The War on Tomboys

We've known for years how trannies manipulate unsuspecting teenagers to join their atrocious movement through emotional manipulation. Case in point is the tragedy of the tomboy. You see, the tomboy represents someone who is biologically female expressing interest in what are otherwise masculine hobbies. Indeed, she is a person not rooted in her "traditional" identity and instead, decides not to conform to society's expectations of her.>Wait, but don't those non-binary tranny faggots also try to defy societal expectations?This is true to an extent, however, their goal isn't simply to just defy the status quo, they want to completely REWRITE it. At the top of the list of things they want to totally dismantle is traditional masculinity, the very thing tomboys embody. This is also the reason why they're targeted so heavily at a young age. The tranny mob exploits her insecurities of "not fitting in" and provides an immediate outlet for her. >"Oh, you don't feel as though you don't fit in with your peers?">"You'd rather play sports with the boys than do girly shit with the girls?">*proceeds to send her to the left indoctrinated school therapist*>"You must be transgender!"I've seen this story play out time and time again. It's tragic, but we can't just sit back and pretend it doesn't happen.

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Threadly reminder that sexual interest in tomboys is a gateway to traps and other faggotryThere's still time to repent your sins, OP

>>276234106I've only run into a couple macho guys that're like, "Bro if she's less than a head shorter than you and has small tits that's BASICALLY a dude."I'll continue to date my 5'6" silver haired tomboy cosplay girlfriend while they they limit themselves to roasties.

Tomboys are based. As long as they don’t have delusions about being “equal with guys”


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>>276234574cope ur gay and insecure

this is what a tomboy looks like its not about short hair that is trannies trying to make girls more masculine

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>>276234574Traps are the exact opposite of tomboys retard

>>276238022They're not even 1 to 1 comparison.Tomboys are obviously still girls by appearance and body, just have some minor traits associated with "boys". Traps are deceptively meant to look 99% girl from the way they look, act, dress, everything except for the penis.

>>276234574you don't even know how wrong you are

>>276235982Jesus Christ. Id cum in her until my dick fell off

>>276234106Tomboy reawakening when?

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We know the answer butt doesn't matter because the time for arguments is over. Anyone who thinks tomboy need to become trannies don't exist, aren't listening to arguments, and/or are willfully ignorant. The solution is violence.

>>276234574>obligatoryTraps are 200% gayTomboys are 1000% straight and based

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>>276234106the crimes -dare I call it genocide? - against Tomboys must be stopped

>>276234106I have great respect for women that are more manly than I am but didn’t change their vagina.I’m in awe

>>276234106Sorry user, college took cute tomboys away from us forever.You're gonna date your pink haired hoop-earring bowl cut transgender xirfriend and you're gonna love it.

>>276240184Manliness isn't just a physical attribute, it's the endless struggle. Tomboys just like all women are a product of their environment - real men are in a never-ending struggle with their environment. Now put a gun to your head.

>>276240394Thanks for the update sherlock too bad everyone here already agrees with you.

>>276239421>>276239904based and tomboypilled

I like hardbody gym rats and thicc cornfed farmer girls that own multiple firearms. Women are usually weak groveling garbage, but finding one that can focus on training hard or is actually self sufficient is nice. Its not being more like a man that is appealing about tomboys, it's that they are less like women.

Maybe I'm using the wrong search terms but I was trying to find pics of ugly sjw cunts with crazy dyed hair colors and giant holes in their earlobes. Feels like google cleaned up and manipulated their search results. Can't find much. The other day I saw a girl with a killer body but she was covered in tattoos and have holes for earrings like pic related that were twice as large. I see them all the time at college. Tons of girls are getting these disgusting earrings. What a waste.

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My first crush was a tomboy. First pussy I ever saw- that cherry bikini bottom never fit quite right.eventually some SJW dyke got her claws into her and convinced her that she was actually a boy. ended up transitioning, though I don't think she ever got surgery.She did reach out for a date some years ago- unfortunately she just looked too much like a boy and I wasn't into it. Shes since transitioned back, but now she looks like shes been ridden hard and put away wet. Shame.

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>>276239904Thoroughly based

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>>276241413try bing or duckduckgoI noticed that google was cleaning up some search results when i tried searching for 'tard'

>>276234106Wow your post is gay

>>276241688I tried duckduckgo actually and it's more or less the same results. It has way more merchandise pictures flooding the results.Haven't touched bing. Just did and it's the same shit. I'm guessing it all got cleaned up to not offend ugly landwhales.

