As a black man, explain why i should hate Jews but not white men...

As a black man, explain why i should hate Jews but not white men?>Reeeeeee dah jooz and african blacks did slavery! Whites freed the slaves!Nigger, i already know this. And whites willingly keep it going for 300 years and then top it off with another 100 years of jim crow and mass incarceration.We don't even need to discuss the last 300 years. I see everyday on this board how much natsocs and Trumpfags love circlejerking in nigger-hate threads, relishing in seeing black people murdered by vigilantes and government agents, dismissing any black success story as the result of jewish affirmative action and justify all this by reducing my entire culture and being to a shitty 50/13 meme. The amount of anti-blackness is so over-the-top here that even an innocent photo of some white girl and a black guy generates hundreds of (you)s.>But i only hate niggers! Not black people!The entire issue is that you assume everyone that's black to be a nigger until they 'prove' their humanity to you. I'm other words, you judge all blacks based on their appearance instead of their character which is, by definition, racist.If you're a racist then just own it, and not just here on 4chan where you're anonymous. If you're already doing that publicly and constantly dream about genociding anyone that fails the brown paperbag test then great; I respect your honesty and this thread isn't for you. Otherwise, you're not only a racist but also a coward.

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I think you should hate Jews and white people equallyYou just need to hate them while you're in Africa




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>BLACKANON HEREAlso I like how people think that white guy actually exists, its like you created your own phantom bad guy out of a mix of 1920's white people and hitler. Nigger ain't no one being lynched any more, not even in Louisiana.Ya'll make your own problems, cops taking down bangers is not fucking lynching.

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>>276237057why do you need to hate white men in the first place?

>>276237057Shut up nigger, no one here cares about how you feel.

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>>276237057Blacks hate everyone because of their massive inferiority complex. They know they've contributed nothing while every other race blew past them. Slavery was an unfortunate consequence, but even if it never happened the blacks would still have any race they view as "better" than them, which is pretty much every other race except Abos and pygmies.


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>>276237057No problem nigger, you go support the Jews. Then after they screw you over, come back and tell us about it.

>>276237057Focus on making this world utopia and heaven. Not dividing people.

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>>276237057this is why there is no point in talking to blacks, you can spoon feed them history and they STILL will not have a fucking grasp of the truth.

>>276237057What is right and wrong? Are they inherent in the universe, or are they human constructs? If you say they are human constructs, define them?When you try, I will tell you what I tell every brain-dead moralizing faggot who forsake his fathers gods and thinks they can tell me something like "racism" is bad. >Thanks for sharing your preference. Because thats all it is, nigger, your preference. You prefer being alive. Your only real right is to attempt, as is mine. I owe you nothing, no money, no time, no concern, no compassion. Nothing

>>276237057 Oh, come on nigger Jesus come to save you!

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>>276237057Except facts are facts Blacks murder 12 times more whites tha an vice versa.Blacks are NOT disproportionately killed by the police.So fuck off you horrible wanker we want YOU away from us, and take this vile pic related lot with you or we will put them in a ditch.

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>>276237057You're bitching about slavery that happened hundreds of years ago on a phone that was built by a slaves hand, you fucking clown

Simple tribalism. All the things you love and enjoy in life were wrought by the hand of white men. You live a life of luxury you ancestors never knew and your distant cousins still dont know today. Under out leadership your prosper. Under your leadership you fail and under jewish leadership you will never know luxury

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>>276237057/pol/ BTFO forever with one cartoon!!

>>276237057As a white man, explain why I should hate niggers but not black people?

Because once Jews kill off whitey you're going to see a lot of "fellow black people" supporting things like pointless wars and shitty economic systems. We know you can't comprehend the he JQ, so Africa awaits you

>>276237057>As a black man, explain why I should hate Jews but not white men?You a retard? It's them, not us, in fact when they say it's us it's actually them. They're keeping you and us down.

>>276237501What about Nords?They seem to hate most of humanity.

