What happened here?

His arm will be okay right?

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Nah he'll have to jerk off niggers with his left hand in prison now.

I can still type just fine, nazi scum.

>>276242774Holy fuck that's gruesome.

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>>276242774what arm?

could he ever lift his way back to normal?

>>276242774Hehe bicep go poof

Kyle shouldve had a Beowulf

>>276242774he will be fine

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Is it normal for a round that size to take half a guy's arm off?

>>276242774How can a bullet do so much damage?

>>276242921I wish you were him lmao. How will you jerk off to tranny porn without your 'byecep'?

>>276243142Forgot image

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>>276242953This video disproves the narrative being spread on twitter that the guy who approached Kyle with a Gun had his hands up - and actually shows that a guy who did have his hands up and backed away was not shot, and seen as a non-threat by Kyle.Looks like Kyle is going to walk after all

You actually see the skin on his arm vaporise.

>>276243007Hell no. The fucking muscle has been blown into little pieces. It will likely still work but it will be like trying to operate a car that's missing 2 of its wheels.

>>276243194Bullets expand upon penetration

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>>276243164From point blank, yes.

>>276243164Just like how a small rock thrown through a windshield of a moving car can blow a human skull into jelly. Same concept.

>>276242774a schizo will be here soon to tell you that its fake.

>>276243164There are dedicated self defense rounds that will easily do it. I've heard of deer being shot by them by hunters and it basically turned the wound area into meat jello


He's literally out giving speeches right now. Never arrested for the illegal possession of a firearm nor for his assault on Kyle. His arm was probably fixed on the taxpayer dime.

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>>276242774>His armOur arm.

>>276243264We knew that narrative was horseshit literally on day one. I'm so sick of these ignorant twitter faggots who talk about what the video shows without ever even trying to find the video itself

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>>276243264With all the video and pics being shared and bantied about, it blows my mind that these people think they can control a narrative. It is right there on video. I wasn't even aware anyone was claiming he had his hands up, I simply watched THE FUCKING VIDEO. It's fucking boomer-tier.

>>276243194When a bullet is traveling above about 2,400 feet per second they impart hydrostatic shock. It is literally a shockwave that travels through liquid like materials. And you probably have heard about how a human body is mostly water.AR-15 with that barrel length shoots the bullet at a velocity of around 3,000 feet per second.

>>276243538Shots fired man killed during times of riot, hands are constantly moving towards rifle on chest approaching police, doesn’t get shot, yeah just like every other school shooter it’s fake, killyourself

>>276242774Fingers barely twitched in the latest clip of him, usually in a month the arm will be removed if it has to be

>>276243164At point blank it hasnt lost much force. Dont think of the bullet think of the f=ma it is carrying at that point. It looks like it hit something solid and that allowed it to dumb all its force in one spot.Kyle has his shit together as well no panic just calm actions one to the next.

>>276243869Trump should send him a gift basket for all the votes he's sent his way. Numbnuts.

>>276244119Police were familiar with him, they had seen him and interacted with him all through the day. It was obvious he was not a threat to police. He was never brandishing the weapon at police.ur a faget

>>276243246what are those on the right mag?


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>>276242921Sure, but you'll never be able to accurately fire a gun ever again, since your dominant arm is fucked.

>>276244504Look like .450 bushmaster. .458 socom is another similar round but they have slightly necked casings. .450 bushmaster has a straight casing. They are both designed to be the biggest bullets an AR-15 platform gun can use. They fit single stack into magazines made to hold 5.56mm double stacked.

>>276244504.50 Beowulf I think

>>276244921Yeah I think you are right. They look bigger than .450 bushmaster like I said here.>>276244904

>>276244018youtu.be/IdSUwV4ALbgSlap my elbow.

>>276244738We don't know if he could accurately fire to begin with considering he never got a shot off

>>276243869Is there Vidya of him talking?


>>276242921>>276243164At 3100 ft per second, the shockwave took the meat. Had it hit bone, we would have seen the arm coming off too. There just not enough loose tissue in a bicep to contain the cantaloupe size expansion in the wound channel. He FuAFO™

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>>276243162You guys think after his bicep was blown off, that he was unable to let go of the pistol? There are shots of him kneeling on the ground holding his missing arm, still gripping the pistol.

>>276243164I think it entered parallel along the surface of the bicep. So you got a big open rip rather than an entry wound.

>>276245661>>276245649There it is.

>>276243343Pink mist.

