Do we have too many engineers? Do we really need them?

>Hundreds of thousands of engineers graduate every year.>There's already a backlog of unemployed engineers.>This backlog will just continue to increase as these new engineers are failing to secure a job.>Internships are becoming harder to get than a real job, the competition is insane.>Billions of low-paid engineers from India, China, Pakistan, Nigeria, Brazil and Russia lurk in the shadows, waiting for the chance to snatch our jobs.What can we do?

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Just get into STEM bro. Go where there's the most competition and pajeets to drive wages down. I FUCKING LOVE SCIENZE

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>>276236443>pic related>front end>engineeringLOL

Lmao this threadAs an engineering manager, let me tell you that "engineer" != Engineer. The vast majority of these kids paid for a cert which they don't have the intelligence or skill for.

>>276236443>code monkey>engineerthis meme needs to die

>>276237233On top of that, an "engineer" from outside of North America or Europe is a fucking joke that I would never hire. I read the name on the resume, and if it doesn't sound white, it gets chucked in the trash

>>276236443>"le stronk genius independent wamanz" doing front endeverytime OP everytime *sips fedora*

>>276237373this is likely true for a majority of employers in the US. Almost all of our engineers at my employer are white except for some Hawaiian guy.

>>276236443The real problem is the dumbing down of the curricula to allow women and minorities to get the degrees. 30 years ago, 80% of these graduates would have flunked out and changed majors to library science or something.

>>276236443>top kek at non-stem fags>they're so dumb>I'm so intelligent>wah why cant I find a good paying stem job?All of you pseudo-intellectuals with your well trained monkey degrees crying when there are too many well trained monkeys is always funny.How about you prove your supposed superior intellect and start your own business like the superior individual you purport yourselves to be would do.Start small with residential housing and work up to larger buildings as you grow your business.But no.You'll all just cry about h1b niggers taking your jobs and never see the similarities between you and the typical liberal arts grad.At least some of them start a massage parlor or yoga studio and dont just start looking to work for someone else right out of college.

Wow that is so impressive, look at all those h1 and h2 headings.

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>>276236443 15 years in netsec so far and I've NEVER met a competent female - they always make mistakes or ask for help from a man. Most of them lie on their resumes as well and the first second you ask them anything technical in an interview and they back pedal. It's fucking insane how out of touch reality is from pop culture.

>>276236443>Do we have too many engineers?Daily reminder - STEM education is a myth. You need at least a minor in a subject like business of fiance to get a decent STEM job.

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>>276236443>computer "science">Engineering Found your problem. Code monkeys and CAD drafters flood the market and businesses develop ways to make them fill positions

>>276236443Everyone in the STEM field has engineer in their title no matter how ridiculous it is. None of you autists want to hear this but future wages of engineers are only going down, you better start your own company and prove how good you really are aka failure.

>>276236443Still more useful than a pure science degree. Be smart. Build connections. Don’t rely on people just to give you a job. Make nepotism your friend and you’ll be fine.

>>276238009>>276237671>>276237626This, this is an incel moment. Take notes guys.

I can confirm thatI work for a company with around 100 employees. We make traffic management software, it's Windows desktop application trash for the government, 100% of our customers are stinking bureaucrats and since each state and municipality in Germany has its own laws and regulations, the software is highly customized. It's boring as fucj. Anyways. it's a bog-standard company, run-of-the-mill, a no-name company,we pay the absolute average and still get over 25000 applications every single year, just from Germany alone.

>>276236443There aren't enough jobs for everyone and massive immigration has made things worse.

>>276238009That’s funny because most in netsec as a whole tend to be frauds and phonies regardless of gender, though females are almost always worthless no matter what in IT.

>>276236443So many pajeets smelling up my campus. Every single one of my professors in my mechanical engineering program has a near unintelligible accent be it chinese, indian, african, or arab. I just want to learn science from white people plz. Stop the visas for foreign engineers and the problem is solved.

>>276236443>Billions of low-paid engineers from India, China, Pakistan, Nigeria, Brazil and Russia lurk in the shadowsTrump could keep them out, but that would mean less profit for his fellow billionaires.

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>>276238009really?I've met quite a few.Now, Indians...everyone says they are smart af...when in reality they are stupid, arrogant, smelly, and rude faggots.

