Terf to Alt-Right Pipeline

Anyone else have an ex-feminist gf who they fucked into being rightwing??

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>"rightwing">having sex outside of marriage

I have a Pakistani girlfriend who used to be liberal but I converted her to voting Boris and supporting BrexitProud boyfriend

>>276231986I'd love to put my half asian cock in that racist bitch's pussy

>>276232088based. checked. op completely blow the fuck out forever.

>>276231986You mean whore* to alt-kike* pipeline?

>>276232088Yes, marriage is Jewish.

>>276231986I have a German wife that is extremely left wing and i taught her to shut her fucking mouth and is working on producing our 4th Child. Also, she doesn't teach the kids anything, she just watches as I teach the kids about how evil Jews are and how brown people are destroying the world.


>>276232246Slightly different but my grandma was planning to vote Lib Dem but I convinced her to at least think about the Tories.She's really based and redpilled now since Covid

>>276232322Doubt she'd be able to feel ya bro.

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>>276231986Lacey had strict Mormon parents and went far-left to spite them. It was only a matter of time before she became a traditional Christian woman again.

>>276231986Yeah we got married last week.

>>276231986i liked the "gendercritical" plebbit filled with angry disgusting dykes harassing trannies and complaining that alpha chads were able to pull better pussy than themAny idea were all the dykes migrated?

>>276232476Nazi whores love cocks of other races, just like racist white men love watching interracial porn

>>276231986I had a bisexual, feminist ex-girlfriend. I wasn't able to change her view of life, but I redpilled her on the double think of the left embracing LGBT and Muslims at the same time. A few videos of Muslims calling for the death of homosexuals in the West was enough to make her flip.

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>>276232857>he believes the jewish propaganda himself.Always good to se leftists getting high on their own supply commie bro.Leftist delusion is one of the best allies we have.

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>>276232419What is the trick?

>>276232246>Dating a Paki

>>276232401even ancient white pagans got married. they just had different rules and customs and rituals than the jews

>>276232476Based MC

>>276232857> when a leftists bait-post in order to demoralize you thinking that it will stop the upcoming day of the rope but your dick is still so hard from all the commies that were slaughtered in the recent years that you impregnate your girlfriend feels good manand you feel bad

>>27623324>>276233248Imagine being so butthurt that you have to blame everything on the jews. What a joke.

>>276233291just find a woman, guide her, and make sure she doesn't have a "career"

>>276233291Pull a fingernail, break her fingers, knock out a tooth. if it doesn't work then it is broken and has to be repaired in the workshop. Please do not dispose of in the trash.

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>>276232088>marrying in the USAfucking retard

>>276233838>Dude stabs you in the back>>"Why you so butt hurt your blaming everything on him bro!?!"I dont blame the Jews bro.I blame my ancestors for not dealing with the jews.In so far as i am given a chocie?I won't make the same mistake.

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>>276233291well, i have a big pension that cant be touched if she leaves me and she was a nerdy legal librarian with no boyfriend most of her life. And I "let her go to work", i am basically a pimp but instead oof whoring her body, i send her to a large law firm. Also, never treat her too well. She says, "You would just leave and get a younger woman and make new kids." When she gets upset and since she is powerless, she just accepts it 99% of the time. We just hit 8 years together yesterday. Also, her Grandmother loved me and was matriarch of her family. When i came in, i said that shit was going to end and i got her Dad on my side and brought her Great uncle more into the family, etc. ( he was on the outs because he literally fought for best Germany )

>>276231986>Holla Forums>gfslol

>>276232857Found the kike

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>>276234235Honestly this, the ones who are redpilled learned the hard way. I suggest missionaries from South America, Dutch if you can manage it

>>276232401Marriage in the US, legally, is kike trash. Pair-bonding is sacred and should be a religious rite.

>>276233291There is no trick, never date left wing, don't be friends with left wing, don't work for left wing. Anyone that tells you different is delusional.

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>>276233838nice memeflag moshe

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>>276231986That's a leftist delusion.Terfs are literally the same as them, except they disagree on the tranny issue.

>>276232246Hi Ethan Ralph, its me, Gator!

>>276234333>she was a nerdy legal librarian with no boyfriend most of her life. meaning a lesbo, she's only in it because that lifestyle has an expiry date

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>>276234333Noice, thanks for the story burger-user.

