The Drinking Problem Among White Nationalists

How the fuck are we supposed to secure the 14 words with a bunch of drunks?

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If you drink beer and get fat you're not gonna make it. Real ubermensch drink hard liquor and can quit anytime they want.

>>276212251some whites are niggers too.


>>276212251Not much of a drinker, I smoke weed instead.


Jews tell me to drink and smoke, so I don't.

>>276212251>drinking problem speak for yourself degenerate

>>276212251You drink? Get your shit together faggot. Get fit, go keto, fast, gear for high immune system, longevity, increased brain activity, shorter sleep time, more energy, more strength, that all equals no alcohol.

>>276212864>>276212880I don't, but I know a lot of fellow White Nationalists that do. It's a problem I want to help end but first I need to understand how to motivate and inspire self discipline, I'm currently working on a book for Self Improvement.

I decided to take a break from drinking and this is week three. I've found that my sleep schedule is a little off, but other than that meh

I successfully got rid of my drinking habit but I just cant quit the fucking smokes. A pack a day and maybe over. Help.

>>276213295Help yourself dude. You need to say no.

>>276212842cause he is a leaf faggot he also fucks dogs and chinks too

>>276212251>convert to Islam>dominate Islamic theology with our fast words>claim that god chose the Arabs because the are light skinned and so whites are even more chosen>get rid of the shit parts of the Coran>???>profit

>>276212251I don’t drink and never will.

>>276212842No hangover

>>276212251Picrel. Whites have to cope more for dealing with a dumbfuck society.

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>>276212251I'm switching from weed to alcohol after 3 years straight of being high

>>276212517Cool. That's me. A pint of whiskey every couple weeks. Get drunk, call my entire crew faggots, redpill them. Rinse repeat every few weeks.

I don't drink or do drugs and only lift weights, drinkers are scum

>>276213536>>276213660Good. We're in the same boat then.

>>276213295get a vape instead, helped me quit very easily

>>276212251If you don't drink you're not white. Literally every white society of worth throughout history were lovers of drink including the Mayflower Puritans

>>276212842It feels good to get high after a hard day's work and it gets my train of thought going and I think of interesting ideas. Makes the shower feel better, sex with the wife feel better, supper tastes better, etc. I've taken breaks for months and it is one of the easiest drugs to quit cold turkey. Inhaling or ingesting cannabis is based and redpilled.

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>>276213841Its a quintessential nigger drug and you'll be put down or enslaved in the ethnostate

>>276213841Can you stop and perhaps start working out?

>>276212880So glad I did all this, my brain is clearer than ever before and now that I'm on the 2 hours up, 15 powernap schedule I can shitpost on Holla Forums around the clock.

>>276212251Get drunk on something based like wine. Perfect pacing and no hungover the next day.


>>276212251I have never drank before but honestly you may be surprised to find an overwhelmingly large portion of white nations were founded by drinkers. So it can't be that bad.

>>276213767Lmfao you guinea lush, drop the bottle and quit beating your wife

>>276213841>i-it’s good for you!Yeah yeah, go watch your Seth rogan films and listen to your reggae music.Although for the record reggae music is the best thing to ever come out of niggers.

>>276212517End stage alcoholics are often skeletons tho because they dont eat anymore just drink

>>276214023Wine gives you the most hangover. From my experience whisky is the best, next is natural apple ciders made from freshly squeezed apples. In moderation these give you no hangover.

I don't drink, not that I won't have one in a social setting, just don't seek out alcohol. I need to stop smoking a joint at night, though. Can't kick it, too tempting after a long day.

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Kratom is the real game changer.... Working man's leaf. Dropping trees after consuming dried power leaves. Check out this holding wood, Sawyer life is the life for me...

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>>276214200Just remember to fear and respect the whiskey burp. My god the burn.

>>276213915What if he just stops the day the ethnostate is implemented?

>>276213915not true, 500 years before Christ it was used in China. Alcohol is much more socially harmful according to a Lancet study.

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Alcohol and tobacco is nigger tier. If you do either, stop it at once. To be truly white you have to take speed.

