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>>276109318The second wave already hit.

>>276109318>Second waveThey're escaping the desolate policies in the city that they voted for, and they're escaping the eventual riots that will happen on election night. They created this mess and are now running from it like a bunch of cowards. These are your "elites," America. A bunch of cowards.

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>>276109318Why do people in other states tolerate Californians and New Yorkers? I'm surprised you can still drive a car with California or New York plates in other states without getting run out

>>276109607I cannot wait to hang these traitors and become the philosopher king,in minecraft.

>>276109318Yup it was all just beta testing for the real shit they’re going to drop on us. This is all just a drill so far. Notice the massive push in censorship combined with the civil unrest? It’s ALL a false flag drill.Why? To see how easily they can manipulate the public without even having the presence of an actual threat. Trust me, with the shit they’re going to release you will be BEGGING on your KNEES for a fucking vaccine.

>>276109318But virtually no one will escape Yellowstone

>>276109318>Muh second waveThis is just cope for the 200% increase in crime from all the niggers released from jail.


The elites are ready to try and fulfill prophecies.It has been a long time since the whole world has been so close and so ready to being under full control.Expect a global food shortage soon.The flooding in china has destroyed crops.The bombing in Lebanon destroyed their food storage.There has been a sabotage of the food chain in the US.It is likely they are seeding for extreme weather to exacerbate the shortage.The government has been stockpiling food since march.There have been talks of a vaccine being ready by November 1st.Bill gates has already tested a vaccine-payment Gates has also tested a vaccine that "accidentally" sterilized a bunch of Kenyan women.They are draining the dollar in preparation for a new trackable currency.There will be a food shortage and for (((safety))) you will not be able to enter the food bank without proof of vaccination.They already told you they were going to do a 2nd wave. Expect the shutdown.Any sniffle from the common cold will be a positive Corona test this winter.Bill Gates and his father were part of a powerful group of eugenicists. Bill Gates and Epstein were friends not because of pedophilia, but because Epstein was also a eugenicists and wanted to seed a generation with his sperm.Once they fully crash the dollar they will be able to sway the reluctant few by offering UBI, but only to those who are vaccinated and have taken the mark of the beast/digital ID. It will be hard to resist.

>>276110614wrong and dumb LARP, they will not stealth the beast. You will be fully aware of what the beast is and willfully choose it over god when they present it to you. The best will be something that the plebians will consider "better than heaven".

>>276109578Isn’t the irony of it all? Victims of their own devices.

>>276109578There won't be riots when Biden destroys Trump.Deal with it, incel

>>276109533Nah man. The real secind wave is gonna kill 10-20% of the infected this fall/winter.

>tfw the next chimp out tears the USA in half

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>>276110934Sorry buddy, but being in power breeds complacency. The moment Trump supporters aren't "in power" anymore is the moment you retards realize what real civil insurrections look like. >>276110895Yeah, but will they realize they're the problem? No. They'll just continue moving to other, non tainted places, spreading their filth until it has completely overrun those areas as well. They're like locusts. Whether it is through malice or just stupidity shouldn't matter anymore.

>>276110892The Bronze Age called and it wants it’s desert cult back. Imagine actually believing in that book lmao. It was changed by the most corrupt people on the planet for what...a thousand years at least? Mark of the beast historically already happened also. Stop trying being this bullshit every 30 years ad infinitum

>>276109318New York needs a 50,000% tax on people selling their house to leave the city and a 100,000,000% tax on buying property outside of the city

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>>276110614> these rich people aren't pedophiles being directed by Jews and Satan> they're eugenicists somehow even though they have very few children and ugly wives

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>>276109318Wasn't it supposed to happen fucking 2 months ago? 3?Why are we still making believe here? This is fucking retarded.

>>276111515funny how there's always a gaytheist showing up whenever sound doctrine is preached

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>>276109318They aren't fleeing corona; they are fleeing the rioting and inevitable civil war.

>>276112208>Muh eugenicist genocide!You'd think the global elite would be able to come up with a better doomsday machine than some half-assed Chinese flu with a 0.4% death rate.


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>>276113116The redneck riviera west coast is based af.

operation dark winter....