>>276231986More Lacy plz. She looks like my wife did 20 years ago. It makes me sad and diamonds all at once. Such an odd sensation.

>>276231986Dumbass. Women are mental chameleons. It’s a survival trait to take on the characteristics of her partner, at least during the courtship phase. It used to be that they’d maintain that throughout the relationship because it led to a greater chance of the male continuing to support her, but since now they have Daddy Welfare State they don’t have to bother.

>>276231986No, because I don't fuck feminists. You're just asking for a false rape claim once they discover you voted Trump.

>>276234851She isn't into women Malaka, but even if that were true and it isn't. I am 100% okay with men taking Lesbians as breeding stock and forcing them into servitude. She just didn't really have a massive social network and had low self esteem and grew up in a very rural area. Also, I gave her a job at my Step mother's business and all the women there helped indoctrinate her and that is SUPER effective against females. When she sees all the other white women with 4+ white babies and they are pressuring her, well, they fall in line. Basically, I read up about all the "Bad things" that the feminists complain about men doing and did those things, because the Jewish feminists obviously want relationships to fail.

>>276235608No problem. I am sure stuff is hard for you in Belgium. Half the country is Moroccan and other stuff. Just treat women like the Mud men do, which is more traditional and how whites used to. Treating them like people is a bad idea and ends in ruin for culture, country and people.

>>276232471How was the sex?

>>276235608P.S. I also NEVER used a condom and knocked her up right away. i never pretended I would use a condom and that helps a lot. Most women are really turned on by it too. Condoms are basically for cucks and hookers, but the jews have made the situation hard for people who do not have money that cannot be touched by anything.

>>276231986My wife had a septum piercing and weird opinions, now she’s into home birth, house wife stuff and home schooling.I was pretty harsh on her, threatening to leave her if the kids got her surname or if she took an ultrasound etc.Just gotta keep the balance of power sound, cuz once the kids start popping out they gain a whole bunch of bargaining!

>>276231986Yup, this works great. Once feminists get a proper dicking, they all turn. The only people responsible for the number of feminists out there are the beta cucks who don’t know how to fuck.

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>>276232401Sexual freedom is Jewish.

>>276235933>>276236109>>276236406Based department

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>>276236406>condomsVery true. Women are as turned on by being bred as guys are by doing the breeding Condoms tell the female brain that you are infertile

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>>276235804>t virginIf a woman enjoys sex with she will literally carry rocks across broken glass to avoid losing that.Why the fuck do you think women voluntariily suffer child birth dude??

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>>276235804Just LARP as a Libertarian for a few years. My wife started as an 18 year old far leftist, ten years later she is now more racist than I am

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>>276231986Look at the realness of that tattoo

>>276237449>>276237497The funny thing is, this thread got me thinking and i asked her why should thought our relationship worked and she answered, "I just ignore everything political that comes out of your mouth." The funny part is, she remains silent, which is how a woman should be and doesn't interfere with my teaching our children. So, it ends up being win win. I don't want a woman to speak about anything religious or political and as long as she takes no active measures to contradict me, i don't see an issue either.

>>276231986Yes actually... lmao I broke up with her though, but she still says thanks to me shell never date outside of the race.

>>276232246>race mixing



>>276236802This is basically how women work. Women are shit testing men all the time. The reality is, you can't be soft or nice to them. My brother married a based Latvian girl that browses Holla Forums but she still shit tests him in different ways, but still a more relaxed and easy going relationship than any I have had in my life. But even with a Eastern European Trad wife, you will have constant shit tests.

>>276232246Take her for a nice drive over a cliff you fucking knobhead

>>276235802This is so true lol, I'm not far right/left or anything really but I notice this a lot in high school. Girls will completely flip their personality/beliefs depending on who they're dating.

>>276237762>>276237762>18 year old far leftistWhat does that mean like a sjw or a communist? (srry i'm a young guy in highschool)>ten years later she is now more racist than I amhow is that possible? is it against particular people in general like anti-semetic or against black ppl or?

>>276235933Can you name the most important please Mr. Burger?

>>276239735>Girls will completely flip their personality/beliefs depending on who they're dating.Simps try to do the same thing, and then the woman doesn’t know what to believe and think anymore. Simps literally cause women to have existential identity crisis

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>>276240711True, although some with some girls they flip the roles and the simps absorb their views which is usually some far-left communist shite

Brazilian gf hates Bolsonaro and Trump, dick pilling her slowly into becoming at the very least libertarian but ideal situation is for her to become apolitical.

