Join me in laughing at Americans letting these lunatics destroy their country. HAHAHAHAHAHHHA

Join me in laughing at Americans letting these lunatics destroy their country. HAHAHAHAHAHHHA

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>>276234433Weak effeminate arms cant work a Mosin action, will bruise cat bois shoulder and he will cry for a medic.

>>276234433yikes, what an unfortunate face

We're not going to disarm them. Thats a violation of their rights.We'll just collect all the weapons after we burn the know, the usual way.

>>276234433And the first person Vasily would shoot.


>>276236199>low effort larplow effort post

>>276234433If that rifle worked he would have used it on himself already.

>>276234433Nobody cares about your new costume OP

>>276234433You're laughing at them, but I kind of feel bad for them. I like USA and I think they're getting jewed hard. Russia was jewed very hard. The Jews destroyed churches in a proud Christian nation and killed tens of millions of people to propagate their communist agenda. We barely recovered.

>>276234433Mental health issues like this would deffinitelynremove your ability to possess a firearm.

>>276234433If nothing else, we can serve as an example to others. Don't let this happen to you. I think really in western and northern Europe it might be too late.

>>276234433Why do these people flock to communism/socialism when in reality Stalin would’ve had them rounded up and put in camps?

Why would you buy a mosin at this point? There are so many actually good guns you could get at that price now.

>>276236302Unless you're 7' tall the only way to use that on yourself would be to hold it backwards and run into a wall. Based tranny reverse bayonet charge incoming.

>>276236972>Why do these people flock to communism/socialismI think they've failed at the game of capitalism and live such fundamentally unfulfilling lives as something like a server at a shitty diner or as a barista in Starbucks that they have to blame something for why their life isn't as good as they feel it should be and fall into groups of other similar losers who have all come to the conclusion that capitalism is the problem so socialism must be the answer.

>>276236972They don't care about history. They support whatever party promises them the most free shit.

Look on the bright side Holla Forums.There is a 43% chance he uses that rifle on himself

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>>276236972To add to this point I looked at the comments on this post and there were people literally saying Lenin would be cool with it. I can’t even try to take these people seriously...

>>276236972You think they’re well real historians? They saw a Michael Moore documentary and are ready to blow Stalin at any cost necessary. That or they heard how utopian a commie society is from their bull dyke professor who wants to destroy the patriarchy.

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>>276236972They dont know about the lined up and shot part

>>276234433that pic should be named ''achievement hunter''

>>276234433What creates these faggots?

>>276234433look at this dude

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oh no no no no oohohHAHAHAHAHAHA

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what does checked meanalso what does roll meanty

>>276234831It's not that hard to operate. I will hurt a bunch, but even women can handle it just fine, so it's also possible for a tranny.

>>276234831>Weak effeminate arms cant work a Mosin actionThis guy just proved you wrong>>276238131

>>276238090They both mean lurk more newfag.

>>276238295pls user

>>276238420Take off the meme flag and i will tell you

>>276238070That’s called cherry picking user, I could probably find double the amount of American cities with lower % of white people.

>>276238131Maybe a sturdy slavic woman. All of the imported guns need to be thoroughly cleaned to get all of the cosmoline out of the chamber.action. Poor cleaning and the surplus 1960s lacquer coated ammo is a recipe for disaster, or lulz. Mine run like butter.

>>276234433Mental illness is rampant on the left Imagine even Stalin would execute these freaks

absolutely fucking BASTEamerijewmongrelmcmurkyMUTTS irrevocably BLOWN the absolute fuck OUT

>>276236972Socialism says that it's not their fault that they failed as human beings. It's the evil banks and nazis. Instead of working on being better, they can larp as che Guevara.

>>276234433I would clean that spear with the inside of my asshole if you know what I mean

>>276236422Based ruskie.

