/TGDG/ #485 - Southern mongolia Blackout Confirmed And The Rain Season Continues Edition

>>276179408Summary: State grain stores appear in Beijing, side angle stream is frozen again and Red Guards tend the fields again. >Holla Forumssat: ~1m deformation along TGD archive.4plebs.org/pol/thread/268352249/#268360292CURRENTLY FLOODED:AT LEAST 130 CITIES OVER 100M+ PEOPLE DISPLACED/FLOODED (Decisive Tang Victories)SEE THE S O A C CGansu Province aftermathtwitter.com/Fei_Nigh/status/1302198544128909312Heilongjiang footageyoutu.be/7XTOTYlfo6gSichuan Floods On Last Day Of Augustyoutu.be/l-0lascVNncSichuan Sliding 30th Augustyoutu.be/YiwNi65t2W0The deplorable state of Gansu Provinceyoutu.be/_ayuHRWqqK0NOTABLE COPERed Guards wielding ploughstwitter.com/MgOqkzLBRPLCHyN/status/1302538875877822465Southern Mongolia blackout confirmationtwitter.com/MieGong1314/status/1302515309224501248Beijing state-owned grain shops twitter.com/JohnDoe1284494/status/1301936901067218944Xi promotes water saving now twitter.com/OttoHuang120/status/1301165496159465472Australia gets hostage diplomacy’darchive.is/CJDxiChina’s banks go bad 30th Augustarchive.is/6biveINFO:Daily TGD data from 2011 - nowjournal.probeinternational.org/reservoir-level-3/Infodump pastebin.com/1jScrWCRFlood List 07.18 mega.nz/file/6woXEZiY#4p558ReqBe-Arx9xPV4NmFgS6_ZAgbk5_-ejOrKJiewLIVE DATA SITES:Water level monitors: cjh.com.cn/swyb_sssq.htmlhttps://www.ctg.com.cn/sxjt/sqqk/index.htmlLivestream + data: 3gd.mooo.com12379.cn/ (CCP flood monitor)cea.gov.cn/cea/xwzx/zqsd/index.html (CCP Quake agency)mem.gov.cn/ (CCP disaster management agency)xxfb.mwr.cn/index.html (CCP water admin)xxfb.mwr.cn/sq_djdh.html Water levels along the reservoir

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just a reminder

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>>276218775>side angle stream is frozen againWhat does this mean?

Press K to support Tengri darkening the skies above china with mongol arrows

>>276218775>Red Guards tend the fields again.This is really demeaning. Xi can't keep pulling this and not expect one of his generals to shank his bear ass.>>276218995I'll button mash it

>>276218995K. Rolling for the restoration of the Khans.

>>276218410>only loyal to himAnd that is the only smart move he has left. There are cracks showing in the CCP. The opposition internal and the external is rising and Xi is a face of the CCP. It's going nuclear in China. Good. Let the history repeat

>>276219263Fuck, reroll

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Some fresh dam-cam weirdness.Mr Roaming China's stream has gone dark again, but if you look back to TGD time of 20.11.04 there's a strange red flashing light middle of the screen and time freezes. Buffering?

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>>276220107>red flashing light middle of the screen and time freezes. Buffering?Interesting. It just might be buffering. So he's basically like those other youtubers who are getting their stream from some place then?

>>276218775Did it pop yet?

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>>276179597>>276179701previous linkdump>>276180017>long-thread on the Three Gorges Dam>>276180432advanced speculation on source of outflow>>276180723>Worst grasshopper damage in decades in Yunan>>276181527>Corona-chan birthed by Daddy Xi and the CCP>>276181663>floood porn>>276182313indian geopol hot takes>>276182517>Heilongjiang, How can a typhoon flood like this?>>276182710>It might be about to collapse. What happens if it does?>>276183030pre-blackout mongolia news>>276183127>disabled people in China>>276183820>China getting its ass kicked>>276184330>The biggest flood in the history of Chongqing, China>>276185065more pre-blackout mongo news>>276185121>any person aged 7 and above is fair game, you can detain them>>276185227CCP US election interference>>276185640>Flooding in Chongqing>>276186290>More Wuhan stuff>>276186672hindu-chang border dispute negotiations>>276187273>>276187790>PLA has been getting wrecked by the Indian Army all over their borderand what they're fighting over>>276188018>>276188133TGD youtube vids, clickbait and expert news>>276188576crashed chink shitbox twitter thread>>276188927>china flood 2020>>276189152>flood disaster in Hubei is serious, the House building collapse>>276189534slightly dated of storms in yichang>>276189776>wierd weather shit from China>>276190097>New satellite images show problems>>276190294they never got down to the magic number this year bros>>276190482>The Corruption Behind China's Three Gorges>>276190507god has hab enuff>>276191194>China suffered terrible losses, warning of recurring floods>>276191574>2,000-year-old Chinese town suddenly caught flash floods

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>>276191915>IF something happens to the Dam CCP start hoarding Raw Material>>276192483>CCP's expanding its censorship system>>276193798>headline of Deutsche Welle is "The Chinese people are living in water, and China is a huge prison cage.">>276195481a Quick Run Down>>276196206more yunnan locust news>>276196434>it's a great scam they have going>>276198107>the witness of this mysterious China Virus in January>>276199773its geddin biblical>>276200164>China killed most of its doctors>>276201849the verge on US chip sanctions>>276202318radar streamies and more weird outflow>>276202545chang kids have it bad>>276202755>floods washed away the car>>276202858>more flooded crops>>276203024>>276203133>"Pigpen Purification">>276203945>Extremely heavy rain in Guizhouand some other places>>276204780fresh youtube digest - economy fucked, crops fucked, and the weather forecast>>276205039>Evacuationin jiujiang>>276205067>The US plans to smash China's efforts to make its own chips>>276205950>yo errr sichuan flooding again?also leshan and worrying guangzhou train station footage>>276206147>peak of the flood is approachingand cropfucking hail>>276206316>Foreign investors withdrew their money from Chinese stocks and turned to India>>276207222>This is a critical (if soft) piece on Xiby the guardian>>276207273>China imprisoned many people who violated the anti-Covid-19 regulations>>276207904>Chinese Kungfu masters get their asses kicked by their own citizensand chang homos push for marriage rights

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>>276208564nice veteran care, totally surprising>>276208786biblical blackness besets beijing>>276208870>stall economy turned into a fleeing economy>>276209210>ITS MAO TIME BITCHESSS>>276209613>the LULZ INCREASES>>276210195kraut recap of recent domestic maoist resurgence>>276210323>Beijing urges ASEAN to cooperate with China>>276210821>new developments in the chang-hindu conflict>>276211027>On September 3, Suzhou City launched the "Civilization Code"social credit system news and details>>276211429>the obligation to receive education and the obligation to pay>>276211897>fresh radar streamableand the disappointing lack of yangtze flood number 6>>276212230>FINALLY NEWS FROM SOUTHERN MONGOLIA>>276212766>now this is smart protestingwalking off the job, changs>>276212841still no spillways open>>276213255>state grain shop in BEIJING>>276213568>very nice update from IndoPac twitter>>276214486mongolia repression CCP message>>276214904based fucking CZECHS>>276216020>that head of senate who visited Taiwan is named Vystrčil (Wystrschil auf Deutsch).the utter CHAD>>276217076>September 6th, an explosion occurred in a casting workshop>>276218375>The wharf in Heilongjiang was flooded by heavy rain

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>>276218983>picrel3gd.mooo.com/video2.html>>276218995K>>276220487nope, but the chinee economy did

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>>276220968>Li KeqiangWell that's certainly a nice coincidence. Leaky Chang.

>>276221242Your work is awesome, German user.We need moar autistic Germans here in the future to restart things.God speed on your work.

>>276221406kek, you're totally right>>276221746cheers man, but anyone can do what i'm doing. i use mate translator and google translate plugins for my browser, >picrelfor webms, and twitter/youtube for material. all you need to do is stick around for one or two threads to get a handle on important accounts, and you're good to go!

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>>276218775Is there supposed to be anymore rain or floods coming?

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New numbers.

