This is what democracy looks like

This is what democracy looks like.

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Shut up


>>276214512>This is what democracy looks like.For dumb people who have no clue what Greek word 'democracy' means.Creating a New World - Free from economic of the People by Popular Peoples Congress (democracy with out jew interpretation)

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What is that flag they are waving?


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mob rule. amazing!


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>>276214512How do they intend to make lukashenko leave? Are they waiting for the army to make a move or something?

>>276214917flag of cucks

>>276214512And it looks like total shit so many liberals

>>276214512As soon as it becomes a democracy, white crowds like that will be a thing of the past.

>>276215469LARP, the picture

>>276214917Out Belarusan brothers have a dream

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>>276214877This. Universal suffrage is fucking insane.

>>276214877>renewable green energy.yeah, you'll starve after 2 months.

>>276216278No, because life is so shitty here even ukranians dont want to live here.

>>276214512Woah excellent god bless

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>>276215995I like the middle one


>>276214917it's not the gay one.

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>>276217281You mean not the ones with more freedom?Soon it will be free

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>>276216828>even ukrainians nigga But I hope you will be safe and leave in a free country.

>>276217960God bless Ukraine When Belarus is free they will be a brother.

>>276216483I legit thought it was some weird polish flag, kek

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>>276214512NO. This is what democracy looks like.

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Isn't it interesting that the only media outlet broadcasting live footage from these protests is RT, which is russian state media.and some people still think the kremlin aren't the ones promoting instability in belarus.

That's what a color revolution looks like.

I don't think Vladislav Surkov was fired, i think he has been reassigned to work on Belarus.Mark my words things will unfold the same in Belarus as they did in Ukraine, and not because of 'soros' but because of Russian state interference. Border regions of Belarus are strategically important and Putin wants to annexe them, the only way he can do this is if Belarus is in chaos.

>>276217960In a globalized world, there is generally no such thing as a free country. One way or another, everyone lives in police states controlled by the globalist monetary system. The only difference is in the competence of these police states not to lead to big protests and to resolve issues politically and economically. Given the wave of protests in the world, this competence has been exhausted. Then there will be civil and imperialist wars.

>>276218399it has its roots in the area so you're not far off

>>276216828Until the Globalist corporations set up shop.All it takes is for a stroke of the pen, corporation tax to disappear and then they appear. Your lives improve for a few years, economic boom, then they bring in their third world labour to replace you as you are now getting a fair wage and no no no, can't have that! Thus, your country is now lost forever to a never ending cycle of identity politics, repression of the native population at the expense of the immigrants and trannys running amok.

>In 1995, Lukashenko was accused of making a remark which has been construed to be in praise of Adolf Hitler: "The history of Germany is a copy of the history of Belarus. Germany was raised from ruins thanks to firm authority and not everything connected with that well-known figure Hitler was bad. German order evolved over the centuries and attained its peak under Hitler."[162]>In October 2007, Lukashenko was accused of making antisemitic comments; addressing the "miserable state of the city of Babruysk" on a live broadcast on state radio, he stated: "This is a Jewish city, and the Jews are not concerned for the place they live in. They have turned Babruysk into a pigsty. Look at Israel—I was there and saw it myself ...>On 4 March 2012, two days after EU leaders (including openly gay German Foreign Minister Guido Westerwelle) had called for new measures to pressure Lukashenko over alleged human rights abuses in Belarus at a summit in Brussels, Lukashenko provoked diplomatic rebuke from Germany after commenting that it was "better to be a dictator than gay"[169] in response to Westerwelle having referred to him as "Europe's last dictator" during the meeting.[170][171]why do we hate this man again?

>>276219711Make Poland have glorious architecture like karnaca while being a free good country with a flourishing culture

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>>276216024One qeustion to finish all anti-Lukashenko propaganda. Nice job, bro. But please, leave Holla Forums or these threads will become too boring.

>>276220662Make this world utopia and be freeMake earth heaven

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>>276222404There’s a lot of people.Simply peacefully making their goal and view known will bring a new government.No riots or anything is needed.Consistent expression of desire will win.

