Society is collapsing

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Cry me a river. I'm damn near an albino and nobody can pronounce my name, either. Grow thicker skin.

>>276217013Black fragility.

>>276217013The Board just fears they'll burn down the school otherwise.

那个 tongue my anus.

>>276217013>“an expert in communication, interpersonal and leadership effectiveness” so a useless Professor in a non-field.. nothing of value was lost.That being said, how low does your iq have to be to think he was saying 'nigger' and not 'that' in Chinese.


We live in a world where people are born into situations that they have no choice about. We are born into wealth or poverty, health or disease, intelligence or stupidity, beauty and ugliness. From the moment we're born we're given labels like "rich" or "poor", "intelligent" and "stupid". Your genetics write a good chunk of your destiny, and the other part is your environment, which is luck and based on your ancestors circumstances. We're taught that we must work hard and get good grades in school and everything will be great, otherwise we'll be nothing. My parents told me the same thing; they worked hard all their lives but ended up with little. They died in their 50s without having anything to leave me. I got a used car. They didnt own their own house and had gambling/student debts. Despite their hard work, they were still poor. Nothing changed from when they started working till the day they died. Their hard work was for nothing. They were born into poverty, and that's how they died. I work, I went to school, and I owe more debt. A small percentage of people born into poverty ever get out of poverty. Society is unfair to all. BLM and Marxists think they can change this, but the cycle will never end. It is inevitable.

>>276217013california sure is a strange place


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>>276217013Do americans really?

>>276217013How is that legal?

>>276217013fuck niggers

>>276217013>society is collapsingIt has been for a while now, isnt it great?

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>>276217698I've noticed an increase in nips the past few days, what gives?

Nèi ges are pho king stupid

>>276217013动态网自由门 天安門 天安门 法輪功 李洪志 Free Tibet 六四天安門事件 The Tiananmen Square protests of 1989 天安門大屠殺 The Tiananmen Square Massacre 反右派鬥爭 The Anti-Rightist Struggle 大躍進政策 The Great Leap Forward 文化大革命 The Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution 人權 Human Rights 民運 Democratization 自由 Freedom 獨立 Independence 多黨制 Multi-party system 台灣 臺灣 Taiwan Formosa 中華民國 Republic of China 西藏 土伯特 唐古特 Tibet 達賴喇嘛 Dalai Lama 法輪功 Falun Dafa 新疆維吾爾自治區 The Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region 諾貝爾和平獎 Nobel Peace Prize 劉暁波 Liu Xiaobo 民主 言論 思想 反共 反革命 抗議 運動 騷亂 暴亂 騷擾 擾亂 抗暴 平反 維權 示威游行 李洪志 法輪大法 大法弟子 強制斷種 強制堕胎 民族淨化 人體實驗 肅清 胡耀邦 趙紫陽 魏京生 王丹 還政於民 和平演變 激流中國 北京之春 大紀元時報 九評論共産黨 獨裁 專制 壓制 統一 監視 鎮壓 迫害 侵略 掠奪 破壞 拷問 屠殺 活摘器官 誘拐 買賣人口 遊進 走私 毒品 賣淫 春畫 賭博 六合彩 天安門 天安门 法輪功 李洪志 Winnie the Pooh 劉曉波动态网自由门

>>276217940Their economy never recovered from the debt crisis and their head of state just stepped down because he has ulcerative colitis.

Nei ga please

>>276217013Good. It needs to collapse

>>276217013"Ni-ge" is the pinyin translation for "you" (with -ge as a grammar modifier) in Chinese. It is a fundamental building block of Chinese language. Yes, Niggers are this self absorbed and stupid. As if you needed convincing that niggatry was anything but narcissistic worthlessness.

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I wanna kill all niggers

>>276217207Its always funny for me when I listen to my wife talk with her family. Theyre saying the word "That" and its the word they choose to repeat while theyre thinking, instead of "uhh". That that that, nega nega nega. I'll never be allowed to speak chinese in public with her.

>>276217562While generally true, it's more to do with the fact that proper values are not instilled into the next generation. We give every opportunity for the disadvantaged. Their issue is they don't take advantage of it... either because they are incapable or unwilling.Even your anecdote proves this. Gambling debts? Whose fault is that? I grew up in a shit situation. All but one uncle in jail at one point for drugs. My mom abused throughout her childhood. My dad grew up fatherless. No disposable income to speak of. And you know what? I'm living the fucking dream. How? Hard work and sacrifice.

>>276217013>attempting to teach niggersEvery white who gets their life ruined associating with niggers in any capacity deserves it.