>>276234333Poor old great uncle. Risks life for his country against impossible odds. Becomes black sheep of the family

>>276240150She was a septum pierced, tattooed, blue haired, Unitarian feminist protestorShe now hates niggs, Jews, bug people, Mexicans, poor people, gays, etc. Believes in 1488, loves Hitler, and has long blonde hair and raises our children to traditional values

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>>276241396Such a dramatic turn sounds fake no disrespect, also I think women should just be apolitical

>>276231986did Laci ever show her tiddies? Asking for a friend

>>276234333checkedyour wife is cheating on you

>>276241003He has 3 sons, he passed away just recently, but with my help, he regained a lot of status in his family and by the end we would sit at family gatherings drinking beer as the women brought us food laughing and having a good time. I kind of hijacked the whole family at this point. It is kind of because my woman's brother is a loner, dark metal guy with no girlfriend or prospects of having his own family. He will be my next project when we get back to Germany. We came to the US so I could try to fix my family and take care of sick parents. It is hard work trying to fix these people broken by the jews.

>>276242552HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHADude, she wouldn't have the balls to do that. I have dated women that would fuck around on me and she isn't even close. In fact, she was basically a-sexual before I came along. There is a 0% chance she would cheat on me. Keep telling yourself this though to make yourself feel better.

>>276231986i have a formerly fascist wife who is now stalinist. there was no need to tweak ideologies at all, just loves the reds now and rejects the catholic church as a bunch of faggots. my work is done.

>>276231986Whatever happened to Laci Green? I miss her fat nerd titties

>>276232088yes. for men at least

>>276232088Wrong. Shotgun weddings have been a thing for a thousand years.


>>276232088Check these HH digits.

>>276242795If it wasn't confirmed before, it definitely is now. She can absolutely find someone better than you.

>>276239277I'm a nob why?I got her to start taking BC so now when I coom it's straight inside her instead of a Durex johnny.Amazing feeling

>>276243566LOL. No she can't and she knows it. It wouldn't really matter anyway. I told her about your post and she laughed and said, "I haven't left the house in 8 months and I would just leave you anyways because I know you would find out and just leave." Which is correct. Women are but dirty from which my seed grows. If I had to find out myself, I would punch her in the face once. If she told me I would wish her well and then leave. Get mad about your shitty life and relationships. My woman knows what is best for her and our 3 going on 4 children.

>>276231986ITT: things that never happened

>>276231986I converted a muslim indian girl i used to date into a christian. One of my proudest moments

>>276239051Shit test is biological hardwiring. The female needs to double check if the alpha is still an alphaThat's my theory

>>276243934Man, sounds like you're a real keeper. You might have shown her our posts but did you show her yours? If you did and she still wants to be with you, she's as retarded as you are and it sounds like maybe you actually DO deserve each other.I just feel bad for the kids. Hopefully they're able to still carve a path out for themselves despite their narcissistic, moron father poisoning their upbringing.I know this is 4chan and all that, but seriously bro, check yourself because you're a real piece of shit if you believe this nonsense you're spewing.

>>276232088>getting fucked by marriage/divorce/custody laws

>>276231986Yes. We play spot the Jew on a regular basis because she’s witness my Hebrew Identifying Prowess so often.

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>>276241396>>276242051>tattoos, piercings, hair dye and christianity>far leftthat's just your garden variety millennial adolescent. All you did was tip the scales.

>>276231986Yes. She's pretty addicted to my tongue and my fingers.Unusually I'm 6'2" and my fingers are pretty long.

>>276242051I was also a far leftist until I was ~27. Hippie communes, naked fixed gear bicycle rides, punk rock, etc.Far Leftism promotes anarchy. If you take anarchy seriously you have to admit that Libertarianism is the most anarchist-friendly political party, not Socialism.Once you’ve done that, you’re now interacting with traditionally conservative positions, like 2A and capitalism, on friendly terms. Once you’re interacting with conservative positions, you’re suddenly exposed to a bunch of statistics and events that the liberal-sphere doesn’t tell you.Get exposed to enough of those data points in a short period of time, and your politics swings extremely in a short span of time. Even if you’re still antiracist you’re forced to admit that traditionalism is the best system for everybody involved.Once you’re open to traditionalism, it’s game over.Paradigm shifts are extreme, and belief in Anarchism creates the conditions for a Traditionalist paradigm shift if the conditions are right. Pic related.

