Tarrant was a heartless stupid morron, prove me wrong

If you are against immigration the solution is obviously not to got to a mosque and kill people. That is and moronic, ineffective and grotesque thing to do. To put it another way:If you have a problem with seagulls at your local canal bar, what is the most effective solution?A: Shoot the birds and keep shooting every new birds that come to feedB: Make the bar guests stop feeding the seagullsTarrant literally killed people because they accepted a gift from the government. He is a total and utter moron. He is a hot head and lacked the ability to think clearly and long term. He really do belong in prison

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>>276109789shut up stupid sandnigger, I hope you get killed next.

>>276109789You probably never lived near sandniggers , every fucking day

>>276109789>If you have a problem with seagulls at your local canal bar, what is the most effective solution?Shoot the birds and keep shooting every new birds that come to feed.

>>276110106I can trace my ancestry all the way back to the 1200AD and it every single node is nordic, but nice try to derail the thread. Now please tell me why you hope I get killed next and why you are so angry at me

>>276110923>Shoot the birds and keep shooting every new birds that come to feed.You will son be put in jail and is not very economical either. I'm curious to know why you chose this alternative

>>276109789He's an impressionable idiot who got radicalized by the internet. The amount of Middle Eastern immigrants in NZ is so tiny, you'd have to be actively looking for a problem to be offended by it. You will never find any self-reflection about that here, because it would require admitting that regularly reading right wing polemic trash like Holla Forums probably isn't healthy.

>>276109789Wouldn't it be hilarious if this was Anders and he was jealous of Breton stealing his thunder. Please, there's room for both of you in the Sainthood. Alongside Kyle.

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He did it because he wanted to translate his online shitpost to real life.He had heart, he had a vision.

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>>276109789he did what he had to do my fren. dont judge.

>>276109789who cares desu.Thank god he was in the asshole of the world instead of being in america he would have probably done a school shooting here.

Would a heartless moron vacation for 9 days in Israel like Tarrant did? Shh. No.

>>276111411But importing a crime ridden group of people that fuck like rabbits and increase crime everywhere they go while you bury your head in the sand is healthy?

>>276109789>wanted to accelerate to a race war>ends up raising millions in donations to Islam and is forgotten a year laterlmao

>>276110762You lack reading comprehension.

>>276111839Legal immigrants have vastly lower levels of crime than any other group, stop spreading misinformation cato.org/publications/immigration-research-policy-brief/criminal-immigrants-texas-2017-illegal-immigrant

>>276111411Exactly! It is nothing wrong about wanting less immigration at all, but the way he did it was just stupid. He was a lost and radicalized soul. He thought he did the right thing, but he was just too stupid to realize he did wrong. Now he will spend the rest of his life in torture. It's a very sad case

This fucking abo looks like an ape

>>276111664lol wtf is a maori anyways? Sounds like a sandwich spread.

>racists>logic and awarenessPick one, low IQ subhumans just want to point fingers at someone who looks different than them and watch blood spill IRL or through a monitor, without the need to understand nuance Yeah Holla Forums is filled with subhumans and the most ironic thing out of the whole issue is they believe to be superior to everyone even liberals, lol

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>>276111243FUck off possed norweigiot.Shooting seaguls are not against hte law moron.

>>276111455Anders was on a whole other level. I don't agree with his actions, but at least he thought it through and went for his enemies rather than his enemies puppets

>>276109789Just a jew taking one for the team.

>>276109789Je was a Patsy who had his mind warped by spending too much time in around SIEGEtards and glowniggers.

>>276111672why not? there's lots to see in Palestine. Jerusalem, Bethlehem, Gaza, The West Bank, the Settlements in the West Bank. Checkpoints, Soldiers with ultimate power over people with no rights or access to justice. etc etc etc etc. I mean I think most people could spend two weeks just in Jerusalem, unless of course they are retarded burger mutts that never read of book or looked at a map of the World...

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>>276109789Too bad it didnt even happen, bullet casings dissapearing, magazines already in mosque before he arrived. Sloppy job mossad.