>>276236972This is such a bullshit take. The soviets decreminalized homosexuality and were also accepting of trans girls. Lenin died childless and some even gossip that he was gay himself. Stalin rolled back these liberal reforms somewhat but no completely. Either way, they were way ahead of USA on gay rights. Fucking pseudo intellectual.

>>276238555and who cares? they do it all the time

>>276236972They're cultists. Plenty of evil people are willing to sell them a fantasy to get them to do what they want.

DemoKKrats just think, Kabala Harris could do this to all of America like she did to San

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>>276238231Mosin bolts are very stiff, even for men. That’s the point.

>>276234433>1 postThis is boring

>>276236422Based, but also whitepilled.

I really do not get it.why do these cis, trans, gay and all these people feel so entitled to have the right to get special aminities for themselves?!just act like a normal human and get around life. you don't have to sit and cry because people call you different whereas you were the one who wears weird af dresses & asks for sex like a hooker and after all that you don't get expect to special atention you expect and get pushed into a corner while coming to a realisation that this world is not kind to those who do not work hard AND EVEN AFTER THAT YOU INSTEAD OF GETTING UP, ACTING NORMAL & DRESSING NORMAL, YOU STILL KEEP CRYING IN THE CORNER EXPECTING ATTENTION?!even if it is more easier to do in 2020 doe to cancel culture & all that shit but still?!?!This is the reason I just can't stand all these lgbtqqqq, gay, feminist shit and all those SJW people & their "groups"...they are mentally retarded, they can't face it while simultaneously trying to prove themselves as a normal thing.

>>276234433It should try pulling trigger with toe when barrel is too long.

>>276239307Build a toilet

>>276238925Well, at least we all agree Hitler was right about everything!

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What's a "facist" and why is it against it?

>>276234433>creating a common enemy for normies is destroying a countryThey are unironically uniting this country more than anything else ever did.

>>276234433Id put real money down that faggot has never fired a single round through that gun, has no idea how to load it, and quite possibly doesn’t have so much as a single round of ammo for it.Guns are like magic wands to these fucktards.

>>276238925>t. An idiot and a degenerate t. J. Stalin

>>276239411get your country sorted out first, mate.

>>276239307>I really do not get it.Do you believe in science (not the science that says there are 122 genders but real science - I can tell you do)These peoples brains are fucked up. Like royally fucked up. Real science explains

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>>276239307>just act like a normal human and get around lifeBecause they’re mentally ill. They aren’t normal humans. They’ve been damaged, most by sexual abuse as children.

This trend of trannies buying guns will just raise the number from 41%


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the west was a mistake

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also how they hate on each other while getting buttfucked from both sides and doing nothing about it

>>276239508Correct me if im wrong but that looks like an m1 garand or at least a variant of it. If the fucker can even pull the pin back, hell get the garand thumb

>>276239552It's a nice country. Unlike yours.

So we all discuss how terrible trans girls are during the day and jack off to trans porn in the evening. We are hypocrisy.

>>276236511im praying

>>276234433>Rifle designed by ethnonationalist colonial empire decades before revolution>anti-fascistlol

>>276239948Nah im wrong. Its a bolt action rifle with a metal mag. No way its the garand

>>276234433We have to save the mosin lads.NO MOSIN LEFT BEHIND.

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>>276236972Because they have no jobs and live with their parents and think that under communism they'll be given free stuff.Also communism feeds their victim complex and makes them feel justified in attacking people and stealing things.

>>276234433Why are antifa faggots?

>>276239988I know. USA > Ind in any other context but a just this year shit is going a tad bit worse for you guys...good luck mate, hope your country gets back up on its feet again.

>>276236972>Why do these people flock to communism/socialism when in reality Stalin would’ve had them rounded up and put in camps?The irony

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>>276234433that's hot

>>276239948>>276240247It's the biggest meme rifle around. Play more WW2 Cawadooty's bra.