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>>276222256don't believe me, the CCP are saying it>Zhou warned that while late July and early August were considered the worst time of the year for floods, China needed to remain on deluge alert until the end of September.>“The possibility of flood disasters in the next stage is still very high, and there will be important work in flood prevention and response to come. We cannot relax,” Zhou said.archive.is/Hdey0south china morning post. the really funny thing is china is already entering the fall flood season, so... >no brakes

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>>276222177So what's a short summary of all this shit?

>>276222460The numbers keep going down and there isn't a forecast with much rain coming

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>>276222482485 threads in, still gotta spoonfeed... *sigh*>>276195481(Cross-thread)>a Quick Run Down>>276210195 (You) (Cross-thread)>kraut recap of recent domestic maoist resurgence

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Fuck it's so goddamn blackpilling that the dam won't fall and China won

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>>276222460Around dam cracks, never relax

>>276222650are you retarded nigga?

"The Hanpingzui Reservoir in Wudu District, Longnan City, Gansu Province was hit by the flood on August 17. Today, on September 6, 2020, a video photographer said that two bodies had been recovered, but some people in the discussion forum said that many people died, but the official media reported No one died."twitter.com/Fei_Nigh/status/1302479226323361794

The Wuhan virus was deployed upon the world, but its deficiencies as a bio weapon were made up for by deploying concurrent memetic warfare. A meme virus that risked becoming a pestilence. Now we have the 3GD which is being meme’d toward failure and by analysis of popular sentiment, emboldening a global political response to the CCP for the pariah they are. The dam failing is an act of God, the emergent particularity of His infinitely potential sovereign will. NOBODY need take responsibility. He has Carta Blanca.

Oi Kraut bro Global Times talk shit to Tibetian LMAO while they Giving up their bases LMAO

The Tibetan refugee force helps India reach the border peak: What does the Chinese newspaper write?Sino-Indian border tensions are recently highlighting the role of a mysterious unit, under the name of the Special Forces Border Force of India (SFF). These are Tibetan refugees, trained and used by India to capture many important high points at the Reality Control Road (LAC), Global Times reported.However, according to Chinese analysts, the SFF force is not as strong and crowded as many think. The maximum number can only be up to 1,000 pieces. The SFF is also not elite enough and is only used by the Indian military as a "cannon for the bullets" in the LAC.According to the Global Times, the SFF's strength and capabilities have been overly "blown up" by the Indian media.Qian Feng - Director at the National Strategy Institute at Tsinghua University, China - said that, although the Indian military claims to use the SFF to "prejudice" Chinese forces at the LAC, it is a SFF soldiers were killed and another wounded showed that this unit was not as elite as "advertised".“One person died and one injured while on a mission shows that SFF's abilities are nothing to worry about. They are not elite, they are only used by India as a target for bullets, ”Mr. Qian said.>talk shit sauce: Global Times>24h.com.vn/tin-tuc-quoc-te/luc-luong-nguoi-ti-nan-tay-tang-giup-an-do-chiem-cao-diem-bien-gioi-bao-tq-viet-gi-c415a1179899.html

streamable.com/0wxauchttps://streamable.com/lu467mtwo latest radar streamables>>276223134>webm relatedholy shit thats bad. "hit by the flood" as in rekt to fucking shreds? i dont see no reservoir thats for sure>>276223358one dead tibetan martyr vs. 40+ dead PLA grunts is a pretty good deal imoNIMA TENZIN was his name

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Can someone make a webm of this chinese girl eating live maggots?twitter.com/TiffanyTang999/status/1302239675222908929

China is worried about fighting against the Tibetan special forces in the cold winterTTO - The Hoan Cau Times newspaper warns the Chinese army should prepare for the worst situation next winter when Indian soldiers continue to be stationed at the border while Chinese soldiers retreat from the cold.The emergence of a "particularly elite" force of Tibetans in exile in India has caught Chinese attention.They were gathered in the Border Guard Special Forces (SFF) - a force that has been in secret for many years due to lack of confirmation from the New Delhi government.The tacit acknowledgment that the SFF has entered into recent confrontations with the Chinese military is a signal India wants to send to China.According to the Indian media, the SFF was mobilized for a three-day "nuclear first generation" campaign in Pangong Tso Lake and Chushul valley in the Ladakh region, thereby preventing the plot to take full control of Pangong Tso Lake. of China."Without in time to control the surrounding high points, China would have taken over the entire region," an anonymous Indian defense official told the Hindustan Times.In addition to the unfavorable attitude towards the Beijing government, the Tibetans in the SFF are in outstanding health compared to the Han soldiers when fighting on high terrain.With an average altitude of over 3,000 meters above sea level, Ladakh's topography presents a major challenge for the Chinese military.>CCP oh Fuck!!!!>Cope so hard>tuoitre.vn/trung-quoc-lo-danh-khong-lai-dac-nhiem-nguoi-tang-vao-mua-dong-lanh-cong-20200906104050163.htm

>>276223507The Hoan Cau Times = Global Times LMAO

>>276222952About as retarded as anyone else here


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Talk shit and then scare the shitless out of their capabilities LMAO

>>276223487man thats disgusting. made sure to get the thumbs-up at the end>>276223507>"particularly elite" force of TibetansLOL that tune changed very quickly>>276223597i mean personally, i've become bored as hell of the dam. but the weimarification of china along with mao's worst policies making a comeback is entertaining as hell and has just begun. the social credit score system is also lulzy as hell

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"Continuous floods and heavy rains, floods in Xuanwei, Yunnan, car floods in heavy rain urban areas in Longyan, Fujian, and floods in Anhui for more than 40 days"youtube.com/watch?v=lZ-SXXvkFr4>>276223597fair kek, there is more rain happening though, but we lack much info like where the fuck are the 280k water pumps,and other stuff, just get /comfy/

"After the flood in Wenxian County, Longnan City, Gansu Province Netizens: The power supply problem has not been solved yet and it rains #天害人害 | #大纪元新闻网"youtube.com/watch?v=0FpMPyIn5G0>>276223909she would be cute to me if i saw her in a normal picture but now i feel repulsed

>>276222675To be fair your posting is very autistic and there's also a ton of disinfo, hearsay, etc

"Zheng'an: Sudden rainstorm and flood ravaged the police bravely rescued"youtube.com/watch?v=C1p3JFno-K0

"Why is Chongqing still flooded because of the bright sunshine? What other floods have been encountered in history"youtube.com/watch?v=44jyiVgJ4DM>>276224125disinfo like what?

>>276224125>ton of disinfo, hearsaytwo documented instances of that so far in these generals, unless you have something to add?

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from the typhoon only i believe"Urgent, urgent, the King of Wind is here! ! ! Typhoon No. 10 "Poseidon" is about to hit, and many parts of the mainland have been affected by the typhoon! ! ! Great storm, heavy rain is about to land! ! ! God, save us! ! !"youtube.com/watch?v=mTKLS2zuJFs

>>276224238picrel>oh noalso fucking KEK at the dam or whatever it is spouting water from a dozen tiny holes

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Any idea what the chinaman in the street is thinking right now? It's hard to make sense of all this shit.

so, here we have a current snapshot of the spillway angle livestream.>no spillways openreferring to this satpic from september second>>276184859heavily implies the turbines are not in use either, unless they just said "fuck it" and sluice the trash islands through hundreds of millions of dollars of hydropower equipment.so the big question currently is, where the hell is the outflow occurring?3gd.mooo.com/currently just shy of 28k m3/sseveral anons are convinced there is piping occurring (water flowing under/around the dam), which in turn would imply they aren't actually measuring the outflow itself, but rather the rate of change of the reservoirs water level.i'm on the fence still, but have yet to hear a better explanation.any ideas?

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>>276224125Chang is terrified once again.

>>276224415that new dynasty warriors level looks sick.

>>276225217>man i wish i had a job>>276079056>>275912564just open the linkdumps and ctrl+f weimar pretty muchthere's also the social credit system being implemented, massively increased VPN/firewall avoidance prosecution, food shortages getting worse day by day, xi's redoubled bootheel pledge... certainly have been rosier times around>webmjust your usual schoolyard tank propaganda, nuffin special

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>>276222762It's absolutely hilarious how in the span of 150 years you communists still haven't figured to change your propaganda routine one bit.Keep talking to yourself, chang lol

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>>276225596>they dumbed down the combat a little bit though

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>>276225882Wonder how long until they get their version of the good Ole brownshirtsOh wait lol it's china

ah, rare Chang mating dance. it's been decades since last time I saw it in real life! good to know there is still some tradition preserved by mainlanders.