>>276218050How convenient , I'm sure the jews have nothing to do with the head of state that has been resistant to their faggot ways trying to move in, all of a sudden stepping down, expect Japan to burn next.

>>276218573especially if they are marxist commisars who ruined the west by larping as college professors hope he gets sued

>>276217013You can't be serious


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>>276217262Stay strong fellow leaf

>>276217013maybe he'll have to get a real job and contribute to society

>>276217013Nigger fatigue guys; I feel it.

>>276217013>the absolute state of the US>article written by Britanny BernsteinAmazing

>>276218925I was hanging out with my wife and her work people and there was this guy from mali there telling me how American blacks disgust him. Dude was blacker than wesley snipes in blade.Why can't we open up based african immigration?

>>276217013Pretty soon the illegal word list will include any word ending with -gger bigger trigger digger all these words sound too close and a brain dead chimp might mistake them for nigger, and you wouldn’t want to upset a brain dead chimp would you?

>>276218125Fuck ni-ge

>>276219633I used the word "nickle" once, and triggered a chimpout.True story.

>>276219830I wouldn’t doubt it honestly

>>276217013How not to hate black people when you see this shit?


>>276219913Story time:>Be me at the strip club with my bros (inb4 degenerate)>Get a lap dance from hot af nigress>After the song ends, she asks if I want another>I really want to touchie>Start talking about the Ralphie May joke "get that nickle" with my bro>She heard something else>Chimpout commencesThat was my last time ever at the strip club.

>>276217344The school doesnt fear them, theyre the ones that created them

>>276218544Based and hardworkpilled

>>276217262Stay strong fellow leaf

>>276217013>affected their mental healthB L A C K F R A G I L I T Y

>>276217562Lol youre parents were addicts and retards thats why they were poor. Youre right about one thing some people are just born stupid and stupid people cant manage their money

wait til they get a load of me

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>>276217562thispeople forget that early years shape you and it's almost impossible to overwrite things imposed upon you. for example, shitty parents have a long-lasting effect on your mental health and it was proven by studying people raised in dysfunctional families. moreover, like you said, life is a lottery. you may do everything right and end up with a complete disaster. I have a friend who got extremely lucky and while he fucked up multiple times, environment allowed him to prosper and now he is doing good. on the other hand 10x more people having the same decision making process as he does would end up in a 10x worse situation. things we get on the start which are independent on us can have a huge impact. family, wealth, status, connections and so on.people who think they are the captains of their own ship called life are just people who haven't lived long enough to get all their optimism destroyed or they are just lucky enough to never get enlightened.

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>>276217262Stay strong fellow leaf

>>276217940English teachers that abandoned ship.


8 years ago it was a comedy bit, now it's

>>276218125你 is rarely used with 个. you might be confused with 你的 which means your.the word which sounds like nigger is 那个 meaning "that", but when spoken by most chinese outside of Beijing the 'a' sound of na is more like a short 'i', so there is easily some confusion amongst retards.

>>276217562>They didnt own their own house and had gambling/student debtsThere is always a reason why the lives of some people suck, and if you want to find out, you just have to look at where their money goes. Every - single - time.

>>276218125He went out of his way to explain what he was about to say and how it's an example of miscommunication across cultures, and they STILL managed to miss the point. It's not like he's teaching some random public school in Oakland either, these are grad students at a decent university. It makes me think this was just a malicious attempt to get the guy fired.

>>276217013Nega tongue my anus

>>276223764It's just how niggers are.They got there based on their skin color alone and never payed attention to a word said until they thought they heard nigger and then freaked the fucked out like they always do.


>>276217013Should ask them to write am essay on why they feel hurt. Then publish the nonsense on their school website.

>>276217262Stay strong fellow leaf

>>276219830I almost lost an important client for my company once using the word "renege". Was working for a contract IT company that essentially hired out cloud and sharepoint engineers.One company we supported with an entire engineering staff that essentially ran their whole IT enterprise had their contract run out. I was in charge of going to their office in New Jersey to do some boilerplate and re-new the contract.Instead of the usual guys I dealt with they had some new guy whos name was no bullshit Demarktrivius but insisted on being called D. He tried to play hard ball and kept trying to go back on our established rate we essentially agreed on before I even flew into NJ. Again this was all supposed to be boilerplate standard stuff, and we keep their fucking mess running. All I said was "look if you're looking to renege on us good luck on finding anyone who won't end up bankrupting you because of lost work time due to outages at those prices."The chimpout was surprising and worth the price of bad coffee getting thrown on my suit for a front row seat of it

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>>276226631Holy shit!

