Name one country that has contributed more to the success of humanity.Pro tip, there is none

Name one country that has contributed more to the success of humanity.Pro tip, there is none.

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Other urls found in this thread:>>276241569Wrong.

>>276238657challenge failed, but you must understand that southern italians are half-arabs who have no affinity with the ancient italic southerners.

>>276238933While based southern italians are letting refugee boats sink, germaniggers are letting refugees in by the thousands.

>>2762386571.) Ancient Greece2.) Pre-Judaic Canaan

>>276238657too bad their bloodlines do not exist anylonger....


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>>276238933Arabs never ruled Italy except Sicila for a short period

>>276238657I'm going to argue the Netherlands. I like boats and their people are tall.


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>>276238657But modern Italians are rape children of invading barbarians and Roman women. Their blood has been long diluted. The true heirs of Rome are Romanians.

>>276238657True, but what all our culture would have been without Greek philosophy?I don't know, every time I feel we must put Greece first, as the spark of what then Italy did.

>>276239690Sweetie #2

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>>276239656>Le cherrypick>modern Nordic people

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>>276238933Fuck off you north-nigger germankikenigger nobody asked for the opinion of a barbarian

>>276239690Also Renaissance and later accomplishments are much more relevant

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>>276239911Prenestrini was a single outlier from the period when Rome was overrun with Gauls. You could post as well other Iron Age samples who are close to South Italians.

>>276239656>People who live in sunny areas have darker skinShocking

>>276238933You say that but many (((genoese))) look more arab than the southeners.I don't get the hate since the cradle of civilization was in anatolia and the mediterranean where people look like precisely like that or you think Socrates had fair hair and blue eyes lol.

>>276238933Dude your grandfather was a black GI soldier.

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>>276238657Malawi is basically the landlocked version of Atlantis

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>>276239656I have seen Germans that are darker than Italians these days.

>>276240541Nordicists, basically they are just a bunch of retards that have race as their only point, while ignoring years of history and culture in such places.


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>>276240209Not really. The Dutch has more contributions to European art and science and also you killed 1/3rd of Europe by lacking basic hygiene standards and spreading the Black Plague. Your most famous food was stolen from China too. Is there anything you ever achieved except for being a joke in both world wars?

>>276240994Must be a newfag quoting the brittanica instead of the dramatica

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>>276241197Not being as pathetic as you, that's for sure, at least we knew how to make cavarly charges, next time don't charge your own cavarly against German tanks.


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>>276241432Not even close.

>>276241410Nice myth you repeat there. Also you couldn’t even invade Ethiopia and Greece kek Thanks for proving my point. Romania > Italy


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>>276241432It’s gonna be mostly 2s and 3s after all those arabs and blacks are done with Italy. Assuming their cucked government doesn’t bring even more shitskins.

>>276241432>Cenral Italian.


>>276241882 No homo I guess?

D&C thread my euro bros.

>>276241910>Oh no a few thousand Catholic Spanish rape babies it’s the same as a million of niggers and Muslims

>>276242160Yes yes, you gonna become more asian than Russia in one generation.

>>276241587Ethiopia was conquered too, what are you talking about? And Greeks are my brothers and sisters and fighting them was a mistake.

>>276242127Italy should be divided and conquered into Croatia Switzerland Austria and France. The southern part with terronis will be sterilized with chemicals and turned into a wild botanical park.

>>276242296>we like them now so it’s ok we sucked then>a few thousand flips are gonna change the demography of 40 million people

italians are the master race. even sicilians and southern italians.

>>276241727>1490>conveniently ignoring anything before that.Adding the roman empire to that just BTFO’s the competition

>>276238657The part of this fake country that has contributed to the success of humanity (Lombardy+Tuscany) is now rapidly genocided and ethnically substituted by the part that is formed by a dumbed down version of the Jews (Sicily+Naples).There is no way of meming this current Siculo-neapoliotan 'it*ly' into anything else than the dysgenical sewer it really is.

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>>276240877It's true. They're called niggers, user.

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>>276238657Goddamn bros I want to visit so bad. I may be able to get dual citizenship, Just depends on whether or not my great grandfather was naturalized here or not.