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>>276212251Imagine drinking alcohol like a normie faggot.Why do you even need it? It tastes like shit and it does nothing except make you act like a retard.I haven’t drank in years.

>>276213767Ancient Greeks and Romans? WineGermans? BeerAnglos? Beer and GinCelts? WhiskyBasically any culture worth a damn has had a drink of choice.

>>276213841fags just dont get it dude lmao

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>>276214200Whiskey gives me stomach and throat issues.

>>276214254Yeah cool we get it you cut trees. No one is really envious of you

It depends how it’s used. It was different to drink alcohol 300 years ago: it wasn’t made with fluoridated water, preservatives and gmo grains. Also, there was no 9-5 system in place, so drinking at night wasn’t paired with 10 cups of coffee every morning and a lunch time trip to Starbucks. If you JUST drink booze, it’s as fine as JUST smoking weed, if you moderate it and use it to relax a few times a week. If you’re drinking every night, waking up feeling like shit and pounding coffee and energy drinks, it’s a lifestyle and it controls you.

Alcohol is great for telling people how you really feel. The fact your drunk is a buffer for them getting too butthurt

>>276213970>tfw that bowl right before chest day hits as you walk in the gym

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>>276214398Someone's got to cleanup these fires honey

>>276214350>I haven’t drank in years.Good for you. You pakis can't behave anyways, especially when drinking.


>>276214362>GinWhere does gin come from: JeneverGet on my level

Why wouldn't we drink? Our countries are lost forever and our children are doomed.

>>276212251white nationalists are losers with an incoherent philosophy no shit they are going to be a bunch of drunkard bums

>>276212251This. We need higher quality leaders, NOW!

>>276212517h-haha yeah... I can quit whenever I want.

>>276214729Kek based slavnigger.

>>276212517Drink sparingly or not at all. People who drink alot or often are not reliable.

>>276214783>>276214783I didn't know that, cool. You guys also make really good sour beer which I might treat myself to with BBQ cause it's sunday then go back to operation stop being a drunk fat ass.

>>276212978>but first I need to understand how to motivate and inspire self discipline,Give them videos/podcasts of Richard Spencer or the TRS gang getting shitfaced in public. That will make them think twice about the Liquid Jew.

>>276214993Some of the greatest minds were drunks. Churchill, Van Gogh, Hemingway etc.

>>276214844That's what you think. We're out here, we exist, we carry the spark of our people and we're burning to finally reclaim our destiny. When we finally acquire the strength of character and the will to act that are necessary to bring about a great change and ensure the continuation of our people's legacy you will see just how brightly we can shine.

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>>276213295Smokes are bad for your health but they won't fuck up your judgment.

>>276212251Natural selection should be practiced at home first.

>>276214552Weed is a gains goblin. Anything anti-inflammatory will inhibit muscle growth.


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>>276213654Get rid of both bad habits. We need people whose judgment isn't impaired.

>>276213476If if he's really lucky he gets to fuck a chink with a canine inside. Calls that the 'hotdog'...

>>276215010Cheers fren

>>276215223>posts 3 dumb fat alcy faggotstry again loser

>>276215406kek aussie bants TiLtEd!

>>276215223>Some of the greatest minds were drunks.>ChurchillObese zionist shitbag who started WW2 to appease his jewish banker masters.>Van GoghLiteral incel, self-cutter, suicided like a pussy.>HemingwayDecent writer, cross-dressing homo, suicided like a pussy.

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>>276215153This. Absolute degenerates.

(YOU)MUSTEMBRACEISLAM"Islam" means to submit to God. No one else but Him. Not Niggers, not Jews, not Chicoms. Not to addiction, not to the Devil, not to any man.

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>>276212251I can say that drinking abuse is mostly a cultural problem. Northerners somehow believe the meme of Italians spending everything in whores and wine. The truth is that in north europe most people drink without self constraint and with the clear idea of smashing themselves to the ground. Here in Italy I have rarely seen anyone intoxicated in public and it’s usually frowned upon as most drunks are poorfags and lower class citizens.