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>>276214512Oy vey, Belarus is lacking greatly in diversity.

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>>276221281You think in your political frame, without even understanding what is happening here. We have not socialism here, but the worst of neoliberalism and the state planned economy. The country is run by the military and the police in the likeness of a cartel, profiting from murky schemes with Russia, while most of the country works in unprofitable state enterprises with minimum wages. Lukashenka openly nightmares and ruins businesses and investments, because he opposes the economy, believing that the security forces can rule everything.>then they bring in their third world labourTo do what? Work at unprofitable enterprises? We are not an industrial country to import cheap labor here. If anyone will import it, it will be Russia, just like replacing russians with Tajiks. >lost forever to a never ending cycle of identity politics Our country is lost for 20 years to asian-african commie dictatorship. If you think that trances, gays and the Internet culture are the horrors of life, then I propose to grow out of your infantilism. We live in a country where unmarked people can massivly kidnap people in broad daylight without any justice. To fabricate cases that will always be lost to a supervised court.

>>276222705Where are the brown people?!

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democracy is a sham for the most partthose with institutional power are the ones that set the future of the country

>>276222905How many niggers do you have though.

>>276214512>This is what democracy looks like.Give it ten years. Most women will become whores, half the men will become faggots. Congratulations Belarus. You did it, you joined the West. Enjoy. Better kill yourself right now and save yourself the pain that's about to come.

>>276222054>why do we hate this man again?Lukashenka is an anti-intellectual person who openly opposes the economy and wants everything in the country to be ruled by security officials, while ordinary people should be slaves. If you are not a representative of a power bloc, then you will not benefit from his regime, moreover, you are not protected at all from the arbitrariness of the security officials, who are like aristocracy in our country. To put it briefly and to compare with something - the regime is a richer (because Russia pays) Venezuela.

>>276223048Recently, quite a lot, in the new year I went out on the street - most of the people are Asians and Negroes. But given that the country is poor and there is no social sphere, these are usually rich students.

>>276222705Man, I guess you know nothing about how protests are made in post-soviet countries. In your country I imagine some sort of political movements with written down agenda and particular demands. But in here you can hardly count 4 or 5 of 1000 of protesters to list their proposals. Most of protesters just dislike Lukashenko. And don't get me wrong, I also don't think he is the best tsar of all times, but when protesting you should fucking propose something besides getting rid of current governor.


>>276214512Looks pretty bad. It forshadows future nigger chimpouts.

>>276219783Why would the Kremlin prefer a Russian oriented dictator be exchanged with a Western oriented government? That's one of the stupidest conspiracy theories yet.

>>276223449>but when protesting you should fucking propose somethingThis is impossible in the absence of a legal framework. Any political activism is equated with terrorism. You can be imprisoned, killed, etc. Most of the protest leaders who could have had some kind of political weight were simply expelled from the country or imprisoned. Even moderate criticism of the authorities ends in criminal cases under heavy articles.

>>276223562Belarus is completely economically dependent on Russia. The West is not a player at all, because it is collapsing. Putin has long understood that Europe can do nothing but concern. Trump won't do anything because he needs good relations with Russia against China. Now Russia has carte blanche for any action in the post-ussr.

look at these NPCs. fighting for the "values" jews indoctrinated them with using social medias.still, it came to them way later than to us

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>>276223680Just don't replace Luka with some faggot or a woman.

>>276223680At least you have somebody to get mad at. In western democracies, people get mad, but there is never a threat of just removing them from office because "elected by the people" legitimizes their position, regardless of how much of a shit politician they are. People will ultimately choose to just wait and elect the next retard. There was a study that found that South American dictatorships responded positively (as in making more concessions) to negative public opinion than western democracies did.

>>276223680What was the agenda of those imprisoned? If you can't remember without searching, your country is cucked by Soros, congrats, bro.

>>276223898Most probably just don't like to live under a dictatorship.

>>276224118>South American dictatorships responded positively (as in making more concessions) to negative public opinionThis is not our case. Lukashenko is a clinical psychopath who clings to ideas that don't work. When faced with frustration, he begins to unleash a repressive apparatus, then do the same shit again and again.


