“Look at that piece of ass, I would love some of that.” Say Trump of Michael Cohen’s 15 year-old daughter

“Look at that piece of ass, I would love some of that.” Say Trump of Michael Cohen’s 15 year-old daughter. twitter.com/CaslerNoel/status/1302424854101098497?s=20

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Trump loves lolis

Pedo Don

>>276234466>no pics of daughterShit thread

I mean anyone with half a brain knows this. You don’t host a party for Jeffrey Epstein unless you’re a pedophile

This is great for garnering more left-wing support. Commiefornia especially loves pedo's.


he's got my vote, i'd fuck that kike's daughter too, it's okay when you do it to jews

>>276234466Where was all this stuff in 2016?



They're really going all out.

>>276234466>Aras and emin>Agalarov>Russian

>>276234466trump has good taste

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Will trump lower the AOC?

>>276234785Based and durstpilled

They put it in quotations so it must be true

>>276234466So Trump acted like this in front of Cohen and Cohen never quit working for him?

>>276234466>"cohen details..."believing a kike, ever

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>>276234466So where's the video of this?

>>276235174I'll lower AOC right onto my dick

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>>276235529here ya go

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Drumf is finished

>>276234466>Biden said he likes nigger assSee OP, I can do it too

>>276234466>random woman says that Trump raped her cunny>only partisan retards believe her>Michael Cohen says that Trump raped his random daughter’s cunny>this will definitely stick drumph is finished now!

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>>276234466Odd he's not living in California and he's not part of the political group trying to make it legal/pushing it at schools.During his Presidency all time records of Pedo's have gone down.He sure must hate himself I guess.Oh wait it's Michael "I'll suck anyone's dick to get off" Cohen

>>276234466>he said things to his golf buddies guysLiterally doesn’t even have a story behind the claim to make it even appear to be legitimate

>>276234466>believing cohen

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Imagine a world where libel laws worked and the media were rounded up into concentration camps.

>>276235123Yeah, Trump has good taste in ass


>>276234466OH NO NO NO NO, looks like we got too still voting trump bros

>>276234466This garbage ass slurs are what amounts to a DNC poltical campaign now.

>Jews create QAnon>Build nationalists into a fervor about ephebophilia>Leak that Trump is a ephebophile>Destroy nationalism forever

>>276234771They hadnt made it up yet .

>>276234466>simulated urinationOMG THE PEE TAPES WERE TRUE HE'S A RUSSIAN ASSET

Dromph is finished for sure!

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>>276234466>15>13Pick one. It's funny how society created laws, age of concent, and what is considered adult age over trial and error. And men are still basic cavemen. That's human nature.

>>276236177Q user is just a pedophile civil war

>>276234466OP you idiot. you didnt even post pictures of the ass.How can we make a judgement on anything without evidence.I was about to leave the Trump train entirely become a full time berniebro but you never posted pics of the girls ass.

>>276234466>guy who is mad at the president because he won't bail him out for committing tax fraud, says he is a pedophileOh I believe it

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>>276234466Can we go full circle and have articles about both Joe and Trump groping little kiddies at the same private event. I think that might unite both the left and right although it may be acceptable to the far left if Biden did it.

Oh goody, more gossip.

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>>276234655He's an old billionaire. You don't even need the Epstein connection to understand that he's definitely had some illegal sex. Anyone that thinks otherwise is in denial about the nature of these people.

Are normies starting to notice the (((patterns))) yet? I don't know how anyone couldn't.

>>276234510Is 15 even loli

Unequivocally based

>>276235123goodnesswhat is it with these infernal jewesses? is this another way to infiltrate our society and gene pool?

>>276235477Kek. Every ugly cunt always says this

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DEVELOPING STORYREPORTS are coming in from anonymous sources that Donald Trump marches NAKED while SEIG HEILING to his bathroom every night, where he forces UNDERAGED JEWISH HOLOCAUST SURVIVORS to wash his GENITALSWatch Anderson Cooper 360° TONIGHT for more details.

Did you change from Australian vpn to Portugese after we noticed your humour was shit? You have been posting your shit angled threads for days. Is your meyhod to push the dnc as the anti vax party your first objective in your schedule this week and you try to keep two different yhread topics going at once?You arent good at being Portugese either btw. :)

They're putting out absurd news they know nobody believes because that works better as a distraction then making it semi-believable.