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>>276239690>The true heirs of Rome are Romanians.I actually am inclined to believe this.

>>276241197Why are subhuman poles, the niggers of yurop, so mad at italians, spreading retarded bullshit like that, really it's so weird.

>>276242430We did suck, there's no need to deny that, but coming from a Pole it's not much.

>>276242672They belong to the gas chambers.

>>276238657Slaves from Nigeria built the Western World. England got credit for it because of racist pea brains.


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>>276241727All the accomplishments done by your race have been possible because of us laying the foundation, nigger.

>>276241197Shouldn't you be cleaning some rich Italian dudes toilet you filthy pole

>>276238657get me out of this shithole pls

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>>276242884Show flag Lithuanian >>276242884>Greek and Ethiopia vs Nazi Germany and Soviet Union I hope you made yourself feel better little Guido. But seriously I’m just messing with you pasta bro. You fucked up a lot in history but you also achieve far more. Hope your young people are re-educated into western values.

>>276243199He is probably busy cleaning some British dude's toilet.

>>276243199Said the engrishu teacheru

>>276242631Sweetie lega separatist autism is over, this siculo-neapolitan nationalist will rule Italy in the coming years

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>>276243201meglio fascista che frocio

>>276243314This was for >>276242895>>276243347come now no need to be butthurt Alfredo

>>276238657Ill admit its probably trueStill im obliged to hate the makaroniggers

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>>276243480Yeah it's just banter at this point, we are good.

>>276239690But Dacia was the first imperial territory to be abandoned

>>276243399Meglio negro che terrone.

>>276238933Shut up fucking german

>>276239690>The true heirs of Rome are Romaniansgod I'm going to throw up

>>276243801Based. Tell him Paweł

>>276243758>better nigger than terroneAnd the north*rn cuck shows his true g*rmanic heritage.

>>276243758Meglio frocio che polentone

>>276238933Curious comment considering we have ancient DNA showing southern Italians are exactly the same people as ancient Romans.

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>>276243375your posts on this thread reek of a poor seething Slav I truly feel sorry for you, you and your people lack the class, style, pride and aesthetics that Italians have. here in korea we associate Italian things as high status while when we think of Poland we think of bumpkin trash that have never offered anything of value in human history

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>>276243758kek, qual è la differenza

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>>276243865Io so rumeno perché sono di Roma

>>276244080Southern italians would be more exposed to the rest of the world and bring in more ideas and products.

What have the Romans ever done for us?

>>276239134>Pre-Judaic Canaanliteral contradiction

>>276244148I lived in China. You asian gooks pay five times more for everything that has the “imported” label of one the ten countries you know. Sorry they don’t teach history there. Btw what did your people achieve except being slaves to chinks and Japanese since ancient times until you became America’s bitch again smol pp gook? Oh right. Nothing. Your greatest achievement was kpop kek

>>276238657>WE WUZ ROMANZ IN SHIEETI wish that statement was true but it’s not. Modern Italians are majority descended from Ostrogoth, Lombards, and Arabs.

>>276242631That what Rome was. Romulus and family were Trojan Ionian Anatolian Sea people from the collapse of the Bronze Age. They (shitskins) landed in Rome and educated/fucked the etruscans and Rome was born.

>>276244484Just look at your capital, your whole country is a bastardized imitation of the glorious Roman republic

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>>276244661This is what they teach at amerimutt school.

>>276242631Based Di Maio.

>>276244801Besides the architecture what have the Romans ever done for us?

>>276240038white gorilla

>>276244661>>276244773Wrong see >>276239281 >>276239911>>276244148I actually really like Slavs and V4, too bad a few on Holla Forums are giga assblasted

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>>276244661Yeah milions ubon milions and milions

>>276244633Unlike your shithole we can actually create a thriving economy, honestly your country is sad and fucking depressing

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>>276244148>>276244801Also here is some non bastardized Korean architecture before the white man came and taught you not to eat your shit

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>>276244952from language to laws to architecture everything is based off Rome. if you were not a 15 year old magapede you would know this

>>276244952Created the base for modern government and military, a culture so powerful that its effects are still felt to this day, aesthetics that can’t be matched by modern day garbage, outstanding achievements in the sciences, mathematics, philosophy, navigation, cartography, and gust a general understanding of the human condition, I could go on but the Romans are possibly the most important people to ever walk the earth

>>276245271>>276245336This is my country around the time of the photo from your country I posted above. Which one is the shithole gook?Everything modern you have is because of white men, including Polish men, and their scientific achievements. Boasting about your neon cities and economy that white men gave you is just peak of lack of self awareness. Got eat your kimchi and then jerk off to kpoop asian nigger

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>>276241727Are we not pillars of Rome old chap?