At my middle age I have reached the conclusion that alcohol is simply bad for the human body and you're better off not drinking at all.But I still drink. Because it's also relaxing and addictive.I haven't let my wife drink in 5 years because she's in a pregnancy/nursing cycle that will continue for years to come until she can't have any more kids.

>>276212880I drink one bottle of 330ml apple cider 4,5% alcohol percentage once every two weeks. Alcohol can have great benefits in moderation and in combination with a healthy lifestyle.

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>>276212251I don't drink, don't smoke, don't use any drugs and I look like the "No" meme guy but no beard.

>>276212251Bunch of pussies, get on the heroin.

>>276216266It's because of how depressing their societies are. Brits are coming in Crete to get shitfaced drunk and act like degenerates. They have suppressed psychological issues that they let out through excessive drinking. Its really awful I am not claiming that all Northerners are like that. Good people exist amongst every nation.

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>>276215240Were our countries ever infested like they are now? You can't just mass deport people anymore. What else can you do?

>>276216627We'll find a way. We always have.

>>276212251I drink once a week with friends. The other 6 days I lift weights and run so fuck off

Lol I started drinking when I was 15 royally fucked my health had to stop due to severe sirrosis about 5 years ago never really touched a drop since last got sloshed about 6 months ago with mates before everything went nuts

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>>276216826Not until the 14 words are secure and we have a country of our own so no, I won't.

I've quit for about a year. Booze isn't much a problem anymore, but cigarettes... Still have urge every time when someone is smoking nearby. This shit is really addictive. Opiates gave me much less troubles to cut them off.

>>276216614I agree on the issue, and I can confirm that Brits are the absolute worst type of tourist, they get very belligerent and they use to do the worst type of shit. When adequately supplied with liquor and beer they’re even worse than fucking niggers.

>>276216932The European people in the US of the era which inevitably led to the ethnic replacement that we see today were incredibly less hedonistic and nihilistic than the modern European man, yet they were the ones that condemned the current European youth to face an unbeatable enemy (Replacement demographics). Maybe the issue is not one or two beers mate

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>>276212251Alcohol is a fucked up drug. I drink but I've given it up for periods of time, the longest being just over a year.

>>276212517That's how I am. Japanese whiskey is the shit. I spent maybe four to six nights a year drinking so my minibar is going to last me years if I buy nothing else.

>>276212251All my friends went the weed route and look relatively good.We just have to acknowledge that the struggle we face have an adverse effect on our weakness towards degeneracy.That said, nothing cures white pathologies like realizing that Hitler was right.Getting into conspiracies saved me and I’ve recommended it to many white men stuck in the succ.We have to refrain from judgement, be like Jesus towards your people but treat the rest with a heathen approach.Love will atleast heal you.

Have you ever BEEN to Bavaria user?Fascists can be drunk

>>276212251I don't use any drugs and stopped drinking any amount of alcohol on June 10, 2020

>>276212251because alcohol is culturally acceptable. switch over to weed which is safer and not as strong.

>>276213709Do NOT get a douche flute.


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>>276219269This is your alternative?How about a good workout, good night sleep and a morning cup of coffee instead?

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>>276219422Duolingo is shit.grab a grammar book of the target language.

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>not staying sober and just doing heroic doses of shrooms once a month

>>276212862Jews are behind anti tobacco campaigns, and it has been proven to increase testosterone. I smoke cigars.

>>276219269>switch over to weed which is safer and not as strong.sure about that?We now know that alcohol actually doesn't kill braincells at all. Just something about their connectivity but that can be retrained or something like that. Forgot the detailshowever my point is that weed in NOT harmless

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>>276218844>Have you ever BEEN to Bavaria user?have you been in bavaria?

>>276212251How? Easily.

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>>276214254>KratomYeah fuck that, might as well be taking opiatesI'll drink yerba mate instead.

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>>276219952Anti-tobacco campaigns are the worst. I don't smoke, but the "If you smoke, you're a genocidal child murdering piece of filth" go a bit far. You must be a real nihilistic asshole to come up with those campaigns. Not the kind of people I would like to see in power.