The new SAP CEO lamented recently, that he can't find people, because for every position SAP published, they only get about 1000 applications, and that is not enough to find the "right" candidate. CLOWN WORLD.

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>>276236443Wasted ovaries

>>276238341my first job out of my PhD was $150K as an "engineer" at a defense firm. Not bad for wagie work to be honest. The extra money allowed my wife to start up a restaurant.

>>276237632I have one or two diversity hires from before I assumed this role that I can't get rid of. Fucking dead weight. Surprisingly, with a team of 11: 2 pakis, couple of Canadians and the rest are french. The French engineers are surprisingly okay.

>>276236443>writes shit s/w>calls itself an engineer>EE's like myself laugh in your face>ME's laugh in your ears>PE's piss down your pants

>>276239064>my first job out of my PhDThis is how you spot an engineer.Engineers do not write s/w FFS

>>276236443>Do we have too many engineers

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>>27623644375% of Silicon Valley - the center of an industry invented by white Americans and Britsh Anglos has been completely given over to foreigners.Yes - wee need more engineers. Yes - we need to attack the people bringing in H1s. Even mid-pandemic with 10s of millions of americans laid off they brought in their yearly H1 allotment.There are 10s of thousands of community-college tier indians working in silicon valley - an industry that would never hire community college tier whites and let them learn on the job.

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>>276237003In science you can compete on your intellect. You do have a stellar intellect, right user?

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>>276239390>>276239172this is true.>t. computer faggot

>>276239390Software engineers do. Many PhD software engineers out there. Most code jockeys are not engineers though. This is true. But I doubt you even know what a person who took a 4 year CompSci program seriously knows. You probably do not even know what programming or computer engineering really is beyond tutorials for web scripting.Don't be such a total asshole it result in you being wrong.

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>>276236443>tfw dumped my gf because she wants to pursue her EE degree instead of have children and a family>she's almost 30>still has a year and a half left in school>tfw she's going to realize she can't get a good EE job because the job field is already saturated, and then she's going to realize she wasted her youth and won't be able to have any children and no one's going to want her because she's about to hit the wallMany such cases. Honestly I feel bad for her, but I ain't going to waste my time with a woman who's chasing a career and sacrificing a future.

>>276240015She will be diversity hired and made manager over teams of highly skilled men who she will grow to resent and treat like garbage.

>>276238918I've been to the SAP Philadelphia HQ. Amazing place, most modern office I ever been to in my life. I walked around their tech campus and it was 95% Pajeet it was really disgusting to see. Like when you are in the woods and you see a microwave someone dumped there and when you move it, 100 roaches scatter out. Their support is the worst support I ever seen (long lines and pajeets moving the tickets to other pajeets because none know what they are doing) so fuck this man.

Yeah, that's why wages for engineers are so low. They can't even make minimum wage! I always see engineers congregating outside of Home Depot looking for work.

>>276238428I never apply to German companies.Those fags always expect you to read and speak in Kraut. Plus, they are bunch of cyborgs with no soul left. Indian companies are the best and with SOVL.

>>276240176SAP is known as Sanjay and Patel for a reason, been like this for quite some time.

>>276239961If this picture that has now been posted twice in this thread was true, why is this the only "evidence" of this being true. Anytime someone says tech jobs are a meme its this and only this picture posted meanwhile I have been gainfully tech employed since 2010 and get 5 linked in offers a day.

>>276240163what's the point of diversity hiring over merit hiring? a retail chain *may* be bashed on twitter yes, but what about b2bs?

>>276240163She doesn't have the aptitude for it, honestly. She's a coward and afraid of everything--literally like an 8 year old child. She doesn't have the ability to lead or be a manager, and in fact she stated numerous times she would rather work in the lowest position and take orders instead of direct. The only thing that'll get her hired is how beautiful she is, and all the engineer nerds will want her on board. But like I said she's about to hit the wall so if she doesn't get an interview day 1 when she's done with school, it ain't going to happen, and she'll go right back to cutting hair and being single w/ no kids in her 30's. God women are so fucking stupid...

>>276236443look at those columns. what the fuck are they doing? it looks like react but jesus christ

>>276237671Engineering degrees aren't dumbed down, educational institutions have just made then easier to get into for the sake of profit. I did a civil degree, which is one of the easiest engineering degrees, and my cohort literally halved over the course of the degree. Any moron could get it, but they'd proceed to get assraped in the calculus & structural mechanics content.

