Russian-Serbian diplomatic war

Russian Foreign Ministry Spokeswoman Maria Zakharova published a protocol photo that pictured the Serbian leader sitting on a chair in front of Trump’s table. The diplomat also posted a photo with the well-known scene from "Basic Instinct" movie and a comment: "If you are invited to the White House and the chair is placed as if you are being interrogated, sit down like on photo number two. No matter who you are. Just believe me."The post drew criticism from Serbian Defense Minister Aleksandar Vulin, Director of the Office for Kosovo and Metohija Marko Duric and Vucic.

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>>276228800Cepбы yжe нe бpaтyшки?

>>276229916Бpaтyшки. Oни жe нe хoхлы, пpocтo их пpeзидeнт мyдaк.

>>276228800I can't. MY balls would be in the way.

Our leaders are just sensitive little bitchesMaria is right

Fuck Russian hohols

Russians are crass and uneducated.

>>276228800both the russians and serbians are clueless in the game of life. and what does the bible say about people perishing for lack of knowledge ?

I don't get it, what is she trying to say? That the serbian guy is a whore?

>>276231055Eat shit

>>276231055>>276231164Seethe and D8, jews.

>>276228800>be insecure and hide in defensive position like medumb cunt

why didn't he just sit in the chair like this?

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>>276231174Yes and she is right

>>276231514way to prove him wronng, mongol

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she wants men to cross their legs like homos to assert dominance?

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>>276231525>using sodomite language while being the actual sodomite in the conversationhell is destructive !

>>276231174seething the US influenced a country that is supposed to be under their influencetypical butthurt, nothing particularly interesting

could've sat like this. men don't sit with their legs crossed like women you dumb bimbo

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>>276231514I rest my case.

>>276231772Show flag cockhole

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>>276231929He got kinelferer, he”s 2/3 female.

or lastly, he could've walked up to the chair, spin it around 180 and sit on it like this while staring at trump

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>>276231055This, they're subhuman half-breeds. Every Russian I have ever met was disgusting.

>>276232522I have met some nice ones but the weather has made them bipolar, they are the original cowboys in a way. Mad as fucking hatters.


>>276228800>Not having your ass at the front of the seat leaning back and having your legs outstretched with your ankles crossed all the while tapping your fingers together looking like a relaxed mastermind.Retarded politicians.

>>276231164What doesn’t it say about it

Russians aren't bad. They just have gopniks and don't smile which is weird. You can relax around them though and usually they don't seem to mind westerners

>>276233037Read the whole thing, they literally got nothing out of it.

>>276228800>Russian Foreign Ministry Spokeswoman Maria Zakharova published a protocol photo that pictured the Serbian leader sitting on a chair in front of Trump’s table. The diplomat also posted a photo with the well-known scene from "Basic Instinct" movie and a comment: "If you are invited to the White House and the chair is placed as if you are being interrogated, sit down like on photo number two. No matter who you are. Just believe me."Based Mapиa :)

>>276232522You mutts aren't even human to begin with.

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>>276233552Delete this you faguette

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>>276228800Based and savage. Fuck these traitors running Serbia, Vulin is a gyppo.

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If pic related would still be alive all of that humiliating faggotry would not have happened.

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>>276229916>бpaтyшки yжe пpocтo Cepбы I always wanted to write something in Soviet language

>>276235197You mean moon runes

>>276228800shes right

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>>276228800>Corona distancing>Like you are being interrogated.Why is Kremlin propaganda so lame?

>>276228800Kek even Russia is dropping the Serbs hahahaha who will they suck off next?

>>276233552>this murders the shartbesides don't you amerigoblins have sone niggers to kneel to? how do you even have time for copeposting on Holla Forums when you should be prepping your wives for some "reparations" kek

>>276237311Serbian people are bros

>>276237495Shut the fuck up you're from poor man's Italy

>>276236603Their elites are low tier kikes and high tier mongols.

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Are ruskies going to lose another Slavic brother?