Just put a doctor's bag on it and wash it off with a couple of stimpacks

>>276242774Lol faggot ass kike got what he deserved

>>276243364Some guy posted on /pol that he had CP and people dont comprehend how important is it for your gait to have symmetry in your limbs. He's going to walk sideways now according to the user. I never even considered that consequence.

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>>276242774he need some milk


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>>276245886I think you need to go to Vault 8 so they can clone you a new arm!

>>276243164It's normal for the caliber he shot, the impact force is huge compared to most others, when you consider the mass + velocity.5.56 will have about triple the velocity of something like 22lr.22lr at 1200ft/s can hit you with around 180 joules of energy, while a round of 5.56 flying at 3000ft/s will hit you with 1800 joules. Thats 10x the energy arm boy was hit with, and maybe 4x the energy that a 9mm would of hit him with.Basically that round will either remove the part of you it touches, or send a shockwave through your body (mostly water which doesnt compress) that destroys everything inside you, thats why the skateboard guy dropped dead so fast.And thats mostly just skipping over what fragmentation can do.Basically never fuck with or chase anyone with a gun, those antifa probably thought they would get cosmetic movie wounds at worst when they decided to try lynching that guy but it doesnt work like that.

>>276245661Yes, he was unable to let go of the gun after his arm exploded. You can hear him in one of the videos when he yells for a medic to take his gun. He can't let go because he had no tendons to control.

>>276245649If it went through a small amount of tissue hitting the surface at right angles it should have just punched a small hole.

>>276242774ok so that shits all fucking fake lmfao. nigga jew cuck got a chunk of his arm blown off but how is it still together lol? also man must be an alien or some shit because he would be bleeding way more than that. i watched plenty of cartel retards get their limbs cut off and they bleed out quick. so shits just a fake kike false flag glow nigger nut sack ass.

>>276243264the guy that got shot did have his hands up retard. He just faked it

>>276246383>everything is kike jew fakery hur hur hur hur hur

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>>276242774I think it's funny he did such a Jewey thing as trying to shoot while pretending to surrender and wound up failing with the pistol visibly welded to his hand.


>>276246877What the flying fuck was that? Holy fucking simpler times Batman.

>>276243869He's not going to get away with it..trust me. When the freedom of information requests start hitting the BATFE and FBI about the pistol and how he got it, the political pressure to prosecute will increase.

>>276245172and he never will

>>276243395>it's ok I have insuranceholy kek

>>276243869All those people looking down, arms crossed. He's a perfect passifier right now. His painkiller addiction will increase as time goes on. He's going to be a great poster child for jewish domestic terrorism.


>>276246383His arm got grazed, shredding his bicep. The bone is still intact. Bleeding depends on how hydrated and thin your blood is. I saw a gore vid one time of a thief that had his hands chopped off and by the time he got to the hospital the bleeding had mostly stopped even though there was no tourniquets used. Pretty weird but it happens.

>>276246521hmm.. no? just watch the webm retard

>>276244921You are correct -an owner of a beo

>>276243932Top KeK!

>>276246521BULLSHIT. Here's the video. Hands NOT up. Brandishing a pistol...>>276242953

>>276248179How do you like it? I always thought they were cool.

>>276246305>hitting the surface at right angles it should have just punched a small hole.No.Maybe if it was a slower traveling handgun round. But when bullets pass the threshold of about 2,400 feet per second the physics change and the shockwave tears flesh inches away from the impact. That is why a tiny 5.56mm diameter bullet fired by an AR-15 weighing only 55 grains can do way more damage than a 9mm bullet that weighs 115 to 147 grains. The 9mm bullet is nearly 2X the diameter and over 2X the weight, but is significantly less powerful because it is traveling 1/3 the speed of the rifle round.

>>276246521>the guy that got shot did have his hands up retard. He just faked itYes, he raised his hands for a moment. But when Kyle shot the 9mm handgun was pointed directly at him.

>>276244186Energy=mass*velocity ^2 Velocity squared.This is why a 230 grain ...45ACP at 900 ft/sec does not the effect of a .223 55 grain bullet doing 3000 ft/sec. FaAFO™

>>276245649>Had it hit bone, we would have seen the arm coming off too.What? No way dude, it was only 5.56. People's arms don't just fly off like that. It surely could have fractured or broken his arm, though. Would have been really satisfying to see his arm flopping around like a limp noodle on video if it were a complete break.

>>276246305Proceeded by an atomic slap.