>>276240353I work with tech and business SAP people and I notice a common trend. Everything has millions of lines of bureaucratic tape to do anything and the software is a house of card as they keep adding and adding and disregard any damage they are doing and there is infighting and favoritism between their various applications. I put a code fix for their software to fix a glaring IFrames issue (I don't work for them) and it took a year to deploy.

The amerifat always whines when their jobs are taken away by inferior races. The thing is, coding/programming is like cooking elotes; you just gotta know enough to make it. What do amerifats do when they interview you for a tech position?> do you know lambdas?>what's method overloading?>do you know what a binary tree is?At the end of the day, you end up in a stupid tech support position sending an email to a pajeet overseas to restart the server. There is no fucking STEM in tech companies anymore, is just a meme a people from HR or Application Managers are jus trying to fit the positions because they are too stupid to re-engineer their obsolete processes. That's why everything is outsourced nowadays.

If you aren't employed as an engineer, you aren't an engineer. You're not part of the equation that determines whether or not there's a shortage.

>>276236443Literally everyone graduated from college is worthless so who cares, just be good and you’ll get a jobt. Hiring manager codefag

>>276236443Engineering here is an extremely underpaid profession. I graduated from a world top 10 university with a first class MEng in EE and got offers from companies like Arup, Atkins, Siemens. The salaries were complete trash, 28-35k range.I decided to just go into tech. Pay is still shit but I make 2-3x of what my engineering friends make.

>>276240916Just because you couldn't make it doesn't mean others can't. I have a strong tech background and most importantly I can talk like a human being an run 40 people meeting and give lectures on what I am working on is pushing me towards a lucrative career because people are sick of talking to pajeets who barely speak English and say "Oh I am having network issues" over and over when you ask them a basic question they cannot answer.

>>276238237Literally not an issue if you get good grades and aren't a social retard. Most larger companies have a GPA cutoff, just make sure you're top 10% of your cohort and you'll get interviews and eventually secure a job. Also those numbers are deceiving, 50% of graduates from a given uni are going to be international students on student visas, who you will not be competing with for jobs, and if you are you have a big advantage. But yeh, get good grades, there is not point going to uni and putting yourself into debt if you aren't gonna apply yourself.

>>276241558that's horrible. what kind of area of EE did you study? power, rf/microwave, analog, digital etc?

>>276241018Nobody gets hired as an engineer nowadays, fucking moron. We have different titles for different positions. Specialist, IT assurance, Network compliance, blablablabla.... You have either never worked in the IT sector or you are underage>>276241664I didn't say I couldn't make it, I was actually saying "fake it till you make it or break it". But good for you, I think Indians are having their crusade on software but they are lacking empathy. They are too robotic.

>>276241851>Top 10%What happens to the other 90%?

>>276241558EE here, pay is shit like you say and the office is so diverse nobody talks to each other. Anyways, can you expand what you mean by going into tech, like you do field installs now?

>>276236443if(!codeWorks) makeCodeWork();Works every time.

>>276242170EE salaries in the US are pretty good. i dont know why you are getting paid shit. are you not actually doing engineering?

>>276237824based as fuck

>>276242015>>276242170I originally specialised in power.I loaded up on DSP/Intelligent systems courses in my final year after I decided to ditch EE and managed to score a good machine learning engineer internship which I then converted to a full job.

>>276239961Stop calling code monkeys engineers. They are not. Nothing of what they do falls under any definition of engineering.

>>276242536I see. I focused on RF and microwave engineering. I got offered reasonable paying jobs right out of college. and then after 2 years I went to go work somewhere else for pretty high salary. it's a shame you got screwed like that. some EE careers are pretty fun

>>276236443There aren't enough engineers who can and actually get work done.. most are just leeches

>>276237373thats why hollywood is always pushing the whole indians are quirky nerd geniuses trope when theyre as dumb as their skin color would indicate.