Maria zaharova is the most seething bitch ever There is a video of her dancing with chechens and other subhumans She's a cocksucking bitch

>>276239244Russians or slavs in general don't know basic diplomatic rules. That's why America and Albanians are cucking them in the balkans

>>276239447I was just asking if the Russians are going to drop the Serbs over this?They already lost Bulgaria and they’re running out of Slavic bros to run operations fromAlso are you Albanian by chance? Just wandering

>>276238117That's because they are far away from you. And always kept their distance even during cold war ;-)

>>276239644Russia will not loose Serbia over this because your average Serb likes Russiaalso he is not an albo but a Bosnian refugee living in Switzerland

>>276232522Why do all Russian men try to make their voices as deep as possible, while all the women sound like 6 year old girls? Russians are like living cartoon characters.

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>>276239893Oh I guess that makes sense, I thought he was an albo because the ones I have talked to hate all Slavs and lump them all in with serbs, Bulgars FYROMdonians etcBosnians are just Muslims Serbs anyway right?

>>276239346Go hang yourself albonigger trash. Your pathehic cockroach country is such a dumpster fire that if all of you inbreds moved to Africa even fucking niggers would treat you as a worthless piece of shit.

>>276231919>US influenced a countryIsrael. Trump is a spokesperson for Israel's intent.

>>276240170Bosnians are Muslim Serbs and Croats,and are despised for it.

>>276239644>>276240170>I was just asking>oh I guess that makes senseWhy do you talk like a cuck

>>276239893The average Serb doesn't give a shit about Russia>>276240320>still protects Maria zaharova>eventhough she just BTFO SerbsSerbs are a slave race

>>276231055Sais the guy who never wrote in cursive or can recite any poem...

>>276240656that too but your average Serb still likes Russia and every other non balkan slavic country

>>276240365Croats are catholic Serbs but they were ruled over by germs instead of Turks >>276240393>why do you talk like a cuckWhy do you not show your flag? You hate Serbia so much that you continue to talk shit from a first world nation, stop bringing your tribal hatred of serbs from the third world to the west if you’re so proud to be Bosnian

>>276233869That was a good episode, his autism reached its own level of sentience.

>>276240824That's a lie, you should be friendly to all your neighbour's, you despise also other Slavs like croatiansThat's why I said you don't know basic diplomatic étiquette. You just proved my point bro>>276240837I don't dislike Serbs, I just hate how they cuck themselves to Russians but hate their close neighbours.

>>276228800zakharova is such a dumb cunt and fucking embarrassment to diplomacy. please Vanka put your big sasiska in her dumb wide mouth. her facebook cover photo with the peacocks feather eyes just

>>276241292She's a woman, what do you expect

>>276239775Stfu german bootlickers. You are not even slavs, fuck off.

>>276240656Oh no a literall subhuman called us a slave race, how will we recover? Go sell your sister for a puding you albo trash.

>>276241088>Implying your nation wouldn’t do the sameAll those little Balkan slav countries need a sugar daddy to help them achieve greatness, Bulgarians switched sides after the second Balkan war and for a short time with the help of Germany achieved greater Bulgaria , Serbia needs someone to protect them from hostile neighbors

>>276241453Stop talking shit to my Czech brother. You Russian subhuman. 28 million weren't enough in WW2

>>276241613Show flag

>>276241751He’s Bosnian diaspora

>>276241461T. Zahkarovas bitch

>>276241462Please show me which country would even invade Serbia. No one cares about Serbs in Bosnia. We have our own problems.

>>276241787im part serb. ive got serb blood diluted with croat blood. i say fuck serbs. you hear that? FUCK SERBS. also my children are blonde blue eyed, no thanks to the serb blood.

>>276231514Hitler was right about you people.

>>276234660What’s that pic supposed to mean?Did his chair collapse, is he showing off?

>>276240991I didn't realize back then how much I would identify with Barclay

>>276228800>>276230747>>276231174>>276233425Vucic unintentionally moved the Serbian embassy to Jerusalem, I

>>276231055Do you still need a criminal record to get to Australia?


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>>276243817>69 countries

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>>276243817HOLY SHIT they got GLOBO HOMO’D

>>276241453We at least made it to the West. You lazy niggers got stuck in steppe serving the Golden Horde.And it shows. Always a Khan on the throne in Russia. Can you at least once pretend that you are something other than slaves? We love you guys but you can be such a niggers.

>>276243817I would never have guessed that i would one day feel sorry for serbia.

