When will you ask the white woman question?

When will you ask the white woman question?

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>>276238550>only white women do shit for attention. but yea, white women deserve the rape chambers.

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>>276238727What other race of women is in open war with their male counterparts?

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>>276238550privatize public education already damn it

>>276238550White women need to be beaten back into submission so they can stop doing gay shit like that.

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>>276238550These aren't white women. They are whores. Whores have no race.

>>276238550Does that mean she can't talk either, if so, I'll take her.

>>276238892i would say that nigger women or chink women are also quite anti-male and south korea may actually be the number 1 anti-male country in the world. jewish women are also quite toxic.Still, if i have to rate women in terms of toxiness:1. korean2. white3. jewish4 niggers5 spicks6 chinks7 japanese8 arab

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>>276239104seems like all the other races of women stand by their men, black women chimpout everytime one of their criminal men is hurt

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>>276238550youtu.be/XnO62u1A7pc truthislight.com/2014/05/police-and-freemasonry-irrefutable.html twitter.com/alexmimeur/status/1267266930391515136https://www.bitchute.com/video/EYSOBQC7e-o/BLM +Antifa + us cops = shalom Israel people swindled in groups by agents provocateurs We all do everything for money, right? A Judas goat is a trained goat used in general animal herding. The Judas goat is trained to associate with sheep or cattle, leading them to a specific destination. In stockyards, a Judas goat will lead sheep to slaughter, while its own life is spared.

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>>276238550Only one of those women is white, and both of them are whores. Leave it to females to hijack a political movement in order to paint shit all over their bodies and upload the pictures to social media.

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>>276239220Show me an example of these women protesting against korean/black/jewish/spick/whatever men

>>276239294Nigresses don't care about niggers. They care about that money. Every asian, Spanish, Indian, etc woman wants a white man. The white female hate in some ways is validated because white women are the peak of beauty and of course white women will dominate any industry or political messaging. That's why it's a psyop to hate white women because they are a threat to the globohomos.

>>276240027show me an example of these women being in open war with their men

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when the toll is paid, never. there are other ways to improve your and other lifes

>>276240169The examples (especially in the Asian population) are obvious: they want white dick and try to marry white men.

>>276239653korean examples are easy - youtube.com/watch?v=UYBCGrMa3WUit is not about protesting but about korean women being even more hateful of their men than white women ( hard to achieve but koreans show it is possible )jewish women - harder to find examples, and would want thelp from some Holla Forumsack with more knowledge of jewish womenother women: we both know that it is much harder to find examples of them hating their men. nigress are toxic for black men but black men just leave them and thus solve the problem. spic women are much better and hardly toxic. other women are not even in the toxic category. in all honesty not all "white women" are equal: slav, italian and slav-asian-arab hybrits are ok. Bad white women are: murican, brit, german, swedish, norwegian ( not as toxic as others ). my countries women are not as toxic as other women and some french women are ok ( many are not )

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>>276240476so you have no proof of asian women openly calling to end asian supremacy

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>>276240169You don't understand white women. WHITE WOMEN ARE LARPERS. They are literally pretending to care about niggers. When the time comes, they will jump into the arms of white men. They marry white men and have one black friend from work. Very few are straight up whores for niggerdick but almost every other race of woman wants a white man.

>>276238550something something dog fucking

>>276241086The Asian women are better than white women is literally a shill op from chinkland.

>>276238892Asian women for starters

>>276238550That’s it. I’m doing black face this Halloween and nobody can stop me.

>>276241133Cope as fuck lmao

>>276241207Literally WW2 soviet propaganda.

>>276241086>black fist to the face

>>276241400Literally white women just say it on TikTok

Women follow the strongest man in their life. If you have a woman problem its because you have a weak men problem

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>>276241059The korean example is proof of a feminist cult gaining political power over the country not of them hating on korena men. All the other things you said is just your opinion and its wrong. Ofcourse there are problems within men and women of every race, they aren't openly calling for war against their own though

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>>276241393It's not cope. White women are a threat to globohomos.

