How can i defend trumps comments about John McCain? I’m in a Facebook debate...

How can i defend trumps comments about John McCain? I’m in a Facebook debate. The comments where trump said he likes people who weren’t captured

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Post Meghan McCain’s tits

>>276110303John McCain is a fucking traitor, stop getting into pointless debates on FB. It’s a waste of your time and energy, focus on bettering yourself instead.

>>276110303We don’t because Trump isn’t perfect.If you would sacrifice the economy because Trump said some mean things then you are an idiot sir.

John McCain? He was a military brat who got special treatment because of his daddy. He crashed multiple jets costing millions of dollars, blew one up that actually killed other servicemen. then he got shot down, captured, and sang like a canary and read enemy propoganda. Then he lead a coup against a sitting president. Fuck that traitor scum.

>>276110303John McCain was a traitorous, dishonorable piece of shit.

>>276110303Democrats have no other talking points but to bring up this again? It failed in 2016 it will fail again.

>>276110303McCain was a loser..He lost to Obama in 2008

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>>276112187>He crashed multiple jets costing millions of dollars, blew one up that actually killed other servicemen. then he got shot down, captured, and sang like a canary and read enemy propoganda. This is all true and documented.

>>276110303You shouldn't be on FacebergYou shouldn't debate idiotsDon't wrestle with a pig. The pig enjoys it and you just get dirty.

>>276110303John McCain was a fucking loser.

>>276110303What a sad thread... >Help me I'm too stupid to argue something I don't understand

>>276110303>The comments where trump said he likes people who weren’t capturedI like the stories of heroes that take out pill boxes, or saves his unit, or battles insurmountable odds too.It’s not illegal to have preferences.. those stories are generally more preferable to pow stories..

>>276110303He went against Trump, no REAL American would do that. Drop that Bomb in them and watch the squirming

>>276110303still have your full sunday for your homework, sweety

>>276110303>how can I defend trump's comments about John McCainOH NONONONONONO

>>276110303McStain was one of the biggest warmongers for the military industrial complex in US history. Loser is a much kinder insult than that chaos spawn deserves.

>>276113559>Questioning the president in a free country is badkek how the actual fuck do you think that's a good point?

John McCain personally fought to never release the names of POW's in Vietnam.He is a traitor.

>>276110303McCain was a fuck up in the military and brings shame to his father and grandfathers service. The left hated him up until he was against Trump and then all of his transgressions can be ignored.

>>276110303McCain was a neocon warmonger

>>276110303Who cares? Fuck John McCain

>>276110303You can't. McCain is a piece of shit human garbage but he is a war hero. Trump was wrong to insult him on that regard. It's not a big deal to admit Trump was wrong, unless you're a braindead migatard zogbot. You can argue about McCain being a bloodthirsty, evil warmonger and godawful senator for Arizona. Trying to argue that he isn't a war hero is a pointless cope. It doesn't mean he's a good person, just that he fought and bled for the country.

>>276113727I found the cock sucking socialist.

>>276110303>The comments where trump said he likes people who weren’t capturedIt was not about getting captured as much as giving up intel to the enemy. There is a reason McCain is known as "Songbird" in military circles. He is also an archetypal ziocon. There wasn't a cell in his body that wasn't bought and paid for by various kike and kike orgs, and hundreds of US soldiers died because of his kike-sponsored lobbying.Fuck McCain. Probably the most despicable figure that existed in American politics. The only thing I feel is regret he hadn't died sooner.

>>276110303He probably killed more Americans than VC or NVA.

>>276112187You're a piece of shit that has done nothing for your country. I've probably done more.

let them know what Cindy McCain said at the 5:30

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Tokyo Rose aka Songbird John McCains own father, on his last day of Earth was asked "Do you regret anything about your life?" and his answer was "The only thing I regret from this life is that John McCain is my son".Pretty telling.

>>276114063>but he is a war hero

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Point out that John McCain was executed for treason.His daughter mentions it in an interview “it’s not like they can kill him again”Kausch let it slip on CNN “it’s only been a week since John McCain was put to death”

>>276110303John McCain is in hell

>>276110303Who cares, the rhino is dead and the idiot was told not to fly where he got shot down. Yet no one cares about the facts.