>>276111411ok Abdul

OP is a faggot

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>Islam = Immigrationis what OP just said.Sort that out as you see fit, I'm calling bullshit.

>>276109789Slide thread

>>276111999Not in the US they don't

>>276112653Glad you didn't even bother to read the article, American reading comprehension at its best

>>276112418I went to disneyland once and was done after 3 days. I couldn't imagine spending 9 days in Israel like Tarrant did.

>>276109789You obviously genocide the seagulls using either biological or chemical warfare

>>276109789>Tarrant was a heartless stupid morron, prove me wrongIt would be difficult to speak of him directly, but men with motivations such as his are responsible for every 'patriotic' event in history. His actions = natural human behavior.

Honestly you're right, what he should have done was make his actions legal and affect more than 50, or found some other way to get rid of them.

>>276109789killing pakis>not killing pakissimple as

poison birds / sand niggers. more effective.

>>276111411So he made the right move killing a bunch of their colonial nests in the earlier stages. You're a retarded faggot. These shitskin animals breed and whine to import more of them. Their shit colored larvea grow up. Something you will evidently never do.

>>276112230I really hate Mexican posters

>>276111455Fight well, Rittenhouse

>>276109789yes, Breivik was much better at target selection

He was defending his nation

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>>276112230You have to go back Goblin

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>>276109789You are right he should have done nothing but post online while his country becomes more brown thats what the smart and brave do, vote for no change and wank at his moral superiority.

>>276111999who cares? Why do you want to live around shit colored child molesting subhuman ugly foreigners? What is wrong with you?

>>276109789>Tarrant was a heartless stupid morron, prove me wrong>morronThere you go./thread

>>276112230I love how "anti-racists" always talk about low IQ and subhumans. As if shit colored mud people aren't keenly aware that they are inhuman monkeys and don't wake up perpetually assblasted over it.

>>276109789He was more of a hero to the Jews here.

>>276109789Nah, it's an excellent deterrent. Who cares if the government offers a gift if everyone is too afraid to take it?

>>276109789>shot the wrong peopleftfy

>>276109789I feel like you dummies saying bad thing about brenton tarrant are starting to believe the propaganda techniques thst ykure getting tricked by. where if you repeat a lie long enough you start to believe it

>>276109789Lol weak dying cuckYou are beta faggot cuck cock sucking mega faggot cuck lolYou're no descendant of Vikings, you over emotional faggot cuck lol cuck

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>>276109789HE TOOK TOO MANY REDPILLS...redpills are to be taken in moderation

>>276109789Nice try.Still praising Tarrant.

>>276113248Australia went through this multiple times already, Greek, Italian, Vietnamese migrants came because of war and everyone complained. Now they're completely naturalized, and make great coffee, pizza, pasta, Pho, Banh Mi and have hot women. Racists are sad and pathetic.

>>276109789He defused 49 Bombs

>>276113543but didn't Tarrant like jews user

>>276111672>IDF in the IDABSOLUTE POTTERY

>>276113111>implying I've ever posted on redditLet's assume I do so, just for the sake of it, what are you gonna do? Post more stale memes?

>>276109789>he really do belongNigger

>>276113809I would. But only to baptized in the river that jesus was baptized in. I wouldn't go near the pedo infested city of Jewrusalem

>>276113403>As if shit colored mud people aren't keenly aware that they are inhuman monkeys and don't wake up perpetually assblasted over it.According to Holla Forums's white nigger meme narratives, nonwhite people with low IQs wouldn't have the capacity to be aware of that, you know, they're just rolling over in the mud thinking about putting out children, and how they're gonna hurt someone 'cause their genes tell them to. Lol.

>>276113597It's nice to see anons like you on this retarded board. I don't really know why I come to Holla Forums anymore because it just makes me mad and kind of depressed.

>>276109789The only thing the man did wrong was not making a getaway plan to continue waging an urban guerrilla war.

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>>276114632GTFO then

>>276109789My main gripe was that his shitty manofesto became relevant and I wasted time reading it. Junior level redpills and an aversion to critical thought or analysis of those redpills. It was mostly corny and poorly written. 2/10 manifesto 4/10 shooter.