>>276241692white women are the best human cattle the globohomo could ask for

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>>276241656how toxic are greek women?because i a even wondering if a greek can have that much of experience with toxic women. Yes, white women are really bad , but don't think that other women are perfect. But damn man, i would fuck a greek girl any day

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>>276241086Asian women are the least racially loyal woman in the world. More Asian women enter into interracial relationships than any other ethnicity. Do you need to hear the actual words, "I want to end Asian supremacy" come out of their mouths, or can your baked Med brain put two and two together? It doesn't matter anyway. Asian and black and spic, ect. women can't call for an end to their supremacy because none of their national/ cultural groups are supreme. Only Whites are.Fun fact: From the little data that exists, White women are the most racially loyal group in terms of marriage and parenthood by far.

>>276241543This. Thankfully I have a good gf but simps are literally the cause of all of our problems.Stop validating women acting like this. Do NOT date them and call them out for their bullshit. Call them ugly, fake, etc.

>>276241059this image is so based lol

>>276241930If they don't get white women on their side then their plans won't work. Everything is against white people for a reason. You should be focused on saving white women instead of being obsessed with fake asian girls.

>>276241948>how toxic are greek women?they're the typical brainwashed cattle, try saying something bad about a homosexual around a woman in greece and see what happens

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>>276238550Comes from giving women freedom. Egalitarianism is a mistake.

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>>276238710I don't understand why people always think "we" love black culture.MTV made a diligent effort, to refuse to air non-black music and "pop" music. During the time, they admitted during interviews that they had far more requests for rock/metal and even country than they did for rap/hip hop.At some point, someone made the decision to make "Yo MTV Raps" which was a fair and respectable portion of MTV dedicated to Rap (as they also had "Head Bangers Ball"), and force the rap segment onto the population and normalize it into "MTV" as a whole.Now, they turn around, and say that people love "black music" while at the same time, ignoring all of the complains, and requests for other forms of music.But even the most telling demonstration of fact that challenges this idea that people like "black culture" is that, no one, not a soul is climbing over anyone to go live in black neighborhoods. No one decides to take their family to the so-called "hood" to have a good time. No one.No one, likes "black culture".

>>276242264at this rate i would just get a plane and go to fuck in asia - japan, china, some of the meme countries south of china - all pussy that needs stuffing and would not cry about some meme rights.

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>>276238550I thought you controlled them Rabbi,I got no answers, they destroyed my soul.

Idk if I'm delusional or hopeful. But I still believe I will find a decent white woman one day. May God have mercy on our souls.

>>276239220currently in a relationship with a Korean I can't leave because of our child and can confirm no.1although ranking women is like ranking gruesome deaths. What's worse, being ran over by a truck or not having a parachute open...

>>276242835Godspeed, user. Never stop reaching for that brass ring.

>>276238710 >Jamarion

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>>276238892All of them except in culture non contaminated by feminism

Why are the literal only people protesting niggers and their pet white women?

>>276238550The real problem with Western Civilization is women's suffrage. I believe that wholeheartedly. Women should never have been given the right to vote. They are literally insane when given political power, especially young women when given license by society to act out their infantile and narcissistic political performance art in public.It is attention seeking behavior. When cunts like the ones pictured all over this thread go out in public, and take on the mantle of a political cause, they're not there because they actually care. Do young, sheltered white women really care that much about "Black Lives?" No. They don't give a fuck.They're there because they see an opportunity to seek attention.Repeal the 19th.

>>276241475Thots coming prepackaged with instructions nowadays.

>>276241656look at the absolute faggot on the left, the shitskin holding the white sign

>>276239653Most asians girls in the west litteraly refuse to fuck asian men, that's worse than any protesting. White women protesting is meaningless, it's lip service.

God I hate women. It started out as ironically posting a few years ago and now I can't even pretend it isn't just naked contempt for these foolish creatures.