Judging people by appearance is not the same as judging them by their skin color. Everyone instantly makes judgments about new people based on appearance whether they know it or not

>>276238015>memeflagQuestion discarded

>>276237057You should hate niggers the most, theyre far more likely to savagely kill you than anyone else

>>276237057hate us both from the comfort of Africa. Watch out for the child soldiers.


Why are joggers still crying about jim crow? What was so wrong with that?


>>276237457Is that oj simpson glowe?

>>276237057Blacks being brought to America was the best thing that ever happened to them. Its the worst thing for the rest of us. The fact that you can't see it and be grateful that you aren't a child soldier with an average life span of 8 years is why everyone fucking hates you.

>>276237198As always, FPBP

jogs are mass incarcerated because you commit mass crimes, same reason blacks were lynched.

This guy's comics are COMEDY GOLD check them out right now anons.He's a severely autistic black nationalist. Makes the average Holla Forumstard seem neurotypical.

Nationalists and Traditionalists of all races should be hating on the capitalist elite that consists of many different races of people. Jews are overrepresented within the elite though.


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>>276237057As a nigger, it doesn't matter what you think. Even if you were on our side you wouldn't do us any good.

Jews are white. Jews are responsible for the slave trade. They run nearly all media companies that shows more division, while holding up minorities as tokens. Many here wish slavery never happened in the US. Could you imagine not having a permanent "victim" class? Wasting time on looking back, trying to repent for things before our time? Things would be do much better most likely.

>>276237057stupid bait thread by a fucking jew

>>276237057>why i should hate JewsEverything they've told you is a lie. Pic very very related.

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>>276238615Lmao I love this notion that they were jailed just for being black. These types of people should never be allowed in society that can’t admit there crimes when there is clear evidence

>>276237212See here for clarification on this >>276222347

>>276237057Here’s the thing guy. I don’t like niggers and I especially don’t like living around niggers. If we don’t separate you will will destroy our society. I realize this is not entirely you fault as you are being used b the jew. First we have to get rid of these kikes, then you can go off to Africa to build wakanda out of vibranium or whatever. If the chinks try to enslave you, not my problem.

>>276237057imagine taking the word of a peoples who were expelled by Pharaoh and so butthurt about it they lie to them self SO HARD and say they wanted to leave so badly they made a RELIGION out of it

>>276237198lol based


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>>276237057Why are threads made specifically about how Jew hate is stupid but not African American or Muslim hate? Seems like this thread might be made by a white Jew.

>>276237057Because blacks are the real lost tribe of Israel not the Tartar Jews.

>>276237057You didn't live during the times of slavery, you've benefited all your life from handouts in the form of affirmative action, and you have white people's guilt to thank for that. And if you don't like it, you can go back to Africa and get eaten alive by voodoo cannibals.

>>276237501Slavery was a net positive for black people. Colonization was a net positive for natams.

>>276237057>The entire issue is that you assume everyone that's black to be a nigger until they 'prove' their humanity to you. I'm other words, you judge all blacks based on their appearance instead of their character which is, by definition, racist.Maybe blacks should stop being fucking niggers, and try to build their own success. No, wait, their lack of success is all white people's fault. Chinks and dotheads and even real African niggers do well in America, but slavery descendants are the perpetual black sheep of our society. Couldn't be because Jews keep them on the Democrat plantation for votes, in exchange for gibs and political solidarity against evil whitey.

>>276237057Don't care who you hate nigger. I hate you.

>>276237057People on this board may vent about niggers, but I guarantee IRL you get treated very well by white people, most of them go out of their way to be nicer to blacks.As far as Jews go, it's tough to know where to start, but their entire existence as a people is built around a lie (the Holocaust) that they use to justify an eternal victim narrative and refute all criticism while simultaneously engaging in predatory behaviour to undermine the integrity of the West (usury, immigration, cultural marxism, feminism, promotion of homosexuality, pornography, etc).