>>276226911their eating habits however remain rather... unculturedthat being said, i've worked up an appetite, so i'm out for a bit

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>People's Armed Police Enter The Competitive Food Eating Scene.... Sadly

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>>276218775Nothing burger stop making these threads now you faggots.

>>276227288check dark skies

Oh Kraut bro, you remembered you post that Huawei making handbag?


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In the current miserable situation, perhaps Huawei should proactively give up the smartphone market soonWhy is it so desperate to accumulate incomplete chips, when in a few months, the P50 will be crushed by all competitors in terms of performance?September 14 will mark a special milestone for Huawei: the ban announced by the US president in August will officially take effect. After this date, all outsourcing or chip suppliers to Huawei will have to seek permission from the Trump administration before selling products to the Chinese smartphone giant. As the US-China trade war has yet to show signs of cooling, and as the presidential election is approaching, Huawei will certainly not be able to buy chips from TSMC, MediaTek or any other semiconductor company. in the period from now to the end of the year>more Huawei handbags soon LMAO>cafef.vn/o-tinh-canh-khon-kho-nhu-hien-nay-co-le-huawei-nen-chu-dong-som-tu-bo-thi-truong-smartphone-20200906164942593.chn

>>276227907The "nothing burger" spelling is Chinese shills, bots or copypasters. They do it that way because it is spellcheck-approved. The ones who spell nothingburger as one word are just retards who don't realize we don't care.

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>>276227448lol, and if we don't? What are you gonna do about it?

>>276222177>>276226300>>276226911>>276227288AWAKEN, TEMUJIN


Flood victims? Suicide? It looks like the woman is pregnant.twitter.com/qingshanlan/status/1302336942005260290

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>>276229466>Flood victims?If it was the flood then it makes sense for Romeo and Juliet to hold hands before the waters claim them.>suicide On the other, we know what happened to Romeo and Juliet..

>>276218995KKKlet the new century of humiliation begin

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>>276229833Make it millenium

news.cgtn.com/news/2020-09-05/SMIC-We-have-no-relationship-with-the-Chinese-military-TxDtdIpWdq/share_amp.htmlExcuse me but this is legitimately hilarious

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>>276229920their own traders are backstabbing ?

>>276223507> be han> be adapted to low-lying moist plains> go to fucking roof of world> get lungs shrektlike pottery

>>276229920>>276230106or lying through their teeth

>>276226804like Red Guards, you mean?

>>276230308i bet they are lying while also backstabbing somehow

>>276228060this combined with the SMIC thing is just gonna dynamite their economy. it's all ogre from here on out

>>276230392>lying while also backstabbing somehowWell, that's how chinese businesses operate so this is just business as usual. It's just that this time they're bullshitting both the US and the Chinese governments at the same time.

Huawei stopped making its flagship chip lineFinancial magazine Tai Tan said before the US pressure, from next September, Chinese technology corporation Huawei will stop manufacturing its main line of Kirin chips.The magazine quoted Huawei Consumer Division CEO Richard Yu as stating that the increased pressure on Huawei suppliers from the US caused the group's HiSilicon chip division to not maintain operations. chip manufacturing - key components of cell phones. Mr. Richard Yu announced: “From September 15, we will stop producing flagship Kirin chip products. We also stopped developing AI chips. This is a huge loss ”.Huawei's HiSilicon division relies on software from US companies like Cadence Design Systems or Synopsys for chip design. HiSilicon hired semiconductor company TSMC (based in Taiwan, China) to manufacture hardware based on equipment imported from the US.>no more phone soon>baotintuc.vn/khoa-hoc-cong-nghe/huawei-ngung-san-xuat-dong-chip-chu-luc-20200810212128532.htm

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>>276230884dealign with china companies is when you should take the words "trust noone" to the core

>>276230308communist and those who grew up in any form of socialist environments are trained to lie from birth. In their minds, they are always doing what is opposite of what they actually do.Ensuring all the info gets transmitted/connected to right places for PLA and CCP to access than lying about it. Especially easy if most personnel are 'just doing what they were told to do" and only select few in the company know the full picture.Plausible deniability for the sake of control is a technique they refined over the years and gradually gets concentrated in the hands of select few eventually.same reason why shilling these days sound so retarded. most wumaos and glowies don't have the whole picture.

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>>276222650Overly photoshopped chinks, you dumb coomer

>>276227448>>276229350Expose (you) for being russian shills. Daily reminder this thread is for russian shills to check in. Fuck putin. Fuck vodka niggers.

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>>276231462>wumaos and glowies don't have the whole picture.I think we are actually doompilling all the ccp shills that venture into these generals. Those YouTube channels documenting the incredible amounts of unemployed people just aimlessly standing around in groups in all the metropolitan centers is impossible to hand-wave away.

>>276218775Daily reminder OP is the head vodka nigger

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>>276232045>russian shills>in the china hate thread>when russia isn't even doing anything to chinawinnie the pooh isn't sending his best, folks

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>be /tgdg/ poster>be stuck in my delusions for MONTHSmy sides ahhahaha

>>276232045last month I'm Indian shills. last week I'm Jew. yesterday I'm glowing like sun. today I'm Russia shills. since everyone is paying me. why should I fucking stop? lol

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>>276218775Headset: OnDam: standingShills: TaiwaneseOh yeah. It's China time. Hey freiheit, how does it feel to know without your autistic screeching, this thread dies without interest?

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>>276232450better than stuck on the mainland >with nothing to fucking eat>>276233029you mean being the main entity force-feeding Holla Forums the absolute state of china? feels fucking great man

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you can tell by the spike in shilling that something interesting will happen today

>>276233267How does it feel that the dam beat you?

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>>276233267>force feedingSomething very German about this.

>>276222675>485 threads in, still gotta spoonfeed... *sigh*Have you ever considered that those that keep asking for spoonfeeding are paid demoralization shills? That's what it seems to me they are.Also, that building is not as flood proof as they made it out to be.

>>276231254>we will stop producing flagship Kirin chip products. We also stopped developing AI chips. This is a huge loss ”fuck yes unhgnghh that's the stuffS A N C T I O N S C O P Etwitter.com/mywayne0511/status/1301152660305846272/photo/3>>276233535bhahahbhabh beat meeeee? the only thing it's beaten so far is china's breadbasket >>276233595old habits>>276233681but also a nice opportunity to recap information for the inevitable lurkers and new eyes on the topic. i have definitely changed my opinion on this, used to hate it but have come to accept there are less people interested in primary sources nowadays.

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>>276234000but wait there more LMAO

>PLA has been getting wrecked by the Indian Army all over their borderXi thinks he can flex on IndiaPooh in the loo?TGD backing up like a septic tankChina becomes designated shitting areaPajeet laughs in caste system

>>276233681they might be newfags tooI didn't notice these threads until a week ago, and really enjoyed getting that rundown

>>276233029If you were paying attention you'd learn from past failures. But you don't pay attention. Sad you are the best they have to offer this job -- any Westerner could do it better than you. This is why the People's Republic of China has lost the Mandate of Heaven, and why the Mandate of Heaven is with Taiwan now, where it will stay.

>>276234000Draaaainage freiheit. Draaaaainage.

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>>276232435Does he even have any best?

>>276234303(X) doubt

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>>276218995K—ill all chinks

>>276218775>100 million floaters in the river.How many days has it been at 100 million? Four days? Five?This turd burger has floated away

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Netizen: Recently, Beijing police rushed to private houses at night to investigate petitioners.twitter.com/cindywei2017/status/1302439653577023489>About half a month to a month before major meetings, celebrations, and foreign affairs activities are held, Beijing will have such actions, and the city will be spread out, and the responsibilities must be on the people and must not be missed. The responsible units from other provinces must cooperate. Some people refer to it as "clearing the market in advance" or "purifying the capital." But if something similar happened not for the above reasons, then something big is about to happen. Such "exceptions" are very rare. Talking about experience, laughedooooooouuuuhhh SPICY>>276234349...what? fucking lol

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>>276234000WITNESSED>but have come to accept there are less people interested in primary sources nowadaysThis describes the vast majority of university history majors in the United States. They only promote papers filled with feelings and secondary sources that promote their feelings.