>>276245780Look. You guys need to stick together and split Russia up between y’all and Japanese or the Chinese will take it from you.

>>276245336Looks comfy compared to what you animals live in

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>>276245728>modern architecture garbage>boasts about modern architecture garbage in his country In Korea they start teaching history from 200 BC. Don’t tell him about ancient Greeks guys kekSubhumans should not be allowed to post here. They ruin banter and try to impress the white man with their little knowledge they have

>>276245728and all was almost lost thanks to subhuman Nordic forest niggers.

>>276245982>Your shittiest villages look like our biggest cities until the white man came and gave us civilization. Pwned roflmao

>>276245982Having access to American consumers because of technological manufacturing is better than being Mexicans for the British. Korea has more dignity than Poland today.

The world belongs to Italy

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>>276246086Cope harder you polish piggy, what has your shithole produced in that last 50 years? I can’t think of one thing

>>276238933t.lived in woods eating shit until italians civilized you

>>276245982Literally taken in your capital. You wouldn’t find such shithole in the entire Poland lol

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>>276238933>>276239183romans ansd germans don't exist anymore..... romans mixed with germs and arabs, modern germs are reussian-mongol rapebabies....

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>>276246518My country was a shithole because of two world wars and 45 years of communism. Your country has always been a shithole because Korean people live there, and then the white man came and made you wealthy for being his bitch.

>>276246646I bet you live in a building that looks like this

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>>276246653You’re fucking retarded if you think muslims owning a few slices of Italia for a few years means that the Roman population across all of Italy disappeared.Romans were not a race, they were a way of life.Niggers like you belong on a cross

>>276246861>My country was a shithole because of two world wars and 45 years of communism. Your country has always been a shithole because Korean people live there, and then the white man came and made you wealthy for being his bitch.not at all, you are white negros

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>>276246861We became wealthy because of our hard work and intellect, you’re basically just North Korea but with a failed communist government. Look I’m sorry that your people are low IQ and have never produced anything of global value

>>276246861Seethe, toilet cleaner, seethe.

>>276239811Greeks took from EgyptPlato even calls Egypt the land of wisdom. Egypt was the ony surviving bronze age civilization and they were meds

>>276246968Dude you literally have slums like South America. The fact is your culture and your people have always been a failure until you got money and technology from the white man and were lucky to tap into capitalist system after the war. North Korea is what you’d look like if it weren’t for the white man. I’d take Poland in 1990 over that any day. Stop acting like you know something or your people are worth anything because you are and always will be subhuman gook. >>276247098The French were the negroes in that war. Show flag Lithuanian

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>>276242510>shitcilians>master race

>>276247238No, you became wealthy for the reasons I mentioned here >>276247652Without white man and his technology (including the Polish inventions you base your technology on) you’d be pre war Korea or North Korea. Both absolute shitholes.

>>276247652cope harder faggot

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>>276247480Show flag kike

>>276247755I'm Sicilian, I assume you were bullied by someone that was Sicilian in order to be particularly pissed at us, my apologies, my American cousins can be a little hot blooded.

>>276247592No, ancient Egyptians were s*mitic

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>>276247936Argument won. Go to sleep chink. You need it for another day in your soulless shithole

>>276247755Even Sicilians have more value than most American bumpkins

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>>276238657Most contributions to the advancement of humanity occurred in the UK, France, Germany, and the USA. Italy is high on the list but definitely not the top of it.

>>276248101What’s your argument that your country doesn’t suck? I don’t think you convinced anyone otherwise


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>>276248526Italy is the bringer of life then

>>276248585yes. big med dick

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>>276238657Don't even try.Nords will never stop being repulsed by Meds and pretty much the rest of humanity.