Never date women from north America or British if you are far right


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>>276238550also, from the niggers of europe in poland...

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>>276241961>White women are the most racially loyal group in terms of marriage and parenthood by farThat's not loyalty that's attraction, white men are at the top of the symbolic race hierarchy, they are the oppressors but the oppressed, while the other races are so called victims. Women are attracted by dominance and repulsed by victimhood, do the maths.The second the white race loses its symbolic status of dominant oppressor, you'll see what this so called loyalty is worth.

Funnily enough I've asked every woman I've gone on a date with if they've ever>Been with a black guy>Would be with a black guyIf the answer is anything less than a resounding "NO" to both questions I just end the date. I've only had 2 girls answer the question in an unsatisfactory manner (one said yes, the other stammered and stumbled over her answer). This mudshark garbage isn't nearly as prevalent as the internet wants you to think it is, you are just looking at a small subgroup of disgusting women that are mad at their dads. All you gotta do is be confident, ask them a direct question, and ascertain if they're lying. Easy as pie


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>>276243715The shills have succeeded. Congrats your now a tranny.

>>276244178It doesn't matter if it's prevalent or not, 1% of racemixing each generation is enough to muttify your whole country on the long run

>>276238550I am your god.

>>276244178See >>276244111 btw, of course they're not gonna fuck black guys, they see them as poor oppressed victims, since when women lust for men who get crushed by a boot in the neck

>>276243436I’m a woman and I agree, but we didn’t give ourselves the right to vote. What drives me crazy is all the men blaming us for behaving, voting, and thinking like women. We’re compliant, empathetic, emotional, and irrational. Of course we’re gonna sympathize with the people we’re told are oppressed. As for the attention seeking behavior, it’s to signal to the group that we’re one of them because we need protection. We can’t fight by ourselves so we have to blend in with the group to survive. I disagree with the women who do cringy shit like that, but I understand why they do it. If I wasn’t a massive autist I’d probably do the same thing.

>>276244472I didn't say it didn't exist, I said it's not as prevalent as demoralization shills would have you believe. Sitting on your ass shitposting on 4chan isn't going to solve anything. Having white babies? Well that just might

>>276243224highly based

>>276238550How does this shit even fit their evolutionary programs?Women are supposed to select best males. Whites are, on average, more successful and attractive, than nigros and other shitskins.So why are they supporting inferior races?

>>276238550First you have to address the whiteknight question.whiteknights protect the womens’ rule.whiteknights are the OG golems.

>>276245119Propaganda is very powerful. The media pushes the idea that black men are strong providers and white men are weak cucks.

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>>276245389BVILT. FOR. B. B. C.

>>276241133You are lying to yourself, cuck.

>>276244841Completely agree, and it's always painful for me to see the odd rational woman piping up, tragedy of the commons is always hard to deal with. Now, down to brass tacks. What does your pussy look like? I need to see your pussy and tits.

>>276239653How can you be this ignorant and retarded? Feminism literally infects women of all races and turns them against their own men first.

>>276242258White women have been on their side from the beginning. You can’t “save” them, you have to start over with a fresh gen of white women.If you fuck these women you WILL get black ppl STD’s.

>>276241656Ugh yeah they are. Women in Korea are super feminist and have changed the laws so radically that it's easier to get convicted of rape and also changed pornagraphy laws to make it easier to get in trouble for men. There was a Korean user who posted just how nuts and man hating feminist over there but I don't have it saved on here anymore. You seriously need to lurk moar.

>>276244841You’re not a woman you’re a tranny. But you are right, it is the fault of MEN. Men allowed KEKS to remain a part of ohr society and grow Rather than eliminating the cucks. Then eventually cucks became too numerous and gave women rights and protected those rights.So now we have to wage war on the majority of males if we want to remove womens rights.