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>>276237057>jews and nigger do slaverybUt wHy dIdN't tHe wHiTe mAn sToP tHeM sOoNeR!Fuck off. Why is it our responsibility at all?>muh Jim crow!!Partly implemented by blacks.>muh mass incarcerations!!!Not our faul you are violent animals. We tried to release you into the wild but the Jews said no.>muh nigger hate threadsCry me a river. TV school and social media are nonstop 24/7 white hate threads.>muh vigilantes!!!Any time a nigger criminal gets what he fucking deserves it's "murder." But dead white children are just totally an isolated incident.>black successe storiesOh wow. Must be so hard being oppressed by the ability to shuck and Jive for Shlomo and make millions. Yawn. >muh cultureBut your culture is 13 do 50. You fucking animal.>I only hate niggers, not black peopleThe exact same thing. Black skin = nigger. And I don't hate you. I just don't want you anywhere near me or my children. You're a wild animal and belong in the wild, eating your own children and gyrating to bongos.>prove their humanityLiterally impossible. You can't do it. You can prove to me you are trained. Prove your kind, or even that your successful. But you're a different species. If I am human, than you clearly aren't.>you're by definition racist.Yes.>dreaming about genocideWe aren't jews. Ffs. I know you dumb animals can't go 10 seconds without genociding a neighboring tribe, but we whites actually just want you to fuck off to the Savannah, or a zoo.

The government did jim crow OP nice try nigger >>276237057

>>276237057>Give me your black women. We can do this the hard way of the easy way

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>>276237057Niggers already do think that Jews are white, Zhang

>>276237057Do you hate your ancestors for enslaving their own people and selling them to jews?

Black People name the Jew, too... Lupe Fiasco, Cynthia McKinney, Professor Griff (Public Enemy), Ice Cube, Malcolm X, Michael Jackson, Louis FarrakhanJews ran the American slave trade – Not Whiteswethoughttheywerewhite.tumblr.comQuotes from the holy Jewish TALMUDMidrasch Talpioth 225:“The non-Jews have been created to serve the Jews as slaves.”Sanhedrin 59a:“Murdering Goyim is like killing wild animals.”Baba Necia 114, 6:“The Jews are human beings, but the nations of the world are not human beings but beasts.”

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>>276237198FpbpToo bad nigs are too selfish and proficient in externalizing to take their shit back to Africa


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Niggers are Jewish pawns, it's more to your benefit of you realize that. Either way niggers and Jews, bad news, both need to leave.

>>276237057As a black man, explain why you don't hate blacks for continuing slavery in Africa TO THIS DAY?

>>276237057I believe everyone of every race should feel nothing but disdain for all the other ones, so good on you, you fucking nigger.

>>276237057> jews enslaved africans and sold them to anyone with shekels, mainly other jews in America> only the top 1% actually owned slaves, kinda like how our current 1% diddles kiddies> the Jewish book endorses slavery of non-Jews> jews fought for the South in the civil war, likely jews were responsible for that war in the first placeYou ignoring the kiddie diddlers today is much like the American public ignoring slave owners yesterday.

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>>276237057They lynched murderers and rapists

>>276237057There are valid points of contentions, for example 50/13. You must realize, how that looks to other people right? What is your solution, apart from hating white people? Personally I don't hate any race. As an expat I am fully on board with globalization and don't mind the culture of my host nation disappearing. Fuck these racist pieces of shit. Still I do sympathize with them in a way.

>>276237057>admits 13 do 50Dead niggers tongue my anus.

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>>276237356This guy gets itIndividual blacks like you unfortunately have to prove yourselves not a nigger because the based black man is the exception to the obvious trend of typical antisocial black behavior

>>276237057>any black success storypics or it didn't happen.

>relishing in seeing black people murdered by vigilantes and government agents

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>>276237057Since you're a dumb nigger you can't understand.Also they killed malcolm X.

>>276237057kill yourselfbut vote for trump first, then do it

>>276237057I am a direct decendant of slave owners and a confederate general, so there is a good chance that my family owned yours, and i am not in the habit of explaining myself to farm equipment.

Op how are you still alive? Are you a Ninja or something? You must be awesome to survive daily assassination attempts by evil white people.

>>276237057The only time im racist is when i see two guys smoking meat on the side of the road. Black man gets my business every time.