>>276242921One can only ponder why jews are so concerned with black lives, yet never talk about the fact that they were the very slavers who brought them to the United States in the first place or that we fight wars in the middle east to secure more land for Israel, yet do nothing for the black slave trade. Never once does a single jewish publication like the New York Times, ABC News, Fox News, CNN, or MSNBC ever broach this subject. Not once.

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>>276242774Nah, the tendon is gone. Can't reattach that shit. He'll keep the arm, but lose the function of it from the elbow down

>>276248457I like it but it has its flaws. Its expensive, I don't recommend shooting it for extended amount of time - you will kill your shoulder wo the proper positioning and butt pad, need to have the right comp. so you're not concussed when shooting, shoot it outside - not indoors unless you want to be one of those guys at the range, its a specialty round so not all stores have it in stock, only useful for big game hunting or having a good time with the boysits worth getting for certain shooters.

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>>276246227>send a shockwave through your body (mostly water which doesnt compress) that destroys everything inside you, thats why the skateboard guy dropped dead so fastNo, Kyle shot him directly through the heart (probably because skateboard guy grabbed the end of the rifle and pulled it towards himself), and 5.56 doesn't have enough energy to do that anyway (what you're thinking of is called "hydrostatic shock"), please stop talking out your ass leaf

>>276249707A tiny arm like that? At that range? Just a little to the right...

>>276250490Interesting, thanks.

>>276243869WHAT THE FUCK? Why is this motherfucker not in jail right now? Who the fuck do I need to call in Wisconsin and ask what the fuck they're doing?

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>>276250314They'll try to put a cadaver tendon in there. Same thing they do when you snap an Achilles tendon.

>>276250843With a shotgun I could see it happening, especially after seeing that video of the guy blowing his own head off with a shotgun the other day. A rifle round would lose a lot of its energy hitting solid bone, but certainly fuck up an arm.

>>276242774Cool hat

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>>276249172its f=mayoure looking at it from the wrong perspective using e=mc2

>>276243162Put the fire guy next to him!

>>276246261Why not just use his other hand?

>>276243869Dad why is your right arm deformed Grandad why is your arm deformed >Well you see lad when I was younger I protested against police shooting black American men that it turns out were criminals and refuse to simply comply with orders given hordes were peacefully protesting except the ones that were burning looting and attacking white Americans and other ethnicities when this even younger man had enough and wanted to defend against the protestors and shot me for approaching him with my gun ,that was a long time ago mind and after a year none cared anymore about thoese blackmen as incidents like that are easily forgotten in time Do you regret it ?>.... absolutely...not....

Fucking unbelievable. Kyle is in jail but this motherfucker is still out. What the fuck?

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>>276251918probably more concerned about the loss of his bicep than what to do with the gun chang

>>276252456You forgot, 5yrs later riots broke out again, then died down and faded into the news cycle. Then 5yrs later more riots broke out and died down and faded into the news cycle. Then 5yrs later.... ad infinitum ad nauseum.

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>>276252456You're being too generous. He's a genetic dead end

>>276251053I think you'd need somd serious money for an operation like that wouldn't you? That tendon would retract back into his upper arm and forearm for a start making the retrieval of it invasive. Maybe I'm thinking of the femoral artery retracting. I don't wanna spout about shit I'm not versed in. You think a cadaver tendon transplant would be covered by health insurance? Not sure how it works in the states but last time I saw the guy he had a blood release tube over a gauze-packed wound. Wouldn't they have to do atransplant right away? Are there any medical anons who can weigh in on this? I'm genuinely curious now

>>276252981Ferguson was a trial run. Trayvon a trial run before that. Rodney King was another experiment. These are all social experiments and tests. They're designing the perfect psyop and once perfected they'll use it to ignite a race war/civil war. I suspect this is the final go, but it appears that they're worried about losing control over their golem.

>>276253303It's just every time it happens it's like oh wow look, it's this shit again.

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>>276252961Thats a fair point. Chang is a Chinese name though dude. Sato is the most common Japanese name (or Hiro if you want a given name)

>>276242953>a 17 year old made you scurry away like a little bitch captured and immortalized being viewed by millions. I can't imagine the humiliation that he must he be feeling.

>>276243869How is #NoFap going?


>>276253684>>276243869Doesn't seem that way.

>>276242953>that getup and walk awaycool guys don't look at arms they exploded

>>276253637I think they attempted a revolution back in the 60s but they realized they wouldn't succeed so they went dormant until now. All the figures who present then are present now.

>>276253740This amused me, thanks.

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>>276242774I hope it'll heal in accordance to his karma.