>>276234433hahaha you're coming with us bitch

>>276236972leftism is based on a lack of self confidence, self worth, and general self hatred

>>276240547Ah yes, I remember when Hitler put all non-Germans in camps>Things that never happened

>>276234433I'm laughing because that lunatic will almost definitely use that "pew pew spear" to destroy itself when it can't distract itself from the crippling depression brought on by its terrible life choices anymore.


>>276236972Failed men subconsciously want to ruin society for everyone. They are like unaware parasites. Tbh i don't even see these people cured, they will always be fails of the system.

>>276237568Fucking Kek.

>>276238420That means memflags have AIDS.

>>276236422White army pilled

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>>276236422Someday we will be free of them brother

>>276236377Idk I thought it was p good

>>276236972I almost want this communist revolution to happen.. just so these morons finally get purged.

fuck why does this world continue to exist

>>276240547Nuremberg Laws, Afrika Corps, Middle Eastern alliances, Japanese and even Chinese Republicans being exempted from the Nuremberg laws. Stop believing Kike propaganda about Nazi Germany.

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>>276234433Lmfao, of course a neet faggot is gonna buy an $80 commy surplus gun that they can’t handle the recoil of.

>>276241938>80Have they finally gone down in price? Last time I checked they were 120.00

>> energy.

>>276238925>Lenin died childless and some even gossip that he was gay himself>dont have kids>dont be married>HES FUCKING GAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY OUR GAY/TRANNY/ASEXUAL HISTORICAL HEROwhy do retards always do this

>>276236422>You're laughing at them, but I kind of feel bad for them. I like USA and I think they're getting jewed hard. Russia was jewed very hard. The Jews destroyed churches in a proud Christian nation and killed tens of millions of people to propagate their communist agenda. We barely recovered.The truth!

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>>276240137>So we all discuss how terrible trans girls are during the day and jack off to trans porn in the evening. We are hypocrisy.>weKys, faggot

>>276241938Mosin nagant is based.

>>276234433Its kinda funny knowing this queer wont even raise the rifle before he gets bludgeoned to death by based stick man

>>276237289Bought mine for $75 in 1999

>>276234433Video games really destroys your mind. The rise in degeneracy and autism directly correlates to the wasted hours spent playing “games.” We didn’t have such a huge problem with commies who want to cut their dicks off before video games.

These people live in a fantasy world.

>>276240137>So we all discuss how terrible trans girls are during the day and jack off to trans porn in the evening. We are hypocrisy.

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>>276234433You have plenty of them in yurop moron

>>276238131The actions in majority of mosins are fucking rubbish and once there is slight heat in the rifle they lock up. It is genuinely amazing your dirt poor slavshit folk managed to succeed in doing anything with that piss poor excuse of a weapon, it took the Finns re-engineering the cunts to make them decent guns

>>276240247It's a moist nugget.

>>276238669It's amazing how they openly support someone like Che Guevara. And even funnier considering how he felt about gays.

>>276238925So you're saying Hitler was right again?

>>276240137Whut?Bro, porn rots your brain.Trap porn rots your soul.Get help.

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>>276234433Do Americans really?

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>>276234433America's death is funnier than expected!

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>>276234433>Mentally ill with an extremely outdated rifle"O Lord, make my enemies ridiculous"

>>276234433>he spent that much money on an obsolete rifle just because some fucking Russian peasant used it in a war 70 years ago

>>276241586He was weak though. And a surviving Romanoff fought against the Reich in the British army. Which the white Russians funded.

>>276234433>Commie with a MosinWell, at least that part is right

>>276245256Why are they like this though? Where do all these weirdos come from?

>>276236422Thanks for understanding, fren. The frying dutchman lives in a small world and doesnt realize all of the insults he hurls at americans are the work of jews and true of his nation as well

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>>276234433Trannies are emotionally immature Dunning-Kruger narcissist NPCs with no souls, at least damaging one sexual fetish, and at least two mental illnesses.

>>276241586>gets btfod by germany

>>276234433That's a dude.


>>276246704Thanks for sending them (((Lenin))), Germany.