I hope every single tomboy turns tranny just so you dumb faggots have one less thing to fap to.

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>>276234574>Dating women leads to dating men!Peak clown world brainwashing.

>>276241413Ear holes are much worse than tattoos tattoos I might tolerate but ear holes are soooooooooo fucking ugly!

>>276239904Very based

>>276241935google for 'bluehair problem glasses landwhale.' You just need to try less common search terms, these algorithms can really only have specific terms redirected from what would normally show up. When google was labeling blacks and gorillas their fix was to just stop labeling pictures as gorillas. even better results once you click the image you want. Bing is top tier for porn, especially if you want something esoteric. Its results for the above search were worse than google, though.

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>>276241950This is more or less already happening. That's why this thread exists.

>>276242978Yeah and I hope it continues

>>276234106Tomboys are a thing of the past.The strong cute girl who would find mainstream shit boring and get into manly hobbies out of her interest.Nowadays women want to be seen as "badass bitches" cause tv and die without posting pics.Same with emo/goth/band chicks.

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>>276241688This. I always search there first since google fucks with the results. Google is no longer good at all unless you search for shit to buy or degenerate topics. Google loves to inject degenerate results into complete harmless search results. What an evil company.

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>>276236274Shoulder,hips,head ratio.Faggot.Even if it's a chick with some muscle if she got the ratio of a female it's a female.Also look out on hands

>>276243873Absolutely based.

ITT r3ddit discusses r3ddit memes

>>276234106>Spartan women's clothing was simple and notoriously short. Spartan women continued to wear the peplos much later in history than other Greek cultures. It was also shorter and with slits on the side causing other Greeks to call them phainomērídes (φαινομηρίδες) the "thigh-showers". >Unlike elsewhere in Greece, in Sparta, girls regularly participated in sports. The Spartan exercise regimen for girls was designed to make them "every bit as fit as their brothers", though unlike their brothers they did not actually train for combat. In his Constitution of the Spartans, Xenophon reports that Lycurgus required that women should exercise just as much as men, and to this end instituted athletic competitions for women.>Traits such as grace and culture were frowned upon in favor of high physical fitness and moral integrity. The girls were also encouraged to help the males by humiliating them in public and by criticizing their exercising. Just as Spartan males were raised to become warriors, the females of Sparta were trained for their primary task: giving birth to warriorsImagine.>Tags: China Dress, Tomboy, Femdom, Impregnation

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Found some old movie called "Tomboy" when googling for tomboy chicks

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>>276241574>picture 162

>>276241950Imagine being this filled with hate

Where can I get my cute tomboy gf that loves military stuff and history?

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>>276244912Probably somewhere in the woods doing target practice

>>276244912you can't. they took it away from us.

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Guys who like tomboys are gay

>>276234106>giving a shit about what women do

>>276234574Fuck off insecure faggotDelicate fragile prancy ladies are fucking annoying as fuckTomboys are based and get me rock hard, I've only sucked like 1 dick so I'm not gay either

>>276245165fuck off tranny

>>276244868You should try it some time. Might cure your coomerism

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>>276245165Post pic of tomboys.Good quality tomboys.Not dykes or sjw-unicorns

>>276245165would go gay for qt tomboy gf

>>276244912mine is a cantonese chinese, military history nerd that refuses to leave new york city so we can never be together

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>>276245165Liking women in general is gay by your fucking logic.

>>276244411>having a gaggle of tomboys embarrass and critize you for not being able to lift enoughW-who would want such a thing

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>>276245165dilate more

>>276235982thats a spic not a tomboy

>>276245569Do you have the rest?

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>>276245317Think about it logically...I have read several tomboy memes where the most desirable tomboy traits were clearly laid out, and they were all very masculine traits. Tomboy lovers very clearly want to have romantic relationships with men, but cope by saying they want tomboy. If your only reply to this is that traps are gay, then you basically have no counter argument because of course traps are gay, but so are tomboy. Simple as.

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>>276246671They're blinded by their coomer fever, they can't think about it logically.

>>276246348Jealous bitches on tomboys .Tomboys require effort and decency.Hoes run from that.

>>276245165>being a man attracted to vagina makes you gayOk, retard.