>>276236443It's the same economic cycle it's always been. When a technology, or a certain occupation, or any employment zeitgeist becomes predominant in society, people will immediately begin training for it. A LOT of people. Many will succeed but the segment that comprises the "too many" will not.Perfect example, cellphones. When I was young (elderfag GenX here), cellphone technology was a new thing, a big thing, and a lot of people wanted to get into that business. I myself worked for a long-forgotten company called Cellular One, repairing phones, making excellent money doing it, and thinking that I was sitting on top of a lifelong gold-mine by being at the forefront of cellular repair and knowledge.Well, then along comes Apple, and the smart-phone, and all of a sudden, everything I knew about cellular technology was completely irrelevant. I tried to get a job at Apple, even got an interview, but was finally told that they weren't interested in RE-training anyone for the new technology.So that was it, I was out, and a new thing was in. I eventually gravitated into the radio business and made a decent career out of it, but all my dreams of a lifetime of being the Cellphone Man disappeared within a matter of months.As for engineering, I think there is a glut on the market, I do think it's a poor choice for a career at this point, not because engineers aren't needed, but because everyone can't be a fucking engineer. Obviously there are hundreds of different engineering specialties and each one is different, but if I were young now I'd be looking at Economics or Investment Banking as a career choice. STEM is overloaded with aspirants.Good luck to you all, it's a brave new world but I'm retired. Thank God!

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>>276236443My building master teacher always said that every housewife is now constructing buildings at home, and the guy who was selling sandwiches three weeks ago is now calculating static And thats something i see tooThere are so many engineers, all my friends are enginners, im an engineerThis is actually a huge problem, because it destroys the wage you getI have one friend who is an electrotechnical engineer, who works at the treasure trove at ikea. Another one worked at gamestop, who is an audio engineer. A female friend worked at a supermarket selling sausages. I mean its insane, you go to school for half your life, and end up like that

>>276241558Empirical college isnt a good school. Hate to break it to you, bongfren.

>>276243068My job requires me to interact with our customers. In a normal world, all I have to speak to is a windows guy or IT guy if they deployed something wrong or have to fuck with their ports or whatever but every time I get a microsoft teams invite and it's sent from a pajeet and he invited 20 other pajeets I know I am going to have a bad day. They flood their calls with pajeets who most of them say nothing because they always need someone to defer to. Recently I noticed they had the wrong version of java installed on their server so I say get version 1.8 blah blah and the windows guy asked me to give them instructions how to upgrade java. Again their windows guy asked me that. The one that maintains windows environments of which includes updating java a very basic thing.

>>276237224>>276237893>>276237626unaware on coding. Is this equivalent to Karly Kloss' >code = yes>code = code = codeshit she posted on instagram?

>>276243357Whether Imperial is a good school or not is a different argument.My point was that cream of the crop EE jobs in UK are shit.

>>276240916The biggest mistake I see in coders is them just focusing on code, not maths.

>>276243846that seems rather application specific. i see more issues with code structure/organization and improper use of data structures. i would much rather hunt down a problem with a well organized project with some optimization issue than some shit show

>>276242157Real estate or insurance.

>>276243846and to add i also see people spend too much time optimizing shit that doesnt matter.

>>276236443>Hundreds of thousands of engineers graduate every year.>give them the middle finger to import more pajeets whose code is so shitty it makes airplanes fall out of the skysend them back.

>>276240887 Yeah, see the problem is that when I got my engineering degree, the dropout rate for engineering majors was close to 80%. Getting the degree was only for the top 3-5% of the bell curve. Then college became a trillion dollar industry, and no one pays absurd tuitions to be flunked.

>>276239675wages are 1,000,000x more important to employers than intellect.

>>276243846math is only used in specialized applications like data engineering or videogames. Most software engineers never touch an algorithm most of their life.

>>276242838Yeah I think EE is fun but pay is shit across the board here unfortunately. I have a mate who specialised in analog and got a job in F1. The pay is just as shit as what I was offered and there are so many people willing to work in F1 because its 'fun', there is no reason to raise it. He got an offer in the states for 4x pay but the wu-flu threw a wrench in his plans. No company in UK will pay even the most senior of engineers what he was offered at 2-3 years of experience in the states.

>>276236443Dont study engineering then lmao

>>276236443I like how all of her code can fit on one page on the screen.

>>276242140IT isn't engineering. We're talking past each other.

>>276236443This cunt is literally just taking a picture of her husband or boyfriends workstation.