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>>276231986My gf is Asian and thus redpilled out-of-the-box...however I suspect that your gf is less likely to be drawn to the bluepill since she's already seen the other side.

>>276244479Yes, she saw what I posted. She said, "We could bother have better fits, her with someone less racist and me with someone more racist, but not better overall. She loves me and knows I will protect her and take care of her and make her laugh and she loves me and doesn't need anything else." because in the end, women just want security physical and financial. You are either very young, very stupid or very jew or brown. No matter the case, you do not belong on the pol, because you are really brainwashed

>>276231986My wife. She wasn't a feminist but when I met her she was starting to eat the leftist media burgher having left leaning opinions and I don't tolerate those in my house.

>>276238136Great for you user and congratulations, that's the way it is to be

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>>276245820I rest my case. Good luck, dude. Wish you the best.

>>276231986Good for you. Embrace your evolutionary self. Beta men can be become alpha men. Females evolutionarily will respond to trad-evolutionary gruff, stoic alphas way more than cheerful, tolerant leftists and liberals. Women cannot ignore their evolutionary imperatives.

>>276246021Thanks based BRo.Keep getting white birth rates up in Brazil.

first of all please define what you understand as "right wing" >Conservative >National Socialism>Fascism >Libertarian>Monarchist>AnCap >Simply someone against 6000000 gender>or whatever the fuck is in between

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>>276246225Not all beta men can become alpha men, a percentage are actually betas, but a lot of beta men are only beta because of Jewish media and upbringing.

>>276231986>TERF shilling user returnsNo.

I always thought lacey was a jew but she's actually lebanese and I find her hot

>>276245403Being open to traditionalism is one thing I can get on board with, but actively hating other peoples I'm not with, I have friends that are black/diff races etc. Kinda seems like you and ur wife like extreme beliefs, how do you know you won't go back to far leftism?

>>276231986Becoming a TERF was literally my gateway into the right wing. And then when plebbit shut down all our subs I found this place and now I'm stuck here forever

>>276232088based digits

>>276232471The tories are pro immigration too even more so than labour I heard

>>276246803Thanks, i will user, its really good see posts like your on 4chan, because i just turned 20 some days ago and these type of posts help me to be what i want and what is better for me, see you later.

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Not a feminist, but she was definitely on the blue pilled spectrum. She had a non-blood related Jewish grandmother figure. She now despises those parasites and the niggers they spawn. One of her favorite songs is shootouts by Mr. Bond. You can do it too user, just be alpha, and a good example for her.

>>276248531Your understanding of hate is a cartoonYour friends from other races hate white people, and yet they’re perfectly capable of being friends with you. Your Muslim friends hate Christians. Your gay friends hate straight people. This is the norm, and there’s nothing wrong with it.I hate liberals, and yet I am friends with liberals. I hate black people, and one of my best friends is black. I’d like blacks to go back to Africa, Asians to go back to Asia, that doesn’t mean I can’t enjoy the company of them in the mean time

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>>276250087Bro maybe hate is too strong of word then? My friends from other races definitely don't hate white ppl, in fact most of the sjws who go on about white this and that, are white themselves. How can you be friends with ppl you hate?


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>>276245820yeah nah, you haven't talked to a woman in at least 2 years and you're definitely a virgin. Keep larping

>>276234595It’s extremely hard not to work fir left wing if you work in tech.

>>276236802I hope you help with the kids and aren’t one of those absentee Eurodads.

>>276250749I made this just for you.She is dying yarn for knitting right now, but I interrupted her

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>>276251630wash your hands

>>276251630Disgusting fat chick hands. Tell her to lose weight.

>>276250440We didn’t invent using the word that way. Going by your definition of hate, no one really hates anyone, not even the KKK.I believe vigilantes should hang black rapists, but that doesn’t mean I wouldn’t play PlayStation with a friendly nigger.I believe black people are naturally stupider than whites and Asians, but that doesn’t mean I wouldn’t have a beer with one.

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>>276232246more like Holla Forumsoyfriend amicorrect

>>276251172It can be done. I said nigger to a black guy at a work function, and my boss told me I’m only allowed to say nigger inside his office with the door closed.


