BLM peacefuly terorize white people in restaurant

Flipped tables, broke minute montage of BLM

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>>276110320this is the face of chronic nigger fatigue. you have nothing just sit back and take it in, while everyone else panics. sad.

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>>276110320why havent these goons been shot yet i thought it was america

>>276110320Imagine having to live around these fucking apes kek

>>276110811>tf>tpyou live around them bro

>imagine not going around doing the same for Jew Lives Matter Invade Iran

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>>276110320Fuck the kikes funding and supporting these niggers

>>276110767We're living under anarcho-tyranny. Law-abiding citizens like Kyle Rittenhouse get arrested. Rioting chimps and murdering scum like Reinoehl are allowed to go free.

>>276110320yeah, niggers are returning to their natural state

>>276110767>why havent these goons been shot yet i thought it was americaBecause people know their life will be destroyed by the media/twitter mobs if they do. Nobody was expecting a mob, they were having dinner with friends. It is New York, nobody had a concealed gun. It is hard as fuck to get a permit in that state.

>tfw you can't even enjoy a nice night out with loved ones now because of the violent BLM mob

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>>276110320great way to make people sympathetic to your caseare those people fucking brain dead or just grossly self unaware?

>>276110320I recall some interview saying that he wasn't sure how much of an impact being a vehicle for redpilling people nearly as much as people were just being redpilled by life. The problem is that white liberals are brainwashed slaves and I imagine they'll just spend the next little while telling themselves they were just witnessing justified black rage against white supremacy blah blah blah until they're far enough from the incident that they can actually believe that shit themselves. These niggers could neck them with a tire filled with gasoline and while they burned they would beg for their lives by apologizing for their white privilege.

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>>276110320>peacefuly terorizeHow else can terrorism be other than peaceful?

>>276113230>I recall some interviewFuck! Whoops. I meant:>I recall some interview with Richard Spencer saying saying

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New video from Paul Joseph Watson which compares the BLM movement to China's Cultural

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>>276110627More like it encapsulates the demoralized state of Americans.

America, take care of your pests please, aren't you supposed to show us how it's done? So copycats in your shitholes don't start playing pretend.

>>276113245It was MOSTLY peaceful terror

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>>276110320Good, it's so redpilling. Nobody pities or finds sexually attractive those who act like hysterical effete chimps.

>>276110767Because niggers can do whatever they want in the US.

iirc the an@rchist cookbook has recipes for both smoke bombs and stink bombs. besides a garden hose from the roof is there any other solution for civilian dispersal of this nonsense?

you just know they sucked his 12 inch BBC right there and then

>>276110320If these girls didn't hate niggers, I bet they do now. Honestly, I hope they keep doing this. Please do niggers, you're just redpilling more white people!

>>276114131emotions dont work logically. look into stockholm syndrome or why abuse victims stay with their abusers.women are retarded user. this spreads like contagion. >we deserved to have our dinner ruined. how selfish are we??

For non-Americans ITT wondering why they haven't been lynched:Americans have been subjugated relentlessly their entire lives regarding the application of violence and force as a political tool. They have been culturally reprimanded since birth to avoid mindless thuggery as a means to an end.Thus, in order for Americans to be shunted out of the daze, they will need to be subjected to an equally long period of detoxification...ORThey will need sufficiently large emotional pressure to break through the mental confinement. The endless pressure of niggers/spics/jews chimping out and destroying things around them are a compounding force:They are a long term pressure commonly referred to as "negro fatigue" but they also act as an immediate force multiplier when their violent antics are presented in person and applied to things likea nice family dinnergoing to the parkfirst days of schoolAnd other iconic "American" past times.

>>276113922their smoke bomb recipe worked really well, made it when i was a kid with my friend in ice cube trays, just one cube would engulf a block in thick smoke in minutes

>>276110320These bitches probably voted for Hillary and supported BLM in June.>>276110811That's why I live in a small town in WA state


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They relaxed. For sure they could hear the mob approaching from far away and they paid the toll for assuming because they're liberal they are safe.

Rochester is 40% black meaning this is the usual bullshit that happens there

That clips makes me super grateful there are barely any niggers around me. Fuck Rochester.My town is less than 8 percent, god bless

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>>276110811dont fall for the stormfag racebaiting

Does anyone have a webm version of this so i can spread it? the free converter i use has a maximum file size

>>276110320If DeBrillo isn't removed next local election, these cunts deserve worse than what they get now.

>>276111227Shoot them, and shoot anyone trying to arrest you

This dumb white bitch had to block the view of the black female while she ruined her meal, so the black woman could "learn that black lives matter."

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kyle is in jail, by the way.

>>276110320Get this shit out to the normies if you have a faceberg or similar. The lying press is convincing so many that these riots are peaceful. Be sure to label them "Biden supporters."

>>276114787Fuck you and die nigger lover

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>>276113547It is possible to be both fatigued and demoralized.t. fatigued, nihilistic person

>>276110320I don't know I kinda like this. These people are completely unaffected by the pandemic or pretty much everything. They live life on easy mode. this is a hard reality check. If you truly support chaos you support both BLM and ethno-nationalism at the same time.

>>276114803get any youtube video downloader website, save the mp4, upload it to one of half a dozen or more free MP4 to WEBM Converter websites. Use the "8" format, not the "9" format, and pull the sound. To post on Holla Forums it has to be under 4?mb, so you may need to determine which time frame in the video you really want to show.Now fuck off and stop being a spoon feeder.

>>276114823if only it were that easy

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>>276110320>BLM peacefuly terorize white people in restaurantHopefully the dishwasher will hook up the owner with Cartels for protection.Naturally, none of this effects any big chains.

15 minute montage of BLM' Cultural Public

>>276114823But muh badge niggers! Muh blue lives matter!

>>276113616God fucking damn I wish I lived in a free country like peru. You can just go out and murder niggers without the entire FBI halting all operations to find you.

>>276110320>this will surely change their minds about black people

>>276110811>>276113922>>276114444>>276114711Checked. Including my quads but since nobody else is doing it

>>276110320>this is what professional athletes kneel for.Imagine wearing the name of a guy who is a long time criminal on your helmet. Fuck niggers and fuck the nigger worship going on atm. What do we do?

>>276110320oy vey it's like kristallnacht all over again

>>276114787Ok mutt

>>276110320>Rochester NYReminder that NY has some of the shittiest gun laws in the countryIf this was in the South none of those niggers would have the balls to pull that shit offThey would get shot

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>>276115392Doesn't the Filipino prez actually encourage his people to go and murder criminals

>>276112815They don't care about sympathy anymore, it's all just a violent power grab. This is the brutal intimidation that always takes place before the revolutionaries/insurrectionists decide to simply start killing people.

>>276115462>What do we do?1. Vote2. If part 1 fails because they rigged it, water the tree of liberty.

>>276115919>the revolutionaries/insurrectionists decide to simply start killing people.ok good luck

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>>276115462>What do we do?You share videos like these with family and friends. They won't hear about it from the mainstream media. It's up to you.

I'd be ready to join the Islamic state if they started committing terrorist acts against these infidels.

>>276110320They have no clue how much that red wave is gonna hurt

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>>276115058Wrong, Chaim

>>276115259It actually is that easy.