Power utility industry is ok>Civil engineer degree>started in power utility out of school>shit pay>contractor/consulting company>5 years later>now I’m supervisor/projmgr>ok single income to raise a family on>brand new office>new contract >in charge of hiring ~30 ppl for my team>not hiring boomers>not hiring military faggots>not hiring nonwhites>taking PE October

>>276245344Too much of engineering is government or government-adjacent work in the UK I imagine. Working in that environment mostly substitutes job security for higher pay though, so it is not all bad. Being a petro-chem engineer in the US pays crazy amounts, but the jobs vanish when the oil price is down. Designing bridges and utilities is pretty recession-proof.

>>276246018There are many private companies such as Rolls Royce, ARM, Dialog, etc etc.The main reason is because the title 'engineer' is not protected in UK like that of medical doctors and lawyers. The guy coming over to install my broadband by plugging a router into the wall can legally call himself an engineer. This lack of status then affects everything else downstream.

Me, graduate with an mechanical engineering degree from 2nd tier college. Receive multiple job offers. Chose dream job. Stay employed over entire career, still employed and enjoying job at 40+ years.

I studied BSc in Comp Sci, then MSc in something similar to operations research. Now i make roughly 80k usd a year and im not even 30 lmao

>>276240516They can afford to, sadly. Their systems are built on the backs of the brightest minds and hardest workers. They pull in so much money they can afford to do diversity hires for the remaining employees that do mostly busy work or low iq projects. When I worked in DoD, all of the managers were old fogies who had been at the company for 30-40 years. They didnt understand technology so they basically were just messenger boys to the upper managers who were messengers to the upper upper managers and it went on for like 4 levels before you got to the people who led the company.

>>276239961You can't even manage a fucking sentence in decent English you pajeet-sucking cuck.I write in assembler, you dumb fuck. Try that and let me know.I do a lot of work in SAML because it's required for my auth work and I don't trust assholes with the keys to the enterprises I consult for.I'm an EE with a fucking PhD and a paper in near-light and microwave propagation through various media.

>>276242507While my current job is Engineering (power distribution and instrumentation controls for NG utility) you could argue I'm mostly a project manager sending the design work to consultants. If I move any more up the ladder though then it really is management and not engineering. Making 77k/yr now. Before I was P.Eng and working oil field design I was 97k/yr. Oil crashed in 2015 and I was laid off thoughMaybe 77k sounds like a lot in the U.S, but not in Canada when you have a family of 6 to feed. Thank god I learnt how options work and made some money in March during the crash or we'd still be paycheck to paycheck. The wife has been working minimum wage to help out, I feel like I failed the family that she can't be home to raise the kids and works such a bullshit job.

>>276239961>Many PhD software engineers out thereHAHAHAHAHA......kysThis is amusing as I sit here in HFSS optimizing an array panel for 5.8Ghz relays.

>>276239390>Engineers do not write s/wI'm 100% an engineer. Mech deg. I occasionally write some code to speed up my daily work. Those little items that are ripe for some little routine. It's shit code and inefficient, but always solid and robust for the job at hand. No one else can read it. Fuck em.

>>276250065>Oil crashed in 2015 and I was laid off thoughYeah, I feel you on that.4 friends got 'furloughed'.They switched gears and I was able to get their feet in doors and know they also do mostly EV controls in the HVAC field, which is still growing thanks to datacenter growth.

>>276240887sup fellow civie

>>276242669How is coding not related to engineering you stupid fuck

>>276236443Spend 3 hours on code academy, take selfie #codelife

>>276251142>No one else can read it. Fuck em.My feelings exactly.That's what the fucking man file is for. Read the fucking thing I left and pay attention.I write because I cannot trust some offshore cunt to not put landmines or doors in the gateways I'm using to control 100Tns of centrifugal coolers.They'll blow the fucking things up with a mistake and vent the entire whole system plus accumulators into the ventway.And there goes 50k of coolant.Then all the LNFE amps will overheat and shut.Then the fucking phone rings and I get a 2am freakout from client.Nah, I'll write it myself, thanks.

>>276238237>Daily reminder - STEM education is a myth. You need at least a minor in a subject like business of fiance to get a decent STEM job.No you don't

>>276251567Go burn-loot-murder elsewhere nog.Humans are discussing here.