>>276238657Easy question. The clue is the language you posted in. It’s sad the British today do not love the British Empire. Italians are medscum

>>276249509Many English words have Latin roots you retard

>>276249509Stupid American!

>>276248277> France Hahaaaaahahahahahahaha

>>276238657Nordcucks BTFO!

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>>276248258Seethe harder shitskinYour little island has contributed nothing to culture and was the bitch of all Mediterranean and muslim civilizations

>>276249703English is 60% Latin 25% Germanic, it's a Romance language.

>>276250016But American is literally the same thing you claimed but on a large scale and with niggers on it though.

>>276249703don’t worry gook you might learn history someday it doesn’t matter that English contains words of Latin origin, or Celtic, Norman, etc etcIt matters that you speak it because of the influence of Britain upon the world

>>276238933>t. literally mudhut dweller while S P Q R was building civilization as we know itstfu fag

>>276250016>Your little island has contributed nothing to cultureIgnorant amerimutt

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>>276250016I’m Korean and I have more respect for Sicilians than your typical American retard, also for a little island they’ve had an immense impact in culture and history you’re just too stupid to realize it

>>276249899Seriously tho, can any nordcuck actually refute this? It seems southerners were the real master race all along.

>>276250016>literally just copy Rome but make it shittier and let kikes take over>thinks he has the right to criticize anyonet. 56%

>>276250321>the most uneducated mutts telling someone to learn history>>276250495Based.

>>276250700It was an american that made this thread bro

>>276250947Of course, not all Americans are bad, but let's say most of them are a bit ignorant about European history and populations.

>>276250016Also the darling of the alt right evola is... Sicilian

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>>276238657The best thing is that Pistoia is not on that map

>>276239371But they fucked and impregnated a lot of Sicilian women during those invasions

Switzerlands banks is contributing to more money laundering than anywhere else. More dictatorship are funneling money while they destroy their own country for greed. Kim Jong, Putin, Xi and the rest throw their money to the swiss

>>276251982Citations needed, wars happen, countless kingdoms and populations in Southern Italy fought and conquered northern africans and yet this part is always conviniently omitted.

>>276238657Great Britain.

>>276250495Shut up retardWithout us you'd still be a shithole or communostNever forget that without america you would be nothing

>>276250587>be most powerful country in the world>be the beacon of freedom for one and a half centuries>have lots of inventors and literature>only get kiked because of europe>if america stayed isolationist it wouldn't be kiked

>>276250427What have they done? The rest of italy doesn't count shitcilian

>>276253134I love America but I find most Americans to be incredibly retarded such as yourself

>>276243314>Fight against Germany>Absoloutely destroyed to the point that the entire Front is retreating>Mechanized German units are faster than the retreating Polish units and are being encircled (Blitzkrieg)>loose the majority of the Army and it's basically over with just a bit of defenses in the east where the soldiers were retreating to>Soviet union declares war and takes the defenses>we had to fight the soviets n shiiit reason we lost n shiiit

>>276253134America was discovered by an Italian, and without the French you would have been nothing more than a bunch of British colonies. Hell Korea has literally a distinct culture, you are supposed to be a cheap imititation of the british culture that went full kike.

>>276253430>What have they done?Yet another demonstration of american ignorance.


>>276249899Nordics are mixed with asians so you guys are not all local inbred.

>>276238657Israel /thread

>>276238657ah, another "lets suck roman cock, because legionaries look cool" thread, while forgetting the 1500 years before and afteramerican education is the meme that never fails


>>276238933poor german barbarians wish they were med so bad.

>>276245271Your photo looks a lot like USA skyscraper hell

>>276253904Seething mud hut dwelling snownigger detected

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>>276254161Here is an aesthetic street view

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>>276238933true but also irrelevant. Plus, do not discount the role of cuntish Brit and Piemontesi freemasons in destroying the South of Italy and reducing it to dazed servitude in the 1860's "unification" of Italy, which was more Bolshevik or Jacobin than Democratic.