>>276245119the goal is to create a medium intelligence mulatto race that can operate the industries but never have enough intelligence to realize what's going on in the greater picture and challenge this dominion while they live like philosopher kings controlling the fate of humanity

>>276245560If by some miracle white men manage to take control of the culture again most women will magically become “rational” overnight. The truth is we don’t think for ourselves, and quite honestly I don’t think I do either. I was just more influenced by people on the right.

>>276238952This, I hit my gf during sex, afterwards she is like a puppy.

>>276245554I have insider knowledge.

>>276242474Anon I said this to a buddy 15 years ago. Yo MTV Raps was a weapon against GenX and Millenials. Before that, the most threatening nigger on tv was Nell Carter. Maybe Shirley from What's Happenin if she was grumpy or on the rag.

>>276244899We're not in disagreement

It's everywhere. Even Northern Ireland, one of the few remaining semi-based areas of Europe.

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>>276245733Lol so many of you have never even fucked a woman.

>>276238550Coalburner helps black man to kill his previous coalburneryoutube.com/watch?v=F0Ud6fwFstkWh*te w*man are scum of the earth.

>>276246404No you don’t, because women don’t talk to you. Not only that, but you are also a fag.

>>276238550When they're on the way to the ditch for processing.

>>276238710What if i don't like either?

>>276246678I'm a married 32 year old white woman. Your the fag who loves anime and is literally turning into a sack of shit.

I am a white woman and I hate how we are seen like this

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>>276247483Fuck off boomer Anime is based

>>276238550You kids ain't seen nothin yetyoutu.be/NhJ8WRurDOs

>>276248333How old are you? Passed 25 I found it absolutely impossible to watch regular anime without cringing. Nice trips nonetheless

>>276238550Many of these women cannot be reached through normal memes, but suburban white soccer moms can be successfully targeted with ironic memes. The trick is to let them see what the actual end game is.Suburban white soccer moms do NOT want to be cancelled, nor do they want their children to be cancelled.>pic very related

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Stupid shit all our problems started as soon as the whores got their voting rights

>>276248188Change your ways whore

>>27624872422. I actually don't watch much anymore most of it is hot garbage, you have to be very selective but that's true of everything

>>276238550on the right is a spic, not whiteand neither are youand neither is the coalburning ginger due to telegony and microchimerismsage your slide thread shlomo

>>276249235Enjoy, if you follow the normal route even quality stuffs will seem bland and pointless in a few years

>>276249093>calling me a whore literally just because I'm a white womanlolAlso, I'm not a BLM faggot, FYI.

>>276249457I'll always be on the lookout for interesting stuff, but I prefer reading these days

>>276248333If you don't grow out of anime and vidyagames you will be a failure as a man.

>>276242474Because American culture is centered around niggers. They have holidays for niggers. They killed hundreds of thousands of white men to free niggers. They listen to nigger music. They elect a nigger as their president. They dress and act like niggers. They draw the entirety of their modern culture from niggers. They post sassy gifs about niggers. They watch sportsball in worship of niggers. Their biggest event of the year involves throwing parties in honor of niggers playing sports. They use nigger slang like "bruh" and "thot". When you say "Martin Luther" they're not thinking of the father of protestantism. They're thinking of the nigger. Their cities are completely overrun with niggers. They worship their ZOGbot police force disproportionately filled with niggers and their global police force of soldiers filled with niggers. Their men sit around watching nigger ball while their women sit around watching nigger talk shows. They worship niggers like Muhammad Ali and Michael Jordan and Michael Jackson and the late Eddie Murphy while attacking the whites who actually built their country before niggers took over. Their movies are filled with niggers and their music charts are topped by niggers. They send niggers to the Olympics and celebrate when the niggers win because those niggers are true red blooded american niggers. They watch nigger porn to a point where "BBC" does not make them think of an international media company but about nigger penises instead. They will tell you how much they hate niggers and how the mutt's law meme is a stale joke and they are just pretending to love niggers but the evidence speaks for itself in that America has always been and will be a nation of nigger loving niggers.