>>276234863Remember that one time you told us that a civil war was imminent and that there would be a reckoning at the party meeting


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>>276234107Ok good point, I hadn't thought of newfags, because they're usually drawn to the outright bait threads that get posted every .2 seconds.>>276234303>why the Mandate of Heaven is with TaiwanI think Taiwan has a separate Mandate from Heaven. I also think that Heaven is now going to balkanize China into the nations it should have been to begin with, and that they each will have a Mandate from Heaven. It seems like a united China was never able to live up to the Mandate of Heaven.

>>276190097holy fucking shit, i have not been keeping up with tgdg for some time but isn't this proof that the chinks are fucking with the numbers? no way tgd is at 158.

>>276222397>New numbers.>All green>Never been this lowMaybe it is time to stop these threads...

>>276234863Oooh, clan wars. So much for One Party One China, huh?

>>276235890Just give it two weeks.

>>276235890Thank you... nobody here seems to be talking about this. It's really not looking good for a "happening" anymore.

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>>276229180>AWAKEN, TEMUJINyoutu.be/Q1bif8TsDRM(Flashing lights warning)

Joe Biden here. Kamala Harris gives a great blow job, and I was wondering if I sent her to China could she suck all the water out of the Reservoir. You folks are the experts. Right now I am taking it us the ass from a pack of feral niggers so I will read your responses later. Thanks

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>>276233267supchina.com/2020/09/03/video-of-teacher-eating-students-leftovers-raises-concerns-about-anti-food-waste-campaign-going-too-far/there are videos on weibo / wechat where a line of kids are standing with their leftovers / uneaten food, and "teachers" eat the food off their dirty plates. Many comments show the disgust of the chinese citizens who view this as a desperate attempt by the CCP to shame people into eating less. Why? Because the floods have devastated the crops and the govt is concerned about running out of food and people taking their anger out on the govt. I didn't find the videos online, but they are unnerving.

how will u guys celebrate 100million chinks dying from the dam collapsing?

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Can I get a quick rundown?

>>276225409KrautBro-- aren't there underwater sluice gates? (The deep gates?) Couldn't they have them open while they skim the resevoir for trash and inspect the above water gates in preparation for the next flood?


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The peasant's painful and desperate expression after the disaster, the news network will never be broadcast!twitter.com/Shuguang2019/status/1302588846115225601>oh no my crops>>276236711see here>>276225882>>276236185>"happening"red guards tilling the fields satisfies my habbnin needs very nicely, and it's not even the first week of september>>276237036yes, there certainly are. but these are the gates that are the reason for the 145m flood control level. operating them at a water level currently still 13m above that is a very large risk, so i don't think that's where the outflow is coming from either.

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>>276232876Blonde Corona Chan? unexpected but certainly appreciated

China suffered terrible losses, warning of recurring floodsThis year's floods have caused the water of 751 rivers in China to exceed "warning levels", affecting the lives of 70 million people in 28 provinces.The information has just been published by the Global Times (Global Times), quoted Mr. Li Kungang of China's Ministry of Emergency Management said at a press conference on 3/9.The official added that this year's floods are the worst since 1998, causing a total loss of up to $ 29 billion, not only in housing but also in agriculture and infrastructure of many other industries. together.In addition to the 751 rivers that exceeded "alarming levels," several major rivers such as the Yangtze, the Yellow River and the Taihu Lake were hit by floods, according to Li Kungang."This is the first time these major river basins have experienced above-average floods since 1998," Li said, warning of the possibility of recurring floods in the fall.China experienced a terrible rainy season, resulting in widespread flooding in most parts of the south of the country, causing the waters of the Yangtze River to rise. This river contains the Three Gorges, Wudongde, Xiluodu, and Xiangjiaba dams.>I will keep post this article here to make sure these shills keep reading it over and over again>vietnamnet.vn/vn/the-gioi/trung-quoc-ganh-ton-that-khung-khiep-canh-bao-mua-lu-tai-dien-671454.html

Chyna dead yet?

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>>276236393oh you'd like some school food bullshit? well you have come to just the right place for that

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>>276222762Did they cancel flood season next year?

>>276236393but wait! there's more....

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>>276236393>he can't possibly have even more school food bullshit videos?!

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>>276236393one more just because

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>>276235418>>276236185its funny because if you shills had bothered reading through the threads you would know that even if the water is going down it doesn't mean that the TGD isn't on risk anymore,besides the lack of info your wumao game its too pathetic>>276237920>>276238101>>276238286leftover eating disgusts me much more than the live maggots....

>>276232876We are all glowies on this blessed day

>>276237252I genuinely feel bad for that farmer. His whole crop is destroyed. So no food for him, no food to sell, no money to buy anything. That's just fucked. You know that his grain ain't going to the Beijing grain store.

>>276237252>"happening">red guards tilling the fields satisfies my habbnin needs very nicelyLMAO!REMEMBER THIS DAY BOYS!>REMEMBER THIS DAY BOYS!REMEMBER THIS DAY BOYS!>REMEMBER THIS DAY BOYS!The german, literally since the beginning Mr. "100% the dam will collapse this year", has finally capitulated and admits that the happening is cancelled!From now on, every single thread you create that is labeled "tgdg" instead of "china blackout general" or "china food stamps general" or whatever other non-dam-related keks you wanna shift goalposts to, becomes more and more pathetic, every single time.My work here is done fellas, you're welcome! :-)

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>>276236578champagne. have a bottle of jacquart in the fridge just for this occasion>>276235867missed that somehow, that is in fact pretty fucking concerning. is the left hand powerhouse sinking? whaddafug?>>276238894the most painful thing is the higher-ups responsible will be the last to feel the famine. but you can make an omelette without killing citizens, as the chinese saying goes.

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>>276239088come back when the year ended,, you had a nippon flag now using a memeflag woh you trying to fool? YOu use the same retarded reaction images

for anyone that miss the twitter

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>>276239088Fuck off wumao, your pathetic country js hated by the world and the dam will fall or we will blow it up for you. The fact that you are a paid chink internet shill already indicates you are in the lower tier of society in your already low tier shithole of a country. Learn 2 swim and get ready to eat decisive tang victory soup if u want to survive whats coming to you.

>>276218775I had a dream I was at the dam last night. Shit was all floody. These threads have become part of my soul.

>>276240330yea TGD look fucked

>>276240330>>276240464thanks user, uess the outflow might have coming from undearth if its like this it would also explain why they dont fix the camers on the front of the TGD anymore and instead you can find working cams from the back of the TGD

Fuck! I tmd thought it was President Xi, such a big posturetwitter.com/Meo_oBot/status/1302640929736597504>bootheel increasesposturing, or preparation for a crackdown? a little pep-talk before it's tankie time? :|>>276240330thanks for reposting that. they designed an entirely new way of securing the powerhouses for TGD... that really does not look like it's working out for them

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>>276229466Could be bloated, not preggers

>>276240455you are the chosen one. you are the flood bringer. now pee. pee in all her glory. and flash.

Freedom is a matter of enlightenment and efforts put into strengthening your consciousness. Where there is common spirit in this regard the reality improves and accommodates ever increasing agency and capabilities of the people.Every single political movements and such post American revolution in recent history has been focused on erasing the effects of the revolution and or co-opting its ideas to revert people back to neo feudal state. (((socialism and bolshevim))) being chief tools for example.It is not the material or conditions that make a man, but his spirit to shape them to his will. That comes first. Only cattle chiefly depend on first two in order to maintain their sense of "freedom".

>>276239332>higher-ups responsible will be the last to feel the famineThat's always how it is. Hopefully the farmer will have a chance to grow some more crops before he dies.How is that motorbike running under water for that long...

anyway guys I went to bed now, no news on Viet front. stay safe and healthy

>>276218995K K K

>>276241759china is a land where things work differently, user. this seems to include physics.>>276241933buenas noches vietanon thanks for the news

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>>276239088>more and more pathetic, every single time.Just so you know, your shit posting is kind of stupid when the dam hasn't even come close to its seasonal low yet. I used to skip these threads but I'm in for the long haul now. Can't wait to see those beidaihe niggers get what's coming to them, and by the looks of it I won't have to wait very long.