>>276244589Aren't Czechs just hoity toity slavs that think they are civilized because they are central european and part Germanic

>>276245150>Aren't Czechs just hoity toity slavs that think they are civilized because they are central european and part GermanicYes.

>>276244589>We at least made it to the WestWest is over

>>276228800She probably knows from experience.

>>276243817Lol...the Serbs truly are the the biggest cucks in history.

>>276246886No it is not. This is just the fallout from KGB/Commie infiltration to teh Western education. It will pass like any bad smelling fart.If I were you, I would concentrate on yourself. Your future does not look very bright.Russian policy of 'poisoning neighbors goat, so our goat does not look so bad' is counter productive. Sadly that is all what you niggers can do. Kill the fucking Dugin and get a grip.

>>276228800I hate this stupid bitch.even if she right she should shut the fuck up. That's not her business.Хaбaлкa pынoчнaя

>>276242850dude interviewed some killer and was annoyed with his shit


>>276250031KUSHERED . COM

>>276228800>Russian-SerbianThis is clearly directed at that globohomo stooge PM though.

>>276228800if America doesn't stand with Serbia on this, i will burn the fucking US flag right ahead. putin's dogs must be expelled from the balkans asap

Serbs are pussies. She is implying Serbs are pussies. Because they are.

>>276231055Checked and excellent bait, mate.

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>>276236303Noble Slobodan

>>276242850It's the latest PewDiePie gaming chair

>>276228800Shit country said something bad about it's paid shill. It requires some bravery. Such wow.

>>276228800Dumb Russians losing their only allies who aren't sandniggers LMAO

>>276249131I love your enthusiasm and patriotism but the fact that we were head first in the ass of Austria Hungary, Nazi Germany, Soviet Union then NATO & US and now, soon to be in the ass of Chinese, makes your claims completely laughable, considering all we do is just keeping already gaped ass permanently fisted and once in a while changing fists to suit our insatiable need for sodomy and even bigger ass fuck.

>>276228800Retarded cunt

>>276252078>Dumb Russians losing their only allies who aren't sandniggers LMAOQuestionable.

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>>276245474You're actual mutts then

>>276228800>No matter who you are.this just in: woman fails to realize president is nation's shrewdest dealmaker, reads body language and leverages it -- thinks she is attractive and was being eyeballedbet she was fucking shivering with anxiety while he read her like a book and ran the whole conversation. many such cases.


>>276251564>shit country>flag

The irony is lost on you.

>>276252078That's a new one. What alliance does Russia have with Serbia? Show me the document.

>>276257353>Show me the proofs I think slavs are the best thing to happen to Holla Forums


Two insignificant political actors coming to the US to sign an agreement has all signs of an impending catastrophe. Both Serbia and Russia should be very happy that Serbia did not recognize Kosovo. They should just be quiet and count their lucky stars.

>>276252409I love you too.We got fucked several times. Some use lube, some even buy us dinner and some just fuck us raw.What claims did I make?What options do we have?Which are the best?Can we go Swiss mode?Would it even help us?

>>276242850newfag?lurk moar

>>276231055Says the penal colony. I'll fucking shiv you mate.

>>276228800Based Zaharova baiting SNS cultists into sperging out and damaging our supreme overlords relationships with Russia even more.Good times ahead, boys. Gotov je!

>>276229916>>276230451speak english you fucks

>>276236303He did nothing wrong and all of his blackpills came true.

>>276228800They ain’t wrong. The Russians are just salty that Trump is literally fucking the entire planet back into line on who’s boss. Hence the get ur pussy ready photo. Vladimir the manlet king is seething he will never wield power like Trump. Napoleon complex.

>>276250031Based Trump also introduced the Albanian guy to Bibi over a skype call on his laptop.

>>276258700Anon, I fear your digits.

>>276258572>They should just be quiet and count their lucky starsOur mentally ill, moron president agreed to ban Chinese 5G tech and huawei, not to build anything in the belt and road initiative unless the US allows it, diversify energy sector, accept university diplomas from Kosovo, move our embassy to Jerusalem thus angering entire third world and muslim countries that we spent a decade trying to get not to recognize Kosovo as a country, angering EU literally violating international law and UN resolution that forbids such an act and as a thank you we got Israel to recognize Kosovo as a country.It's pretty fucking epic.

big swanggin' merican bad it's faggot kike shit but hey

>>276237311Greece their last friend

>>276228800This picture is just Jews flexing over conquered territory.