>>276234574>sexual interest in women is a gateway into homosexualitydilate, seethe, cope etc

>>276246671>Tomboy-A girl/woman which is into strong stuff>Trap-A weak faggot trying to get dick because he can't be a man or look feminine to avoid bullies and get free protection for looks

>>276246869>having sex with women is gayk faggot i bet you kiss men with makeup on

>>276234106Tomboys are woman that have defiled themselves to the point of dressing and acting like men. They have turned against the will of God by refusing to embrace their femininity. Women are only good for two things: having kids and being nice to look at. If you're playing in the mud as a woman, you are a disgusting vile "person".

>>276247283>I am attracted to masculine people with masculine traits but it's okay because pussyThis is how it always starts. See you at the pride parade in ten years.

>>276243684>What an evil company.What a jewish company

>>276247429A women who doesn't work with her hands and is afraid of getting dirty is probably useless. You want a woman with a solid work ethic and isn't afraid to get dirty. If you choose a whore, don't be surprised when they behave like a whore.

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>>276245653That sounds hot as fuck. But then again I get hard as a rock wrestling other dudes.

>>276234574FPWPLoving pussy isn't gay you nigger. DIE.

>>276234106Tomboys and butch lesbians sre being genocided by the Ts and they know it.

>>276235982>>276236274Lmao no those are two hyperfeminine women spending atleast like 4 hours every day taking care of their appearance. This is what actual tomboys look like:

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>>276245653Imagine how awful that would be haha.

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>>276234106>>*proceeds to send her to the left indoctrinator*>>"You must be ready to butcher your genitals and take hormones until you die at a young age of organ failure, or kill yourself!"This is murder by deception.

>>276245653I want a gf that bullies me for being a gay nerd.

>>276247914If you need a 5'3 woman to do your "dirty work" for you, you are a failure of a man and a human being. Women are for children and sex, not working. This is how it's always been.

>>276247157>>276247283Observe the defense of the tomboy-lovers. They immediately deflect to the gayness of the crossdresser/trap. The bottom line that they are unable to face is that while yes, the tomboy does possess a female body(usually quite lean, and tan) ,the main focus isn't on the body, rather the main focus is on the way the tomboy acts. I dont save the tomboy fantasy shit, so maybe another user can post one. But if you were to read one you would notice that all of the things tomboy lovers desire, is associated with male behavior. And even a step farther, alot of the desire for tomboys is to get beaten/overpowered by them in wrestling or gaming or in social situations where she protects you and so on. Everytime this is brought up, they scoff and bring up trannies as a defense mechanism for their enherent queerness because trannies also have a obvious queerness to them.

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>>276248947Checked. It's only normal for men to prefer feminine women (the more feminine the better). Anything else is a sign of sexual trauma or some other undealt with trauma.

>>276248271No, that's a dyke.

>>276249335>checkedare you fucking retarded?

>>276248947Listen faggot.You will never be a woman, you will only be a perverted eunuck without a dick going around in makeup trying to harass men.Tomboys are girls though, they have what they need already.The feminity they we're born with , they are no mangled retarded nerds.They are the feminine bully of traps>Tfw no qt tomboy gf that goes around and bullies traps/fags/trannies/sjw etc

>>276249337How so? She has short hair, she carries herself in a masculine way, doesn't put any effort whatsoever into the way she looks, wears baggy clothes. What am I missing? Lmao you don't expect tomboys to actually be conventionally attractive do you?

>>276249549>He is still doing it

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>>276234106My view on the subject is that they dislike tomboys because they embrace white masculinity, and that is the very thing they set out to destroy. They wanted white males to become emasculated femboys, and they wanted the white race to be feminine, and white girls being boys and keeping white masculinity is a thron in their side because they are protected under the "trans rights" umbrella they set up to shelter their subversion with. So now they have whites acting masculine and there isnt a thing they can do about it without blowing a hole in their defenses.

>>276249486That has nothing to do with the topic.

>>276249664You posted a dyke as >>276249337anon said .Tomboys are still feminine cute. Dykes go full men

>>276249774No I'm just calling you a fucking retard because you don't know what checking a post means newfagConsider killing yourself.

>>276243087OK tranny

>>276245165you are gaytomboys the best

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>>276249868Can you post your version of a tomboy instead?

>>276239421>>276239904Anyone have the pic of the girl with the shark floatie?