>>276242408idk why this kind of video make me laugh it was the some for the video that a dude open a door and tehre is lots of wate falling on the stairs and hec closes it

>>276242675the fact they don't fix the front cams of the TGD just proves there is stilll shit going on with the pics we see that even cranes might be submerged shit is surely bad

>>276242408Chinks bred so much they took waters' territory

>>276235532>MandateI just like to think which would be most humiliating for Whine-a, and that is what the entire rest of the world will impose on them. Maybe it's Taiwan running the show, maybe it's balkanization. I haven't really made my mind up but I think Taiwan running the whole show with an iron fist would be pretty bad. Then again there are Tibetans, Uighurs, and Mongolians that could be running the show and they would probably do it cruelly in a balkanization. I'd like that too. So I'm torn about what to do that would be best for Whine-a.>>276234562What do you think, retard? >>276237920>coof eleventy

>>276242693know which one you mean. i really like this one personally.streamable.com/lu467mhttps://streamable.com/h2us60my two most recent radar streamables. wonder what the long term consequences of filling the entire eastern part of your country with cloudseeding airgunk might be, and if it even makes a difference in the toxic mess that china has become?it also looks like the rainclouds are learning to avoid it, lmfao>>276242814for how much longer is the question. how much longer until lady yangtze aka floodchan takes back her rightful clay?

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>>276243405things i learned about china this year:They think they know how to control nature but they just fuck it all and them end up fucking themselves

>>276243045Maybe Taiwan becomes head of a confederation of Independent Sino-Republics.

>>276243045There are I think 57 different languages and cultures on the mainland. No fucking way Taiwan could administer all of that. Balkanization back to their independent states would work best. And no CCP. No matter how hard the past has tried, a single China has never worked.>>276242408>china is a land where things work differently, user. this seems to include physics.I want some of this physics-bending power.

>>276237920This is similar to the two videos i watched on weibo, however, in those videos (one was a military grunt, the other some deputy principal) they grab the food off the plate with their hand and shovel it into their mouths. it was like some bizarre attempt to shame the student for not eating everything. I don't live in China, but the feeling is something is extra bad if the govt is pushing this.

>>276238894>I genuinely feel bad for that farmerI do too. It's the little people who get fucked over every time

>>276243643I could deal with that. Sorry for the r-word. The confederation idea seems to be the Miles Guo plan. >>276243644The only trouble with a full-on balkanization is that there's one group out of all of them that we can clearly trust best. For that reason, Taiwan should administer more, especially at first. Death to the CCP for absolute sure though, and this is all hypothetical -- no one is listening to me about this yet at least.

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>>276243567kek, you maybe learnt more than the changs did, because the changs just keep on doing it.>>276240330>>276240886>picrelsciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S2095809916311687from this paper. honestly, something has to be considerably RONG for there to be visible, rippled water between the cranes. has the "shallowly buried pipe" ceased to be buried?

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>>276244166chang are so delusional i'm pretty sure they think the "daoists" and stuff from their novel exist in our world and are all chinese

>>276244166this is what satellite images look like when the generators are in use

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>>276243567Maybe West Taiwan will follow the mainlands rules

>>276244114It would take a conquering power to balkanize into its natural borders, and then rule them for a period, until they get their shit together. No one is gonna go for that, so they have to balkanize, and then fight it out, a la Yugoslavia.

Sorry if already posted, but things too quiet in InMong.Datang International Mining in Xilinhot, Inner Mongolia seems to have closed downtwitter.com/Fei_Nigh/status/1302647597237022720

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>>276245375pls be a general strike

>>276237920>>276238101>>276238286I wonder what that diet will do to the physical and mental abilities of those kids later in life?

30 children and 4 teachers in a kindergarten in Chengdu have fever, vomiting and diarrhea15 children in a kindergarten in Guangxi have vomiting and low-grade fever In Shaping Kindergarten, Wutang Town, Xingning District, Nanning City, 15 children in the kindergarten experienced vomiting and other symptoms.26 people in Shenmu, Shaanxi have fever, diarrhea and vomiting after attending the banquet From 11:30 to 13:00 on September 3, citizen Gao Linsheng hosted a banquet for 8 tables at the Platinum Palace Hotel for marrying his daughter, hosting more than 80 relatives and friends. On the morning of September 4th, a dinning person went to Shenmu City People's Hospital for fever, diarrhea, vomiting and other reasons. As of 15:00 on September 6, a total of 26 people have been admitted to the hospital for diagnosis and treatment, and all of them have improved and are in stable mood. Keywords: emotional stabilityMany children in a kindergarten in Hohhot have fever, vomiting and diarrhea September 1, which was the first day of school at all levels and types of schools in Hohhot, 8 children from Nailunjin Beibei Kindergarten in Saihan District experienced collective vomiting and diarrhea.twitter.com/kaletra001/status/1302498449712087041THE D I S E A S E SPREADSalso have some other recvent disease stuff i never got around to posting>>276245375oh shit that's not fucking good

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>>276245754mouse hepatitis?

>>276245754Whatever they have, I hope it is not spread by leftover coofed-on food

>>276245101>It would take a conquering power to balkanize into its natural borders, and then rule them for a period, until they get their shit togetherKiss the Son, lest he be angry, and you perish in the way, for his wrath is quickly kindled.

Storm coming. Glad Fei is still comming.Xilinhot City, Inner Mongolia September 6, 2020

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>>276222913Got any dam pictures?

>>276245852yikes wtf is mouse hep? think it might just be good old "bad water shits", at least i hope so.Serve the people...twitter.com/zixuan728/status/1302652279326007296kek, you know that meme with the polive stick figure saying "please comply" and then in the second panel the suspect goes all wavy arms and pulls a gun? wonder how that might be adapted to chang "society">>276246254does this mean the blackout has been lifted? judging by my twitter feed this sin't the case yte, she must have real-deal dissident sources getting footage out physically on usb sticks and shit

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>>276246419yes.>>276246156What would you most like to tell us?

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>>276246451I just replied to her and asked her about the situation. I'm getting these in real time too.


"Escobar: India Implodes Its Own New Silk Road"by Pepe Escobar via The Asia Times, 9/5/20"The Big Picture though is always about New Silk Road progress across Eurasia. With increasing evidence of closer and closer integration between China, Iran and Pakistan, what’s clear is that India remains integrated only with its own inconsistencies."The media is painting a whole different view of India now. Very otherwise informed people I know, know nothing of the "skirmish" with chinee and the Tibetan force that helped. They will NOT give up believing in China's ultimate prevailing over all opponents.zerohedge.com/geopolitical/escobar-india-implodes-its-own-new-silk-road

Freiheit, here's her response:白七的纪录 @Fei_Nigh"The Inner Mongolia area is long and narrow, and there has been electricity not stopped, you probably need to know that Tongliao City, Inner Mongolia, electricity communications are all normal."

>>276246451might be something from the same family as:en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hantavirus_hemorrhagic_fever_with_renal_syndromeheavy weather, flooding, and "civil disruption" can cause changes in rodent population and migration


>>276248037Hantavirus is a bunyavirus, is it not?

>>276247759wow awesome, thanks for the response! that account is really a goddamned godsend. wonder if she knows about these threads and how much mileage we've been getting out of her footage kek>>276246956>>276248037mammamia >add it to the listwe have got to be over 7 plagues by now. the biblical number was 7, right? not much of a bible-thumper so i dont really remember265 college students in Gansu colleges and universities infected with norovirus, vomiting and diarrhea (Photos)twitter.com/kanzhongguo/status/1302657074157895680this is the disease post i have documents with official seal fromthe whole "reduce food waste" thing isn't common practice for very good reasons, it almost seems to me..