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>>276238657i just learned about san marion yesterday. it's its own country within italy.

>>276253430>Post painting by important Sicilian artist>The rest of italy doesn't count shitcilianDios Mio...

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>>276253612Ok so enlighten meAnd remember pre muslim sicily doesn't countModern/mutt sicily is a shithole of shitskins that gave us the mafia and illiterate immigrants

>>276241432me in the middle

>>276255090>pre muslim Sicily doesn't countlmao a kike and an arrogant one too.>Modern/mutt sicily is a shithole of shitskins that gave us the mafia and illiterate immigrantsAnd the American Golem gave us leftards, white guilt and a destabilized world, nevermind the fact that you are serving the globalist kike's interest and still do. See Europe? This is all because of your country. Same with the Middle East and China.

>>276240541that's because genoa is a literal phoenician settlement

>>276238657look at this american who just found out he's 1/128th italian

>>276238933First post asshurt g*rmanoid, a classic.Stop fucking up Europe, before you dare speak ill about the cradle of Western civilization.

>>276254460that looks awful

>>276239690Tell us, genius, what population does not have a lot of rapes and race mixing as you go back in time millennia?? If we sample Polish DNA is it gonna test out "pure breed"??

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>>276254217better than people who still seethe that an empire on the other side of the planet crumbled 1500 years ago.

Thanks Americanon. But that was the past.I’m Italian. The best thing we have contributed to the world in recent years is pic related.

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>>276248526so I guess Potenza is gonna get the brunt of the load then?

>>276238933Caucus cave dwelling thrash. Get civ'd ya cunt

>>276256425You are not Italian, you are a mutt LARPing as one. Probably a kike, since most kikes in the USA pretend to be Italians.

>>276255500I'm not going to waste my time learning about each snowflake artist from every fucking countryAfter rome fell sicily descended into irrelevance except as the object of conquest. Most of the important stuff happened around france then spain then germany and eastern Europe For so long until napoleon italy was split into little kingdoms and sicily was part of a larger empire either christian or muslimIn the meantime there are more impactful people around Europe or italy properThis is my understanding So please enlighten me on what sicilians ever did. Ancient sicilians like Archimedes are part of ancient society mich like how ancisnt greeks dont count for modern greeksModern greeks are shitskin mutts who did notheing after antiquity just like sicilians.if sicilians are so amazing why are they poor and had to become immigrants or resort to crime?

>>276256576Fucking phone misspelling

>>276241727Let me guess the nationality of the author of that book.

>>276255090>>276256576>Who do ancient Greeks cluster with? >>276239281>I'm not going to waste my time learning about each snowflake artist from every fucking country>I'm ignorant in history and art but I'll make outlandish claims anywaySicilian Renaissance art, top painter Antonello da Messina

Attached: Museo_regionale_di_messina,_seguace_di_antonello_da_messina,_cristo_alla_colonna,_inizi_XVI_sec..jpg (1134x1387, 1.05M)

Great BritainBritain is the centre of the world. It's capital is London which is the economic centre of the world. The world's most popular sports: Football, Golf, Cricket, Rugby (and therefore American Football and Aussie Rules football). And Britain pretty much invented everything there is in the world today. The first computer, TV, Internet, Telephone you name it. And of course the English language which you are all speaking right now.It is THE most relevant nation in the world. It is the leading nation of the world.

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>>276256559 Sometimes they try LARPing but believe it or not, Italian-Americans are better than Anglo-Americans at spotting a kike in the crowd. Hell my mother told me from a young age not to trust the fucking kikes and that niggers are unclean.