>>276231055lmao, you are probably an ugly nigger.



>>276243817What the fuck! Why does the USA care about homosexuality so much??? Wtf

>>276261178Wasn’t he saying last week Serbia stands with China?What happened?


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>>276243817>muh holocaustaboslute state of serboids lmao

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>>276262300Fuck me I was happy today with Trump and him banning critical race theory now you have black pilled me again, globohomo is literally real

>>276243817>69Seriously. This is so bad.

>>276262552literdastly, bro

>>276243817No way this is real.Post source.

>>276262277>2012>ruling party refuses to recognize Kosovo as a country>they get nuked out of existence>our current president and his party gets handpicked with one job which is to recognize Kosovo as a country>spend the last decade sucking off Russia, China, EU and the US at the same time honestly believing that he is the next Tito and will outsmart them all >Trump shows him who's really in charge three days agoThere you go.

>>276243817Christ. We are so fucking KIKED

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>>276243817>everyone falling for this baitfucking idiots

>>276229916>бpaтyшкиSounds gay and budlo.

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>>276262655Would be funnier if it were 88.

>>276228800This is her, she's like the Chad Russian who exudes more confidence than the virgin Serb

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>>276231055>south A*glo>>276231514based

>>276261178Playing with chinks is playing with fire.Diversifying energy sector is always good policy - look at Germany.UN and EU and 3rd World can go fuck themselves. UN and EU are non-entities.Kosovo is small price to pay. You would either have to live with them fucking up your parliament or dirty your hands and souls by murdering them.All these things would happen with or without you, anyway.What did you get in return?

>>276262917>its realoh my fuck nuke this country

>>276263347Nice shoes.

>>276263455>What did you get in return?Israel recognized Kosovo as a country, Trump gave him a nice pen and a key to the white house that you can buy on Ali Baba for 20$That's it, not even joking.

>>276228800Nobody wants to see Vucic's taint.

>>276262552Tranny story hour does not equal not throwing faggots of the roofs.

>>276263715>Trump gave him a nice pen and a key to the white house that you can buy on Ali Baba for 20$>That's it, not even're absolutely joking.

>>276263347>Chad Russian

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>>276264043Believe me, i am not.His sect made it out like it was a great honor and a diplomatic victory.

>>276262809But he still bought drones from China.

>>276264238source, brother.all he was given was a trump pen and the keys to the white house that you can buy online?

>>276264261That was before he became Trump's bitch three days ago and banned 5G and Huawei.>>

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>>276263715Art of the Deal should be mandatory read for state leaders.Was he Soros boy by any chance?

>>276264771>Was he Soros boy by any chance?To the max.

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>>276228800vulin mad? putin is fucked

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>>276264915Lol, that explains a lot. I bet secusrity service did anal cavity search on him. And probably lubed him up for Donald too.

>>276264657> serbia was smart they would buy JF-17 from China.

She sad sory later. Putin was not happy.

>>276264657gosh. wow. As everybody else has touched upon in the thread, where does china and russia stand in all of this? Was it better off that serbia appeased china or russia than the US?

>>276265310you czechs really know the homosexual language well, dont you guys?

>>276265370What matters is that the retards sperged out on her, destroying even more of his damaged relationship with Russia.>>276265513Like i said, his only job was to recognize Kosovo as a country, that's why the US and EU allow him to behave like Lukashenko while not making a pep about it even after our elections three months ago that were on the level of North Korea.He honestly believed himself to be the next Tito that will whore himself out on four sides and get away with it, which is funny because we are supposed to be a neutral country.Now all his china flag kissing and muh "Russian brotherhood" is for naught because this "agreement" cements as another country of the free world.It's funny, but he did more to makes us a part of the "western world" than all the other guys over the past twenty years, difference is it was blunt and with no dignity, which is what a political whore like him deserves.

>>276266140But he didn’t recognize Kosovo as a country?

>>276241461Based бpaт

>>276266140thanks for the summary, brother.we know russia's response to this (sort of) - what do we expect china's response to be?ideally, what would you prefer to see happen? serbia befriending china and russia?

>>276266474Speak American

>>276266474hello, brat-ter, good to see you

>>276266628bad бpaт