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>>276248436> 7 plaguesfuck knows, depends how you're countingsee >>276248336(MHV-1 is a coronavirus)


Li Ka-shing completely gave up on the CCP? Sell another 50 billion mainland assets. According to Lu Media, the Cheung Kong Group, a subsidiary of Hong Kong tycoon Li Ka-shing, recently reported that it will sell two properties in Beijing and Shanghai with a total value of 50 billion yuan. It is reported that Sunac China intends to take over. Since 2013, Li Ka-shing has begun to dump assets in mainland China and Hong Kong.twitter.com/ttingxiao/status/1302440961281110016>>276248614>>276248671>picreli can dump some stuff i saved when bunya hit the scene

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>>276248671idk m8, I am not exaggerating when I say I lost countto my mind, we have been seeing a series of accidental leaks from a bioweapons program with typical chink safety measures and quality control, over the past fifteen years or so


>>276249040oh fuck methey didn't just lose control of corona in Wuhan?the entire damn menagerie got loose?

>>276248436>>276247759I've told her a little, but I didn't direct her specifically to 4chan Holla Forums tgdg. I didn't know if that would be a good idea. But I retweet her posts and they are getting more traction. I'm trying to put twatters onto this stuff, but "patriots" here just interested in Q stuff. Q has alluded to many things that relate to chinee. I'm making better connections myself, but no one on 8kun QR board wants to delve into it.It's not a rabbit hold, its a warren underground.More like an ant colony. I hate bugs of all kinds! If you think more direct instruction could be given on twit about these threads, let me now. Hate to bring in more shills. This is the only serious research thread there is. Thanks to you mostly.

>>276246804>What would you most like to tell us?The Son of Man is an emergent phenomenon rushing into widespread appreciation.

>>276249332all plagues are out of contro lthere,also the locust and rodent pests are out of control...

>>276218775explain yourself Trump bots>>276248519>>276248519>>276248519

>>276249383i like ants and bees, bees are bros and give honey , chinks are more like wasps>>276250030picrelated wumao

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>>276249020only the chinks could have that many "accidental" releases.I've never once, until now, thought anyone could possibly be insane enough to unleash bioweapons.accidental release might as well be intentional release and civilized nations should respond accordingly.

Environment 15:39, 06-Sep-2020How China deals worse floods with less loss?news.cgtn.com/news/2020-09-06/How-China-deals-worse-floods-with-less-loss--TyVYo4ZV16/index.htmlThis summer, China saw the heaviest rainfall in the Yangtze River Basin since 1961 and the worst flooding in decades to hit vast swathes of land from the country's southwest to the eastern coast. At its worst point in mid-August, 610 rivers rose to danger levels. China's Ministry of Emergency Management estimates that more than 63 million people were affected by the floods. Tens of thousands of houses were destroyed, and more than 200 people dead or missing. China is in the monsoon region. Unlike other parts of the world, the weather conditions in the dry season and the rainy season are very distinct. The amount of rainfall during June and August accounts for 40 percent, or even up to 70 percent of the annual precipitation.

>>276249383this is the shill graveyard man. this place is where shills come to die.>pissing into an ocean of pissi'm sure she'd get a kick out of it, would certainly be a huge encouragement for her i reckon.>>276249020my thoughts as well. there's a few emerging neurological diseases i can easily see being caused by bioweapons, or at least intentionally modified wiruses, multiple sclerosis being the major one.>>276250030lol are you sure about those numbers. ports have been seeing ship traffic reduced by half, they can't possibly be right^^

>>276250335The disaster was a grim reminder of the 1998 floods on the Yangtze River that claimed more than 1,500 lives and caused direct economic losses of 255 billion yuan (about 37.3 billion U.S. dollars). In fact, this year's floods have been even worse. Over a comparable period, precipitation in most parts of the Yangtze River Basin was 100 millimeters more than 1998 with some areas receiving up to 800 millimeters more. Wei Ke, an associate professor at the Chinese Academy of Sciences, said, in 1998, there were eight flood crests in two months, until it reached its peak in mid-August. But, the first flood crest of 2020, which was in early July, pushed the flood channels in the lower reaches of the Yangtze to their limit and caused heavy floods immediately.

>>276250400Although this year's floods were actually heavier, they caused fewer casualties and less economic losses thanks to technology.After the 1998 floods, China boosted investments in large-scale water conservancy projects along the Yangtze and its tributaries, the best known being the Three Gorges Dam. The storage capacity of the Three Gorges reservoir is more than 22 billion cubic meters. The cascade hydropower stations in the upper reaches have helped to change the overall situation of flood control in this region.The construction of Xiangjiaba, Xiluodu, Wudongde, Ertan and other 100 large reservoirs has given China a total flood control capacity of up to 80 billion cubic meters – almost equal to the total annual water volume of the river Nile.

>>276239088even if it wont collaps, all the wbms are nice to watch. it brightens my day seeing death chinks.

>>276249476I appreciate hearing this, I am ready. My hopes are on this in one way or another as I am sure you can imagine. >>276250030>shill thread reeking of desperation.>>276250276>>276249020Accident or not, the reaction after the recent big release was deliberate enough that it makes no difference.

Attached: Screen Shot 2020-08-21 at 12.01.19 AM.png (1087x424, 152.82K)

>>276250471Levees along the Yangtze and its lakes have been updated – now two meters higher than the highest recorded water levels in history. In the past two decades, moreover, Chinese scientists have been working to install a "brain" controlling those facilities, so they function in an optimal way. Accurate weather forecasts over five to seven days, as well as improved hydrological modelling, all result in more precise flood prediction. And it involves what we call gray infrastructure – the flood control infrastructure, including reservoirs, dams and, pipes, in addition to green infrastructure, which is eco-friendly solutions to reduce floods, such as lakes, wetlands, and parks.In 2014, China released national guidelines for cities to maximize natural drainage techniques, a project nicknamed building "sponge cities", to bring 20 percent of land in 658 cities up to "sponge city" drainage standards by the end of this year, at an estimated annual cost of 400 billion yuan (57.5 billion U.S. dollars).

>>276250358oh, lots of viruses cause neurological issuesfrom the flu to herpes to fucking hiv

>>276250537The Yangtze River Basin is now one of the most populated and developed regions in the world. Over the last few years, China has seen increasing urbanization from 33.4 percent in 1998 to over 60 percent today. Professor Ouyang Chaojun from the Chinese Academy of Sciences believes this development is encroaching upon many rivers, lakes and wetlands that reduced the areas which can absorb and slow down the floods. China has implemented a series of urgent eco-friendly policies like "returning farmland to lakes", but even these measures haven't proved to be timely or tough enough.Since the 1970s, 112 lakes in Yangtze River Basin, which served as natural flood discharge and buffer zones, have lost 40 percent of their total area, and 30 percent of lake storage capacity. That means on average, the entire basin has lost the ability to absorb 100 millimeters of the rainfall it should be able to withstand. And scientists say that quite apart from such local factors, this year's floods also add to the already powerful evidence on the role of worldwide climate change.Wei told CGTN that it is the common view now that the increase in global temperatures will increase global precipitation as well. Places with more rain will have more rain, while places with less rain may be more arid. So even without considering other climate processes, global warming alone will make all kinds of extreme processes more serious.

>>276250614>Places with more rain will have more rain, while places with less rain may be more arid. So even without considering other climate processes, global warming alone will make all kinds of extreme processes more seriousTHE DAM MUST GOoh this is a treat

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>>276237252The face of a man who knows his family is going to starve to death. I'm willing to bet he's deciding which child to eat first.

>>276250400>>276250471Do you have any sauce for these claims? Where are you copypasting from.Everything I've read says the opposite. The dam was a disaster from the start. It's destroyed the natural hydrologic cycle. Building codes went to hell, anything that might have prevented loss of life and property from floods that were inevitable. Dams build after 3gd were made with better concrete. The amount of dams alone, 98K in china, 52K on the Yangtze are enough to bring floods and earthquakes.You work for chinee?

>>276251293news.cgtn.com/news/2020-09-06/How-China-deals-worse-floods-with-less-loss--TyVYo4ZV16/index.htmlhow did you miss>>276250335

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eeeeeeeehehehehehe the changs are starting to grow crops in their desperation>>276251075i sure pity them, but mainly for not rising up while there was a chance. now they will die in their millions.

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>>276251508Great, CGTN and CCTV are official ccp outlets.Everything's fine. Thanks. I'm so relieved.All we've seen here is just made up silliness.Thanks chang. Now I can go on with my life.

