PRESIDENT DONALD J TRUMP @TeamTrump>b-but Trump hasnt done anything! LINKS Public Pool: APPEARANCES>TrumpAd: Donald Trump shows his love for wounded Iraq War vets in 2007 9/5/>TrumpAd: Meet Joe Biden's Supporters 9/5/>TrumpAd: Great American Comeback 9/4/>TrumpAd: Honoring Those Who Sacrificed 9/4/>Pres Trump News Conf 9/4/>Pres Trump @Signing Ceremony w/Serbia Pres Vucic &Kosovo PM Hoti 9/4/>VP Pence on FBN 9/4/>VP Pence on CNBC 9/4/ (pt1) (pt2) (pt3)>SoS Pompeo on F&F 9/4/>SoS Pompeo on HughHewittShow 9/4/>NECDir Kudlow outside WH 9/4/>NECDir Kudlow on Bloomberg 9/4/>DepPressSec Morgenstern on FBN 9/4/>This Week@Interior 9/4/>This Week@Justice 9/4/>This Week@State 9/4/>WH Press Brief (Kayleigh/NSA O'Brien/SpecPresEnvoy4Serbia&Kosovo Grenell/Jared) 9/4/ pastebin: >>276107656

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>>276113391I am again living in a crazy timeline where the president of the United States retweets a fucking weeb.WTF is happening

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>>276113490Trump will howl "AWOOOOO" during his presidency at some point screencap this.

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Its Caturday! Post Cats

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MAGA votes on ballot questions & Senate primariesAlways vote Republican! Donate spare money with WinRed! Sep. 8: NH: MessnerSep. 15: DE: WitzkeNov. 3:AL: Jud.R.: No; New Const.: No; Citizenship req.: YES; Jud. Vac.: no; STG laws: YESAK: Electoral reform: no; Tax Incs.: NoAR: TermLimits: Yes; Referenda: Yes; TP sales tax: No; Optometry: YesAZ: ALL NOCA: Crime sentencing: YES; Property tax refs.: No; Abolish bail: NO; Rent control: NO; App-based Drivers: No (Fuck SV); Dialysis: No; Stem Cell R.: NO; CCPA: No; Repeal 209: NO; Parolee&17YO voting: NO; also: 22W Abortion Ban: YES; Citizen Req.: YES; Gray wolves: No; NPVIC: No; Bingo&Raffles: Yes; Gallagher Repeal: No; Vote on Fees; Yes; Local Gaming: no; Decrease Income Tax: YES; Senpai. Leave: NOFL: YES, NO, NO, yes, Yes, YesGA: Rev. Ded.: Yes; Dec. Rel.: No; CollinsID: NE/yesIL: NOIA: NOKY: Marsy's law: YES; Offices: NE/noLA: No Right to Abortion: YES; Disaster Budget Stabilization: Yes; Payment in lieu of taxes: YES; Oil/gas in property value: Yes; Change spending limit: NO; Homestead Exemption: YES; UCP Trust Fund: Yes; Sports betting: No; MurphyMA: NOME: YESMD: NoMI: Park Funds: Yes; Data warrants: NoMS: I65/A65A: NO/65A; flag: NO; EV: NoMO: A1: NE/no; A3: YESMT: LR-130: YES; C-46/47: NE/no; weed: NONE: End Slavery: NO; TIF: No; 36% APR: No; Weed: NONV: NONJ: Weed: NO; Delayed Redis.: No; Vet. Ded.: YESNM: NO, YES, NO, NO, NOND: Electoral reform: NO; PassTwice: Yes; SCR4016: YesOK 814: YesOR: NORI: NOSD: NOUT: Mun. Water: Yes; Legis. Qual.: Yes; End Slavery as Punishment: NO; Gender-Neutral Lang.: NO; Legis. start date: No; Right to hunt: YES; Kid welfare: NOVA: Redr. Com.: Yes; Vet. Tax Ex.: YESWA: 90: NO; 8212: YesDC shrooms: NOPR Statehood: NO/boycottVI CC: NE/noWe will LOCK HER UP!