>>2762427742000 FPS is what happened. The wound cavity is a motherfucker on 5.56. Yes and no on being able to use it. He will never be strong in that arm but it will work.

>>276243164Only point blank, even 5 feet away the hole woulda been a lot smaller cause bullet woulda be a lot slower

>>276253684He has a gun, retard.

>>276242774Saw a pic of this pos raising a fist at a protest with the arm in a sling...not even arrested...didn’t learn his lesson

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>>276246261Retard, that's not how anatomy works.

>>276254199How is he not arrested. Felon clearly in possession of a fire arm.

>>276242953>5.56 iz underpoweredWell now ya know

>>276254347It's probably "under investigation" user.

>>276242774>His arm will be okay right?He went from being a lefty to being a super-lefty.(Some krautfag came up with that one, so I can't claim credit)

>>276247812>long live the revolutionJesus christ, the cringe is too strong>long live le sooper edgy underground revolution>sponsered by cnn, apple, facebook, amazon, .....

>>276243246>fat fingersChinbeard detected


>>276254793They watch too much marvel and star wars and all that shit. They're like little kids playing

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>>276249172Lol nooooo this is neither relativistic velocities or conversion of matter into pure energy. Hahaha holy SHIT thats some american education working overtime here


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>>2762506055.56 absolutely does cause hydrostatic shock, especially at muzzle velocities. The temporary hydrostatic wound cavity is what caused his bicep to vaporize.

>>276243264mr no biceps did feign a surrender, but then went for it as soon as Kyle lowered his gun.

>>276242774Doctoranons, how long and how expensive would it be to fix such an injury?

>>276255436Autism, THE COUNTRY, has entered the thread.

>>276254347He even admitted on social media that he intended to empty his mag into Kyle. But of course, the faggot DA is not going to prosecute.

>>276255041Give me that 6.5mm Grendel

>>276243264He didn't even shoot the black guy who jumped on him trying to kick him in the head. That guy ran away. Grosskreutz is a dumbass, he claimed affiliation with Rosenbaum, and said Rosenbaum shouldn't have died for speaking his mind...

>>276256210He shot at jumpkick dude but missed

>>276245671it has nothing to do with that. At this distance and the speed at which that m193 was leaving a 16 inch barrel the bullet fragmented and you get alot of cavitation. The skin couldn't hold that much shock so it riped off.

>>276255436>imagine not adding gamma to your momentum equation

>>276253303>they'll use it to ignite a race war/civil war.Only as last measure.As long as the power structure holds they will only use these psyops to demoralize, divide and change the laws to build the perfect distopia for them and thier friends.

>>276256456God has a way of protecting innocents, I think that guy actually assumed that Kyle was a murderer, and is a true believer in the cause. The other guy probably would have lived, except that he pulled a gun into his chest, and was there for a paycheck.Rosenbaum reminds me of Dead Aaron from Texas.

>>276250304Maybe their penultimate plan is to turn them into slaves again, and they view it as damage to potential merchandise

>>276243264A number of factors will weaken the mestizo kid’s self-defense claim. Under Wisconsin law, someone who engages in unlawful conduct likely to provoke others to attack him or her cannot claim self-defense against such an attack. Prosecutors will argue the kid's conduct was provocative given the volatile situation he inserted himself into that night while allegedly illegally carrying a gun. Unlawfully possessing a gun, showing up from out of state, 17 years old, violating curfew ... possessing an assault rifle — all of those things are potentially provocative. At the very least, the factors may weigh against a self-defense claim.

>>276257019Tell it to the jury.

>>276257019He was chased for putting out a dumpster fire

>>276251199Majority of the time a rifle round is going to leave an exit wound.Which means that the bullet had enough energy to continue on its way. Rarely is all of the bullets energy transfered to the target. Same for this case- if someone had been next to that arm they would also be dead.If that 5.56 had hit a bone it would have dumped more of that energy and blew the arm completely off, and probably still killed someone next to him.As an example I did some experiments at home.5.56 will penetrate 13" of oak at 50 yards. That was green tip (steel core).Also tested .223 hollow points. Also penetrated 13" of oak.Imagine slowly submerging your fist into the water while you're taking a bath.Now slam your fist into the water as fast as you can.That's what velocity does and why small rifle rounds obliterate targets compared to larger pistols.

>>276256855If thats the case, we should expect them to scale back the violence soon. Evem left wing media and democrat governros are starting to condemn them, which might indicate they're signalling a turn. I really think they're losing control of the mob. It'll be interesting to see what they have planned for the election

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>>276243869Let's find him and Finnish the job

>>276245318>>276246877Good find. Also checked>>276247171Do tell!