>>276249676I didn't read your shit edgy faggot. And i wont waste time reading the reason to why a faggot considers tomboys to not be feminine or whatvever is your anti-tomboy-obsession.

>>276249664You're missing that it's a lesbian trying her hardest to look like a man. That's also just a straight up haircut. Tomboys have short feminine hairstyles like in the OP and would likely be wearing more sporty clothing so that she can be physically active. You cant be active when you're wearing like 4 layers of jackets and sunglasses.

>>276248947>liking woman is gay The absolute mental gymnastics on this fuck

Tomboys make the best MILFs

>Tomboys are gay!That isn't what my dick said when it was balls deep into a tomboy's tight pussy.


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>>276250098Why would you want your women to be active to begin with? Women are, biologically good for two things: sex and raising children. Tomboys are this weird in between, a freak of nature itself. You want a woman thats feminine and soft, not a man.

>>276234106Tomboys are just normal women.Before very recently only whores and aristocracy class women ( rich whores ) dressed up in dresses and used make up.

>>276249961>TrannyScreech more, faglord. I like women that act like women. You like women that act like and dress like men.>>276250091>Anti-tomboy obsession I enjoy making gay coomers seethe, no obsession here.

>>276250456Tomboys are no different from drag queens.


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>>276250399fuck off cityfag. women work in the fields too.

>>276234574fuck you nigger, go watch your big dick tranny porn somwhere else you kike

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>>276234106How is it that the people that like tomboys and the people that hate them both act like such fucking faggots?it's kind of uncanny at this point really.

>>276250399>Why would you want your women to be active to begin with?Maybe I enjoy being physically active? Wrestling with a girl is kino af, hot, and makes you feel strong. >You want a woman thats feminine and soft, not a man.There are feminine short hair cuts like the one in the OP. Tomboy doesn't mean they cant be feminine or soft. To make it clear I don't like overly muscular or man faced women.

I google Tromboy and it describes it as males acting like females, where as you incels describe it as females acting like males. Which is the correct answer? Or is it both?

>>276250505>Called a faggot coomer just for liking tomboysGet out of here with that trash sjw mindset , nigger! I like tomboys and you can't take that from me chinese-butchered-bitch-man.TOMBOY MEANS A BIOLOGICAL FEMALE WHICH IS TOUGH AND CUTE ,WILL NEVER BE GAY

>>276244912I imported mine from the Falklands.She's so qt in an 80's CF winter parka,

>>276234574>redditspacing>tranny speakFigures

>>276251144Tomboy.1985's even had a movie named like that and it's woman acting like guys to a certain degree

>Knew a really smart kinda tomboyish girl growing up>We we're basically best friends>We stopped hanging out as much in Middle school, around the same time out moms stopped talking>Eventually she starts going to a different school because its better or some shit>The last time I saw her in person was the going away party for her step-dad who had cancer>She's in college now

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>>276251158I can't stop you from being a coomer, but I can cheer trannies on as they turn them all into even more unattractive abominations

>>276250390>You will never be greg

>>276234574Roastie.Tomboys are the future.Day of the Roast soon.

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>>276251576I aint a fag to pull my pencil to video's.Nigger

>>276251821Disgusting. Looks like a tranny.

>>276251576Would you not rather have them turn back into feminine women than FTMs user?I understand if you hate tomboys, but why would you want them to become trannies and spread even more degeneracy around? Wouldn't it make more sense to try to turn them into normal women instead?

>>276248282Would wrestle, win due to superior muscle mass, then cuddle .


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>>276251821A fellow user of true taste

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>>276252191Thank you!

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>>276252191She looks like she would be a good fuck in bed but if you get out of line she will fucking clock you in the jaw

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>>276250399Physically active mom will keep the kids active, do the chores effectively and fast, and keep the household in order?Do you think a couch potato obese woman can do these? If they can,t be arsed keeping their body in shape, why would you expect them to keep the home clean.

>>276234106>tfw played rugby as a kid>tfw position was scrum half because of my height and build (small and generally good at evading the huge forwards and lanky backs)>tfw tomboy girl on team>she was always happy and full of energy and smiles>at training in a tackling drill where we took turns tackling each other >she drops me tackle after tackle with little to no resistance>i finally managed to unbalance her and drop her to the ground>she has a small giggle and big beaming smile and says "great! now do it again!">remain in a solid semi-intimate friendship for the next couple of years>tfw quit playing a few years later because school pressure with my graduation exams becomes too much

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>>276243873Based desu

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>>276235372Enjoy having manlet sons.