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>>276223935If he changes it is most likely a pro-Russian candidate.

>>276224176Why are yo so convinced that being cucked by Rotenerg is such a great alternative to being cucked by Soros?

>>276226423>cucked by Rotenerg>cucked by SorosIt is the same. Russia is a country with the same liberal financial system as the West.

>>276226423Did not say that. The problem is that you don't see the third option, which is not being cucked by anyone. It is a secret doctrine, that people can develop their own country without being enslaved by capital from some other country.

Lithuanians are behind this.

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>>276219711Democracy is instilled by deception . Then you lose fair value for your resources.

>>276214621you are cringe dude.

>>276227280This is generally impossible for a country that is stuck between two military blocs and has a dysfunctional economy. So far, everything is going to the point that in any case we are integrating into Russia. We will not become a member, but for example we will have one currency and one central bank, which will mean complete financial, and therefore political dependence.

>>276223449Free and fair elections and demonstrations in defiance against a repressive government is a fair proposal wouldn’t you say?

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>>276228035No. Being a toilet cleaner and European biggest gibsmedat nigger is a cringe

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>>276214512It looks like a rebellion they are using a different flag

>>276228357Think one step ahead. What are the proposals of candidates? I know for sure none of them have clear program with undeniable support of voters. Hence, why would Luka even allow them to run for presidency?

>>276214512Russophobic traitors, polish-lithuanian bootlickers. Long live Lukashenko!

>>276228774So EU just moves resources from West to East?Flatten the playing field to prepare a welcoming home for nigs and muzzies?

>>276228869And what program does Lukashenka have, to build concentration camps for the population? He is fucked up anyway, because the economy is fucked up, it was even before the elections. Russia will not give money and cheap oil and gas = default. He is incapable of changing the economy in any way and is incapable of negotiation either for the West or for Russia. He thought that China would protect him from Russia so that he would continue to reign, but China does not need this. But for China, Russia is a strategic partner against the United States, so it doesn't go into this. Lukashenka will be removed anyway, because his regime has no strength. Fucking people with military is not an economic activity, and he doesn't know how to do anything else.

We should destroy Lithuania to stop this. These protests were organised by Lithuania to make us and Belarusians enemies.

>>276229608Man, this discussion seems a little bit cancerous. I just want you and your country to be happy in our darkest times. Believe me or not, in several years people in the West may not find a penny to buy food, when there will be plenty in our countries cause food industries here are the only stable ones.

>>276230376>Believe me or not, in several years people in the West may not find a penny to buy foodWe are already there. Poverty, forced labor, political repressions.

>>276230699I have a place in polotsk.....while Lukashenko isnt a great could be way way worse...he needs to stop taxing small businesses to oblivion. He can keep his security forces aristocracy....but stop the endless taxes (no tax on my primary residence though)Also believe me when I say that most Belarussians (ie. Jews) are foaming at the mouth to buy out whole apartment buildings and property....Lukashenko makes it so we cant do that. Im eyeing a huge plot of land for my private hunting preserve.Lukashenko might be the devil....but hes the devil you know.Nothings for free goy.......nothings for free.

>>276232629*I should say russians and belarussians in USA

>>276214512>cyrillic letters on the buildingKEK

>>276214512>old imageSure thing kike :)

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>>276223048The negroes here are rich students and they have like a bigger iq than the average African.

>>276232629>he needs to stop taxing small businesses to oblivionHe wouldnt do that, he hates business and has been saying for years that he will destroy all business in Belarus, this is his direct statement.>He can keep his security forces aristocracyTaking into account the economic crisis, this is carte blanche for banditry for the security forces, they will raid businesses, kidnap people, and so on. They already do it, but it will be even worse.>but stop the endless taxesTaxes go to the security forces, bureaucracy and the unprofitable government sector.>it could be way way worseWay worse means concentration camps china style. We already have forced labor laws.>Lukashenko might be the devilThe problem is not that he is the devil, but that he is extremely dumb. Outwardly, he is engaged in protectionism, but not understanding how the economy works, he feeds it entirely to Russia. In the middle of September, he flies to Moscow, where he will be forced to sign an agreement on a single currency with the Russian Federation, which will mean complete economic submission.