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good luck faggot

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>>276113490Well anime lollies in MAGA hats are one of his larger Twitter constituencies. Gotta play to the base.

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MAGAbee nice but unrelenting.

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>>276113624Shut up furry

>the architect for essentially mass murdering hundreds of thousands of people is still given a job and is still considered credible

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>>276113568Biden can't top this.

brahs i think she might be /my girl/

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>>276113490KEKWe are in a comfy timeline


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Hitler did nothing wrong. if only he succeeded more.

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>>276113568Whats her name? Umama bin suckin?

>>276113568Just to be clear, he is insinuating that everyone loosely related to anyone who has done a bad thing is in effect a bad person.

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>>276113672>conflating awoo with furries>being this retarded>again

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>>276113391Reminder John McCain is still didd

>>276113490>2d loli retweetwtf I am voting for trump now.your move biden

>>276113851There's an odd difference between these pictures and I can't put my fingers on it.

>>276113715freakin ameriboos

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>>276113655lol Damn, Checked

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>>276113624He has, I definitely heard him say "it's Awoovment" on video !



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>>276113490>Trump has just taken the most pro-white action of any president in 45 years, but i want to focus on the Awoo in something he retweeted.

know your enemy

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>>276113715She’s an Ameriboo :3


I hope next week is as good as this one was.Actually I hope every week until the election is like this.Antifa, BLM, and media constantly getting BTFO then Trump winning with 420 electoral votes or something.

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>>276113490Trump lurks here, it is known

>>276113490too c..cute

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>>276113902He's Mexican. Being retarded is all he knows.

>>276113715where to cop that aethestic of gfs?

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>>276113945based and never forget the tumor that took down a war criminal

>>276113490>>276113624>>276113641>>276113648>>276113655>>276113720It’s not just a regular weeb > it’s one from this very thread You all can relish because that was an indirect (you) from Trump to this thread [1]

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>>276113812>Hitler did nothing wrong. if only he succeeded more.I know, fren, it hurts......

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>>276114120The helicopter is a nice touch.

>>276113490This should of been a 2017 action. And he needs to with hold grants to communities and orgs who use this.

>Trump didn't go to cemetery because he was afraid of rain>Next day Trump goes to cemetery in the rainWhat did the Atlantic mean by this?

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>>276113991like what

>>276114062>know your enemybe careful what you wish for

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>>276114062oh noif only drumpf did not call dead us soldiers suckers and losers

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>>276113629>Those forearms>Those frail fingersOnce again, you guys have been duped into believing a millionaire prep school kid is somehow the embodiment of manliness all because of a well placed prop. You are all fucking suckers and it's no wonder why you're easily victimizes by con men like trump.

>>276113950>lolyoure hilarious, why would a millionaire who spends his day trolling and banging a model run for governor ?Why would a billionaire who spends all day trolling and banging a model run for President?

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>>276114108its true. I would do anything for my leader. when the time comes all he has to do is snap his fingers. ask us to come to D.C. they can't stop us. were fucking legion.

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>276114320>Fox news' anonymous sources confirm my anonymous sources

like pottery

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> THEY THOUGHT THEY COULD BUY TIME BY RELEASING THAT HOAXBAHAHAHAH, THEY’RE FUCKEDThe riots left a ***lasting*** mark that temporary distractions won’t erase

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>>276113391I’m sorry, what’s wrong with bashing heads to get a riot under control? >omg why did police hit me? I’m only destroying property and attacking people!1!1!2!2! BLM!1!2!2

>>276114186>make America great again first, then tidy upPurge Antifa?