>>276238422>>276237824Without a strong handshake grip, you will get nowhere with your stem career or small business.

>>276237824I work a FT and do my private consult as well.Try not being a lazy cunt.

>>276236443...sitting in front of your boyfriend's computer while he's taking a break, snapping a selfie. #codelife

>>276240887>I did a civil degree, which is one of the easiest engineering degrees,Don't demean yourself.W/o civies public infrastructure goes to shit.>all true engineers are brothers

>>276251937Elaborate with your eloquent prose fag.

>>276252768Go back to having dick in your ass, niglette

>>276236443sage all memeflags

>>276252910Based, but it's ok to calm down if you've been having a tough day at work user.

>>276252910Your vocabulary is that of a 10 year old bitch ass nigga.

>>276246998What a limp boast

>>276253266Fuck off nigger.

>>276253266And yet, you are seething at your input device.This soothes my soul.Pray, continue oh thou of melanin-rich derma

>>276246998It’s too bad you give half your money to me and my babies mamas.

>>276253266>our vocabulary is that of a 10 year old bitch ass nigga.I adjust my verbiage to my selected audience lest it confuse them.

>>276238237This is the dumbest post that I've seen on pol for at least a month.

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>>276253651>>276253793I’m going to fuck yo mama whyte boi

>>276241851>just make sure you are in the top 10% of people and you'll be fineThanks for the great advice, faggot!

>>276254649KLet me know where you want the ashes shipped.Been 12 years she passed.Figures that a half-ape would like that.

>>276236443If you need that many tabs at once, your codebase is garbage.

>>276253748Alright, now I'm going to calmly murder you.

>>276240015Don't worry bro I'll fuck her>t. Semiconductor EE chad

>>276237824There aren't too many... they're importing them from asia and the indian subcontinent to meet demand and suppress American wages.

Our American universities have been pumping out tens of thousands of Electrical Engineers, Chemical Engineers, Computer Scientists, Civil Engineers... over the past 20 years, and I have seen no results from any of it.I haven't seen any cures to any great diseases, the roads and bridges all around me still look exactly the same as they did in the year 2000, the schools and libraries all look the same as they did in the year 2000, however I have seen more and more chemicals placed into foods and have seen obesity skyrocket in society and especially amongst children, the only other real change i've seen over the past 20 years is more large vehicles on the roads that get worse fuel efficiency than the sports little cars we had in the 1980s that easily got 40mpg back then.

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>>276254849>ayo hol up you lookin' ashy, girl>breaks out cocoa butter>accidentally turns mom into soap

Hey faggots I need advice, I completed all the core classes for an engineering degree (calc, physics, DE, gen chem, etc), but I don’t know what direction should I go in. Red pill on finishing an engineering degree.

>>276255596Alot of companies here were gutted and don't want to make new things anymore. Not all, but more than I care to imagine

>>276255637>>accidentally turns mom into soapOK, I fucking larfed

>>276243300Yes. You have an overeducated country. The world still needs fishmongers and ditchdiggers.

>>276255855Highest average salaries are in the petrochemical industry though highest specific salaries are earned by doctors.

>>276243300They need to diversify, its better to have 10 different specialists than 100 electrical engineers.

>>276237373what about an eastern-eu name?


>>276250065lol me being 26 working as a contract liaison makes as much as you do but I've only been out of school for 2 years. STEM degree but not "super intelligent" mech eng degree. Someone is fucking you hard, go get a fucking raise

>>276236443enjoy natalism, faggots. don't forget to pass your very important genes on.

>>276239617why would silicon valley hire indians if they are shit?

>>276236443We don't make anything anymore.

>>276237671Kid, they don't have a "we must hire more women" standard, literally they hire the best curriculum, they don't give a shit about "image", cope harder low education incel.

>>276258449That post will make sense when it's possible to hire a cirriculum. Until then, work on your english.

>>276242157>Janitor applications are now being accepted for the next ~72 hours

You know, for people that are supposed to understand math and science, a lot of these guys don't understand the societal problems that arise if you need to be the top 10% of any and everything in order to succeed at all and have a normal life advancement.

>>276237003It's amazing, though, how few south asians are into biological sciences. I suspect their families push them into medical or computers.Watching south Asian stem students struggle with basic biology is somewhat amusing. And there are zero in my doctorate program.