>>276234466Joe Bidens America will be worsem.youtube.com/watch?feature=youtu.be&v=JmXj613HPN8

>>276234510>>276234600>>276234655>>276234737>>276234466do u do it for free

>>276236052ugh idk about that. Where exactly IS her ass? I want an ass that causes life problems for the woman. I want her to have to shop at special stores and not be able to sit in some chairs.

>>276234611I am looking for docmumentation to back up OP's biased claims. I did find this.

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>>276234466Proof it actually happened and its not just some election year fantasy that Trump is this ass loving patrician.

>>276240653this is fake.epstein didn't allow niggers on his island

>>276235477checked and kek'd

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>>276234466>15yo>pedoYou tradcucks are mentally ill, bunch of pussywhiped faggots.

I’m in love bros

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>>276236937i want to fuck scully sooooooooooOooOO bad

>>276234466Based Trump knows when girls are at their prime.


>>276239121Okay tyrone

>>276234466>those fucking retards the reply that just believe whatever somebody saysNuke earth.

>>276234466This shit is going to keep getting worse the closer to the election we get.

>>276236281I would vote for him

>>276234466>Cohen says with no proof...>Trump said thing this thing...>in state with aoc of 16 when his daughter was only 15 and 364 days...>apparently right to his face?Wow, this totally happened and is totally a big deal, hang him high, holy fuck.

>>276234466unless there is a video I will never believe anything anyone says about trump

>>276234466Biden: "By the way, do you know how horny I am being next to a thirteen year old"What did Biden mean by this?40 seconds in.c-span.org/video/?c4620113/user-clip-january-6-2015-joe-biden-swearing-chris-coons-cspan2

You're a total faggot if you don't get the hots for 15 year old girls.

>>276235805yours is more believable

>>276234466Quick we need something to discredit Trump. Let's say he does stuff we are actually doing. That way he can't say we're doing it because it'll make him look childish.

>>276234466Thank You for Convincing Me! We can't let this man get his hands on the Nuclear Codes!!

>>276234466L I T E R A L L Y W H O S A Y S W H A T

the desperation is sublime

>>276234466If he said that in 2013 why bring it up this election year instead of 2016? That gets a major "hmm" from me.


>>276234466No this is desperate

>Cohen assertsUh huh.

>>276234466Pic of said ass?

>>276234466>Emin Agalarov>RussianHe is Azerbaijani with some jewish mix. He was married to daughter of Azerbaijani president.Stop creating a myth

>>276234466>this user has hidden some replies>only replies showing are "orange man bad" postersthese people are pathetically desperate

>>276234466>“Look at that piece of ass, I would love some of that.”says every pop start, hip-hop, and rap star that the Left adores and approves ofe.gyoutu.be/0MUN2dBFMuAsorry cunts, you don't get to pretend to be against boorish behaviour

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>>276246709>says every pop start*pop-starfucking auto-correct

wtf I love trump now

>>276234466>15 year old daughterI would appreciate, uh, some further data?

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>>276234466Best part Cohen a high powered lawyer with multiple clients, continued working for Trump and waited 7 years to tell someone that story.

>>276234466No one cares. He cut our taxes. Let him do whatever, I do not care.

Holy shit Trump is finished he can never possibly recover

>>276234600>not PeeDonYou had one job.

>>276247069This is clearly made up as the evidence shows that she has no ass.

>>276235406imagine US journalists actually asking this logical question

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>>276234466More hearsay. More hypocrisy from the pedo media. Boring...

>>276240653Can we get a good copy of that photo of Schumer somebody verifying that it isn't shopped. We can get Schumer's resignation by Monday

>>276234466Post pics of his daughter you lefty pol piece of shitWTF I love Trump even MORE nowbased as fuck

>>276234466Fucking safe this pile of shit... go back to twatter shlomohomo

>>276234466SO? I say the same of thing about my ass, doesn't mean I fuck it, retard.


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>>276234466"Trump rapes newborn infants then murders them with his bare hands"-anonymous white house insider

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>>276243156HAHAHHA it's basically him with a wig on

>>276234655>I mean anyone with half a brain knows this.And anyone who's had teenage sex knows he's not wrong. I mean, IT is wrong, but he's not. 13 is the best time to begin experimenting sexually with people your age.

n-not a 15 year old!

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No matter how much shit you make up about naughty things Trump said, it's not gonna distract people from the riots as long as they're still happening.

>>276234466Trying to call POTUS a pedo is like saying Clinton isn't one.

>>276247118oy vey Trump is objectifying womenthis is indecent in 2020!

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>>276234466pedos trying to call other people pedos... fucking, pedoception.