>elite >rent

>>276109318you have to be a grade A tard or a legit 100% pajeet to not realize that all flu like diseases get much worse during wintersat this point if you haven't prepped for the winter wave, you're an idiotif you hold stocks or crypto, sell before winter sets in. US elections are going to crash the first half. the second half will be a massive kung flu wave in dec-jan

>>276109318it doesn't take a genius to know it was coming annon, if we take a look at the spanish flu from the 1920's, it was really bad in the early months, died down in the summer months, then came back twice as hard next winter.considering how often history repeats itself I wouldn't be surprised if this happened.

>>276112389Religions are a safe space containment zone for NPCs. If they are not contained by a religion with gods they will be contained by a religion without gods, like SJWism.But NPC programming scripts are unfit for humans.

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>>276109607why would you tweet this?

>>276109318It is absolutely pathetic that anyone still believes this bullshit.Even if you believe the retarded numbers the states and CDC are putting out, even if you betray your own instincts to swallow what they say is correct - the numbers STILL look to be on a decline and hospitalizations and deaths have plummeted.

>>276114025The 1918 Pandemic was real, unlike this one, so there will only be a second wave if we let the Dem governors get away with murdering senior citizens again.

>>276114387>the numbers STILL look to be on a declineit's summer brainlet

>>276112882Might only be the introduction, there are 5 or 6 covid variations, lab created according to those that understand this. Supposing they can and will add a strengthener?

>>276109872Shouldnt have ditched salt

>>276113585There wasn't even a significant first wave your retard, look at the death statistics and come back when you are ready for big boy talks.

>>276114657the vaccine is the strengthener

Good luck getting rid of kike virus.

>>276109607Helicopter or jetpack

>>276114587>Cases still rising>Hospitalizations and deaths decliningOne of these things doesn't match for the "severe pandemic". I get it, your brain can't wrap it's head around how betrayed we were by our government.Look, there was a real virus. Only retards say there wasn't. But it was not pandemic scale, and it was only made worse by dumb fuck policies like the nursing home policies and telling people not to wear masks.

>>276109318I think back around March or April stores in Beverly Hills we're boarding up their Windows like they knew that this lockdown was going to last a lot longer than just until Easter. That was several months before Floyd 19.

>>276114703deaths are not going to get much worse than this. only old faggots are dying from it. over here practically everyone I know has got the sniffles and they all just recover in a week or sodeaths aren't the problem user. the fear is. the economy will crash not because people are dying, but because people are scared and not spending

>>276109533About two weeks ago I was listening to NPR and they were hinting at a third wave.

>>276114968Yes this is true, but the fear mongers prey on retards who can't do statistics and assholes like >>276114587 are either useful idiots or paid shills.

>>276109318Still wating on that second wave guys!>>276109318


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>>276114034how did that work out for the Founding Fathers of America?

>>276115050I heard on CNN that there may be endless waves of this unless Biden wins.

>>276109318bump my thread pls>>276113771

There's no 2nd wave, the wave that's coming are the rich NYers switching parties to elect Trump. It's a red wave, I know that scares you more.



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>>276109318theyre doing it so they can vote commie there too

>>276115178We got to flatten that curve so we can open up by Easter... 2025

>>276110198Lol you weak bitch. It’s called an immune system so shut the fuck up. Viruses and germ theory is retarded we’d all be dead if it was 100% true.

>>276110614It doesn't matter if they do this because people already know who to behead if they do.Their plans failed before they ever put them in motion.

>>276109318I think they're more concerned about NIGGER-20 than COVID-19.

>>276114034based and reality pilled

>>276111515Whether or not its real isnt the question. they are playing the -mark of the beast- card, it will come to pass because these evil people want it to.

>>276110198only the strong should survive. if there IS a deadly second wave (there won't be, it's fake and gay), then we should cull the herd and stop the perpetual cycle of being overburdened by the dregs of humanity.

>>276115099that said, do NOT get covid if you have respiratory issues. i have friends who are doctors and they say that for young people below 40, it's a three day fever for 99% of cases. however, anyone who has fucked lungs (asthma, smokers, genetic conditions) is getting absolutely rekt.

>>276111515We're heading back into Bronze. It's not a linear thing, it's cyclical.BronzeIronBronzeSilverGoldSilverBronzeIronBronze...It's just the seasons of the Solar System. Simple,

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