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>>276250960This shit is true though


>>276252564How could you?

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>>276251576You proved you’re a faggot tranny yourself. I’m not into tomboys. But they’re still women. If you “cheer” when a woman is turned into something else by the sjw pedo machine then you’ve got some shit morals. I suspect in reality you’re a tranny leftist which is why you would cheer.

>>276249676>she(male) is still doing it (being a faggot, posting gay anime pictures etc.)kys

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>>276252142I do prefer that, but they rarely outgrow tombowism if they stuck with it through highschool and usually become dykes or increasingly trannies.

>>276252599Nice reading comprehension there, broski.

>>276252564How it escaped you user?

>>276248947>observe the mental gymnastics>responds with a fucking 300 word essay to a single sentence promptThis isn't a fucking standardized test zoomzoom. You're a faggot trying to normalize faggotry and that's all there is about that. Fucking women isn't gay. Fucking men with makeup on is. I stand by my original statement. You probably kiss and fantasize about men with makeup on and their penises.

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>>276247914>*hits pipe*

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>>276252853I don't understand this obsession with trannies, are you projecting your sickness on me?

>>276246671Anon it's pretty simple. Tomboys have greater physical fitness which makes them superior wombs for child bearing.Bonus : they have thinner waists you fucking chubby chaser


>>276252921And yet you cheer them on as they damage both themselves and society because of what, spite?Say what you want about tomboyfags, but at least they don't support the continuous degradation of society just because they don't like a particular type of women, like you faggot.

>>276252564Did you keep in touch later?

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>>276234106As I see tomboys they are just girls who are not lazy to learn and enjoy hard or complex things. Tomboyness is a misunderstanding of general women shallowness.

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>>276235982Holy shit.

>>276253195Tranniesm helps to deconstruct the masculine independent women shit that society has been obsessed with for the last century. If it destroys it's victims so be it, I do not care.

>>276245569Why not wish for him to have a sister who meets those criteria he's also friends with? You're basically telling your friend you wish he didn't exist. Why not wish for both? Shit's fucked bro.

>>276253471Lmao you're such a massive faggot. Trannyism is a disease brought upon the degenerate Jewish financial cartel to further destroy the European way of life and to progress their horrible destruction upon our societies to replace them with their Marxist poisons. Transsexualism leads to pedophilia and further normalization of their agenda.And you're saying that the destruction of our way of life by propaganda and degeneracy is somehow better than a woman enjoying playing soccer?God you ae such a fucking faggot.

The jews did this.

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>>276248947B... but I want a tomboy gf to farm with. I'd sow the fields, she'd tend the veggies and the animals.

>>276254013>bottom picsGross


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>>276253855Rage more please.

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>>276254289>lol copedo a flip faggot

>>276249335newfag and lemming detected

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>>276234106Black Chan allows raids and operations I think it's a good alternative to this

>>276254030>Tell me about the rabbits, George

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Never forgive

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>>276250019He already did, leaf - >>276235982

>>276254725Teddy was a literal fag who wanted to become a trap in college.


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>>276255014This faggot needs the rope.

>>27625501443 heretics are going to die today

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>>276248476Children require work too.

>>276234106tomboys are hot. 10/10 would impregnate.

>>276255181Also source?

>>276247781You jack of to anime you faggot. Are you jealous that even tomboys are more manly than you are you slack jawed weakling poofter.


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>>276248476>t.doesn't even have a gfdrinking too much propaganda koolaid recently?

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>>276255250capre hehe

>ywn marry and make passionate love to your tomboy childhood friend

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>>276256350Me on the right.

>>276252800>>276253036>>276253328We didnt speak for a few years because she lived in the town across but played in my towns rugby club (because it was better).Sought her out after graduating and applying to university through a series of friends and friend of friends, forming a whole network of messages between schools and people where i eventually got her social media and shot her a message. She goes to a University thats about 1hr in the train (not long for Britbong standards) away from my Uni, and shes doing a sport coaching scholarship. We still talk and are good friends, most of the time meeting up for drinks and nights out.

>>276257286post tits of gtfo

>>276255014kek jelly af bitch right there

>>276257435Post your mantits first.