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>>276113655checkedmake white babies

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>all those sudden impacts that make it sound like a football practice>poor little antifa girl gets shoved to the ground, screams "Oh my God, what is wrong with you? WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU?!"?>as the officer pins and overpowers her she begins absolutely shrieking at the top of her lungsBros how damp do you think she was?Is this why these girls attend these "protests"?

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kek ancap pushing weak stories already debunked because his Jew masters tell him to. Who's the goyim now, you Israeli cattle? Bleat your masters song for me, kike GOYIM.

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>>276114123>>276114203>hopeless despair for a while>massive digits last few days>monumental wins out of nowhere and all at onceHas Kek returned?

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>Less than 60 days until election>Only new recent poll were the pozzed Fox onesThe fuck do pollsters do all day?

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>>276114427Lol wow you're fucking retarded if you believe Trump wasn't paying models to fuck him and especially fucking retarded if you bought the "billionaire" meme

>>276113391That is exactly what I voted for.

>>276114320>dude trust me>the (((men))) responsible for the dumb iraq war said so


Fucking what? Who gives a fuck what she says?

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>>276114332Anonymous sources tell me you are a massive faggot. What do you have to say for yourself?

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>sandnigger ruining a white only thread again

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>>276113568I'd crash my jumbo jet into her grassy field.

Liberals are absolutely SEETHING on Twitter over ban on teaching people to hate whites.

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>>276114123He deserves the title god emperor, the absolute madlad


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>>276113629Georgia user here. What's wrong with declarative relief?

>>276114640Trump killed Biden ladens son. These people are retarded.

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>>276114498Goodness gracious. Also don't forget about the niggers in New York climbing on houses.

>>276114640>Who gives a fuck what she says?This from the same JIDF kikes that repost every tweet from Joe-Blow nobodies who disrespect Trump

>>276114533>Hehehe I'm okay with the state telling people what to do cuz a girl got owned

>>276114656>socialism = fuck kidsGot it.

>>276114533Yes, they lack proper father figures so they want big daddy gov to be their dad

>>276113851The communists did destroy Europe. They destroyed Russia first.

Just wanna double-check: do you guys agree that violent video games should be banned?

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>>276114125nigger shut the fuck up. i’m the only one allowed to shit on mexibro.

>>276114776that pic makes me feel like i am living in the 80's

>>276114480i'd also call the coast guard when my beer is all gone and I need some more. thanks for delivering coast guard

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Man Who Poisoned Flint Michigan Endorses BIDEN!

>>276114644Lol you're the one believing a geriatric con man is an alpha male and his wayward son who is riding on his father's face is cool because he plays with toys and "owns the libs".Tell me more about this projection of yours?

>>276114730This is what panic looks like.

WELL ANONS?> Just in case you were ever confused as to what oblivious privilege looks likeIMAGINE NOT BEING PRIVILEGED ENOUGH TO SAIL A BOAT IN A SUNNY WEEKEND> WHY ARE YOU POOR ANONS?

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>>276114480drumpftards are following their leader and are sinking

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>>276114546Yes, Kek has returned. Remember to check digits

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>>276114716LOL Bro, just take the tenth corporate White Fragility and the Importance of Allyship class this year.

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>>276114533she found out

>>276114825That is literally the case. Socialism/communism is meant for helping the rich get richer, and the pedophiles to get more kids to rape.>>276114852Who died and gave you the right to be only one?

>>276114640The actual article is lol

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>>276114546Trump post Mt. Rushmore is better than 2016 Trump imo. it's his best version yet because he was under pandemic, economy shot, race riots. he's been on the offensive ever since culminating in RNC with fireworks & such winning that biden basically did a 180 on almost all his talking points.

Attached: gettyimages-1228301319-2048x2048.jpg (2048x1366, 1.52M)

>>276114123I had to check to make sure he actually retweeted "How to be anti-white 101 is cancelled."Absolutely based.


>>276114849His brother was a video game executive.