>>276222054He's pro race mixing and quarter gipsie himself

>>276234279>he pro everything and pro nothing>he also fucks my motherKek, ok...

>>276215995>>276216951desu it's better than their current flag, but democracy is a fucking cancer.

>>276234458>>he pro everything and pro nothingThis is a great description of his politics. His whole policy is populism, when it doesn't work out he orders the riot police and the KGB to intimidate and beat up all the disaffected, which results in waves of emigration. After that, Russia pays for this whole circus, because they have such a foreign policy - to pay for dictatorial regimes.

>>276235145What do you think will occur in the log term?

>>276235145>This is a great description of his politics. His whole policy is populism, when it doesn't work out he orders the riot police and the KGB to intimidate and beat up all the disaffected, which results in waves of emigration. After that, Russia pays for this whole circus, because they have such a foreign policy - to pay for dictatorial regimes.To much CNN and BBC for you... Go relax.

>>276228357>Free and fair elections and demonstrations in defiance against a repressive government is a fair proposal wouldn’t you say?>“RAPPROCHEMENT WITH THE WEST”: THE US ALLOCATED $8.5 MILLION TO “SUPPORT DEMOCRACY” IN BELARUS IN 2019-2020OH NO NO NO HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

>>276235870Venezuela or part of Russia.

>>276224118>There was a study that found that South American dictatorships responded positively (as in making more concessions) to negative public opinion than western democracies did.Have a link to that study or a title?I think I read nearly the same thing about China. People there are far more satisfied with their governments responsiveness to issues than people in western democracy.

>>276236108You think belarusian people even watch cnn and bbc, to learn about our ruler, at that? I wonder where you get your information.

>>276237548>You think belarusian people even watch cnn and bbc, to learn about our ruler, at that?You watch some western influenced media that gets its info either from bbc (mi6) or cnn (cia). It's simple as that.

>>276238124I don’t know any Western media at all, because the West is a crumbling empire, which is generally not interesting to follow. It is more interesting what is happening in Asia; it determines modern world politics.

>>276238294You are so clueless it's not even funny. Go play conspiracy theorist somewhere else.

>>276215995the literal Soviet flag? holy shit, based.

>>276238399>I don't know any western influenced mediaDoes nexta ring any bell??

>>276227593that's their sphere of influence I guess.

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>>276238505>You are so clueless it's not even funny. Go play color revolution somewhere else.

>>276238636I do not look at bloggers who openly wage an information war and infatuously incite. This applies to both sides. I look only at political analysts who assess the situation in a responsible manner.

>>276239034>I look only at political analysts>who assess the situation in a responsible manner.Oh boy...

>>276239364>Emotional statements instead of arguments.Russians bot larping as serb. Okay.

>>276239588>Emotional statements instead of arguments.>looks only at political analysts who "assess the situation" in a "rEsPoNsIbLe manner".Kek

>>276230207This I've seen a lot Lithuanians on Facebook posting this shit

>>276238734I'll do whatever I want in MY country. Why do you think you know shit about us? Do we need to expect (((Serbian))) troops who will fight to protect Luka soon?

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>>276214512nazi flagkill them

>>276214512first thisthen it turns to this

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>>276214592Oy gevalt!

>>276230207Did you check the news before our elections? Lukashenko was blaming the candidates for russian ties/being russian whores and Russia for sending agents here. Was that Lithuanian doing too? :^)

>>276240130Can you please fuck off with your faggot protests

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>>276240477Better watch these >>276240265 protests right

>>276240565Literally the same without the niggers


>>276214512I live in a democratic Republic, so I dont care....

>>276214512Looks like heaven

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>>276240647Except we're not crushing stuff left and right to prove a point

>>276241013Heaven is on the earth

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>>276240130>I'll do whatever I want in MY country.AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA No you wont. No matter who wins you will not/don't get to say/decide anything. You are nothing more than a pawn to/for others.