>>276256350before anyone asks

>>276234106>We've known for years how trannies manipulate unsuspecting teenagers to join their atrocious movement through emotional manipulation.This is how all LGBTs reproduce.

>>276257841ok troon


>>276257677and no it doesn't matter if the futa has balls or not since it's still just a (2D) woman with a dick not a transgender or whatever

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>>276234106the real fact is that a big amount of straight men see tomboys as manly women and not want anything to do with them so tomboys becone dyke lesbians. so i blame uninformed men that tomboys become lesser and lesser

>>276234106Who here /TomboyProtectionSquad/?Time for a /TPS/ General.

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>>276258648>blaming the goyim as alwaysyour propaganda is what making people think that tomboys are manly women

>>276234106any dude who enjoys spending time with women that doesn't include being cooked for or fucking them is a beta orbiting faggot. men get married to have children and that's it. ask any married guy if they want to play golf with their wife or go to a bar with their wife. men hang out with women because they want to fuck them if you are doing any activities that do not guide you towards that goal with a woman then you are a faggot

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>>276250960>Not the dick with balls of rage edit

>>276245653Casual bullying is the bedrock of any respectable relationship

>>276257423sounds like perfect girlfriend material or do you think she is too much like your male friends?

>>276258923>if they want to play golf with their wife or go to a bar with their wifeye they will say no because most women are shallow, but the cure for this shallowness is tomboyism, literally women with hobbies

>>276258923who says tomboys cant cook or make children?

>>276258881>my propagandawhat im saying is facts tho. men see women that have short hair, a little bit of abs and muscle, small breasts and play sports only men would play and say "that's a dyke" i want more tomboys but they turn into dykes on trannies not only because of lefty brain washing but rejection of men that see what they do as "dyke-like"

>>276257423MARRY HER

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>>276259467oh boyo, if your fucked ilk did not spread shit that makes tomboys out to be ftm trans in denial maybe the number of tomboys turned dykes would go down

>>276248947Bro she has a vagina so you can do mental parcour sessions all day long but it wont be gay.Everyone here simply wants a Tomboy gf because Tomboy gfs are actually interesting characters you enjoy to spend time with for who they are, someone who can handle herself and can keep up with you in things you enjoy. Its literally just the best of both worlds, a girl with male hobbies and without any drama, gay shit or narcissism that is so inherent to the modern female. A girl who is both your partner and your best friend.Thats all there is to it. Most people here just want to be with a real, interesting person instead of someone who is as interesting as a wooden plank with a smiley face drawn on it.

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>>276260148well said, the true white man desires a partner not a hole that can vomit out a kid


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>>276260345you realise i want more tomboys to exist right? and i hate the trannies and leftest that brain-wash them into becoming fellow trannies and dykes?

>>276257915read my mind, thanks user

>>276260668what are you on about? you were posting demoralization

>>276260553Yeah. I think "partner" is the word in question here. You want an actual "partner", not someone you only keep around because of their vagina.

>>276234106Doesn anybody got the pic of a cute girl with pixi haircuz in a red bikini and then the after pic of her as a transboy with tunnels in the earlobes and cut of tits? And the other pic of a sinister smiling surgeon and a teenage girl with removed tits?

tomboys must REALLY make trannies seethhoneslty i prefer feminine women but i can see the appeal

>>276234574Fuck off

>>276261165Will there be war in Cyprus soon?

>>276260878or you don't understand what i mean't and misinterpret what i said

>>276259264>>276259206I don't think anyone in this thread has hung out with a tomboy before.

>>276259675This.>>276257423Ask her out you fucking numbnuts.I married my childhood tomboy friend and I have never regretted it.


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>>276261413>gasligthing kikewhat a surprise

>>276259119>>276259675>sounds like perfect girlfriend materialshe is, but the possibility of me managing to actually ask her that is out of the table. Not because she is partnered with anyone else, but because I cant parse romance very well. I prefer the friendly laddish banter that we have already, without the lovey dovey shite thrown in the mix.>too much like your male friendsnot at all, if anything, shes more masculine than most of them

>>276260148you all sound like a woman> I want someone with an interesting personality > we have to share the same hobbies.> they have to like me for memen don't care about any of that shit they just want to have an attractive wife that can cook.