>>276239049>Highly-Educated Eurocentric public intellectual.Is exactly right and extremely fucking based, all these deserve an equal place in the oven but there is no way a public figure could ever express those opinions.

>>276237057We dont care who YOU blame nigger. Everyone warned all your nigger families for over a century what was happening. You niggers still love it today, being a commies slaves, you worship it. without it, you'd have NOTHING... you're lucky whitey hated you for being such dumb niggers... now he can watch you throw yourself down and lick the boots of the whites who FREED YOU. All niggers MUST HANG starting with YOU.

>>276237057Dont care if you hate me. Im not a jew, i dont make it illegal to hate me. Just dont let kikes fool you into thinking they're your pals in oppresion when they are the ones oppressing negros now. They own the music business. Every negro wants to suck their asses, its pathetic since they did slavery.

>>276237057>1 post by this ID


>>276237057(((black man)))

>>276237057When they start making your kids transition then come back and tell us how it worked out loving the jews.

>300 years of slavery>100 years of Jim CrowNigger, what?!?? One obvious problem with niggers is y’all can’t even count. Neither 300 years nor 100 years is accurate whatsoever. The rest of your whiny bullshit has been disregarded since you can’t even give an accurate accounting of time. Stop complaining, Liberia was made just for you. America is not your home.

>>276237057it's hard for a dog to hate its master nigger man

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>>276237057Because you're a lying jew



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>>276237057>random niggers attack whites for not kissing their bootsyeah I got racist right about there when none of your own called that shit out as racist. Clearly we can NOT have a multicultural society without it devolving into an oppression Olympics. Given that I embrace racism. Call out your own people for racism and I'll give a fuck about your humanity but enabling bad behavior is fucking retarded, fuck me if 1 post from faggot OP.

>>276249424black user here

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This turned out to be a successful thread, I'm going to add it to my thread maker bot. Thanks goyim

If you hate the white man’s countries so much just go the fuck back to your hellscape shithole. Honestly all complaining niggers should have their possessions liquidated, given a one way ticket and be sent back on a boat. If you hate it here so much go back where you came from. Nigger.

>>276237057I hate you and the jews. Don't worry. You're all cunts.

>>276237057 >nigger here>see flagcheck outs. All you filthy Americans / new worlders are noggs to me. And I hate mutts even more

>>276237057>As a black manNigga i Stopped reading there. I know you're Asian and your women fuck white men

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>>276237057> And whites willingly keep it going for 300 years and then top it off with another 100 years of jim crow and mass incarceration.Whites were the ones that stopped it.You're angry at the whites for letting the Jews keep it going but not the Jews for doing it? Maybe if you were actually fucking grateful people here wouldn't hate you. Whites pay the majority of welfare, blacks benefit the most from it, meanwhile wealthy Jews cheat the system to avoid paying nearly as much.Instead, you're the majority of the violent crime in America and are the reason why pro-communist(which is created by jews) politicians are getting into power.If you hate white people do much, why don't you either:A - LeaveB - Let us leave and don't follow

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>>276237198Yes, I notice that blacks that are from university in South Africa hate white especially poor whites, they say whites that are poor should go back to Europe or “that you get whiteys” or “karma”, for evidence just check the YouTube comments on white poverty in South Africa. Its incredible that there ego is so huge it’s disgusting

>Nigger, i already know this. And whites willingly keep it going for 300 years and then top it off with another 100 years of jim crow and mass incarceration.So you hate white people out of history? If that's the case, I don't have to explain to you why white anons hate you in Holla Forums for all the crimes and BLM violence you've committed ???

>>276237198fpbp. Based. Go be a nigger somewhere else

>>276250052What about blacks? Have you ever used nigger vernacular on the internet? (Words coined by niggers such as "based" coined the nigger by little bean, nigga, dat ass)

>>276237057Jews have literally ruined black people who wanted to make the community better. Nick Cannon lost a show that he created because he named the jew.

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>>276237057>post mrasheed shitYou're gonna need better bait than that, nigger.