>>276236443kek, half of these "engineers" are "front-end developers" which means they know some CSS and how to use wordpress plugins half the time

>>276242157they are discarded

>>276239961Your skills are worthless if you can get 10 pajeets for the price of one white... And most white liberal / Jewish business owners will do just that.

I'm asking because a lot of people seem to be knowledgeable about SAP in the US:How much does an SAP dev with 3-4 years of expierence make in the USA, roughly?

>>276258130You provide services.. The more developed a nation is they provide more services and less developed make real products, like China and now India which produce tech.

>>276252145>strong handshake gripDoes the trump shake and yank work irl bros?

>>276238009>network securityyep, it's a low enough bar you'd think there'd be a healthy number of women who figured out how to fake it until they make it like the men do.>t. software architect


>>276239617A scam to depress your wages. Sad, but true.


>>276260897one guy at my company is an english lit PhD who "learned to code" because he couldn't find a professorship anywhere. he uses XD and pretty much nothing else. total waste of office space. my graphic designer does just as much "coding" as he does

>>276261104Yeah, right.

>>276236443>hundreds of thousandsI don't think so.

>>276237373>and if it doesn't sound white, it gets chucked in the trashFucking based

Of course theres a surplus of engineers. We spend all our money the welfare state and crappy sociology stuff. Instead of infrastructure and real expansion. At best they can hope to a job building some gimiicky renewable energy, general mantainence or some hideous postmodern art monstrosity.

>>276257969They're cheap because they live 15 to an apartment just like they do back in Pajeetistan and they have zero labor protections because they're considered temporary migrant workers.Which is why Boeing used them to write their altitude hold software. The pajeets that wrecked the 737 are back in India by now and unemployed with no extradition risk>but arrest the people hiring themIf Trump was the Nazi we wish he was he would have, but he's a kike like the rest

>>276239171>The French engineers are surprisingly okay.France gets something like 95% of its electricity from nuclear power. When was the last time you heard of a nuclear disaster in France? That's right, you didn't. Israel's Dimona reactor is French.

>>276261161Useless shit replaceable by a kid out of HS.They don't deserve a job, really.A good AI could replace them by leveraging OOP and a load of plain-language pulldowns.

>>276241558It is no better here.To put it in perspective for American engineers.>5 years experience>chemical engineer>site and office based roles>40k per yearMy American colleagues started on almost double my current income in their respective states.

>>276243846There was an old guy in my uni math class that used to work for Microsoft who said this. He said people who learn code just get put on the digital assembly line and that they look for people with strong math backgrounds for actual creative, well paying positions.

>>276261975>chemical engineer>site and office based roles>40k per yearI thought you micks had oil? Do petrol engineers not get paid?

>>276261957I have my graphic designer do most of the stuff and have my web developer finish whatever he can't do.The PhD is on different projects and hasn't really produced a whole lot. He'll probably be gone once we get back into the office and the project managers realize how much of his time is spent doing shit that I can do (I am NOT a developer, I'm the marketing director). I only know how useless he is because his desk is outside my office. He comes into my wing to ask my web developer shit that I know the answer to, and I haven't written a line of code since the single programming course I took ten years ago.

We don't need white women engineers, we need white mothers.And send the poos back to pooland.

>>276236443>code monkey = engineerGet this shit out of here.

>>276262151There is a minor amount of oil offshore here. You are thinking of Scotland, where there used to be plenty of decent jobs. Ireland is mostly pharma. We only have one oil refinery. Keep in mind too that we pay European level taxes (20% on the first 35k, 40% on anything above).

>>276236443why did retards let women out of the kitchen.

>>276262420But then how will Sundar Pichai be able to afford his private island if poos aren't getting paid $1 per hour and he's not getting diversity kickbacks from Uncle Shlomo?

>>276236443technician here. no degree needed, i just got a diploma from a private institute and learned on the job. already backlogged on work for the rest of the year, missed zero days of work over corona, get to use my mind and hands all day every day. enjoy your desk jobs white collar wagies!

>>276262846>why did retards let women out of the kitchen.All of the men were killed off in WW1 and WW2 just like the jews wanted and their pet oligarchs Wilson and Churchill orchestrated

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>>276262365That's pathetic.The CE I report to looks over my output and always smiles and says "Shit, you're a fucking Michelangelo of microwave"He never has a single challenge selling my solutions to the clients.They pay right up, happily. My shit always works ITRW, not just on paper.Fucking experience, no substitute for it.