>>276238550you should defriend, unfollow, and unsubscribe from anyone that pulls this shit

>>276248360Lmao, how the fuck do you even find this shit

white women are there for the instagram storieswhite men are there to coop the movement and promote far lest ideologiesif trump loses, the white race is doomed

>>276249648I agree to to the extent that those things are best enjoyed when consumed sparsely, not logging 800 fucking hours in some flavor of the year online trash while your life goes to shit like I know some people do

>>276250543having and maintaining a life is cancelled now

>>276250928fair enough, I was thinking pre-2020

>>276249913random chance in a godless universe

>>276238550Just don't give them attention lol

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>>276248752White women are cope they are always in denial so no there are no based white women all of them are traitors.

The nationalist side of the Spanish civil war answered the female race traitor question 80 years ago. You just kill their families, their bfs, and make them free use public rape socks for life. That simple.

>>276249648>If you don't grow out of anime and vidyagames you will be a failure as a man.

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>>276238550It's not just White women.There are retards in every race, though there are admittedly more in some races than others.White men attacking White women is literally what elite globalist you-know-whos want, to grease the wheels of mass immigration and racial replacement.

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>>276249874Copypasta but it's so damn true

>>276252006Watching men in tights tackle each other is the same as anime. Men are makers not watchers.

>>276253069It's true.

>>276252006Video games more so. Anime, not really. It is good to still enjoy and get to be entertained and watch with your kids, etc. You cannot find non-anime that isn't completely Jewish Leftwing poison. So, if you want any televised entertainment, you get it where you can and they are the only game in town.

>>276238710I hate all aspects of black culture, so I'm ok with that slogan desu

>>276238550It's not a question it's a statement:White women were a mistake

>>276251463You're free to dismiss ALL women, memeflag faggot. But there is a huge cohort of white women on the fence who are uncomfortable with the end game. My memes target that cohort. I employ accelerationist principles to reach them. I also encourage them to lie in public but "do the right thing" in private (thst is, in the voting booth). There are literally millions of potential SHY VOTERS out there - don't abandon them.

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>>276241059Source on that photo?

>>276248752they will simply agree with this, they are not smart enough to understand the subtext

>>276241543This. Women are naturally sheep. Jewish parasites have control over the mainstream narrative so of course women will follow them. There are and have always been exceptional women throughout history and even some great female leaders but the OVERWHELMING majority of women are literal sheeple who unquestioningly follow the dominant social narrative while only a small percent of men are like this. As long as plutocrat leeches control the narrative and frame it as OMG WYPEPO SO RACIS women will follow. They would have no qualms about switching sides and talking about how great white people are if we took control tomorrow. They are lemmings.

>>276241059>Latin womenThe niggers of womenDid you not watch dateline last night?

>>276249874I love this pasta but I also love Michael Jordan.

>>276238550>That picture on the leftFuck they say an image is worth a thousand words but you could write en entire book on mental illness from that pic alone.

>>276253450>Watching men in tights tackle each other is the same as anime. Men are makers not watchers.>>276253698>Video games more so. Anime, not really. It is good to still enjoy and get to be entertained and watch with your kids, etc.>You cannot find non-anime that isn't completely Jewish Leftwing poison. So, if you want any televised entertainment, you get it where you can and they are the only game in town.

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White girls fuck dogs.White girls fuck niggers.White girls fuck horses.

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>>276249617Guaranteed you're not a virgin nor married.The answer to your immediate shrill retort: yes, both I and my wife waited to have sex until we were married.

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>>276246299lmao this is very true

>>276239512>and both of them are whores.Brings up a good point. Look into the communist coup attempts of the mid to late 1800s. There were many of them. If you real dig your ass off you will be able to piece together how they operated back then.>Kikes came into town and convinced whores and drug addicts to take to the street demanding equalityNothing has changed. Literally nothing. This is the same fucking shit. Clown world.

>>276254679>they are not smart enough to understand the subtext user, there's a literal hashtag in my meme that reads:#cancelwhitepeopleIt's an actual quote from 'our girl' Sarah Jeong, formerly of the NYT editorial board. There is no subtext. The message is literally that white people should be cancelled. The subtext is that this is justified because all whites are racists.