>>276237057>As a black man, explain why i should hate Jews but not white men?>>Reeeeeee dah jooz and african blacks did slavery! Whites freed the slaves!No nig talks like that oven botherer.

>>276237057You should hate yourself for being a nigger

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>>276237057I mean, I'm sure you're either a fat white dude or a chink, but I don't understand why you would hate people for something that never happened to you specifically but gave you a chance at growing up in literally the best country on the planet for black people. I understand hating the policies and shit, but not white people en masse. That is just another flavor of racism. This is why things will never get better, black people are the most racist people on the planet. If you can't succeed here its your own damn fault.


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>>276242871Ice Cube was one of the few blacks that named the jew and came out okay. Probably got protected by the nation of islam.

>>276237057as a jew: Ethiopians jew a cute, American blacks are not my taste.

>>276250254>he uses nigger vernacular on the internetHoly fuck top kek

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>>276237057>1 post by this id>da jooz forced maymay

>>276237057Let's be honest here nigger. If you really are a nigger. You are living in a country that has, for good or bad, ended slavery. You didn't end slavery, they did. Get it? You'd still be a humming nigger on a cotton field right now.Second they gave you more breaks than anyone else was ever given. But for some reason you are dumber and more violent. The difference between niggers and blacks is going bye bye too seeing how a lot of blacks try to defend niggers for some reason that is beyond me.And by the way you don't even have to be racist to get fucked by the leftists or some stupid nigger. They can pretend you are a nazi or that you called him a nigger and they never have to prove it.Let this sink in, a lot of people are thinking this they are just not saying it but the time is coming when they won't care any more because dumb fuck niggers are killing off their options.Remember that the only ones who deal with your nigger shit are white people. The rest of the world, China, India and other countries openly hate your guts.

>>276239049wow, mrasheed is based after all

>>276237057>If you're a racist then just own iti've aborted hundreds of nigger babies during my 13 years career, feels good

>>276237057Poast fried chicken

>>276237057Hate white people if you want, just fuck off out of all of Europe and the Anglosphere if you do.

>>276237057You should move to Africa and make it great! 1488.

Is KKK this powerful in america nowaday?

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>>276237057>DA JOOOOOOOZyou should hate jews because Holla Forums told you so, of course. what? don't you want to fit in and be based & epic-pilled?

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>>276237057"M": We don't relax around blax--here or when we venture from our holes, see our shadows then quickly return to the safety of our burrows.Your cartoons are well drawn, but racist.

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>>276237057Jews force black families out of their homes in the north east, mainly New York. Over the past 20yrs especially, large jewish families have been moving just barely inside black neighborhoods and setting up ridiculous HOAs to force non complying blacks out of the area. They then buy up the property for pennies on the dollar and continue in the next neighborhood, forcing more blacks into shitty government section 8 housing.Jews are taking your homes, muslims and whites do this do, but it is largely jewish families and groups. Your homes are stolen and you still hate whitey instead of uniting with others to ensure your women and kids live in a good home.

>>276237057>as a black manstoped right there. you need to go back to mexico

>>276252019Maybe you should hate hasidic jews because, the actually do all the heinous shit ascribed to the Jewish faith as a whole. Since they all get lumped together in anti-semitism we end up having to take the position of hating all jews. That little bit makes them more likely to band together in a nepotistic way hence the overwhelming number of Jewish people in power.

>>276252531yes maybe you should hate jews because some unhinged Holla Forumsfags and stormfags told you that they drink blood on planet saturn or whatever and you believed it because you are FUCKING IDIOTinstead of, you know, hating ALL rich and influential people, jews and non-jews, since they are the ones who fuck you over every day, and not "the jewish faith". because no one with half a braincell gives a shit about "faith". money and power is the only faith. every other one is a meme for idiots

>>276252019>creates or gains control of news media outlets>creates or gains control of entertainment media producers>relentless promotes anti-white narratives and ideology>demonize the notion of any European identity>gin up support by propaganda for enforcing a multiracial paradigm through new legislation>continue to attack white people and whiteness as the demographic replacement plan continues to take effectWhat the fuck??? Why do some white people dislike Jews so much?