>>276240647Wrong.God bless Belarus.I doubt you’re white.Quit the self hate and stand up for good.>>276241130God bless you and everything you good you are progressing.

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>>276241567Kek, what ever you say хoхoл...

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>>276238559No, it's the pre-soviet flag.

>>276214917Pre-soviet flag

>>276241567Thank bro. Ignore the butthurt russian shill under remove kebab flag.

>>276242399this will be funny when lukashenko will sign union state with russia. And nothing you can do about it

>>276242399Ja знaм штa caм цигaнe бeлopycки. Tи ћeш тeк дa oткpијeш (зa)штa cи :)

>>276228774Toilet cleaners earn more then your medics

>>276242746To bad they spend that money in countries they work :)

>>276242399Imaging being proud to be defended by a leaf

>>276242557The majority of south slavs look like arabs and you call me tsygun? Nice.

>>276242399Stay peaceful Like gandhi's peaceful protest.This is KEYevery day your influence grows. Spread the word among your people. Stay peaceful at all cost.Soon all of Belarus will wave a new flag without a shot fired.Even if he stays in power, your movement will be the mind of all Belarusians. It will outlast him.

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>>276243034Not just a leaf, a хoхoл leaf.

>>276243128У пpaвy cи. Tи ниcи цигaн, ти cи oбичнo глyпo гoвнo :)


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>>276242997You sound like you have expierence in that


>>276244126Less than you :)

>>276234279imagine that you could get Hitler, if you deposed lukashenko

>>276244126Are you excited for a new bro next door Lithuania?

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>>276241013Enjoy it while it

>>276240130enjoy your covid you anti-coofers conspiracy theorists

>>276245881Stand against dictatorship What are you politically?

Based belarus. Dont end up like a right wing cuck state like current year serbia

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>>276248449Russia isn't right-wing tho

>>276248449>pro (((EU))) degeneracy protesters >literally financed by Soros and kike Gates>basedRake yourself leaf nigger

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>>276248872almost forgot to put DA jooz in that

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>>276248449I see you :)

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>>276248449If you want to make the world better don’t attack people like that.I love the movement for freedom in Belarus as much as I love Serbia and Russia.

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>>276249258Vancouver here. I’ll take you out for ramen if you stop making posts like that.The people on here don’t need to be attacked. Just guide them.

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>>276249416>I love the movement for freedom in Belarus as much as I love Serbia and Russia.LOL, a gay libshit хoхoл.

>>276249654>The people on here don’t need to be attacked. Just guide them.>Said by dumb хoхoл.KEK

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>>276223562Justification for further integration and possibly annexation?

>>276249931Xoxo means kissing in English

>>276249931Why do you argue by posting cringy memes for boomers on Odnoklasniki?

>>276250123хoхoл means ukrop untermench in Serbian and Russian :)


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>>276250455I like the flag and Alexander Lukashenko has been in power for 26 years

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>>276214512 Those protests looks cool, but what they are going to do without Luka? He may be tyrant, but he's also a patriot and protecting country from globohomo. Who are they going to elect?

>>276250830>Alexander Lukashenko has been in power for 26 yearsBased :)

>>276250898Whatever they chose

No, democracy looks like tyranny, stupidity, insanity & a downward spiral towards destruction.

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All protesters should be killed, prove me wrongpro tip, you can't

>>276251066I don't believe you mutt :)

>>276250898Life is what you make itHelp them elect a patriot with a glorious dream that isn’t a dictator.

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>>276251303NoProve me right

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>>276251353>a patriotThere is one already in power :D

>>276251066>>276251353 Country will still be rely on import in anything aside food, no matter what.. Which means no matter who they choose - he's going to kneel either to RU or US.

>>276251920If he is such a patriot, how come the whole country hates him, retard?

>>276252002>the whole country hates himNigger, you have to go back plebbit or Holla Forums or whatever other shithole you crawled out of

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>>276252002>how come the whole country hates him, retard?>some libshit morons go protestReally makes you think...

