What’s with these famous people (usually men) who try desperately to “trigger” a group of people who are just a...

What’s with these famous people (usually men) who try desperately to “trigger” a group of people who are just a figment of their imagination?There are quite a few of these people. They think they’re being inflammatory and edgy and saying things that make ‘racists’ mad. The thing is, the ‘racists’ are just a cartoonish stereotype of a southern racist. There are probably less than ten people in the entire United States who would be a fan of a musician and then give a shit if he told them he was actually black.

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>>276241577Literally no one cares about RatM in 2020.

Imagine being a communist and making Rage level money.

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>>276241577We have another shawn king over here.

>>276241577Who cares punk music was always gay and shitty.If you're going to listen even remotely similar to it listen to thrash-death metal or something.Sepultura may have retard-tier nigger jungle political views and lyrics/messaging but it's infinitely better than people with no musical skill and awful production banging instruments and just screeching at imagined devils

>>276242037>2020>Listening to (((music)))ISHYGDDT

>>276241577>Rage Against the Machine>Sells out to Corporatists who make money off them>Still pretending to be edgy>Has no problem taking peoples' money to pretend their message means anythingMorello and Gang are good at guitar and that's about it.

Rage on Behalf of the Machine

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>>276241577imagine listening to this shit willingly. Tom Morella is a fucking Che LARP anyway. this band is irrelevant and will fade into obscurity.

>>276241577Wouldn't blacks get mad when a white musician claims hes black. Is rage against the machine actually racist????

>>276241577Met this guy at a jam night at whiskey a go go. He only plays with certain musicians and is too rich and cool to experiment musically on stage now. Fuck this nigger

>>276242992We all niggers now

>side with every corporation >side with all major governments Raging Against the Machine

>>276241577it's always these half breeds that dream how they're black as loud as they caneven niggers despise them

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>>276242992His dad was a Kenyan. He black nigga

>>276241577>the guy who plays the fuck you I won't do what you told me song is here to tell you things again.Oh but he's got all those whacky footpedals guys! He's like blowing my mind... he's got two footpedals going at once! What a genius!

>Some of those that work forces>Live in multimillion dollar houses>SOME OF THOSE THAT WORK FORCES>LIVE IN MULTIMILLION DOLLAR HOUSES>UH>YEAH>WE DISNEY NOW

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pretty mediocre guitarist ngl

Terrible guitarist. More is more.

>>276243944> some of those who enforces Would be better since I’m p sure ol Tom has never worked a forces job in his cushy middle class life

>>276241577>rage against the maschine, produced by the maschinei am deeply ashamed of my youth, thank god i got my head out of my ass.

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killing in the name of was a great soundtrack to kill a bunch of niggers to and eventually die by cops in San Andreas. i’d always play normal unless i caught that song on the radio. then it was chimp out time.

I thought he was Italian

>>276244453Nevermind. Half Italian half Kenyan

>>276242037>gay-ge against the machine>punkYou don’t know what the fuck you’re talking about

>>276242019His dad is Kenyan IIRC. >>276242284Music is capable of elevating man. Don't be a faggot.

> half italian, half blackI'm black!

>>276244211seriously. fuck these rich LA / Hollywood spawned corporate neoliberal assholes and their virtue signalling "communist-for-the-show" marketing

>>276244743Sorry purist faggot, don't worry, Black Flag, the Sex Pistols, all punk bands suck

>>276245940My favorite is that fucking asshole on twitter who was encouraging the rioters to burn everything down when Minneapolis first kicked off, but then when it went nation wide and they attacked a Starbucks and entered his gated community he was telling those "animals" to go home. Sweet irony.


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Rage Against the Machine's music is still great, but if you listen to the lyrics in the current days, it's amazing how much on point most of them are. Just not in the direction they were (probably) intended.

>>276242444Scratching the string to rhythm is not good guitar playing. They were always propagandists. You know this because their values change with the narrative.


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>>276249368t. not a guitaristCall him a fag (rightfully), but Morello did some pretty interesting things with his guitar - Only a bitter cunt would deny the creativity.

>>276241577>RATM finally admits its fans are retards

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>>276249678When the machine is actively promoting one of their propagandists they will applaud their "unique" or "courageous" playing or some other bullshit metric so people believe they are great. The guy has zero idea how to construct a melody. He has average technique. His rhythm never ventures into exotic meters. His "sound" came from recording engineers and producers. He is average at best. Oh, and if he actually does believe the stuff he says then he is fucking retarded.