>>276237057>>Reeeeeee dah jooz and african blacks did slavery! Whites freed the slaves!>Nigger, i already know thislots of non jewish white people profited off the trade. NOI is for retards/blacks.

>>276237057White men are the reason you are able to be part of civilized society and share your worthless opinions on the internet instead of running around Africa in a grass skirt chucking Spears with a bone through your nose.

>>276253006what about all the non-jews that do those things? they don't count right? because they are not DA JOOOOOOOOZbrainwashed moron. useful idiot.

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>>276253267Of course. White globalists are race traitors. There's no contradiction here you circumcised cocksucking faggot.

>>276237057Why is the rope slack, but the black is suffocating?Are the Jews responsible?


>>276253423ok make sure to give everyone who fucks you in the ass a pass EXCEPT jews and focus on you can discredit yourself as an unhinged anti-semite and lose whatever credibility you have instead of accepting that this is CLASS WARFARE that has nothing to do with race or religion and focusing on those two things instead of class is moronic and counter productive

>>276253267How many news media outlets are not owned by Jews compared to how many news media outlets that are owned by jews?I'll wait.

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>>276253668I never gave them a pass. Inventing positions your opponent doesn't hold to then attack them is the definition of a strawman. You seem pretty sure you're the only smart person in the room, but your arguments are fucking dogshit you Jew-loving bitch nigger.

>>276237198>HURRR DURRR GO BAK 2 AFRICAWhat fucking difference will it have made if we have less of a workforce? The crime statistics won't change I promise you. The illegal work that African Americans are doing are practically institutionalized at this point and if they were to leave some other race would take over. But of course I'm defending black people and calling out Holla Forums on its lunacy so this post will get ignored.Fuck Holla ForumsFuck black peopleand most importantly, Fuck you.

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>>276253752again, make sure to always focus on jews and cherry pick jews so that no one ever takes you seriously.instead of understanding that the problem with rich jews isn't that they are JEWS but that they are RICH.retards

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>>276237057ok let me explain this to the simple pea brain negroid like yourself....Jews were slave traders and majority of slave owners, Jews supported the confederacy and currently still exploit blacks more than anyone else.only 2% of white european christians owned slaves, we ended the world wide slave trade, 600,000 of us died to free your ancestors in the civil war, we pay for all your gibs. (on average 1 million dollars over your lifetime)>muh nazis.....another jewish meme, Adolf Hitler was the only leader to shake the hands of black athletes at the olympics, Black Adricans fought for the germans.

>>276253668>ok make sure to give everyone who fucks you in the ass a pass EXCEPT jews and focus on jews.Actually, I'm pretty sure people here don't want to give people who fuck us in the ass a pass.Everyone here gets a real kick out of nonjewish white people getting what they fucking deserve.

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>>276253925>hurrrr muh strawman durr muh argumentsdon't caresee: >>276254083say "fuck the rich" instead of "fuck the jews" next time or I will assume you are a bootlicker as far as I'm concerned. end of story. "the rich" includes "the jews" so that shouldn't be a problem for you right?

>>276254174Sometimes you are safer in jail bro

>>276254083>make sure to always focus on jews and cherry pick jewsWe don't.It just so happens that most of the terrible shit is by jews, but when a nonjew does it, we call em out too.It just doesn't happen as often.

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>>276237057Everyone's enemy is the corporation and overseers. Skin color of those assholes is irrelevant. Their intent is to enslave you, me and everyone else in the world. At what point do the masses figure it out?

>>276254450>it just so happens that most of the terrible shit THAT WE TALK ABOUT AND IGNORE EVERYTHING ELSE is done by jewsftfy

>>276254356>hurr durr why don't you agree with my shitty argumentsBecause you're a fucking stupid faggot.

>why don't you climb into the rhino cage and tell them why they're in a cage instead of roaming on the streetsnaw, thanks tho

>>276254619bootlicker then, got it. keep raging against DA JOO boogeyman so that no one ever takes you seriously except a handful of unhinged retards in a cambodian throat singing containment board

>>276254549>we ignore everything elseIs Merkel Jewish?

