Black people meme thread

Send racist black memes please

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>>276111465is it racist of its true?

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>>276111986>almost all niggers pics are mugshots


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>black peopletheyre called niggers

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just don't call it a nigger hate thread you'll trigger some mutt janny

>>276112800based tennisman


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>>276112878Why does the white guy introduce himself by saying "no" and then the nigger responds with "i'm British"?

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>>276112369Is this a right-wing mutation of the leftist wall of text meme?


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>>276113546At least it is funny, not like leftist "memes"

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>>276111986Absolutely insane. None of these happened less than a month ago. I don’t trust anyone anymore

>>276112429top kek

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>>276112594Say something nice Holla ForumsShe has excellent penmanship, considering her heritage.


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>>276114331proving that niggers don't know cursive


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>>276113846Spongebob should be fucked up on fentanyl and fighting the other guy to make this more accurate.


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>>276114331What makes you think she know how to write?

>>276111908One does not contradict the other.

>>276114588Black cocks?

>>276112723i've seen this, but with TWO bags AND the guy asked the cashier whether there is a black friday discountdesu think i think he had become self-aware

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>>276113846You fucked up the labels, nice try though, good team spirit.

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>>276111465omfg... I legit need to start a nigger folder... there's just so much here, user... kek


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>>276113937Source video link pls

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>>276114774fucking kek

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>>276112598goddamn, now DATS RAYSIS and I fucking LOVE IT!

>>276113590This one is actually sad


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>>276111465>haha black people bad white people goodYikes, just grow up already.

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Silence is violence


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>>276112594>PayPal meEverytime

>>276115442Lurk moar


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>>276112476Black people aren't dumb enough to think Wakanda is real, are they?


>>276114331>Amerimutts think that is excelent

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>>276111746Here's an updated one

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>>276115612last time I went to the eiffel tower, niggers roamed the streets right under itbaguette is a nigger

>>276113130To be fair, North Africa had all of those things.


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>>276113904That would explain a lot...

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>>276115255MAD KEK

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>>276113590That's actually fucking horrifying. Also, KEK!


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>>276115851Yes, they are that retarded kek>pic related

>>276113937Did he literally screengrab the parody video where Spider-Man beats up an abuser? lmao