>>276250304Jewish communists have been using the negro to their own ends for about a century nowyoutu.be/ogkKFvuW0SM

>>276243869>tfw he is the incarnation of what far-leftists think a right wing villain looks likeoh the ironing

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>>276257019If the "agressor" attempts to deescalate and actively leave the scene, then he can regain the right to claim self defense>kyle was running away

>>276257019When watching the Rosenbaum shooting scene, l don’t think a person of reasonable intelligence and prudence would think someone taking a deadly weapon from a 17-year-old is an attack of imminent death or great bodily harm. Sorry, the idea is unconvincing.

who gives a shit. that assbag got less than he deserved.

>>276250490I carry an MGI 50 Beowulf, while out bear hunting. Also while picking berries this time of year. Good round for close 200yrds or less. Anything longer you probably best with a bolt action 308

>>276253659Whatever Mario. Get back to making pizzas

>>276256883>I think that guy actually assumed that Kyle was a murdererYou're being too generous user, it was a nigger. They don't think that far into it whenever they chimp out.

>>276257806This isn't a case of he said she said eye witness bullshit. IT'S ON VIDEO. Walking progressively at someone with a rifle shouting "shoot me nigger!" Sorry, you have no case. Not to mention Kyle was legally allowed to own that weapon at 16 in both those states.


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>>276242774This is what masturbation does to you. Every time you jack off you right blowing out a Bicep.

>>276242953ice cold killa

>>276257806>viscious mob of communists who have killed and caused grave bodily harm to victims in the past>armed with their own deadly weapons>bashing his head with said deadly weapons and pointing guns right at his face>no threat of imminent harmI think you are insincere

I just realized that's the exit wound. When see him kneeling after being shot you, Disarm has his thumb on the bleeding entry wound.

>>276243869link to his speech?

>>276258316Well, the defense will basically say he was trying to get away, he was trying to de-escalate. And the prosecution's gonna be saying Look, they had this guy they viewed as a crazy vigilante who might do lord knows what with an AR-15 and they had a duty ... to save other lives by disarming this kid.

>>276258920Here >>276247812

>>276243395>call the policeMy fucking sides

>>276242921Kyle's only mistake was not shooting you in the fucking head.

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>>276257019another lying kike hiding behind a memeflaghere to farm you's with your bullshit shlomo ? have one

Really though how has he not been arrested for carrying a handgun and being a fucking felon? I know the nerds who use 4chan to do their job have seen the threads. Can we call Wisconsin and tell them to fucking arrest the guy? Makes my blood boil.

>>276242953look at this fucking wizard just manifest a pistol in his right hand

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>>276259170Even though they were going after him bacause he extinguished a literal dumpster fire and wouldn't let them roll said dumpster on fire into a gas station? The fact pattern just doesn't bear out. Earlier in the day pics and videos of this "vigilante" cleaning up graffiti? I'm sure the prosecution will have all manner of scumbag tricks, but seems pretty cut and dry to me.

>>276259773FUCKING THIS. This motherfucker is still out, still a criminal, and still being a fucking negative to society. If any of you EVER find yourself in this situation, SHOOT TO KILL. They're only going to let these people back out.


What's with him wearing a paramedic hat? Larping as medic? Lmao they scream for medic but he is one??? Also lmao @ wutang shirt for clout. Nose ring wearing commie.

>>276260274>Shoot to killYou first.

>>276242953>blurring out the dead faggotWhy?

>>276258546Essentially it's a jury question to decide what was reasonable under the circumstances. You and this mestizo kid can raise a claim of self-defense all you want, but whether he will prevail or the prosecution will convict him is none of your business.

>>276260582Disappointed me too.

>>276244186If the bullet was made out of diamond whats the fps?

>>276257019If you were familiar with legal precedent, provocation charges don't hold water if the "provoker" is retreating, and there is video evidence of retreat. If the "provoker" is retreating from a threat, he is no longer in a threatening position, so he regains his right to self-defense. This is especially the case if the defender is under attack and in imminent danger of bodily harm, which is also the case as shown by video evidence. It would take a real special defense attorney to fumble this case.

>>276254302Yeah it is.

>>276242774He had a good surgeon unfortunately. There is the potential that he'll have chronic pain for the rest of his life though which is pretty awesome.

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>>276259786No jew here. You are mistaken, French potato.