The critical race theory ban is the biggest whitepill and demoralizing defeat for the left in ages, it feels like the first time Trump has used his power to strike directly at the heart of the problem rather than beat around the bush.

>reduced to replying to each otherawwww shills


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>>276114893this is great news. No one outside of Michigan knows who he is but in Michigan he is infamous.


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>>276114849No.I play strategy games, does that make me the next greatest general? No.

>>276113568I'll take her over Richard Spencer.

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>>276114798Your side got to riot for six months. Now it's our turn.

>>276115030Imagine his second term. Holy fuck.

>>276114947imagine killing yourselves by sinking your own boat parades

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Trump 2020

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>>276114332why are you looking at the guy instead of the gun?You some kind of faggot?

>>276114187I mean, he absolutely can sound like an asshole at times. True. But I don't for a second believe the cartoon villain bullshit they're pushing.


Attached: 1599201546855.jpg (720x691, 37.77K)

>>276115115>does that make me the next greatest general?maybe

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>>276114603Pollsters are liars. They should be shot in the kneecaps.

>memeflag using sandnigger spamming again

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>>276114947I'm literally posting from a Dufour 460 right now

>>276114498That’s the sound of the Midwest accelerating into red

This shit again?

>276115004i thought i told you to shut the fuck up.

Attached: 4D7C1843-4645-4E30-AF84-0665D6E84FB1.png (1024x937, 834.31K)

>>276114798This is essentially political tourism by upper class white and jewish kids.Everyone else has to obey the rules unless they want their lives ruined, so yes these people finally getting their little outings ended after three months is very satisfying.

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>>276115201>id>napGuess I'm napping now. Good afternoon, gentlemen.

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Trump is shifting timelines again bros

>>276115046they fear us. we won't stop here. we won't stop ever. the white supremacist adl is fucked.

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>>276115189>mccain>my life herothis gets funnier every time you post it

>>276114120new sloganAMERICA WILL OVECOME(AWO)

>>276115366Forgot pic.

Attached: 5E144407-C029-4607-B3E8-035783A9F5B0.jpg (750x166, 36.02K)

>>276114533Lol, watching the faggot with the green lazer go down, green dot spinning in circles, is KINO.

Attached: 1455908208343.gif (280x220, 2.98M)

>>276113639What's the meaning of this post? Gangstalking some new victim?

>>276114533Women enjoy the concept of rape because is enjoying sex without worrying about the social stigma of being a "slut"

>>276115185So that's what this is all about? Not justice, constitutional right, or anything like that? You're just spoiled babies who are mad because you don't get to break stuff lol? Wtf kind of middle school "watch the world burn" angst shit is this?


Attached: Sleep advisory.png (576x539, 178.59K)

>>276115144what a madlad

Attached: 1597261033625.jpg (2265x2176, 581.67K)

>>276115432It is Labor Day weekend, what else are communist going to do... Not grill or go boating.

>>276114480BAHAHAHAHA, just checked the news and you can’t make this shit up> TRUMP BOAT PARADE GOT SO BIG AND CROWDED THE LAKE RAN OUT OF SPACE AND BOATS COLLIDEDHAHAHAHAHA, I agree, that’s the perfect metaphor for Trump’s campaign

Attached: 6B4369BA-2F46-402A-975F-F1C3DBDD94F1.jpg (828x1318, 587.46K)

>>276115366>>276115432>why do they bring up things that are true

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>>276113391Op, So what happened to the trust fund terrorist in your photo?

>>276115560Were going to need those helicopters, good to start recruiting now.

>>276115560>you can’t make this shit upActually they did literally make it up.

>>276114640>implying the sins of the father pass to the son

>>276115573prove it

>Riots actually not helping Trump>Every attempt at portraying Biden as some kind of a super commie riot lover have failedgo ahead and repeat this narrative ad nauseum while 1000+ americans are killed every day by covid. I'm sure it'll work the 100th time.