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>>276223764Niggers are retarded, it doesn't matter how much book learning they appear to have absorbed. At the end of the day they are retarded niggers who cannot do anything except nig it up.

>>276226631Was the nigger fired for his nigger outburst?


>>276219481>Why can't we open up based african immigration?would you kindly kill yourself and all your offspring

I feel like when covid hoax is over we need to decolonize international tourism, which is overwhelmingly whiteWe need the rest of the world to experience the vibrant culture of African Americans, and African Americans can experience the rest of the world to see what its like to be in a place that isn't soooo racist like the US is

>>276227241WTF do you think? How new are you?


>>276217262Stay strong fellow leaf

>>276219481Don't fall for it. Black/brown immigrants turn full SJW in one generation and even if this guy is the smartest guy in Mali, his kids will revert back to the room temp IQ that has made Mali the shithole it is today.

>>276217262Stay stwong fewwow weaf

>>276227455Look faggot, given how fucked companies are nowadays the nigger could have been let go for attacking someone else or could have been given a promotion for standing up to the whyte man.

>>276227241they just shuffled him around to do low level admin stuff for their finance guys, they heavily hinted he was an AA hire and was pretty much un-fireable. I couldn't believe he was a Cornell alumni

>>276217013This story was brought to you by (((Brittany Bernstein))). Every, fucking, time.

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>>276217013*America is collapsing

>>276226631A councilman in a town near me was fired for saying niggardly while discussing the budget at a meeting.Soon, it might get to a point where Arnold Schwarzenegger will have to change his name to Arnold ScwarzeN-word.

>>276218544Have sex, you toxic fucking incel loser

>>276226631This shit blows my fucking mind. Me no read good so you is da racist!

>>276217940Theyre not actually japanese, theyre white gaijin living in Japan as teachers, weeaboos, military, sex tourists, ect

>>276217013The only people who lose in this are the students. The students who don't complain are basically scammed out of a legitimate and well planned college course, and the students who complain will NEVER get hired. Teacher gets paid to do nothing, and you bet your ass the school is glad to keep the paying adult babies


>>276218348Disgusting race mixing nega


>>276218348>leaf flag>chink wife

>>276217013A chinamen I met high school fresh off the boat talked to a black sectary and for 20 seconds just said nigga nigga nigga, which is their umm until she smacked him across the head

>>276228750>have sex loser>nooooo you can't be conservative you must consooooom

Chinese use the word “nega” about 5000 times per conversation. Get over it. The same triggered idiots probably went home and blasted hip hop

>>276229227their smaller penises fit better in the smaller asian vaginas

>>276217940real Japanese don't post on 4chan, they have 2chan

>>276221769I came from a lower middle and than middle class family (father got promoted over the years). I was a fuck up degenerate going nowhere for most of my twenties. Finally got my head on straight, got married, busted my ass in college and then grad school, took every license and cert under the sun, and now the wife and I make over $260k/year. When we were both in our twenties working dead end jobs, we thought the game was stacked against us and if we ever both broke $80k combined we would be lucky. That’s bullshit loser think. Life is what you make it and how much you are willing to grind.


>>276217013Niggers will be genocided completely off the continent by 2050. Bet on it.

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>>276217762When all speech is free, no speech is :)


>>276228750Go to hell, fornicator. Were having marriage and babies.

>>276217940They're all white english teachers (a good bunch of them are also pedos or sex offenders as well).

>>276230894god I fucking hope so

>>276229980>>276230223Better than marrying a coalburner

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>>276230895thats doesnt make any sense. oh your a foreigner. LOL that explains it. retarded sack of 3rd world shit.


>>276231197True, much more literal. Sorry, haven't been speaking Chinese since I quit working with China.

I have been wondering for years why I always hear asians say this word that sounded like scissor or nigger.

>>276217013>September 3But schools reopened like this week... what the fuck?

>>276231472>working with ChinaGot any good horror stories?I had stuff made in China. They welded things more than 3 inches off spec. 500 units. All of it made out of powder coated steel, so shipping costs fucking sucked, too.

>>276231472>黑鬼舌头我的肛门So nigger is black devil/demon?

>>276228681That made national news in the US not long ago. Some ancient negro, clearly educated, said "niggardly" and caused a chimpout. I had never heard the word before as a white dude. I think it was intentional, some old black dude getting one over on the modern nigger.

The golem turns on its master.