>>276251934Dude you are a hero, disregard shills, take my autism power.Also do you just google-translate or you actually know chinese?

Here's a good vid from German TV on Inner Mongolia and ccp's attempt to "promote the majority Han culture over the ethnic Mongolian one." youtu.be/KYpKgCbmPocMongolians protest China's plan to replace Mongolian with Mandarin in schools | DW News

>>276218961My potatoes have finally germinated and all of my other crops are coming in nicely. Thanks for the gardening advice, Polanon!

>>276252183what are you saying dude ,you asked the source and i just gave you wtf?

>>276253498That's fine, but you repeated the ccp line. They're dishonest and trying to reassure those who are not willing/able to dig, to believe their lies. I guess I would have put in a disclaimer.Sorry, no offense. Just surprised me. I get so rushed between several tabs and posting elsewhere, I missed you citation. Cheers.

>>276252264>just google-translatetranslate.yandex.com/ocrand windows+shift+s lets me figure out every cuneiform writing eventually. the world is your oyster!although i have a decent knowledge of chinese geopgraphy by now, i still don't know any words except for stuff like gweilo, baizuo, gonfei, fuerdai, and... thats it i think lol.danke für die freundlichen worte!

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>>276253847heh,no worries. CCP is a bunch of subhumans, and people not seeing their lies its not just a question of ignorance just pure denial, if the CCP was competent to not show how much of a disgusting group they are it would make sense for people to get deceived... but they do all their shit in such an obviously way that i can only laugh abotu it

Here's a website to keep in mind:BITTER WINTER, A MAGAZINE ON RELIGIOUS LIBERTY AND HUMAN RIGHTS IN CHINAbitterwinter.org/southern-mongolia-the-unknown-cultural-genocide/Latest issue has interview with Enghebatu Togochog, a Mongolian with the Southern Mongolian Human Rights Information Center.Mongols call Inner Mongolia, Southern Mongolia. They haven't given up yet.

fucking BASEDwell not really tbqh we've been appeasing and tolerating for years and years.BUT this is finally the right signal, and it is relieving to see this shit be discussed in the bundestag FINALLYnow just all the german companies profiting from uyghur slave labour and the fucking carmakers who sold their souls to the CCP need to get the rope.but as is the case with the CCP, they have already put their necks in the noose and climbed up the ladder, and all we're doing is watching them step off.

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>>276252496i tried to dig stuff from inner mongolia on chinese sites for videos but i only saw stuff about vlogs as if everything is normal, there is also a major lack of info when trying to search whe n itried, so they should be suppressing hard info about it

>>276235418Post riceball lunch chang.

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another 3.1 earthquake in area west-ish of PingshanI think a couple hours ago

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"Break the ship to sink" China's high-end and low-end population fledThe Chinese Communist regime is precarious. In addition to CCP officials, wealthy businessmen or middle-class people have left China, and even ordinary civilians who are called "low-end population" by CCP officials have tried to leave China. A resident of Guangdong arrived in a small country in the Balkan Peninsula in southeastern Europe a month ago. She disclosed that more than ten people have arrived earlier than her.twitter.com/dajiyuan/status/1302647755391807488KEKthe run, they flee! fits in nicely with my post here >>276248919 about a real estate tycoon stepping up his divestments>rats, sinking ship, etc

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>>276246451Chinese doctors know what cholera is. This is probably that novel bunyavirus that spreads human to human through coughing

>>276254692The guy I referenced above, Enghebatu Togochog, and the BitterWinter.org, also cited above, are good sources. Mongols are coming to the fore. Even the LATimes did a story a few days ago:latimes.com/world-nation/story/2020-09-03/china-inner-mongolia-bilingual-education-assimilation-xinjiang-resistance-crackdownLeave it to Khan's kids to do it again.Beijing doesn't need another TSquare. Even libs don't like the ethnics getting suppressed.Once they're done rioting, they might take up banners for Mongolia.

>>276255069added in approximate TGD location.really weird how the quakes all cluster in that one area. is this usual for earthquakes?

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>>276255542They usually happen along tectonic plate or fault lines. But scientists will admit, they're always finding new fault lines. Even in the US. There are more way the San Adreas could go than people imagine. And all those dams - too much water pushing down. 52,000 dams along the Yangtze! I can't get over that.

>>276255542>>276255915thats weird because when i was following closely the eearthquake in china they weren't more focused in happening in those places they had a different position to happen more often,what is that red line? the tectonic line?

>>276255511They have to finish rioting first, though. I expect Chyna to fund the riots as long as possible

>>276255139Now imagine all those business me moving assets off China get them confiscated as reparations or for protectionism to prevent Chinese influence.

>>276255915i remember from when i joined in these generals there was a lot more infoposting about china's hilariously antique cofferdam and reservoir system, shouldnt be too tricky to dig out more on that. a lot of these should have long been decommissioned; in many cases i guess they just procrastinated one year too long>webm relatedwreckage of the dam that was destroyed in mianyang middle of august. the source tweet was in the OP for a good while>>276256137the red lines are just a little trick to find TGD on a map of china. put one horizontal line into the "niche" by shanghai, and a vertical one into the niche by hong kong, and where they meet and a little bit to the left is TGD>>276256421i think the five eyes have been tracking all of these spontaneous expats very closely over the years.. at least i bloody well hope so

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>>276255542im no geologist, but for sure faults under a lot of stress have localized, repeated quakes as the fault releases stress. check this out - tectonic plate map, but only shows major fault lines...

Attached: earthtectonicplatesb.jpg (1895x1317, 416.54K)

>>276256421Few know about Trump's Executive Order from 12/19/17:"Blocking the Property of Persons Involved in Serious Human Rights Abuse or Corruption"Anyone convicted of this, including the pedos, RICO act, you name it, loses it all. What the chinese don't want to do is stash their cash in the US. All their assets will be ours. I'm sure they know that. But their assets include a lot of businesses and real estate.federalregister.gov/documents/2017/12/26/2017-27925/blocking-the-property-of-persons-involved-in-serious-human-rights-abuse-or-corruption

>>276256801i think it's worth noting the quakes from today and yesterday might well be related to the lowering water level of TGD, might be interesting to look for a closer correlation between changes in the reservoir level and chronological clustering of quakes. i remember one 1pbtid user saying he was betting on the real deal quakes coming when the reservoir finally managed to dump below 150 (or something like that). also, nice map, but i think the USGS paper on three gorges has a more detailed one, i could be wrong though. there's definitely a more detailed closeup out there somewherepubs.er.usgs.gov/publication/ofr20081241

>>276218995K>mfw Later Yuan dynasty rises in my lifetime.>mfw Khanbro shitposter is its first emperor.

>>276257827yes I think the weight addition/reduction due to rising/lowering water levels has some potential impact on seismicity due to dam resovoirsI just found it with a simple google search


Attached: water level and earthquake activity correlation.png (1023x571, 135.63K)

Um, 'muricans, you might want to take note. September is Emergency Preparedness Month.Today this was released:"DHS Braces for ‘Potential EMP Attack’ as Presidential Election Looms"Stay out of chinese restaurants. Get flashlight batteries.

so i'm wondering when fresh southern mongolia protest footage shows up, nothing yet i've seen. lots of violent protests in HK today, but i don't choose to share those here, lots of coverage of those already.>>276259414>‘Potential EMP Attack’wew laddie

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Chinks are cringe but I gotta admit, the tally of "THIS IS IT, THIS TIME CHINA IS COLLAPSING IN ON ITSELF" is fuckin' HIGH at this point lmao. I don't think this general should count for a ton of points of I think the changs get at least 2 for it imo.

>>276259414Sept. 20 is the date wechat + tiktok go dark.

>>276250537>Levees along the Yangtze and its lakes have been updated – now two meters higher than the highest recorded water levels in history. And yet they had do destroy the levees in the countryside to prevent the cities from flooding because they were not enough. Or at least they claimed, perhaps the levees just failed. Both could be possible.

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Attached: 1488645528937.jpg (600x468, 38.62K)

>>276259561Hate to throw this in, but that's the approx date BDA said the dam would go, too.FLOTUS put out a tweet the other day reminding people to be prepared.This is why pelosi got her hair done!

>>276260275Pelosi got her hair done for that?