>>276243157Eyes a tranzz nigger

>>276249678No he didn’t. You only think that because he uses a fucking way pedal. You also the same retard who thinks auto tune vocals is singing

>>276241577Would the same be true if you found out your daughter's boyfriend was black?

>>276242585FUCK YOU I WON'T DO WHAT YOU TELL ME (though please tell me what I have to do to get out of jail for free and get a nice hotel)

>Guerilla Radio! Turn that shit up!>Turn on the radio! Nah, fuck it! Turn it off! Make up your fucking mind RATM

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>>276250511>tin foil hat being that tightThey're just fucking noises, m8. I don't care about how dumb he is (see literally the first post in this thread), but as a musician, I can appreciate the creativity required to come up with some of his shit (as stupid as it may look at face value). Holla Forumsfags will do anything to rationalize their hatred of lefty retards - up to and including disregarding anything of worth they've ever done. Fuck champagne socialists, but I'm not so ideologically possessed that I can't give credit where it is due.

>>276250717I despise pitch correction. I am an audio engineer. I know exactly what the fuck I'm talking about, do you?

>>276242585thanks tim

>>276241577This hack can't die any faster

>>276251422>here's my reason for being a cuckshut the fuck up no one cares how much of a fanboy you are

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>>276241577>blacktypical amerimutt

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>>276252154>fanboy>first post in the thread is me saying no one cares about RatM in 2020Not much of a thinker, are you?

>>276241798Morello's a glownigger.

>>276252257>Call him a fag (rightfully), but Morello did some pretty interesting things with his guitar - Only a bitter cunt would deny the creativity.get bent faggot

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>>276241577>anti-capitalist millionaireswew lad

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Didn't know, don't care now that I do. Slash is black.

>>276252480>ignoring everything else I've said>"I'm not so ideologically possessed that I can't give credit where it is due."nu/pol/ arguing in bad faith? Shocker. Kys, brainlet. You bring the collective IQ of this board down.

>>276244674So, super-black.

Mutts arent black they are light brown at most

>>276252722>redditfucking neck yourself fanboy

>>276252287Most "pop-culture" is manufactured by zionists using government intelligence agencies. Rock stars and famous musicians are extremely dangerous from the point of view of zog. As David Bowie once said, "Hitler was the first rock star".

Tom and Zach have always been retarded cunts. Morello is proudly, openly Antifa btw

>His father, Ngethe Njoroge, participated in the Mau Mau Uprising (1952–1960) and was Kenya's first ambassador to the United Nations.[6] Morello's paternal great-uncle, Jomo Kenyatta, was the first elected president of Kenya.[6] His aunt, Jemimah Gecaga, was the first woman to serve in the legislature of Kenya; and his uncle Njoroge Mungai was a Kenyan Cabinet Minister, Member of Parliament, and was considered one of the founding fathers of modern Kenya. His parents met in August 1963 while attending a pro-democracy protest in Nairobi, Kenya.[7] After discovering her pregnancy, Mary returned to the United States with Njoroge in November and married in New York City.[8]>When Morello was 16 months old, Njoroge returned to his native Kenya and denied his paternity of his son.[7][9] Morello was raised by his mother in Libertyville, Illinois and attended Libertyville High School, where his mother was a U.S. history teacher. >When Morello was 16 months old, Njoroge returned to his native Kenya and denied his paternity of his son.Another hafrician with a daddy love me complex. Many such cases.

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>>276241577> Rage Against the MachineVery anti Semitic name. Tom hates jews.

>>276253089>literally just saying "le reddit"Just admit defeat and fuck off to another thread, faggot. You have nothing.


>>276241577Dont you have to be a Jew to get away with this lie?

>>276241577When Morello was 16 months old, Njoroge returned to his native Kenya and denied his paternity of his son.[7][9] It must be hard growing up biracial. But he sides with the race that didn't even want him...

>>276252498Amazing that Kaper didn't start kneeling until AFTER he was benched.

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>>276252662Slash talks totally White.


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He's the same ratio mix as Evil Jared Hasselhoff from BloodHound Gang who's father is black.

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>>276241577If this guy is guy is black I’m blind

>>276253550You sound gay lol

>>276242444>good at guitar

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>>276254269Brilliant. Let me guess: at this point of the convo, you realize how stupid you are, so you resort to le ebin troll guy? Pathetic. I'd feel bad for you if it weren't so obviously self-inflicted.