>>276231178>triggeredAll your problems stem from free speech. Enjoy your freedumbs :)

>>276217267It is not black fragility.It is black parasytism.Blacks understand in their unevolved brains that social manipulation = gibs and powerIt is like training a dog to pee in your bed.

>>276221769There is no sadder a sight than a man who has surrendered his personal responsibility.If you're smart enough to see the patterns you're smart enough to break them. If everyone had your attitude we'de be running sticks to create a fire. Stop feeling sorry for yourself you useless sack of shit and do something about it.

>>276217207It means nigger in Chinese.

>>276217013The fragility of the nigger’s ego knows no limits.


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>>276217525>how low does your iq have to be to think he was saying 'nigger' and not 'that' in has to be nigger low

>>276217013fucking 那个s

Black Fragility

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>>276217013so they discriminated against a professor on the basis of his national origin?

New York fired a teacher for teaching the CORRECT SPANISH WORD FOR THE COLOR BLACK: Negro...

>>276233107There is a Korean word I hear sometimes that sounds similar and I think it means when. Neka or something like that.

>>276233265Thank God nobody learns Latin anymore.

>>276217013The American worship for the Black Meat knows no bounds, minorities of other races and sexual orientations are pushed aside and forced to submit to the Homo Erectus Masterrace.

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>>276218544boomer digits of dream living

I'm a wagie at a sub shop and I always get a little tense when I'm serving a black customer and tell them there's oil and vinegar on the sandwich they ask about. I can't help but laugh though because I'm basically saying "nigger" right in their face.

>>276232202>never heard the word "niggarldy" before>claims that that is normal, and that people using it are intentionally getting one over on blacksFuck you, you low-brow white nigger.In my high school, we learned that word as it was part of our weekly vocabulary tests from those McGraw-Hill books.It's a not some lowkey racist insult, it's a part of the english language.Just because you were never taught that, doesn't mean you should push the narrative that it's some diss.

>>276227760Why do you think he got into Cornell in the first place?

>>276233837You should put extra emphasis on the -NIGAR if you aren't already

>>276233837Would you like some oil and vin, nigger?

>>276217013>societyJust do your job goyim.

>>276223764>these are grad students at a decent universityDoesn't matter as others said but reminds me watching 'The Trayvon Hoax' and his real gf (not the whale that testified) graduated from whatever known FL college in criminal justice. The documentary guy set up a fake meet and to be ironic got her a gift, a statue of 'Lady Justice' and she didn't know what it was>Has college degree in criminal justice>Literally doesn't know what a statue of Lady Justice They really are that retarded

>>276218348Shes sending Morse coded message to her chink cia headquarters by saying nega in specific fashion you fucking leaf cuck, hosting an enemy in his home

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>>276219481And what do you think their children will become you retarded fucking T_D faggot

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>>276234429Any more and I'd probably be fired and/or assaulted. The clientel is mostly white though and the black people that do order are typically pleasant enough.

>>276233107Nega* low

>>276234692Their degrees are useless, like participation trophies...dumb as shit. College isn’t about education it’s about indoctrination. Back in the day, if you were dumb as shit, they would just say, college isn’t for you, learn a trade...get into sales or whatever, now it seems college is for everyone, which that’s wrong, it’s not.

>>276217562>Society is unfair to allEver tried living in a society without kikes?

>>276217262Stay strong fellow leaf

>>276235186Most college students themselves know this. You're not paying for what you learn, but for the value of your degree and the advantage it provides when applying to job - along with connections.

>>276221769Pretty much. The circumstances of your birth will make or break you. A board that believes in race and eugenics should have no issue accepting this redpill

>>276217013 I kind of want to start using the word "niggardly" from now on. Prior to this, it might turn some heads, but fuck now I want a full-blown chimp-out. I think Holla Forums should just blast "niggardly" as much as possible. Just fucking overuse the shit out of it. "My black friends are acting niggardly so they can buy new Nikes."

>>276219633 you forgot "jogger"


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That's fine. Utopia was never an option

>>276217013>>>> Anonymous (ID: jTpTFu8c) 09/06/20(Sun)07:30:17 No.276217714▶>File: 1596523419143.jpg (130 KB, 1800x1012)>>>276217562To be fair he raises his voice and screams "NIGGER NIGGER ITS CHIIIINNNEEESSSSEEEEEE HAHAHA NIIIIIGER" when he says it

>>276217013> should be fired for giving a shit about china or chinese

>>276217940>I've noticed an increase in nips the past few days, what gives?They were released from /a/ prison.

ive heard some chinks pronounce it as "chigga" at my gym.