>>276238657You can't

>>276256576>>276255090Sicilian architecture, many styles, top Sicilian baroque

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>>276257267Sicilian baroque sculpture

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>>276256811the author is right though, people just dont get that technological progress doesnt mean one BIG NEW SHINY thing that fixes everything and makes you an empire, but a shitload of core technologies that have hundreds of new inventions around them that make it all possiblepeople are just such dumbfucks that they think rome conquered all because they had pila and the gladius short sword, while absolutely missing out a million of other thingsand from 1400 onwards every major tech came from these places, making it possible for europe to take over the planet, get a tenfold population increase and cure a shitton of old diseases

>>276255090Those immigrants built sky scrapers in New York and worked their way up the social latter, that’s honorable on its own but the island it’s self has produced many cultural icons from film geniuses like Giuseppe Tornatore, Martin Scorsese, hell even Quentin Tarantino paternally Sicilian to important politicians like the Cuomos but also more antique literary figures such as Count Alessandro di Cagliostro, Sicilians are also big in the fashion industry just look into Dolce & Gabbana and finally Sicilian food is world renowned from the classic cannoli to many culinary achievements. And that’s just a sniping Sicily and its achievements the whole of Italy is just an incredible marvel of human creation

>>276256576>For so long until napoleon italy was split into little kingdoms and sicily was part of a larger empire either christian or muslimYour point being?>In the meantime there are more impactful people around Europe or italy properCertainly not the Americans.>So please enlighten me on what sicilians ever did.I could do that but why should I educate you? You could just take a quick look online, it's that simple.>A-Archimedes doesn't countSee? It's merely arbitrary of you, there is no such thing as an objective discussion with you.>Modern greeks are shitskin mutts who did notheing after antiquity just like siciliansAnd what did you do? Pray tell.

>>276238657>Can't even built a tower right

>>276257172Based though, that's for sure.

>>276257342Baroque architecture all over Sicily. Point being many amerisharts are ignorant

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>>276242308Seething priests workshipper. Germans and Russians should have finished your joke of a people

>>276257704>immigrants built america mythModern degerate hollywood filmakers what amazing contributions to culture

>>276257952Was that before or after being raped by muslims

>>276258638Taxi driver is kino af and you wanted modern I gave you about 100 years of recent stuff I could go more in depth but I’m done arguing with bumpkins

>>276257742Anyone can make a search of any country even something like fucking serbia would have as many entries on "important people" as sicilyFace it they did nothing of noteThey industrialized late for europe and were so poor they had to resort to crime lmfaoA few elite cherry picked artists doesn't represent the majortity that are poor islamified crrliminals

>>276257109based frog

>>276257882 The Italian diaspora and the kikes have a complicated history in America, sometimes we worked together, other times we slit each others throats, and we have NEVER entirely trusted each other. Even at the height of cooperation between the Jewish and Italian organized crime, every dago amongst us was warned never trust the shady heeb fuckers. Even with all the melting pop kool-aid and cultural degregation in the Italian diaspora, that kind of familiar with the Jew and knowledge of his tricks doesn't fade overnight.

>>276259010All the modern crap is garbageModern art, fashion, film and so on are kiked beyond repairIf that's all they've done then they're forgettable Literally out performed by niggers if that's their claim to fame

>>276259077Funny Palermo looks nicer than most failed shit hole American towns in Pennsylvania

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>>276243399checked and based

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>>276258795Sicily was under full Islamic rule for about 100-150 years till 1050. These styles were developed after 1500

Attached: 58c.png (1052x1137, 286.9K)

>>276238657>Pro tip, there is none.Then why'd you make the thread you absolute brain-dead retarded mouth-breathing fucking mongoloid? What the fuck do you want us to say? >what is x? oh and don't answer, just leave the thread empty

>>276259456Wha t happened during those 450 years? Did Europeans reconquer or were the muslims allowed to stayThere's an overall cultural movement that included germans too with their baroque music so its not unique to sicily

>>276259340American town and cities were beautiful before niggers were imported there


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>>276260033Basically, Britain, France, Germany and Italy.The rest of Europe is lacking behind and should be ashamed of themselves!

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>>276259760you should read about the fall of the emirate of Sicily it was basically full of expulsions and crusades and later on when Sicily was under Spanish influence they even had an Inquisition

>>276260033ExactlySome try to claim that their nigger crime filled island of illeterate unindustrialized people of sicily contributed anything of note when the rest of Europe and north italy are the center of culture


>>276238657Hey, that kinda looks like a long boot. Like, the kind a lady might wear, with the tall heel.

>>276260033It's a heavily biased British study, without the bias Italy would be at the top and Britain at the bottom of the 4.