>>276214200>>276214023More important is drinking water during and before going to sleep, having food first, and not getting hammered in an hour. Also the amino acid L Lysine is supposedly a newly discovered cure for a hangover and can be bought as supplements.>>276218044Loses its flavor after a while.

>>276220078interestingly, one study found that the mentally deleterious effects of weed were greatly counteracted in those who smoked tobacco with their weed. Tobacco is mentally sharpening while weed is mentally dulling.

>>276216614>Good people exist amongst every nation.Name one good Haitian or Somalian.

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>>276212842No comedown, no side effects. The only complaint made against it is by people who choose to smoke it at the wrong time of day because they are idiots and because they are idiots they then blame the weed.

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>>276222171>No side effectsSure.

>>276212251Shooting is like playing pool a few improves your game, the whole bottle will cost you a lot

Over 1 month no fap.Almost a month no alcohol. Getting their frens.

>>276221996Ayaan Hirsi Ali

>>276225085Have you been exercising? How are you feeling?

>>276225085Describe the beneficial effects of both if you don't mind. Are you able to untangle the two? I assume your mood has improved generally.

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>>276214254I've been on it for a while and have recently tapered to basically nothing. Hope to be completely off next week.I was never a real heavy user, I took about 5 grams twice a day for prolly 3 years. After a while it fucks up your memory, your sleep, your mood and your digestive track. You wind up with hemorrhoids from the rock hard shit you take every day...

>>276212251>Among White NationalistsWho the fuck cares? Fuck 'em!

>>276212251No ubermensch here today anyway. Just Scotsmen looking to pass the hat for giving bad advice, as usual.

>>276225449Expected response from Favela monkey.

>>276212251Stop DrinkingStart Training

>>276212251the marine corps was literally founded in a tavern

>>276213491Oh yeah , changing parts of the Quran is going to go so well for you , this isn’t Christianity you nigger

>Jews are behind anti tobacco campaigns, and it has been proven to increase testosterone. I smoke cigars.user, I...

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>>276212251I don't think white nationalists have a drinking problem compared to the leftist urbanites. every city dwelling commie is a loser that drinks and cry themself to sleep every night

>>276215245If you've ever been a heavy nicotine user this is a lie. Used to get jacked out of my mind on nicotine all day long. I would vape like a train. Then I quit and it's a come down over a few days. Imagine going from drinking a pot of coffee a day and trying to tell me that you're not affected by quitting mentally.

>>276226249Yet they included cigs in rations.

>>276213295In order to quit start using zyn. I really like spearmint flavor but you can do it anywhere and it is really cheap in comparison. You'll probably buzz for the first few weeks too off of them they tobacco free nicotine pouches. Start with 3mg then go to 6mg if you find out you're using a shit ton of them. ON spearmint are good too. Start as low as you can go becuase oral nicotine give a heavier buzz.

Don't drinkDon't 420 anymoreJust trying to work down the cigs

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>>276225085Great job user, all that's left is training. I just finished 4 weeks of actually following a proper strength and hypertrophy program yesterday. Been seeing gains every week. Starting to feel great, and I just keep thinking of the way the world is going and the people I need to be stronger to protect.

>>276222171Weed nearly destroyed me

>>276212251nsdap would have never been possible without the beer halls, shalom on your slide thread malachai

>>276227761Men of different character and a different time. Plus, it wasn't Hitler or his SA that were the drinkers.

>>276227152>muh just lift weights in modern warfare erangmi

>>276212517Based. If you don't drink AT LEAST 2 fifths every week you're not a real man.

>>276227850>goalposts moved>meds taken>mask equipped>sex had>bugs eatenshabbat shalom, snake oil salesman!

>>276228204>Muh winded after less than a quarter mile the moment I can't just bug in obese boomer.Obviously spending time at the range is important too but both are honestly on equal footing.

>>276225396I also had hemorrhoids as a result of daily kratom use, for the first and only time in my life. Not a pleasant experience.

>>276226545Nobodies saying they banned tobacco, but the National Socialists literally invented government Anti-Smoking campaigns.

>>276228316Christ, my liver/pancreas/kidneys just shivered reading that.Take care of yourselves anons, this shit will kill you young.