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>>276254824>oy vey don't be so antisemitic you bootlickerplease kill yourself

>>276237057> Jim crowDemocrats and Jews again.> fucking whitesFine- leave. You want to be free of a system that fought and abolished slavery across the globe? Fine, go and be free of it in another country. Don’t expect any sympathy from the Whites of America after they spent generations making amends and working on not being racist. Them you come along and do this? You do not deserve this country. Take your people and go. Never to return or get another handout from any White country ever again. You want this so much? Fine- have everything you are asking for. USA, Europe, they owe you nothing. Enjoy your mudhuts and aids nigger.

>>276237057Saw that you're a nigger and didn't read. Go fuck yourself, blackie.

>>276237057>you judge all blacks based on their appearance instead of their character which is, by definition, racist.But you hate White people because.....they're White (?)I never owned any slaves.You never picked any cotton.Negros continue to blame everybody else for their own failures.The Chinese were treated worse than negros and they are seen as equals today because of THEIR character. You are seen as scum because of your own actions.

As a white man you should fuck off to Africa you worthless piece of shit.

>>276237198Topkek, fpbp

>>276237057You have it in your head that a guy named Dave who is a dentist and coaches little league in a town you’ve never been to is your enemy. He’s not. He doesn’t want you darkies burning shit down. He’s love nothing more than to see you make something of yourselves. Meanwhile the media constantly makes you seethe and rage about Dave. And your elected politicians sell you the same methadone bullshit that’s gonna keep black America limping along another year. And when their bullshit doesn’t work? They wind you up about poor Dave. Insinuate he’s somehow taking food out of your baby’s mouth. But, again, Dave just wants to live his life. He doesn’t give a fuck about you. So why are the people in positions of power over your communities constantly talking about Dave, but never once why they haven’t done anything to meaningfully improve your circumstances?It’s almost as if (((somebody))) wants you all poor and ignorant so you can just sit there raging all day for whenever they need to let you off the leash. Which is about the saddest, most pathetic thing I’ve ever heard. Some groups of people get together and fly to the moon. Some are little more than tolerated working pets, kept fed because their owners can count on them to do their one little trick. What success you people have had with that freedom white people gave you, huh?

>>276237756Lol. Like any black man has ever seen his own baby...

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>>276251785The KKK has more federal agents in it than actual members. There have been federal reports of Klan meetings where there were more federal agents in attendance than meetings. They discovered this when they tried to get warrants from a federal court to arrest "agitators" and realized that the "agitators" were employees of the ATF and FBI.

>>276237057Dude nobody gives a fuck who you do or don’t hate. Get in line.

>>276237057Fuck of.

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>>276237745right and wrong are inherent in the universe and racism is right not wrong

>>276256784Wow that is beautiful handwriting. Neat, confident lines; a pleasure to behold.

>>276254174They judge should have been killed too. The judicial system in the west has gone completely nuts and out of touch with the society they are supposed to be serving.

>>276237057The issue is our races living together. It was never meant to be this way. Left to our own devices white people would all be living on Mars right now. Left to your own devices life would pretty much be like it was for the last 40k years in Africa. We are not equal. If we were we would never have been able to subjugate you. When one is superior to another a natural hierarchy occurs. Jews enter into it at various places. Confusing the issue and making things more miserable for all involved. The kindest thing would be for us to send you all back to Africa and let your race go back to the stone age that it is comfortable in. Unfortunately there is no reasoning with you and a race war seems imminent. The results of which will be similar to a tank fighting a man armed with a spoon. If you have any self preservation I implore you to tell your fellow blacks to calm the fuck down before something bad happens that cannot be reversed.

>>276252967People are capable of discernment you know. Calm down and stop larping.

>>276237057Fuck you nigger. What you think is not important. You aren't even human.