>>276238657Please red pill me on Italy. I always wanted to visit since was a little kid.Is like the Blood and Wine DLC in the Witcher 3? Or is it filthy, decrepit and dead?

>>276259077>A few elite cherry picked artists doesn't represent the majortity that are poor islamified crrliminals>american flag>Face it they did nothing of note>Modern art, fashion, film and so on are kiked beyond repair>If that's all they've done then they're forgettable>everything I don't like doesn't count

>>276260870That area was a carbon copy of tuscany.

>>276260817It's not, it wasn't written by a Brit.>>276260314When the Roman empire collapsed and had no sway in Britain. The Celts of Britain smashed and burned nearly everything Roman.A lot of it survived however.

>>276252307You are confused. Romans only conquered North Africa. Sicily alone has and always be a crappy, race-mixed fucked up place. It’s literally a ball and chain to Italy.Pic related is how trash is often handled in Sicily.

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>>276261437That’s a low IQ take

>>276259760Baroque architecture originated in Catholic Italy and Spain. Sicilian baroque is different. The church I posted earlier was completed about the same time sicilians started to migrate to America, my guess is the impoverished countryside migrated en mass to find new opportunities

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>>276261027Charles Murray used only English sources to determine what to consider accomplishment or not.

>>276238657soon brothers

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>>276253430Oranges and really good lemons.Oh and don’t forget the cannoli. Or maybe those were invented in Naples..

>>276238933it appears our superiority has caused some controversy

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>>276261437> again you keep proving your ignorance, and now we go into cherry picking pictures. Fun fact, that still looks clean compared to an American city, explain Detroit.>m-muh niggersKara booga

>>276253612Just stop. Sicily is an embarrassment to the rest of the country. Wish it was sent to their own fate after WW2. And fuck Garibaldi.

>>276254460Dude, you need a bit more tables there.

>>276261437Similar cherry pick arguments could be made for huhwhites in west Virginia

Attached: West-Virginia-NYTimes.jpg (600x400, 60.21K)

>>276261993>s-stop proving me wrong!lmao

Yo Italians. Can we claim that were related to you? We too wuz Romans n shiet for a while...after we fought against you and you conquered 1/3 of our country

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>>276261697Compare inventions and innovations throughout history.Most come from Britain, that is a fact. That is what it is based on. The whole book describes the high contributions of art from other nations within Europe. Overall, adding art, science and everything else, Britain has contributed the most.It is upon you to disprove this as you are asserting the claim of bias. Prove the writer is bias by proving that Britain did not in fact contribute the most.Go on, I'll give you an hour to do your homework and get back to me. A random shitpost is not evidence I'm afraid.

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My gf is Italian but she's living in Germany. Is she a traitor?

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>>276254888>Brit and Piemontesi freemasons in destroying the South of Italy and reducing it to dazed servitude in the 1860You really believe this meme? I don’t know many southern Italians who don’t repeat this bullshit at least once in a while . Which books did you learn history from? Or your illiterate, Arab looking, mafioso-sponsored history teacher told you that?

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>>276248403Kek, cope you dog eating subhuman

>>276255048Gosh how old are you?

>>276261993I'm not even particularly simpathetic toward sicilians or the way they handle finances. Still their cultural contributions are undeniable and Americans keep making a fool of themselves on this board

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>>276262376Proof 1

Attached: leonardo-da-vinci.jpg!Portrait.jpg (255x400, 21.48K)

>> people are fucking retarded lol.

>>276262599Eat shit faggot

>>276256559Ma puppami la fava, terrone negro sottosviluppato.

>>276262582He is right though, the Southern part of Italy was not given any proper attention after being unified by Italy.

>>276262376Proof 2

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>>276262741Leonardo Da Vinci is but one.I counter with Edward Jenner, a man who has saved more lives than the number of deaths combined in every war since he started vaccinating against smallpox.

>>276262820Tranquillo ci pensa Tyrone appena finisce con tua madre.

>>276257109Kek. Thanks for the laugh.

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>>276262885Having the first university does not mean contribution to the advancement of the human race.I want you to add up, like the writer of the book did, all the inventions that have made humanity better. From tracer ammunition, to the fucking computer to the telephone etc.Add it all up and compare with Britain. That is what I asked you to do. You're not doing it.