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>>276234600here ya go pedo faggots

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Teenagers are capable of reproduction and have been married off forever until recent times.It's not pedophilia. Pedophilia is prepubescent boys or girls. If you've hit puberty you're a sexual being.

>>276236000witnessed. or, at the very least, held legally responsible. i think after the election we should really make a push to bring them to accountability with lawsuits.

>>276234466Yeah. Trump would totally tell Michael Cohen he wants to rage fuck his 15 year old daughter right in front of him. Totally believable.What a load of kikepaganda.

>>276234466based and cunny-pilled

>>276235887there does seem to be quite a few Cohens in very significant positions and they all seem to be rabid left anti TrumpersAs we know the 2 most villified figures in western media are Trump and Putin and we know they're both connected to chabad so is itchabad vs cohensplaying out on a global scale???

Still voting Trump, tranny.

>>276248602According to DMS4 and 5, you know the authority for psychologists and psychiatrists in the western world, pedophilia is the attraction to girls UNDER 13.So yeah.


Oh shit, Trump is a heterosexual???

>>276248473>those feetbig boy

Nobody is going to believe this without a deepfaked audio. Start deepfakig, likes, or gtfo.Sage. Fuck jannies.

>>276234466I seriously doubt anyone is even listening to this shit anymore except liberals in their circlejerk.

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>>276250318Ah, I see you are a cultured man of ephebe, as well.

of all the guys to accuse of being a pedo, i don't understand how they can say that about trump. dude likes 6', blonde, long-legged, busty women. there's no way a ten year old does anything for him

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>>276234466>Trump is such a pedo he has a thing for 17 year olds>I know right he totally made a pass at a 15 year old >my friend heard that she was actually 13>I bet he’s really into 11 year olds, girls mature way faster these days and I wouldn’t be surprised>did you hear that story about that 9 year old that got pregnant I bet Trump would be into that>oh Trump’s totally into 9 year oldsand that, class, is the story of 6 gorillion.

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>biden on video NUMEROUS times groping little girls>b-b-b-but some kike says trump said....is this what we have to look forward to for the next two months?is this really all they have at this point?Or are they just prepping for the moment Trump finally springs JoePedo on the campaign?

>>276243465XXX files am i right

>>276234466Do retarded journalists really think this type of shit flinging will make anyone swing to Biden at this point? Lines have been drawn.

Every time.

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>>276237576Nope at that point she's an old hag.>>276248452Fuck you, little girls can twerk and dress like whores and take hormones but an adult talking about a 15 year old's ass when the AOC is 16 is disgusting and obscene!>>276248602This is correct but you know once you change the definition of pedophilia to what it actually is the kikes will start whittling away at it even faster.

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>>276252188arent these the same kikes from the uber secret russia meeting at Trump tower?

>>276234466>proof: nonehang these traitors in minecraft

>>276234611This. If a 15 year old is fully developed it’s not like your dick can read a drivers licence

>>276252343>8 year old boys in drag twerking for grown men good>commenting on the looks of a 15 year old girl bad


>>276234466He knew about this and didn't knock Trump out?bullshit

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>>276235123She’s hot

>>276252844He's jewish so he was probably thinking the same thing. This may have even endeared him to Trump.

>>276234466this is so black and white lmao, they are scared

>>276234466smarmy jew offers his own daughter as sacrifice at the alter of media sensationalism. many such cases.seriously, can you imagine writing in your own book details your former boss supposedly said about your own daughter's vagina? michael cohen is the worlds biggest putz.

>He's still a perv, even after being elected as a pervImagine being a teenager who didn't have a girlfriend who was a teenager. Unbelievable that this comment is in question. I have no doubt in my mind that Trump went to Epstein Island and took use of trafficked young women. But it's my mind that sees this, not my eyes. Further, they were, biologically, young women, and the culture's failure to respect the sexuality of those young ladies so that they choose to protect their virginity for a husband who, biologically, should be months away, is all of our fault. Even if I find Trump reprehensible for indulging in their ignorance.Finally, these acts were all done in private, so it's literally hearsay. Biden grabbed children in the Capitol Building, in front of cameras, using the Secret Service as protection.

>>276252035If they actually had to run on their platform, they’re fucked.

Also, fuck (((parties))) for giving us these choices.

>>276250756this. donald trump PAID MONEY for the experience of COITUS with THIS THING. shes built like a fucking refrigerator, and this is one of the glamour shots.

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>>276234510Don't we all?

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>>276234466I once heard op say that he knows it's wrong but he literally "can not stop sucking cock". And a government official, on condition of anonymity, has informed me that it is indeed true that op was overheard shouting "oh my God why does cock taste so good?!"