>>276262076And that is why you should use Matlab as your IDE instead of Visual Studio or CLion? Seems that C++ etc come down to algorithms at the end of the day.

>>276240015She will easily get a job as a diversity hire.I won't graduate with my EE degree until I'm 33 and I'm a white male. I'm the one who is actually fucked.

>>276236443>engineer>typing letters into a computerPlease just stop. These people are software programmers not engineers. They don't engineer shit, we sit on stack overflow and google all day trying to figure out how to use something somebody else built.

>>276263618Move here. Get a job with a USA multinational. Get transfered home. Many such cases.

>>276236443>engineeringthank god i learned STEM was a meme after getting a degree in applied math. i went back and did a masters in accounting, now i exist to terrorize wagies in operations.

>>276263304Yep. It's why the learn to code meme annoyed me so much. People need to stop encouraging people like ME (humanities/arts/non-mathematically literate) to "pick up" something you can't just learn without at least a couple of years at it.

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>>276263969Couldn't you have just written the ACCAs without the Masters?

>>276263945Seems like a stretch to just step off the boat in Europe and count on getting a professional job as a foreigner.

>>276264180i'm not a CPA. there are coursework and work experience requirements before you can take and pass the CPA exam, which vary by the state of licensing (each state has its own CPA requirements.) also the chances of getting an accounting job without a degree in accounting, even an accounting job which doesn't explicitly require a CPA, are practically 0%. accounting and public accountancy is a lot different in the USA than in the UK, etc.

>>276264281Apply while abroad. There are a lot of Americans/ American companies here. Also we so have an engineer shortage. I got hired with zero experience.

>engineersmost of them are not engineerscalling these people 'engineers' is like calling construction workers 'architects'they don't design anything, they just implement itimplementation does not pay well, design does

>>276264470Do accountants get paid well in America?

>>276237373So if I wasn't born in north america or Europe and my family in my shithole county is not rich enough to send me study in the us or iurop I am screwed

>>276264509Still have 2 years left in my degree but thanks for the tip I'll look into it. Sounds like it could be a great opportunity.

>>276264111The problem is people think HTML/CSS is coding. It isn’t. It’s markup. FWIW I still struggle to find good candidates that can do simple shit like design a REST API, Marshall/Unmarshall XML/JSON, write a persistence layer (or use an ORM). APIs are the backbone of modern software applications (Bezos API mandate). I haven’t coded a line of UI code in half a decade and I have no problem finding work, especially as I have gotten better at serverless APIs


>>276264753its the same in the US, if you dont have a high functioning dad you are absolutely fucked as a man

>>276236443The entire economy is a scam my dude. A person with average mental capacities can learn 99% of "difficult" jobs in 2 to 4 weeks with adequate training. In this day and age employment is basically busywork that is meant to keep you away from the streets.

>>276264644they can start their own firms and apply for government contracts, if you can secure even a single state agency contract you will be loadedto just do it as a wagecuck it doesnt pay good

>ITT: mad virgin incel engineers LMAO How does it feel that Chad faked his spot into an engineering position and is now making more money than you? It's all about what people THINK you know then what you actually know.

>>276265155I unironically know more about Mexican than my primary care physician

>>276265155and all of the decent paying ones have been nepotistically consolidated by boomers, my town literally voted to end exclusive fire department because they refused to hire anyone but their kids or their kids husbands. Now we have combo emt/firemen and no union. Even fire fighting became a fucking racket, everything is corrupt as fuck in america.

>>276265388Medicine I’m a phone fag

>>276264644yes. i live in a moderately high cost of living area. i started in big 4 public accounting at $57k but left after a year. i'm 2.5 years into my career and i make $69k. i should be promoted within the next 1-1.5 years to $82-85k.if you stick in big 4 public accounting you can make even more, but you will work a lot of hours. for my city starting pay is about $57k, $68k after 2 years, $95k after 5 hours, $120-140k after 7 years. then you hopefully get voted into directorship ($200-300k) or partnership ($300-700k) or you take the hint and quit before they fire you.

without a manufacturing base a country won't need as many engineers