Attached: ridinbiden.jpg (760x428, 35.77K)

>>276115144I fucking love McAfee. He's absolutely batshit.

>>276115560I like to think of the movement as mypetgoat Jesus on a boat fucking shit up with fire.

Attached: 1599329113300.jpg (583x629, 75.17K)

>if a jew who helped started the Iraq War said Trump is bad that means he's bad

Attached: 1438955637632.jpg (1024x517, 303.33K)

>>276115573Man why low quality bait? Put some effort into it


Attached: 1599181425307.jpg (184x184, 5K)

this guy gets a six-figure salary for this deep insightful political analysis

Attached: 15006D33-1361-4CCF-A0F6-54E0B252AD88.jpg (907x1513, 272.2K)

>>276114062why does stanley mcchystal look like a jew? anybody have his background.

>>276115030He’s become punished Trump, a man denied peace. The heavy lean into aggressive law & order with populist nationalism is, like Grenell said, what most Americans want deep down but won’t say it out loud.

>>276115144>guy has severe TDS>look at his "wife">makes senseyou've really fucked up in life in some way if you have TDS imo


>>276115804why is Sweden like this

be safe, nipfrens

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Trump Boat Parade LIVE(bottom right of streams)

Attached: Screenshot_353.png (377x207, 94.6K)

>>276115698is the dnc going to be raided? have we started a fire?

Attached: 1599159246266.gif (400x225, 853.58K)

>>276114320What a Cohencidence

>>276115770He doesn't get his 5 cents if you don't (You) him.

Attached: 1480266059208.jpg (571x720, 164.54K)

>>276114849Yes, but mainly because it ends the manchild problem. The "violence in video games" deabte is for boomers.

>>276115560>$300k boatsI guarantee not one boat on that lake is worth even $150k. Expensive motor yachts are for Going Places, whether that's salt water or America's major river/lake system. If this was on Lake Superior then yeah.

Attached: 1599236196074.gif (900x900, 116.19K)

>>276115902Japan seems to be a cursed land


Attached: Lizard-Fish-300x261.jpg (300x261, 17.57K)

>>276114849>>276115044>Robert Trump has been on the board of ZeniMax Media, the producer of games like Doom, Rage and Fallout, since at least 2007.Press F

>>276115815>Man why low quality bait? Put some effort into itUm, that WAS his best effort, user.

>>276115484I don't want to break stuff. I want to watch the police deliver violent arrests and suppression techniques against rioters and for judges to lay down the law. When I said 'it's our turn to riot' it was meant metaphorically.

I want to see more Tumblr white girls with bloodied faces. Keep up the good work law enforcement.

>>276115830Why aren't you getting paid for deep, insightful, political analysis?

>>276115958Here's a list of boat prices from one site.

Attached: Boat prices.png (1920x1080, 119.64K)

>>276116051This but unironically

Attached: DF6E3F08-F918-4788-BDB9-024AC74F9A6A.jpg (844x1024, 120.59K)


>>276115830That's the kind of expert take I've come to expect from the Most Trusted Name in News.

Attached: 1546105502256.jpg (1280x720, 114.77K)

>>276115189imagine killing yourself by attending a funeral

Attached: 1578506450083.jpg (297x641, 73.51K)

>>276115830I think that a federal initiative to remove propaganda outlets directly by the voter approval could do the job that the FCC can't.

>>276115830more than you and your tards will ever make

Attached: 1583335859118.png (1000x500, 95.02K)

>WaPo can’t into distributed ledgerthe article.

Attached: 803C2BEE-C875-42CC-81DB-BD4AD4482E36.jpg (785x1633, 780.08K)

>>276114656And there it is

>>276116051Important for otehr wanna be protest larepers to see where this ends up. Sure we can laugh at it but the best part about this is the shock value.


Attached: spermtoss2.png (640x820, 185.69K)

>>276116069anon, questions like that are why i'm day drinking for the first time this year

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