>>276235123Everytime I see a smoking hot young woman with a pretty face and slim form body, I just get angry now.Angry that most (other) women looks like dog shit these days, and the majority are only getting uglier. Even the girls with cute faces have these weird oddly shaped bodies.

>>276235123Their faces always look like they belong haunting a graveyard. I'd imagine their souls are even darker.

>>276234466Is this the cunny thread?

>>276235811Source on that pic?

Only MIGAtard Drumpf supporters deny his Epstein connections. Fuck all of you cowards

>>276254452You can't see the pound of makeup caked on these literal fucking demons?

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>Cohen asserts

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>>276234466Based and prime pussy pilled. 2D > 3D though.

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>>276234466Nobody fucking cares.

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>>276234466Imagine a world where someone tells you they like the ass of your 15 year old daughter and you do not immediately punching them in the face. Cohen is either lying, a faggot or a pimpor all of them.

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>>276234466so you're telling me a FATHER let another man talk about his daughter like this? GTFO// COHEN IS A DISGRUNTLED JEW


>>276255736What the actual fuck is happening in that gif?

>>276256290George Takei is jerking off a guy on stage

>>276256290George is molesting that guy.

>>276236177None of this even makes sense, you are a retard.

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>>276256290During a radio talkshow interview with a man whose penis is considered one of the largest in the world George Takei grabbed the mans penis and started stroking it despite objections and without consent.

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>>276234466Holy fuck, they really are going all out.

>>276234466Don't care. Still voting for Trump.

>>276256391>>276256404>>276256639Captain Sulu did this? How many other men and boys has he molested?

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>>276257031Probably every single one he's had the chance

>>276236127He worked directly under Ivanka on The Apprentice. This is how he makes his living now, slamming his former boss.gregolear.substack.com/p/full-disclosure-an-interview-withTrump's naked nepotism makes it hard to support him. Still better than Bitem.

>>276236194DING*DING*DINGWinner winner chicken dinner!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!WRAP UP SMEAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!youtu.be/GMBeUORJWj4?t=23


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Lower the age of consent to 13.

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>>276234466>>276234510>>276234600>>276234655>>276257583Ignore leftist elite connections to epstein.

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Are AOC laws based on the haunting fear that your offspring might be having better more pleasurable sex than you?

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>>276254452the final redpill is that clothing was a mistake. due it it's effect of concealing imperfections of the body, and thus being dysgenic.


>>276236281Has my vote.

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>>276253535Mate of mine was banging a divorced jewess, he was a bit of a rascal and wasn't that interested in her, she offered him her 15 year old daughter in a bid to maintain his interest, he baulked and ghosted her

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>>276234466Ah you guys will learn about cohen sooner or later

>>276234466>person claims Trump said something >repeatI thought the Dems had a plan this time, like mail fraud or something. They really have nothing, again.

>>276234466The desperation and fact it is magically a Russian man as well is what kills me.Which user wrote this one up to see who would use it?

>>276234466>(((Emin Agalarov)))

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>>276254090Wrong...trump didn't pay her to have sex....He paid her to keep quit about it....big difference.

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>>276234466What if Trump is gay and all this "locker-room talk" is him overcompensating

>>276234466Such damning evidence. How will Trump ever recover?

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>>276234466Stop Cohen, my penis can only get so erect!

>>276240653I'd like to say that's a real picture, but there are so many oily reptile Jews that look vaguely like Schumer. The hairline looks different too, but he's had a hair transplant that was talked about in the media.

>>276234466one time I heard donald blumpf say he enjoyed raping babies and stuff. it happened totally serious

>>276243156she looks like a more disgusting mia khalifa if that was even possible

>>276236281God if only this was true - I'd move to the US just to live under the glory of a leader like this.

>>27623446615 year old women are fully developed. Trump is based.

>>276234466Oh shit! Hey guys, remember when Trump hired hookers to piss on Obama’s bed?

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>>276236281He really said that?! Well I dont like him at all now!

>>276234898Oh no! Remember when Trump was dressed up in pajamas and shown anime?

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RedPilled DonTeen pussy is the best

>>276234466a literal fucking WHO? is dumb enough to defame and slander the president of the U.S. publicly on twitter

More fake shit.Every fucking month there's a new book with "HUGE TRUMP BOMBSHELL OMG INSIDER INFO"And liberals buy this bullshit every time. These guys are making millions off their books selling lies to low IQ liberals and it's hilarious.

>>276239121So a fat person