>>276261770>kikeim not a kike and you are gaslighting yourself gypsy. understand the english language before you enter an english site

>>276262178>petty insultskeep trying

There's this local kayak instructor I'm really into.She's a total hot river hippie.

>>276262089scared to have a relationship eh? or why do you want your pair for life to be just utility

>>276234574Tomboys are the most patrician of tastes

>>276235982that's my exact door, sink, mirror, etc. weird

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>>276241413Gauges user


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>>276261842Honestly the best thing you can do is be yourself. If you two already get along all you probably need to do is to throw some flirting into the mix, occasionally, when it fits and other wise be a little condescending and have banter. If you two are alone and talking about more topics close to heart be genuine and upstanding. Girls love nothing more than a guy who can be genuine and if you present yourself as somebody she can rely on and feels like you are genuine when you two click then you are basically set. Just see where it goes lad. If you two can really get along well and not just in the sense that you can stand each other, but that you can laugh and have fun together and doing what you do around her comes natural, you're already on the right track. Girls arent that different from men. We all want someone who makes us feel good and to whom we can be open about the things we love and who we are. Drop some casual flirting into the mix and see where it goes. Like nothing cheesy or edgy even if its just something snappy when the moment is right. Best of luck. May the ship sail.

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>>276262440you think tomboys are interested in a relationship lol? They'll fuck all your friend group, they won't cook or clean, they'll probably adopt some foreign kid before they even think about dumping their birth control because >im just like one of the guys ain't no simp gonna tie me down

>>276261842i see. Well you should ask if she sees you as a friend or something more. Maybe the "romance part" will become easier.

>>276243873godwilling we will all make it bros

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>>276262089Yeah but thats the thing. Some men just want relationships that are more than just utility.If I get married I plan to stick with that person for a while so might as well make it someone I enjoy being around.

>>276234574You are a fucking fag you know that?

>>276262824nigga that u

>>276234574that's like saying weed is a gateway drug. you're an idiot and I hope you learn the error of your ways

>>276244411> The girls were also encouraged to help the males by humiliating them in public and by criticizing their exercisingThat is interesting, they knew about womens tendency to use shaming tactics and they used it to benefit them rather than erode them from the inside out like how jews are doing right now.

>>276263193>projects in an attempt to demoralizemust have touched a nerve, tell me how would all the things you listed not happen with a regular woman?

>>276245569Too relatable.

>>276263193Cope and false.

>>276263193>things that can happen with literally any woman

>>276261842Listen here Nigel good things don't come often and as you get older it becomes more and more rare.I want you to seriously sit down and imagine having a family with her and if this is the kind of person you would enjoy growing old with.If the answer to that question is yes then you have to realize if you never asked her that will never be a possibility.I might not be good with relationships but I can tell you what not to do.What you need to do is not to be a coward and have at least a small degree of outright selfishness.Realize that is a pathway to happiness and to have it you must seize it.

>>276246671You're forgetting the part where a tomboy has female genitalia and at the end of the day is biologically capable of fulfilling the role of woman.That's the thing that separates tomboys from traps and people who mutilate their bodies over propaganda.

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>>276261842Just fucking do it you pussy holy shit what is wrong with you.

>>276263230>>276261842I wouldnt be so direct, ngl. Being that blunt can backfire.

>>276263808>>276263802>>276263672I'm not saying it won't happen with a regular woman, but if you think it's not going to happen with a tomboy you guys are retarded. Have you ever hung out with a tomboy before? Or is your only experience with them via 4chan memes? You're in for a rude awakening.

>>276264071I've been married to my tomboy childhood friend for 13 years and we have two children together. We would both consider having more.


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>>276264071sure boyo, all of them are exactly like that and this was totally not an attempt to demoralize

>>276264071>Have you ever hung out with a tomboy before?I have. One of my best friends got with one and she knitted him a scarf last time I visited.The other one I know wanted to go to the military but couldnt because she had a heart condition. Not actually a tomboy in terms of haircut but a Tomboy in terms of personality. And a story for which I still feel anger about not getting with her.

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A woman is not expected to be anything more than she is. However, she who wishes to is more than capable of being just a woman.

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>>276262910I was gonna thank you but I've seen shit I wish I hadn't seen now.

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>>276259675Source on this?


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>>276243873I smiled and had tears welling up reading that. I thought they dried up long ago.