>>276243063>Met this guy at a jam night at whiskey a go go. >He only plays with certain musiciansYeah like he wants to play with you fag. You think jazz drummers just play with any old faggotToo? No you’re a nobody with no talent


>>276246486Actually made it a better cover

>>276253388Many such cases, Jordan Peele is another one.

>>276253388>dad leavesTom Morello is definitely Black.

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>>276247080Yeah they’re a good band and took a good image, rebellion etc that would sell to kids everywhere. They’re real hypocrites though. Lyrics are better though than “yeah suck my dick I’m rich “


because niggers don't want equality, they want a gold star simply for existing. fuck niggers, i'm full on racist from now on and this will not end the minute Trump leaves off in 2024.

>>276241577He's so full of SHIT. Anyone that is going to a concert to see him KNOWS he's Black. He's just a douchebag to the 10th power. I fucking hate that guy.

>>276241577Seriously? I stopped listening to them in 1998.Does anybody actually give a fuck about this lot in 2020?

>>276249678He stole it all from the jew that invented RHCP in the 80s, before overdosing and being replaced by John F (rip hillel slovak)


>>276250717>way pedalYou don’t play guitar, just stop


>>276254991Shut up

>>276254787>So raise your fists and march around>Dont dare take what you need>I'll jail and bury those committed>And smother the rest in greed>Crawl with me into tomorrow>Or i'll drag you to your grave>I'm deep inside your children>They'll betray you in my nameI sure know who I'm thinking about hearing those lines.

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>>276241577>try desperately to “trigger” a group of people who are just a figment of their imagination?So Holla Forums then?

>>276254787^ThisThey sold the edgy rebellion muh Mexicana revolutionaries image and got signed to a major music label, made money talking about Marxist bollox in the 90s and then kind of lived off that since. The music and lyrics etc were far more than not just rap, but even a lot of the nu metal shit at the time, but that's it. Nobody takes them seriously, but their following post 2000 was mostly liberal cunts so who actually cares on Holla Forums in 2020?

>>276253242>Morello is proudly, openly Antifa btwjust further evidence that when the corporations that share board rooms and investments want to protect their interest they deploy "counter-culture" radicalism to teenage angsty faggots like >>276253550these fucking hollywood cunts deserve to be called out on stage and I hope it starts happening at their shows.

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he't not black. he's a mulatoe who is totally white culturally. in africa, he would be seen as just white. no black people think he's black. the only good ratm album is he first one. evil empire sucked.

>>276245177>His dad is Kenyan IIRC.and his mum is........

>>276254991Eh. They didn't really do the exact same things. Morello was doing some of this shit in his previous band as well. I'd say it's more likely synchronicity and inspiration, but I may be being too charitable. Either way, I respect his guitar work - hate the guy, though.


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>>276255530Did you miss the posts where I said I didn't like him as a person? I'm separating the art from the artist, you fucking mong. Morello is an insufferable twat and I want to see his house get mobbed by the very useful idiots he inspires through his activism. I just think he was an interesting guitarist back in the day.

>>276255580According to wiki: Italian/Irish

>>276241577Looks hhwhite to me

>>276254991>RHCP has had two kike guitaristsen.wikipedia.org/wiki/Josh_Klinghoffer

>>276255442>I sure know who I'm thinking about hearing those lines.who you thinking about fritz?


>>276257197I think about what could have been, bill.

>>276256428>interesting guitarist>makes a bunch of sounds with pedals and doesnt play much of anything

>>276255058I think he meant whammy pedal. Tom wasn't the first to do the scratching and other hip-hop FX on guitar, but he did have some great drop D riffs and did interesting things. Tom's retard-tier interviews with Chomsky and other leftists was an early redpill for just had crazy the left wing ideology actually was. I also remember him writing some hilariously melodramatic article in 2012 about Paul Ryan after he said RAtM was his favorite band. Even funnier now since as they are basically both on the same side politically.

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>>276251333>I can't give credit where it is due.you mean like tom morello? who somehow thinks having a parent makes him black but another parent cant make him white

>>276241577Lots of whites claim to be black, they are not. Usually money's involved. It's mental blackface. Appropriation at its worst. Kind of like Pocahontas Warren. Even in slave days it only went as far as octoroon.

>>276254991>>276257027>both kike guitarists were absolute garbageyou think josh listens to the tracks sometimes and realize how hard john mogs him?

>>276253388Lmao that family corruption, he's from good stock.