>>276217013Uh oh, they pissed off the chinks>This week a group of nearly 100 USC alumni, most of whom are Chinese by ethnicity or nationality, wrote to the school’s administration in support of their professor, saying his use of the Mandarin word for “that” was accurate and “an entirely appropriate and quite effective illustration of the use of pauses.”>The alumni said they were “deeply disappointed that the spurious charge has the additional feature of casting insult toward the Chinese language, the most spoken in the world, and characterized it and its usage as vile.”>“We feel Marshall should be open to diversity in all areas,” they wrote.

>>276237378Wait until they find out about the repealing of civil rights laws so that schools, businesses and government can legally discriminate against them for working "too hard".

>>276217013this is what happens when white men let women have power.

>>276219830My nickel

>>276217013Niggers have learned that they always get their way if they accuse whitey of Racism. ALWAYS. ALWAYS. You know what small children do when they realize that if they throw a massive tantrum in the middle of the store, for all to see, you'll buy them whatever they want if it makes them stop?I could understand a Professor getting suspended for calling a Nigger what he is, to their face. I mean, not really, but that is how American society has decided to handle the "N-Word".Or so I thought. The reality is way more ridiculous. Getting suspended just for saying the word "nigger". Not to anyone. Just to say it out. That would be fucking ridiculous.But the reality is even more absurd.Saying a completely unrelated word in a foreign language that the niggers merely DECIDED to mishear as a racial slur that also wasn't said to anyone in particular getting you suspended...This is some clown world bullshit.

>>276217262This. I worked for a chinese family a while ago, I loved hearing them say nigga nigga nigga all day. Their word for nigger is pronounced "hay-gway" and it means black ghost.

>>276217267Wise words from user yesterday

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>>276217013based title and article combo


>>276233134this is what we should start using instead of jogger....we could get away with it for months. Also, 基地化我的那个

>>276217013heres the actual link for the story in


>The University of Southern California has placed a communications professor on leave after a group of black MBA candidates threatened to drop his class rather than “endure the emotional exhaustion of carrying on with an instructor that disregards cultural diversity and sensitivities” following the instructor’s use, while teaching, of a Chinese word that sounds like a racial slur.the youtube clip actually pretends it was white sjw's who complained. NOPE, black people of course.

Black sensitivity

>>276237849黑鬼=nigger酒鬼=alcoholic 那个=that but sounds like nigger基地=base化=to "ize" something基地化=based. Chinglesh as fuck.跑步人=jogger

>>276228681>niggardlyThere was the comptroller or something for Washington DC that said that in the late 80s or early 90s. He was fired and it made national news because the country wasn't fully pozzed then and it woke up people to the start of political correctness.>>276227760>he was a Cornell alumniUn-fucking-real. The Jews have ruined higher education. After listening to Richard Spencer, I'm starting to believe his view that university should revert back to an elitist institution and not just a vocational school for corporations.

>>276238770>“offended all of the Black members of our Class.”

>>276217013Was it nigger


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>>276238941>doesn't read a single post in the thread describing excactly what happenedFucking summer同性们

>>276237717we are so deep into clown world that this guy is the counterculture

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>>276217013LMAO!And these people want my taxes to pay 100% of their tuition. Modern college is such a joke

>>276236660>you forgot jogger That would be Zhega ( 这个) Zhega is typically used for the equivalent of "this" when the noun doesn't have a more specific common identifier, Nega (“那个) is the equivalent of 'that". For example if you wanted to say "this is much better than that" It would "Zhege bi nega haode duo."

>>276217267more like an unspeakable inferiority complex

>>276219481>Why can't we open up based african immigration?it took 70 years of occupation and brainwashing for the braindead portion of our population to think like this. Here you are, supposedly right-wing and you still ask for more niggers. What's your excuse, mutt?

It finally happened gomers

>>276217267none of them is actually offended, it's a very calculated outrage. they know exactly retarded whites will go along with their complaints because "oh no can't be raciss" so they just use it as a tool to shape any situation to their desire.

>>276217562>work hardwork smart. going into the mines with a pickaxe will be super hard, doesn't mean it will get you anywhere when they have modern drilling machines working alongside you

>>276237378>insult toward the Chinese language, the most spoken in the world>the most spoken in the worldaside from the obvious chinglish, are they just going to straight up lie? English is still the most popular language due to all the ESLs, nobody who doesn't have to is going to learn fucking Chinese

>>276221769it's true that it makes things a lot's also used as massive cope all the time. while it is harder, you can still change it. even if it's a lot of work, it's your life. do you really want to spend the next 4-5 decades living a shitty live and crying about how unfairly life has treated you when a couple years of work could have led to a much more enjoyable life?

