are probably based but I've never experienced it. I grew up in a farming town and almost all the workers here during the summer were pollacks. They would get drunk, steal shit, destroy shit, bully kids and try to hit on every woman they saw even minors. My older brother and some of his friends went to one of the farms were the pollacks lived and beat the shit out of all of them because one of them had cat called his friends little sister, they wrote about it in the local newspaper.There's no pollcaks there anymore now because they have stopped hiring them due to all the shit and chaos they caused, but the years they did showed me enough to conclude that yes; they're the the mexicans of Europe.Cheap labour though

>>276260027Is her name is Stacy? I know one guy from CA who is married to Mexican and she is expecting child at the moment.

>>276260225Exactly what i am doing. I know you gutless american cowards have no fight in you, so will GLADLY have polish BULLS fight your battle for you but that's not what will happen, they wont lift a finger to help you.

>>276260249Your dad has actually found out the top Ukrainian export: prostitutes.Not even a joke.

>>276259457>Big Ukrainian Dickahhahahahhhhhhhaahahhhhhahhhhahahhahahahah

>>276259650las eslavas son unas putas que te cagas, muy guapas y todo lo que quieras, pero son unos putones de gran calibre. Creeme, las mediterraneas son mejores a largo plazo, serán unas putas locas a nivel ideologico con muh feminismo, pero nunca serán tan putas como las eslavas,

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>>276260218>checkedKek Lurk more

>>276243597Stay in ur own cuntry shitholer

>>276260375My point is that they are called "the negroes of Europe" for that, but paying off niggers for more than 200 years is somehow not cucked in the slightest?

>>276260595Kek, I've lived in Madrid, don't lie bro

>>276260469I wish you chained them and used them as free labor for ever

>>276259412said a fine british speciment

Attached: anglos fatsos.jpg (480x640, 76.27K)

>>276259884You think slavery was a good thing? How do you think blacks ended up in Europe in the first place?If you wanna talk about black empowerment look to the American civil rights movement. That's what gave them the pedestal to become uppity and aggressive. They were timid and relatively well behaved before that.As usual, Europe's social problems are rooted in the toxic tumour called the USA.

>>276254634So how many pols does it take to screw in a light bulb?

>>276261038>You think slavery was a good thing?No of course not, my point is that you were still paying off the debt to free all those slaves until a few years ago. That is more than 200 years of paying money to free niggers. That is far more cucked than whatever a group of Poles did in Haiti.

>>276261239i don't know, how many mutts does it take to defend israel?

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>>276260849Nobody paid niggers for slavery, all the slave owners were paid off so we could end slavery. it was a morally right thing to do even though i am not a fan of blacks. If we helped black people enslave white people than it would be more like haiti.

>>276243597Poles aren’t called Mexicans, Mexicans actually work hard.

>>276261319Ok, whatever, now adress the real issue:>Why does Spain has had a socialist government since over 5 decades now, not one right wing government?Why are spaniards such fucking socialists?

>>276261319Spanish people are the most attractive in Europe. How the hell are you not fucking more?

BTW everything posted in this thread is True. Do not Come here, do not research about Poland, stay in usa UK or wherever. We're full.

>>276261747Hi Pedro. Worked hard for coke and welfare today?

>>276261879I'm coming to clean your toilets mate.

>>276261633You still payed to free niggers. Their compensation was freedom, which you payed for.

>>276261319Y la cuppa no era mía ni donde estaba...Sure, pure trad wife, the only thing is that they are so feminist nobody wants to fuck them

>>276261879No, you move out. Poland should be Polish-frei.

>>276262008I guess you can't afford coke scrubbing German and English toilets, though, but that's OK because you always have your cheap wodka

>>276243597>polish called the mexicans of Europelolquora.com/Are-the-Poles-the-Mexicans-of-Europe

>>276261879Only way you'll ever see me in Poland is if I win some money on the lottery and wanna retire in a cheap house somewhere. But even then there are better options such as Bulgaria.

Why does everyone hate Poland so much?

>>276261503Theee it takes three polish retards. Ok. Now you.