>>276246658I think that pretty much any radical leftist is what happens when you leave mental illness unchecked. Shitty parents and shitty schools create shitty people.

>>276241938They are well over $200 now, I've seen some for over $300. Dumb commie is a decade late to le cyka blyat meme rifle.

>>276234433These are the people who think they can beat us

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>>276238555>I could find twice as many examples in a country over 100 times the size of swampy postage-stamp Niggerlands

>>276234831Just start overloading gunpower on the ammo and start selling it to leftists. Wait for the news with some popcorn for the show.

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The reason the left recruited the most abominable, unredeemable subcultures is because they promised to accept the unacceptable and got radical, unwavering allegiance for it. Like the hunchback of sparta who could never be admitted to the army, who was promised wealth, women, and a soldier's honor for betraying his countrymen, he was seduced to have a chance at something no reasonable folk would ever entrust him with.. and thus he became a loyal foot soldier of the left's unholy army, like the subhuman abominations that they literally are. The lesson to learn is that the old traditions were correct about these people -- they will never reintegrate, they will never reform, they are ticking timebombs that will stab you in the back viciously to run their filth over you if given the chance. The old sayings that the only way to deal with trannies and faggots is to put them to death were unironically correct.

>>276243849Well to the slav's credit they made the SKS also


>>276251321I gotta find the nearest John Brown gun club

>>276251321Project Eldest Son 2.0? Noice.>load rifle ammunition with magnum primers, stuff case full to capacity with fast-burning pistol gun powder>use slightly oversized bullet that will increase pressure in the gun; ie, load .308" ammunition with .311" bullet that will be harder to force down the barrelBlow their fucking guns up when they pull the trigger.

>>276239131I'm guessing the guy in OP pic has worked many shafts with those sturdy arms

>>276251860>>276252256Only think you have to overcome cringe that comes with being that guy that collects all the brass at the range

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its actully 4d chess guys, there are going for the nurgle route obviously>cant fight them because they are so disgusting/ridiclous that it becomes distracting

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>> true joke country>>276235752yeah after the cities have been burnt to the ground lol

>>276253216To withdraw in disgust is not cowardice-Tactica Imperium

>>276234433ah yes, the garbage rod. the surplus rifle that the soviets scrambled to find a replacement for when the germans invaded because they knew it was inadequate.

>>276253288>yeah after the cities have been burnt to the ground lol

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>>276251321BasedNow gonna load hillbilly loads into 9mm and watch all the glocknades explode

>>276247721The ultimate troll

>>276234433>Mentally ill run wild in the USA with guns larping like anime-cat-girlsWhat else you got USA? What's going to be next on your ongoing circus while China makes moves?

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>>276234433She’s a qt 3.14

>>276240137>t. faggot coomer

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>>276237568It's too long to use on yourself. This may be the first tranny who was thinking ahead.

>>27623443310/10 would anally penetrate it with its own bayonet

>>276236422Don’t worry brother. We won’t lose and Justice will spread. I’d love to see Russia and the US build a solid alliance into the stars.

>>276236972They never had fathers or their fathers failed them. No other explanation could possibly get any deeper.

>>276234433Islam will unironically save the west at this point

>>276238895No I don't, please elaborate

>>276236972Gibs me dat.

>>276234831If starving minorities called up from the Islamic parts of the Former Russian Empire can work the bolt then anyone can. Except maybe vegans.

>>276243425Well it's not 1999 anymore, now is it?

>>276234433Sounds like they're improving their numbers. 41% isn't good enough anymore!

>>276254894Yeah and I'm pissedBought a mosin a couple years back for 200, I remember when you could get a crate of ten for 1k with free shipping. Now fucking surplus weapons like that are hard to find. Theres an Israeli surplus reseller but they only deal with ffl holders so my c&r license means nothing now

>>276237987EVERY TIME LMAO

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>>276239129playing the righteous act like this makes you look fucking retarded

>>276234433>transThe only thing he's gonna shoot is himself.