>>276259568I'm more indian than Warren and I dont go around claiming I'm fkn indian. My grandmother's grandfather was indian and I dont look or sound indian.

>try desperately to “trigger” a group of people who are just a figment of their imaginationDescribes most right wing "comedians" actually, including Crowder et. al. Most right wingers aren't intelligent enough to actually create more than a strawman against leftists. The ones who actually do (althype, jared taylor, keven macdonald) aren't spoken about at all. Complete radio silence. If leftists don't talk about you, you're probably an intelligent "right winger" whatever the fuck that means. A more accurate term would probably be anti-globalist.

>>276259500>I also remember him writing some hilariously melodramatic article in 2012 about Paul Ryan after he said RAtM was his favorite band.wat?

>>276256162Very fair assessment, user. I offer "green heaven", "freaky styley," and "organic anti beat box band" as evidence for hillel being on the same track as morello, but earlier. The solos in freaky styley and organic etc show the same screech pedal use that morello would make his identity, with organic's solo imitating record scratching in 1988. I cant shit on morello's technique, but I just feel so bad for hillel. He didn't even like the peppers, they were his joke band that he quit and rejoined a few times. The most 90s guitar player in the world died in 1989 and nobody cares.

>>276249678anyone who actually plays guitar with any measure of competency is going to laugh at Morello's pedalscratching, that's all he fkn does, he's a talentless hack on par with Kerry King or worse.

>>276255455no, retard

>>276260108you dont remember Paul Ryan, paid off traitor who left his seat?

>>276241577I'm struggling to understand why fans of one of the most corporate and pro-establishment bands currently around would care that much about him having from African heritage.

>>276259874Mogs hillel? Oh yeah for sure!!! Anyone with a brain can hear that Frusciante is a two bit hillel imitation with some more pop songwriting chops and WAY LESS EDGE.

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>>276241577>His aunt, Jemimah Gecaga, was the first woman to serve in the legislature of Kenyathis nigger’s aunt is literally named aunt jemimah. this is peak clown world.

>>276257027Yeah, and they killed the first one as a blood sacrifice to get famous. Read Kiedis' autobiography, RHCP is a jewish band through and through, and anthony is a fucking WEIRDO.

>>276260384>Paul Ryan>ratmNever knew there was a connection


>>276242284Its a fact that the right music make weights 30% lighter. But you wouldnt know anything about that would you?

>>276251422I do. His scale runs, when he wanted to show how talented he was, were actually pretty rudimentary. Everything else "creative" was just trying to emulate a synth or turntable, since the band was "so pure they wouldn't use either" to show how punk.they were. I appreciate the ear of every tech I've worked with, but frankly most were running boards cause they were just okay when it came to playing. Most simple tricks impressed every engineer I've worked with.

>>276241715And only faggots did back in the 90's

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>>276250452Limp Bizkit is fucking based tho

>>276241577>There is a significant section of my audience that freaks the fuck out when I say that I'm blackYeah actual black people who want you to acknowledge your light-skinned priviledge.

>>276261952I think you're dumb diddy dumb


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>>276243944kekd and checked

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>>276241577Lol what an idiot.

>>276241577>There are probably less than ten people in the entire United States who would be a fan of a musician and then give a shit if he told them he was actually black.There are more than ten in this very thread

>>276242444>444>good at guitar

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>>276262418he was just jelly that ryan is a better musician than him

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>>276263579Prince could play TM into a coma with his guitar resting comfortably behind his head. Man had a ridiculous ego, but he earned it. RIP

>>276241577ratm, the band that single handedly ruined anarchy for an entire generation. They've got to be feds right?

RATM is for antifa scum, garbage band.

>>276241577RATM have always been commies

>>276244674“Italian” aka probably jewish

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>>276261508yes, morello can best be described as rudimentary at best>>276262197Wes was good, that should not be in question. Durst made it shit.

>>276241577Who the fuck is tom morello? is that one of Zack de la Rochas band members? Didn't RATM split up ages ago and turn into "audioslave"?

>>276246417here you go fren

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>>276265505If Wes wasn't given full creative control over his solo project, and had just a little direction, it could've been amazing. Unfortunately it came across as just a reaction to how commercial Fred wanted LBC. 3rd album crippled their chemistry, before that time, them ( and Korn ) were some of the greatest dudes you could spend time with. Minus Fred and JD being on a constant ego battle

>>276265505>Wes was good, that should not be in question.I unironically enjoy the fuck out of Cover Your Heart