WHY IS HE NOT CHARGED WITH ATTEMPTED MURDER OR KYLEWHY IS HE NOT CHARGED WITH ATTEMPTED MURDER OR KYLEWHY IS HE NOT CHARGED WITH ATTEMPTED MURDER OR KYLEAlso he is the guy who screamed get him after Kyle said he was going to the cops. Why is he not charged with Anthony Hubers murder since he is responsible??????Someone answer these questions for me. I dont think anyone except that pedo would of been shot if not for this dudes extremely reckless behavior. He is responsible and he needs to be in jail.

>>276242774No, that kind of injury is for life. It will get better but it will always be weak and butt especially as he gets older.

>>276260669If its none of my bussienss then its none of your business and you can stop posting about it and fuck off

>>276260555Oh I wish a nigga would. Also checked.

>>276243264Lefties on my facebook wont watch the video evidence I sent.Its infuriating.

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>>276243869>be a convicted criminal>pretend to be a medic>try to kill a kid>get caught so try to fake surrender>try to execute him again>get arm blown off>free healthcare>not in jail for attempted murder

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>>276261450If they're trying to spin it in some way remind them that they, people who haven't seen the video, are trying to tell you, a person who has seen the video, what happened in the video.

>>276261058>Memeflag>Oy vey, what makes you think I'm a JewMight not be a Jew, but you're infected with (((their))) narrative. Everything you cited is completely irrelevant when it comes to self-defense.

>>276255917To make it look normal?About 5 years and $20 million.To make it function?Impossible.He can get donors from a corpse like tendons but the nerves that control them are gone. That's one thing we can't do much with still.The components that make an arm work are vaporized.Its still not a guarantee that they won't have to amputate it

>>276242774Fucked around. Found out.

>>276246261The tendons to his finger are fine, what he lost is his median nerve ,or at the very least badly damaged it


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>>276262049I have... no replies, its like they find out theyve been lied to about it, their eyes glaze over and then they call me a traitor for being a veteran who supports trump.

>>276262226Let the legal system decide whatever there is to decide, okay? Trust me, they know what to do.

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>>276257296>>276246227>>276246305>>276248997>>276249172>>276255550>>2762564895.56 yaws you stupid fucking niggers

>>276263012He must have some good fucking pain meds. If I was missing my bicep I wouldn't be doing dumb shit like that.

>>276261058>a jew or behaving like one, it's the same now fuck off memeflaggot


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>>276243395>what do you mean no respawn?lost

>>276263538Why are you protecting this dumb wannabe cop tranny kid?>>276263556 He's not French, he's not American.

>>276242774i expect they'll graft skin over the hole, but theres no way to replace the muscle. he's fucked.

>>276243383thats not what caused the arm issue, there wasnt enough material for the bullet to exapnd. also rifle (or carbine in this case) rounds typically dont.>>276244060this

>>276246383are you aware of the immense heat that comes out of the barrel of a gun when it's fired? Are you aware of what immense heat does to wounds? My guess is that the wound was mostly instantly cauterized.

>>276261450But he crossed state lines!!!!!! They are idiots. There’s always going to be an outspoken few that refuse to accept anything the media doesn’t tell them.

>>276263556he looks like ron jeremy

>>276263875Ever heard of Protein Powder? Thick cunt.

>>276242774if he's not left handed, who's going to help this gentleman with his fap addiction?m.youtube.com/watch?v=hHpspjkW7BA

>>276243869Felony burglary CHARGED but NOT yet CONVICTED. However Drunk in possession of a firearm is idiotic that it's only a Misdemeanor imo.

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>>276243869His arm will never be the same will have that nasty scar for the rest of his life every time he looks at it will remind him of that faithful day

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>>276242774no do you have any idea how fucked tendons get after that?

>>276243869>I CAN'T BREATHE t-shirt in the backgroundPeople are still doing this? Didn't they watch the body cam footage that was leaked which showed Floyd say that while seated in the car? Didn't they listen to Floyd say multiple times "I wanna lay on the ground" or something to that effect, can't remember the exact wording, but he did say multiple times "put me on the ground." It's kinda sad that all their martyrs are criminals and every narrative they parrot is false.

Very fake injury

>>276265675Isn't this dude serving time for multiple sexual assaults "me too" yadda yadda bla or some shit?

>>276259773someone should make an edit of this with Michael Reinoehl or whatever his name was>stalks trump supporters>runs away>fires 30 rounds doesn't hit a single officer>dies on the ground>police chat casually while giving half-assed cpr>"civil war," "rest in power"

>>276244001Dirty commie, wearing the same t-shirt he was wearing when his arm got minced.