>>276249207Parabéns anãoQue você pode arrumar uma namora que vai te amar para sempre

>>276232534This is actually pretty goddamn accurate. Lots of people seem to have a similar trajectory in terms of their politics over the course of their lives.

>>276252407she had her hand bent up at a funny angle that made her hands look fatter.I do tell her to lose weight though. Pic related, it's her, but we do have 3 kids and 1 on the way.

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>>276234288>p-pure coincidence goy

>>276253307Congrats on taking the plain jane pill

>>276234339I am the only man on here who has touched a lot of quality boobs (some really bad ones too)

>>276253845It is the right way to go. Turn down the girls over a 7.

>>276243249and it's a damn shame that they fell out of popularity

>>276253845P.S. She like Star Trek Voyager, so I call her "6 of 10" and she gets mad but laughs.

>>276247280God that's so fucking hot!

>>276253307I honestly don't know what's sadder, you openly shittalking your wife to strangers online or them trying to pretend you don't have a wife to feel better about themselves

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>>276255235Well, I shit talk to her. I am trying to get a point across to these young guys that you have to stop treating women like they are people and being a nice guy. It just causes all kinds of issues and destroys the white race. Some people have this thing called, "a sense of humor" and is probably the best quality to find in a woman.

You can never turn a social media whore into a housewife. She will lie to appease you and keep you complacent while she thinks of reconnecting with one of her many past fuck-buddies on social media, but she does not truly believe the things you do.

>>276231986Right wingers say this, but then I hear them complain that women reject them for their views or they have to lie about them to get laid (which is itself a sad symptom of yearning). Problem is this board is focused on masculine posturing despite women actually liking "basedboy" types and empathetic men to some extent. Women like men who groom themselves even if men won't admit it. They generally find beards and partners who have high openness to experience to be attractive, and men who are genuinely moral but protective warm their heart in a way genocidal maniacs do not. The girls who want dangerous types are usually either young or have troubled lives themselves, like drug addicts. Being a hardass gets old quickly and isn't actually conductive to good decision making because you have to compromise emotional composure and take stupid risks to keep up your foolish caricature of what a man is supposed to be.I would never demean my girlfriend's intelligence on the internet so I can brag to anonymous strangers that I "conquered" her in the service of a political meme. Love, real love, is way too precious for that kind of disrespect. Fascism is nothing less than the mass abandonment of unconditional love for a tyranny that cherishes war and murder. I hope you all see the oneness of life someday.

>>276256250This is a no Jews board

>>276257533I don't believe for a second that you think I'm actually Jewish. It's just a very flexible phrase to frame opposing thought as an external enemy.

>>276231986>Terf to Alt-Right Pipeline>actual thing which exists in realityMaybe in the defective minds of TRS cuckolds married to single mothers.

>>276232088Marriage is outlawed in almost half of all US states.en.wikipedia.org/wiki/No-fault_divorce

>>276258139No, you actually talk like a Jew. I think it’s extremely likely you’re Jewish.>every damn time


>>276253307If non-LARP, good for you user and thank you. She sounds wonderful, and you're doing your part.

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>>276232419Fucking hero.

>>276259885>>276260951Thanks, but I am just here to let other, younger men know that it can be done. She just has to know that she is replaceable. It doesn't mean you do not love her, but just like your car that doesn't work right, you can go get a new one. Sometimes it is easier than fixing the broken one. Women are pretty easy after you figure them out but don't waste time on ones that don't fall in line, (YOU) are worth way more than they are.


>>276232088checked and FPBP!>>276242795>reddit spacing>HAHAHAHAHAHAWhoops, showed your vulnerability a little too much there nigger.You are not a white man, you bring dishonor to our people and your ancestors by the way you treat your wife, you act like a brown couple.

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>>276262159It is funnier to say "Colonized"

>>276261934Thanks man. I raise my glass up to you.

>>276232246Bleaching the poo

>>276232322Its a pretty lazy shoop

Yikes, you sounds highly insecure

>>276262853how so?

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Ive always wanted to breed her kosher womb with my BUCGC (Big uncircumsized catholic goyim cock) while she was tied up.

>>276232246lol. what a faggot. kys you traitor. literally swallowed by brown invader. your children will be moslems.good bye uk.

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>>276238136>"I just ignore everything political that comes out of your mouth."She can still vote in elections though. Use gofundme and support lgbt and racemixers online..

>>276231986She is lying here next to me