>>276212251Goddamnit, guys. I can't help but making lite beer disappear. 8, 12, 15, 18 beers a night, every night. Trying to cut back for cost alone, but woosh. And I feel the same in the AM

Yes GOY drink my (((liquor))) and die young and impotent

>>276212862the closest apostles of jesus were jews, user.; that means whatever you're talking about is something good

>>276213491That's not how Islam works

>>276225085Based.Almost 3 months here and strong.

>>276214184Alcoholics don't get fat because of drink because calories from alcohol don't work like calories from food. It's an anti-nutrient, it actually takes a toll on the body which takes more calories to recover. Many alcoholics are also gluttons who pair heavy drinking with greasy food and they also eat many carbs during withdrawal periods.

I never drink I only smoke I devils lettuce at party’s and such so I would say I’m pretty much clean

>>276212842it doesent make you a fucking looser that no one takes seriously like alchohol does. all my drinking friends are losers doing nothing and i smoke a fuck ton of hash and graduated into a scamdemic and still managed to secure a six figure WFH job. drinking is for degenerates, if shtf ur gonna die cause you will withdrawal, be irrational and sick, inevitably killing you or getting you killed.

>>276230337You need to find new hobbies and work out. It's not enough the will to quit. You need to substitute it with things you love doing.

>>276212251Can't seem to stop myself, I get into patterns of drinking heavily, going to the hospital, quitting drinking then picking up again. Pretty depressed about it honestly. I'm going to try to quit again except this I'm cutting all contact with friends/acquaintances. Moving to the middle of nowhere. I think I might make it this time if I avoid all contact with people.

>>276225926Nice Islamic pilpul, but everyone knows that the only copies of the Koran we have are simply "muh manifestations of Uthman." All preexisting Korans were destroyed. The Bible in contrast exists in its modern form going back to the most ancient Greek transcripts, within hundreds of years of Jesus' death.


>>276230811>typo: *recitations of Uthman

>>276212251> How the fuck are we supposed to secure the 14 words with a bunch of drunks?We never were. That's the point

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>>276230805Read >>276230759

>>276230714Also I don’t drink because my dad was a alcoholic and a drug addict I made a vow with myself that I would never do any hard drugs or drink

>>276227169Sorry to say it Holla Forumsack but if weed "destroyed" you, you are probably already brain damaged with 0 disciplineIve abused and quit booze, slammed meth, and pcp for more than 1 year periods at a time, with pcp making me reach the point where I could barely talk or thinkIf weed "destroys" you, then booze would kill you, since weed is nothing compared to it.

>>276226750hope it won't take you too longi have been working the cigs for last 2 yearsalways quit for 3-4 days and come backnow starting 4 week without a cigI had help this time - ended social interactions and ended a stress jobunbelievably smooth with almost no craving420 also out alcohol strong struggle two years ago, less and less along the way, and not a sip last 4 weekswish you the best of luck

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>>276212251>The Drinking Problem

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>>276230984Good advice, and I've been told it before. I intend to add it to the list of healthy habbits I hope to develop. But on a real level, I need to cut off contact with all people. Everyone who isn't me, pisses me off. When I'm pissed I drink. Solution: No people + no anger = no drinking. If I have to spend the rest of my life in the woods alone to stay sober, so be it.

>>276231313If everyone is pissing you off, you need to consider that the problem might not be them, it might be you.

>>276230337>>276230759yep not good man, forget dealing with the alchol at this pointyou gotta go for hobbies, work out, mastery of some art, and you gotta go blindly, not success oriented but miner orientedjust old fashioned hard and greasy pleasurable work it's the only way for you to see some fruit that will give you a different tasteonce you get it, alcohol will be a childish replacement for your new found taste


at age 33 if I drink more than 4 beers/drinks my whole next day will be shit and wastedat best I will be sleepy and tired after 5 drinks, at worst , if I drink way more, I'll barely be able to leave the bed10 years ago I could have drank 0.5 liter of hard liquor and be almost completely fine next daygetting old is not fun

>>276230759>>276231596Thx guys, It's been a decade long progression, but time to change. 2 kids under 2 years old doesn't help the hobby game, but it's time to find something.