>>276110303Kek. McCain is still dead. Still voting Trump. Faggot.

>>276114319>I've probably done more.Glory holes don't count maple nigger - your country is a pathetic joke. Seriously, you worship terrorists, give them millions of dollars, while your vets are homeless. Do you really believe the bullshit you say? Fuck are you hose heads dumber than shit! L-Mao! What else you got faggot? I need more virtue-signaling retardation to laugh at -

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>>276110303You can’t defend such a stupid comment. Give them the point and move to the next round.

>>276110400Check'd n'Lost

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Show them this

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>>276110303>>276114063Songbird McCain was a traitor. Play the Tokyo Rose tape.>>276114367sauce on this?

>>276112232By fighting communists? Maybe we should be squeezing their nuts and asking for assistance this November?

>>276110303You could show them some photos of McCain with the leaders of Isis?

>>276110303i like people who don't songbird after getting captured due to their own ineptitude at a position that they only received due to nepotism, and people who don't act as tools for unjust wars for israeli expansion and needless mass destabilization

>>276114063>he is a war heroSimply being in the military doesn't make you a war hero. What did he actually do to deserve that title?

>>276110303Normally, your prospects of coming back alive and unharmed after making a topic about Johnny are 99 out of 100. But this time, after you mentioned the word "Traitorbook", you can give yourself 50-50. Good luck...

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>>276115036Look up Admiral McCain wishes his son was never born.

His comments are indefensible. Trump is a loudmouth. Not everything he says is good, and not every personal quality he has is good. He is a blowhard and he is a braggart. If those aren't qualities that you like in a person then there is no reason to defend them in Donald Trump. But it doesn't mean that you should vote democrat, because they aren't perfect either.

>>276110303McCain passed Russian disinformation to the FBI which helped costart the initial FISA abuse by Obama era DOJ.

>>276112783You guys are so lucky. It was a given that Trump was fucked so we finally have our spastic benchwarmers their first chance to play ball. No dignity lost for trump winning over our weakest players.

>>276110303Faggot traitor, warmonger loser.Fuck the McCain family and especially John and his fat ugly daughter.

Anyone, even hippies, who dodged vietnam are more of a patriot than Kennedy

>>276110303This fucker was tortured and beaten in Vietnam and STILL voted for the Iraq war. Fuck this asshole.

>>276110303McCain was a political rival who talked a lot of shit about Trump too. McCain was a neocon warmonger and so is (((JEFFREY GOLDBERG))). Jeff "reported" made up nonsense that Saddam supported Osama Bin Laden during the lead up to the Iraq war.Also Trump calling McCain a loser != Trump calling all veterans a loser.

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>>276110303John McCain is a fake war hero. Fuck him. They called him the songbird because he told the Vietcong anything they wanted to know, including the flight routes his own fellow navy airmen took to and from missions, getting dozens of them shot down. Then he became a corrupt politician who literally shook hands with ISISFuck John McCain

>>276115513Fuck I mean McCain lol

>>276110610This. Only faggots and trannys use Kikebook still. Its not worth your time. There is no "common ground" with these people. The ideologies are incomparable.


>>276110303Just say he was joking, the clown defence seems to have worked well so far.

>>276110303John McCain was the Benedict Arnold of Vietnam. Anyone who defends him will get the rope.


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>>276110303fuck optics. McBrain was a deep state asset. Fuck him too.

>>276115501So much seethe from a gentlemen that still jerks off into his sock.

>>276110303Go look up the other guys in McCains Squadron and their reports of the mission where he was captured.McCain was shot down because he disobeyed orders and he flew well below the allowable altitude for his mission. They were warned to stay high to avoid the AA below. He also lied about getting hit by a sam, it was basic AA that took him down.He also fucked up his ejection and didn't tuck in, resulting in him breaking multiple limbs on the sides of the cockpit on the way out.He has lied about all the basic facts of the incident.

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>>276115598What are going on about? It’s the #1 source of information source for conservatives who keep up on soviet news.


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