>>276240006no they don't, their cognition isn't advanced enough to think that up user

>>276240739they probably meant native speakers. in which case English would only be the third ranked IIRCshould have clarified it though. they go to university after all, you could expect a bit more of them.

>>276217267Black sensitivity kek

>>276241126I did my civil service at a hospital, where I had to work with mentally disabled people all day long. Even they knew they could use their disability to offload work onto others by just pretending to be a bit more retarded than they actually are till the other side got tired of it and just did whatever the tard was supposed to do themselves.nigs might not be the brightest but I would assume they can at least compete with retards.

>>276240527The most successful people do both.

Let them cut their own throats

>>276217013lmao I predicted the SJW crowd would eventually do something about that chinese word on the day I learned about it.

>>276217013sorry niggers, nega is a word in chinese

>>276241418obviously. but most of the time when someone is complaining about not getting ahead they claim to be working super hard and don't seem to understand that this is meaningless if a bit of thinking about it could easily remove half that effort while maintaining the same payout.

>>276217940Out of work english teachers


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>>276232494>>It is like training a dog to pee in your bed.Absolutely fitting analogy.

>>276217013Reminder that it's the left that claims to be oh-so open-minded and tolerant and respectful towards other cultures, while the right is oh-so backwards and know nothing about other countries and cultures and languages.And now, who's the one getting all offended about a normal word in another language/culture/country that happens to sound like an American no-no word?The modern western left is a close-minded violent totalitarian nightmare.

>>276243848>The modern western left is a close-minded violent totalitarian nightmare.the split in left and right is retarded anyway. splitting it into libertarian and authoritarian would make more sense.although I guess the left would just claim to be libertarian, despite wanting to hang me by my own intestines for wrongthinking.

>>276217013Chinese say ni ge all the time. Lol

>>276243848Dude, they freak out because Spanish, like many other languages, is gendered.

>>276244177Basically this. You can have freedom or security. The balancing act between them is never-ending, and the two sides are really just representing those two ideas, in varying degrees. Im extremely far liberty. This gets called "right", but the right are very authority about a lot of things, and i dont agree with it. But nevertheless I get called right wing because thats the closest they can get in our oddly phrased dynamic


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>>276217262Stay strong fellow leaf

>>276217013I wonder what would happen if someone tried to have an academic discussion on the etymology of racial slurs IN A TOTALLY ACADEMIC CONTEXT.

>>276245044I think more interesting would be looking at words in common usage that are no longer derogatory in usage.Slav, for instance.

>>276217013And they call white people fragile.

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>>276218544based and american dream pilled>>276228750cinge commie the absolute state of you lad


>>276226631>google what renege means >"IS RENEGE A REAL WORD" >"IS IT OKAY TO SAY RENEGE"

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>>276244177> splitting it into libertarian and authoritarian would make more sense.No, it wouldn't. Libertarianism is fake and gay and jewish.

If schools actually wanted to solve the problem they would be expelling students

>>276234384Based slightly less uneducated mutt

>>276217013>那個那個那個那個那個那個那個那個那個那個那個那個那個那個那個那個那個那個那個那個那個那個那個那個那個那個那個那個那個那個那個那個那個那個那個那個那個那個那個那個那個那個那個那個那個那個那個那個那個那個那個那個那個那個那個那個那個那個那個那個那個那個那個那個那個那個那個那個那個那個那個那個那個那個那個那個那個那個那個那個那個那個那個那個那個那個那個那個那個那個那個那個那個那個那個那個那個那個那個那個那個那個那個那個那個那個那個那個那個那個那個那個那個那個那個Just a filler word anons

>>276246336>Individual rights are badAn American, of all people, should know better than that, ffs.


Attached: reneger.jpg (671x233, 29.08K)

>>276246904One look at the absolute state of America and its disastrous influence on the world should be enough to prove that individualism is terrible.

>>276247089>woah woah I'm not calling you the nword, I'm just saying you're an untrustworthy and unreliable individual

>be white>have a name common in south america but never heard here>mispronounced by literally everyone hereIs there some way I can make money off this?

>>276247181The worst places in the US are the heavily collectivist ones, you absolute smoothbrain.


You retards, Ne ge (Sound slike the N word) means 'that' in Mandarin. It's used in the context of thinking, like as English speakers would say "Uhhhh errrrrm""Ni ge" means "That" (Demonstrative pronoun) in Mandarin.t.lived in China for 3 years, nearly Fluent

>>276240006This. It's conniving outrage, same as the looting. It's all about using "racism" to get a new pair of jordans.