>>276222905you will soon realize than jewish sponsored niggers and sandniggers are worse than your gay little broad daylight kidnapping

>>276252263>a dictator = automatically goodThe only one who should go back to r*ddit is you

>>276214512god i want out of this fucking country

>>276250455>citation needed

>>276252368Yeah, workers on state-owned plants who booed him and joined the protests.are "liberal zoomers"



>>276252659>workers on state-owned plants who booed him and joined the protestsThey stopped doing that weeks ago...

>>276251950Make them allied with all their neighbours and not be used as a puppet.A neutral good country focused on its own progress and flourishing.A great thing to have beside Russia for Russia

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>>276252954Are you really Serbian?I’m sorry that the past 20 years could of been much better for Serbia but weren’t.But this is good for Belarus.

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>>276253459>Make them allied with all their neighbours and not be used as a puppet.>A neutral good country focused on its own progress and flourishing.Go tell that to usa :D

>>276252461What is exactly that he do that even comes close to what our "governments" (jews) do?>>276253850delusional subhuman retard I wish I could choke you out

>>276253850>Are you really Serbian?Дa мaјмyнe хoхoлcки>I’m sorry that the past 20 years could of been much better for Serbia but weren’t.ЦPКHИ>But this is good for Belarus.Aхa кaд би ce зeзaли :D

>>276253850>that imageGo kill yourself fag.

>>276253459You give people and politics too much credit. for it

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>>276254630Give yourself more credit Look at civilization It’s glorious and astonishing Glad to exist Good on you humanity :)

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>>276254552That’s a girl.

>>276256026>pussy riot (more like pussy smoke :D) whore only fags loveYup, you're a fag :)

who do you like more??

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>>276255788>Give yourself more creditKill yourself with credit :)

>>276256026Seriously kill yourself faggot

>>276256595Batko for the win :)

>>276229411>So EU just moves resources from West to East?Depends if you only count public or if you include private flows as well :)

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it's the same dichotomy every thread>color revolutionary false consciousness mixed with revenge against commies/russiavs>nationalist reaction to 100 years of liberal imperialism since WW1 gone into overdrive after soviet collapsemany such examples. so tiresome

>>276214512Massive crowds

>>276214512Lots of white people there, I'm in.

>>276214900this, like all social movements, is not organic. it is owned and controlled by a number of "agents" with their fingers on the scales. Soros, CIA, NGOs etc etc


>>276214512CGI "crowd simulation" software + faggots + drug addicts + losers paid simply to be there + West worshiping morons + all kinds of other losers? I agree, that is what Democracy is all about.

>>276256746Focus on making Serbia better

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>>276214512>>276214917the cool flag with a fuckin KNIGHT on it

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>>276214917>>276261986Their pre-Soviet flag that in practical terms in the current year means the flag of faggotism, femoidism and niggerism.

>>276259123>>276261108>being this butthurt over peoples’ plight for self determination

>>276262555First, the majority of them support Lukashenko to various degrees. It's that, as usual, the majority is always apathetic and a passionate minority is highly militant and therefore can have disproportional strength.Second, im not a cuck faggot...i don't care about "The People". "The People" were, are and will always be a bunch of morons. Im a fascist not a faggot beta-cuck like you.

>>276261598Focus on killing yourself :)


>>276263372>being a paid shill for autocrats>having any core principlesYeah, ok, faggot

>>276214512Looks like Belarus to me.

>>276214512>This is what democracy looks like.Then what are they protesting for?

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>>276263952What matters to you? If you chose the new government, what would it stand for?

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>>276263372>First, the majority of them support LukashenkoNo they don't, that's precisely why protests erupted this time: even people who had supported him a few years ago are fed up with him

>>276265611>What matters to you?Currently you killing yourself :)

>>276222905>If you think that trances, gays and the Internet culture are the horrors of life, then I propose to grow out of your infantilism.Based 3rd worlder (2nd worlder?) Spoiled babies in high-GDP, industrialized world powers don't realize how good they have it, or why people are willing to risk their lives and freedom to cross the entire planet just to work as a janitor in their country.