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>>276238550Genetic engineering is the way to go.WW have shown they are not worthy of protecting our genetic future.

>>276244010Some of those women look like qts but their minds are probably incredibly toxic. A shame.

>>276255883>because the minority or race traitor roasties fell for BBC meme you must reject white women and embrace aziansOk rabbi.

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>>276244010Polish women like BBC...


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>>276257426You're a nigger.

>>276257759kys kike

1. (((they))) give special treatments to white women and migrants, creating inequalities2. wait3. ????4.profit

>>276255334Coalburners are the best example of it. They get hit and abused, but they still stay with the guy. If you treat a woman like a princess she will treat the guy like a peasant. Then you make one mistake and she will find another peasant to please her better than you did, or a guy that will dominate her.

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why are women like this

>>276241133The problem is that Larping as a virtuous white savior is seen as morally upright when it should be seen as an aberration.

>>276257193>>276257321>>276257407>>276257613>DATING AND MARRIAGEYou cucks always forget about fornication. You don't have to be dating or married to fuck. White women least of all. Simp harder and post the same spam.

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>>276259658Demoralization poster. Fucking kill yourself nigger

>>276248188ffs take a stand then

>>276259658gross bugchaser

>>276238550Women always make everything revolve around them.

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>>276260666wait i thought bugchasers where the homos who are looking to get HIV

>>276244266Fuck off.

>>276248188You know what we want—tits or gtfo

>>276238550When women haven't gotten attention for 10 seconds.

>>276259658>Statistics v.s. a meme I (You) to justify fucking insects

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>>276248188You get over it and eventually it’s kind of hilarious. Rent free, you know?

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>>276238727The ones who think they’re fighting racism by silencing blacks and speaking for them and pretending to be the white savior.

>>276238550there is no white woman questionquestion is why we still allow net negative taxpayers votes

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>>276248188post feet with timestamp

>>276238647Instead of trading racists for refugees, let’s trade protesters with Hong Kong. We need to free Hong Kong and give antifa the communism they want.

>>276238710So to them, silence is violence, but looting and arson isn’t? Hmmm.

>>276238771White silence in modern America equals people being colorblind and ignoring race. There isn’t a problem with that.

>>276238931They’re so commie. In my sisters school they literally watched gretas bullshit and learned about the gender “spectrum.”

>>276265428faggotshoe on head and sharpie in pooper

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>>276239077So silence costs lives, but all the people murdered in riots doesn’t matter? Liberal logic is something else.

white women are pure trash

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>>276239104Based. It’s not white vs black, it’s manipulative terrorists vs everyone else.

>>276265960>white women are pure trash...

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My gf hates minorities. Sorry you guys got broken models lol

>>276239207Also you know who else can’t breathe? People in the fires that antifa always sets.

>>276238550The girl on the right isn't white.

>>276238952Unironically this, I used to be VERY against this kind of mindset but the older i get and the more I watch shit get fucked up in the world the more it makes sense to me. Modern women do not deserve the same rights we have.

>>276261399No fucking way someone cosplayed floyd

>>276243802You say “women” when they probably identify as one of the 2863936918 genders.

>>276265176post feet with timestamp

>>276245203Yeah. Why is no one talking about white knights now? That’s literally the only thing going on. These activists don’t give a shit about blacks.

>>276238550That Mexican in the right could only be ((('white'))) if she drank my semen from a jug.That thing on the left is trying to exploit NIGGERS for money, recognition etc.

>>276248188Just don’t dye your hair dumb colors and post black squares on Instagram and you should be fine. I stand with legitimate right wing women.

>>276239220Abdullah, it is called toxicity NOT "toxiness"

>>276238550>that swarthy blackeyed lass on the right is white in AmericaTragic

>>276242529Thats a hapa kid, not an asian girl. I think her dad is white and her mom is japanese.