>>276250536>I appreciate hearing this, I am ready. My hopes are on this in one way or another as I am sure you can imagine.Some might think us heartless for bringing the sword, but if that were true, it never could’ve been pulled from the stone.

>>276259414I get the feeling that domestic retards like BLM and ANTIFA are going to start hitting electrical systems. Its easy to do. I could toss a molotov or shoot a tranformer at my local substation near walgreens and power will be out for weeks.Easy to do.

>>276260736This will be a coordinated effort between all the deep state players: dems, media, china, antifa, all the felons loose on the streets now.And maybe more bio toxins in the water supply.They simply HAVE to stop the drumpf. He's taking them down and once the military tribunals begin and the major arrests go forward, the Feds will confiscate their assets and put in their own people. The world is changing fast. >>276260536I still can't get my hair done. It's hilldawg that needs it more.

>>276260736BLM/Antifa/Democrats/Media are obviously chinese slaves,they also get more and more bold when trump take a more agressive stance against china,i think CCP wants to flee to US actually so they can get rid of all of that forsaken land problems

Xi here. Fuck all of you my Dam is fine. I will shit on each of you, fuck your sisters, your dogs, your mother and filet your father and eat him. So all you capitalist swine just go fuck yourself.

>>276259414they are bolstering the united states defenses to prepare for them in the future weirdo

>>276260736>I get the feeling that domestic retards like BLM and ANTIFA are going to start hitting electrical systems.Once the CCP decides to bring out their smarter followers. So far, they've been ok with bringing out their child molesters, wife beaters, and murderers. I don't think they're gonna hit anything until after the election. That's when we'll see shtf.

>>276260591At our best we are the summation of human hopes, aren't we? I think about it sometimes in the context of the part I played. Do you have any advice for me?

>>276235867This may be a big happening. Is there any budget left with MapBankAnon? If the downstream gantry cranes are partially submerged, sum ting wong.

>>276261875>At our best we are the summation of human hopesThere is a mystery inside this claim that tests the spirits. If anything is is excellent or praiseworthy, think on such things. Finally, after having done all, stand!

>>276241759It's electric, guess the case is relatively waterproof. Impressive for Chinese kit.

streamable.com/1mjniorecent radar streamythe outflow has gradually increased over the past three days and i have no idea what it might mena. i'm starting to think they don't actually measure it with velocimeters, instead the measure the rate of change of the water level

Attached: file.png (1212x808, 201K)

>>276263518this raise is completely abnormal for spillways, its increasing slowly if this was a spillway it should have a decent drop or increase at once and not increase overtime like this

>>276262536Thank you -- I will think on this. Is there anything I can do for you? >>276263518Measuring the rate of change in the level means not measuring outflow at all. They have power turbines though -- somebody should be relying on an accurate count of what goes through them.

>>276240330the land on the downstream side there looks MORE exposed on the shoreline directly down from the that powerhouse.thats not consistent with the water being deeper...

>>276263890Right, and the rate of gradual change (vs. the drastic jumps when a new gate is open) seems unusual to me.

>>276264134being deeper - I wasn't clear - I meant "being a higher water level"

>>276264241which is why i think they're determining "outflow" as a ratio of inflow to water level. i haven't seen any outlets capable of such small and gradual modifications by themselves - perhaps a combination of opening and closing different outlets, but with spillways closed, turbines reasonably not in use due to their inlets being the trash islands, this only leaves the underwater gates. just doesnt really compute for me.

>>276263894>Is there anything I can do for you?Consider whether this image is excellent or praiseworthy >>276231305

>>276264862is there any way to discover the downstream level of yangtze closer to the TGD? i think fi the water is coming from there and with in higher volumes that part shouild be somewhat higher than the others in the river

This definetely hasnt been Chinas year. amirite?

>>276265343yichang is directly downstream of tgd, its also on 3gd.mooo

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>>276265397gettting rid of CCP is sure a blessing to anyone

>>276265397hell no. any idea why they threw away all their international and economic gains made over the past twenty years in nine months? doesnt matter how crazy, i'd love to hear your take

>>276223909I'd let her eat my worm, if you catch my drift.

>>276265771>id: bizarreyupimagine getting a chopstick handjob, kek

>>276261725Depends on how desperate the chinks get. The already have the neomaoists holding struggle sessions in restaurants here in burgerland.I can see them pulling shit before the election iffen kiddie sniffer keeps collapsing in the poles. I can also see them pulling shit if chinkland really hits the skids and things there will not make it to November. Both are very likely at this time.Stock up and keep yer powder dry, gents. Shit is getting real.

>>2762656592016 was the year the central banks/globalists, World Econ Forum, all that shit, were supposed to finalize their takeover. when hilldawg lost, they had to regroup. They never expected Trump to succeed the way he has and have the support of so many.Now it's all or nothing. They have nothing to lose.

>>276243644>>276244114All I know is: I dream of a free Tibet and a unified Mongolia.The rest can stay as they want. Minus Xinjiang, of course.

Yingde City Meteorological Observatory issued a red warning for heavy rain [Level I/...2020-09-07 01:15:00 Yingde City Meteorological Observatory upgraded Yingde City's rainstorm yellow warning to red warning at 01:10 on September 07. Please pay attention to strengthening defenses.Huanjiang County Meteorological Observatory updated the red warning signal of rainstorm [I...2020-09-06 22:55:25 Huanjiang County Meteorological Observatory updated and issued a rainstorm red warning signal at 22:55 on September 6, 2020: Heavy rainfall of more than 80 mm has occurred in Huanjie Village, Daan Township, Huanjiang County, and Daan, Changmei, Dacai, etc. are expected in the next 3 hours There will still be heavy rainfall of 40 to 60 mm in the township, which is likely to cause disasters such as mountain torrents, landslides, and mudslides. Please take precautions and do a good job in transferring them.Pingguo City Meteorological Observatory updated the red warning signal of heavy rain [I...2020-09-07 00:47:12 Pingguo City Meteorological Observatory updated and issued a rainstorm red warning signal at 0:47 on the 7th: A 100mm heavy rainstorm has occurred in Longse Village, Guohua Town, Pingguo City. At present, the heavy rain cloud cluster is moving eastward. In the central and eastern regions, there will be heavy rainfall of 40-60 mm, and some locals of more than 80 mm, accompanied by thunder and lightning, mountain torrents, geological disasters, and urban and rural waterlogging risks are high. Please take precautions.some updates from 12379.cn, all south of the dam. will keep an eye on the radar for sure

Look at this pic of sept 02 it was taken later than the first >>276153644 , look at where the water enter in the spillways what is that stain that increased over time?

Attached: 02_september.png (568x355, 222.85K)

>>276264862It's mysterious for sure. It doesn't add up over here either. The info from 2011 at probe intl in OP is not specific enough. >>276265397>>276265659>whyHard, hard overreach.

>>276265659I dont think they have tb.h. Internationally, China is in a stronger position then they were before the pandemic, for now. manufacturers may be leaving China an heaing toward vietnam. But china doesnt give a shit, they have their own manufacturing now. their overseas investments are paying off, especially now given that theyre lending like crazy to third world countries ravaged by lockdowns. And now theyre comparing themselves to the usa, did you see that video about the Wuhan night club? raw chinese soft power at play right there. "rook rook, we have gone back to normal while amelica is overrun buy vilus". etc etc.

A response to StanleyNordic's tweet had this:"The tombstone is a banned book on the Internet in China. If you don’t read this book, you will not be able to understand the true face of the CCP. It is recommended to read it. Mr. Yang’s introspection and understanding of the Devil’s Cave, in-depth body and soul, is about how the system works and causes systemic disasters. , There are countless materials and examples to support it."

>>276265012It is both, and remarkable also, but in a way that is common and doesn't get noticed. What do you want people to see in it?

>>276266543> stronger position then they were before the pandemicthats just ridiculous lol>china doesnt give a shit, they have their own manufacturing nowahh i see youve heard of the internal cycle policy! have you seen the amounts of unemployed people in all major urban centers? there are several youtube channels covering this.>their overseas investments are paying offkek, like... what exactly? >raw chinese soft poweranother big fat kek. if they push that too hard five eyes might just call their covid count bluff. sorry bruv but you have an entirely uneductaed opinion.