>>276212251Drinking keeps the rage and hate at bay in this clownniggerworld

>>276213841Drugs are never based nor redpilled you massive leaf cuck.Weed has been proven to have harmful effects on the brain, the faculty used to exercise reason, our highest good that separates us from animals.

>>276212251funny you post this thread since i just drank alcohol for the first time in about 2 years just a couple days ago. didnt even enjoy the feeling it gave me so i threw what i had left away. i think now alcohol is just a waste of money. more than half of arrests made daily in the USA involve alcohol at some level. its just toxic shit for the most part.

>>276212862Bad goy

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>>276212251I drink responsibly and secure the white race by fucking and being an honest, just, and hard-working man with compassion for the weak (elderly, women, children, and the sick), and respect older and wiser people, and I try my hardest to do the right thing, and I don't hesitate to stand up for my countrymen, my family, myself, or my friends. If you're an alcoholic, I urge you to wean yourself off responsibly and be a good man to yourself and your family. Alcoholism is painful to live through but even more painful to those who love you and see you waste away. Slowly wean yourself off and then have the occasional night of drinking with your wife or your friends, and drink like a Viking warrior when you do because it's your right to fuck the pain every once in a while.Daily drinking is disgusting and terrible and will hurt your life and those around you over and over again, and you don't feel the pain because the booze masks the pain.t. 35 year-old ancient fag, two kids, two wives, and one abortion (from before I was married, found out the girl's mother is Jewish so I had to do it).

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>>276232598The only drug that is redpilled and based is caffeine. Work with all your might. There is no work in the afterlife.

>>276230478When are the jews going to turn off the bot?

>>276231551I've considered that, but no. It's this world and everyone on it. Assholes, everyone.

>>276231765>getting old is not funIt's definitely...different. I can confirm that life as a teen is different than life in your 20's and life in your 30's. I'm hoping against hope it doesn't get worse as I cross into my 40's but I know it will.

>>276235822>be 31I'm scared. Not of dying, but the process of dying cause it obviously hurts. I hope that fear doesn't intensify as I get older. Body already aches and heaves in weird fucking ways.

>>276216273Fucking based woomer

>>276212251Alcohol makes my eczema flare up (shitty immune system) so unless I want to walk around looking like a ghoul it's not worth it.

>>276236889Huh, just answered a pressing medical concern for me. Thank you user.

>>276229583That is not that much alcohol. That would be four drinks a night

>>276237345Diet plays a big part too, if I don't eat clean that can make it flare up too. Not as bad as alcohol though, it really is terrible for your skin.

white nationalism and satanic pedophilia go hand in handthis is why embracing traditional conservationism is the best course of action moving forward

>>276213841Weed raises Oestrogen decreases testosterone and growth hormone, tobacco increases them (but also raises cortisol which is a catabolic hormone) Smokers Have More Violent Causes Reduces Volume Of Various Regions Of The Brain And Negatively Effects Motivation Is Causes Long Term Cognitive Causes Depression And Anxiety

>>276213841>>276238753Weed Causes Psychotic of Fathers that Smoke Weed More Likely To Suffer Sudden Infant Death Legalisation Results In More Frequent Causes Lung Weed Smoke Impairs Psychomotor Function And Working Worsens Symptoms Of Social Anxiety Causes Deficits In Dopamine

>>276212251>Of all the things wrong with white people, surely this one thing we have done for over 4000 years is to blame for everything

>>276238455Conservatives are full of hypocritical shit. I agree with you user in a general sense. But reality dictates that it is idiocy. I will always vote and advocate right of center. But I myself will do whatever the fuck I want. I can't tolerate fake bullshit, and if I can't be a perfect then fuck it. It's all black or all white for me.

All drug and alcohol addiction is the result of years of conditioning to find getting trashed like the dumb animal imbeciles you are as normal. The more drunk, high, and out of your gourd you are, the easier you are to subjugate. Americans are already pretty fucking stupid in general and have very little impulse control. Alcohol and drugs were always going to be control measures.