Just reminder.......

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>>276262934Vaccination was made possible with the scientific renaissance, an italian cultural shift that impacted the entire world.

>>276262585Its factOverall accomplishments by sicily are garbageOverall contributions to humany by southern italy is less than northern italy

>>276238933Lad how many times has Germany ruined Europe?

>>276238657England and France. Greece is not far either

>>276263196Wrong, Greece.

>>276263207And by the way I see this "north has done more" in countries like Italy but you never see mentioned what Texas did compared to other states. debate on which was better, it was good to watch. Boris is on the Greek side, the feminist nutcase is on the Roman side.

>>276263152Pic related but between 1300 and 1650

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>>276262741North ItalianA different breed from south italians and shitcilians

>>276263442Tbqhwu California and New York are the only states in the Us that actually matter on the global stage everything else is kinda irrelevant

>>276245271Bro Poland is the shit, visited many countries in europe Poland was far the best


>>276263207you have proven yourself to be a total pseud ITT. nothing you say holds weight

>>276263893>visited many countries in europe Poland was far the bestwhat was good about it?t. thinking of going krakow with the boys

>>276262934This is how the Roman society looked like in the 2nd century BC. You probably know how Britain looked like until the 1700s,right? *Cough throwing dejections into the street cough*

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>>276263638Exactly, I just see a certain dishonesty from these American anons that really disappoints me but I should blame myself for expecting a serious discussion with them.


>>276263207larp harder diaspora

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>>276263581>>276263207Again ignorant amerishart. Italy is divided into north-centre-south. Leonardo was a Tuscan central Italian.

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>>276264000Toilet water ,shit,dirty rags,rotten food,you name it. Those are dejections

>>276240275>different skin toneyes, let's ignore the different ears, eyes, eyebrow, nose, mouth, nose, chin, jaw, forehead.they basically look identical if you ask me

>>276264280>Toilet water ,shit,dirty rags,rotten foodare you describing the average romanian street?

>>276244252KEK porca puttana kek

>>276264311I mean,I have black eyes and I'm still white so I don't see why south Italians wouldn't be treated the same


>>276264476>I have black eyeslocal gypos mugged you again?

>>276264311>different ears, eyes, eyebrow, nose, mouth, nose, chin, jaw, forehead.What are you even talking about?

>>276264030Use a real picture not a meme

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>>276238657Greece and England

>>276263950It felt like it was really Europe, not like an open museum like for instance Florence or Venice, it felt like it was really european I really don't know how to describe it, and I had a girl there of course.

Attached: EgMUj8aXYAADH6I.jpg (1024x766, 229.05K)

>>276264770Aren’t you tiered of shilling we get it you’re a kike

>>276264597You know that I meant eyes as in eyeballs,right? You can't be that stupid

>>276263578Yeah he talks about other nations contributions in fields.I already said that.

>>276263960poor people live in poor conditions, this rule is not exclusive to Britain.

>>276238657Sweden before 2000 AD

>>276265591>Poor people90%+ of the population did that in the rest of Europe whereas people in northern Italy have had bathrooms since antiquity

>>276265363how can you have black eyes? even a southern indian or central african doesn't have black eyes, but brown eyesare romanians the ultimate non-whites?

>>276265738Wrong, only certain areas of certain cities did this.The rest was all country farmhouses with land and the rich in the city lived in nice homes.You're a scum sucking gyppo who's nation has contributed nothing but stealing lead from roofs and catalytic converters. Go die you filthy diseased riddled gypsy scum.

>>276251982I guess you were there and that's why you know. Oh wait, it's just made up nordicist nonsense. White nationalism is a cult.

>>276239690this attitude is full of cope. You cannot argue against Med achievements so you just say you are not who your fathers were. It's pure cope and pathetic. Nigger tier.

Contenders are, imho usa, uk, germany, France, Rome, ancient greece, china, persia, japan

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>>276239690>The true heirs of Rome are Romanians.just spat out my guiness lmao

>>276266532>only france and rome have capital lettersnice psyop attempt etienne

>>276266579I had a laugh too, I think he's trolling.