>>276219633This guy thinks we'll be allowed to speak in the future lol

>>276217262Stay strong fellow leaf

>>276247181buzz back to the hive like Xi demands chang

>>276248095did you get an asian wife

>>276217562Do you know why your parents worked so hard? Because unlike you, they saw more than two feet in front of them and realized that all their suffering and destitution would be worth it if only their child had a better chance, if that child had just a bit more than they did when they were growing up he could go on to do even better for his children, and so on. The cycle would continue, and eventually, the family would become successful even if some generations had nothing. But that won't happen, because you're too busy wallowing in your own despair over how bad you have it when you should be thinking about what you CAN do. Your parents gambled and left you with nothing? Be better. Work to leave your kids SOMETHING, because life is about making an impact so that you live on even after death, because complaining about muh society whether you want gibs or you're just bored won't do shit.

>>276226631>worth the price of bad coffee getting thrown on my suitThrowing hot coffee on someone is aggravated assault.


>>276217013Lol we have to change pronunciations globallyOrOnly blacks can get jobs teaching blacks

>>276248578Unfortunately, a lot of Gen Y/Z will end up receiving only debt when their parents die. Fiscal responsibility has not been the strong suit of most Boomers.

>>276234384This. "Niggardly" even shows up in Shakespeare. Reminds me of the "chink in the armor" fake controversy. "Chink" also shows up in Shakespeare and means "a gap or weak point." The racial slur didn't come about for another three centuries.

>>276217013Trump should ban federal funding and student loans for all kiked schools.

那个 那个 那个 那个 那个 那个 那个 那个 那个 那个 那个 那个 那个 那个 那个 那个 那个 那个 那个 那个 那个 那个 那个 那个 那个 那个 那个 那个 那个 那个 那个 那个 那个 那个 那个 那个 那个 那个 那个 那个 那个 那个 那个 那个 那个 那个 那个 那个 那个 那个 那个 那个 那个 那个 那个 那个 那个 那个 那个 那个 那个 那个 那个 那个 那个 那个 那个 那个 那个 那个 那个 那个 那个 那个 那个 那个 那个 那个 那个 那个 那个 那个 那个 那个 那个 那个 那个 那个 那个 那个 那个 那个 那个 那个 那个 那个 那个 那个 那个 那个 那个 那个 那个 那个 那个 那个 那个 那个 那个 那个 那个 那个 那个 那个 那个 那个 那个 那个 那个 那个 那个 那个 那个 那个 那个 那个 那个 那个 那个 那个 那个 那个 那个 那个 那个 那个 那个 那个 那个 那个 那个 那个 那个 那个 那个 那个 那个 那个 那个 那个 那个 那个 那个 那个 那个 那个 那个 那个 那个 那个 那个 那个 那个 那个 那个 那个 那个 那个 那个 那个 那个 那个 那个 那个 那个 那个 那个 那个 那个 那个 那个 那个 那个 那个 那个 那个 那个 那个 那个 那个 那个 那个 那个 那个 那个 那个 那个 那个 那个 那个 那个 那个 那个 那个 那个 那个 那个 那个 那个 那个 那个 那个 那个 那个 那个 那个 那个 那个 那个 那个 那个 那个 那个 那个 那个 那个 那个 那个 那个 那个 那个 那个 那个 那个 那个 那个 那个 那个 那个 那个 那个 那个 那个 那个 那个 那个

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>>276238853>university should revert back to an elitist institution and not just a vocational school for corporationsthis is true but richard spencer is a fucking moron

>>276217525"That" Level of Intelligence

>>276237717This. Niggers are giant children. American nigs have be spoiled and coddled and told they're special and given preferential treatment their entire lives. The result is the same as if you were to do that to a child. The Left has weaponized nigs by turning them into malignant narcissists.

>>276217013Are you talking about Nigganata or was that japanese?

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>>276217506Top kek

>>276217262Stay strong fellow leaf.

>>276247089>from the Latin "Negare" 'to deny'holy kek Negare= I Dindu Nuffin'

>>276223764We've gotten to the point now where it's more comforting to blame shit on malice rather than stupidity.

>>276217344That fear is warranted.

>>276217562Why didn’t you study to be an engineer, doctor, businessman, pharmacist, actuary, lawyer, etc. so you could make 6 figures one day and have a good life? Did you choose a shitty profession that doesn’t make any money?