>>276238455>white nationalism and satanic pedophilia go hand in handThat's what happens when the basis of your movement consists of incel weebs.

>>276231765Stop treating your body like a dumpster and you'll stop feeling like shit you stupid faggot. I'll bet 10,000 dollars drinking isn't your only vice.

>>276212978Kek, you guys are so soft. International Black Militant here, why don't you choose might is right for a masterclass on discipline and strength.

>>276212251MUH 14 88!!! you guys are so fucking gay. What kind of faggots think such a a gay ass Slogan is even worth using for their cause??PS. YOUR A FAG and you talk like a retard.

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>>276229583Are you a woman or a twink? I've been doing just that 10 years and tests show my liver is squeaky clean.

I smoke weed. Its way more enjoyable and I can function much better than drunks. Drinking is fun for social gatherings but that's about it.

>>276239618>and tests show my liver is squeaky clean.>and tests show my liver is not responding anymoreHere, fixed that for you

>>276213657Unimaginably based.

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>>276213536>>276213660>autism speaks Will you also refuse to ever eat peanut butter or any other arbitrary thing?

>>276212251I've tried to quit many times, but keep relapsing. Addiction is a fucking beast.

>>276230743But pot heads are loseers and I don't take them seriously at all.

I quit smoking cold Turkey. I quit social drinking i just cant stop looking at my portfolio constantly for the love of god and everything that is holy thats going to be my end$

>>276212251I'm not a big drinker myself but drinking is probably good for us. What we are going to face in the next couple of years is going to require enormous risk and social connections. Alcohol helps with both. Europeans have been drinking and waging war for centuries. It's part of our sovereign right as stewards of these lands to drink and covort over it.

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If you have a problem with drinking, you should try reading Bills Story. It was written way before any of us were born but it was literally my life 7 years ago. It blew my mind how accurate it was even though it was written way before my time.

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>Holla Forums falling for kike reefer madness propagandaEvery single time, lmfao. Drink up, white man, alcohol is only the hardest drug in existence!

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>>276214184So thats the trickNice

>>276213970I smoke a joint before my long run on Sunday. Feels great. Also nice for lifting light to moderate weight. Not recommended for heavy days. Hope that helps.

>>276214254That's pretty nice.

>>276214854>incoherent philosophyBullshit. You're just ignorant.

>>276238936>implying that ancient people were able to get drunk easily with their .5% alcoholic beverages

>>276212251Day 11 SoberBetween my drinking and an Aminita Toxin poisoning my liver is fucking wrecked. Doc said if I keep drinking like I do I'll be dead within a year. Of course kept drinking for a day or two until finally joining an AA zoom meeting. It might sound cliche but I don't have a ot noitpon drink anymore - i can drink basically ever again. AA helps

>>276213841>I think of interesting ideasyou're just too high to know any better

>>276212251Henry Rollins at a show was getting hassled by a bunch of shit head all traits sieg heiling in front of him and he wouldn't spelled out what their problem is in two words: Heil Budweiser

I'm in top physical shape and drinks tons of beer every weekend, fucking hot girls left and right. Sice they are not used to seeing a chad aryan I just grab them by the pussy and they comply. >Wow user, you have beaitiful eyes>Thank you, no one ever told me that>UwU

nothing wrong with drinking, even daily, as long as you>don't get drunk>dont drink and drive>dont get violent>dont get mean>dont get sarcastic>dont say anything you narmally wouldntchange my mind

>>276212251I do not engage in addictions. I use the hate.

>>276218044I used to hate it when I first had it, but that rice taste grew on me, it's very easy to tell the different notes in the whiskey. Perfect beginner whiskey, berfect sipping whiskey. Suntorys ¥4000 yen and up stuff is pretty good.

>>276252049The apostle Paul said that a glass of wine is good for your stomache.Any substance that puts you out of your normal state of mind is bad. Everything in moderation.

>>276212251Been sober for years brother.

>>276252049literal poison for your body.

>>276219952I'm not falling for the reverse psychology jew.