>>276234433I'm sorry Ameribros, this shit is getting embarrassing lol.

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>>276235752can we keep a record of the cremations this time?


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>>276254325I can get it in my mouth and pull the trigger. Manlets may have to use toes though.

>>276237290You can saw it more compatible for that purposeplease don`t do that

>>276240547Wehraboos larping as the waffen ss are gay, but fascism/natsoc principles are applicable regardless of race. Just be sure and dunk on the jews.

>>276240137>we allspeak for yourself faggot.

>>276235149right dem thighs is thicc too. but yuck can't get past that mug

>>276234433america is just a testing site. these things eventually can, and probably will happen to our homelands as well.

>>276234433Why doo america have so many disgusting subhuman nutcases? Is it their mutt-genes? Their diets? The weather?

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>>276236422East vs west is stupid. The pardigm should be the North vs everyone else. America should annex canada and greenland, and give europe to Russia. We could build massive trade routes between America and Russia, and rule the world as northern brothers.

>>276238925The only pseudo intellectual here is you. Homosexuality was only "decriminalized" because the Bolsheviks dismantled the Tsarist legal code, which had homosexuality as illegal. Furthermore the Soviets put literally zero effort into helping the normalization or acceptance of homosexuals. By and large during these times they were treated very poorly, with only a few advocates or sympathetics among the party. Pretty much no one but Magnus Hirschfeld was anywhere near accepting of "trans girls". Such sexual proclivities were often seen as "bourgeois" or "fascist". Stalin did not "roll back these liberal reforms somewhat but not completely"... he straight up (re)criminalized homosexuality and sent people off to the gulag for it.

>>276234433There is no such thing as a faggot with a gun. That's what we call "a free gun."

>>276234433We live in a glass house. Don’t throw stones

>>276235815let's be honest. Vasily has been saving up his 100ml vodka rations for 5 days and finally has enough to get roaring drunk. he hasn't seen a woman in 6 months, having had no free time to personally liberate any local women. when he sees this thing try to join his ranks, he will commit liberation. then he will shoot

Fucking slide, ignore it.>>276259391

>>276237610For some reason they think Lenin loved homosexuals. Because when he scrapped the Imperial Russian legal code to create new laws, he didn't bring back the legal punishment for sodomy. A reasonable person would say he simply forgot since there were much more important issues to consider. But a modern American 100 years later thinks it means he loved homosexuals

>>276234433I would love to shoot that abomination with an anti-communist G3.

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>>276234433Jews are destroying the USA and EU. Insane people burning down stuff are just a symptom of judaism.

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>>276234433I know in Nederville they don't know things about guns, but:That's a WW2 bolt action rifle. That's the equivalent of a fucking stone axe compared to The Rittenhouse Special.

>>276236972Because they don't know that fact, and because they live in a prosperous country that allows them to be morons.

>>276236972>>276237610>>276247268it's literally Bioleninism. Lenin and Marx would absolutely love these freaks because the whole idea of this leftist ideology is absolute power and control, not liberation for all.they HAVE to appeal to the lowest common denominator in society because what else do they have in a normal, healthy, society? the undesirables will be the most loyal dogs as a means to gain more powerand then when they served their purpose THEN they will be lined up and shot.

>>276237987Poor Nederpeople. One of my good friends is Dutch, and she's great, but fairly cookie-cutter do-what-you're-told leftist, and very submissive. I just don't see the Dutch as very subversive, threatening, or disagreeable people.Perfect substrate for running roughshod on a majority-white nation. It looks like they'll bend over easily, the Dutch.

>>276240137what is this 'we' your're talking about?

>>276251664That's poetic.


>>276234433Cool shit rifle

>>276257937Vodka and burgers. Good deal.

>>276236422FUCK communism, FUCK the

>>276236972It’s funny because homosexuality was considered a Bourgeois activity.