I like my tomboys to still have some softness, with big tits and thick thighs.

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>>276264187you guys met young and married early that's the exception>>276264300>>276264313All I'm saying is the second you start looking at women in terms of hobbies and interests instead of the pure primal reproduction and can she cook for me and my offspring is the second women will start treating you like you are inferior. Tomboys included, tomboys especially


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>>276264889>not marrying early with a tomboy childhood friendngmi

>>276258846/TSG/ - Tomboy Supremacy GeneralThe time has come to admit that the Tomboy is peak female form.Aesthetically, Physically, and Emotionally superior to normal females; the rare and precious breed of tomboys are constantly under attack and must be preserved.ITT: we gather resources and information to justify what we all know in our hearts to be true.GOALS:Establish a means to convey the message to women everywhere that the Tomboy lifestyle is encouraged, respected, adored, and is attractive.Diminish the false claims that Tomboys are in-the-closet transgender individuals, and stop any body mutilation before it can occur.

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>>276264889>still trying in case you have a wife, i bet you are using your job as escapism from her

>>276243606>>276241413Maybe in the west.

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>>276234106I wouldn't fuck a tomboy but I'm sad the onyl females I can tolerate as friends are going extinct.

>>276252406>a good fuck in bedYou sure you've sex before, buddy?

>>276265377why would you want sex and companionship in two different person, when you can have it in one?

>>276265181nah heres the sad reality. I have a friend from high school she's a tomboy. We slept together on and off for about 10 years but because she's a strong tomboy and can do anything she wants she decided she wanted to move out of state to pursue some retarded degree instead of sticking around and having kids. She's been engaged to a dude for 3, count em 3 years and throughout that entire time I've been fucking her tomboy brains out any time she comes back to our home town. That poor fuck thinks he found himself a girl thats just like him, enjoys hiking, enjoys the outdoors, can keep up with him at the bar, but really all he found was a post-wall penis riddled slut that will probably dump him right before they get married. I honestly feel sorry for him and anyone else who falls for this shitty meme

No tomboy oni to punch in the gut.

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>>276265653I just don't want sex.

The only dudes into tomboys I can kinda understand are ones who want to help them embrace their femininity. The rest of you are faggots

>>276265747and everyone clapped


>>276234574I've always thought it was friendless faggots who wanted best friends as kids who now as adults are basically projecting all the masculine qualities they wanted onto women. Wanting to fuck a woman who acts like any isn't any more normal than women who are interested in Kpop singing men in makeup, it's clearly something messed up. Real tomboys are all nasty dykes anyway. Wanting a super feminine looking woman who wants to act like a man is retardedly contradictory.


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>>276236274That’s a lesbian

>>276263151>>276263812Ill try my hardest anons. I just really dont want to fuck this up.

>>276266024Took a while to swallow it, but asexuality truly is the final redpill.

>>276240184Women that can handle their own are sexy, not this stronk inpenent women bullshit they meander around

>>276265994>Wanting a super feminine looking woman who wants to act like a man is retardedly it's totally what people want and not a female with less feminefaggotry

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>>276266188you meant to say blackpill, apathy is the result of the blackpill

>>276265891This one knows, wanting women act like men isn't natural.

>>276266130Stop overthinking and do it.

>>276250960>that pic...had a tomboy GF back in high. I had it all, the wrestling with each other, the action/anime movies we watched (we loved watching Kill Bill a lot), and she still cooked for me. Then it happened to my ex back in 2009, she took some college course on (((gender studies))) and became a dyke because (((reasons)))...we were with each other for 9yrs, she was my high school sweetheart anons...

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>>276266188>>276266442No he's right. It's not really apathy, it's freeing your mind from the hunger for flesh. We waste so much time and energy on sex. That can be used on bettering not only yourself, but those around you.

>>276266741you type like a fucking glownigger

>>276266344>feminefaggotryLiterally mentally ill, imagine hating women for being feminine and not masculine, you know, the part that's actually natural to them.

>>276266442Not apathy user, far from it. I just refuse to waste my precious life energy on succubi instead of letting it flourish and garneshing it for a higher understanding of Reality.Tl:dr being a permavirgin gives access to higher level spells.

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>>276241413The real waste is the DNA that would be transferred to your children and all of us here are relieved.

>>276266741Im sorry user, but when the time comes. Remember what they took from you.

>>276266830to each of their own then