Slide thread, OP is a faggot, picrelated is a redpill, have a good day.

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>tfw never got drunk>can't remember the last time I tasted anything alcoholic pretty comfy desu

>>276252049LOL I do all that and more. Fight me

>>276215808fuck i really gotta stop drinking. I drink a lot, and almost every day.Then again whether I'm sober or not I'd never do much for the movement anyway. Might as well enjoy my fleeting life.

Good issue to address. I was addicted to alcohol and benzos. Tried quitting because my boss sent me home because I was soo drunk I couldn't stand up. Had seizures, almost died. Spent 3 months under medical supervision. Now sober for two years and I've never been happier than I thought alcohol made me. If you need help, get help. If you blow it and relapse. Do it again. Stick to it. Failing is not giving up. It's stumbling.

>>276214751We're gonna change it to Coran, tho

>>276245938aafag detected

The Brits managed to build an empire being completely plastered.

>>276212880>go ketoLooks like you know absolutely zero about dieting user

>>276212517Real men drink wine.

>>276252049Every time I've gotten drunk in the last 2-3 months, on the Taxi drive home I've dropped redpills on every driver. 90% of them were very receptive, and some even dropped redpills of their own. There's my work for the movement.

>>276218044>Japanese whiskey is the shit.weeb faggot

>>276253237anything can be poison if you consume too much.>>276253058this guy gets it. I like 2 beers with my dinner every night, 1 while I eat and 1 while I talk with my wife and kids when we are done eating.>>276253519good on you, user.>>276254351if you wouldn't say those things sober, you shouldn't be saying them drunk. that's all I have to say about that.

>>276215153>>276215902Link to this? Can't find it

>>276212251ITT - nazis admit they are loser faggots. Admit it, the true day of the rope is when you hang yourselves.

>>276215257is this fucking true /fit/bros confirm?????

>>276213295smoking is worse than drinking

>>276212251Anti alcohol is anti white, your ancestors didn't even care about developing alcoholism and they built the societies you wish you lived in.

if your eyes were wide open and saw the horrors of the world you'd be drinking too faggot.

>>276258684Communist jews have usurped our entire education, entertainment, political and financial institutions, and are actively attempting to destroy both our race and society from within. This has been going on for well over 100 years at this point, almost the entire American public believes the lies of communism due to it being subtly woven into the fabric of our society, and our movements tend to get attacked faster than literal proven criminals in today's society. There is more support for pedophilic, gender swapping "parades" then for people who simply want to preserve their race. Yeah I wonder why this movement is filled with people who feel defeated and constantly drink.


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>>276219422duolingo sucks, reroll

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All my friends drink, i cant end up without friends

>>276225090Ha! You thing the faggots here ever heard of her?


>>276212251why I drink:> be me> swallow the nationalist pill, center my goals in life to establish a good family with 3-4 kids> get a woman, nice wife material> get her accidentally pregnant too soon because of lockdowns > marriage and kids planned for next year > have extreme stress to accelerate everything to be ready for the kid > woman fails to do her small part in helping, which she previously agreed too> "user how dare you tell me what to do, I don't want you or anything to do with you, I will manage everything and the kid my myself"> central goal of my life pulled out of under me, none of my other struggles have meaning > drinking as much whiskey as I can every evening while showing up for work, started smoking > waiting for shipping of components for N2 based suicidecheers

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>>276212842You can get blazed and work out and then go do yard work and crap. Good luck doing that while boozing.

>>276212251Didn't realize this was a thing. Oh wait, it's not.

>>276264306Foolish user, all you have to do is reconcile that your past emotions cannot destroy your future goals.

>>276264839I greatly fucked up because I didn't realize that the red flagsgenerally she rejects patriarchy when things get serious because of daddy issuesdiscussions broke down and I refuse to cuck on my principles for the princessso fuck it, I'm not going to play this game anymore

>>276264306Self destruction will not solve anything, there is no other way than pushing through this. She sounds immature, maybe young? You can work to make her see you differently, or if not, still be a good father and even start a new family later. But you need to keep moving forward.t. soon to be dad who's staying sober tonight