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>>276262847kike agenda

>>276251145We dont try to prove to not be niggers, we ARE niggers you Hoes

>>276262847Because it's a fake country with subhuman population

>>2762629266000000 for every kike

>>276263209>Because it's a fake country with subhuman populationi hope the irony of that statement is not lost on you

>>276262969>>276263067Jealous of?>>276263209What makes Poles subhuman?

>>276262383At least I work for it instead of dealing with coke, mugging people and leeching off welfare you subhuman illegal filth

>>276262847They treat the UK like a whore and suck as much money out of the country as they can in benefits and cash in hand work (meaning they don't even pay tax) while sending it all back home. They create enclaves and open their own polish shops, they can be even worse than shitskins in this regard. Basically they have little to no respect for the host country which opened its arms to them. Very niggerish people.

>>276263589>for the host country which opened its arms to them.Maybe you should stop doing that.

>>276256779Yes, they are our brothers.

Attached: -T6k__Lmlyw.jpg (731x1080, 309.73K)

>>276263361Of what? Not having a nigger problem, not having a muslim problem, not having a chink problem, not having commie problem, that sort of stuff

>>27625012799.97% polish more alike

>>276263589Oh the humanity they open shops noooo not the freaking shoperinos it’s anuva blitz


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>>276263791Based fuck the west

>>276245760Based. No more brother wars. Daily reminder that everyone who LARPs as white in these DnC threads is a spiteful shitskin. OP is a literal spic.

>>276243597LOL shut up spic

>>276243597fuck off spic

Poles are the one the most impoverished ethnic group in the US. Yet you go to their hood, you see a bunch of drunks rolling around in the street but not a lot of crime. The same cannot be said about niggers.

>>276263821You're having the Polish problem, though. Poland without Polish would be a nice place to live.

>>276246946Show skin color.That city view looks dull.. but also clean and safe.

>>276249749Holy based

>>276263589Damn poles sound based as fuck.

>>276264336>COPEHohols get a CIA sponsored revolution where their own snipers shoot their own people to rile up the crowd. It somehow succeeds. They get an IMF appointed (yeah, they didn't even get to decide) kike prime minister. They burn dozens of people alive in Odessa, this sparks a major russian chimp out in the east. Hohols, in their hubris, think they can squash the ruskies. They fail spectacularly. Russia grabs Crimea and nobody cares. To get western support they shoot down a dutch passanger plane and blame it on the rebels but this backfires when Russia reveals they know the US has had a military satelite over that area at that exact time and demad photos be released. This doesn't happen and the whole plane debackle is swiftly memory hole'd. Then they have an election. Who do they pick in their infinite wisdom? A literal nobody kike comedian.>COPE

>>276263973My nigger neighbour voted for brexit because your people burgled his house not once, but twice. Even britniggers don't want you here lmao

>>276263589It's the same argument here yet data from our state showed that the average pole, romanian etc contribute, while nearly all third worlders are big net negatives.I fully understand that there shouldn't be so many east euros in Britain but jesus christ.. pick the right battles to waste your energy on.

>>276264323>In 2017 by educational attainment, the U.S. Census estimates that 42.5% have bachelor's degrees or higher, whereas the American population as a whole is 32.0%.[52] The median household income for Americans of Polish descent is estimated by the U.S. Census as $73,452, with no statistically significant differences from other Slavic-American groups, Czech, Slovak, and Ukrainian.COPE

>>276264909and you gave us away to stalin when we saved bongistan during battle of britan

>>276243992I don't mind Poles to be fair.

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Tomorrow is my first day and my new boss is polish. What am I in for ?

>>276265501you will be obligated to let him fuck your wife

>>276265418Britain was a broken country after ww2 we were a spent force with no clout. Go cry to America about that

>>276265984You signed off on it, you're complicit.

>>276258223> idk but polish women are 10/10I consider this a meme. They're OK. Generally speaking any girl with an Aryan phenotype will look good whether Polish, or Norwegian or German; but there is no shortage of pretty girls in Argentina or Italy either. That is my opinion.

>>276266782Aryan literally means Iranian. And no, krauts or scandicucks have nothing to do with aryans.It a clear example of krautoid we wuz.

>>276260577As if, the sjw Demonrats haven’t even awoken the sleeping giant, don’t forget we have the 2A and it’s mostly patriotic Americans who own and are well trained with guns.