>>276239334>I's one a dem trannnnsss niggas!this guy is a legend

>>276217013i know koreans and they say similar. "ni ga" is something like what is. a group of koreans were chatting nearby blacks, niggers overheard and came up screaming, "what did you say? what did you say?" so the korean repeats, " ga?" and the nigger starts chasing him.

>>276247762>The worst places in the US are the heavily collectivist ones,Nieger whatThe worst parts of the US are the least WhiteThe reason they are so brown is because Whites became individualists and stopped caring about their collective fateThe best parts of the US are the ones where Whites still think racially

>>276248716我看得懂你的意思 :^)

>>276217940they got their own chan. These are 100% gaijin

>>276217262stay strong white boii

>>276248095Doubt you're even close to fluent, faggot. Show HSK 6 or gtfo

Attached: nigball college.png (946x1024, 451.02K)

>>276249317>The Left has weaponized nigs by turning them into malignant narcissistsThey were already like that, liberalism just made it worse

>>276232494this, only retards listen to them, they know shit is not that bad but they love that power and respect the west gives them, people kiss their feet and as a group, they have the power to make decisions for big companies in return for their consumer loyalty, which they don't give a fuck about either because they can go loot a store anyways while chanting DEFUND THE POLICE so they can have no opposition, only the public believes this is for justice and peace when it's all about money and power

>>276217262Stay strong fellow leaf


>>276217013black fragility lmao

>>276233837>send the black guy for a&w brekkie>i don't know if I want the ham'n'egger or the bacon'n'egger..He knew exactly what I was doing.


>>276217207Was in a cab with black band mate in Shanghai. Our liaison kept saying nega nega nega to the driver, we all had a good laugh.

>>276217013Black's sure are some fragile fuckers uh.For people who come from a literal jungle they the most sensitive, pussies ever.

>>276217207BTS seem to use nega a lot. Wonder if it triggers the nigga.

>>276217562Sorry, user, your parents may have worked hard but they also made poor choices. You don’t have to do the same.

>>276217013Niggers think they are oppressed. Holy shit. All they have to do it point at something and say "I don't like that" and its gone. Like a fucking genie.

>>276217013>Society is collapsingThis must be that "hope and change" your anti-American subversive negro prophet promised you way back in 2008.How's it working out for y'all self-hating liberal whites?

>>276217562>My parents told me the same thing; they worked hard all their lives but ended up with little.>They didnt own their own house and had gambling debts.....

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>>276217207It's my Ethiopian Aryan surname.

I don't get it. Isn't "that" pronounced as na Did hellochinese lie to me

>>276217013Something something reap the whirlwind


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>>276217562Life is unfair faggot. Deal with it.

>>276239386>Zigga be nigga howdy do

>>276245349Unironically the people complaining were probably white. White leftists are the biggest pussies on the planet, i dont even view them as the same race as me anymore

>>276217262Stay strong fellow leaf

>>276251298There's no way he is. He probably can order fucking roast duck and ask what time the train leaves. If you cant discuss nuclear proliferation or the trade war gtfo


>>276217013>universities are collapsing This is literally the best thing to happen to America in decades.

>>276248095Any tips for learning Chinese?

>>276226631Hold on, you pronounce "renege" with a hard g like "negligence" or even related "renegade"? To me it was always soft g as in "beige". Which would make the chimpout even more ridiculous.

>>276217267Black fragility is real, and it's why they project with the white stuff.Remember that national tantrum because a loitering non-paying black "customer" was asked to leave a Starbucks? Or how a centuries-old piece of art was destroyed at Yale University (I think it was Yale) by a black guy and he wasn't charged because the art had a slave and it hurts his feelings? That is the real "fragility."Anecdotally, blacks seem to be the most thin-skinned on Twitter when it comes to joke about their skin color/race/religion.

>>276260812deep down, in their hollow, cavernous nigger-nogginsthey know they're inferiorwhich is why they provoke those above them with narcissistic and petty grievances and manufactured outrage

>>276217013Mustve sung the nay nigga nay nay song

>>276249186>richard spencer is a fucking moronOn the contrary, he's very well educated and quite intelligent. I suggest you try to either listen to one of his podcasts or read one of his articles.

>>276239771His wife likes them. And they shit talk American blacks around him and there is just like no way that they shit talk white Americans to earn free points around black Americans.

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>>276217013What the fuck? It should be the students that get kicked out. Dumb low iq niggers


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they need to be removed soon. anyone who disagrees should be removed as well.


>>276217262Stay strong fellow white

>>276218544>mom abused throughout her childhood.According to your mom.

>>276220311the wages of degeneracy are nigger moments.