>>276237057this post was written so horridly you may actually be a nigger, in which case, kys

>>276237057>As a black man, explain why i should hate Jews but not white men?We never claimed you shouldn't hate us. It would be better if both whites and blacks simply agreed living among eachother is not worth it and go separate ways. Then you don't have to deal with racism anymore.

>>276237057you shouldn't do anything. you should neck yourself. Blacks are a blight upon the world, and the few who are high IQ enough inevitably realize this and either exploit it or avoid it.

>>276237057Your people would have done the same. Enslavement was the only way to ensure your family reached prosperity and stayed there until roughly 200 years ago, and the barrier of entry was surprisingly low. There's a reason every third world shithole still does it, and the ones that do live like kings

>>276240239Your first mistake was assuming we cared racism was a problem. You want to know why there's no term "brown trash" or "black trash"? It's because your ape skin already implies you're inferior.

>>276252019>Meme FlagOkay Jew

>>276254083>Meme FlagOkay Jew

No-one wants to genocide you mate we just want you to go back to your own countrys, you have no family ties here no heritage. It is not your country you know this this is why you get angry about it, racism against one another would not exist if we were all in our own countrys, that's what they are for

>>276254356>Meme FlagOkay Jew

>>276238474IT FITS

>>276237057Why shouldnt I hate black too? Because its always ansubset of these people, whites dont make excuses for their scumbags, blacks and jews do.

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>>276237057Okay, so we whites generally dislike you niggers. But now, we’re basically leaving you alone. More or less. Meanwhile the Jews have been turning the gears, trying to get us all to kill eachother for centuries, and they’re still doing it. White people are the mini boss who has already been basically defeated (just fuck off and leave us alone, we’ll do the same). Jews are the end boss.

>>276237057You should hate people that hate you Most regular people just want to have a nice family in a nice community and work their land to satisfaction. Sometimes power mad people like fucking around with average folk and thats why we are where we are.

>>276237057You should fuck off back to Africa to die of aids or we will put you in zoos!!!

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As a black man you should understand that millions of white men like me want nothing more than to exterminate you and everyone who looks like you from the Earth. Amen. HEIL HITLER!


>>276237198best first post of 2020

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>>276237057we don't want to kill you, we just don't want to live under the same system as you. You need your own land, your own leaders and your own policing, and so do we. A no-fault divorce is the only peaceful option. I don't even care if we build some kind of reparation into it, but we must separate, or at least allowed to segregate.I know you don't like us, and I know we don't like you. You even pick up on it despite our best efforts to hide it. We need to look towards those always trying to push us together, and we all know who (((they))) are every. fucking. time.

>>276237057>whites willingly keep it going for 300 years and then top it off with another 100 years of jim crow and mass incarceration.All of human history is ripe with slavery you massive retard. Earth is and always has been a slave rock. A whole fuck ton of whites have been enslaved throughout history and even today too. Other races have enslaved blacks many times and blacks have enslaved blacks too. Read a god damn book. Why focus specifically on white people who had a fucking war and went on a global campaign to stop slavery? Yea man... modern white people are just so terrible! Don't worry about the massive amount of black people enslaved elsewhere in the world right now!>The amount of anti-blackness is so over-the-top hereIt's not over-the-top when if you're able to comprehend basic statistics, behavior, and history. I'm guessing that you're just ignorant of it all or are simply a shill. Either way, you're an asshole. Just crime statistics alone are mind-blowing (and barely scratches the surface) and even rich blacks that are more privileged than 99.9% of whites are more likely to do horrible things... give them every advantage and they are still RADICALLY more likely to commit crimes and be violent. Fools will always say it's because of systemic racism or socioeconomic issues but it's objectively not and literally all existing data proves this. Go figure right? Anyways... Jews are basically everyone's enemy and they have done horrible things to both whites and blacks for a long time. They quite literally don't consider any of us to be actual people. We are just "beasts with a human body" and exist ONLY to serve them. That is their belief. But, be a good black GOY and just don't think about it. Just blame all of your problems on white people like Jews want you to do and stay in ignorance of all human history. Stay in ignorance about statistics and behavior. Just stay in ignorance in general because as a goy, that is merely part of your purpose.

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